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  1. Attorneys are always trying to anticipate liabilities. Whoever wrote that was thorough.

  2. wow. other than offering ‘treatment’ at all, it seems that this doctor might be ethical…
    I read the comments on the twitter thing, and there is still much to be done, though.

  3. Who knew medical care was so complicated? Somebody famous asked something sort of like that recently, can’t quite recall who at the moment …
    This very morning I had an appointment with an endodontist, a referral from my regular dentist to evaluate a tooth that had been giving me trouble. I had to sign some forms with disclaimers, etc. There was another form, similar but more extensive, that the Dr. and I were going to go over and discuss before any actual treatment, that I would have had to sign. It turned out he wants to wait, have another evaluation, and see how it is doing before major treatments.
    Informed consent; how does it work? Especially the informed part.

  4. Woah. 0_o Can’t help comparing that to the consent form my parents were given to sign on my behalf for my, actually medically justified, surgery, on the NHS – which my solicitor does consider to have been inadequate. All it does is list a few medical risks (though not the very serious ones I suffered). They’re not half being careful to cover themselves with that one. You’d almost think, if they have to include so many caveats, that aren’t even medical risks, they might stop to consider if they should even be offering this ‘treatment’? I mean something that might in some cases be a ‘fashionable trend’, that sure sounds vital! Who am I kidding, it’s all about the £££, isn’t it.
    I’m irritated reading the thread as well to see someone complaining about the wait and the idea of having to pay £200 if they went private, as though this makes them hard done by. Try not being able to get actual treatment that you actually NEED, you wasters of resources. /grumpy because in pain and my NHS appointment got put back till next February.
    I’d sympathise if this was about access to mental health therapy for dysphoria, instead.

  5. Okay, so this particular gender clinic clearly understands that trans is a social phenomenon at least, if not more so, than it is a genuine medical condition. But that still doesn’t convince them to not offer treatment to save all those confused teens and young people; gotta make a living somehow I guess, and experimenting on healthy bodies is apparently the way to go.

  6. “I understand that no guarantee of a “successful transition” can be given and that success is dependent on my individual circumstances”,
    But, heck, give us your $$$ anyway.

  7. I’m amazed the clinic is willing to admit so openly that they have no idea what they’re doing and take no responsibility for their actions.

    1. Even more amazing that the thing the trans complain about apparently is being made aware of the risks, not that the clinic wants their money anyway.
      Okay, who am I kidding, I am not at all surprised. Most trans identified people these days are completely insane.

  8. Any doctor enabling unnecessary elective major surgery and massive endocrine disruption with “hormone” drugs is not an ethical doctor. ESPECIALLY when they know the whole game is completely bogus. Most of them likely do know this.
    “Gender dysphoria” is anxiety, depression and wrong ideas, viewed obsessively through a “gender” prism and explained to oneself (and others) on that basis. Does not require “treatment” with “hormone” drugs and surgery.

  9. Where’d this form come from? Dr Nick’s ‘The Simpsons’ office?
    Ffs, I’m glad I’m retired. Medicine has been taking a serious dive in this post-modern insanity.

  10. This form is new and was forced into existence by gender critical feminists who attempted to shut down the clinic by threatening lawsuits. Similar tactics are used by American anti-abortion activists.

    1. Receipts??? More utterly fictional “reporting” from Mr. Katelyn Burns @transscribe . LMAO you are the worst! Total fiction.

      1. Thank you GM for your hard work and stellar reporting. To have to do all the research, writing, editing, moderating that you do AND to have to vet all these DUDESPLAINERS commenting as Kate and Zoey and Sarah and … Ugh. I could just barf. Anyone that is reading and can do it, put some scratch in the PayPal bucket.

      2. DUDESPLAINERS commenting as Kate and Zoey and Sarah and … Ugh. I could just barf.

        I’ve got an idea – when dudes are born just give them names like Kate and Zoey and Sarah right off the bat. And give girls more, I dunno, IMPORTANT sounding names. Hahaha!

    2. That form was initiated by a medical professional seeking to minimize professional liability. That is the sole purpose of waiver forms like these. They don’t convince anyone to reconsider a procedure. Reducing liability for dodgy medical practices is not how feminists do healthcare.

    3. The fact that you males find insane, nonsense ways to compare your voluntary self mutilation to the reproductive care of women is just more proof of how you are a born male.

    4. American anti-abortion activists use laws passed by actual politicians to shut down abortion clinics. You lot get everything you want from politicians behind the scenes and with no public comment or input because everyone, on some level, recognizes that yours is a men’s rights movement.

    5. You don’t sign anything like this to get an abortion you liar. You sign a standard consent about the risks of the procedure itself. You sign something that says you spoke to a counselor. That’s it. Strangers can’t sue clinics into changing their practices, former patients can. What a stupid lie.

      1. Katelyn Burns (Kyle Burns Garrett) just makes shit up. Kinda like how he claims feminist Janice Raymond magically controls Medicare and Medicaid (even though the CMS review of 2016 reiterated the total lack of medical evidence for “sex reassignment”: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/medicare-denies-national-coverage-for-gender-reassignment-surgery-no-evidence-of-therapeutic-outcome/ ).
        Total nutter.
        He also claims to have renounced his history as a straight man to become a “straight transwoman” (MLM) yet is partnered with another man who “identifies as female”. How he does the math on that I don’t know (actually I do, it’s called autogynephilia) but his hatred of “the gays” is a big part of the equation.
        He’s one of these late transitioning autogynephiles who is certain his “coming out” will parlay into a career. He seems unaware of the typical cycle: Man comes out as trans, thinks this makes him a novel commodity, seeks attention writing articles or running for office, cue drama and internet begging, crash and burn, replaced by next man who comes out as trans.
        How do these guys not realize this cycle repeats endlessly?
        The lifespan of a fired-up transgender pundit is about 9 months. Rinse and repeat.

  11. Googaly moogaly, I’d hate to see the consent form for the sufferer of Cotard delusion who wants to be fed into a crematory…

  12. I just clicked on the picture to go to the source but got a message that it is now gone from Twitter, consigned to the good ol’ memory hole, no doubt. Good thing you saved it for posterity.

  13. I think the lawyer who wrote that read the archives of this blog first. Seriously.

    1. Thank you! And from the looks of the linked reddit conversation, it is NHS practitioners, not “feminists” who have filed complaints against private practice “gender” doctors like Curtis and internet “pill mill” doctors like the sanctioned Helen Webberley.

      1. And yet people talk about abortion mills in the US. And they use the exact same arguments, so if body autonomy and reproductive rights are wrong, then why aren’t your like minded republicans in the right when they try to crush planned parenthood?
        PP uses the same informed consent model for their abortion and trans HRT they offer?

  14. You understand that your appendicitis might be just wanting to fit into a appendix free group.
    You understand that you may not really have schizophrenia but just want to fit in with those that do
    These waivers will never exist for appendectomies or the use of quetiapine for good reason. It’s bizarre and horrifying that there’s an acknowledgment that you might be about to disfigure someone, possibly causing lifelong complications on the basis that they want to join a bandwagon. FFS

    1. I realize that you don’t care about women, that you actually hate us. I get that.
      Women die in childbirth. Women die from lack of abortion access. There are women all over the world that are in prison for miscarriage.
      You equating your wanting to chop off your dick so that you can pretend to be one of us is in no way comparable to reproductive rights.
      Of course, you are too selfish, ignorant and pathetic to understand basic concepts. Not surprising, since males seem to be very intellectually limited.

      1. We can also be forcibly impregnated via rape, which includes disgusting bro shit like “stealthing.” If we’re really lucky, we’ll live in a state where our rapists have parental rights to the pregnancies we can’t end!
        But, I’m sorry, let’s talk about the trauma of having to sign an extra form or calling out the shady business within gender clinics.

      1. And transactivists never seem to understand how they’re an old white capitalist’s wet dream. Elective drugs with few trials that have to be taken for a lifetime? How could this ever be abused for profit?
        I’d be laughing if children weren’t involved.

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