Donna Perry Serial Killer Trial Updates

Yolanda Sapp, Kathleen Brisbois, Nicki Lowe.

The Donna Perry serial killer trial started on the 9th. I’ve been posting updates in the previous post thread here:
You may also read my original post here, where I research his criminal history (including archival materials) and offer commentary:

After some regional coverage at the start of the trial, the last week has passed with no media coverage whatsoever (!) .
Tom Clouse of the Spokesman-Review finally posted an update last night:

“Attorneys have spent a week questioning retired police detectives, reviewing lost evidence and recounting raids that netted guns not connected to the killings of three women in 1990. But on Tuesday, prosecutors brought the fingerprint and DNA evidence that is the crux of the serial killer case against a transgender woman.

The triple murder trial of Donna R. Perry, 65, reached the point where witnesses began talking of the decades-old evidence that prompted prosecutors in 2014 to charge Perry with the killings of Yolanda A. Sapp, Nickie I. Lowe and Kathleen A. Brisbois.

The three women knew each other and lived in the same motel off of East Sprague Avenue, which has been Spokane’s traditional working zone for prostitutes.”

Read the rest of that update here:
I will be posting daily trial updates as available in the comments below for those who are following the case.

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47 thoughts on “Donna Perry Serial Killer Trial Updates

  1. If only the truth about the number of men claiming to be women who murder and commit other violent crimes would be known….
    If only their statistics were not included with women’s….
    If only women cared about this travesty….
    If only the women who say it’s too upsetting to think about or they feel sorry for men who demand we accept them as women and Lesbians, then at least we would have some safe space and some hope.
    But why do women keep betraying girls and women for these men?
    I keep telling everyone I know to come here and read the archives. Of course the truth is upsetting when it’s about how dangerous many men are, but it’s better to know and not welcome these men into our communities or to support them in any way.
    Thank you, Gallus Mag, for being the rare voice of reason and fact.

  2. I encourage anyone interested in this case to tweet at or email the reporters who have previously covered it. Maybe we can get some more coverage out of them. Daily reports would be good. Trial is only expected to last another week or two.

  3. I would urge all reporters to report that this murderer is a MALE, not a female. It is very important that these transwomen murderers be seen in the context of both their real sex and put in the larger context of the really shocking number of men who choose to identify themselves as women who commit this kind of heinous crime. Remind the reporter that the recent mass shooter at that mall in Pennsylvania also was a male who identified as a transwoman.

  4. I hope someone covers the dana rivers trial when it happens. I really want to know what witnesses say about why he targeted his victims. The perry case is so old, I imagine it is going to focus on forensic evidence primarily as a result of that. Too bad you couldn’t change the sex of your dna, huh dude??

    1. Dana Rivers was so protected by the “LGBTQetc.” media in the Bay Area, though slightly referred to in the mainstream media.
      If another white man had murdered an interracial Lesbian couple and their African son in Oakland, there would have been candlelight marches and so much outrage for a double hate crime. But not a peep, to protect that prick.
      Meanwhile, the media coverage of course calls him a “lady” and “woman,” and acts surprised.
      Yes, that could be an opportunity to do something….

  5. I know the statistics often quoted say that trans males are as violent as non-trans males, but it does sometime seem that they are MORE violent, doesn’t it? Plus Julian Vigo did a great take on the whining about murdered trans (her statistical analysis may refer just to Canada, I can’t remember, as that is where she lives) showing that they were the LEAST likely group to be murdered in her essay published at Feminist Current.
    And I am totally with Bev Jo about LGB organizations protecting these freaks.

    1. The Dhejne study showed that MTTs are as violent as regular men, but that’s after controlling for mental illness. Without controlling for mental illness, they’re 2.7 times more violent than men. And this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if the medical establishment made any attempt to keep mentally unwell violent offenders from transitioning. But, these days, transitioning is “necessary health care”, and trans activists tout the lie that these men are only mentally unwell and violent because they can’t live as their “true selves”. lol

    2. Thanks, Dogtowner!
      Yes, men claiming to be women ARE more violent, more entitled, more narcissistic, psychopathic, etc.

  6. I was just flabbergasted that Dana Rivers got a total free pass in the LGBT media, every time I bring up his horrifying crime of MURDERING TWO people of color (including a black young man) and the white spouse, just dead silence. It’s as if even lesbians are shut down on this. How does this man get away with this horrifying mass murder, and NO LGBT papers or media report on it? And of course Rivers “identifies as a lesbian” and was allowed to join a lesbian motorcycle club where he met one of the women. Some speculate that he was rejected sexually by her NATURALLY, and then later went on his rampage. How bad does it have to get I wonder?

      1. Murder is “justified” for what? Sexual rejection? Disagreeing with him? Attending MWMF? Having a sense of self and boundaries while female?

      2. @GallusMag…..did I read that post right? This cretin committed murder, killing innocent people who did absolutely nothing to deserve this fate because the creep was not born to the aspired gender? Is this shit correct?
        This goes to….once again….how deep the delusion goes for many who are being coddled. Along with those who lionize the thugs otherwise [human traffickers…as is shown in some online brigade spots, along with the blatant racists in same]. Damn damn damn damn….

      3. “..did I read that post right?”
        Yes, the OP stated that the man who identified as a transwoman was “driven” to murder, and a commenter cited “misgendering” as “a part of the reason for [mass murder] happening”.

    1. This site does bring a lot of attention to trans people with “dark triad” traits:
      There are so many people who are so obsessed with getting constant affirmation for their decision that they want to re-write the past. I have encountered people (both gay men and hetero women) whose trans exes wanted them to retroactively declare themselves to have been in “straight” and “lesbian” relationships . All for the sake of getting people to say that they have “always” been a woman.
      Apparently, not knowing that your partner was trans is no excuse. The argument was that whether wittingly or unwittingly, you have had sex with “a woman” and YOU needed to redefine yourself accordingly; to do otherwise was an offense to the trans person, a callous erasure of their gender identity.
      I think a second part of the equation is the desire to control others, to see them as chess pieces. I ended a friendship with an MTF person whom my friends had warned me about…this person took a VERY sudden interest in me, and I later learned that one of their friends had said he found me attractive. I had become a “trophy” to acquire, something to call dibs on before the other guy could get his hands on me (in retrospect, they were both repulsive people who tried lots of weird mind games, guilt tripping, etc, all so they could get their dicks in me.).
      Many people wonder why there is so much fawning attention given to clearly abusive, unsavory people in the trans community. I think, on some level, a lot of people know who they really are, but are afraid to say anything….they have effectively leveraged themselves so well that it is anathema to speak out and question ANY of it.
      I am reminded of that Twilight Zone episode, with the little boy who could cause horrible things to happen to anyone who displeased him. As a result, people treat him with fawning adulation:

      1. The rewriting of the past is one of those actions, that is encouraged and rewarded within the brigade. Which is why those states, where new ID rules are being loosened will become havens by proxy for the criminal population within.
        As for the adulation…it’s as though one is admired for being in some cases, bad carbon copies or bad carbon copies, with surgically elective wounds, that the body did not want. But say something…anything against this and one is sent to the cornfield. Or murdered. Damn lunatic fringe…

  7. I have never in my life seen such shut down behavior from lesbians who should know better. They are so afraid of the trans cult, or they actually believe the crap male to trans say about themselves— this too liberal to be able to stand up for lesbians shocks me. They even went along with the trans cult which pretty much destroyed a federal jobs equality bill from passing in congress because the trans insisted on being listed on the bill. Even Barney Frank told them to GET A BILL passed, and worry about trans stuff later, but NO the stupid liberal activist had to have the T in the bill along with the G and L. Drives me nuts, all the fear, silencing, women shutting ME DOWN for refusing to not bring this stuff up.

  8. I’m meeting more women who agree with us, but are so gutless and terrified to say that men can’t be women. Usually they are afraid of losing friends and status in the community, which is nothing compared to the actual threats we’ve gotten. They could stop this mess, at least in “women’s community.” But they won’t.
    If they did think these men could be women, they would be open to being intimate with them, and they aren’t.
    Most do not believe the trans lies. I don’t think any do. Some is about being middle class “good girls,” which included their policing us to enforce the “transgender etiquette” crap.

    1. So that’s the media coverage of the Donna Perry trial. A few seconds of footage tangential to a human interest story about a basketball festival. I guess nobody can claim there’s a COMPLETE media blackout when the serial killer on trial is a trans woman.

      1. There are about six articles in that news site alone. But it’s not an LGBT site, no, just msm.
        I took that particular artlcle as, possibly, a small act of disobedience by a clever writer who is trying to keep his job.

      2. As I expressed to Gallus in another arena, the reality in MANY trials, even those of serial killers, is that there are lots of really boring things that happen and that aren’t newsworthy, even to the local community. Media will usually cover the opening and closing statements and the verdict, plus occasionally include coverage of a day of testimony from an interesting witness. I remember this even with the Angel Maturino Resendez case in Houston many years ago. Even back in the mid-80’s, in Houston, when a tranny tried to shoot a couple of cops and went to trial, there was little media coverage (and we had TWO major papers then).
        It was this way even back when large cities had multiple newspapers and actually reported the news. The sad reality is that few people really care about ANY trial. We are a small subset of the population in that we DO care. And given the part of the country where this trial is taking place, it would not surprise me if the news outlets are worried about losing what few subscribers they still have by reporting on something that exposes the trannies for the violent males that they have been shown to be on so many occasions.
        Even at the Supreme Court, the best coverage tends to come through bloggers who sat through every moment of often boring and tedious proceedings. My office has had some rather momentous decisions come from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals that radically changed how an agency operated, but we never had coverage of the oral arguments and the only coverage that DID make the media tended to be from a friend of the firm who might do an article a few weeks after the Opinion had been released.
        For those that recall watching the OJ trial, think about how boring the actual trial itself tended to be, save for a few moments of most days. The only reason that was national coverage was because OJ was a known quantity nationwide. My guess is that if you asked the average person on the street even in the western part of the US if they had ever heard of Douglas/Donna Perry, the answer would be ‘no.’
        I would expect more coverage in this case, at least locally, once it goes to closing statements and the verdict comes in. THEN there will be a few more that show up for the punishment phase of the hearing, which is where the real freak show on parade will come to light…

    1. That is a different transwoman mass murderer, Pablo Gomez.
      There are at least four mass murdering Transwomen cases in the last few months (not including the ax attacker in Australia).
      1.Pablo Gomez
      2.Dana Rivers
      3.Donna Perry
      4.and the supermarket killer.

      1. Yes I’m sorry I didn’t mean to divert, merely to say: here’s another, but I think the reporter is getting it across. I read, “we get it” and “we’re trying to make sure you do too”.

      2. LOVED this…
        “Deputies led a kicking and screaming Gomez from the courtroom after a brief meeting with Arroyo.”

  9. I was just informed via Twitter that Laverne Cox now has an official NYC holiday. Because nothing gets you recognition faster than advocating for two sick murderers and one rapist being in a women’s facility. And once again, where are the transmen collecting money, fame and accolades? They’re turning MTT into golden calves. Just when this couldn’t get any weirder.

    1. It was posted on AJ+ (@ajplus) for reference, fyi. Mostly women mostly are swooning in the comments section and I sit here like “do you know very little Cox cares about your wellbeing as a woman?” Either they have 0 clue or they don’t care. Both are pretty sad. I had to tweet a response. I await the backlash. welp.

      1. They did??? WTF?
        How about there being a day to honor the lovely illicit drug trade, which ruined and still does ruin poorer sections of the city? Or a day to commemorate when, the GoodFellas pulled off the Lufthansa Heist at JFK?
        Someone needs to inform city hall, that honoring someone, who IS a crook, endorses murderers and human traffickers, while being a mockery of those the person aspires to be is sickening. An insult, demented and twisted.
        [Makes an ex-NYC person like myself want to vomit, due to how stupid this is]

  10. The F2Ts are getting praise and attention too. A recent documentary is winning lots of awards.!
    Horrible and tedious. Young Bennett and her friend who seems just like her had their mastectomies together. Her mother is slowly being brought around, but interesting that when she protests, her daughter asks her about her own plastic surgery and makeup, etc, showing how women could be more support if they didn’t play the male-identified feminine game.
    Anyway, it’s chilling, including the scene near the end where another girl smiles at her, so it looks like she’s going to get a girlfriend. But does the girl know that’s not a “real boy”?
    What is also upsetting is that “Joe” who is her older mentor and also a musician who also has “substance abuse problems” had been a local Bay Area Lesbian in a band, called Coyote Grace, with her lover, . They are good, musically. They were playing at local Lesbian venues and yard concerts. The lover was getting more upset and fed up and I heard her on stage referring to “Joe” as being more of a Lesbian than she thinks. But that was before “Joe” grew the beard, skull changed, and all the other changes that testosterone causes. It wasn’t clear if “Joe” was now with a man or another F2T, but she was shown drinking heavily by the end. Does not bode well for Bennett.

    “After calling zero witnesses to the stand, the defense of Donna Perry rested its case Monday in the triple-murder trial that has lasted more than two weeks.
    Defense attorney Bryan Whitaker told Superior Court Judge Michael Price that “after making some considerations on the case” they didn’t need to call any witnesses of their own, indicating instead that they would rely on cross-examination of the state’s multiple witnesses to introduce reasonable doubt.
    “We’re OK,” he said. “We’re going to close.”

    Donna Perry’s defense attorney blasted the state’s case against his transgender client during closing arguments Tuesday, bookending the trial that began two and a half weeks ago in a similar fashion: with the defense criticizing the state’s evidence as mere coincidence.
    Brian Whitaker, one of the 65-year-old triple-murder suspect’s attorneys, held up a bottle of Tylenol for jurors as he delivered his hourlong argument, equating the threshold of reasonable doubt with opening a 30-year-old pill bottle for your child.
    “You have to be really confident before you break into that old bottle of Tylenol,” he said, the bottle positioned firmly in his hand. “They can sit here all day and give you theories. But each time you’re given an alternative theory, you’re undermining yourself. You’re saying, ‘I haven’t proved this beyond a reasonable doubt.’ ”
    Deputy Spokane County Prosecutor Sharon Hedlund, however, urged jurors to review the evidence presented in the case, which featured dozens of witnesses and hours of testimony from police officers, witnesses who knew the three homicide victims – Yolanda A. Sapp, Nickie I. Lowe and Kathleen A. Brisbois – before they were killed in the spring and summer of 1990, and from people who allege Perry admitted to shooting people in the past.
    She surgically went over the facts presented in the case, which were that Sapp, 26, Lowe, 34, and Brisbois, 38, all knew each other, frequented the same areas of East Sprague Avenue as drug addicts and prostitutes and lived in the same Spokane motel paying cash under the table.
    She recounted testimony from witnesses who said Perry, then Douglas Perry, had multiple interactions with the three women and lived with and dated another prostitute, Clairann Galloway, who worked the same streets as the other three.
    She then went over the DNA evidence linking Perry to the crimes. Notably, that her DNA was found underneath the fingernail of Brisbois and on a blanket near Sapp’s dead body, which was found dumped near the Spokane River. Her fingerprint was also found on a bottle of lubricant found alongside several of Lowe’s belongings in a dumpster near Perry’s residence.
    “Does that prove someone killed someone else?” Hedlund asked. “Or does it demonstrate a connection?”
    But Whitaker argued that when Perry was convicted in a federal case of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and her DNA entered into a national database, that detectives had tunnel vision when her DNA pinged in the 1990 cold case. He said it was clear that analysts were only looking for DNA evidence from his client, thus making connections where they didn’t fit.
    “That’s called confirmation bias,” he said. “You know what you want to find, and you find it.”
    He also criticized the prosecution for offering multiple motives, methods of killing and explanations for why certain details didn’t fit together in what he labeled as the state’s “theories.”
    “There was reasonable doubt,” he said. “They’re giving it you. There is absolutely no proof of anything other than the following: Our client had contact with these people. You do not know who had the last contact. You do not know who killed them.”
    One of the key points of the state’s case against Perry was an interview in 2012 with Spokane police detectives, in which Perry denied knowing the three victims and killing them, but also said that “they are going to put me in prison for the rest of my life.” Prosecutors used this information in conjunction with other instances where Perry admitted to having shot people in the past.
    But Whitaker questioned the detectives’ methods, saying they told his client – who he said had a history of mental health issues – more than 60 times that she was lying, and continued to grill her even after she requested a lawyer multiple times.
    He used an anecdote of when he was a kid, when his parents would force him to sit in a chair and wouldn’t let him leave while they called him a liar and wouldn’t listen to what he had to say.
    “It doesn’t matter what you’re saying when you’re told you’re lying 60 times,” he said. “That you’re just a liar, to tell the truth.”
    Hedlund, who spoke last, told jurors she “keeps asking for the perfect case, but unfortunately that’s for television. But what I have here is two and a half weeks (of trial), the culmination of 27 years of investigation.”
    She asked for the group of 10 men and two women to consider the evidence presented in trial, not just the statements given by lawyers at the end.
    “While we might steadfastly want you to believe what we’re saying, you really need to focus on what was submitted during trial,” she said. “I ask you again to think through the evidence.”

  13. Similar motive here:
    Transgender prostitute killed Wilmington mother out of jealousy, D.A. says
    By MEGAN BARNES | | Daily Breeze
    PUBLISHED: June 11, 2018 at 5:43 pm | UPDATED: June 12, 2018 at 6:27 am
    A transgender prostitute slashed the throat of a young mother in Wilmington six years ago because she was jealous of “real women” and then bragged about it to a friend, a prosecutor said Monday in a Long Beach courtroom.
    Cristian “Cristy” Zugey Alvarez. File photo.
    Cristian “Cristy” Zugey Alvarez. File photo.
    For the first time since the slaying of Cristian “Cristy” Zugey Alvarez, prosecutors offered a public explanation for what happened to the 28-year-old mother of two who was found dead behind train tracks near L Street and Hyatt Avenue on Jan. 2, 2012. An unopened condom was left on her stomach.
    It was the first day of testimony in the trial of Angel Guevarabello, 38, who was charged a year later on suspicion of the murder, with a special allegation that she used a knife.
    Deputy District Attorney Drew Harbur began his opening statements by projecting large, red quotations onto a screen before jurors – statements using a curse word to say the person talking inflicted harm of some sort on a female.
    Sign up for our breaking news email newsletter: When major local news happens, you will be the first to know. Subscribe here.
    They were statements made by Guevarabello after the killing to a friend, who will testify in the trial, he said.
    “While the defendant is saying those words, she’s making a stabbing motion with her hand,” Harbur said.
    He said the victim crossed paths with Guevarabello because they both worked as prostitutes in the area. Alvarez, who worked at a bakery, had to turn to sex work to support her husband and two young children, the prosecutor said.
    At the time of her slaying, the family was living with a relative and had just signed a lease to move into a home.
    Wearing T-shirts with Alvarez’s face, family members cried in the gallery as images of her bloodied body were projected to the jury.
    Harbur said no outside DNA was found on the body, but that physical evidence led them to Guevarabello.
    “The defendant was jealous and envious of real women, especially if they were pretty, especially if they were thin, and you’ll hear evidence that Cristy Alvarez was one such woman,” Harbur said.
    Guevarabello sat beside a translator who whispered the proceedings to her in Spanish. She occasionally looked around the courtroom and smiled.
    Public Defender Ernesto Pacheco chose not to give opening statements and later declined to comment on the case.
    Harbur laid out how Los Angeles robbery-homicide detectives reviewed security footage taken near the crime scene before 5:30 a.m., which showed a white, beat-up, late 1990s Asian-made sedan repeatedly driving past Alvarez’s Ford Expedition, which she had parked before walking a few minutes away to meet clients.
    The sedan had a distinctive side tail light and dents on its roof and hood, prosecutors said, but even after enhancing the video, detectives couldn’t make out a license-plate number, make or model.
    Four months later, detectives realized the vehicle was a Daewoo Nubira when they saw another one out in the field, Harbur said.
    They ran a check of all Daewoo Nubiras registered to owners in Wilmington, which led them to Guevarabello.
    When they found her vehicle, they noticed it had gone through a shoddy paint and repair job, still showing the dents and drops of white paint.
    Inside, the prosecutor said, detectives found a large, hooked knife stashed behind the driver’s seat and another, smaller knife behind the passenger’s seat.
    In the glove compartment, he said, they found a Daewoo emblem that had been removed from the vehicle’s exterior and a handwritten note with the license-plate number, make and model of Alvarez’s vehicle.
    Harbur acknowledged investigators did not find Alvarez’s DNA in the vehicle, but he showed a photo of cleaning supplies that he said were recovered from Guevarabello’s trunk, including acetone and bleach, which he said can be used to remove DNA.
    Detectives also found a pair of blue, rubber gloves on the floor of the vehicle similar to those worn by lab technicians when they process crime-scene evidence, the prosecutor said, adding that the trunk also contained a box of the same green, Fantasy brand condoms like the one left on Alvarez’s stomach.
    “All of these pieces of evidence together create a trail that leads to nobody other than the defendant as having committed this murder,” Harbur said.
    The day included testimony from a woman who found Alvarez’s body while walking her dog, and a neighbor who was awoken before dawn that morning by a woman’s screams. He looked out his window and locked eyes with a man driving away in a white vehicle, Harbur said.
    At the time of the crime, the prosecutor said, the defendant was a man dressing as a woman.
    A close friend whom Guevarabello told about the slashing, and a repairman who worked on her vehicle, will testify, the prosecutor said.
    The trial is expected to last another week-and-a-half. It was delayed for years because of medical issues related to Guevarabello’s transition from male to female.
    If convicted, she faces up to 26 years to life in state prison.

    Transgender prostitute killed Wilmington mother out of jealousy, D.A. says

    1. “Angel Guevarabello, 38, faces one count of murder at the trial, which has been delayed for years because of medical issues related to Guevarabello’s transition from male to female”
      “A year passed before prosecutors announced they were charging Guevarabello with one count of murder, with a special allegation that she used a knife.
      She had already been in custody for three months for what police said was a domestic violence incident. Guevarabello is listed in jail records as male, but asked to be referred to as female, according to police.”

      Murder trial underway in case of 2012 slaying of young mother in Wilmington

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