GUILTY !!!!!!!!!

From the UK Daily Mail

From Jonathan Glover of the Spokesman-Review:

“More than 27 years after their bodies were first discovered, a Spokane jury found Donna Perry, 65, guilty on three counts of murdering Yolanda A. Sapp, Nickie I. Lowe and Kathleen A. Brisbois.

Perry, who has sat quietly throughout the two-and-a-half-week-long trial with headphones in, scribbling on a piece of legal notepad, stared forward silently as Superior Court Judge Michael Price read the verdict aloud. She spoke briefly with her attorneys before being handcuffed and taken from the courtroom.

Family of the three slain women released tears of joy and hugged one another as they walked into the court house hallway.

Prosecuting attorney Sharon Hedlund praised the hard work of her staff and police officers involved in the decades-long investigation.

“We know it was a tough case, and we are obviously pleased with the verdict,” she said. “We hope this gives the (victim’s) families some closure.”

   “Sentencing is set for 9:30 a.m. on July 24. Since Perry was also found guilty of the aggravating circumstance that the three murders were part of a common scheme or plan, she faces up to life in prison on each charge.”

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      1. I see it that way now. What should we expect in a society where a sizable number of people believe in the rapture? Mass insanity seems to be the norm. Liberals used to enjoy pointing out the mass insanity of others but it seems they’re just as liable to fall prey to it, transgenderism being a case in point.

  1. Perhaps…now the ball will start to roll over on the other creeps, who have done same.
    If this does not validate what has been stated here and elsewhere, nothing else will.

  2. JUSTICE at last! Thanks for your excellent court reporting. Wonder what the trans cult is going to say about this in GBT land….nothing probably. One down and next Dana Rivers gets his day in court!

    1. There will be crickets…again. Maybe with the Dana Rivers case they will pay attention….but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. My question now is will they put his pervy ass in a women’s prison?

    1. I hope not, but from the news reports I gather that the testimony against him came from a woman cellmate. I hope they won’t put him in with women.

    2. Yeah Dixie– I was wondering if he’s going to be housed in a women’s prison…. YUCK, but maybe some tough dyke prisoners will keep him in line—- stick him in the men’s murder unit…

    3. Yes, they will. The woman who testified about his jailhouse confession was forced to room with him in jail.

      1. I noticed that in the testimony, and it was so scary to think of being in her position! So, yes, I’d bet good money that a man who murdered three women is going to be forced upon a woman cellmate. Will that woman cellmate be able to get representation to protect her from this happening?

    4. For me, the question is, “How can we federally outlaw housing bio men with women in prisons and jails?” He belongs with his fellow men, in a seg unit, if necessary. Housing him with women violates the rights of the women and places them in danger.

      1. Obviously these men don’t belong in a women’s prison, so here’s an idea: at the rate these guys commit violent crimes, just build an entire f-ing prison solely for post-op trans”women”! No more issues regarding where to house them, the effects and costs of solo/protective custody, whatever. Of course, with all the hormones seeping into the groundwater around the prison, you’d probably wind up with mutated frogs and early puberty in kids in surrounding communities, but hey, it’s all part of the magical and empowering rainbow of gender.

    5. Most agencies house post-operative male-to-trans in women’s facilities. Texas had a history of doing so as far back as the mid-80’s, so would imagine that a left coast State would do likewise.

    6. I should add that, even with the death penalty moratorium in that State, a death sentence would likely result in single-cell housing.
      Notoriety of a case can also result in single-celling even when there is NOT a death sentence. By example, the killer of Selena could not be housed in the general population here in Texas and is, I believe, STILL single-celled in segregation.

  4. It seems like this murdering scumbag would lose the (male) privilege of dictating that he be called “she”.
    HE is guilty of MALE violence against women.
    This is fucking crazy making.

    1. “This is fucking crazy making.”
      I’m with you on that. A large part of male privilege seems to be that men’s preferences are more important than women’s well-being, so calling a man by pronouns he doesn’t like can now get you fined or even jailed in Canada, but the man who murdered Cindy Gladue in Edmonton in 2011 was acquitted after claiming she accidentally bled to death during “consensual rough sex,” even though Canadian law doesn’t recognize consent to bodily harm as a defense.
      At least Perry was convicted–one small victory, but maybe it will make some inroads on the belief that transwomen are harmless little ladies who wouldn’t hurt a soul. And since Perry went to Thailand for surgery 17 years ago, it’s more difficult for the trans crowd to use the no-true-Scotsman defense (although I suppose the more delusional faction could go with Perry’s claim that Douglas killed the women, not Donna).

      1. Is it just me? Or has there been an influx of males killing women during sex, and those males all saying “oopsie, consensual sex and she’s dead, I don’t know what happened.”?
        Also, there’s also a law in several states (NC being the most recent, but AL and SC, also) that once a woman consents to sex with a male, then you can’t withdraw consent.
        So essentially, when consent is an issue, the law always sides with what the male says, and he always says consent was given. Which is why I say that males love rape. Their law and legal system protects them, so that they continue to rape. They love it when we go to trial because they love to hear about rape. It’s like porn to them.
        They also know that even if they are found guilty, that their legal system will protect them from severe punishment. We get victimized twice. Once by a single male and a second time by males as a group. I think that they love that.
        But anyway, aside from making rape very male friendly, the law makes it so that we couldn’t ever safely have sex with a male. Because legally, we couldn’t make him stop. And we can’t really make them stop, now. Because their law always sides with them.
        This law about consent came up in SC last year, and they said that no other state has a similar law. When NC came next, then AL, they both said the same thing. Whole states are gaslighting us now.
        Sorry for the aside.

      2. hekate jayne–I think your comment isn’t an aside, but broadly relevant to the whole issue of men in our spaces.
        The current law concerning consent in NC is based on a ruling by the state’s supreme court nearly four decades ago, after an appeal by a rapist. The jury in the original trial asked the judge whether consent could be withdrawn, and he replied that in some cases it could–if, for example, he said, consent was given but then the sex turned violent, which seems only sane and sensible, hardly judicial radicalism.The conviction was overturned when the higher court ruled that consent could never be withdrawn.
        In the most recent NC case publicized, the young woman consented to sex with a guy who then yanked out hanks of her hair during the encounter, at which point she told him to stop. Although his buddies were convicted of filming this under the door without her permission, the creep who hurt her suffered no consequences at all–not even for assault and battery! So, in other words, if a woman consents to sex in NC, she pretty much loses the right not to consent to anything the guy chooses to do, including bodily injury. (The problem in NC is that the male-dominated legislature refuses to pass a bill changing the law on consent.)
        The law in AL requires that a woman not merely refuse consent but put up an active defense. However, what’s to stop a man beating a woman who resists, raping her, and then claiming she consented to a violent sexual encounter? With so much porn portraying violence against women as a normal part of sex, even injuries that show she fought back can now be discounted, and all the signs that used to constitute evidence for rape, including vaginal tears and bruising, can be reframed in a way that lets rapists off the hook. (Speaking of which, the guy acquitted of Cindy Gladue’s murder is being retried.)
        The link with the trans trend is that people used to assume a man entering a woman’s restroom or locker room was there for predatory reasons, so a stranger assaulting a woman in such a place was among the few sorts of sexual assault cases likely to be taken seriously. But if it becomes accepted for male-bodied people to be in women’s private spaces, we lose that presumption, which means men can enter unhindered and then claim any women they assault consented–and if she’s injured, they’ll just say the injuries were part of the encounter. And heaven help women forced to room with these PIWs in dorms or barracks! We need to fight back hard now, or we’ll lose all private spaces for women.

      3. “The link with the trans trend is that people used to assume a man entering a woman’s restroom or locker room was there for predatory reasons, so a stranger assaulting a woman in such a place was among the few sorts of sexual assault cases likely to be taken seriously.”
        We wish that was the case. I was attacked in a public restroom in a busy restaurant by a male stranger with witnesses who saw him carry me out and STILL wasn’t taken seriously by the police and the man got off scot free. I understand that in some feminist circles it’s prevalent to downplay stranger rape to shed light on acquaintance and marital (which is ok because those women need support too) however it is untrue that stranger rape or rape in public has really been taken that much more seriously.
        I think TV drama contributes to the myth that victims of stranger rape get justice or better treatment overall. They use sexual assault storylines as titillation, and they depict the pretty actress as someone people act protective of and sympathetic toward. In real life you get gutted and grilled by the cops who hate women and don’t want to deal with your case and generally get treated like shit. People you care about still shun and blame you for being raped. There are no hugs, hot cocoa and a team of rah-rah lawyers like on Law & Order SVU.
        Point is I think rape is rarely taken seriously, no matter what the circumstances, and even if it is, winning in court doesn’t heal the hurt or fix sexual assault PTSD. There is a bit of media fantasy that surrounds stranger rape and although you would think people would be more sympathetic to clear cut crimes like bathroom attacks, sadly that is not usually the case either.

    1. Spokane may be the only place in the PNW, let alone the US where there is coverage of the case, let alone the verdict.
      As of this afternoon…..nothing in PDX about the case. Nada, zip. If one is monitoring social media, in particular, the brigade….nothing there as well. A white-out, if you will.
      This does make the case for saying that, the brigade operates and handles reports about same, in the same manner that the nazis did about atrocities carried out at the camps. Think of how the dispatches from the ‘paradise ghettos’, were manipulated to say there was no mistreatment and one gets the idea.
      Goes hand in hand with who many of these punks, think is worthy and who are obsolete.

      1. Well, we all know that TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN!!!!! And they’re GOOD AND PURE!!!!!

        …..unless and until they assault, rape, and/or murder women. Then they’re like…outliers. Fetishists. Some weird guy in a skirt. Verboten. Or maybe they’re trans women but it was justified because they were misgendered one time. Hey, what’s that over there? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  5. *HER* DNA was found? Now that’s a trick. Please explain KxLY News.
    I hope Spokane area women will use the publicity window here to speak out about WHO murdered these women, to news editors, human rights orgs, and to legislators.

  6. Yes, reading his conviction made my day.
    He is found guilty of the cold blooded murder of three women. For all we know, he could have killed more women. There could be other female bodies somewhere, but we will never know. At least they got him on these three murders. The DNA and finger print evidence were strong. He has a long criminal history of weapons charges and assaults. This man is a cold stone killer psychopath.
    I normally don’t support the death penalty, but I would make an exception for this sick s.o.b. He doesn’t have one bit of remorse for what he has done. He murdered these women and dumped their bodies. I don’t think Washington State has the death penalty. In some place like Texas, they would execute him.
    I hope they don’t send this sick murdering scumbag to a women’s prison. His underlying hatred of women who he called “pond scum” was a motivating factor in the killings. One of his cellmates said he killed these women because they could breed and he couldn’t. He was jealous of their ability to have children. If they send him to a women’s prison, all the female inmates should protest. Or, they could carry out some good old fashioned jail house justice. I’m not saying they should; I’m just saying it’s a possibility. The female inmates took care of Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch. Just saying…
    Douglas Perry is not a woman. It’s an insult to the female sex to refer to this male murderer as a “woman”. He is not a woman. He gets some kind of sick sadistic thrill killing women. Douglas Perry doesn’t deserve the honor of being called woman. He deserves to rot in hell.
    Gallus, thank you for doing such excellent work in covering this case.

  7. This is a perfect example of why it should be illegal to change one’s sex on birth records, official state forms of ID, etc. Other than people with actual disorders of sexual development (intersex), no one should be able to change the sex on legal documents. When it’s clear that a person is biological male or female with no intersex medical condition, it’s ludicrous to believe they can actually change their sex. No primate, human or nonhuman, can change its sex.
    (1.) Despite what trans activists tell us, males who cross dress or identify as transgender offend at the same rate as other males. They retain a male pattern of criminality. Currently, in Oakland, CA, a transwoman was charged with a gruesome triple murder of two women and the adopted son of one of the murdered women. This happened just last November. His name is Dana Rivers, and he was a transgender activist. Gendertrender is doing an excellent job of covering the Rivers case.
    (2.) It would be very easy for sick sadistic male criminals to hide behind their new “female” identity. If law enforcement is looking for a man suspected of killing prostitutes who happened to leave his semen at the crime scene, they would never think of investigating a woman. Women don’t have male DNA, and how many women use the services of female prostitutes. Investigators just got lucky in this case because Perry was already in the system and there was a DNA match.
    (3.) Counting crimes committed by males as crimes committed by females is likely to skew crime statistics. Are these three murders going to be counted as murders committed by a female? How in the heck does this work?
    (4.) Common sense and basic humanity tell us that no male murderer who was convicted of the cold blooded murder of three women should ever be housed with female inmates. Male psychopaths who murder women out of a deep seated hatred for women should not be housed with women. It’s a violation of the human rights of incarcerated females.
    As to sex reassignment surgery, we know three things. First, it doesn’t actually change one’s sex. Second, sex reassignment surgery doesn’t always mellow them out. Even after the SRS in Thailand, Perry was picked up once more on a weapons charge. Rivers underwent SRS, and he is charged with going on a violent killing spree. Google “axe carrying transwoman”. The axe carrying transwoman got his SRS in Thailand. Third, men can be psychopaths, and if they have the cash, they can fly to some place like Thailand to get the surgery.
    Under most “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional anyway. Most MTFs still have male genitalia. If the do get surgery, there is no guarantee that they are even sane.
    What a sick, twisted hell of a mess “gender identity” has become. This is a nightmare for women.
    Douglas who will never express any remorse for what he has done can rot in hell.

    1. I changed my name once, and your old one tends to follow you around for years. A legal name change feels merely like a slightly more official sort of alias that you can use at banks and on tax forms or whatever, but the old name tags along forever! I still carry my old ID just in case.
      Which is why I’m so disgusted and aghast at people being able to OFFICIALLY AND LEGALLY change their SEX on LEGAL DOCUMENTS. I’m like…I am still haunted occasionally by my old name- a made-up thing- and these assholes get away with legally changing their SEX??? Something that’s a *real impermeable thing*, regardless of your plastic surgery shenanigans, and which has very very real social consequences when it comes to crime reporting and statistics?? I feel like I’m on crazy pills.

    Say what you want about the Daily Fail, Daily Male, etc., they did post that while CNN was writing about Obama’s dad jeans.
    re. “her DNA” — Chelsea Manning had an “art” exhibition where various faces were created based off of a supposed genetic sample
    “The ‘Probably Chelseas’ will be in a lot of different places on the gender and race spectrum. It really demonstrates that there are so many elements of DNA that are common to humans.”
    Yeah, most people have two eyes. I’m sure there won’t be any pirate Chelseas, which is cyclophobic and cis-binocular — and that the art “scientists” in this case won’t have their thumbs on that gender spectrum scale. I didn’t see any masks with facial hair. But hey, Manning would make a cute black woman because they included the Dolezal spectrum. Or something.

    1. Odd that you brought up Manning, due to this being tangentinal to that issue.
      Before anyone says something about this being akin to the laws in the last century, which were aimed at keeping POC’s out of the military, those are two different issues. And in light of that many in the brigade do not see anything wrong with what Manning did, or that it is acceptable to have those who are unstable in the armed forces [or as cops, etc]…this is worth being discussed:

    2. I saw Manning on TV and he appeared to be wearing an army blanket made into a dress!

      1. Well, according to Bruce jenner, the hardest part of ladying is deciding what to wear!
        Also, this means that manning cannot possibly really have ladybrain. Because fashion sense is an inner feeling of always wearing the correct dress, and women are born with it. In their pink brains, it’s right next to pie baking and giving the perfect blow job.
        Also, too, his last name is MANning. Perhaps he should change it to womaning.
        So much goes into becoming lady. They aren’t born that way, you know.

      2. That sounds very uncomfortable, but I would guess a hair shirt fits him fine.

  9. “… Since Perry was also found guilty of the aggravating circumstance that the three murders were part of a common scheme or plan, she faces up to life in prison on each charge.”
    Because just murdering one woman isn’t enough to get you life in prison.

  10. I’m wondering when people are going to believe you can’t change your biological sex. And how many women and lesbians are MTT males allowed to commit violent acts against before society cares and does something. I’m also angered that he keeps being referred to as a woman. I hope he won’t be placed in womens’ prison, and if he is the female prisoners don’t interact with him at all. Its also angering that especially lesbians along with straight people keep allowing these MTT males into womens’ and lesbians private space and ignoring the violent acts they can and do to all women that has been documented here and the rest of online.
    We also know MTT males hate all women but note they never attack famous/rich women or lesbians because patriarchal society would finally jail them. I don’t care for celebrities but I noticed on facebook someone calling Beyonce transphobic for publicly displaying her second pregnancy along with her photo series. This was >> after she and other especially female celebs mindlessly publicly supported the law that allows males to enter womens’ private space, specifically bathrooms. They don’t don’t want the backlash from their confused delusional genderqueer bioflexible xyz fanbase.

    1. Pregnant “people” should be forced to go into hiding so as to not upset the delicate ladies-afflicted-with-ladypenis-and-no-uterus-having-ladypeople.
      In fact, maybe all “people” with uterus should not be allowed in public. At all. Since our bodies are all of the triggering and transphobic and whatnot. My vagina is violence and my ovaries murder.

  11. Thank you so much for keeping track of this murdering prick. You are a treasure for all females…. xoxoox

  12. Hey all. Trans activist “Zinnia Jones” just tweeted out that people don’t have an absolute right not to have sex with “trans women.” He’s getting backlash for his rape culture – mostly from straight guys who don’t want to be told that they must have sex with “trans women.” They don’t seem to realize that Zinnia’s mindset threatens women. If you care to have your say, or just watch the backlash unfold, here’s the thread:

    1. Is this jackass kidding us? REALLY?
      This goes along with the other lines of crap, spewed by the brigade. Along with same by their admirers, I mean chasers, I mean pervs in arms. Damn them…..

    2. everyone has an” absolute right to not want to be with” ANYONE lol, so glad they are bothering straight dudes now

      1. Ah, but some in the brigade have been doing that for years [A rather infamous case of this even showed up in ‘Rolling Stone’, years back]. When the straights turn the person down, due to either matching equipment…or that they notice the lying cretin still has a lot of muscle mass, then the brigade-er will turn to hookers. Or those handmaids who are into taking on mercy dates.
        And if the deranged punk cannot do that, then that violent streak will take over. Hence….Perry and others.

    3. “inappropriate”
      I love this word so much
      it is almost always hilarious
      Zadie Smith has a great line about how it is the word most likely to inspire fear on university campuses
      It’s the “pinko” of the post Cold War era: a term that doesn’t quite accuse anybody of anything articulable, but surrounds them with an aura of contaminating impurity

    4. That person says this:
      “Zinnia Jones
      Jul 1
      Replying to @ZJemptv
      There’s some baseline rate for that as an actual true preference. But it’s artificially inflated by social stigma and biases.”
      He is saying that dudes can actually prefer biological women, but that it’s not actually that many males.
      Why don’t women, specifically lesbians that don’t want to fuck dudes, get this treatment? When lesbians state their “actual, true preference”, they are told to die in a fire and called terf.
      On that entire twitter thread, no one has threatened a male, called him a terf or told him to die in a fire.
      Weird. Isn’t it. So, so polite to the menz.

  13. Meanwhile, on Truthdig, they are holding up Bethany Kozma as another “unfit to serve” Trump appointee.
    As per most liberal sites, “pro-woman” is conflated with “anti-trans”.
    The article conveniently had a link to Ms. Kozma’s writings, which supposedly are the smoking gun for her refusal to take a seat on the trans train. I read them all and found nothing (except her previous experience with the Bush administration and DHS) offensive or out of step with being pro-women and children.
    This is the link to her three articles:
    And here is the link to the third, my favorite:

  14. I am triggered by that bathroom, which is almost identical to the one I and young female relative were trapped in when a transgender Male entered, a few mins after were very compromised, and ponced around and preened for about 15 mins, as we scarcely breathed, our chatter silenced, he smirking into the mirror, fluffing his hair, deliberately terrorizing us. On entering, I checked the men’s washroom, which was vacant, doors wide open. A semi that was outside the building when we pulled in was gone when we fled the building shortly after he left, finally. We were very afraid. Why else does a male enter a women’s sex segregated space but to bully and threaten? I salute Madame Kozma.

    1. I’m so sorry, red.
      And you know that fucker goes round, saying that he totes passes as a woman! Because he has primped in the ladies room lots of times and no woman ever said a word!
      We don’t say a word because we are scared. And rightfully so.
      And they know it, too.

  15. Our physical desperation made us pull in. And I did check, everywhere. Loud in the back of my mind was knowledge this particular route eventually becomes the Highway of Tears.

    1. Was this a “rest stop”? A woman told me she never ever uses rest stops, only McDonalds (my husband calls them McShithouse) or its ilk. The rest stop on I-95 between Waterville and Bangor, Maine, is really creepy: huge and empty and just crying out for a guy in a dress to threaten women.

  16. Also concerning consensual sex between adults. What of the cases where a male is having sex with a woman and finds she is actually a biologically born male with penis or not still intact. There are numerous examples where males have enacted violence on MTT males. I’m not concerned about male violence between each other that’s theirs to solve. I reference this because if the situation were reversed males get violent when they’re tricked this way and would create laws for this.
    These sexual consent laws affect all women including lesbians. We know many males and MTT males hate lesbians that won’t sex them. Now anytime a woman has sex with males or lesbian is raped by males. If she has visible bruises males can simply say it was consensual s&m or rough sex even if she dies during the sexual encounter. She also can’t say no if there’s photos taken or video recorded without her knowledge. We know most males are stronger than women and fighting back could get women raped, beaten or worse. All women should fight to keep our private spaces against all males. And repeat the simple truth that males can’t become women. And women can’t become males.

  17. Life in prison without parole. Rot in hell Douglas.
    Serial killer Donna Perry sentenced to life without parole
    UPDATED: Mon., July 24, 2017, 11:33 p.m.
    Serial killer Donna R. Perry, who was convicted earlier this month of murdering three women in Spokane in 1990, is taken into custody after being sentenced to three-consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, Monday, July 24, 2017. Colin Mulvany/THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW (Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review)
    Serial killer Donna R. Perry, who was convicted earlier this month of murdering three women in Spokane in 1990, is taken into custody after being sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole Monday, July 24, 2017. (Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review)
    By Thomas Clouse
    (509) 459-5495
    Twitter Facebook Email Reddit
    Convicted serial killer Donna R. Perry entered the hearing Monday that would permanently take away her freedom with a smile. She shared small talk with the attorneys who tried to defend her.
    Convicted serial killer Donna R. Perry entered the hearing Monday that would permanently take away her freedom with a smile. She shared small talk with the attorneys who tried to defend her.
    The attorneys’ faces prompted a question. “What do we got here? Bad news?” Perry asked as a courtroom of family and friends of her victims waited their turns to explain the pain she caused some 27 years ago.
    Superior Court Judge Michael Price said he’s presided over many murder cases in his 14 years on the bench. However, he said, he’s never seen a case like that against Perry, who was Douglas R. Perry before a sex reassignment surgery in 2000.
    “This is my first case, and hopefully my last, where the murders seemingly were committed for the sport of it and for no other reason,” Price said.
    Price sentenced Perry, 65, to three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. A jury convicted Perry earlier this month following a four-week trial for the 1990 slayings of three women as part of an investigation that had long gone cold.
    All three women, Kathleen A. Brisbois, Yolanda A. Sapp and Nickie I. Lowe, had friends and family testify as to how the murders in 1990 affected them even after nearly three decades. All three victims had been prostitutes.
    “They didn’t work the streets because they wanted to,” Price said. “They were hostages to addiction. All three of them were trapped. They were all courageous. They were all caring. They were all loving.”
    The case remained unsolved until Perry was convicted in 2012 of being a felon in possession of a firearm. After she was required to submit a DNA sample, it came back as a hit in a national database to previously unidentified DNA found under the fingernail of Brisbois.
    Investigators then obtained a DNA match from a blanket found near Sapp and a fingerprint on a bottle linked to Lowe.
    All three women were found shot to death within about a month of each other and their bodies were dumped in different locations on the banks of the Spokane River.
    Natasha Sapp said she was only a little girl when Perry killed her mother and left her along the river near 4100 E. Upriver Drive on Feb. 22, 1990. Try as she might, Natasha Sapp said she could not remember her mother.
    “If she hadn’t been killed by a monster, then I would have a memory,” she said. “I know you are supposed to forgive … but I can’t. I want justice.”
    Between tears, her sister, Marika Sapp, also talked about how for years her family feared the killer would eventually come after them.
    “You took away precious people,” Sapp told Perry. “I hope you sit in your cell forever and think of the things you have done.”
    Kaishea Kegley, the oldest daughter of Kathleen Brisbois, thanked her mother for putting up a fight on May 15, 1990. It’s that fight that broke the case after Perry’s DNA was found under Brisbois’ fingernails.
    “She fought the fight of her life,” Kegley said. “I want to thank my mom for scratching up the man so he could meet a real woman: She carries the scales of justice.”
    Brisbois left a big family, many of whom wore T-shirts honoring her to court.
    “I lost the person who loved me the most in this world,” Kegley said. “I’m truly honored and humbled to be here. I never thought this day was going to come.”
    Many investigators thought the same thing. Many of the original detectives in the case who were called to the witness stand had retired years ago.
    Price noted, and the families explained as part of their struggle, that investigators originally named Lowe’s husband and Sapp’s common-law husband as suspects in the case.
    Detectives always believed the killings were linked. And investigators tried to tie them to serial killer Robert L. Yates Jr., who pleaded guilty in 2000 to killing 13 prostitutes. But records showed that Yates was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany at the time.
    After the 2012 DNA match that linked Perry to the killings, Perry was interviewed for hours by detectives. Perry denied killing the women. But when Spokane police Detective Mark Burbridge suggested that Douglas Perry killed them, she replied: “I don’t know if Doug did or not. It was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or didn’t.”
    Investigators also learned of a prison inmate to whom Perry claimed to have killed as many as nine prostitutes because they could have children and were wasting their lives being “pond scum.”
    During the hearing on Monday, Perry followed the advice of defense attorney Bryan Whitaker and did not offer a statement.
    But among those who did speak, Tabitha Mora explained that she was friends with all of the victims in the case.
    “I seen Kathy (Brisbois) a week before she got killed. She was bragging about how beautiful the kids were and how she wanted to change her life,” Mora said. “I thank everyone who caught this monster. I hope you rot in hell.”
    Thank you to Thomas Clouse of the Spokesman Review for your ongoing excellent reporting. Well done.

    “It was a verdict that was a long time coming for the victim’s families, who were interviewed as part of Perry’s pre-sentencing evaluation. One of Nickie Lowe’s family members expressed concern that Perry has continued to abuse women whom she now has more access to since undergoing gender re-assignment. She wishes Perry would be sent to a men’s prison or kept in isolation so she cannot harm anyone.
    Perry was also interviewed as part of the sentencing investigation. Court documents said Perry was provided with the pre-sentencing report that asked for a description of the offense to indicate how and why it happened. Documents indicated that Perry did not compete that portion, but drew a diagonal line through it instead.
    When Perry was asked if there was anything she wanted to say about her conviction, she stated “I have nothing to say about it. It wouldn’t do me any good. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”
    Donna Perry in the courtroom (Photo: KREM)
    The report said Perry repeatedly stated she wanted to go to Eastern State Hospital. As part of the evaluation, the report listed Perry’s past criminal history and mental health problems. It described an encounter Douglas Perry had with a prostitute in 1998 after he picked her up. The woman told police Perry had a lot of guns, knives and a cross-bow in his apartment, but told her he was not going to hurt her because he liked her. The report also mentioned a confrontation Perry had with neighbors in 1986 when he shot their dog.
    The sentence evaluation recommended an exceptional sentence for the 1990 murders. In a sentencing memorandum, prosecutors wrote “As a result of the jury finding that there was more than one victim and each murder was part of the same common scheme or plan, this court has no discretion and must sentence the defendant to life in prison without the possibility of parole on each count.”

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