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  1. Looks like the word is spreading! Yay! Except they’re got to rename that thing. ‘Surviving a Week as a Whiney Dood With Few Actual Problems.’

    1. Gee….to think there is an old ‘Animaniacs’ sketch based on the bingo idea. In their case, it was more logical.
      Kidding aside, perhaps there should be a bonus box, to the effect of “bad science and science fiction as a basis for social change’.

    2. Perfect label for it. One of us with more tech skills than I have should recreate that bingo card, with Kitty’s label, and send it out on Facebook.

  2. Allow me to translate, each row from left to right (cracks knuckles):
    Row 1:
    – another gender non-conforming gay male forced into prostitution, probably black and poor, is murdered by violent men, and now cross-dressing straight white tech bros can pretend it’s an example of how dangerous our lives are
    – I don’t even pass as evidenced elsewhere on this dumb fucking bingo card but I need to invade women’s spaces
    – I hate women who call me out
    – I hate biological reality
    – I hate women who won’t participate in my delusion
    Row 2:
    – Nobody should question my access to anything, ever. Hormones, surgery, women’s spaces, women’s bodies, nothing.
    – Women should stfu
    – Women should stfu
    – People who can clearly see I’m engaged in a 24/7 fetish make me feel uncomfortably self-aware
    – I act like this is exclusive to me and not every woman on earth since the age of, like, 7
    Row 3:
    – When the media accurately portrays me as living a lie I get the sads
    – When complete strangers are polite to me I get the sads
    – When my postmodern mental illness and porn sickness manifests in a total mind/body disconnect that I fantasize about “fixing” with major medical intervention, I get the sads
    – When everyone around me doesn’t walk on eggshells and I’m not the center of attention, I get the sads
    – Again, men who recognize me as living out a fetish give me the sads
    Row 4:
    – My entire worldview is philosophically bankrupt and must never be examined
    – Any attempts at support are never enough….
    – ….unless you are like, having sex with me probably, that might be enough
    – I should be able to exhibit typical male violence and commit sexual assault because I’ve had a rilly hard time u guys
    – ….including threatening women who disagree with me. Fuck those TERF bitches amirite fellas
    Row 5:
    – Me me me me me
    – I hate how sometimes I’m recognized as a man by strangers!! Except wait I’m totally not really recognized as a man ever and never ever have been even as an infant
    – I hate transwomen with different politics than me, plus pervy straight dudes like Jenner make us look bad by revealing that being trans isn’t just “really really gay” and that might hurt support
    – Mentally ill people in pain and trying to reconcile their identity issues in a world rife with sexism and homophobia are putting a damper on my dress-up game. Also I love my dick.

      A FtM wannabe in denial using junk science by a man who used his male privilege to fetishize trans people.
      A TERF snowflake using derogatory language to describes one¨’s hatred for trans people chines about being hated and suppressed by people who are far more likely to be harassed by a TERF or a transphobe than the opposite
      (The term TERF was invented by TERFS themselves and not by anyone else)
      A TERF must live to make the lives of others shittier and then expects sympathy for their hate.
      Complaints about hmophobia, discards a murderdd black trans woman as a fetishized gay male who most likely were better off in a dumpster than in a TERF “safe space”.
      A TERF is someone who prefer trans women who looks and acts more like women than they do to be sexually harassed in men’s bathrooms because according to TERFS, those poor, defenseless 250lb bulldykes are being constantly harassed and assaulted by “mentally ill people” who has pumped themsleves full of estogene to cure their “mentall illnes” and weighs half their wieght, when they just want to take a leak.
      A TERF is someone who thinks that sexual attraction and gender identity all lies in genitalia and claims biology for their claims.
      A TERF is someone who screams homophobia, but lovers the sasme homophobes when their hatred is directed at trans people. TERFS don’t hate trans men as much as they hate trans women for som reason. They would force trans men into their “safe spaces” just to get the satisfaction of knowing that a trans woman might be gang raped in a men’s room.
      So many contradictons, so little time 🙂
      So much PROJECTIONS in your bile one can make an album of it.

      1. Can you point me to some instances of men who look female being attacked in male restrooms or locker rooms by other men?
        Should be easy to find since you believe it’s such a widespread occurrence. I can’t seem to locate any. Thanks in advance.

      2. Even the ACLU and the Women’s Law Project can’t find any.
        In their Supreme Court brief submitted in GG vs. the Gloucester County School Board they could only cite the following as proof of their claim that using restrooms and locker rooms are dangerous for transgender identified students:
        QUOTE: “In a school setting, because teachers often do not monitor restrooms and locker rooms, students are exposed to an even greater risk of harassment and bullying. See Human Rights Watch,supra, https://www.hrw.org/report/2016/09/13/shut-out/restrictions-bathroom-and-locker-room-access-transgender-youth-us-schools. Forcing transgender girls to use the men’s room and forcing transgender boys to use the women’s room have actually led to incidents of harassment, assault, and bullying from other students and adults.
        See ibid.; see also Ari Bloomekatz,Transgender Student Allegedly Attacked by Boys inSchool Bathroom, L.A. Times (Mar. 4, 2014), http://articles.latimes.com/2014/mar/04/local/la-me-ln-transgender-student-attack-bathroom-20140304 ; Matt He-nnie,Trans Students Attacked as ‘Perverts’ in NorthGeorgia, Project Q (May 13, 2016), http://www.projectq.us/atlanta/trans_students_attacked_as_perverts_in_north_georgia.
        In sum, the stigmatizing practice of bathroom exclusion does not stop violence, but rather causes it.”UNQUOTE
        The first citation is to an LA Times report of an incident that turned out to have been a hoax. From the same source, on the same date:
        “Transgender student recants attack, sexual assault report
        March 04, 2014|By Adolfo Flores and Ari Bloomekatz
        Northern California police said Tuesday a transgender teenager who claimed he was beaten and sexually assaulted by three boys in a school bathroom has recanted his story.
        The 15-year-old transgender boy admitted he made a false report about an alleged Monday attack after investigators told him there was no evidence to back up his story, said Hercules Police Detective Connie Van Putten.
        “We were unable to substantiate any of the statements he made,” Van Putten said.
        Police found no injuries to the boy’s head, face or hands to corroborate an attack, Van Putten said. A sexual assault examination also was performed on the student, she said.
        Police closed what they initially considered a hate-crime investigation, and the student could face charges for filing a false police report, Van Putten said.”
        (Even if the incident had actually occurred it is hardly evidence that female students who identify as transgender are in danger using FEMALE restrooms, since the retracted incident was alleged to have occurred in the MALE restroom.)
        The second and only other citation is the following article referencing a young woman named Xavier Eaton describing her experience being beaten up in the girl’s restroom in her Georgia high school’s gym in 2012.
        You can see her testimony for yourself here:

        So there you have it. This is all the evidence the ACLU and the Women’s Law Project could find to substantiate the claim of danger for transgender identified students using restrooms in the public education system. One unreported incident in 2012.
        As for the Human Rights Watch report they cited, the report was conducted by interviewing 74 current or former students who identify as transgender in Alabama, South Dakota, Texas and Utah.
        The entire portion concerning safety is here:
        QUOTE: “Safety
        One of the most pressing concerns for transgender students is safety in bathrooms and locker rooms. Although proponents of bathroom and locker room restrictions cite student safety as a reason to require students to use facilities according to their sex assigned at birth, the reality is that transgender individuals face high rates of verbal harassment and even physical assault in bathrooms.[14] Because bathrooms and locker rooms are not monitored by teachers, students are often at heightened risk for bullying and harassment in these spaces. When schools require transgender girls to use the men’s room or force transgender boys to use the women’s room, they put them at risk of physical, verbal, or sexual assault from other students or adults.
        Transgender students interviewed by Human Rights Watch said that being made to use facilities that did not correspond to their gender identity made them feel unsafe at school or exposed them to verbal and physical assault. Willow K., a 14-year-old transgender girl in Texas, recalled of her required eighth grade gym class: “I had to strip down into my girly underwear in front of a bunch of guys who would call me these rude names, and I couldn’t go to the bathroom [or girls’ locker room] to change … and it made me so uncomfortable.”[15] The previous year, Willow had been assaulted by a group of football players in the locker room, making the requirement that she use the male locker room particularly difficult. Alexis J., a self-described genderfluid 19-year-old in Texas, recalled a gym class where “I had to strip down to girly underwear in front of a bunch of dudes. And they’re like, ‘faggot.’ And this was freshman year, so they’re just vicious.”[16]
        Transgender students expressed particular concern about physical assault and harassment in boys’ bathrooms and locker rooms, but described harassment in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms as well. Kevin I., a 17-year-old transgender boy in Utah, noted “It was hard for me to be in a female locker room. People would ask if I was a lesbian, or was going to have sex with anyone in the locker room, and it was just very uncomfortable.”[17] And while many of the transgender students we interviewed identified strongly as boys or girls and wanted to use the corresponding facilities, many others said they did not feel safe in either space and felt their only option was to forego bathrooms, gym classes, and gendered extracurricular activities with their peers altogether.” UNQUOTE
        [14] Jeff Brady, “When a Transgender Person Uses a Public Bathroom, Who is at Risk?” NPR Weekend Edition, May 15, 2016, http://www.npr.org/2016/05/15/477954537/when-a-transgender-person-uses-a-public-bathroom-who-is-at-risk (accessed August 27, 2016).
        [15] Human Rights Watch interview with Willow K. (pseudonym), Texas, November 10, 2015.
        [16] Human Rights Watch interview with Alexis J. (pseudonym), Texas, November 10, 2015.
        [17] Human Rights Watch telephone interview with Kevin I. (pseudonym), Utah, January 9, 2016.
        The NPR article cited by the Human Rights Watch references a report conducted by Jody L. Herman of the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, as quoted here:
        QUOTE: “One thing Herman can say for certain: Based on her survey of 93 transgender and gender nonconforming people in Washington, D.C., in 2008 and 2009, they themselves are at risk in restrooms.
        “About 70 percent of the sample reported experiencing being denied access to restrooms, being harassed while using restrooms and even experiencing some forms of physical assault,” says Herman.
        Eight of the 93 respondents in her survey said they had been physically attacked in a restroom.” UNQUOTE
        But if you read the report, conducted in 2008, there are some issues with the data. First, the respondents were only 17% black, although the population in the survey area (Washington DC) is 54% black. White respondents were overrepresented at twice the rate of their demographic. Respondents also skewed twice as young as the general population in the DC area.
        27 of the 93 respondents (nearly one third!) “did not identify as transgender in any way, but identified themselves as gender non-conforming and/or genderqueer”. (23 female/4 male). Only 48% of total respondents had any sort of medical /hormone transition.
        Further, the definitions of verbal harassment and assault were defined “very broadly”. Instances of verbal harassment included being “stared at or given strange looks”. From the survey:
        “Verbal Harassment
        Sixty-eight percent of respondents reported experiencing at least one instance of verbal harassment in gender-segregated public restrooms. For purposes of this survey, “verbal harassment” was defined very broadly. These experiences could include, but were not limited to, having been told they were in the wrong facility (n=39), told to leave the facility (n=12), questioned about their gender (n=34), ridiculed or made fun of (n=19), verbally threatened (n=8), and stared at or given strange looks (n=56). Respondents also reported in qualitative responses having had the police called, having been confronted while using urinals, and being followed after using a facility. ” UNQUOTE
        Likewise the definition of physical assault was defined broadly:
        “Physical Assault
        Eight respondents (9 percent) reported experiencing at least one instance of physical assault in gender-segregated public restrooms. Like the term “verbal harassment” discussed above, “physical assault” was defined very broadly in this survey to capture a range of experiences respondents had where an altercation involving physical contact with others occurred. These experiences could include, but were not limited to, having been physically removed from the facility (n=4), hit or kicked (n=2), physically intimidated and/or cornered (n=6), and slapped (n=1). One transgender male-to-female respondent reported having been sexually assaulted while using the men’s room.
        Table 6 describes the distribution of experiences of physical assault by income, race/ethnicity, and gender. In this sample, there is a marginal relationship between race/ethnicity and experiences of physical assault (Fisher’s exact = 0.078). This suggests that people of color in this sample were more likely than white respondents to experience physical assault. There is also a marginal relationship between income and physical assault in this sample (Fisher’s exact = 0.056). Respondents making less than $50,000 annually in this sample were more likely to experience physical assault than respondents making $50,000 or above. There seems to be no relationship between gender and physical assault in this sample (Fisher’s exact = 0.530).” UNQUOTE
        Since the conclusion of the Williams Institute report was the total elimination of all sex segregated facilities in society, ( see conclusion, QUOTE:
        “Transgender and gender non-conforming people can find themselves in danger in the gendered spaces in our built environment. Until public policy and public administration can meet the challenge to address this problem and rethink our reliance on gender segregation in our built environment, the onus will always be on the individual to try to navigate these spaces safely. In considering the role gender segregation plays in our environment, we should consider whether gender segregation is necessary to organize our public spaces.”
        Jody L. Herman did not see fit to report whether the incidences of verbal harassment and physical assault (as broadly defined) took place in facilities of the same or opposite sex. Clearly the majority (4) of the 8 reported physical assaults involved removal from the facility. Herman chose not to make clear if individuals were removed from facilities of their own sex or the opposite sex. It is also not clear, using Herman’s definitions of assault, if the incident by the male (MTF) who reported a sexual assault in a male restroom actually involved physical contact. For some reason Herman also chose not to clarify that point.
        So there you have it. This is the best evidence of systemic violence the greatest legal scholars could find to present before the Supreme Court:
        An admitted hoax.
        Testimony of an unreported assault in a same-sex high school restroom from 2012.
        8 (presumably unreported) incidents of assault (defined as including no physical contact) from 2008 in restrooms not identified as same or opposite sex. One incident of male on male sexual assault (defined as including no physical contact).
        Hardly evidence of systemic violence against individuals who identify as transgender in sex segregated facilities. This is an incredibly tiny amount of evidence for what is proposed as a systemic problem.

      3. Wow. Gallus, that’s amazing work. That really ought to be a blog post of its own, if it isn’t already. It’s funny how when you get past the trans activist rhetoric and really run down the sources of their claims, it all pretty much evaporates.

      4. “Terf” was coined by tigtog, a trans-apologist liberal feminist. Thanks for your trans facts, but, unlike your sycophants, we actually see through them.

      5. That is brilliant work, Gallus Mag. Thank you so much!
        So much for truth, huh? How many of us have been yelled at throughout our lives and threatened for being Lesbians, Butches, women?
        I’ve also been yelled “TERF” at by a young privileged-looking white woman who would have never dreamt of yelling other epithets, and that’s because she was canvassing on the street in Oakland, asking for money for the Southern Poverty Law Center, so I questioned how and why they help men against Lesbians. No answer but to be insulted. So don’t tell us we made up or use “TERF.” I don’t see contradictions in our recognizing men as men, but “transmen” as still clearly women. And why on earth should women care if men rape men when it’s usually girls and women being raped and the men claiming to be women either could care less or threaten us with rape too.

    2. @Nonny–Your translation is spot on. I’d have been tempted to translate it as 25 squares of “self-pity.”

  3. I don’t think that whole “another week another murdered transwoman” trope is holding up. I mean beyond the obvious lack of evidence. But what a dismissive attitude from someone who claims to believe that.
    Near as I can see, transgender murderers exceed transgender murder victims. I mean, there are three transwomen who committed triple murders rolling through the court system in the last few weeks. And at least the last two murders of transwomen were (allegedly) committed by other transwomen.

    1. My take on it was based on the crap I’d witnessed on Tumblr back in the day, where some poor black part-time drag queen who was obviously hustling out of poverty would get tossed in a dumpster by some psycho John and the next thing you know, white tech trans bros are crawling out of the woodwork like REST IN POWER, SISTER! I’M SO SCARED FOR MY LIFE!!!! But tbh that entry should’ve been “another week, another transwoman murderS.”

      1. Right? So true. By any measure, murder rates of regular black men exceed those of black men who identify as transgender. But these white autogynephile tech doods need to borrow a victim narrative that totally disregards race, class, and sex. So disgusting, and the use of dead black men as a “shrug” in this bingo card, equivalent to the trauma of being called “sir” as a male, is nothing less than sociopathic.

      2. @Gallus for REAL. “Yet another black man was murdered but also I got misgendered while sporting a full waxed old-timey hipster mustache. Pretty much the same thing”

    2. Gallus, from my own admittedly non-scientific survey of the 2015-16 transwomen murder victims, less than half were engaged in possible prostitution, and those tend to be the cases where the perpetrator is unknown. With an unknown peep we have no way of knowing if the victims were engaged in prostitution when killed or if it was the reason they were killed; most speculation on law enforcement’s part is based on the victim’s previous arrest record.
      The other, larger group are killed by family members, domestic and intimate partners, or by random gun violence- drive-by shooting, armed robbery. It’s kinda amazing that no one on the transactivist side has sat down and crunched the numbers/researched news reports about these cases to realize that regular ol’ domestic violence- and not “transphobic hate crimes”- are the reason most of these individuals end up murdered.
      But then that wouldn’t fit their narrative, now would it?

      1. Many of the victims where the perpetrators (and thus motive) are unknown were found dead in a motel room, which strongly suggest prostitution was in play.

    3. Victims of fatal dog maulings exceed trans murder victims. The amount of attention given to trans murder victims over all others (like the huge number of women killed by domestic violence) is fuckin absurd.

      1. It’s funny you mentioned that, because I think the people who defend maulers (and dangerous dog breeds in general) behave a lot like trans and their defenders. Denial, histrionics, projection, frenzied online attacks of their critics, repeating talking points instead of making arguments, presenting beliefs as facts.

  4. We know some MTT males who do prostitution for financial need or enjoyment are usually murdered by homophobic males or closeted gay/bisexual married males who are mentally ill or angry at male patriarchy for not being allowed to publicly be with or sex societyally unconventional males. This is still male on male violence which should be of no concern to biological women. Yes more black males are murdered than MTT males. This is also male on male violence which should be of no concern to biological women but its important to know the truth.
    Lesbians don’t have many visible role models and allies. As a lesbian of color the black community has always been and is still homophobic. Black lives matter only focus on hetero black males. Black males have always sexually harassed black lesbians so no I don’t care for black males or the black lives matter movement. The males in the articles below physically attacked or falsely accused and got lesbians thrown in jail who were later freed. Yes I would say lesbians have enough to deal with from violent males trying to eliminate us.
    Black Lesbians Freed
    Latina Lesbians Freed

    The “San Antonio Four”: Latina Lesbians Convicted Of Child Abuse Exonerated After Two Decades

  5. At first I thought this was satire that you wrote yourself. Or that someone else wrote as satire. But it’s serious. Ok, then.

  6. “terf attacks” aka “a woman disagreed w me and hurt my feelings” lmfao

  7. OMG LOL– I initially thought that this was satire! I know I know, I should really know better…. but it is not satire, and I’m laughing my head off that I thought it was. Good job Galant Gallus as always!

  8. “Street harrassment” as a special category of transphobic horridness? You wanted to be a woman, mateyboy…

  9. Ooh, fun game. : D As someone who spends too much time on the internet (but at least admits it), these sound ~suspiciously~ like the ‘problems’ of someone who spends too much time on the internet.
    TERF attacks – a woman was mean to me on the internet
    cis editorials/the fucking comments section – I wasted all day reading articles I didn’t agree with on the internet AND people in the comments section dared agree with them!
    sissy porn/kink – I went and looked for tr**ny porn on the internet, but it’s not a sexual fetish, honest
    tone policing/respectability politics, etc. – various stuff that hardly ever gets mentioned IRL, even in actual political conversations
    *List of people* – I went and stalke- er, went to keep an eye on people I hate on the internet and may have yelled abuse at them, but they’re the ones bugging me!
    Of course, I’m sure he can’t help not going outside much, what with all that street harassment. Evidently he must woman so much better than me since I can still count the times I’ve experienced that on one hand, or at least no more than two (may have tuned out some of the ones I saw as more minor/not esp. scary). That, or -while I don’t agree with this behaviour- people are simply yelling things at the, to them, funny looking bloke in the dress.
    I like that dysphoria merits one space and less descriptiveness/sense of emotion than is given to people who disagree with him. If I were trying to make a ‘week with anxiety disorders’ bingo, while I’m not incapable of being very affected/upset by things I see online (trigger warning genuinely appreciated, Gallus), it’d kind of look different in emphasis…
    Performative allyship is my fav. square though, for the rare near-glimpse of self-awareness. Because, yes, ‘performative’ is EXACTLY what it looks like, even the LibFems are sounding increasingly lacking in conviction. Playing ‘watch the trans ally slip up (and reveal they don’t really think men are women)’ is my new game. Maybe it could have a bingo square, too.

    1. Reinforces my belief that the fucking comments sections are the last true bastions of the First Amendment.
      Keep commenting, everybody! It may be the only place a confused and searching young person EVER hears a dissenting voice.

  10. Also adding all males use women in some form. MRA – Men’s Rights Movements – Males saying their more oppressed and abused than women. Black Lives Matter – focus stays on black males while ignoring how they abuse hetero black women and black lesbians, black women have private groups acknowledging this. Countries outside the U.S. where males give women and lesbians little to no rights and abuse them etc. All males regardless of race or sexual identity still have male privilege over all women. All males can and do abuse women. Any negative issues that males have should be solved between them and should not be the responsibility of women and lesbians.

  11. By the way, I was just slandered in our local Lesbian list for daring to mention the triple murder and double hate crime (racist and Lesbian-hating) by Dana Rivers. Almost no one in the Bay Area knows about this Oakland murder, but if you mention it, they go after you to protect the murderer. We fought back to say it though. But would we even know, except for you, Gallus Mag?
    I’m still in shock about how censored this news is, and that prick is in the women’s jail.
    I think this can be a crucial issue to bring up for all the women “confused” about the trans cult. Not only have there been no candlelight marches as there are for other racist murders in Oakland, but we are not even supposed to write or talk about it. That says it all about the power of a few white privileged men.

  12. I had to read the comments to know this wasn’t satire… Inverse of the Onion phenomenon?

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