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  1. They say nothing about how the children are supposed to manage the public toilets at school.

    1. BINGO! I apologize in advance, I can only do 5 minutes at a clip. It’s incredibly… boring. So much navel gazing, so little content.

      1. LMAO, right?
        I had to pause at “someone’s got to bring home the veggie bacon” and laugh. Overprivileged nattering.

      2. Yeah, both boring AND cringe-inducing at the same time. I shut it off the first time after about 3 minutes but decided I would watch the whole thing. I kept looking at the time-thingy at the bottom, thinking, “it must be almost over, right? Oh, only 8 minutes in!” LOL
        Assuming these folks watched the finished segment, I am kind of fearful of what kind of reaction “Mapa” had at the part where the grandma wondered if the kids were really choosing all those dresses or whether Mapa was choosing for them. She must be walking on eggshells all the time. I thought for a moment that Mapa’s mask was going to slip towards the end, when the interviewer admitted that she didn’t really understand what the “trans-masculine spectrum” was (WTF is it? anyone?). That tiny flash of pissy rage almost made the guy seem real, for a few seconds.

    2. That was precisely my reaction when I saw little kids using nail polish. I NEVER used nail polish until I painted my nails black when I was 18 or 19.
      And what’s this about Sweden’s “progressiveness”? Time to rewatch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!!!!!

  2. These folks are still gendering everything. Their kids are just constantly switching between genders based on what they want to do in that moment. Dresses are still “girly,” and therefore you’re a girl while wearing one. Conversely, you’re a boy if you’re wearing boy clothes. If you’re some mash-up of the two, then you’re both or neither genders.
    I feel like real equality is when boys and girls can pursue whatever interests they like. I don’t feel like whatever this is furthers equality or gets beyond the gender binary. It just teaches kids that many things are, in fact, gendered, but you can switch your gender if you want.

    1. That was my thought. It’s much like the entire trans ethos. Claiming to be anti gendered while at the same time excessively reinforcing it. My parents had 3 daughters and 2 sons. They didn’t need to make such a huge effort to be supportive of whatever we wanted to wear/play with/study. Only my brothers became parents, one of whom is the stay at home parent. My sisters work in what are generally considered ‘male’ occupations. I constantly got in trouble at school for things boys did all the time with impunity (being mouthy, disruptive etc) and my parents supported me. I had no confusion. I didn’t “feel” male or female. I just was female and was raised along with my brothers to do whatever made us happy.

      1. Me too. Having parents who expected us to do our best whether we were male or female is the best thing. Things are so genderized these days. A girl dressing ‘like a boy’ or doing things normally associated with boys does not make her a boy. And vice versa. This whole gender identity thing is a total mess. And wait until these kids are older, and realize life as a queer or trans is not as rosy as the translobby makes it out to be. Whatever the laws are, there are still going to be many people who will not accept them as what they say they are.

  3. From my work with kids who are confused about their biological sex, I’ve realized something important. When I ask them if they find gender stereotypes harmful and they say yes, what they mean is that they find biological sex identifiers (the words “male” “female” “boy” “girl” “man” Woman”) harmful. It seems the current way to “defy gender stereotypes” is actually just as sexist and regressive as adhering to them.
    Why can’t this family simply teach these young boys that they are boys and that they are allowed to wear whatever they want and play with whatever toys they want and that doesn’t change the fact that they are boys. Why can’t this family be honest with these young kids about the fact that wearing a dress might make others assume you’re a girl but you are still a boy and thats ok bc boys should be allowed to wear dresses?
    Why is that such a hard leap for people? The mental gymnastics and regressive adherence to stereotypes is nauseating.

    1. “Why can’t this family be honest with these young kids… ? ”
      Because they are using the kids to validate themselves. She says it best when she says something along the lines of ‘all parents try to make their kids like themselves, in that I’m no different.”
      Those kids are going to be so screwed-up when they get older.

  4. Boys wear pants, girls wear dresses, that is gendered. Not caring what the kids wear is progress.

  5. Agreed. Real “non binary” would just mean not using these color coded lists.

  6. I’m genuinely trying to not enforce gender roles on my children at home. There are no girl things or boy things (except standing up to pee, that’s a boy thing because it’s a physical reality). I’m homeschooling, one reason is because I’m in the pacific northwest and everyone would try to trans my kids because I let them pick out their own clothes, it’s crazy here. Naturally both my son and daughter do a mix of “feminine” and “masculine” things but i don’t ever point that. out, when they notice sexist stereotypes we can talk about why they are bullshit. I actively try to mitigate whatever gender messages they’ll encounter later by encouraging gentleness in my son and strength in my daughter. I’m modeling gender non conformity with my husband too. People think we are freaks and would never praise our lifestyle, it’s hard socially and I get really annoyed at the praise heaped on people who totally accept gender roles, but act like you can just magically transcend it with make believe. They don’t get dirty looks out in public because they just let everyone think that their kid is the “right” sex for their outfit. How much easier would that be? Or for me to pretend to be a man instead of a loud unfeminine woman? I would save myself a lot of trouble but I would also be lying all the time. I don’t know what effect gender play will have on kids, my bet is narcissism. Its essentially fashion, right?

    1. I have wondered if women could pee standing up if they weren’t afraid to try. It they spread the labia apart in order to expose the urinary opening then why couldn’t they pee just as accurately as a man if they practiced. Maybe individual differences in anatomy would be a factor.
      I would try it if I were magically given the body that I wish that I had. However I would think twice before making a video of it and then posting it.

      1. I have read about women doing just that. I wonder if any of them have achieved another experience associated with men: getting caught in their zipper.

  7. What an amazing amount of gendering and sexist tripe this is.
    Just more of the same thing I’ve been fighting my whole life. Dresses, gallons of nail polish, buckets of glitter, long hair, and being attention rewarded for being “soft, sweet and pretty” instead of being rewarded and encouraged to be strong, intelligent and determined. Only now it’s being applied to a boy child.
    My mind is continuously boggled and blown by the harm adults perpetrate on children.

  8. “Do you always have to say that?”
    I think that sums up how much these poor kids care about gender. Those parents and the MRA guy are just two sides of the same coin.
    The schools at least seem to be approaching a decent middle ground. I adore the little girl who said wearing a skirt didn’t make her dad a girl. Her comment was a breath of fresh air before Mapa’s self-absorbed letter.

  9. Ugh. Without gender, my ass. Saying, “My kids do ‘things to girls do’ and ‘things that boys do’, so they are BOTH”, is not living without gender roles, it’s living with ALL gender roles.
    And it seems that “MaPa” is shoving all things gendered for girls down his boys’ throat to make a point – about MaPa, not the kids – gross. Love when the kid is like, ‘uh, WHY do we ALWAYS have to talk about this pronoun crap?’ – poor things. How suffocating their lives must be; the total opposite of what these parents claim.

  10. I feel so fortunate that I was an adult before the modern definition of gender was explained to me. It sounded like a crazy idea to me and I didn’t give it another thought until recently.
    In French class we were taught that nouns had genders and that was the extent of the use of the word gender.

  11. Funny how the dad gets to escape the awful “assigned” tag by being intersex but everyone else has to have it. Why isn’t intersex an assigned label like male and female?

    1. GOOD point! The trans politic stole the intersex terminology of “assigned sex at birth” to try to muddy the water and destabilize the definition of “sex” in non-intersex people. The logical outcome of this re-purposing is that people born with disorders of sexual development should be referred to as “assigned intersex” by the transgender politic. Also that “non-binary” people are people who “identify as intersex”. Making people born with disorders of sexual development “cis intersex” with all the requisite supposed “cis privilege” etc.

      1. Isn’t being “non-binary”, appropriating intersex experience? I thought that appropriation was a massive no-no with these people.

      2. Gallus, that is hilarious.
        “The logical outcome of this re-purposing is that people born with disorders of sexual development should be referred to as “assigned intersex” by the transgender politic. Also that “non-binary” people are people who “identify as intersex”. Making people born with disorders of sexual development “cis intersex” with all the requisite supposed “cis privilege” etc.”

      3. “The logical outcome of this re-purposing is that people born with disorders of sexual development should be referred to as “assigned intersex” by the transgender politic. Also that “non-binary” people are people who “identify as intersex”. Making people born with disorders of sexual development “cis intersex” with all the requisite supposed “cis privilege” etc.”
        I’m torn between admiring the brilliance of this logic and wondering when I’ll encounter someone asserting it seriously. Yesterday I saw a comment which called Malala Yousafzai a TERF and a SWERF for wanting to end sex work and thinking those born female are oppressed! (Gee, if she’d only told those gunmen she identified as male, they never would have shot her, right?)
        I’m beginning to think “cis” and “trans” should refer to one’s relationship with material reality rather than with gender. Some of us seem to have non-delusional privilege.

      4. Oak and Ash, I thnk you are right.
        If all people who refuse to acknowledge material reality identified as trans, it would be much easier to tell who is sane and who isn’t.
        Don’t think being non-delusional gives me much of a privilege over males, though it does give me some small advantage over women who don’t know that a) they are at increased risk of being raped, or b) which half of the population is most likely to rape them. (Only a tiny advantage, though, as I am not allowed to act on the knowledge …)

    1. Countdown to the author getting attacked by misguided, privileged cam-girls and brainwashed weekend escorts in 3…2….

    2. And this is why we don’t want George Soros’s plan to legalize pimping and brothels. Why does that idea and his support of transgenderism and his support of fascists in Ukraine all go together so well?

  12. I could barely stand to watch this horrid video, especially MaPa. MaPa is the one who is shoving this “gender” nonsense down the throats of these two little boys. Creepy MaPa should be charged with child abuse for doing this to the boys.
    Is MaPa the biological father of the two boys? The two boys have to have a father, so who is he?
    MaPa says he is intersex, but if he is the father, how can he be intersex. Most people with rare disorders of sexual development are infertile. MaPa says he didn’t develop along masculine lines until he was into puberty. MaPa has a natural beard, so he must be producing some testosterone. In the video, he says he changes in the men’s dressing room because naked he doesn’t “pass”. If MaPa isn’t the father, then who is the father of the boys? If MaPa isn’t the father, does the biological father of the boys know that an adult called MaPa is telling his male children that they really aren’t boys, and filling their heads with all kinds of nonsense? If MaPa is really intersex, I wonder what specific disorder of sexual development MaPa has, or if he is just co-opting intersex. It’s kind of strange that MaPa says he is intersex, but doesn’t say what specific intersex medical condition he has as if intersex is all the same. If MaPa is actually intersex and he is the father, nothing can erase the fact that genetically the kids are his. No one with XX chromosomes has ever fathered a child. When trans say they are intersex, I don’t believe anything they say. Trans have been shamelessly co-opting intersex for years despite the fact that transgender and intersex are not the same thing, and every major intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender.
    Creepy MaPa is so into “gender identity” that he can’t even say the word mother. Seriously, he can’t say mother. Instead, he calls the mother of the two boys, “the one who gave birth”. People who give birth are called mothers. Notice how the “one who gave birth” isn’t even in the video. The “one who gave birth” is at work bringing home the veggie bacon while MaPa gets to play dress up, wear lipstick, and play SJW gender politics. There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home dad, but it doesn’t make him “Ma”, and the word MaPa is outrageous. Both parents can nurture a child, but no human is both mother and father.
    Someone needs to tell MaPa three things. First, the “one who gave birth” is called the mother. Second, he should be ashamed of himself for filling the minds of these two boys with a bunch of politically correct drivel. I don’t care what MaPa does, but don’t drag the kids into it. Third, it’s okay for boys to wear clothes that are traditionally viewed as “feminine”. It does not make them “girls”, “nonbinary”, or any other b.s. “gender” term. They are just different boys, and it’s okay to be a different kind of boy. It’s fine for girls to wear pants, have short hair, and play with trucks. It doesn’t make them boys, nonbinary, or whatever special b.s. term trans/queer are currently using. These kids are too young to have all this trans/queer political nonsense shoved down their throats. Leave the kids alone and let them explore the world on their own.
    The start of this video is dreadful. One of the boys says someone asked him if he was a girl or boy. This little boy said, “I answered that I was neither, then I said I was both”. He was coached into saying this. Teaching little boys to say that they really aren’t boys is lying to children, and it borders on child abuse. Teaching children that they really don’t have a sex is lying to children.
    Boy = young male
    Girl = young female
    Children should be told the truth, and forcing young kids to pander to a deranged adult’s version of reality and biased political views smacks of child abuse.
    The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate can change its sex. There are rare disorders of sexual development commonly called intersex, but intersex is not the same as transgender. Male, female, and disorders of sexual development can be proven scientifically whereas trans/nonbinary is nothing more than cultural gibberish.
    Gender abolition is true revolution.
    When it’s all broken down, “gender” is nothing more than what people used to call sex stereotypes. “Gender” is basically sex stereotypes dressed up in postmodern neoliberal glitter and glitz. There can be no transgender without gender. Trans/queer have no intention of getting rid of gender because if they did they would lose their special political identity and excuse to force everyone around them to say “ze”, “zir”, “they” as in singular, “hen”, or whatever special pronoun they choose to butcher language, reason, and logic.
    This is one of my favorite quotes from “Female Erasure”.
    “The concept of gender (with its associated stereotypes) was created and then enforced by the dominant culture to advance its agenda, to oppress or elevate you, to sell you stuff, and so on. But however many gender stereotypes have been created, surely every human being has at least one character expression or performs some activity that does not fit a gender stereotype. It follows that each person’s gender is actually unique. Therefore, there has to be over seven billion genders. No one is special if we are all unique. When you think outside the gender identity frame, the concept of gender disappears because it is irrelevant to our uniqueness. “
    Ruth Barret, “Female Erasure: What You Need to Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights”.
    We need freedom from gender, not more gender.
    MaPa creeps me out, and this is child abuse. There is nothing wrong with being a short guy with a beard. Please stop brainwashing the kids. I feel so sorry for these boys.

    1. “Is MaPa the biological father of the two boys? The two boys have to have a father, so who is he?”
      Actually kids don’t “have to have a father”. They do require a disposable sperm donor, however. Lesbians seem to raise kids just fine without “a father”. You should look into it, Skylark. It’s some new crazy thing that gay people do, parenting children. Google it!
      MaPa is Della Grace aka Del LaGrace Volcano aka Debra Dianne Wood, a fake intersex female. She is (a self hating) lesbian who caught the transgender bug at the age of 37.

      1. Gallus, thanks for digging up information on Del LaGrace.
        “She was born Debra Dianne Wood in California in 1957. Born with the external features of a female, she lived the first 37 years of her life as a woman, but since then has been attempting to live as both male and female–as intersexed…
        Grace courts notoriety with some skill. Her own identity has metamorphosed from lesbian to hermaphrodyke to transman to intersexed, and her work frequently addresses issues of chrysalisation or mutation.”
        “Born intersex with both male and female characteristics but raised as female from birth, Del lived the first 37 years of their life as a woman, but since then has been living as both male and female.”
        BDSM and porn….
        “The S&M chic of her photographs, combined with her preference for young and attractive models, made her the darling of the heterosexual press and the scapegoat of pro-censorship feminists (*the mean feminists who don’t think it’s sexy for women to be tied up and tortured). However, the theme that dominates her work is not sex but gender…
        Similarly, she has never bothered to engage thoughtfully with criticisms that her work degrades women. Critics, especially feminists or lesbians, are met with insults or posturing. “Some French lesbians seem to be deeply resentful of anything that throws them off their precarious pseudo-feminist perch,” she remarked, and added: “BOLLOCKS to that, I say! I’m a Gender Terrorist, a walking, talking bomb in The Boys’ Club.” Grace’s gender politics are deeply felt, but they are highly subjective and do not hold up well against the challenges of her more articulate and politically informed critics. Grace’s photographs, however, are important on several levels. By pillaging gay men’s porn and simply not caring whether men get off on her work, she became one of the instigators of polymorphous perverse queer culture. In producing the most unapologetically blatant representations of sex between women, she effectively confronts the desexualization of lesbianism.” (*this sounds like it was written by a man)
        @Gallus, “Lesbians seem to raise kids just fine without “a father”. You should look into it, Skylark. It’s some new crazy thing that gay people do, parenting children. Google it!”
        I know lesbians raise kids without fathers. I was in two long term relationships with women who have had kids by a past relationship. I do believe that all kids deserve to know who their father is. That is, if they ask, and most eventually do want to know who their dad is. I also believe male kids usually are better off with some kind of responsible male figure around. Not always, and it doesn’t have to be the biological father, but it’s a good idea.
        At any rate, Del_LaGrace_Volcano doesn’t identify as a lesbian, and no lesbian I know calls wants the kids to call her MaPa as in mom and papa. No gay man I know who has kids does this. My cousin who passed away was gay, and his two kids didn’t call him MaPa. I think people who tell kids to call them MaPa are crazy, and they are messing with the minds of the young kids. I’m not sure about the mother, or how she identifies.
        “MaPa is Della Grace aka Del LaGrace Volcano aka Debra Dianne Wood, a fake intersex female.”
        So, Del LaGrace is saying she is intersex, but isn’t really intersex? Intersex is not a personal identity. It’s one of several medical conditions. Out of curiosity I would like to know specifically what intersex medical condition Del LaGrace has because LaGrace doesn’t say. Intersex people are beautiful and capable people. I apologize to any and all intersex people I might have offended. The problem is that trans/queer have been co-opting the hell out of intersex for so long that when a trans person says they are intersex, I don’t trust what they say. Trans have been co-opting intersex on a massive scale, and it’s deliberate.
        Yes, that is a good photo of Rachel Maddow. It looks so sweet. I don’t want to look at the BDSM crap Del LaGrace did later.
        In this photo, look at the beard and hairy chest. Del LaGrace looks like a FTM on testosterone or a dude. Females can have facial hair, but not hair on the chest like this. It also looks as if Del LaGrace might have had “top surgery”. Del LaGrace must have been doing testosterone, or the body is producing testosterone naturally. In this photo, Del LaGrace identifies as a “lifelong queer feminist”. Queer feminists are the people who think the lesbian hating “Cotton Ceiling” and BDSM/porn/kink, etc. are all good things. Queer feminists have done nothing for women other than to try and shame lesbians through their “Cotton Ceiling” theory and promoting pornography as empowerment.
        “Della took this adorable photo of Rachel Maddow when they were roommates before Della went GenderSick.”
        GenderSick is right. I do feel sorry for the kids. The kids don’t deserve this, and they shouldn’t be pawns in Del LaGrace’s gender experiment.
        Lifelong queer feminist, former lesbian, female, male, intersex, transman, MaPa to the kids. Who knows what Del LaGrace is?
        Crappy books from Del LaGrace. “Sex Works” is not a book for kids.

      2. “Gender Terrorist”
        I truly feel for actual intersex people in this current mess. They are caught between being carved up as infants and being appropriated by the queer culture that pretends to value them.
        I know of at least one MTT who claims to be intersex and he only uses it as a springboard to brag about how he has both a big dick – first hint of bullshit – and big tits – they are the most garden variety chubby man boobs, right down to nipple placement.

      3. Every human being has a FATHER. Even the children that lesbians raise have FATHERS. Two woman can not and never will produce a child together. Like wise two men will never produce a child together. We all have a Mother and a Father. This is a biological FACT. Lesbians and gays can’t criticize the transgender community for denying reality and biology and then turn around and deny biology when it suits them. Ever hear the expression “the pot calling the kettle black”?

        1. If you say so. I think of a father as a male parent. If you believe a father is something you can have shipped to your house for a few hundred bucks in a refrigerated carton, that is fine too. 🙂

      4. @Gallus- That photo of Maddow is so delightful and refreshing after this distressing b.s. video. I literally exhaled after being tense thru the whole thread, lol. Damn I love women

    2. Mapa looks like a female with a beard to me, which is why I’m calling it “she.” And SHE is obsessed. Who the hell has that much time to spend on “gender” every waking minute of the day? I only skimmed the video and it seems to dominate every thing she does.
      I get up, shower, put on some comfy clothes, and do my thing. I’m not sitting there worrying about whether a piece of clothing is for males or females, or whether the activity I am engaging in is more masculine or feminine.
      Transgenders are nothing more than people who hate themselves on such a deep level that they undergo a personality split and try to blame all their problems on their birth sex.
      I am more and more convinced that they are psychotic, and suffering from multiple personality disorder most likely.
      Walt Heyer, who transitioned back and speaks out against sex changes, had not just one but multiple female personalities. One signed the release to get the sex change for the other, more dominant female personality.
      Trans Inc, claims Heyer was not a “real” trans due to the MPD, but I think he’s probably a prime example. These are people who have disconnected from their bodies through a split personality. I can feel sorry for them as it is probably due to trauma up to a certain point, but when they start inflicting their madness on children, that’s where I draw the line with my compassion.

  13. I’d forgotten about sado-masochist pornographer Della Grace/etc. Ultra Hard Fem now playing at being a man. It’s amazing, but I guess typical that so many of these women seem to try to sound as much like the gay male stereotype as possible, but also have the warblely testosterone voice.
    She was so into trying to look the male media beauty queen con, that it’s hard to imagine her current incarnation isn’t disturbing, especially with all her mirror-gazing. All of it’s disturbing to me. Self-described “lifelong queer feminist I reject all forms of patriarchy” has it completely backwards. Bizarre when they so worship maleness and patriarchy yet still pretend to be feminists. I pity those kids and anyone else harmed by such a narcissist.
    It seems to be a trend with aging sado-masochist and porn media “stars” to end up looking like creepy old men. Pat Califia is another example, but I’m guessing there is more.

  14. Responding to the photo of Rachel maddow, is her style considered androgynous. I only see her femming it up on her show, maybe that’s a requirement from the network to keep her job.

    1. I only see her femming it up on her show, maybe that’s a requirement from the network to keep her job.

      I remember long ago reading her saying they required her to wear contacts and false eyelashes.

    2. There was a recent Rolling Stone article featuring her that explained that. It’s supposed to be a compromise so they’ll let her have a show.

  15. Why is it that almost everyone featured in the media who lays claim to “gender-neutral parenting” seems to think that means letting children choose which box to be stuck in–or maybe go back and forth between boxes, if they’re really trendy–rather than telling children it’s all a bunch of hooey because reproductive biology doesn’t determine talent, personality, and esthetic preferences?
    I wonder if parents who do the latter would even be of much interest to journalists, since sane and sensible doesn’t sell (or attract clicks) as well as bizarre, pomo gender theories and boy-in-a-dress photo-ops.

    1. I can tell you how it goes because i do the latter… People “misgender” my kids all the time, and either ignore me or become ridiculously embarrassed when i use the sex based pronoun for my kid. My kids don’t care that this happens and neither do i. It would only matters if you are supposed to treat girls and boys differently and we dont believe that in our family. I don’t think the media would pick it up because it’s nuanced or photogenic. Images of gender non conformity dont appeal to media, it is always unfashionable, and publications generally take ad revenue from some part of the fashion or cosmetic industry. Trans is all about buying shit (“social transition” is a new wardrobe mostly ) . My parenting life is just a series of mild annoyances and other people being confused or rude. The trans activists pretend this kind of treatment constitutes a grave threat, lol.

  16. “Grace courts notoriety with some skill. Her own identity has metamorphosed from lesbian to hermaphrodyke to transman to intersexed, and her work frequently addresses issues of chrysalisation or mutation.”
    There’s a phrase for this. It’s called attention whore. Nothing avant garde about it, just generic, easy and pathetic, and only the most shallow of minds are dazzled. Apparently when your personal attention whoredom is failing, nothing grabs interest like playing freak with the kids.

    1. Isn’t identifying as intersex (without being biologically intersex) an example of being trans abled? I mean, it is identifying with a developmental disorder.

      1. I suppose it could be if it’s legit. If this woman is legit – I’m Mother Teresa. She’s gone through far too many attention seeking poseur masks. Lesbian to hermaphrodyke to FtT to intersexed…up next – claiming to be a paramecium able to reproduce asexually!

    1. What a tragic account of the first human beings in the history of the world not comfortable with the gender stereotypes for either sex!
      And I thought that would be the most annoying thing I’d encounter yesterday until I read the phrase “non-queer lesbians” being used on-line without irony.
      Something has gone very wrong.

      1. genderskeptics–intersex as transabled “identifying” with a handicap, yeowww you’re good!
        And Oak & Ash— “non-queer lesbians”—-I think I can explain this one. We never called ourselves “queer” back in the day, we called ourselves “lesbians” our formal word and “dykes” with our in group pals and girlfriends. I’m not of the genderqueer era, and “queer” seems to include all heteros who want to be cool, therefore voila “non-queer lesbians” isn’t this just so much fun LOL

      2. @Medi–I’m very uncool and old enough to remember “queer” as a slur against those who were same-sex attracted, so I find the young people Gallus Mag calls “heteroqueers” generally pretty appalling. This hit a new low for me, however, since, in the context in which I read it, the phrase seemed simply to refer to actual lesbians, as opposed to trans, ace, non-binary, glitter-identified, etc.
        I sometimes feel as if I’m watching a bunch of narcissists arguing over who’s more special while they trample on the fight for lesbian and gay rights–not to mention feminism and the English language.

      3. Oak and Ash, we may be of similar age — I, too, remember “queer” as a slur and would never willingly adopt it as a label. There was one particularly traumatizing day in 5th grade, too long a story to go into here, but it revolved around the idea that anyone who wore yellow on Thursday was queer. Occasionally, I have used it as an in-group thing, just like fag or faggot, but not often even then. I’m glad to hear Medi’s explanation and it makes sense, although it’s unfortunate that it is necessary.

  17. Oak and Ash you are on a roll lately! Trampling on the English language and boring the living daylights out of us at the same time; sic transit trans cult and queerdom.

  18. [OT, not necessarily for publication] Just saw this piece. It’s on NBC, but I got the link from a WND post on Facebook (not sure why I get those; they are extreme wacko Christian-Dominionist-type rightwing, but I decided to keep getting them just to see what they are up to). It’s too bad that, aside from you and some others, a lot of the pushback against trans stuff is coming from extreme rightwingers.

  19. The BBC is currently trailing a programme called ‘No More Boys and Girls’ that looks like an experiment in genuine ‘gender’ neutrlality:
    In the trailer there is the doctor telling a class of 7-year-olds that both boys and girls can be strong:

    If the person who archived the BBC ‘Transgender Kids, Who Knows Best’ documentary is a regular reader, this may be a good one to save as well.
    From the 1st link above:
    “A visit to Professor Gina Rippon at Aston University, one of the UK’s leading experts in brain imaging and neuroscience, reveals there is no such thing as a male or female brain type – and instead the brain is a plastic organ, shaped and moulded by experiences, in which childhood is key.”
    “Meanwhile, Doctor Javid observes what happens to a group of adults unknowingly playing with babies who have had their clothes swapped with the opposite gender.”
    If you’re worried by the implication of gender neutral toilets from the trailer, this tweet suggests this is acknowledged as a failure:

    1. “If the person who archived the BBC ‘Transgender Kids, Who Knows Best’ documentary is a regular reader, this may be a good one to save as well.”

  20. Cis-intersex, LOL LOL howling. My dog identifies as a cis-intersex dog — My cat refuses to comment on this stuff, because catitude LOL

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