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      1. Whenever I have talked online about how women need to have economic opportunities so as not to be forced into prostitution, the first question that I get asked is my age.
        I have no reason to lie, and I always tell the truth. I am close to 50.
        I have been told that I am “silencing” “sex workers”. When I talked about the women that were trafficked, then I am “exaggerating”.
        When I said that thousands of trafficked women and girls matters more to me than a few libfem funfem that “choose” prostitution, I was accused of marginalizing and infantizing women who ALWAYS have “agency” and “choice”.
        It was so bad. I had one exchange that ended in a libfem that claimed to be a happy prostitute tell me that I was jealous of her, and her ability to sell her body. And that I am just bitter because no male would want to purchase my nasty, underused pussy. That because I am old, that I am jealous of how she has the wonderful opportunity to sell her body and lots of buyers lined up, and that I couldn’t charge for lack of buyers for my old, prude ass.
        I was a particular screen name across all of my online accounts for years. It got to the point that I deleted all of my online presence for a few months, the harrassment was so bad.
        But I missed the social aspect, so I am now hekate Jayne everywhere.
        Anyway, it’s hurtful to be dismissed by younger women. But then I remember Andrea Dworkin, and the rest of the second wavers. The strong, smart, stubborn women that gave us so much. And I stick to only radical feminist sites, now. And I don’t feel so bad. Because the company is so good.

      2. @hekate jayne: I have a fairly thin skin (don’t like aggressive comments, pointless argument), but I do not let the ignorant hurt me. I have argued about transgenderism with so many liberal women I’ve simply come to the conclusion they are blockheads. They know nothing about whereof they speak, and my guess is the same is true of the women masquerading as prostitutes who were nasty to you. No one who actually works as a streetwalker or escort, no woman who doesn’t have a few hand-picked johns, is going to say you are jealous of her “ability.” I am sorry you were reviled but there is that old saying: Remember the source. What really feels good is when a stupid article written by a liberal is taken down, down, down, e.g., Julian Vigo’s total demolition of Elizabeth West’s nonsense about transgenderism on Counterpunch.

    1. I get called a prude and conservative and have been slandered this way since I was 17. Now I am 22 and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down but when women are “older” or even middle age they have to deal with the sexist ageism that an older woman must be against the sex industry and queer ideology because she is not desirable, not pretty, not cool, out of touch etc.

      1. It is not cool to be stupid. I am so much more sophisticated than idiots who spout queer ideology I amaze myself! (I’m 63.)

  1. I think I want to be a 20 year old dancer, and look as good as these people do. Unfortunately that isn’t likely!

    1. You could still “identify” as a 20 year old dancer and demand that a professional ballet company hire you. If they don’t, then invent some word ending in “phobia” to describe their attitude and sue them and have them shut down for engaging it it.

  2. “[queer] … it’s everything.”
    So that’s what it is. Glad to have that finally cleared up.
    Also, who knew vogueing was still a Thing? I mean, I think it’s kind of cool, but I thought it had already peaked when Paris is Burning came out in 1990.

  3. Gawd, it’s like they’re advertising a lifestyle brand. Is LGBT an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or is it a marketing campaign to sell an identity product? As a lesbian, I want nothing to do with this “I Choose My Own Identity” lifestyle choice and I don’t want to be lumped into the same category as sadomasochists. Get the L out!

    1. For years lesbian and gay campaigners fought for the right to be seen as normal members of society who wanted to form legitimate same-sex relationships. The queer lobby are now bracketing lesbians and gay men with perverts again. How is this progress?

  4. What is with the “Exhibitionist”? All the special letters are in alphabetical order, so they had to have something for the letter “E”, and exhibitionist sounded good. Aren’t exhibitionists also middle aged heterosexual males who get a sexual thrill from exposing themselves to kids? They were successful in making “age play” (Stefonknee Wolscht) and BDSM (Carlotta Sklodowska) a special civil right that falls under “gender identity”, so I guess it’s exhibitionists next.
    I could barely watch this creepy video. No amount of new age like dancing, waving flags around can change the fact that it’s just a creepy video. Watching the S&M part with the guy chained and wearing a collar, crawling on the floor like some drugged deranged stray cat in heat was a bit too much. The dominatrix comes out strutting her stuff, and the chained guy rolls on the floor. Then they wonder why the conservative rednecks in North Carolina don’t want anything to do with them, and say not in their state.
    Why in the hell did gay men and lesbians let the poly pansexual queer BDSM, whatever kink is cool colonize, co-opt, and take over the LGBT? Actually, it’s not the LGBT anymore. It’s the LGBTQIA, and more letters keep coming.
    Gay men and lesbians, read the very first thing that pops out on this queer pansexual nonbinary S&M WTF video.
    “Six letters will never be enough”.
    Read this, and let it sink in. “Six letters will never be enough”. They said it, but are gay men and lesbians listening? They are basically saying that they already colonized the living hell out of the LGBT, they will continue to do so, and any kink goes. Gay men and lesbians will be tolerated as long as they STFU. In between the exhibitionist, heteroflexible, nonbinary, queer, pansexual, bisexual, S&M, etc., they have a token gay man and lesbian. Now, gay men and lesbians, STFU because you have been represented.
    The word “Queer” pops up, and they say, “It’s a movement, it’s passionate, it’s love.” What is queer? They give us no definition. All they do is prance around waving flags. “It’s a movement”. Trans and queer identified males straight up hate any lesbian who isn’t totally onboard with the “Cotton Ceiling”. Queer can mean anything, even heterosexual or bisexual men with BDSM or diaper fetishes. Queer could mean pony play fetishes. Google, “How I explored by gender identity through pony play”.
    It really pisses me off because exhibitionists, BDSM, and kink are not civil rights on par with civil rights for people of color or human rights for women. I don’t care if people enjoy being dragged around on a collar by their hooded dominatrix, but it’s not a civil right that entitles people to special privileges including access to women’s spaces. This blog has example after example of males with nothing more than sexual fetishes hiding behind “gender identity” laws.
    They always include intersex when they know darn well that intersex is not the same as transgender. Intersex people should ask themselves if they want to be tossed in with BDSM, etc.
    Screw the “alphabet soup”. Gay men and lesbians need to leave this mess all behind and just walk away.

    1. I think the gay liberation movement was morphed into the modern queer movement because of homophobia, sexism and market forces. This new LGBTQIAA2 is a cash cow in a way that real gay rights never was. It’s a very capitalistic and conservative movement when you think about it. I don’t define myself by my clothing choices or think that liking anything patriarchy has assigned masculine makes me a guy!

  5. When it comes to “how many letters” the student housing website at Wesleyan University has an idea!
    One student housing option is called the Open House, which welcomes people who are:
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Flexual, Asexual, Genderfuck, Polyamourous, Bondage/Disciple, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism (LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM)
    There’s a word hidden in there….can you find it?
    This is seriously a thing, and this is seriously how it is written. Here’s the link!

    1. Wow… that makes me wonder if whoever came up with this was just intending to mock lesbian and gay people. The whole queer movement is so bizarre and offensive.

    2. Why would an asexual person want to join that freak show?
      It sounds like a bunch of borderlines all having bondage orgies.
      I’d wager that not a week goes by without at least one screaming argument in a public space.

  6. But they’ve erased demi romantic and grey ace and sapiosexual and neocelibate and . . . What sort of intolerant bigots are they?
    This video would seem almost like parody to me, except that I’ve travelled in circles where people consider anyone who “identifies as” one of these labels “queer” and interesting and the rest of us “basic” and dull (along with any non-glittery gay men and lesbian women who just want to be able to work, live somewhere, and get married). Funny thing, though, the people I’ve met aren’t anywhere near as thin or pretty or graceful as those in the video, and they average a lot paler. Almost all of them talk about issues in a superficial way bogged down in virtue signaling and thought-stopping cliches.
    Gallus Mag–when hipsters became the most boring people on earth is a brilliant tag!

    1. Yep, they average a lot paler. But the identi-cool have an aura the color of money.

    2. All those letters and yet to them, ‘A’ is for ‘ally’ and not aromantic/asexual. Every goddamn time they do this. Still, while it always baffles me, I am simultaneously irritated and relieved not to be dragged into this – feel bad for the LGB who were. I’m never really sure ‘A’ fits that well as it is, I see it more as a lack of orientation, myself, but it’s at least kind of closer (as it’s defined by the experience of attraction -by not experiencing it- rather than being defined by liking taking your clothes off in public or having a thing for whips and w/e), and it’s amazingly ridiculous that they’re willing to include exhibitionism, BDSM and gawd knows what else before asexual.
      But then, I guess we’re just not sexy enough for trendy young straight people. >_<

    3. Note that F for Feminist didn’t get included, but “Flexual” did.
      The “LGBT” was founded by gays, bi men, and MtTs to build a movement to support their fight against AIDS. They guilt-tripped lesbian feminists into joining them on the grounds that we weren’t stepping up to help what was mostly men with their disease at that time.
      Before that, the male-centered “Gay” Rights movement never cared about feminism, because as men, they were only concerned about their oppression as homosexuals, where as lesbians and bi women were concerned with their oppressions based on both their homosexuality and as women.
      So of course this male-centric queer movement is centered around male concerns of sexuality and sexual identity, rather than on feminism.
      That is and always has been the problem with the GayETC movements: focusing on feminism and ending patriarchy/male domination isn’t at the center. In fact, feminism and ending/replacing patriarchy isn’t even a consideration.
      Les/bi/straight women need to keep focusing on movements that center feminism, women, and ending racism, and class oppression. Naturally, homosexuality will be part of that movement. If we’re dull and so mainstream as queers would have us believe, then why do I still feel afraid to be out as attracted to women? We’re told by queers we’re a non-issue, but our experiences would suggest otherwise. At least mine do.
      Is there anyone else here who feels completely comfortable coming out to anyone and everyone?
      Regarding the feeling being unmoored, of dysphoria, I get from this video, it appears that the only common denominator in this group are:
      – youth
      – thinness
      – sexuality or sexual identity
      – fondness for glitter and bright colors
      – hair of two different lengths on either side of the head
      – voguing
      – dancing
      – an unnerving flexibility that flares by aches and pains just to watch it.
      None of these seem like the greatest bedrock for the foundation of one’s life.
      I prefer to be grounded in sensing my being a part of nature, my body as it is, movement as an experience rather than for appearance, and a commitment to women and social justice.

      1. Gay men didn’t “guilt trip lesbians into joining them”. We joined forces because we had shared interests. Lesbians are not controlled by Gay men.
        And you obviously were not a member of the gay community if you think lesbians “weren’t stepping up to help” during the AIDS crisis. LOLOLOLOL! Wow. This is so clueless and absurd I don’t know where to begin. So I won’t even bother, I’ll just raise my eyebrows and say, “Huh.”
        Re: ” …this male-centric queer movement is centered around male concerns of sexuality and sexual identity, rather than on feminism.”
        The Lesbian and Gay Rights Movement was centered around sexual rights and marriage rights of homosexuals, which concern Lesbians just as much (maybe more!) than gay men. It was a single issue movement. There is nothing wrong with limiting a rights movement to a particular issue.
        “Is there anyone else here who feels completely comfortable coming out to anyone and everyone?”
        Yes. I do. For over 30 years.

  7. so, is womxn exclusionary because there is no ‘y’ in there? I am joking but I actually was surprised to see that in this commercial.
    I was also surprised to NOT see:
    P- pedophile
    R- rapist
    because if ‘kink’, ‘s&m’ et all are in there, why NOT those two?

    1. I honestly thought pedophile would be in there as well because it seems like they’re trying to be accepted as a legit orientation. I guess creepy looking men wouldn’t fit the aesthetic profile the film makers were going for.

      1. They used to be, like the huge North American Man-Boy Love Association contingent at “Pride Parades.” Maybe they’ll make a comeback?

        1. That’s right…and there’s a move now to have it recognised as an official orientation. Thank the goddess for Lesbian separatism.

    2. Great point! And where is the P for Prostitution (or SW for “Sex Worker”)?
      As others have noted, this is an exclusionary movement not committed to diversity! Shut. It. Down!

      1. Yep the ‘P’ for ‘prostitution’, along with ‘SW’ for ‘sex worker’ belong, along with ‘M’ for ‘muderers’.
        To connect to the above, the brigade is again…via another online arena…touting the virtues of Mock and Jenner. One has to wonder why, along with the military traitors, child abusers and the unstable ones who weaseled their way up the civil service chain…WHY THE HELL ARE THEY NOT IN JAIL???
        There are those who are not in that sickening order, but they in a very precise, limited edition. Anyone who says the above is….shudders….’phobic’, needs to do some serious reading on the damage done. As well as understand, especially this month, that there is nothing to be proud of, if the ranks have been infiltrated by those erasure-minded narcissists.

  8. So basically, they’re done erasing women and now they want to erase gay men, lesbian women and all bisexuals.
    As long as you’re young, slim, fashionable, defensive as fuck, and willing to herd along with the other sheep, you get to be part of this “movement.”
    Fuck the suffragettes, fuck stonewall, cause it’s all about whatever variant you want to be.
    This is ageism and classicism – plain and simple. People in poverty aren’t doing this, they have bigger things to worry about, older people aren’t doing this, they have too much sense and I can promise you, rural people who do this are only rural for a short time, this is a city thing.
    People with sense won’t go for any of this and I have reached the age where I absolutely understand why.

    1. “This is ageism and classicism – plain and simple. People in poverty aren’t doing this, they have bigger things to worry about, older people aren’t doing this, they have too much sense and I can promise you, rural people who do this are only rural for a short time, this is a city thing.”
      Exactly! Actually, it calls to mind the decadence of the capitol city in the “Hunger Games.” The “creative” circles I’ve drifted away from over the last few years have gone in big for this sort of thing, especially among those who don’t have that much imagination or anything original to say.

    2. I live in a rural area and no, they aren’t doing this here. At an expensive private college about an hour away from me, however, it’s SJW queer in full force. I have my fingers crossed because rural children idealize the urban kids and pretend to be like them. About 20 years ago they were pretending to be gang-bangers, which was hilarious. Since queer is all pretend anyway, I think the rural kids could pull it off (although I can’t see most of the adult community playing along). What worries me about this is all the online encouragement from the queer crowd to run away. Most rural children can’t wait to grow up and leave their communities for the city anyway–it’s an age-old problem since the days of the Roman Empire or maybe before.

  9. Nice to know I’ve got my finger on the freak pulse and it’s accurate.
    Not long ago I posted about this very thing. I believe it was the article about the high school taking down the pride flag?
    At any rate, yeah, I said it before, and I guess I’m saying it again. F is for Furry and K is for Kinkster!
    LGB is the only acronym I use or acknowledge, and will continue to be.

  10. If one wonders again where this type of visual conditioning leads…..here is a really scary example. Someone pointed this out on another site and I was about to lose it in full here [thank goodness for BP medications].
    Should this be where the brigade is headed, then those who want to stop this insanity/bullshit/grooming have another prime reason for doing so.


    After getting her name by his sister, Lactatia is living a dream today by performing in a dance competition. What a refreshing ball of energy this Lactatia new queen of the Drag World in Montreal! Let's share share share this video and have her go on the Ellen DeGeneres show. That would be amazing!!! Watch till the end for her first drag performance EVVVVVER at a Vogue Ball War of the Elements – Vogue Ball TODAY in Montreal.#biancadelrio #lactatia #drag #voguing #lgbtinthecity #ellendegeneresJason Noel is dressed by Boutique Evolution Homme par Joe-Blo

    Posted by LGBT in the city on Sunday, June 4, 2017

    1. Wow. Why can’t these parents simply have a gay son? Well, as someone living in hipster central, I can tell you the answer from looking at these parents’ excess of tattoos and piercings. It’s just not *done* any more, not among the cool parents. How boring to have a gay child! What would their friends think? /s

      1. Yep…I see the same hipster vibe as well. What is truly sad is no child is allowed to be a child anymore, with that part of life now being a marketing tool. Or for parents to live out a PC enhanced delusion about life.
        If I am correct, the week of the parades in downtown PDX, this will be on greater display. One has to wonder if PPD will see something and do something. Or at the least, make notes to DHS.

      2. Rhea, I live in PDX, too, and I think the answer to your question is no. Their hands are tied.

    2. this child really said “you need new parents”, not because they’re beating you, abusing you, starving you, or not educating you. No. But because they won’t let you – a minor- dress in drag. What? When did participating in adult male culture become a right a young boy was entitled to?
      What is it about males adopting a feminine aesthetic that gets people so enamored and googley-eyed over? It’s as if people can no longer think straight when they see that. It’s been like that since forever.

      1. It became that, thanks to a rather sneaky, if not stealth attempt to ‘normalize’ this.
        Put another way: if the child was abused via beatings, drugs or abisr otherwise, the parents would be in jail. As well as turned into pariahs for not letting a child…be a child. But if the child has parents who have bought into the cult insanity, then they are let off the hook.
        As if this is not sick enough, go over to fb and other social media sites…one will see the so-called leaders of the cult, discussing making transing kids a ‘priority’ (if they show a tendency). I shit you not. Didn’t Mengele do the same, as in…to make Germanic, those who were undesirable? It is the same thing, via different terms.

        1. wow! this is getting really bad. it seems like every time I think I’ve heard the worse of it all, I hear about something even more sinister and creepy going on behind the scenes.

    3. There is something so pedo about this. My feminist friends mostly had daughters who wanted to play makeup and femme dressy when they were little, but these women NEVER let the girls go out in public that way. They didn’t want their daughters to be sexualized that way, even if the girls were too young to understand. I can’t imagine allowing your son to be sexualized this way either.

    4. Sorry to say this, and I wish I lived in a culture where I didn’t have to think this, but there are so many adult men jerking off to this boy’s videos. His parents should be in prison for prostituting their child.

    5. @rheadpx1,
      This makes me sick to my stomach. The older gay men who did drag would have never let kids into an event.
      I remember going into gay clubs, events, etc., and seeing gay men in drag. I never saw kids anywhere. A subculture of gay men doing drag has been around for a long time. Back in the day it was different. There is something going on in our culture with the sexualization of children that is deeply disturbing. Didn’t “voging” start in the 1980’s about the time that queer was taking hold? Everything about this video reeks of pedophilia. With queer/trans fully entrenched in gay, and queer/trans totally embrace all sorts of kink, it’s a safe bet that there are pedophiles lurking about. Or, some middle aged men with some kind of freaky “age play” fetishes.
      The last thing gay men and lesbians need is to give the conservative religious right any reason to think we are “converting kids”. The religious right pitches a fit when they think the “gays are recruiting kids”. I hate Trump as much as anyone else, but the right will have a field day with this one.
      Please, please leave kids alone. If a little boy wants to play dress up or make believe, let him play at home. Don’t put so much makeup on him that he looks like a cheap hooker, drag him into a room full of God knows what kind of adults, and then make a video of him to be viewed by millions of people.
      Someone needs to take this boy home, clean him up, and charge the parents with child abuse.

      1. Agreed on all points @SkyLarkPhillips. This was one that pointed DIRECTLY to how demented the community really is.
        As well as this being abuse in full. To add insult to injury: abusing a cat or dog in some parts of the US is a HIGHER GRADE FELONY than transing/abusing a child. Let that roll around for a few.
        The creeps are running the asylum…Goddamnitall.

  11. I, I, I and me, me, me. This is extreme individualism in 26 letters. I’m so tired of this I-dentity movement. The gay community used to be a community and not an asylum for self-absorbed LGBTQAssholes. For all the talk about inclusivity it’s really about I-clusivity, init? And yes, no old people. Guess the self-realized queers just don’t I-dentify with growing old.

  12. I wish they would do a repeat but with real middle aged and older people because it seems to me they are saying that only the young are allowed to be this glittery alphabet way.
    I wonder if they would be ok watching older people with wrinkles, muffin tops, less firm skin and the fact that many older people are not having such a good a time as these people are. Would their response would be, ‘that sparkly feathered dog collar looks gross on an older person’?
    A lot of these F-you attitudes seem to come with perfect bodies and heaps of friends who are just following the crowd….for now. That’s the illusion, that it will always be this way. The reality can be quite different and lonely.

    1. I *love* that blue-trimmed black sports bra in the “heteroflexible” segment, how much?
      Ohhh whooops, thought it was another Kate Hudson commercial for Fabletics. 😉
      (Note at the *very end” someone says: “I have a huge number of people behind me and they all look fucking fabulous!”–and yes, that IS the important thing.)

      1. Don’t know where that bra comes from, but Freya makes sports bras that have contrasting colors of trim, that hold even XXXL breasts rock solid, and come in cup sizes up to H. Not cheap – go to Ebay for end of the lines in discontinued colors or odd sizes. They have black w/aqua trim…
        (grouchy woman with a large cup size here – just passing on the info to other bra desperados)
        But that video ? I’m shaking my head.

  13. Reblogged this on A Thinkers Delight and commented:
    Couldn’t help but notice how readily available Black women were for the casting of this commercial. Just a few weeks ago, Black women didn’t exist to discuss the Shea Moisture brand they’ve supported for years. Then, only White women could discuss “hair hate”.(And let the record show that Shea Moisture is an example of how Black men have played a role in erasing Black women from pretty much anything the moment they get put on). A few weeks prior to the Shea Moisture commercial, Pepsi was like “Black women? What are those?” and cast a Jenner offspring to be the face of activism, even though Black women have been the face of activism for years. Yet, somehow Black women are in abundance in this commercial, one discussing how she got sick of being confused as a man. Hmmm. Sounds oddly familiar. I get the unnerving feeling that this whole “gender is an illusion” movement is going to be a nice and convenient cover to revive old offensive tropes comparing Black women to males.
    Also, gender is not “binary”. It’s hierarchy. I wish I could remember where I first heard that so I could give proper credit. Males and females do not stand side by side in this culture. Males are always a notch or two above females, and yes, that includes Black males. Women need to be mindful of that before they start getting all excited over males coopting their identities. What they cannot have (periods, pregnancy, breast feeding) they will seek to erase and destroy to accommodate their own needs. Women will get the short end of the stick and become mere incubators for society (see: the Giver or just about any dystopian literature).
    But society did this to ourselves. We put people in these excessively restrictive boxes. We acted as if we could not comprehend nuance. We told Black women that they looked manly – even when they were clearly female-for simply being strong because strength and womanhood weren’t allowed to coexist and society is very good at picking on the little people. We took advantage of women’s traits- whether innate or simply perceived to be so- and determined that the only place they belonged was in the kitchen. We dictated that Black men had to dress like a clown rapper to be a man. Cam’ron wore pink once and everyone lost their minds. We also told men this was their world and they could be anything they wanted to be, and that now includes being a woman even though they never experienced that a day in their lives. We did this. And the pendulum swang so far left it’s out of bounds at this point and nothing makes any damn sense anymore and it’s gotten to the point where the less sense it makes, the better. Because people are so afraid of getting put back into the box they escaped from.
    I still believe in balance. But when I see the excessive extremes society goes towards, I wonder if maybe balance is a myth.

    1. “Couldn’t help but notice how readily available Black women were for the casting of this commercial.”
      The glitterati often seem to choose people of color as their representatives. Perhaps it’s an attempt to associate criticism of special snowflake identities with racism.
      In fact, not long ago I even saw a claim that it’s racist to reject trans people as partners, since some trans people are black. (That person clearly never passed a course in logic.)

      1. And I agree as to your first point.
        “In fact, not long ago I even saw a claim that it’s racist to reject trans people as partners, since some trans people are black.”
        My gosh! the mind games people are playing out here. Do we laugh or cry?
        *hides under the covers

      2. Logic????? That is something in the community, which like Elvis has left the building.
        What one does notice is that the black MTF types DO gain acceptance, if they play DOWN to the stereotype. DQ, sex worker or having a daily visage, which makes a mockery of the natal females they wish to be like. Makes the case for maintaining a severe measure of distance. Put another way…when one sees such a person acting like they are on Springer, if one is witnessing same, it is a ‘hang the head moment’ (this has happened several times here in town…and I just look down, turn the volume up on the cd player and keep quiet). Then go home and tell my cat ‘there but for the grace of God go us’.
        But that lack of logic in re: rejecting partners: could it be someone may not want to be with a caricature, in 3D? After all very few actually want the dramatic baggage, especially when a relationship is where some want nothing to do with same.

  14. Btw, youtube put this up as “trending” with a little over 3000 views alongside real trending vids with millions of views.
    Agenda much youtube/google?

    1. I was typing a message to a friend on WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) and the 3rd word I started typing the letter “d” and one of those suggestion bubbles came up that suggested “S&M”. How they got “S&M” from the letter “d” is beyond me, but luckily I noticed it (sometimes I don’t notice the auto correct) otherwise it would have slipped into my message.
      I question as Hecate does: Agenda much WhatsApp/Facebook?

  15. At some point when all the letters of the alphabet and then some culturally appropriated letters from elsewhere are taken will people realise they’ve gone past special snowflake po-mo individualism and into a blizzard where they are all exactly alike?

  16. Toward the end they said ‘fuck gender’. How is it that gender doesn’t matter, until someone misgenders them, then its hate and offensive?

  17. I have said probably 1000 times that embracing “LGBT” was the single most harmful thing that LGB people have ever done to ourselves. So rather than repeat that, I thought I would share 3 trans horror stories that I stumbled across over the weekend. A mass shooter, a blackmail-murderer, and a serial killer. The most interesting item, IMHO, is the mass shooter, who apparently was filled with rage against men, Black people, and gay people. But regardless of which story you find interesting, not one will get even one word of coverage on “LGBT” news sites. Because “LGBT” means lying to LGBs about T.

  18. I know some of us have suggested that the ability to choose one’s avatar online has helped fuel the transgender movement by encouraging the idea among the young that gender is some sort of lifestyle choice, but I’m beginning to think it’s possible that the effect of online interaction has been even more fundamental than that. In real life, most people have no problem knowing at a glance whether someone is male or female. Only a small percentage of humans are inherently ambiguous, so not only most transwomen but even many transmen who’ve been on testosterone are recognizable by their proportions.
    Not all that many years ago, most interactions between humans were face to face, or, at least, voice to voice on the telephone, so the physical traits that reveal whether someone is male or female, not to mention a lot of information about character and intent, weren’t obscured by the communication medium. I find myself wondering whether the proliferation of social media, texting, and other digital means of communicating may have reduced the salience of physical sex differences for a lot of the younger people who use them and increased the salience of gender, since the latter can be more easily conveyed in virtual ways. Perhaps that’s why some even seem to think wanting to know a person’s biological sex before dating amounts to an egregious invasion of privacy. That ridiculous “hearts, not parts” slogan makes slightly more sense in a purely electronic relationship.
    There also seems to be a growing idea among younger people online that it’s wrong not only to refuse to accept someone’s self-presentation at face value but also to reject a person based on traits concealed behind an appealing digital presence–as if you’re not allowed to change your mind about a person you found charming on social media when it turns out he’s a rapist or pedophile. Or, if you’re a young lesbian meeting someone who claimed to be a 20-year-old lesbian, you can’t refuse to date a 40-year-old fetishistic male creep who identifies as a woman half his age. It’s almost as if some have begun to see a curated persona as the truest self and consider the mask more real than the person behind it.
    What if the wolf always felt like a grandmother inside? Who does Little Red Riding Hood think she is to question zir identity and self-expression?

    1. You are brilliant. GREAT comment.
      You remind me of the tumblr kids and their ever-greater demands for “trigger warnings”–yet IRL they watch movies like SAW and HOSTEL and listen to music with horribly-misogynist lyrics… and see absolutely NO contradiction or problem with this.
      Totally unaware. Its like “online” is another place, another life. The *valid* life–the authentic self they should be judged by; none of them are doing activism in their communities. When I ask them, “Do you give ppl trigger warnings before you discuss politics with them? Do you demand trigger warnings before you listen to popular music or watch horror movies?” .. they are totally *stunned* and cannot reply; they do not even see the connection and think its a dumb question.
      Why would I think what they do in real life has any connection to what they say on tumblr?
      It makes me think of that movie SURROGATES and it scares me to death. 🙁

      1. Do you think it’s simply a disconnect between real life and social media? I ask, because it seems to me that a lot of young people demand “trigger warnings” not for traumatic imagery but for any ideas that disagree with their view of the world. So I wouldn’t be surprised if some who watch violent porn without blinking might claim to be triggered by a discussion of how women are harmed by it.

      2. Yeah, another good point. Total disconnect there.
        The Evergreen State College hoopla over Bret Weinstein’s anti-PC behavior (google all the fun–the videos are especially priceless) has sent me to libertarian blogs, since the mainstream liberal blogs will not cover the controversy (!)… and the same dynamic rings true.
        For example, at Evergreen, SJWs are proudly patrolling the campus with baseball bats (taking photos of themselves as a threatening gang and posting it on Twitter even) and yet claim the minuscule number of students supporting Weinstein are the “violent” ones–and apparently, do not even see the irony.
        Orwellian: we are ‘patrolling against violence’… do they see they are acting out the authoritarian model of the American cops they criticize? “Patrolling” and threatening whoever is out of line? Nope.
        No awareness that in fighting monsters, they have become
        monsters themselves.
        NOTE: videos make it clear one of the major mob-leaders is a TWOC who seems to be calling most of the shots. This is the person who also organized the baseball-bat gang right out of “The Warriors”. Jesus H Christ.

      1. Oh, no amount of apologies will ever satisfy these people. Never mind that the library children’s area is used as a de facto daycare for many downtown workers and the no adults w/o children is a necessary rule for safety, as long as someone throws the biggest tantrum they don’t have to follow the rules.

    1. From the linked article:
      “He added that he suffers and increased risk of assault in a multi-stall bathroom, and that he didn’t feel like taking that risk that day.”
      He suffers an increased risk of assult. And he chose to NOT take the risk that day.
      Hm. Interesting. I wish that I could choose not to take the risk of assault. In fact, every single woman that I know has been harrassed and/or sexually assaulted at least once. Including me. Twice.
      And I don’t know of a single woman that was assaulted in a woman’s room. Not saying it never happened, but it’s definitely not common, if it ever did. But dudes in dresses are making sure that the last place of safety is taken over by dick.
      I suppose, though, that this is just one more way that dudes in dresses are better than us women. They choose to not get assaulted! They are just better at womaning, all the way around.

      1. In looking at the pics…now we have new definitions to be added to the letter ‘D’ in the alphabet.
        Such as:
        And again, willing to bet the rent that the person learned how to ‘game’ the system, via another use of the letter ‘C’. As in…’CHEAT’.

      2. While I have little patience for the trans brigade, I do think they should be allowed, if not encouraged, to make use of unisex toilets instead of forcing themselves into opposite sex facilities.
        It’s funny though that she claims she’d be in danger in the women’s restroom. Why not the men’s? If she identifies as a “man”, isn’t that where she belongs?

      3. Question, are public places allowed to have rules such as “only adults accompanying children can use this particular bathroom”?
        It’s irritating that the bathroom has that policy to protect children but some comments imply that being a disabled trans adult is more vulnerable than a child. Really?? In what universe is an adult more vulnerable than a child?? Yet they keep blathering on about how it’s supposed to be an all-gender bathroom. News flash: it is! For parents with kids!

    2. kesher, the issue is not the bathroom but where it’s located, in the children’s area which is only for adults w/kids. This person was offered reasonable accommodation on the same floor, but declined. It’s taken way too long to get unisex/gender neutral facilities built in public, but that’s a whole other issue. It’s been an unpopular policy but necessary to prevent drug use. The Stranger article has good comments

      1. Thanks for the clarification. I checked out the Stranger’s latest post on the topic and was tickled pink to see M2T perv extraordinaire Tobi Hill-Meyer stinking up the comments section with some trans facts.

      2. I know there’s been some playgrounds that are designated “no adults without kids.” There have been lawsuits but I don’t know what’s come of them. As parents there’s not only the fear of abduction but men will also take pictures of your kids if you don’t watch them. Freaks.

  19. Is anyone else feeling dysphoria after watching this?
    And where is my potluck-loving, birdwatching, organic gardening, Scrabble-playing, feminist zine-producing, ball-breaking, pre-queer studies, fat and thin, size-accepting, radical lesbian and bi feminist tribe in all of this?

    1. The reaction of the MTT’s is unsurprising, of course, but what the hell is the matter with all the women who support this nonsense?
      “This space should be open to trans women. Using the reasoning that they want everyone to be comfortable in the space being naked is ridiculous, as it implies that someone being uncomfortable with someone else’s body is reason enough to ban that body type from the space,”
      Have most of these handmaidens been raised as such pampered princesses that they’re utterly clueless about the world? They remind me of a few idiot women I met in college who said it wasn’t right to fight back against a rapist because it might hurt him! By the logic that we can’t ban particular body types from a space, we can’t have men’s and women’s restrooms at all–and we can’t keep adults out of children’s spaces, which is even more worrying (see the link provided by cerise95 a few comments above if you doubt they want that access). And we all know this leads to claiming it’s unfair for women to keep male bodies out of their bedrooms.
      In fact, I saw a display at a local library apparently there for Pride month that included only books on gender and transness (with no books about gay rights). One written by a transman proposed that it would be better to get rid of sex-segregated spaces entirely. Perhaps I should just be thankful there no books about fetishes or BDSM.
      It’s as if we’ve raised a generation utterly ignorant of the reailty/consequences of belonging to an allogamously reproducing species with no set mating cycle and a propensity for sexual assault in the larger, stronger half. So let’s just put unclad men and women together in showers, dorms, and barracks, because what could possibly go wrong?

      1. A possible answer to the question about, what happened to cause so many women to enable the cult, could be rooted in the concepts of ‘respect’ and ‘tolerance’ being twisted.
        Any rational person on this planet knows that in the current climate ‘tolerance’ means encouraging others, who very questionable to put the strange front and center. To, with the brigade….to tolerate the community, means to also embrace an overwhelming number of those who treat women like chattle, see nothing wrong with abusing children under the guise of [SIC] ‘helping them to transition’ and levels of racism, that enable many other misconceptions.
        It is items in the litany above, that give those on the right and far right, the [using baseball parlance] swing away on a 3-0 count, when they want to disassemble LGB rights, thanks to the t linkage. That is something those who are rational, cannot be blamed for. As well as those, like myself and the very few, who are…when logic is invoked…maintain a certain distance from the insane drain. Again….there is nothing to attach ‘pride’ or ‘tolerance’ to, when in the main, it means erasing others, in the name of respect.

      2. “I saw a display at a local library apparently there for Pride month that included only books on gender and transness (with no books about gay rights).”
        It isn’t just library displays. It is a feature of the parasitic “LGBT” construct that T eventually consumes, subsumes, and destroys LGB. I will occasionally do a spot check of some “LGBT” campus group, community center or social or political group to see how much time and focus goes to LGB concerns and how much goes to T concerns. A couple of months ago, I checked out the website and FB page of PFLAG. PFLAG – which used to stand for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays – is a venerable organization which is often the first place that a parent will go for advice and guidance after learning that their child is gay. It has provided a vital service for LGB people and our families for something like 45 years. But that was then and this is now. When I visited, their FB and main website, the main page had nothing or virtually nothing about homosexuality or bisexuality and instead were loaded with information about chest binders, hormones, bathrooms and pronouns. Keep in mind this is what the parent of a gay/lesbian child is going to see when they go to that site. This parent, who is perhaps upset or worried about their gay child, will go to PFLAG and instead of being greeted with accurate, comforting news that being gay does not make their child any less of a man or woman, the first thing they will see is information about hormones injections and bathroom usage dilemmas. What effect do you imagine that would have on a parent? And LGBs fund this vileness with their own money.
        BTW, check out the twitter of the second MTT to wage war against the spa. He calls himself “Jia Qing Wilson-Yang” and appears to be a white heterosexual male pretending to be a Chinese lesbian.

    2. I can’t understand this.
      So now, I have to be forced to not just be in the presence of males everywhere, but I have to actually have dick on full fucking display? And if I have a problem with male nudity in women only spaces, then I am a bigot?
      I have been forced to see a dick that I absolutely did not want to. It was not pleasant. And for other women that have been assaulted, I am sure that it was horrible. I have more anger and hatred for the women that are pushing this than I do for the trans. After all, the trans are just doing what males have done since forever, no surprise in them ignoring us completely in order to get to us to victimize us or force us to submit.
      But the women? Inexcusable.

      1. I wonder how many of them saying they support the T on this are actual women, and how many calls per supporter? I’m betting it’s the same as online petitioning: they game it.

      2. I think you nailed it, red. I’ve often thought this. In fact, whenever I see something that starts out “I’m a cis woman and…” I immediately stop reading because a disgusting phallic image jumps out at me. My conjecture would be that there are 13 women who aren’t in the special pronoun club who support this, and 12 are lying to appease their dickish overlords. This spa is between a rock and hard place, because their business could fail if they concede victory to the trans justice warriors. Bio women will quietly stop going and trans cannot or will not support them enough to stay financially afloat as they present themselves now. In my opinion they have to win this battle, close their doors, or re-brand themselves as a shemale version of a 70s gay bath house.

      3. Agreed but maybe we are asking the wrong question? Feeling uncomfortable seeing a penis when I don’t want to is not odd is it? Its an unconscious reaction, its not personal. Rather than asking us why don’t we want to see a penis in a public space especially a female orientated space perhaps the question should be, ”Why do they want us to see their penis when many girls and women are saying they don’t want to have to deal with it”? Its their mentality, not mine that needs to be addressed. #exibitionist.

    3. Great article by Jonah Mix about the women’s body spa, male violence, etc. Even some men get it.
      Guns, Dicks, and Body Spas
      “There were about 12,000 gun homicides in America last year. That’s about one and a third per hour, or about 33 a day.
      During that same year, American men raped more than 250,000 people, the large majority of them women.
      …Penises are, by any measure, a greater threat to women than guns. I say that as an owner of both. This is especially true in Toronto, where thousands of women will be raped yearly while fewer than a dozen, if that, will be murdered with firearms. Of those women who are murdered with firearms, someone with a penis — a husband or boyfriend, most likely — will almost certainly be the killer.
      What this means, in other words, is that there is no simpler common denominator to the violence women face than the presence or influence of people with penises. To put it another way: If your list of acceptable methods for securing women’s safety and comfort does not extend to excluding penises, then it is deficient, and your dedication to that goal is clearly incomplete.
      …So if you have a penis, and you meet resistance from women — if your presence makes them uncomfortable or unsafe, or just annoyed — you might want to ask yourself why. Think about it for a moment. Imagine your penis is a weapon, one like the type used against them or their friends or their family. Likely, at one point it was. But most of all, remember: If you stop to think for more than two minutes, someone with a penis just raped another woman. While you were thinking just how unfair it is that women fear your body, that body was used as a weapon by someone out there. Maybe try organizing against him and his ten thousand co-conspirators. You’ll find it’s a better use of your time than bullying a day spa.”

  20. One thing I’ve learned, is that when I confront these guys directly, in real life, they really really back down. There have been male to trans at some Dyke events for pride weekend— we had maybe 400 lesbians, having a great time, these guys were kind of lurking around the edges, but everyone left them alone, we just didn’t give them the time of day. And because it was such a huge outdoor event with hundreds of Dykes and there was a lot of city police protection, they just shut up. One of my favorite moments came when some lesbian at the mic mentioned the trans— we’d wildly cheered for black lives matter, for progressive politics, but then the trans was mentioned, and something I had never witnessed before happened in that crowd of dykes NO ONE said anything, it was DEAL silence, DEAD. Women had unsmiling faces, and the woman at the mic quickly moved on with her talk about lesbian culture and history. So I think the tide is turning a bit. IRL when you confront these guys, they back down.

    1. Women ignoring M2Ts is the single most effective way in this environment to get them to scram.
      M2Ts can’t handle not being worshipped by women. Being narcissists, they also get off on negative feedback because it feeds their persecution complex. But being ignored is not something they can really fight back against. Ironically, being ignored by women who don’t like you is very much a female experience. I’d say it’s the primary tool in the “mean girls” arsenal. M2Ts can’t handle being treated like women. They demand their special, oppressed, pathetic men status, and the vast majority will slink away when they don’t get it.

  21. Most of their bullying is online, and once enough women really catch on to their shit, things could change. Keep fighting, and just be blunt IRL, “no you’re not a man, you’re a biological woman— ” “No you’re not a woman you’re a biological MAN and you certainly don’t pass at all you look exactly like a big dude in a wig” I’ve said this to them when they invade lesbian bars, and most of the time, the cowards just shut up or actually admit they aren’t women at all. Putting the pressure on, having strength in numbers—300-400 lesbians can intimidate and silence the hell out of these creeps.

    1. Fighting back does work, which is exactly why early gender training for girls teaches them not to. As a hetero woman who’s traveled in liberal circles that have gone completely pro-trans in recent years, I find when I talk to other het women one-on-one that many feel as I do about the potential for predatory men in changing rooms, etc., but don’t want to appear intolerant or, worse, subject themselves to outright hostility by speaking up.
      And thank you so much for your story about the march! It cheers me in my effort to encourage straight women to join the fight.

    1. That embedded video– she doesn’t think men are going to pay $75 to sit in a spa full of naked women, “to what purpose”?
      Sometimes this stuff makes me sad, sometimes it makes me mad, but sometimes I am just gurgling with laughter.

      1. She’s transplaining —-but men spend an obscene amount of money to enter a strip club full of naked women, and then throw more money at them—but they won’t spend $75 to sit amongst naked women—yeah ok!

      2. Entry to a “women”-only spa: $75
        Angering and traumatizing women who don’t want to be ogled by you: Priceless

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