Dan the transwoman's bathroom dilemma

A nut job San Francisco man named Daniel Davis posted video of himself creating an incident outside the women’s restroom at the Las Vegas NYNY hotel. Various media outlets are picking it up.
Dan is a man who has been taking estrogen pills for seven months after discovering his ladygender through porn consumption, strip clubs, and 4Chan. 
Contrary to his claim to the employee in the video that: “You are the only person who has this policy! Sweetheart I’ve been using the women’s room all over this city and you are the only ones in this fucking city…Dan posted 6 days ago about having security called on him in the women’s restroom at the MGM Grand.

Dan’s trail of bathroom incidents

In another post he complains that “It’s just been such a difficult struggle to be confronted in 50% of the bathrooms in this city I’ve used…“.
Mr. Davis, a heterosexual military man who calls himself “Katie”, or sometimes “Katie Charm“, posted a follow up video appealing to the fee-fees of the “entitled twits” and “bitches” which is what he calls women who are alarmed at his presence when they’re trying to change their tampons in peace.
There is absolutely no reason for sociopathic men like Dan to be permitted to go around frightening women in the women’s restrooms.
There is a restroom for males, Dan. Use it.

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  1. Prime Fremdscham.
    He reads more like an adult “baby” with the fake tears and “mommies” patting his shoulder. Except they typically keep their fetish in the privacy of their own homes and don’t subject people on expensive vacations to their tantrums.
    “You are more woman than half of the women in there.”
    Internalized misogyny go.

    1. Ugh what I really find pitiable is how transgender activism dooms people to obsessing about passing for the rest of their lives. It’s a mental prison. This dude is responsible for everything he does but his dumbass “friends” aren’t helping by trying to say what he wants to hear. Every time he hears that he’s a woman and then looks in the mirror (or down lol) he’s gotta launch into mental gymnastics to deal w it. Encouraging anyone to become obsessed with their appearance causes people to become unstable. So does echoing delusions. This guy is very aggressive and entitled, won’t be surprised if he assaults someone for “transphobia”. He thinks everyone ought go be huffing his lady pheromones instead of using their eyes to judge his sex. ???

      1. A personal friend of mine has been sucked into identity politics and is getting more and more depressed and anxious about “fitting in” than she used to be. Up to a couple of years ago, she was happily ploughing her own furrow, liking things that she liked. Now she obsesses over whether she fits into “Black Twitter” (she is black) , puts up with transwomen showing her pictures of their genitals and has abandoned a lot of things she used to love, because they don’t fit into her new non culturally appropriative, SJW rainbow queer ally world. I really do think it is a trigger for mental ill health, encouraging people to focus so much on outward appearances and how other people see them. I’m worried her next move will be going non binary and then transing herself.

    2. Oh yeh , I saw exactly the same as you described,Riffraff. took energy to keep down my meat pie and tomato sauce, no nominations for any awards fer sure there, the most pitiful performance on the MGM Grand floor, there, is ever there were one. he truly is the upchuck in the mouth you just don’t need to have .

  2. It’s easy to throw around the “projection” accusation like a quasi-sophisticated version of “I know you are, but what am I??” However, in this case, it fits. I can’t believe this dude is accusing OTHERS of being “entitled.” If you want to see entitled, “Katie,” try using one of the mirrors in those bathrooms.

  3. How could anyone resist such an appealing combination of narcissism, belligerence, and self-pity? What a charmer!

    1. The second video of him staring into the camera and doing his Ed Gein bit is telling. He goes on about how he is just like us and he loves us and we should love him and he just KNOWS what being a woman feels like…..
      Meanwhile, me, the real woman watching this is feeling the hair on the nape of my neck stand up and my inner sense of “get the hell away from this nutjob before he attacks” is taking over even though I am just watching him on a screen.
      If this guy was doing this abusive shouting bit or this creepy Buffalo Bill bit near me IRL, I would consider him a threat and try to get away from him or take whatever measures I deemed necessary to protect myself.
      Seriously, WATCH the second video and see if you don’t feel totally creeped out…..

      1. I recently watched a show about an Australian serial killer who was obsessed with “stealing” women’s voices and tried to emulate them.
        “Katie” definitely has that same vibe.

      2. I did watch the videos before my first comment and found him equally unhinged in both, to be honest, although he seems to be trying to cover it more in the first. No wonder women call security after encountering him in the restroom.
        The most repulsive thing to me is the way he cries, as if he’s trying to portray himself as a helpless little girl being brutalized by a big, bad world that just doesn’t see what a delicate, feminine soul he has. It reminds me of the way some children feign tears to manipulate adults, but it’s downright creepy in a grown man.
        Also–the guy was in the military for years but he’s now afraid of men? Please.

      3. Omg you weren’t kidding. My skin went cold in seconds. Ex military. Dangerous man.

  4. To quote one of my favorite personal heroes – “Whaaaaat a fucking piece of shiiiiit.”

  5. We aren’t allowed to question males. Not ever.
    And now we can’t even do it in women’s rooms.
    Males have created a world where we literally cannot escape their dick, if they choose to show it.

  6. From the commentary on the first link above:
    “Okay I’m only about six and a half minutes into this but I just have to stop and comment that I’ve never related to something more! I totally get that hormones effect on the brain it’s definitely an actual thing but in trying to prove that our identities are valid I guess many don’t want to admit it. I think It’s actually called mental or emotional gender dysphoria just like you can have social gender dysphoria or physical gender dysphoria.
    Yeah that mental dysphoria is definitely one of the big reasons why I want to transition. I’m FTM I know I’ve always been a guy regardless and I’m confident in that identity but still I really crave that extra energetic male oomph you were talking about so I can feel whole! I really hope to start T soon!” – theduke ofweasels
    Emotional dysphoria? That’s a new one on me. I’m not even sure what that means.
    Let’s see:
    physical dysphoria – my body isn’t right
    social dysphoria – other people don’t think my body is right
    emotional dysphoria – my emotions don’t match my body
    I wonder if theduke ofweasels concludes that because she isn’t an angry blubbering woman hating idiot like Dan she must be male?

  7. This is pathetic, he really is like a child throwing a tantrum and begging. “I’m reeeeal, just like you! I’m a womannnn! Pleaaaase!” I seriously doubt anyone threatened him. He thinks trannies get female pheromones just because they play women?! Well, some people are probably stupid enough to fall for that and feel sorry for him. Virtue signaling sjws. The body language and vocal inflections indicate acting.

    1. I like the way the staff person says calmly, “No you’re just raising a stink because you’re being denied something. It’s human nature.” LOL

      1. Someone should transcribe this thing. Would be hilar. At one point Dan says “So now you’re a man interrupting me???” lolololol

    1. UGH. The usual “Everybody hates me, fuck the haters, i’m so sexy and special” etc etc.
      If anyone hates you it’s because of your narcissism and attention seeking.

      1. And again with the navel, though to be honest this dude couldn’t be more dude if he tried. And he’s clearly trying.

    2. He isn’t even sane’s third cousin!
      It’s as if some of these guys want to be women for the positive attention they assume they’ll get, which they estimate based on the attention they’ve given/seen given to the minute percentage of indisputably lovely women. They seem not to realize that the majority of us who don’t meet stringent requirements for age and beauty are even more ignored than most men, so they immediately resort to accusations of transphobia and transmisogyny (or envy, from the more narcissistic) when they’re simply being treated no better than the average woman.
      And too many of the men who declare themselves women also don’t seem to perceive the degree to which people might actually be holding back in response to this sort of display for fear of either seeming intolerant in front of others or triggering a violent response in the guy. An ordinary-looking woman in her thirties who dressed and danced like that in public might well have gotten a more negative reaction than the head shake and raised eyebros this guy complained about, but he probably assumes everyone except the “haters” was admiring him.

    3. LMFAO!
      “When I walk on by, dudes be looking like damn he fly…
      Ahh… Dude look at that body
      Ahh… Dude look at that body
      Ahh… Dude look at that body
      Ah ah-ah I drink beer
      When I walk in the spot (yeah), this is what I see (ok)
      Everybody stops and they staring at me
      I got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it….
      I’m sexy and I know it!
      Check it out…Check it out……
      Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle YEAH!”

      1. There’s no way that guy has legally adopted her. I can only hope his “adoption” doesn’t involve her living with him in any capacity.

    1. “I adopted him earlier this year. He was a distant cousin by marriage and I heard about his terrible living situation due to his ftm status and I knew I had to get him outta that.”
      Why would a thirty something heterosexual male feel the need to unofficially “adopt” a teenage girl? The girl looks like she is about twelve. Did the parents give Dan permission to take the kid places? This is a female child. Are the parents fine with the whole FTM thing? We do know that transwomen have no problem at all telling kids to up and leave their parents. In fact, they do this a lot.
      What “terrible living situation”? It sounds like the parents aren’t onboard with the whole trans thing? Besides the parents not being onboard with the trans thing, Dan sure looks like he loves to drink and party big time. Does he drag the kids along with he is night clubbing with the “bitchez”?
      Just dump the parents and join the special trans “glitter family”.

  8. Oh my gawd.
    “Haven’t you ever felt not good enough, like you are wrong, like your body is not good enough (blah blah, paraphrasing ladydude’s crycry, I am not going to watch again, it’s at about the 3 minute mark).”
    Uh, yes. Yes, I do know that feeling. Because males define what women are supposed to be. We are supposed to be virginal, skinny, 22 years old, not too smart, know our place, and serve males. And males make it so that we never quite hit their mark, and then we get punished for it.
    Oh, and now we have “ladysmell”???? Dude. You have GOT to be kidding me. Fucking ladysmell. Jesus.
    What the fuck is even happening.
    I am going to finish this video, and keep waiting for him to say he wants to make a dress out of a woman’s skin. Because I will be truly surprised if he doesn’t say something like that.

  9. Yes, he is dangerous. Extremely. Scary.
    Is there any way that we can get every women who genuflects to these men to see this entire post? Please. I don’t know if I can bear hearing another “feminist” or Lesbian call a prick like this “she” or “her.”
    Thank you, Gallus Mag!

  10. In other trans creeper news, I thought y’all might like an update on the Chicago Dyke March, which is now under the control of trans activist males, who have turned it into train wreck:
    – Earlier today, the Chicago Dyke March retweeted heterosexual BDSM fetish porn from a dominatrix called “Mistress Velvet.” I won’t link to the specific tweet out of respect for everyone here, but if you go to the channel and scroll down just a few tweets, you will see it. https://twitter.com/DykeMarchChi
    – It seems that CDM got fired the lesbian reporter who broke the story about their expulsion of Jewish marchers. The Windy City Times removed Tracy Baim from her reporting job and has relegated her to a sales job. No one has alleged that the story she reported was untrue or inaccurate. It is pure retaliation against a woman reporter for doing her job. CDM gleefully tweeted about damaging this lesbian’s career. https://twitter.com/DykeMarchChi/status/885174501440356357
    – And if that was not enough, CDM also made news when it tweeted an antisemitic slur. Full story here http://www.tabletmag.com/scroll/240785/chicago-dyke-march-drops-pretense-deploys-anti-semitic-term-popularized-by-neo-nazis
    After defending it, and then deleting it, the CDM eventually apologized. But it still has tweets attacking “white queers” (apparently, they no longer hate only white LGBs but Qs as well).
    – And finally, CDM has raised $2,100 for a “self-care retreat.” They were shooting for $5,000, so I guess they will have to forego a paid appearance by Mistress Velvet.

    1. This is beyond bizarre and completely anti-Semitic. Why was the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict even an issue during Gay Pride? I am critical of Israel, and I NEVER thought I would say this – but this isn’t appropriate. I doubt these individuals even know anything about the conflict that would give them a right to speak about it, especially at a gay pride parade that has nothing to do with the conflict. Just because someone is Jewish doesn’t make them a Zionist. They also don’t seem to know anything about Judaism, since no doubt these are REFORMED Jews who are not the settler acting out Zionism on Palestinian land. I mean seriously, there are MANY Jews critical of Israel. Considering the Jewish Star a threat and banning it altogether is completely anti-Semitic. The way they are using the word Zionist here they have made it clear they are really anti-Jewish – which was kind of why Israel came to exist in the first place. This is just first-rate stupidity.

      1. A group, possibly Code Pink I don’t really remember, has been bringing this into the Toronto Pride parade for years. The Montreal one too I believe. 😞
        Stuffing all these other issues in makes gay rights like tofu. You can pour a sauce on it and make it taste like anything you want! 😠

    2. Holy crap. Thanks for the info, I wonder if this will happen again in another city. Maybe it is the only way for people to wake up?

    3. Update: The BDSM porn retweet has now been removed from CDM’s twitter without explanation.

      1. Last update and correction: The lesbian reporter who was fired at the Windy City Times is not Tracy Baim, but Gretchen Hammond. I apologize for the error above. Yesterday, Gretchen tweeted to the Dyke March about what they have done to her:

        @GretchRHammond Jul 17
        You attacked, humiliated and robbed me of a job. No tears. I forgive you. Just hope you learn how destructive and pointless hatred is.
        95 replies 366 retweets 1,096 likes
        Reply 95 Retweet 366 Like 1.1K Direct message
        Replying to @GretchRHammond @DykeMarchChi
        I will not comment on any decision made by my present employer or impugn the organization. The DMC threatened me then bragged about it.

  11. Hi, it’s Katie. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this nastiness from you. I’m a good person who has given away a lot in order to try to make the world a better place. And yes, I’m a trans woman.
    I used to sound like most of you back in the early 2000s.. I was consumed with hatred for trans people because I knew I was secretly trans myself. In fact, it’s likely many of you are wrestling with gender or sexuality issues.
    If so, I’m sorry. I know it can be heartbreakingly lonely, and I know that it can be easier to accept the embrace of demons of loathing and hatred. But it only leads to misery in the end.
    Please realize that those of us on the gender spectrum don’t hate you or won’t to hurt you. My teen son (yes, son) was on the brink of suicide in horrible conditions before I took him in. I am doing everything I can to make this world a more tolerant and loving place.
    I’m sorry that you have such hate that you despise me just for what I am. Meanwhile I am trying to define myself through the good that I can do.
    I guess I just feel sorry for you. If you want someone to talk to in confidence know that I have been there with you, wrapped in pain and self loathing and hatred… And it gets better, but first you have to be willing to love yourself.

    1. You need to work on your acting skills, Dan. That mantrum was less than convincing.

    2. I’m sure your wolf-in-sheeps-clothing, guilt-tripping manipulation works wonders on liberal feminists and the young teen girls you “take in,” Dan, but around here, that dog don’t hunt.

    3. Save your condescending attitude, dude.
      You are “trying to define yourself by the good that you can do”? Are you fucking serious?
      You care about no one but yourself, just like a typical male. Our wants, our thoughts, our feelings, our safety mean absolutely nothing to you. You feel unsafe, so women must accommodate you, because we will not be allowed to say no to males. When we feel unsafe, then we are hateful bigots.
      Btw, no one believes that you feel unsafe, asshole. You just want to dominate us and you want us to know that we will be forced to bend to your will and your male law will make us.
      So congrats to you, bro! In my area, we have incidents weekly of dudes putting on wigs and hiding in ladies rooms with cellphone cameras, and taking pics and videos of us using the restroom. I’m assuming that you are happy, having made it possible for your disgusting, entitled, pervy brethren to be legally entitled to violate us. You must be so proud of this good that you are doing!
      But let me share something with you, little man. I have been a woman for decades, since i was born female. And I am no longer scared of you. You males have intimidated me with threats of violence, and actual sexual violence, and I am done submitting to you out of fear. And so are a lot of my sisters.
      You have no idea what it feels like to be a woman, since you are so very obviously a male. But most of us see through you, we see you for what you are. You are just another entitled, selfish male that bullies and intimidates to get what he wants.
      Also, no person with eyesight will ever believe you to be female. There’s nothing remotely female about you. And when you talk, you sound like a dude trying to be female.
      We are fucking people, you entitled dick. We are not an essence, a “ladybrain”, your fucking fetish, or a space for dudes to inhabit because they fail so badly at being male. Women are not the problem. You are.
      We are allowed to have boundaries and we are allowed to say no to you. I understand that you don’t like that since you appear to have the emotional maturity of a toddler. Call yourself whatever you want. But I will never accept your delusion as truth. And we both know that you never will, either.

    4. I know I’m super late to this discussion but I really, really need you to see this, dude: you are a joke. We are laughing at your crocodile tears and your embarrassing self exhibitionism, among other things. We will never stop laughing at you. Please do all the fucking off, thanks.
      Love, someone who thinks you are a waste of skin.

  12. The women who were terrified of this male in the women’s restroom have rights too. Kudos to the security guards.
    Ex military dude Dan aka Katie Charm is a creepy heterosexual dude, and I can’t imagine any woman who would actually be that naive as to fall for his fake tears. His tears are so fake that it’s almost laughable. Who are the women who are falling for this straight dude who couldn’t pass for a “woman” if he tried? For all we know, he paid a couple of women to make the video with him. It’s all an act.
    Dan says he didn’t “transition” in the military. I guess he was too much into being macho Master Sergeant. The first thing he talks about is his military career. That is good and patriotic and all, but what the hell does it have to do with him terrifying women in women’s restrooms, calling women “bitchez”, and pulling off this pathetic little drama? Dan is an ex Army Master Sergeant who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he still has very masculine features, male muscle development as well as his male genitalia. He frightened women in the women’s restroom. What woman wouldn’t be frightened of this guy. We are supposed to believe that this poor dainty little trans identified male was afraid of the big mean men in the men’s restroom. Dan sure looks like he could defend himself in a men’s restroom with his military training and all. Isn’t it more likely that this straight dude is getting his jollies by perving on women. Or, he thinks that saying he is trans will get him some kind of special attention and sympathy from women. Trans is one way for bored straight white guys to feel special.
    What is with the “bitchez” in Vegas? After he made his videos with the fake tears saying he always was a “woman”, he made two videos about “bitchez” in Las Vegas. He made two videos on July 15, 2017 that youtube blocked because of copyright something or other. Dan having a good time with “Bitchez in Vegas”.
    The Real Project X + Y: Saturday Night, Bitchez in Vegas part 1
    The Real Project X + Y: Saturday Night, Bitchez in Vegas part 2
    The video below was in 2014. He is a straight dude who really likes to party with women. He doesn’t look that much different now than when he made his video in 2014. Any person who thinks this guy always believed he was a “woman” is either naive or as blind as Stevie Wonder. In this 2014 video, he sure looks like he is enjoying himself with all the pretty dancing women. He is just another straight dude checking out the nightlife with the dude bros. He is grinning like heck in this video.

    Everything about this guy screams con man including the poor acting job with all the fake tears. Women should be very thankful that security guards kicked him out of the women’s restroom. Security in Las Vegas is usually good. They know what they are doing. At least, in the clubs and most major hotels.
    Not everyone is stupid enough to believe this con man.
    Response to the comments online. “Why do you hate me? Why do you want to hurt me? I love you.”
    Below are a few comments.
    “Weren’t you asked to leave the restroom because you made a woman uncomfortable enough to talk to security? Why are your feelings more important than her’s?”
    “I think you’re missing the point. Regardless of how long you were there, a female saw you and felt uncomfortable. Why are your feelings more important than hers?
    “You are a man. Men are people. Now stay out of women’s spaces. You are never going to pass. You are abusive. Yes you are terrifying. And women should be locked and loaded if you are pushing your man self into our spaces . No pity dude you are just an liying abusive man. Get a Snapple bottle and piss in that dude. Taxes do not make you a woman. No we are not in this together. Grow up live your fetish in your own space.
    “You transgenders keep invading women’s spaces, demanding laws to force ppl to use your “preferred pronouns”, demanding that straight men and lesbian women go out with you or else you will call them bigots etc:, you ppl went too far and society is pushing back, whether its through new laws or ppl speaking up online and IRL. There are some reasonable transgender ppl out there and you activist types are not doing them or your community any favours.”
    “I respect your military service, but it is offensive for you, a heterosexual male, to invoke LGB people and to imply that they have anything to do with you and your current antics. Sexual orientation is distinct from gender identity and the vast majority of LGB people are not transgender and have nothing to do with this disturbing malady. “LGBT” is nothing more than a fiction invented by trans activists and their accomplices.”
    Close to the end of the video “Response to the comments online”, Dan brings up LGBT. In one of the videos that Gallus links, he makes it clear that he is not gay at all. Why do straight dudes who wouldn’t stop to help a gay man lying wounded in the street bring up LGBT? Heck, Dan probably would step over a gay man, and just keep going. Because Dan started to explore his special “gender identity” about six months ago, gay men and lesbians have to fall in line to support this creepy straight man who thinks he has a right to invade women’s restrooms.
    In his selfish, sexist little mind, women being fearful of a male ex Master Sergeant in the women’s restroom means that women hate him. Women, who he often calls “bitches”, are so mean to him.
    Again, thanks security for kicking this man out of the women’s restroom. This creepy straight dude is probably laughing at all of us now.

  13. Katie Charm here again. I think many of you don’t realize the real science behind being transgender. First of all, women are more than their vagina, and if that’s all you believe a woman is – that’s belittling and despicable. So what is a woman, at her core? It is her mind. Her brain. Her identity. That’s all.
    Because other than that you are trying to define a woman through a set of experiences or physical characteristics that not all women have.
    It is a scientific fact that trans women don’t have brains that resemble males and don’t have brains that quite resemble a cis females either. But their brain is definitely further on the female spectrum of things. They are tortured and miserable trying to force themselves to live as a male, and they for sure never feel comfortable in that role (and can never feel comfortable trying to pretend to be that).
    And I’ll tell you something else – I had unwanted testosterone for many years as a result of receiving the wrong chromosomes. It made me feel horrible and act like a terrible person that I’m not proud of. I’m not going to stand here and tell you I was always a great person while my brain was soaked in testosterone, because I wasn’t. Testosterone (for me) was literally poison. And it’s poison you all are saying I should still taking.
    But from the moment I first took estrogen and blocked testosterone, I felt a sense of calm and inner peace come over me. It was absolutely euphoric. It was one of the greatest sensations I’ve ever felt. And I’m not sure if you realize what happens to the trans brain once it’s placed on its preferred hormone – it becomes essentially indistinguishable from that of a cis person over the course of the next six months. Just like the body, the brain morphs too. In the last six months my brain has radically changed, and I am experiencing empathy and emotion like I’ve never before felt. My body is changing rapidly too, with my muscles shrinking, and hips and breasts growing, but this process will take more time before I can reliably ‘pass’ as female. Even that word is gross, ‘pass’. It implies that what makes us female is a standard of beauty, and that’s not true. A woman is a woman because of her self identity, and that’s it.
    For those of you crying silly things like autogynophellia, do you realize that (for me personally) transition has left me with almost zero libido, nearly impotent, and makes the idea of having penile intercourse seem awful and gross? This could change in the future, I can’t say what I will end up as because my body is undergoing a second puberty. But if I’m the sexual creep many of you say, what’s the benefit?. I’ve essentially chemically castrated myself with female hormones. Why would a cis male do that? the answer is – if they are actually a woman and they want to transition to be as close to their cis female self as possible.
    I am a raging feminist who wants to stand with you to protest the unequal treatment of women around the world, because I have actually and really seen the privilege that men are treated with, and the lewd and dismissive things men say about women when they don’t think women will hear. It makes my blood boil now that I am able to think with an estrogenized brain and truly understand the depth and intellectual power of my girlfriends.
    I am a woman, and though my appearance will continue to feminize over the coming years I am already very much female. And I love and support the women in my life the same as you support your girlfriends, and that’s why I have quality women in my life – we take care of and support each other. Listen to my words and understand that this is not a man talking; this is a savagely intelligent woman who only wants equality, self love, and self pride for all my fellow women around the world.
    You may not accept me, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still a woman. And it doesn’t mean I don’t still stand for what’s right. Me and my friends are smart, independent, successful people and if we want to call ourselves “Bitchez” as a way of taking back a word meant to denigrate us and turn it into a label of pride and power (like we did with queer) then that’s our business.
    I am sorry that biology is messy, but it is. And there are millions of trans women, all over the world. And we are capable of being successful, proud members of the female community just like you are. We stand with you in solidarity against those who would relegate women to anything less than true intellectual equals, with unique abilities that no man can bring to the table.

    1. Such a “raging feminist” that you allow your handmaidens to insult other women for the sake of your ego? See: “not half the woman you are”

    2. Where have we heard these words before? Our flesh is not a costume for you to wear, Ed, er, “Katie.”
      And no matter how many tears you cry, no matter how many hormones you ingest or inject, no matter if you grind your lantern jaw into oblivion and hammer your hulking brow ridge flat, no matter if you flip your sad deflated penis inside out to construct your ersatz pseudovagina, or add to it with your shit-stained colon and hairy, smelly testicles, you will never, ever, ever, be a woman. And I cannot tell you how happy it makes me, as a scientist to KNOW this is the objective truth.

      1. “If women are defined as adult human beings with female reproductive systems, they are nothing but vaginas!!!!” – Dumb Ass Dan
        “If deciduous forests have foliage with leaves, forests are nothing but leaves!!!!!” -Dumb Ass LadyBrain Dan

    3. You claim to be a “feminist” and yet refuse to take women’s “no” for an answer. You’re an MRA in (bad) drag, Dan. No one who encounters you sees you any differently. Get used to it.

    4. “I’m no pervert! Now let me tell you about the state of my dick” sure dan

    5. “For those of you crying silly things like autogynophellia, do you realize that (for me personally) transition has left me with almost zero libido, nearly impotent, and makes the idea of having penile intercourse seem awful and gross? ”
      Autogynephilia is conceptualized as having a romantic component (not just a sexual one):
      In some men, the romantic component is predominantly/solely present.

    6. Get a load of this woo. Dan, I need to see your brain to make sure that it’s really female. Can you go somewhere and have it removed so that I can check it for myself? You’re a disgusting fuckpig. Go away.

  14. It’s incredibly simple. I am a woman. I have a right to use the women’s restroom. I have never harassed anyone in a restroom and never will. I only want to pee and maybe fix my makeup and hair, same as any other woman.
    And furthermore if someone is acting inappropriate in a women’s space, you can bet I’ll be the first to call them out on it and try to protect those women around me.


      1. Notice how persistent Dan is. If women don’t automatically fall in line with what he says, he keeps pestering them like some spoilt little boy throwing a temper tantrum.
        Dan says,
        “You may not accept me, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still a woman.”
        Dan is not a woman. A woman is an adult female. Males don’t get to redefine women.
        Dan says,
        “I am a raging feminist who wants to stand with you to protest the unequal treatment of women around the world, because I have actually and really seen the privilege that men are treated with, and the lewd and dismissive things men say about women when they don’t think women will hear.”
        Is this guy for real? He calls women “bitchez”, and likes to party down with his dude bros. Now, Dan wants us to know he is a “raging feminist”.
        Dan is not a woman, and he needs to stay out of women’s restrooms. And, women aren’t “bitchez”.
        Not only is Dan not a woman, I don’t consider him much of a man either. Mature males show women some respect, and they respect women’s boundaries. This is what adult males do as opposed to silly dude bro frat boys, or narcissistic selfish men like Dan. Dan must know that he terrifies women when he uses the women’s restroom. He even admits he doesn’t “pass” as a woman. People could tell his a dude a mile away. He simply doesn’t care what women think, and he doesn’t care if he frightens women. It’s all about him, and whatever little con game he is playing.
        Dan, stay the hell out of women’s restrooms. You are terrifying the women who have a human right to privacy.
        I know it must be really strange for Dan to accept the fact that women have rights too. Dan’s pathetic little con game man tantrum doesn’t fly here.


    2. Girls are not socialized to make other women fear for their safety in order to feel validated. Even if you miraculously managed to pass for a biological female your entitlement will always give you away. Thinking “Because I Say So changes reality, so treat me special” is the most male thing in the world.

    3. 1. You’re not. 2. You don’t 3. Your presence there is threatening so yeah you do 4. “Any other woman” you have no fucking idea, you *think* you know what being a woman is and surprise surprise you think it’s all make up and hair and sugar and spice.

  15. ” But it makes me sooooo happy to violate women! Before I started terrorizing women in the ladies restroom I was a terrible person who did bad things to women. I am so much better now! You wouldn’t want me to do bad things again, would you? So just let me violate you in this way, or you will get much worse.” – Dan the deranged pig

    1. I can’t support that effort because I have no evidence that Martha Harvey wants such “support”.
      If I was a cynical person, I would say that this “letter of support” was a weirdly female-socialized backhanded attack against a lesbian who 100% prioritizes men above women. And I’m fine with attacking such women, but let’s call it what it is. Let’s not play around and manipulate and lie.
      Feminist Current, for reasons of their own, chose not to report Harvey’s public statement:
      This pathetic statement may turn most lesbian’s stomachs, but it is her public statement, and anyone reporting on this turn of events, particularly those claiming to represent free speech, should report it in their coverage.
      I’m not a fan of heterosexual blogs manipulating the truth about lesbian politics and rewriting reality to serve their aims. Not a fan of fictionalizing a lesbian’s politics via censoring her own public statement. File this under the category of: Not Helping.
      Near as I can see, a completely male supremacist gender-loving lesbian posted a link she did not agree with (possibly did not even read) for discussion on social media. She immediately disowned the article (and the lesbians who agree with it) in the most groveling way imaginable. I see no need to “support” such a person, and I see no request from her to do so.
      So to me the “letter of support” is political theatre by straight women deliberately misreporting the facts about a lesbian.
      If there is something I’m missing, do let me know.

      1. It is also bad politics and failed strategy to attempt to solicit signatures in “support” of a person who explicitly disowns that unwanted support. Far too muddy for most. You can’t really manipulate vast numbers of critical thinkers. Wrong audience.

  16. The groveling is just so sickening. The reason for it is probably just wanting to save her job. Feminist Current didn’t even report this groveling capitulation, didn’t even report that Harvey seems fine with lesbians being intimidated and attacked by male to trans and their ever male rape culture. Disgusting, hell no, I would not support a woman who sold out every lesbian out there to keep that job. How much does it pay anyway? 30 pieces of trans silver? Or maybe it is fools gold that they’re paying these days. What is wrong with these lesbians? Straight women, come on, at least try to cover the entire story.

    1. That’s why I was apprehensive to put my name to the open letter. She groveled to the libcult and threw feminists under the bus. She gets no support from me.

    2. Glad to read these comments. FC did report that Harvey capitulated and apologized which is why I did not sign the “letter of support.” I do not support cowards who cave to bullies. I support FIERCE strong women who stand up for all women.

  17. Women overwhelmingly have been supportive in the restrooms. I do my best to get in there, pee, and get out without bothering anyone.. However at clubs some help me notice when part of my clothes are out of place, some strike up friendly conversations with me (which I find hard to get used to thanks to the hatred I receive on sites like this) and others even sometimes offer supportive compliments. Occasionally a bad apple will complain because she thinks she had the right to define what woman means, but for the most part women have been overwhelmingly supportive. I can assure you that you TERFs are in the vast vast minority.
    You’re just going to have to grow up and realize that you don’t get to define what the word ‘woman’ means with your arbitrary standards. Science does.
    And before you start, yes, I have a right as a woman being verbally berated by other women to defend my gender. You can misgender and misname me all you want, but all you’re doing is shining whatever pain and hatred in there outward at me.
    I don’t know what bad person hurt you such that you feel the need to attack innocent trans women like me, or maybe you’re just gender dysphoric yourself. I know many trans men are vicious TERFs before coming out to themselves (I’ve met a few). I hope you guys resolve your inner issues though and come to peace with the fact that you share this world with millions of trans women, and we are just as entitled to the facilities that match our gender as you are.

    1. “You’re just going to have to grow up and realize that you don’t get to define what the word ‘woman’ means with your arbitrary standards. Science does”.
      The profound irony.

    2. “Pee, pee, pee!!! Peepety peepy pees! Tinkly tinkletinks! Wee-wee-wee!” Has anyone ever talked about urinating as much as these glitter sodden PIW’s?

    3. Dan, PhD scientist here — you are a man, according to science. It is what it is.

    4. We get it, dude.
      You hate women. You bulldoze right over us when we say no.
      You don’t view us as human. You see us as an identity, a fetish.
      You think that pink, glitter, baking, sewing, make up, high heels, etc.=woman. And that’s not surprising. Because that’s how males like you define us.
      It’s like you have never even seen a woman, and I know that you have never listened to one. You certainly haven’t listened to anyone here.
      And I know that I don’t get to define myself. No woman gets to define herself. That’s for males like you to do, isn’t it?
      But the fact remains that you are male. You will always be male. Your reproduction will never be monitored by the state. You will never have to worry about dying in childbirth, unwanted pregnancy, cervical cancer, hysterectomy, menopause, etc. You will never have to worry about being jailed for having a miscarriage.
      All of these things and more are part of being a woman. Being female is not easy, you males make sure of it. And you will continue to discount our unique experiences as if they are of no consequence, because they aren’t of consequence. To MALES.
      It’s apparent that you get off on harassing women. Your behavior is insulting, borish, and just sad, really. Your ability to deny facts and reality is threatening to women. But again, males either don’t see that or actively ignore it. Males disregard our concerns, and you do, too, and it’s because you are MALE.

    5. Dan, the women’s facilities are for people with female genitalia (ie women) to perform personal hygiene tasks in, in private, away from people with male genitalia (ie men).
      Women’s bathrooms are not some sort of gender validation chamber.
      If you were that desperate just to go in, go and go out, you’d have used the family bathroom you were offered.

    6. Even after a woman called security, poor delusional Dan wants us to believe that he has overwhelming support. Support from whom? He is just a lying con man. In one post, he complains that “It’s just been such a difficult struggle to be confronted in 50% of the bathrooms in this city I’ve used…“. The fact that some women remain silent out of fear doesn’t mean that they support the idea of ex Army Master Sergeant Dan in the women’s restroom.
      Dan is not a woman. He is an abusive man who continues to harass women.
      He sure is persistent. He knows he frightens women, but he doesn’t care. Dan comes on this blog and basically tells the women that he has a right to do as he pleases. Dan just doesn’t understand that this isn’t the way the world works.
      Dan says,
      “You’re just going to have to grow up and realize that you don’t get to define what the word ‘woman’ means with your arbitrary standards. Science does.”
      Exactly, and Dan isn’t a woman. A woman is an adult female. The human species is sexually dimorphic, and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate, human or nonhuman, can change its sex. There are rare disorders of sexual development commonly called intersex. Intersex is not the same as transgender.
      Dan says,
      “Occasionally a bad apple will complain because she thinks she had the right to define what woman means, but for the most part women have been overwhelmingly supportive.”
      In other words, Dan is still invading the privacy rights of women, and women are still complaining. Women who speak up for their human right to privacy aren’t “bad apples”, and I can assure Dan that there always be resistance from women.
      Women need to call 9/11 every time Dan shows up in the women’s restroom. Other options include pepper spray. I’ve got pepper spray, and I’m not afraid to use it. Or, some women could get a huge service dog, something like a German Shepherd.
      Dan, it’s in your best interest to stay out of women’s restrooms. Sooner or later you could just bump into a large husband standing outside a women’s restroom just waiting for you to exit. If Dan thinks women are a silly little nuisance that he can push around, wait until he runs into a 6’2 240 lb. husband. Dan, you must know you don’t “pass” as a woman. So, some redneck’s five or six year old girl goes into the women’s restroom, and Dan follows. Redneck dudes don’t want middle aged males sharing restrooms with their five year old girls. Some redneck dudes don’t like this at all…just saying. I don’t think it’s going to please some fathers if their nine or ten year old girl says, “Daddy, there is a strange man in the women’s restroom, and he scared me”. Dan, see how that works out for you! I don’t want Dan to have to stare some irate father in the face. I’m just saying it’s a possibility.
      I’m a nonviolent peaceful person, and I want all people safe. If Dan respected women, he could try to find some sort of single stall gender neutral restroom. No, with Dan, it’s his way, and women just STFU.
      There is no doubt in my mind that Dan is just being persistent and pig headed stubborn out of a mean spirited need to push his weight around and bully women. It’s not going to work. There will always be resistance from women. The resistance will not stop.
      Women have a fundamental human right to privacy.

    7. The women who give you support think you’re a pathetic man in need of coddling. Not one perceives you as a “woman”, dude. If they thought you were a woman, they would ignore you entirely and fail to feed your narcissism.

    8. “woman” has meant “adult human female” for the entire history of the word, and female means the sex that can produce ova. No one has provided a good reason to change the definition.

    1. I’m loving the continued mansplaining, frantic gaslighting, and assumption silence means consent or acceptance. Even if Gallus never linked a scrap of media, you could tell what he is a mile away.

    2. That piece of work is showing off, via the actions in the video, what many have known for some time. And it leads into the following, which was up on a brigade site this morning.
      Yep…another person speaking out on the issue that many in the community are not playing with full decks, have elevators that do not go to the top floor and missed the caboose of sanity on the train of life. The Tory rep was not being mean……just calling the facts as they are [and as Gallus Mag, et al have mentioned here time and time again…more and more are like this, few still have their gray matter intact].

    1. Have you seen his “dance practice” videos? I fail to see the differences between his man moves and his ladydancing.

  18. And even after all Dan’s effort, and all of the mansplaining, gaslighting, dressing up, denying science he will never be a woman. Not a moment of his life. And even after you Dan, like all of us are gone, and some Scientist, hundreds or even thousands of years from now, happens upon your remains, they will easily and forever identify you as a male human. Easily.

  19. It’s interesting how these men go quickly to repeating variations on what women and especially Lesbians have been harassed with out entire lives, just for saying no. If we don’t want men in our faces, in our spaces, then something terrible must have happened to us in the past to make us be like this, or we must have problems with our own identity. The issue is really that we should not have the right to say no or to recognize a man as a man.
    He knows how dangerous he is when he describes how close he got to the man telling him to leave, trying to intimidate him. I bet in person, his every gesture and move is threatening.
    Invariably, they follow up their pretend pleas for acceptance and then the usual insults, with the veiled, and then open threats of violence to women who say no to them.
    Meanwhile, he does not have a clue about what a woman is since he thinks we all use restrooms to fix makeup and fuss with our hair. No. That’s what drag queens do.

    1. They always equate women’s restrooms to some kind of porny feminine bonding thing, don’t they? Males make fun of us for going to the bathroom in groups, ignoring that we do that for safety, from MALES, who have always tried to see us use facilities and plant cameras, etc.
      These are the same males that think that teenage girls have naked pillow fights.
      Real life is not porn. No matter how much they wish it was.

  20. There was a video clip – can’t find now – of a biological male harassing a MTT male dressed in ‘womens clothes’. At first he performed the high pitched fake womens’ voice, pearl clutching, glancing around save me routine. Then he dropped the act and told the dude to f*ck off back to his fully male self. We already know these MTT males are fully capable of defending themselves against males and anyone else regardless how they identify. But its only women and lesbians they threaten with violence.

    1. Worse still….there are more of these out-to-lunch types showing up on a daily basis.
      There is a line from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ that would be a perfect retort to Dan’s statement. Something about a recruit needing to wipe that smile off the face or the recruit would be fucked up by the D.I.

  21. Here’s the Lastest , about Dan, Dodgy As Fuck male who is a pathological Liar. . .. He’s into bitcoin and has been travelling round the States being a sketchy whackjob who’s has previously been associated with Monero and Aeon, the lastest Pyramid selling Con , in this video, you can see how he is not so much on the trans theme,pushing that ideologyin any recent videos anymore , but still trying to Con people ..

    1. “was wearing my cute yellow bra”
      The AGP and sexism are dripping off this. It reminds me of Katelyn Burns whinging about his mascara running at a friend’s funeral. No woman thinks about that shit in those kind of situations. We certainly don’t beg to be groped.
      Their little tales read like your garden variety man-written female characters, caught up in ridiculously dramatic plots and describing their proportions for the viewer. The difference is they can’t leave it on the tabletop or in trashy novels; they need to drag the rest of us into their extended LARP.

      1. Speaking of autogynephilia, I have to wonder if the “supervisor” actually “forced” the “bitch” agent to “feel (his) bra” or if that was just added into the story for extra AGP flair.

    2. I spend quite a bit of time on Gender Critical, and I haven’t seen anyone link to Dan the Man’s fake TSA story.

    3. OK, so it’s so horrible that trans people face this so-called harassment at airports, but it’s not a problem for him to harass the security guard? TIM logic …

  22. Dan showing off his killah movz on a club in August last year (ergo after the incident at the Vegas hotel) when he already claimed to be on hormones and living as a woman 24/7. This is how he looks and expects to be let into the women’s bathroom? I wouldn’t even know he was trying to present as “trans”.

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