Gay magazine boss says transwomen who use female change rooms should be charged with “indecent exposure”

Pink News CEO Benjamin Cohen [ITV News]
Benjamin Cohen, CEO of Pink News, announced on Twitter that he believes any transwomen who has visible facial hair – even those who are legally “female”- should be charged and prosecuted as sex offenders if they use female change rooms.
The surprise announcement took place in an exchange with NewStatesman editor Helen Lewis, in response to her op-ed in The Times titled “A Man Can’t Just Say He Has Turned Into A Woman”. Lewis wrote the piece addressing the feminist backlash against UK’s proposed “self identification” Gender Identity process, which would allow any man at the stroke of a pen to be legally regarded as “female” to access women’s change rooms, scholarships, hospital wards, sports competitions, abuse shelters, jail cells, etc.
You can read her piece here (paywall):
Photo of Helen Lewis Op-ed 1

Photo of Helen Lewis Op-ed 2

Benjamin Cohen, a gay anti-feminist activist who has used his platform to lobby against the rights of lesbians to hold female-only events on the grounds that they discriminate against the sexual rights of heterosexual males, initiated the exchange after publishing the following article on his Pink News site:
Benjamin Cohen’s Pink News article

Cohen then tweeted at Helen Lewis from his @benjamincohen account, asking “Why do people like @helenlewis always turn trans rights into “someone with a beard exposing their penis in the women’s changing room?” He included a screen cap with the following quote from her article:

“What the government proposes is a radical rewriting of our understanding of identity: now it’s a question of an internal essence- a soul, if you will. Being a woman or a man is now entirely in your head. In this climate, who would challenge someone with a beard exposing their penis in a women’s changing room?

That’s why feminists have raised the alarm over the move to self-identification, along with some older trans people who fear that “trendsters” will erode the goodwill they have worked hard to aquire.”

Helen Lewis responded, “Hi Ben, as a man I don’t expect you to get how much women value single-sex spaces for safety reasons. But I would expect you to listen.”

The Twitter exchange

Benjamin Cohen responded in no uncertain terms: he believes transwomen with visible facial hair should be prosecuted as sex offenders. He stated: “Your example” [of a male with facial hair disrobing in women’s change rooms] would still be indecent exposure, so why link it to trans rights?”
Legally female transwomen like prominent trans rights activists Danielle Muscato and Alex Drummond stand to be prosecuted for indecent exposure under Pink News CEO Benjamin Cohen’s views.
Danielle Muscato, legally “female” male who identifies as a transwoman.

Alex Drummond, legally “female” male who identifies as a transwoman.

People hit back after Cohen’s statement.





Benjamin Cohen responded to comments by disappearing from Twitter. The title of his Pink News article was also changed:
Pink News CEO Benjamin Cohen: Updated Title



55 thoughts on “Gay magazine boss says transwomen who use female change rooms should be charged with “indecent exposure”

  1. Is Glosswitch tweeting in favour of transgenderists by calling transwomen “any other woman” or am I reading this wrong? I thought she was cool. I will never understand feminists who are anti-sex industry and pro-trans.

    1. It’s a satirical question to encourage him to unpack his thinking more. Beards aren’t the problem.

  2. I was curious to this sites opinion on Trump banning all Transsexuals from joining the military.

    1. I think the military already has a serious rape problem even with strict sex segregation, suspending the sex segregation without having solved the rape problem is negligent. I also know that the military already refuses to recruit people who are mentally ill. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness because by definition it causes distress. It is comorbid with other mental illnesses in the majority of trans people. I don’t know why trans people should be declared fit to serve while say, bipolar people aren’t.

      1. That restriction is, if I am correct for gang members as well.
        By the by…..there are those in other corners who are comparing this to Truman’s orders to desegregate the millitary, as this pertains to race. The comparison is dead wrong, for so many reasons. Considering that many of those making these statements are NOT friendly towards those of color to begin with…let alone those in uniform, this is showing more of the hypocrisy that is present in the brigade.
        By the way….Captain Hairdo is the commander in chief and as such, he has the same right to make personnel decisions about the millitary, as those brigade business owners do, about who they hire. It may not be nice, but the reality is that.

      2. Also if you’re on maintenance meds, basically any medical problem which would require a lot of upkeep. They won’t let diabetics in, especially on insulin, so why would they let someone in who needs daily (? or at least frequent) estradiol or testosterone shots?

      3. I wonder if this will change the narrative. I mean, years of “we’re too terrified to access a urinal” and “saying the wrong word will cause our death” seem to have taken a political toll.

      4. I don’t think it’s a coincidence he’s running his reality tv gob when there’s a fight over the ACA either. If there’s anything that will fire up and distract the fauxgressive lot, it’s trans “issues.”

      5. Any time a member of the military expresses a desire to transition, that *should* spark a review of his/her mental wellness and fitness to serve. Far too many trans people have some sort of mental disorder, regardless of their “gender identity disorder”.

    2. First of all, I didn’t vote for Trump. I don’t think anyone who posts on this blog on a regular basis voted for Trump. Trump is an arrogant ass, but every once in a while even a pompous moron like Trump can be right. As long as Trump doesn’t ban gay men and lesbians from the military, I’m fine with Trump banning transgender. Gay and lesbian soldiers and sailors don’t require extra medical services courtesy of taxpayers (hormones, surgery, special dilation rods, etc.). Most homosexuals prefer to serve without drawing attention to themselves, and they don’t demand that people use special pronouns. Gay men and lesbians have never demanded special accommodations. Transgender just keep making demands on everyone.
      Anyone who takes the time to research this issue knows that most transwomen (biological males) are heterosexual not gay. It is also a fact that transwomen (heterosexual biological males) have been convicted of raping and murdering women. There are a lot of trans registered sex offenders and killers who prey on women and girls. This blog has example after example. Female service members have a human right to shower and dress separately from males.
      One woman who commented mentioned the military’s sexual assault problem. This is a real issue, and the last thing that female service members need is to be further traumatized by a huge linebacker sized male in their private spaces, especially one who still has his penis.
      What does the military do with transgender people who haven’t “transitioned” (hormones, surgery, etc.)? Before the surgery, where does he shower, and where does he sleep? There is the issue of males sharing showers, sleeping quarters, etc. with females. Even the surgery doesn’t make most MTFs look female. Unless males have had “facial feminization”, etc., most MTFs still look male. So, even if they have had the “bottom surgery” most of these men don’t “pass” as women anyway.
      So-called “bottom surgery” is extensive plastic surgery on otherwise healthy genitalia, and some of the complications can be ghastly, especially fistulas. If males don’t “dilate” their surgically created neovagina for life, it will close like any other wound. How can transwomen “dilate” their surgically created neovagina if they are deployed somewhere? So, transwomen soldiers have to carry around their special dilation rods with them. Then, hormones are often injected, and there is the issue of injecting drugs during deployment. Hormones can also cause changes in mood, and mood changes are only part of the possible side effects.
      Even after surgery and hormones, the basic skeletal structure of males doesn’t change. Even with testosterone, females still don’t have the height or skeletal structure of males. No matter how much she trains, no FTM (biological female) will ever be able to compete against the elite highly trained male soldiers. And, the majority of FTMs (females) never get “bottom surgery” because it usually requires multiple surgeries, and complications such as fistulas, etc. are common.
      The military doesn’t want transgender serving. Virtually all military websites say Trump is right.
      THANK YOU Donald J Trump, sanity returning to us that currently serve!
      A sample of comments form Army Times Facebook,
      He was advised by his top generals. Have served myself. I believe it is the right decision. And no one is taking their rights away from being transsexual. They can still be transsexual just not in the military.
      The point of the article is that Trump is correct, these people are not fit for duty. They have to take constant hormone injections to keep themselves in the manner of which they want to be. If they can’t get those injections, hormonal imbalances could become a threat to the forces. If they become suicidal that is a mission problem and they could become dangerous to others like the rest of the insane people who go on mass shootings. This is not Obamas military anymore.
      He did not come to this conclusion on his own. Many military leaders that have protected this country came to this conclusion and there right! Even if we say it is not a mental health issue! The medications they are in should make them non deployable! Last time I checked if your non deployable your not joining!
      Even if that were true! Which it is not! Pill form for trans people is least effective way. So that leaves what treatment? You think that’s gonna be available in the back of striker? Your nuts.
      Liam Strausbaugh They’re are typically on heavier doses of either testosterone or estrogen. These are hormones that have a huge impact on the brains chemistry and effect everything from muscle and fat distribution to moods and behavior. Even if they’re allowed to be deployed, just like soldiers with certain levels of ptsd, doesn’t mean they should.
      Excellent decision. The taxpayers should not be burdened with a mental patient who wants to have a sexual identity change surgery.
      Women in the military do not want to shower next to men and men do not want to shower next to what was once a woman who thinks she’s a man because she’s a mental case
      Praise the leaders….If you actually read the article Trump isn’t the only one who decided this, a lot of high ranking officers and leaders also came to this conclusion and they all agreed. It costs the government a lot of money and if you haven’t been in the military before don’t act like you know anything about what goes on behind close doors. More to it than you think.
      Gallus, sorry for straying off topic. It’s rare to see Trump doing something right for once.

    3. As a critical thinker who plans ahead, after 9/11 I got a pornographic tattoo on my face so I couldn’t be drafted into a racist war, just in case the draft was reinstated.
      It’s absurd to think that these people can get out of such things just by having shitty youtube channels and pronoun issues!

      1. I’ve been involved with the military in one form or another all my life. My father was 20 plus years Navy. A sailor with a Vietnam deployment. My ex hubby was 20 plus years Army. Cavalry officer that served on the east/west german border during the cold war and a 2005 Iraq deployment.
        The military is not a social experiment ground. The military is not where you seek your individuality. It is not there to validate you. Hold you up as special and unique. It is not the place you flaunt your ‘differentness’. These things, as a matter of fact, detract from the cohesiveness that is required for the military to operate successfully. Espirit de corps, the fuel that powers our military members to such a great degree, comes from unity, brotherhood, and a sense of inherent knowing that all are equal.
        The military is not Walmart. Special concessions for employment are not made. The policy has always been strict physical/mental wellbeing as these issues impact readiness.
        You want to know how this type of social contagion impacts your military? Stop listening to the talking heads on your tv and twitter feeds spouting their bullshit rhetoric, and start listening to your military.
        Your service members tell you loud and clear what destroys readiness, tears down espirit de corps, and makes units dysfunctional.
        Listen to them.

  3. “commentary on demand service’ damn woman!!! Just when I think you cannot be more clever, you out clever your already clever self, is clever a gender? LOL

  4. The military did not take rape seriously, and recklessly started to have a policy where all men could have access to women’s showers in the military, just because they said they were women. They didn’t give a damn about the safety of women, and I think it was a tactic for trying to get more women not to join. And that guy who was the Navy Seal for 20 years, last I heard the Seals never let women in to begin with, but hey, he was a guy, got his 20 years in and pension, and now it’s time to magically turn into a woman. Bradley Manning, another very mentally ill man on so many levels, including assaulting a woman superior officer, letting loose all the secrets with reckless abandon. And, were the male to trans cultist after free medical care and tax payer funded elective surgery? How much does it cost? And how many womens’ privacy in the military will be taken more seriously now. Let’s see how team GBT uses this to get more money out of lesbians for the great GBT-Men’s Rights cause.
    I’m not cynical here—#45 diversionary tactic from the REALLY IMPORTANT issues, like health care for women, Jeff Sessions and the Russian investigation….

    1. I can’t see this issue really touching the autogynephiliacs, who go from fetishizing masculinity to fetishizing femininity. These guys would have to leave active service to indulge in makeup, frills, nail polish, and wigs to hide that bald spot. I would think women who identify as men, as in transmen, or the nonbinary women, would be the ones who wanted to stay in active service, and I also wonder if they would even want to be housed with men. I would think not. I can see why the military would not want trans men who are dependent on hormones, and being diagnosed with gender dysphoria would be a mental health disqualification, but I really don’t see why identifying as a man should keep a woman out of military service, in and of itself.

  5. Oh sorry off topic but I saw the huge photo above….. indecent exposure in women’s restrooms….

  6. Trump just said it in a tweet. He didn’t even talk to the Pentagon officials about it. It’s a diversion for sure. And he may just drop it next week. This is a kind of Trump Tantrum that’s just a little better disguised.
    Unfortunately it contributes to the hipster left devotion to the bullshit belief “trans is like gay” and here’s Trump right on time to play Southern right wing Christian homophobe role. 😣

    1. Most of what you just said is absurd. The whole transg in the military issue is a matter of public record including;
      *Obama removing the ban on trans in the military
      *the deadline for implementing this policy change
      *the study/investigation that was ordered about impact on army
      Find out the dates of the above and perhaps also ask yourself if ANY civilian leader would make a decision that affects the army without first consulting the military.
      Trump courts attention, is tweet-happy sure. His official in charge of this should’ve announced this in a news conference sure. BUT it doesn’t change the facts of the case.
      BTW I think it’s the right decision. Transg have been having their cake, eating it and throwing up on everyone else for too long. if misgendering or denied access to a toilet is literally killing you then perhaps a career in the army with it’s implied proximity to actual violence/death is not for you.

      1. What the fuck are you talking about? And why are you bloviating at ME? Your desire to believe he consulted with the military isn’t evidence that he did. 🙄 Maybe Trump won’t drop it, maybe he will. Trump is a complete nutbag.

    2. I’m with you. This was a total squirrel to take attention off the Health care vote, and to the other poster, the fact that the Joint Chiefs said all that got was that tweet speaks volumes.
      Trump is not our friend.
      Cutting off our noses to spite our faces will only lead to something we really don’t like when we look in the mirror.

    3. I responded to YOUR post because I did not agree with what YOU said. Bloviating? Okay. Desiring of echo chamber much?
      It’s one thing for Trump to deflect attention – it’s a whole other leap to believe no consultation with the army about transgenders on the army. Also, let’s be real here. No ‘Consultation’ as in having absolutely no idea what the military think despite an investigation into what the military think already undertaken. Just the usual nut-jobbing. An investigation into what the military think IS CONSULTATION. HELLO! You say I ‘desire’ to believe he consulted. The man/nutjob himself says in his tweet he consulted his generals. What’s the problem?
      Is anyone surprised Trump/nutjob jumped the gun/deflected from health bill in a tweet? Was anyone expecting details of how the ban reversal will be implemented to be detailed in the tweets? Sigh.
      Regarding the transgender issue, my concern is policy changes, speeches, whatnot that are part of public record must not be forgotten/erased in the same way women’s rights are being. This is important going forward. I have family members/friends who somehow ‘get’ the nonsense of the transgendercult but cannot shift from a saint Obama complex yet Title IX anyone? Anyone…crickets. This has nothing to do with thinking Trump is a friend or foe of anyone.

  7. Who says transgenderists and gender critical feminists never agree on anything? Benjamin Cohen thinks that an MTT who exposes himself to women in women’s spaces should be escorted out in handcuffs. I absolutely agree.

  8. I’m just cynical enough to wonder whether the military “ban” or at least dusted up tweet, is just a way to drum up more sympathy as just the most oppressed of them all. Between bathroom bills and the military, trans are either intentionally drumming up publicity and/or masterfully taking advantage of every “crisis” to get more visibility and sympathy. Can’t help but think of that old adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Trans everything is constantly in my news feeds, whereas nothing lesbian is. I saw today that a trans woman who sexually harassed me at an LGBT workshop a few years ago, who was protected by the organization “she” worked for–an organization that ignored my emails regarding the incident–now has a one-woman play and all kinds of publicity. Has now reinvented “herself” as gender fluid bi. How trendy. Never faces any consequences as a sexual predator and rank opportunist/narcissistic. Freaking JamieAnn Meyers. Pisses me off royally.

    1. Really?????
      Since when is publishing EXACTLY what was said by a person, grounds for a libel suit? Wow…if that does not reek of an entitled mindset, I do not know what does.

    2. That’s just precious. He’s so special.
      Someone neglected to educate him before shooting his mouth off about the intardwebz being ‘forever’.
      Sorry, Benny, you own it, it’s yours. Thousands of people screen shot, saved, clipped and gif’ed it, you can’t back out of it now. Grow up and stop acting like someone is undermining you. You’ve undermined yourself. This is what happens when someone’s real feelings don’t match up with their uber pc virtue pandering. Whoopsie.

  9. This is some background on Benjamin Cohen. In 2001, Cohen was involved with a search engine for internet pornography ( which formed part of his From what I’ve read, Cohen made more money on this search engine for internet porn than what he makes at Pink News.
    This is more information on Pink News which Cohen founded in 2005.
    I do have some respect for Cohen because he is a gay man and he has MS. It’s not easy being a gay man with a disability. This takes an incredible amount of courage. Having said this, I never read Pink News because I feel that it’s irrelevant to me as a lesbian. Not only do I believe that Pink News is irrelevant to me as a Iesbian, I firmly believe that its total acceptance of everything gender identity related harms me both as a lesbian and as a female. If some lesbians get something out of reading Pink News, I don’t care if they waste their time reading it. I will not read Pink News.
    Gendertrender isn’t the only blog that has the audacity to speak truth to power. If Cohen thinks gendertrender is bad for not kowtowing and paying homage to trans, he should read what some of the gay men at DataLounge have been saying. Overall, the gay men usually don’t discuss trans issues, but every now and then the gay guys over there let their hair down, and they don’t care how politically incorrect it is. It’s really sad that once proud gay men and lesbians have to tiptoe around the poor trans and grovel before them. Most transwomen are heterosexual with ex-wives and kids before they “transition”.
    Unfortunately, the only places where lesbians, women in general, and gay men can find accurate information is on blogs like gendertrender, other gender critical blogs online, and blogs like DataLounge. I don’t speak for DataLounge, and no one on this blog speaks for DataLounge, but we read a lot of information. So, here goes. This is one example of gay men letting their hair down and speaking truth to power. Cohen needs to listen, and don’t tell me he hasn’t been hearing some of this.
    These posts at DataLounge were about Dana Rivers, the transwoman who was charged with the cold blooded slaughter of a lesbian family, arson for trying to burn their house down to destroy evidence, and possessing metal knuckles. The only place where people could get the real story was at gendertrender, gender critical blogs, and places like DataLounge.
    I’m not saying that DataLounge stands behind all these comments. This is just one of the comments that was posted on Dana Rivers. Sometimes the truth does slip out.
    “Trans lunatics and their pharma, money-grubbing, brain-dead, and homophobic supporters will be the death of gay rights and death of gay & lesbians, period.”
    In the posts that we see above, it looks like Cohen might have just let his inner thoughts out. He was only bringing up what a lot of people have been saying for years. Then, in perhaps an attempt to curry favor with trans activists who have considerable clout in LGBT organizations, Cohen tries to recant what he said. Blaming gendertrender or other gender critical blogs won’t change reality. He can’t undo what he said.
    Gendertrender is a valuable resource, and is a wealth of information that people couldn’t find anywhere else. I proudly stand with Gallus because I know she will fight tooth and nail for lesbians and women. Gendertrender has always been supportive of gay men, but has questioned why gay men in positions of power always seem to place gender identity above the interests of women. Despite what trans activists tell us, a lot of lesbians and gay men aren’t totally onboard with everything trans related. That is what the Drop the T petition was all about. Despite transgender essentially taking over ever LGBTQ organization, secretly a lot of gay men and lesbians say things to each other that they are too afraid to say in front of transgender people. It’s so strange and Orwellian because as a lesbian it feels as if the thought police is just waiting to swoop down and pounce on me and any unrepentant lesbian. This is exactly how some lesbians feel, and this is how some gay men feel too. Gendertrender is different in that women and lesbians speak openly here about issues that impact our lives. This isn’t the only blog or website that exposes the way trans is wrecking havoc in the lesbian community. Lesbians are being decimated, and there is not much of a lesbian community left.
    Posting exactly what a person said is not libel. His posts were screenshot. Wishing he hadn’t said something can’t take it back.
    Benjamin Cohen (see post above)
    “Radical rewriting of our identity: now it’s a question of an internal essence – a soul, if you will. Being a woman or a man is now entirely in your head. In this climate, who would challenge someone with a beard exposing their penis is a women’s changing room? That’s why feminist have raised the alarm over the move to self-identification, along with older trans people who fear that “trendsters” will erode the good will.”
    -Helen Lewis- comment,
    Benjamin Cohen (see post above)
    “your example would still be indecent exposure, so why link it to trans rights.”
    It sure sounds like Cohen is saying that under certain circumstances males who claim gender identity status, or say they are transgender could be prosecuted for indecent exposure.
    “In this climate, who would challenge someone with a beard exposing their penis is a women’s changing room.
    “Being a woman or a man is now entirely in your head. In this climate, who would challenge someone with a beard exposing their penis is a women’s changing room? That’s why feminist have raised the alarm over the move to self-identification, along with older trans people who fear that “trendsters” will erode the good will.”
    I’m sure Cohen knows that it’s not just feminists who “have raised the alarm over the move to self-identification.” Conservative women, politically moderate women, and gender critical left leaning women “have raised the alarm over the move to self-identification.” Conservative men, some left leaning male gender abolitionist, and even some gay men “have raised the alarm over the move to self-identification.”
    What is Cohen saying? It sounds like in a roundabout manner that he is basically admitting that granting any male permission to claim gender identity is problematic and potentially harmful to women. It’s not like a lot of people haven’t been thinking the same thing for years. And, possibility of a transwoman with fully intact male genitalia being charged with indecent exposure can’t be ruled out.
    We know five things, and all of this information is available to anyone who takes the time to research it. Cohen is a smart guy, and I know he can use a search engine, and he can do some research. Take into account everything below, and look at Cohen’s statements.
    (1.) Most transwomen still have male genitalia, and many don’t choose SRS. Trans people know this, and Cohen is a smart guy, and he knows it too.
    (2.) Under most gender identity laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional. Cohen surely knows this.
    (3.) Gender identity isn’t just about bathrooms and Cohen and any rational persons knows it’s not just about bathrooms. It also includes locker rooms where women undress, women’s homeless shelters, etc.
    (4.) It’s a fact that males claiming gender identity have exposed themselves to girls and women. This is a link to the Evergreen State College campus police report in the Colleen Francis incident. This incident happened years ago, and trans people are familiar with this incident. They deny it happened, but they have heard about this incident in the women’s locker room. Cohen is an intelligent man, and we are supposed to believe that he never heard of the Colleen Francis incident. Washington State has different laws, and they didn’t charge Francis with indecent exposure. Perhaps they could have, but they didn’t. Other states are different, and it’s reasonable to assume that sooner or later somewhere a transwoman could be charged with indecent exposure. It’s reasonable to assume that in some states, particularly southern states that are opposed to gender identity laws, a transwoman with intact male genitalia could be charged with indecent exposure. In fact, cross dressing males dressed in women’s clothes have been charged with indecent exposure. See below.
    Gendertrender covered this incident years ago.
    (5.) It’s also a fact that males have falsely claimed to be transgender in order to prey on women. Cohen is an educated man, and trans people have heard about the tragic Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook incident that happened in 2014. Hambrook is proof that any male can claim gender identity, and Cohen basically admits that any man can say he is transgender for whatever reason.
    (6.) Based on thousands of years of history and crime statistics, women have legitimate reasons to be suspicious of males in our private spaces. No one is saying that transgender identified people are inherently more dangerous than anyone else. The issue is male violence, and it’s a fact that cross dressing males have been charged indecent exposure. Is Cohen saying that Norwood Smith Burnes should have never have been charged with indecent exposure? Norwood Smith Burnes has a long record of indecent exposure and was on probation for public indecency when the latest incident occurred in the women’s bathroom at a Walmart.
    Trans activists always say that men like Norwood Smith Burnes really aren’t transgender even though they have a penchant for wearing dresses. Even though cross dressers are often listed under the “Trans Umbrella” (google trans umbrella and look at some of the graphics), trans activists have the audacity to say men like Norwood Smith Burnes really aren’t transgender. So, apparently sometimes cross dressers are transgender, and sometimes they aren’t. This is the truth. Nothing can prevent any cross dressing man like Burnes from identifying as transgender at any time. Cohen knows this. Cohen is a smart guy, and I’m sure he knows how to use a search engine. All these cases are part of court records and convictions. Cohen certainly knows search engines. We are supposed to believe that Cohen could never think of an instance in which a transwoman would be charged with indecent exposure. And, no transwomen should ever be prosecuted for indecent exposure. I’m not buying it.
    I won’t post the link to these videos because most people on this blog have already seen these videos. Google it. This is some background information for new readers. Calling these videos “transphobic” won’t change the fact that the videos are based on court records and convictions. Some of the crimes in these videos were committed in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters.
    “Women: Decide For Yourselves”
    “Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes”
    All this information is out there, and this is what a lot of people are thinking. Cohen let slip what a lot of people including some gay men have been thinking for years. The fact that trans have been making “TERF” death threats ( for years, bullying women, and demanding full capitulation to their agenda won’t silence everyone.
    Okay, if it will make Benjamin Cohen feel better, he can kowtow to his trans overlords and grovel before them, pleading with them that he really didn’t mean to say what he accidentally let slip out. He really didn’t say what a lot of people have been whispering for years. People are so conditioned by trans bullying that we have to speak secretly among ourselves.
    This is especially for Benjamin Cohen. Enjoy!
    A lot of gay men are only gay as a consolation prize for not being a woman so says one transwoman who used to be a gay man before becoming a woman. Enjoy!–a-lot-of-gay-men-are-only-gay-as-a-consolation-prize-for-not-being-a-woman-says-t-loon-

    I won’t even get into gay and lesbian eugenics through “transitioning” that has been going on in Iran for years. Pink News did cover the “transitioning” of gay men and lesbians in Iran, and I give Pink News credit for covering this important subject. However, it refuses to listen to anyone who says the same thing could be happening in the US and other countries, especially to lesbians. Gendertrender and 4th Wave Now are important sources of information on this and other topics.

  10. Why do once proud gay men and lesbians kowtow to transgender activists? What do they get out of it? Women and lesbians helped care for gay men in the 1980s and 1990s when AIDs was decimating gay men. Now, gay men remain silent when heterosexual transwomen wear red paint splattered, “I PUNCH TERFS” shirts at gay pride marches. And, then they post that “this is what gay liberation looks like”. Does Benjamin Cohen believe that heterosexual males wearing “I PUNCH TERFS” shirts at gay pride parades is gay liberation? Not one word from gay men or any LGBTQ group or news source. Silence. Where have people seen the “Trans Dykes are good and pure” shields? Even mainstream news photos that covered the violent protest at UC Berkeley and elsewhere show “Trans Dykes are good and pure” shields. For some reason, every time violence erupts, “Trans Dykes are good and pure” can be spotted in the photo, and this is in mainstream news photos and sources. I wonder what Benjamin Cohen thinks of Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne and his “I PUNCH TERFS” shirt. People aren’t going to hear about this at LGBTQ news sources. People have to go to gendertrender to get the real news.
    Women have been keeping track of all the TERF death threats. This should be a hate crime. No woman on this blog has every made death threats against transwomen, or anyone. No woman on any gender critical blog has ever made these kinds of disturbing death threats. No female has ever killed a transwoman, but transwomen who, are in fact male, have been convicted of killing a lot of women. Just two months ago, transwoman in Washington State was convicted to triple homicide of three women, and then there is the Dana Rivers triple homicide trial. Why are transwomen’s victims female? Women aren’t killing transwomen. Transwomen are killed by other males.
    * Pink News wants us to be worried about TERFs. People really need to be worried about TERFs.
    What is a TERF and why should you be worried?
    * Read the TERF death threats here,
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    * Read this,
    * Read this – transwoman guilty of murdering three women,
    * Read this – transwoman charged with killing a lesbian couple and their adopted son,
    * If you haven’t already seen these videos, google them. These “transphobic” videos are based on pesky little nonsense things like actual convictions and court records.
    “Women: Decide For Yourselves ” by Jane Williams youtube 20 minute video
    “Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes” by Jane Williams.
    And, then decide which is more frightening.
    Gay men still have some power in LGBTQ organizations, but they prefer to remain silent. We all better pray that “Trans Dykes” don’t pull a Dana Rivers or Douglas, “Donna”, Perry at some pride event.
    They can’t deal with the fact that transwomen are, in fact, male, and they offend at the same rate as other males. Transwomen who are killed aren’t being killed by women. Male on male violence can be deadly, and this is what is killing transwomen.
    As a lesbian, this is personal to me.
    I’m a lesbian, and all the homophobic “bull dyke”, “lez” comments I’ve heard from “cis people” doesn’t even come close to terrifying me as much as “Trans Dykes” and TERF death threats. It’s lesbian hatred on an entirely different level.
    As a lesbian, the “Cotton Ceiling” felt like the rape of my lesbian soul. If “cis men” tried to shame lesbians into accepting their penis, people would be calling them homophobic morons.
    If a “cis man” was protesting outside a lesbian run event on land owned by a lesbian, and then he was charged with killing a lesbian couple and their adopted son, shooting and stabbing them to death for no apparent reason, most rational people would say hate crime. Dana Rivers is a heterosexual male who several sources say was protesting outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival. And, then he is charged with the shooting and stabbing death of a lesbian couple and their adopted son. A lot of people know that transwomen have been making death threats against lesbians for years. Most transwomen are heterosexual, and they hate on lesbians in an entirely different way. Not only did useless LGBTQ groups did their best to bury the story, if they did cover it, they made sure to say “Woman Charged” in the title instead of transwoman charged. Pronouns are more important than the dead bodies of a lesbian couple and their adopted son.
    Pink News and other useless LGBTQ news sources were more concerned with proper pronoun use than the dead bodies of a lesbian couple and their adopted son. Only in a few sentences in the very last paragraph of the article do we discover that Dana Rivers is a transwoman. Proper pronoun use is even more important than clarity. The only part Pink News got right was the fact that it was a violent triple murder of a lesbian couple and their adopted son.
    Woman arrested over violent triple murder of lesbian couple and adopted son
    Gendertrender told us everything we need to know about Dana Rivers.
    Out of curiosity, I wonder if Benjamin Cohen ever thinks of how all the disturbing “TERF” death threats deeply hurt and terrorize women. Has Benjamin Cohen ever stopped to think how the creepy “Cotton Ceiling” offends lesbians? How much does Cohen really care about a slaughtered lesbian family? Or, how LGBTQ groups did their best to pretend it never really happened. I’m not saying Cohen is cold hearted. I’m not saying he is a bad person. I just wonder if he cares at all.

    1. @ skylark-
      Those ‘transdykes are good and pure’ shields. I do recall seeing such a thing before. It was old pics of the brownshirts way back in the 20’s when they got started. And they had inspiring slogans on those shields proclaiming their purity as they punched all those who weren’t so pure.
      Antifa, my ass, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Are they high or a really special brand of stupid???? In reading that manure PN posted, that was an open endorsement of brigade rape culture.
      Goddamnit….this is enough to make any rational person I’ll. As well as reason to drop the t, at all costs. Insanity will run further snuck if not.

    2. “Again, having a penis isn’t what makes people attempt sexual assault.”
      Oh my fucking god.
      It’s bad when they twist a point so badly I end up siding with the Daily Mail.

    3. Whoa! They did!
      There were a lot — maybe 100? — and scathing about the sheer misogyny of the author of the article reserving all of his ire about a child rapist for the terrible injustice of his being “deadnamed” after he macked on female prisoners.
      One person (the author, I presume, though I don’t know — their handle was not a personal name) intervened constantly that they were going to report comments for violating the site’s policies on transphobia and then one other person repeatedly intervened to talk about how the rapist-prisoner’s raping had nothing to do with being male bodied or trans and the rapist-prisoner didn’t have a penis anymore so couldn’t assault anybody with it anyway (there was considerable back and forth between this one commenter & other commenters about whether the rapist-prisoner was “pre-op” or “post-op”).
      100% of the other comments, except from those two posters (the first of whom pretty much just posted the same comment over and over and over, about how they were going to report other comments for transphobia), were angry (sometimes very funny, but still really angry) and entirely critical.

      1. Pink News is an actual rapist advocacy site. These men: owner Ben Cohen and writer Josh Jackman are truly evil human beings. Absolute malevolent sociopaths bent on the torture and destruction of the most vulnerable female human beings on earth. We are literally less than insects to them. I curse you Ben Cohen. I curse you Josh Jackman. Reap what you sow. Fuckers.

    4. I have a question: Is reading disability a symptom of gender dysphoria, or is it a result of hormone therapy, or is there some other reason transgender activists have poor reading comprehension? The Daily Mail is not exactly written on a college level. That article has no relation to the piece they are criticizing. Tellingly, they don’t link to the article, so either they are being willfully dishonest or (my opinion) they know they can’t read.

      1. Perhaps the reading comprehension problem simply goes along with lacking the intelligence to grasp the reality of human sexual dimorphism? (Although I guess it’s possible a disability left them unable to read eighth grade biology textbooks.)

      2. People with narcissistic personality disorder have a problem paying attention to information that isn’t self serving in some way. If it is threatening to their self image (and soooo many things are), they will often choose to interpret things in a way that feels better than an honest reading. Or fly into a rage, whatever. The trans trend is a narcissists dream, you can see how many have flocked to the trans community just to exploit others.

    5. @Gallus,
      Every time I think it can’t get crazier and sicker, something like this comes along.
      How freaking insane does it have to get? Pink News has totally lost it, and they have no credibility whatsoever.
      Why is Pink News so obsessed with middle aged heterosexual child rapists? What has this sick bastard ever done for gay men and lesbians? This is utterly insane. They can be a rapist who would step over a dying gay man in the streets, but once they declare that they are a “woman” while incarcerated for raping girls, the LGB has to fall in line behind these monsters. This lesbian curses men like Martin who get a sexual thrill from raping girls. And, I will never refer to males who rape little girls as “she” or “her”. This sick bastard belongs in a men’s prison. Even his ex-wife knows he is too dangerous to be around women.
      Martin Ponting, 50 year old heterosexual male, father of three was convicted of raping girls. This heterosexual child rapist became “Jessica Winfield” while incarcerated.
      He was moved in March this year from male-only HMP Whitemoor, in Cambridgeshire, to HMP Bronzefield in Surrey – Europe’s largest female prison.
      He was segregated because of reports of him making inappropriate advances on her fellow inmates.
      The UK Sun says,
      Jessica Winfield, 50, who as Martin Ponting raped two young girls, was moved after starting gender reassignment treatment on the NHS — despite still having a penis.
      He was segregated last week after being reported for making inappropriate advances to other prisoners.
      A source said: “It beggars belief why a convicted double rapist like Jessica (Martin) is allowed to mix with females despite still having her penis intact.
      “Prison bosses were worried he would try it on with inmates and their fears have come true.
      “Inmates were furious to be lumbered with a convicted rapist in the first place and they’re even more angry now.”
      Ponting was jailed for life in 1995 and began transitioning to a woman once behind bars…
      His ex-wife knows he is a dangerous man,
      Winfield’s ex-wife Sharleen Ponting, 45, said she is not
      surprised by the problem at Bronzefield. She added: “This was inevitable. I knew it would happen.
      “Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a double rapist in a women’s jail was bonkers.
      “He is a proven predator and his mentality will never change, no matter which gender he is.
      “He should never have been put in a women’s prison, he belongs in a male prison.
      “He is a dangerous man and it beggars belief why he was allowed to mix with women.”
      (For accuracy and to respect all his female victims, I changed the Sun’s use of the “she” pronoun to “he”. His ex-wife knows that he is a dangerous man.)
      Thanks to Nelson for the link to the deleted comments. They can’t deal with the truth, and the only way that these trans run “LGBTQ” sources can exist is by censoring free speech.
      It’s way past time to cut the “T” and “Q” from the LGB.

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