9 thoughts on “DYKE March not DICK March

  1. All Pride fests seem to be sausage fests. Glad there are some rare exceptions. Goddess forbid that women have something for ourselves that isn’t dominated and controlled by men!

    1. Goddess grant that women have a WORLD for ourselves that isn’t dominated and controlled by men!
      The fact is, we need it more than they do.

  2. We tried, yesterday, at the San Francisco Dyke March. Lots of Lesbians, in spite of the publicity putting “trans dykes” (men) first.
    And in spite of the publicity asking male allies to not be in the march, of course they were perving on us, as always, often with their women. The het couples seemed to outnumber Dykes in the park before the march. I saw very few men posing as women, but lots of het men and women. One of the white het men started grabbing one of our friends (who was the smallest of our group and African-descent), but two of us pushed him back. One of his white women friends told us we should have explained to him (this is while the march was still moving) and the signs telling men to be on the sidelines were everywhere.
    I have gone from the first Dyke March. Previously, the “Lesbian and Gay Parade” (before “Pride” was the term) used to have lots of contingents of Lesbians marching with political banners. That was before it cost to join and wasn’t yet corporate. Then when the Dyke March started, we went there instead, but each year is less political.
    We used to march with our big Lesbians for Lesbians banner (the photo is in some anthologies).
    Each year, we wonder if it’s worth still going….

    1. “SF Dyke March celebrates gender identity with renewed activism”
      When I read the title of this article about the SF Dyke March, I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or scream. WTF is this? No one woman I know “celebrates gender identity with renewed activism”, and this includes lesbians and straight women. The majority of women across the political spectrum don’t care about gender identity other than wishing it would just go away.

    1. From the article:
      ‘”You have to leave because you are making people feel unsafe. You are putting them in danger by being here.” I was told this by Dyke Collective organizers, volunteers, and even other marchers. Why? Because I was carrying a rainbow flag with a single Jewish star.’
      So it’s perfectly acceptable to say one feels unsafe in the presence of a Jewish woman at a public parade and horrifically bigoted to feel endangered by the presence of intact males in a women’s spa or locker room. And does the Chicago Dyke March kick out men who join the marchers, or is this honor reserved for Jewish women?
      So tolerance in the modern “queer” movement means anti-semistism and misogyny are fine, but women aren’t allowed to bar men from their private spaces–because men are nevert violent but six-pointed stars and incorrect pronouns go around assaulting people?
      And as of ten seconds ago we’ve always been at war with Eastasia . . .

  3. Now that using the word “dyke” on Facebook is grounds for being kicked off (yes, this is for real!), while porn is rarely removed, it was great just to see Dyke in the title of your post!

  4. I no longer bother going to the Dyke March. It’s just not worth the grief and annoyance. It’s too much inconvenience for what? Lots of men and heteros, a lot of alcohol and litter. I was at the very first Dyke March in DC and I remember thinking at the end of it, this is so different from Gay Pride. There were thousands of us and not one piece of garbage on the ground once it was over. It seems that one was modeled after the old Take Back the Night marches.
    I’m a confirmed coward and I know it. I would love nothing better than for us to carry provocative signs and confront the men and their handmaidens so they would leave. But there’s no way I’m going to knowing I am outnumbered a hundred, if not a thousand, to one. No visibility, no solidarity I guess but then again no one is following me home or sending me death threats. I count my blessings.

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