TransDykes: The Anti-Lesbian Antifa

Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne. “TransDyke” Antifa at San Francisco Gay Pride 2017.

What is Antifa?
Well, the name Antifa is a bit of a misnomer. Antifa is short for “Anti-Fascist”, which is what the members of this subculture claim to be. Their stated objective is to fight totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and the forceful suppression of diversity and dissent.
In practice, Antifa is a group of people, mainly middle-class young white men, who show up to violently attack groups of right wingers, Trumpers, leftist free speech advocates, or anyone else they’ve decided must be silenced by intimidation and violent force. Some of them claim to be Communists, but they don’t do anything to organize support for labor or poor people.
What they do is show up for internet-organized flash mobs, all dressed in uniform black (“Black Bloc”) so they can’t be individually identified for their criminal actions, covering their faces with bandanas, armed with weighted sticks, bicycle locks, fireworks, and pepper spray. Then they batter and bash a bunch of people indiscriminately before going home to smoke pot and watch Netflix.
It’s like a non-consensual fight club for virtue-signaling trust-funders looking for violent thrills on the weekend. Like ‘Occupy Wall Street’ with less head lice, drums, (and commitment!) and more anonymity, fleeting destruction, and random battery. If you haven’t been following the Antifa trend, Google “Battle for Berkley” and watch one of the livestreams.
What is a “TransDyke”?
TransDykes are an offshoot of Antifa whose focus is on suppressing the speech of women, mainly lesbians. They participate in regular Antifa flashmobs, sometimes in pastel uniform (“Pastel Bloc”) but also target Women’s Rights events, and Lesbian spaces.
TransDykes are heterosexual men who identify as transwomen. They consider Lesbianism a form of fascism because female homosexuality excludes male-bodied persons. But any woman who publicly acknowledges the existence of biologically female human beings is their enemy, especially Feminists, who want to abolish, not celebrate, the sex stereotypes that transwomen identify with.
Scout Tran-Caffee founder of TransDyke

TransDykes were founded by Scout Tran-Caffee, a class-privileged heterosexual man who grew up in the Silicon Valley before obtaining a Masters Degree in Art in Chicago. After initially embarking on a career as a comic book artist, Scout decided he identified as a transwoman and relocated to the Bay Area, where he started a studio called “Scout’s Artillary” (get it?) where he began marketing trans-identified assault weaponry such as pink and blue baseball bats, axes, and sling shots. Since discovering his true mission, he still occasionally revisits his artistic past to post drunken stick figure comic strips on his Instagram account about the trauma of his thwarted desire to mace lesbians in gay bars.
Tran-Caffee had initially named his anti-lesbian anti-feminist activist group for heterosexual male transwomen “The Degenderettes” but it caused confusion and didn’t take. While intended as a saucy amalgamation celebrating “degenerate” plus “gender” it had the unfortunate implication of “de-gendering”, which is the opposite of the TransDyke mission. Without gender, there would be no transgender, and no basis for attacking lesbians for being gay!
The TransDyke Anti-Lesbian Antifa launched their first campaign against women at the San Francisco Women’s March on January 21, 2017 when they appeared as a  group of marching men twirling pink and blue baseball bats under a banner proclaiming “TransDykes Still Here”.
Male Lesbians wielding Bats at Women’s March. Tran-Caffee on right.

Tran-Caffee on left

The TransDyke Antifa made their next appearance at the Berkley Milo Yiannopoulos Riot on February 1, 2017. They carried shields labeled “Trans Dykes Are Good And Pure”.
Tired of being “monstered” by women who wanted nothing to do with him: Lesbians.

Tran-Caffee on Right

Tran-Caffee before attack

Scout Tran-Caffee was the first person to storm the building at Berkeley.

More Tran-Caffee burning generator at Milo riot.

Discussion following violent TransDyke Antifa display:

The TransDyke Antifa next appeared at the March 4, 2017 Berkely Pro-Trump rally.
Tran-Caffee in green mask, Kitty Stryker in blue hoodie on left

Leftist free-speacher YouTube Vlogger Justin Antitheist did a few videos exposing the TransDyke/PastelBloc Antifa:

Follow up here:

Next action by the TransDyke Antifa group was the San Francisco Women’s Strike March on March 7, 2017 in protest of the slogan “The Future Is Female”, which offended the males.  They marched under the banner “The Future Is Tire Fires”.

April 15 the TransDyke Antifa represented again at the last Trumper/Antifa conflation.
Scout Tran-Chaffee in green, Kitty Stryker on left in backpack.

Latest sightings:
A creepy-ass display by Tran-Caffee at the San Francisco Dyke March of a giant skeleton puppet with a transgender pink and blue Labyris ( pink is for girls and blue is for boys! Yayyyy gender! ) and signage saying “Queers Never Die”.
credit: SFist

How offensive is this display at a Gay Pride celebration when an entire generation of gay men have died from a pandemic which was allowed to kill because the victims were expendable? How offensive is this at a gay pride event following the mass murder in Orlando? “Queers” Never Die??? The incredible tone-deafness. And what about the continual death mongering of the transgender movement celebrating suicide and transgender people who are killed each year by their partners or johns? WOW.
Then we have TransDyke Antifa member and Advocate writer Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne, formerly a folk singer of little notice, currently best known for his campaign against B52s singer Kate Pierson because the title of her song in favor of gender blending: ‘Mister Sister’ offended him, and his poetry about how he discovered his transwoman identity by masturbating in his sister’s stolen underwear. 
Jeremiah represented the TransDyke Antifa at the San Francisco Pride Parade by wearing a blood splattered T-shirt calling for violence against Lesbians- whom he calls “TERFS”, an acronym meaning Transwoman Excluding Radical Feminists and expressed as “terf” a substrate whose purpose is for male to walk on.
The deranged Mya Byrne, a heterosexual man, expresses his history as a violent batterer of women, a man who punches women, and goes on to claim that heterosexual male violence against women is an expression of “Gay Pride”. Don’t believe me? Here it is:
Violence against Women is the Straight Male version of “Pride” says batterer Jeremiah Byrne.

“Danger” tape from self-described lesbian batterer TransDyke Antifa Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne.

TransDyke Antifa:
1. Violent threatening Intent against Lesbians
2. Wearing Face Mask
3. Tried to enter with weapon (weighted stick).

Be aware. There’s a crazy-ass woman-hating subculture of straight men who identify as transwomen and they call themselves TransDykes or Pastel Bloc. They are violent men and you are their number one enemy.

155 thoughts on “TransDykes: The Anti-Lesbian Antifa

  1. Just in case any of you are thinking of doing the lefty American thing of threatening to decamp to Canada… If you are an American feminist opposed to men wearing t-shirts spattered with the blood of women they boast about beating and men with baseball bats at women’s marches… thanks to bill c-16 it’s not really clear to me that even expressing objections to any of it is legal anymore.

    1. This American is not going to run anywhere. This American has guns and if I see one of these violent deranged males in any women’s facility I am in, their past behavior proves that they are a threat to my life and I will act accordingly. Let these men bring a bat to a gunfight, they might learn something.

    2. As a lefty American who has looked into the requirements for running away to Canada, that’s been one of the depressing realizations of the trans nightmare. There is nowhere to go anymore. All we can do is fight back, as it’s only going to get worse.

    3. UGH. True story. Canada is so superior to America unless you are a woke ass WBW! That could be a crime if you confess the facts. Then we have problems, even though they have health insurance. What a mess. So grateful to GM and all the Goddesses doing this work.

    1. i have saved his picture and have posted on to a few lesbian – centered sites. I wrote on the s.f. Pride facebook, but naturally they didn’t approve it. Since this scum is a musician, I think lesbians should go to his gigs with signs showing this picture. Maybe with something like “battering lesbians for not sacking your dick is profoundly homophobic”. He seems to play in the San Francisco and N.Y. areas. I am so angry about this, and the fact not ONE article came out of the San Francisco march disavow in this murderous creep. Silence.

      1. @Cindy
        I think this is tolerated because the sell has a lowest common denominator with legitimate self-defence. Only that this is more like “self-defence”.
        And at least you can agree or disagree with “The future is female”. But “The future is fried tires/feral”? Not so much.

    2. @gendercriticaldad
      Is it practically possible to have a program that auto-saves new posts from Twitter etc?

  2. Why are these thugs, punks and terrorsists not on the hate group watch list of the SPLC, ACLU….let alone the fed? Why has no law enforcement agency gone COINTELPRO on their ass? Why the hell are they not in jail….each one of those shits?

    1. And that demand that there will only way “cis dykes” can appease these men is to be fucked on demand by them, how do the liberal feminists not see these men are sicko scumbags?

      1. I’m endlessly confused by this.
        These males can demand sex from women and that’s totes ok! But women can’t say no! Because no is evil bigotry!
        How does this not enrage every woman everywhere?

    2. I withdrew my support for the ACLU because of the Trans-laydee clusterfark quite some time ago. So many things right, but that one fundamental item wrong. I AM done.

    3. I guess as long as you don’t call yourself a nazi or right wing extremist it’s ok to behave as totalitarian as they do.
      Just do it under any other form than nazism.
      That’s how it seems to be in the west right now, with the center being in the US and spreading by its tentacles.
      So much crap is flying under the umbrella of transgenderism and anarchism (esp in combination) but there don’t seem to be much being done by the establishment to do anything about it.
      They seem to be more eager to cater to this group of people–mostly men–and grant them laws and protections that elevates them above everybody else.

      1. While the powers that be are thrilled to cater to men in dresses, I think they tolerate the “anarchist”/antifa crowd because they help make the left look idiotic, and they justify using excessive force to police and contain all leftist protesters.

        1. That is a good observation. In a way they keep a serious leftist movement from rising as long as they can use these people a bit to make sure the “general crowd” will stay away thinking that is what the left is about?

      2. There’s been a lot of speculation that many of the black bloc are ignored to discredit the left and are perhaps are even ignored because of provocateurs planted within them to discredit the left ( see cointelpro, it has been done before…)I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘pastel bloc’ weren’t part of the same thing.

    4. I think I understand and get your usage of “gone COINTELPRO” here and I agree, in a better world, responsible and responsive law-enforcement agencies would look into the violence and intimidation these guys engage in. But it’s kind of ironic, in that the original COINTELPRO used infiltrators and provacateurs, often paid in actual cash or other considerations, to stir up violence and illegal acts in otherwise peaceful groups or at events. Some of them were actual FBI undercover agents.
      So it’s probably going to sound like aluminum-foil deflector-beanie (AFDB) stuff ( ), but it would not surprise me at all if “Mya” and the other creepy goons here were actually in the employ of some element of the deep state. Many “anarchist” gangs hire themselves out as provacateurs to finance their lifestyles and activities. I haven’t been able to find it or remember who posted it, but at the time of Trump’s inauguration, there was a blogger who went undercover and pretended to want to hire some troublemakers for the inaugural protests and got someone to quote a price and talk about what they would do to stir up trouble.

      1. I find your comment and comments above totally rational. When one reads William Blum’s work, based on the memoirs and papers of the actual protagonists, one learns how deep the tentacles of the deep state go in our society (and everyone else’s). If they fund PEN to do their dirty work why not a bunch of creepy provocateurs to engage in violence at peaceful demonstrations, violence towards women, etc? And transgenderism seems the perfect banner to hide behind because of the knee-jerk reactions of liberals.
        I will state here a strongly held belief: People should not be permitted to hide their faces in public. The only exception to this might be the fear of violence retaliation for one’s participation in public life.

      2. Yes, people should be permitted to hide their faces in public. That is such a personal decision affecting your own body and no one else has the right to control that for you. What you don’t have a right to do is commit crimes regardless of what might or might not be on your face. And if they would CATCH a person committing a crime, their face coverage or lack thereof wouldn’t matter.
        People are so obsessed with ID now. It doesn’t matter who the person is, everyone on United States soil is subject to United States law, and whatever state and local laws are applicable. If they won’t tell you who they are, lock them up until they are more forthcoming. Convict them as John or Jane Doe if you have to, for the criminal behavior everyone’s already witnessed, to satisfy Sixth Amendment requirements. Change the info on the court documents later when you find out who they are.
        We overcomplicate everything, and make symbols and names and “identities” more important than actual people.

    5. SPLC did a hit piece condemning Cathy Brennan about 2 yrs ago. They also ran a piece in the same magazine about how male-to-trans are 100% female, and another piece about all of the violence MtT face. Not one word in that issue about the violent acts committed by this group against women. SPLC has done some really great things elsewhere, but I can not support them after that. They clearly don’t understand the issues, and are only trying to signal their virtue.

      1. You are right…they do not understand the issues, let alone see the long con game the brigade is engaged in.
        Part of that being, eliciting fake sympathy, by claiming a level of oppression, comparable to those the SPLC, etc traditionally defend. Of course, we all know this is bullshit. Along with that, this ‘oppressed’ group will turn around and deny the rights of not just women and girls, but other minorities as well. Barring they are carnal fodder or felons.
        No different than what has happened with the erasure of the feminist cause (as in the link sent from here earlier, in re: a publication being taken over by a brigade member). One has to wonder…what will happen when the SPLC, NOW or even the NAACP, who are embracing at different levels, the brigade mantra, become irrelevant thanks in part to same.

      2. I stopped supporting SPLC–and I had at one point–when they ran an article about a woman who had been raped, and stated that the case was “complicated” by the fact that the woman had been dating one of her attackers. I was furious. Rape is rape is rape. I don’t care who the rapist is. And it was an interracial rape on top of that (the woman was black), so they were doubly f**king wrong. This was years ago. I still get mail from them about once a year or so. I ignore it all.

      3. Didn’t SLPC make fools of themselves in the 70’s when they overestimated the KKK? IIRC, the FBI had already in the 60’s pretty much ruined KKK with fake chapters and infiltration.

  3. This. This is why I left the anarchist/pseudo-radical movement.
    Disagreements over gender I could have stayed and duked it out over, been patient, been a dissenting voice from within, done the hard work. But once I saw I was working side by side with violent men, and couldn’t stay. Once it was all too clear that anarchist scenes had been hijacked by rapists and predators who gleefully take advantage of idealistic and hopeful young women, I had to flee. I was literally putting my body and my freedom on the line in the street for men who knew the seductive revolutionary lingo and happily used it as a weapon against vulnerable young women. I saw them gut the feminist/lesbian sections of the radical book stores and beef up the BDSM and burlesque/prostitution-as-empowerment sections. I heard them push me again and again to make porn and I heard them mock the concept of consent. The movement is rotten to the core.

    1. Yep. This right here. Manarchism is another one of the secular male religions, as Mary Daly would have said. I view them as a select group that has some very first-world problems, like what to do with all that white-privilege they keep whining about to turn it into something they can both gain from and disassociate from at the same time. Any excuse for violence, as long as those on the receiving-end aren’t actually stronger. The preferred target is always someone who can be seen as a villain on the one hand but has little actual retaliatory ability on the other. They never pick on violent men or predators who prey on women or children because why would they. They follow the same dude-bro code all the other men follow. Manarchists are anti-feminist to the core and have the same hierarchical structures as the rest of society. The only difference is that they do not acknowledge that they are in a pecking order.
      Take these manarchists for instance. They would never go around claiming the kill cops or actual fascists. Why? Cause they’d get their asses kicked. Instead they harass women who want women-only space thus reinforcing their position in the male hierarchy. Their role is to shit on those below and never threaten those above thereby reinforcing their beloved hierarchy they claim to so loathe. They are cowards and hypocrites.

      1. I can imagine them only picking on weaker targets being, or having been, typically the case, certainly with these vile men who are aiming to intimidate women, but I think with these battles with the far right, at this rate it’s only matter of time before (more) people get killed – possibly someone more vulnerable than these men who they dragged into their roleplay. They certainly seem to lay the guilt-trips on for their liberal female supporters, that if they’re not with them 100% on everything (which means compliant and supportive of male demands, of course), then they’re against them, and young liberal women are encouraged to adopt the kind of exaggerated, hysterical (hope that term is Ok to use in this context, I’m not intending to blame the women for adopting that gendered behaviour) rhetoric these men use to justify their actions (such as the idea women using pronouns based on biological sex is equivalent to violence). Someone was shot at the protest against the Yiannopoulos event, some of the rightwingers have guns and are itching to murder someone, and they were thrilled to see the young ‘Antifa’ woman be punched at Berkeley. Both these ‘sides’ hate women, and I do think some, though it may well be a minority, of the rightwingers these ‘Antifa’ are starting fights with are potentially dangerous. They may be so arrogant and/or detached from reality, the idea even they themselves could get seriously hurt wasn’t registering. Ethics somewhat asides, when just trying to unpick their reasoning, I tried to put it to them that either a) their opponents are genuinely dangerous fascists as they claim, in which case, there’s a very serious risk and violence should not be taken as lightly as they’re doing or b) their opponents are not all that dangerous, in which case, again, why are they so lightly justifying a pretty indiscriminate use of violence? To which I got no sensible response. : /

    2. An anarchist society would not empower women. Their ideas of communism being possible right after overthrowing capitalism with no state and no transitional period are unrealistic. Communism does not simply mean no more capitalism but a transformation of the human social reality. If anarchists got their way there would be absolutely zero accountability for rapists and johns. It would be unadulterated patriarchy. But it will never happen because anarchists cannot organize themselves properly.

      1. That’s right. All spaces are male spaces unless females specifically exclude males. I have little hope that as long as men are non-existent or a tiny minority, anarchism could not be established, because men will try to subvert it every chance they get. Anarchism only seems to be possible among females.
        It remains to be seen whether male anarchists can arrange an anarchist society for themselves, one which has no wimmin. As soon as wimmin enter into the picture, oppression happens. I’ll leave that to them to figure it out, but for me, the future is female.

  4. I am angered beyond belief. And people wonder why women like me stand up and speak out aginst males like this in our spaces? Where’s the Southern Poverty Law Center on these violent people? If you doubted there was a “war on women” do you still doubt? Women, find your power, stand up to these punks or you will be erased! These are not nice people. They are men seeking to put women where they think women belong–in the trash. I would suggest that if women stood up they would run because they are cowards indeed. Why? If they really believed what they spew, they would not hide their faces and identities. They are no better than the KKK or any hooded bunch of pustules on the anus of the universe.

      1. Q: Who is doing the killing ?
        A: Men.
        No alleged TERF has even been charged with assault, let alone murder, yet there are many MTT who have assaulted, sexually assaulted and murdered women.
        p.s. Most of the trans women who have been murdered have been prostitutes, which has a very high rate of assault and murder for MTT’s and women. If you compare the rate of death for trans women v.s. women, there are statistically FEWER MTT’s who are murdered.

      2. @ngequality,
        I have nothing but respect for the SPLC. It’s just very interesting to me that in this article they never say who was responsible for the violence against transwomen. Of all the victims, how many were killed by women? Women are not killing transgender identified people. Trans identified people, especially poor transwomen of color who work as prostitutes are killed by males.
        None of these articles ever say who is actually doing the killing. Everyone knows that male on male violence exists, and it can be very deadly. Women know males are violent, and this is why we don’t want them in our most intimate of spaces. It’s not acceptable to dump the issue of male violence on women, and this is exactly what transgender activists are pushing.
        It’s true that transwomen (biological males who are socialized as male) are victims of male on male violence. It’s also true that transwomen (males) offend at the same rate as other males. Everyone who reads this blog knows that any male can claim “gender identity” at any time, and there has never been a precise definition of transgender.
        Every woman who reads this blog should write to the SPLC to respectfully ask them to:
        (1.) Declare that all the horrifying “TERF” death threats constitutes hate speech. How can people look at all this and not see it as hate speech. It has been going on for years, and it just gets sicker and more depraved. Males are making these kinds of gruesome misogynistic death threats towards women, and people turn a blind eye. Sooner or later one of these misogynistic violent males will flip out and go on a murdering rampage one day. If some gender confused violent male like Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne kills a lesbian suspected of being a “TERF”, one thing is certain. Not one trans/queer controlled LGBTIA organization will touch the case. Sticking to the trans narrative means more than dead female bodies. The complete black out at all LGBTQIA groups after trans activist Rivers was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house should have shown us where their priorities lie. They will protect these violent misogynistic men because they refuse to accept the fact that men like Byrne can be as sadistic, violent, and misogynistic to the core as any other male.
        What we see is a form of psychological warfare upon the female sex. Any woman can be branded a “TERF”.
        All the threats of death and violence at
        is just scratching the surface. Try this little experiment. Look at the photo that Gallus posted of Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne with red paint splashed across his shirt that resembles fresh blood and the words “I punch TERFs”. He wore this at the SF Pride Festival that lesbians attend. If people haven’t already seen “TERF is a slur”, look at all the death threats. Now, replace the word “TERF” with black, Jew, Asian, or any other historically oppressed group.
        (2.) Demand that the cold blooded murder of the lesbian couple and their adopted son last November in Oakland be investigated as a possible hate crime.

      3. Why is men’s violence women’s problem to solve? Why don’t MTTs pressure men on this stuff?
        A man beats up a man in a dress for using the men’s room and the response is “well, women should open up their bathroom to men” and not “men should be taught not to beat other men who dress differently”
        A man has a sexual encounter with a MTT, cant handle that he was undeniably attracted to a man, snaps and somehow it’s a _women’s_ problem to solve???
        3 women per day are killed by their intimate partners per _day_. According to the violence policy center. We have enough on our plates trying to combat that.
        But somehow, whether we are the victims or IN NO WAY INVOLVED it is up to us to civilize men. God forbid they actually do the work themselves

      4. @SkyLarkPhillips I have been saying what you have for a while, but not as eloquently as you. And like you…I am aghast at the fact that organizations like the SPLC refuse to call out the brigade for the thugs, that quite a few in same are.
        Something needs to said about the crime stats, which may really upset brigade regulars and their enablers: are not many of these, the result of:
        – encouraging some in the community to engage in questionable activity, due to the money involved? As in sex work vs legitimate work…where sw has an inherit danger as it is.
        – that many out there are told to lie about their background and when the truth comes out, there is a fear the liar in question may be a crook, on the part of the person being lied to? [Not saying violence against another is correct…just pointing out a sad aspect of human behavior]
        – why should the stats be changed, if, when if one does go by biology v identity, these are still male centered crimes and should be treated as such? AND this goes along with the fact these are not female v female crimes, these are male v male.
        The above to some may have ranged a little far afield, but these items need to be on the table. Especially seeing that the public is buying stock in the Kool-Aid by the day, sans a logical debate outside of here.

      5. Most murders of actual women are hate murders. Specifically because we’re female. We are not valued. We are seen as expendable. The only time the public is outraged about the murder of a woman is if she’s carrying a pregnancy. That’s all we’re good for.
        These men say they’re women or that they want to be women, then get angry because they get the female experience. They can’t have it both ways.

    1. NGEquality is an anti-trans activist blog. The commenter above is a troll, apparently trying to make it seem as if NGEquality is defending or excusing trans violence.

      1. I don’t really know anything about him but I know that he and the trans activists don’t like each other. So wouldn’t it be weird for him to come here and post something defending trans activists?

  5. When you put out work like this, post after post after post, I feel so guilty for disturbing you with my little pings and inconsequential comments.
    I do think you are the best journalist working today. If they had any balls, Rolling Stone would be knocking at your door.
    Rock on Gallus. So fine.

  6. Ahhaha that comic is the best. Dude, no lesbian, no matter how drunk, would ever grope you. That happened in your weird pornified brain after waaaay too much weed.
    And that comment about how ‘cis’ women are ‘terrifyingly invincible’ (with the obvious implication that they therefore deserve violence like being maced to death) – People really need to understand that it is not an exaggeration to say that trans is merely a sub-contingent of the MRA movement. Exactly the same words come out of their mouths, with exactly the same woman-hating logic behind them.
    Also, I love this:
    “It’s like a non-consensual fight club for virtue-signaling trust-funders looking for violent thrills on the weekend. Like ‘Occupy Wall Street’ with less head lice, drums, (and commitment!) and more anonymity, fleeting destruction, and random battery.”
    Goes well with the philosophy academic post from a while back. I look forward to more fight-club analogies – really brings it home how dysfunctional all these different groups are, and essentially doing the same petty crap in their different settings.

    1. “People really need to understand that it is not an exaggeration to say that trans is merely a sub-contingent of the MRA movement. Exactly the same words come out of their mouths, with exactly the same woman-hating logic behind them.”
      This is painfully true. And they package the rest of very privileged MRA bigotry with it too.
      I’ve seen a lot of “TERF” WOC zeroed in on while this has been making the Twitter rounds, and it’s sadly nothing new. They love to preach intersectionality when it benefits them, but you can just smell the delight when they get to shout down or threaten someone from a marginalized group. We’re supposed to have a converstion about how oppressed people can still be oppressors but somehow they never quality for the latter. Surprise.

      1. Yep….along with that if the woman of color can be counted on as an ENABLER [like those in congress who have groomed to the MRA/brigade cause], then the person is trotted out. Like a damned prize.
        This brings up the following: how in the hell can those same women of color in elected positions, who claim to know history be INSANE enough to not see that brigade issues are not….repeat NOT the same as persons of color. Unless someone has been living near Barnard’s Star and just got here..hence, ignorant of humans, race is not an immutable issue as gender identity is. This may upset some in same who claim ‘intetsectionality’ but….that is the fact.
        The POC’s who have given up reason to help the brigade in the name of being ‘fair’ and not called a TERF, are making the right’s case for them, again. And when their usefulness to the PIWs is done, guess who will be kicked to the curb, replaced with by the likes of Mock, et al?

  7. And yet we hear how ‘violent’ we are to transpeople by our words. Hypocritical much? These people should be in jail or a mental institution, not out on the street or anywhere they can threaten the rest of us.

  8. Most antifa are anarchists. American antifa are just LARPers who usually cannot realistically take on actual fascist gangs and organizations so they go after soft targets. I am not surprised there are misogynist heterosexual male “transwomen” antifa who have labeled “TERFs” fascists. Men will do anything to justify violence against women.
    Radfems are a soft target, not because we are weak but because we are so uncommon compared to malestream feminists, we don’t have much if any influence on bourgeois politics and wider patriarchal society in general. They are the ones who actually similar to fascists. Radfems reject that sex stereotypes aka gender is innate while both fascists and transgenderists believe these clearly socially constructed roles designed to support male supremacy as an ideology are innate.
    You tell me who the true reactionaries are. The only movement to care for women and girls as a class or bunch of lesbophobic dudes who think liking pink makes them women. These misogynists have nothing to do with feminism, they belong in a MGTOW group spouting conspiracies of how “transwomen” are making women obsolete.

  9. I wish these people would get some national news coverage to show that these are not oppressed women. Any actually oppressed group does not behave like this, their shirts would say “I punch cis het men”.

      1. That is true….
        Put another way: It is amazing that those who want respect from others, re: descriptive terms for themselves, create derisive terms for others. Bullying via a grammatical means.

  10. It’s clear to me that 2017 is the year the gay rights movement died & it’s time gays, lesbians, and bisexuals leave the alphabet mess that has become the replacement to actual acceptance of all LGB folks.
    “What’s next?” We should all be asking this. After the T the I the A the Q & other letters what will be added on next? Transracials as part of the movement? Transanimals? Transrobots? Transspeciesrobots? Where will it end & how long will regular folks who are simply in same sex relationships allow themselves to be corralled into the same group(s) that offer insanity, narcissism, and even violence? When will we say “enough”, get out of the LGBTQIA mafia and live our lives?
    We should not advocate for 8 year olds to start hormones that could ruin their health permanently, we should not advance the cause of Big Pharma neutering confused gays, we should not sign off on discrimination/separation of conservative gays. We need to look into our own lives and find our fulfillment in our families, friends, and hobbies. The “movement” is no longer ours & in certain ways maybe it never was. The point of the movement was supposed to be to not need the movement anymore. It’s time we grow up, out, and away from a movement that now is about money, social control, and destruction of the natural human body.
    Yes we may experience violence & hatred due to being gay but lets just be honest…these days the violence is more likely to come from those who see gay as something to tran-scend. Bubba in his Ford truck cares less about two ladies who hold hands than the anti-gay trans antifa who sees lesbians especially as a threat. Make no mistake- this is war. In war the purpose is to subdue the enemy. Dykes are enemy #1. Next they will come for the gay men, bi’s & even heterosexuals. They want us gone because we represent orientation towards only one sex & lesbians are the gateway b/c we’re not likely to be fooled by a some guy who says “my penis is really a large clitoris.” We know that no matter how much you alter the outsides, a woman is a woman & nothing can replace her natural flesh & spirit. Science, technology, and pseudo-victim narcissism doth not make a woman.
    If we don’t start telling the truth about what’s happening in the LGBT movement to actual gays, we may find ourselves in a very bad situation in 10-20 years. Gays, not trans, have always been targets for death & destruction & my guess is that should such a day come in our lifetime, you can bet it will be a so-called post-gay that will lead the charge.
    Well meaning allies won’t understand at first, but it’s time they know…the gay rights movement had been hijacked and is now dangerous to gays. It’s time to cut the proverbial cord and move on.

  11. Gallus, thank you for digging up all this information on this violent misogynistic man.
    I want to know why the SF Pride let him march in the parade. This march is supposed to mean something. They made him get rid of his “mobility device” bat like killing stick, but he was allowed to march in the parade wearing a shirt splattered with red paint “I punch TERFs” shirt.
    What is with the red bandana around the neck? This is SF, and it never gets that hot there. Black Block/Patel Block always cover their faces with bandanas or masks when they go on their property destruction sprees starting fires, bashing heads, breaking windows, etc.
    “Be aware. There’s a crazy-ass woman-hating subculture of straight men who identify as transwomen and they call themselves TransDykes or Pastel Bloc. They are violent men and you are their number one enemy.”
    Any woman who gets in their way is their enemy.

  12. It is tragic that the Southern Poverty Law Center has switched to supporting the oppressor against the oppressed.
    The Southern Poverty Law Center who calls us “TERFS” also put Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex Muslim woman fighting Female Genital Mutilation, and Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz (who opposes the Islamic extremists who are female-hating and targeting Lesbians and Gay men) on SPLC’s list of anti-Muslims. Real mind-fuck.
    Nawaz is suing SPLC, and I wondered if we’re somewhat on the same side, against the leftist entitled white men who pontificate to and about the people they oppress. Nawaz also posted supporting the Jewish Lesbians who were kicked out of Chicago’s Dyke March and accused those claiming to be “triggered” as being part of the “cry-bullying” of the Left. Which sounds very much like trans tactics that we are killing them when saying no to them.
    Then I saw he posted against the Antifa as well.
    Maajid Nawaz
    June 26 at 11:46am ·
    Facebook Mentions ·
    Antifa/UAF etc: when you march wearing face masks, in one uniform, raising iconography, you’re no longer left wing anti-fascists, you’re fascists…/maa…/protest-culture-right-to-attend/
    Maajid Nawaz
    3 hrs ·
    The narrative is set. There is an emerging media consensus: the #RegressiveLeft group Southern Poverty Law Center has lost its way.
    Help me bring them to justice:

    The #CtrlLeft – Chicago Pride organisers asked Jews to remove their Star of David pride flags, because they were "triggering". This is sheer cry-bullying.

    Posted by Maajid Nawaz on Sunday, June 25, 2017

    1. Since the subject is “TERF” death threats, both online and now in real life, the SPLC has lost my respect. I used to respect the SPLC, but it should be declared a hate group now for encouraging death threats against women. By jumping on the trans train, the SPLC has no credibility whatsoever.
      On its website, the SPLC compares women branded ‘”TERF” to Christian conservatives even though gender abolitionists and radical feminists disagree with conservatives on almost everything (abortion rights, climate change, same sex marriage, etc.). Women branded “TERFs” have enough to worry about, and are terrorized as it is.
      “In many ways, there are possible allies to this pivot toward anti-trans secular movements: trans-exclusionary radical feminists, dubbed TERFs by some activists, have made waves in recent years. Some TERFs have reclaimed the term and redubbed themselves PERFs, penis-exclusionary radical feminists. Their rationale is that people who are assigned male at birth can never experience the same conditions as women do, and still hold on to their male privilege. (The latter becomes harder to prove in the face of the discrimination experienced by trans and gender non-conforming people.) As reported by Political Research Associates, trans-exclusionary feminists “may actually be guilty of drafting [the Christian Right’s] talking points, adding fuel to the fire of this dangerous anti-trans frenzy.”
      This makes me want to throw up. How could a once respected civil rights organization go from respectability to spreading hateful propaganda, even propaganda that could get a woman killed.
      May God have mercy on the SPLC. Gender identity politics corrupts everything it touches. And, the LGBT part of the SPLC is trans run just like every LGBTQIA group is trans run. The SPLC used to be about civil rights for blacks and minorities, and it did some excellent work – superb work. The SPLC has a special LGBT section. Everyone knows that LGBT really means trans and queer controlled. Trans and queer control the LGBT, and they tolerate lesbians and bisexual women as long as they STFU and go along with the trans agenda. LGBT will never admit that gender identity laws harm the female sex. Never. Hell, they don’t even notice when transwomen slaughter lesbian families.
      SPLC, we see you for what you have become. The SPLC went from hero to zero in my eyes. Women, don’t give a dime to the SPLC. I know they have done good work in the past, but that was years ago. They are totally on the trans crazy train now. When obvious pro trans propaganda is found on their website, it’s time to stop supporting them.

      1. I strongly agree with this. I used to support SPLC, but no more. They did a hit piece on Cathy Brennan, singling her out, for some reason, and a few other awful pieces about how TERFs are a hate group and about how men are women if they say they are. It was full of pseudo-science. As a real scientist, it’s hard to swallow. No mention about how women’s rights have been rolled back. Women = not a legitimate concern for the SPLC. People count, as long as they have penises.

      2. I’ve been uncomfortable with the SPLC for quite a while, because I don’t understand why they get to decide what is a hate group and what isn’t. While the FBI has its issues, I trust them to better determine what is or is not a hate group since they have criteria more meaningful than “they’re a bunch of meanies!”
        I saw the writing on the wall for gender critical feminists even before they started targeting us.

  13. This is another subset of males who are mentally ill or have fetishized femininity and women so much that they actually want to be them. With the creation of the internet combined with h/s < fake hormones and surgery. In only a couple of years mentally ill males and women have turned there delusional desire to be the opposite sex and the right to enter all womens' private space into an actual legality, destroying actual womens' rights and what women and lesbians have fought for a lifetime.
    I don't think this is actually about males and trans people hating 'Feminists', 'Activists' or 'Terfs'. Most males are attracted to femininity and feminine stereotypes in women. Many males including male trans generally hate women including lesbians and the women who support them regardless what you label yourself. Because actual biological women remind them of who they will never truly be or have as a partner. We know these males never go after the actual violent males who would violently check them. I suggest lesbians and female allies keep our groups small and private and keep protecting yourself.

    1. As you can see from that video, the “Degenderettes” are still active. Their website, offering weapons for sale, is still live.
      On “Mya” Byrne’s twitter, there was a woman named Kitty Stryker, who was very vocally and actively defending his violent language. She was so overbearing and obnoxious that I became curious, so I looked her up. And whatdya know? She’s a “Degenderette.” A self-described “queer” woman who is in a throuple with a man and a “transwoman” (in other words, she is a heterosexual woman in a relationship with 2 men). Naturally, this heterosexual woman is considered a thought leader for “LGBT people” and she has been invited to write for Huffington Post, Ravishly, Medium, and The Guardian. She is pro-porn and pro-prostitution. She got married last year to the transwoman, and she asked a man, whom she describes as a “smut writer,” to draft her wedding vows. For those interested, here is her website: kittystrykerdotcom
      In looking at all of the information that you posted and the supplemental information in the comments, you start to see that all of these strands of transgenderism, misogyny, mental illness, violence, anti-social conduct, and general weirdness all converge on one thing: Queer.
      “Queer” is the common focal point and theme of all of this insanity.

      1. Kitty striker is a complete decriminalization of men in prostitution, and men’s sexual rights activist. She lived a transient party life when I met her and another M to T prostitute was living/working with her. He was an Asian man that campaigned that all ALL Asian women in prostitution were there by choice and making money.
        Kitty shames exiting prostitutes, and was bitching that some john gave her an STD, and she was ‘shocked’ [cause Johns are so nice to prostitutes] on a profile she deleted.
        She wants to be famous and wants to put herself in the center of drama.

      2. Eep, yeah. Those merit badges, too. While I’ll slightly give the benefit of the doubt as to not knowing how literal the meaning is on some of them, some sound like sexual boasts. While some could be used by women, ‘Earned *image of red wings*’ probably wouldn’t be I think (I apologise if I’m wrong and same sex attracted women use this too), and worn by a man, would be pretty likely to just make women uncomfortable I should say (it would me, don’t wanna generalise though). ‘Denied love’ sounds cotton ceiling-y as heck, and ‘Sissy fucker’ with the image of the pink figure within a flower on it is kind of iffy. ‘Sexually assaulted’ is not exactly something I’d want to go round wearing a purple heart badge for either, would just feel uncomfortable/unsafe and bring back stuff I’d rather not remember, and I’m not sure how same sex attracted men feel about there being one called ‘Q**r bashed’ (writing on the badge just says ‘Bashed’). The impression it gives of their mindset is, well…

  14. We have a lot of private lesbian gatherings around town, events for feminists, a lot of work that’s very positive. The dyke march in West Hollywood was very well attended, and very well done. We had a really great time, and I think one reason it worked so well is because West Hollywood does back lesbian events, and we had excellent police protection, so it would have been hard for male to trans creeps to get anywhere at the event. I saw only lesbians dancing in the park, there were men there, but they pretty much were quiet and didn’t get in the way.

  15. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a wonderful ex-Muslim feminist and a very powerful woman. I’ve read all her books, and really admire her. How SPLC could put her on some list is beyond, she became an atheist after her horrifying life in Somalia. The stupid liberal think tanks refused to help her when she came to the US many years ago, so I think the American Enterprise Institute hired her, so the left hates her for this. She is a very powerful speaker against Islamic fundamentalism, she really is incredible. Read her books.

    1. The photo of the guy in the shirt with fake blood on it threatening women is horrifying. I gotta say they do look silly with their pastel shields though – prior to this year I didn’t even know political LARPing was a thing!
      I was going to make a joke about foam swords, but then I remembered these assholes carry baseball bats and regularly threaten lesbians with death and suddenly there is nothing funny about that shit at all. 🙁

  16. Something very strange is going with this recent ‘Antifa’ movement.
    The rabbit hole goes runs very deep.
    From its inception ‘Antifa’ has never been quite what it seems. Its rise, both in the past and over the last USA election cycle, was not from the ‘noble and anti-fascist’ sentiments of a grassroots movement forced into action by some horrid despot(s). No, Antifa has always been encouraged, bankrolled and organized by some very questionable characters; mostly either criminal and/or nation state.
    Funny how ‘Antifa’ was not a thing among anarchists groups outside of Europe (mainly Germany + few other western/northern Euro places), that is until the past election. Anarchists with a penchant for history would know of it, but it’s actions in the past were nothing to write home about, especially considering “Arditi del Popolo” was the true ‘anti-fascist’ group of the ’20s. (Interesting how ‘Antifa’ adopted the tactics, the uniform, and styles of the actual Fascists in Italy and not that of Arditi del Popolo.) In the anarchist groups I floated through for nearly a decade in the US and Latin America, as far as I saw, no one ever rallied under the antifa label.
    Seemingly it laid dormant until some Europeans began resurrecting it in the 80s/90s to codify their own anarchist group identity against that of numerous other anarchist groups that already littered the continent.
    And if there is anything to know about European ‘resistance’ movements of any shade and turning direction it’s that they have been compromised for decades (read: a century) at this point. Nation states and criminal organizations have infiltrated, bought, and/or hoodwinked both left and right groups to do their bidding. The connections are out there to be found; many are fully exposed but little is reported across mainstream media.
    The enemy of my enemy is a friend is never far from the chest with these groups.

    1. This is interesting but as an anarchist who knows her history (mostly), I am a bit confused.
      >From its inception ‘Antifa’ has never been quite what it seems. Its rise, both in the past and over the last USA election cycle, was not from the ‘noble and anti-fascist’ sentiments of a grassroots movement forced into action by some horrid despot(s). No, Antifa has always been encouraged, bankrolled and organized by some very questionable characters; mostly either criminal and/or nation state. Funny how ‘Antifa’ was not a thing among anarchists groups outside of Europe (mainly Germany + few other western/northern Euro places), that is until the past election.
      My understanding is that social media spread word about the need for antifa in the USA because of the rise of the alt right, who was attempting to take power. It sounds to me like calling this “bankrolled” and “organized by…criminal and/or nation state”, you are falling for alt right propagada. The Ctrl Left is bad, but the Alt Right is just as insidious. Alt right has been repeating lies about anarchists, communists, and antifa (these are not always the same) and black bloc (which is not an actual group, more like a physical world Anonymous) as being the footsoldiers and paid protestors and agitators of Soros and the Rothschilds, etc, etc. The alt right’s code word for Jews is bankers.
      What _actually_ happened is almost inevitable, and happens all the time: identity politics has been on the rise for decades. MRA trolls simply caught wind of how they could use it. The transwhacktivists, who have infiltrated every nook and cranny of the left, guilt tripped leftist men and wimmin into supporting their own f*cked up identity politics in the name of “liberation” and “visibility” for “marginalized identities”.
      I am one of many anarchafeminists who was erased by the sweeping changes on the radical left. My sister-comrades have found themselves no-platformed and banned years ago. Male logic is escalation and dehumanization, so of course violence would be the next step and what better time to mainstream it than to disguise this male violence in the form of do-gooder anti-fascist activism. Men are a disease.
      There is definitely capitalist profit in the promotion of identity politics, since it is an individualist and consumerist ideology, but in a cumulative rather than conspiratorial way.
      Now all the spaces that were meant for genuine anarchist theory and praxis have been washed out with provocateur-seeming toxicity. Free thought no longer flourishes as it once did. Sure, in more traditional spaces you might find echoes of what it once was and was meant to be. But the future is lost to rotten men and only anarchafeminists carry the torch.
      >Anarchists with a penchant for history would know of it, but it’s actions in the past were nothing to write home about, especially considering “Arditi del Popolo” was the true ‘anti-fascist’ group of the ’20s.
      Why is that? This sounds like a bit of favoritism to me 😉
      >And if there is anything to know about European ‘resistance’ movements of any shade and turning direction it’s that they have been compromised for decades (read: a century) at this point. Nation states and criminal organizations have infiltrated, bought, and/or hoodwinked both left and right groups to do their bidding. The connections are out there to be found; many are fully exposed but little is reported across mainstream media.
      Wait… Really?! How?

  17. In Transworld, when men threaten women or call for them to be raped and killed, this supposedly does no harm, yet if women acknowledge the biological reality of maleness, they cause men to be murdered.
    I’d really like to hear their explanation of why misgendering is fatal and death threats are innocuous, because from where I’m standing, it looks as if they simply believe that a man not getting everything he wants is a worse crime than any degree of violence against a woman.

    1. @Oak and Ash
      “…it looks as if they simply believe that a man not getting everything he wants is a worse crime than any degree of violence against a woman.”
      That’s it! That is all there is to it.
      Genderism, and transgenderism, both openly concede the deaths, beatings, and rapes of females which is why 14 dead transwomen a year is unacceptable, but 1400 dead women a year is no big deal.
      In fact, females (and children) MUST die and be beaten and be raped if males are to have everything they want. That is why men and transwomen are so protective of porn, prostitution, bdsm, and all else pertaining to eroticized sex role (gender) violence.
      So no, death/rape threats or actual murder/rape of females is not as bad as a man not getting what he wants. Especially if he wants sexual access to female AND children for validating genderism.
      And NO ONE believes these males are female or lesbian. If anyone did, they would have told them to stfu and go suck a dick a long time ago.

  18. More serious stuff to discuss here of course, but I gotta say I’m loling at the clueless absurdity of that final pic, the caption of which should be “het couple covered in bloody threatening slogans and carrying weapons not received warmly at pride parade”

  19. Just want to thank Gallus for this outstanding post. You outdid yourself on this one!

    1. You are posting this question on an article about trans people. Sorry about your brain no work good. If you want to know what the blog is about, you’ll have to read it. Lazy.

    2. @alharms — Most of these “trans people” are heterosexual men. Nobody has denied them their right to exist, because they are male (the privileged sex class). They are denying women and girls THEIR right to exist by appropriating what it means to be female (the underprivileged sex class).
      But nice shaming tactic, bub. You are not going to convince the women on this blog that disgusting displays of “femininity” by sexually entitled men counts as them being women, when they are clearly men in drag and make-up. Most men and even non-feminist women will admit this.

  20. Thanks again for all the excellent reporting. Anyone who comes to this blog, just go through the archives and read the extensive posts. Usually, this blog is ahead of all LGBT news, now their is extensive coverage of Jewish dykes getting banned from the Chicago Dyke March— even most lesbians have no idea that groups like these males in anarchist garb are actually violent. I think they might be agents, any time violence erupts in the midst of very historically peaceful groups—Dyke Marches have been peaceful mostly on the west coast. But when you see men with baseball bats, and lesbians letting them in, I suspect something is up.
    So everyone who is new, read this blog, dig into it, do some serious thinking, do some critical thinking. Ask yourself why male to trans are invading lesbian spaces all over the place now. Ask yourself why even well meaning lesbians are being bamboozled by the trans cult, and why women can’t seem to support each other. Ask yourself why heterosexual couples are calling themselves lesbian couples or dykes….. or why genderqueer erases actual lesbians and our culture. Ask yourself why a black son, a black lesbian spouse and her white partner were brutally murdered by a very well known trans activist, and nobody thinks black lesbian lives or black young men’s lives matter at all to report on this….. QUESTION this stuff. THINK HARD. Read, learn, and support all the very brave lesbians who actually care enough to run blogs like this!

    1. Yeah, it does seem like they could be agent provocateurs! I just feel like without the ability to have open conversations about these things within the radical left, we’ll never know for sure. And good point. Why in the world were they let in? Also, Pride is corporate. Why did a corporate march let in these maniacs?

      1. MTTs tend to be politically conservative. Sometimes I wonder how many of them are actively, intentionally trying to sabotage feminism, the LGB, and the left at large. And that’s not getting into the number of failed men transitioning who are sabotaging all these movements through the sheer power of their narcissism and male supremacy, regardless of what they believe their intent is.

  21. As always, you are doing such important work and it’s good to share with those women still learning about the trans cult….

  22. Thank you so much for this detailed explanation and linking the videos which I’ll watch in a bit, my god are those guys scary-looking. I really hope you’re all able to stay safe <3, so disturbing and angering to think of these men at Pride where lesbians should be free to celebrate in peace without intimidatory lesbian-hating males.
    I'd been trying to follow this 'Antifa' trend but am British so was really left baffled and disturbed by how odd their perspective was and wondered if I was somehow missing something. I tried reasoning with some so-called 'Antifa' (I guess they don't actually deserve to be called that, do they?) and their supporters after the Battle of Berkely. It was unnerving, I noted that a few were trans-identifying and the similarities in their thinking. Abusive-male type thinking, I'd say it was. So I'm almost relieved, though disturbed, to get that confirmation, and it's depressingly unsurprising to see this 'Pastel bloc' manifestation of it.
    It just seemed so insanely stupid at the time, given some on the far right WANT a fight in order to further escalate the situation, to go out and give it to them for no reason, and to uncritically advocate that with no nuance whatsoever. It didn't seem at all like necessary opposition to actual fascists – even with the rightwingers who really are Neo-Nazis, which isn't most of them (hence the issue of indiscriminate violence, which you highlight), it didn't exactly seem like a justified and good idea to go out and start fights. I was struck by how it seemed like a game to them, a real sense of unreality to it, rather than the idea real people (including very likely them, and more concerningly, any naive people they'd bullied into thinking they had to join the counter-protest, who'd be at risk once the violence kicked off) would actually get hurt, that they were just enjoying their own created epic narrative, which is very in line with trans' lack of connection to material reality and tendency for grandiosity. They think it's some cartoonish version of goodies Vs. baddies (with 'TERFs', aka women especially lesbians, being this lots' chosen baddies), and they're the goodies because they say so and that justifies any actions they take. As with trans ideology, actual reasoning and morality doesn't seem to much factor in.
    Where are they actually, politically, I've wondered how the heck to classify them? Anarchists seem to have this tendency to cause trouble for the hell of it (not to tar all with the same brush, though), but the aims differ somewhat. They're indeed not communists. They seem to have absorbed a huge amount of modern Liberal ideology, influenced heavily by the online culture, but at the point they're actually advocating pretty indiscriminate violence, aren't exactly liberal. The right likes to call them the regressive left, or illiberal liberals, but that kind of tars the left unfairly, and it might be better to call this type of ideology something the right didn't come up with? Those in the US can put it into perspective easier: how worried should we be worried by these street battles and intimidation tactics, about it escalating, as it has seemed to do so far?
    In a way, it's a shame about some of the female supporters, their desire to be radical might have been less destructive without these horrible males distorting it, maybe they'd have done something useful instead, maybe not though. : /

  23. “Inclusive” is code for any group BUT lesbians, or now any group BUT Jews. It means men pretending to be women are welcome at the expense of actual dykes. “Inclusive” to me means hatred of lesbians and our culture, it is that obvious now.” This statement got a friend banned on FB for 48 hours. Yup seems to be open season on DYKES or DYKES wanting the DYKE march to NOT be about men in dresses or men wearing PUNCH TERFS on their T-shirts.

    1. At this point, people being obsessed with “inclusiveness” is my first hint to stay the hell away.

      1. Kesher! Damn!! YES, clear warning that anytime we see the word “inclusiveness” it means women get the hell away! NOPE, I’m looking for born womyn only signs, DYKES welcome, and nothing TRANS should ever get in women’s spaces. INCLUSIVE means male rape culture and hatred of lesbian culture.

  24. This is the most ridiculous, ludicrously stupid “movement” I’ve ever seen created by anyone . . . and I’ve seen much, having spent 40+ years in Berkeley.
    My take on Mya Byrne and others of this ilk?
    A profound embarrassment to the human species.

    1. Charles O –“ilk” is the perfect word to describe Mya and his “ilk.” Berkeley for 40 plus years and this is the most ridiculous, ludicrously stupid “movement” I’ve ever seen created by anyone
      WOW you have serious Berkeley cred here 40 plus years to get to the height of nut case men and their delusions of being women…. just how kooky is it going to get? I thought I had peak trans several years ago, but I keep having to re-up the ante here LOL.

  25. Wow this entire article is garbage. Not one word about violence against transgender people. How interesting. Also, this person isn’t advocating for violence against women, they’re advocating punching TERFs in the face. TERF is not synonymous with women because guess what! We’re not all transphobic. Trans women are exhausted as fuck by your indifference to the violence they experience, and the way you fuel that violence by claiming they are inherently violent and predatory. Framing an entire group of people as inherently violent, predatory, and dangerous in general is a very common way that people with power and privilege justify oppression and even justify violence against an entire group of people (ie think about the ways we talk about terrorism in this country). This is so shameful. And I always wonder… when you TERFs go on and on aboout transwomen, you NEVER mention trans men. What exactly is your opinion of men who are transgender? That they’re not men? Are they also dangerous? Are they predators? Enlighten me.

    1. It isn’t shameful to acknowledge that maleness is the overwhelming predictor of violent, predatory, and dangerous acts against women (and other males). Women who acknowledge this fact don’t, as you suggest, deserve to be bashed and battered by violent men.
      I published your comment because I never want to forget that Katlyn A. Tracy publicly advocates for and encourages male violence against lesbians and feminists. Let the public be warned.

      1. That commenter is not the only one who is doing this, GallusMag. It’s just the cretin is one of the more open bullies in same.
        By the way….the false data that people like that spread, is one of the main reasons WHY some parts of the US pass those ‘protection laws’ , at the expense of women, girls and minorities who have been walked over. Data that is poorly collected, poorly analyzed …with the media in lockstep. Where have we seen this before???
        Based on the commenter’s tone, if the creep was around the south in the 1950’s, a membership in the CCC against the rights of blacks would have been on the CV. If the creep was in Germany pre-WWII, a brownshirt and a hatred of Jews would have been that creep’s order of the day.
        Again…these folks offer up the fact as to, how disconnected from reality quite a few in the brigade really are. Facts being irrelevant…science being a menace…compassion for others being a vice.

    2. What a great example of twisted logic so typical of trans thinking. Please, make a list of who it’s ok for you to bash.
      We are sorry you’re about the violence trans and biological males visit upon you, but we are topped right up with the violence trans and biological males visit upon 52 percent of the population which is women. If we have a moment after mopping up the blood we’ll be right there at your .006 percent right quick. Don’t thank us. We’re women. Always ready to hold out a hand.

    3. Do you believe that a significant amount of males fall under the RADICAL feminist banner? Because otherwise this IS threatening violence toward women. It may be women with whom you disagree but they are still women.
      A lot of assholes like Byrne don’t transition until their 30s. Even if they magically ascend to sisterhood at that moment, they have 3+ decades to soak in patriarchal attitudes. Denying the similarities between this and any other form of misogynist violence doesn’t do anyone any favors.

  26. Thought crime in patriarchy is for women to tell the truth that men are violent, preditory and dangerous to all humans. Apparently, the man above doesn’t seem to realize that male to trans actually have killed women and young people, they have killed their wives, they have killed a lesbian family, they have killed prostituted women. Female to trans are women, and as far as I know, I don’t know of any people that they have murdered. All of the PUNCH TERF shirts seem to be worn by men invading as they do Dyke space.
    And no, you can’t change your biological sex, SEX is in every cell of the human body. Gender is not sex, this biological fact is called “violence” male pattern violence does not change just because men have their bodies cut up to resemble biological women. Saying all of these things somehow makes it ok for male to trans to threaten death, to wear T-shirts that advocate violence against radical feminists who refuse to deny male biology. And good for you for putting this as a matter of record Gallus, revealing these men for who they are.

  27. So Katlyn thinks it’s ok for male to trans to advocate on T-shirts at a dyke march punching WOMEN IN THE FACE. That is advocating violence against women who refuse to go along with the mythology that men can turn into women, or that men can be lesbians. These are DYKE marches, these are places that lesbians carved out since the early 90s. Men are not Dykes, and you can see what happens when they invade dyke marches now–the pink and blue baseball bats, the t-shirts advocating violence against radical feminists, it is all one violent male package out there. And then they seemed disturbed that we call this out as all about male pattern violence. Katlyn, feminists do not advocate punching people in the face, and we don’t invade trans only space, and your name gives you away, the trans names…. clearly a very mentally unstable biological male does not like to be corrected or called out.

  28. I was once an anarchist/socialist/communist but definitely found that most people were fascists on that side & do not believe in freedom nor freedom of thought. I found they were bullies & enforcers of certain codes/conforiming thoughts. I’m a Trump supporter now. I have plenty of LGBTQ friends on this side of the aisle, people that are NORMAL good people. The left is strong, they are dangerous, I want zero to do with them.
    I’m still pro-choice, pro-green, pro-sustainability, pro-LGBTQ, but I’m more of a centrist. The entire left has no room for the centrists anymore.

    1. Really? That sounds suspect… I totally get why you wouldn’t feel like supporting the Dems (from my British perspective they’re not really leftwing, anyway), but supporting Trump, who has boasted about assaulting women, been homophobic, and who is anti-choice? If neither of the sides are any good, you don’t absolutely have to pick one, and there’s no way someone who was a communist etc at one point (thus having effectively picked a side outside the mainstream), even if they weren’t proper communists as these bros aren’t, would not understand that. If you don’t like what’s on offer, you can have your own views (that’s what we’re doing on here). It sounds more like the usual righwinger thing, to claim the left/Liberals MADE them support Trump. The conflation between socialist/communist and the Dems is also pretty much a rightwing perspective, leftwingers know these things aren’t the same, and also it’s neon lights glaringly obvious that it’s the right in the stronger position, not the left. This transgender thing is not leftwing, since when did we want violent-looking men to be intimidating lesbians at Pride? I bet most US Liberals know that’s wrong, if they’re honest with themselves.
      Anarchist/socialist/communist is just not really the correct term for this lot, it’s not even an accurate description of where they’re at politically. They’re a fascistic mishmash of whatever they thought sounded neat/personally advantageous, and a particularly confused kind of Liberalism. Even if they were sincerely trying to be those things (rather than what they’re actually doing, political LARPing. I’m so stealing that term, it’s brilliant), they’re sufficiently rubbish at it that the terms can’t really be meaningfully applied to them.

      1. It’s so freeing to decide you’re just not going to vote, not for any of them, because they are all pro Men. They just fake being different enough to get their rocks off jousting with each other. While we die.

        1. Telling women not to vote is very bad advice. Horrible. What incredible disrespect to the foremothers who sacrificed so much so women could vote. This literally makes me ill. If you don’t vote you should just shut the fuck up about all politics. Trump is president because of you. If you did not vote, you voted for Trump. Even on a local level this is horrible advice. The first thing any local official or judge wants to know about any person asking them for anything is if they are an active voter. Trouble with your water bill? The first thing that official does is check to see if you are on the voter rolls. If you aren’t recorded as an active voter don’t expect representation at any level of government. Your advice not to vote is for women to be unrepresented in public life. That is a disgusting position to advocate. You aren’t edgy. You’re lazy and irresponsible.
          “While we die”. Boo fucking hoo.

    2. From anarchist to Trump? Because Hillary Clinton was so uber leftist?

  29. Um, Do you guys offer support for young girls? I have been feeling scared about the whole entire trans issue.

  30. “Telling women not to vote is very bad advice.”
    I stated my feelings about not voting. Not “telling” women anything. Not voting is an option and women should be able to choose that without being shamed and blamed. Women have the right to vote. Not the obligation to vote.
    Very few indigenous people vote. Here, indigenous women didn’t get the right to vote until the 1960s, but even so, only a minority *choose* to.: It’s not our way. We are a concensus people.
    I am not edgy, lazy or irresponsible. I’m indigenous.
    While we die:

    1. Okay, you are indigenous, Canadian and don’t vote. You are upset that the powers that be aren’t actively finding and prosecuting murdering men. Well, why should they? You won’t vote for their challenger if they do nothing to stop the murders, and prosecute murderers, because it is “not your way.” Zero incentive for your leaders to do the right thing, and you are surprised that they don’t? Think about that.

    2. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to work get out the vote drives and find that the only person in the house who votes consistently is the old white guy.
      When you don’t vote, you leave a little vacuum in your own personal power, and when you create that vacuum, someone else is filling up the space with their own needs. This isn’t some airy fairy analogy, this is absolutely how it happens. You give away your personal power every time you don’t vote.

      1. What a very white perspective. I will assume the best of intentions for you, but you have no idea how racist your thinking is.

        1. Her thinking isn’t racist; that is an unfair accusation. I agree with her, and I am Asian and African, in addition to European!

      2. What can women possibly gain by sitting in the living room surfing the net while the menfolk do the thinking and the doin’?

      3. So stating the fact that only those who vote are heard is somehow wrongthink? Do facts become racist if you disagree with them and they are uttered by a person of the “wrong” ethnicity? Or can we all agree on objective, material reality on these pages? Laws give you the right to vote, and the right not to vote. And if your reason for not voting is that you do not want to be assimilated into the larger “white” culture, well, you will need to weigh that against the objective fact that if you don’t vote you will not be represented. Your voice will not be heard. You can hope, as women did for years, that some well meaning others (men, or in this case, whites) are able to speak for you, but who can speak better for you than yourself? Why would you cast this aside when you have to exist in the world beyond your immediate community? Know that if you do cast this right aside, you will have no cause to complain when you are NOT represented. Because that hope–that others will know your concerns, and put them before their own–will never become reality. The world does not work that way.

      1. Okay, rant about not voting over. Not to derail in a different direction, but did you see the news about the MtT in Saint Genevieve, MO who is accused of using his fully intact male equipment in the women’s jail? I hope that wakes people up, but I doubt it will, since the ignorance of trans-supporters seems willful.

    1. Female Invisibility. The cherished end game of the right wing and the religious.

    2. Red, from your own link:
      “The reality is that, paradoxically, if First Nations are truly interested in more autonomy, they will never get it without cooperation from the federal government. That means electing a government that is sympathetic to their perspective — and they will never do so unless they go to the polls. Voting is not capitulation, but a recognition that in a democracy, you need to participate if you want your voice to be heard.
      — Tasha Kheiriddin
      Clearly, many in your own community disagree with you based on your own link.

  31. Good vid. Antifa are indeed ‘pc fascism.’ Highly funded, violent straight N. American males attacking gay people who have experienced actual repression and had to flee murderous regimes. Well done, antifa! Like a lot of TRAs they recall Shakespeare’s line ‘all sound and fury, signifying nothing’

    1. The Shakespeare line is apt, but I think of another line by everyone’s favorite HS chemistry teacher, Walter White, from the TV show Breaking Bad, when considering MtT: “I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger!”

  32. Reblogged this on vaskaxtumir and commented:
    “TransDykes are heterosexual men who identify as transwomen. They consider Lesbianism a form of fascism because female homosexuality excludes male-bodied persons. But any woman who publicly acknowledges the existence of biologically female human beings is their enemy, especially Feminists, who want to abolish, not celebrate, the sex stereotypes that transwomen identify with.”

    1. WTF????
      Are these folks serious? So much for one’s tax dollars at work.
      Do not be surprised if and when these persons get into the workplace, that they will be as bigoted and fascist as those they complain about. Especially if done in the name of the ‘rainbow’.

  33. Please don’t give these people guns! Ever. This is the Star, but the article says this group is from New York. Apparently, from their facebook, there are trans/queer gun clubs in Atlanta too.
    “Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you” is their motto.
    When he wasn’t killing women and dumping their bodies, serial killer Douglas, “Donna”, Perry collected lots of guns and served time on federal weapons charges. This serial killer once had in his possession 49 firearms and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. Damn. This is spooky stuff. Trans and queer with fire arms.
    Trans and queer are fascists at heart. I was scrolling down their Facebook, and they have an Antifa logo. Hell, yes these people are dangerous, and they love their weapons.

    1. Thanks for this article “Lesbians are an endangered species” it’s an excellent overview. Just about all women’s groups have been colonized by this anti-lesbian ideology, and hetero women lead the day in supporting men over lesbians. It’s pretty horrific to watch this silencing of lesbians all over the place now.

  34. Reblogged this on Madam Nomad and commented:
    This blogger has her research together better than I do. Violence against women is the worst problem in the world. it leads to all the other miseries humans have inflicted on each other and the entire biosphere.

  35. I posted a link to this page on the San Francisco Public Library’s Facebook “Review” page, and someone complained to Facebook. Facebook decided this page is “hate speech” and banned me for 24 hours. Those fucking hypocrites!

  36. This kind of shit terrifies me going to pride with my rainbow flag with women’s symbols on it. It’s not enough that we get harassed every year by male fundy streetpreachers telling us to go back in the kitchen while calling us carpet munchers now we have to worry about the “t” in lgbt.

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