Dr. Richard Curtis to close private UK gender clinic

Dr. Richard J. Curtis

Dr. Richard J. Curtis has announced that she will be closing her private UK gender clinic by the end of the year.
For twelve years the ‘TransHealth’ clinic provided private-pay cross-sex hormone treatments and surgical referrals at exorbitant cost for clients who had been rejected for treatment by the NHS or for those who wanted to bypass the free National Health Service protocol.
From her website

The announcement comes on the heels of the suspension of Dr. Helen Webberley’s online gender clinic following calls for increased supervision of off-service providers.
Dr. Richard Curtis had previously been placed under investigation by the UK General Medical Council following allegations of failure to follow accepted standards of care.
The clinic was started in 2006 when Curtis took over the private practice of infamous psychiatry consultant Dr. Russell Reid, once the UK’s best-known expert on transsexualism. Reid was found guilty of gross professional misconduct for authorizing inappropriate surgeries for gender dysphoric and body dysphoric clients, including the amputation of healthy limbs for “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” clients.
Dr. Richard Curtis, a heterosexual female formerly named Vanda Zadorozny, underwent medical and surgical gender procedures herself in 2005.
Vonda Zadorozny

Dr. Curtis announced last year that she had decided to stop providing gender treatments to individuals under 18 years of age.
The decision to close the clinic entirely “arises due to a number of personal, professional, and business related reasons” according to her website.

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  1. If there was a “Like” button I would click it. One less ghoul preying on LGB or otherwise vulnerable people. Who knows what she’ll do for money next, though.

  2. One down….On a related topic, has anyone looked specifically at the rise of trans diagnoses and medical treatments in areas where gender clinics are opened. I ask because here in the U.S., opioid addiction epidemics are very frequently related to the opening of a pain clinic in the area. A recent article in The New Yorker told many stories of tragedy, death, and addiction to prescription opioids and heroin (which is cheaper and gives more of a kick) in a small town in rural West Virginia. The article gave no analysis of how the situation originated. But, when I Googled “pain clinic, Martinsburg, West Virginia” there it was.

    1. There probably is a correlation with the gender clinics. It would be interesting to see some statistics, but statistics aren’t really kept on transgender treatment issues. On the other hand, the gender clinics would not be opening if there wasn’t a demand for services. A gender clinic opened a few years ago in a city somewhat close to me and rumor has it they are doing very well, at a time when many psychotherapists in private practice are struggling.

      1. This is why I’m so interested in the correlation with the pain clinics. They create demand. Also, although of course there are people in pain everywhere, they institute a pattern of extreme opioid treatment that is extremely lucrative for the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the black market. The quantity of opioids prescribed is way beyond what would seem to be needed by the actual patients. There are several lawsuits about this situation in the US courts. The Cherokee tribe has sued the manufacturers and drug stores for flooding their communities with opioids: https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/cherokee-nation-sues-drug-firms-retailers-for-flooding-communities-with-opioids/2017/04/20/03d04a74-2519-11e7-b503-9d616bd5a305_story.html?utm_term=.6c02127d2f00. Here is a good article from a recent High Country News on a pain clinic and its effects on a rural Colorado community: http://www.hcn.org/issues/49.3/how-a-rural-clinic-sparked-a-small-town-addiction-crisis. I agree that it would be hard to get the data on the trans treatments. I wonder if data are available on number of prescriptions for testosterone and estrogen.

      2. “On the other hand, the gender clinics would not be opening if there wasn’t a demand for services.”
        If medicine wasn’t a for profit business, maybe. But it is and demand can be created.

      3. If the British universal system is like Canadian universal: No, it’s neither free nor non-profit.

      4. About the “demand” thing. Given the articles about trans children that pop up here now and then, maybe there is a demand being created by parents who want to find a neat little (medicalized) box to put their child’s gender nonconformity into?
        ADHD was all the rage back in the day, and it seemed that every parent was eager to believe that their little Alex or Jenny needed to be drugged into submission rather than being let out to run around to let out the excess energy that children naturally have. I was diagnosed, and placed on ritalin.
        Given my own gender nonconformity as a young child (liked makeup and dresses because I thought they were neat looking…grew up to be gay male…am very OK with being a gay male….do not see it as “consolation” for not being female), I wonder if I’d be pumped full of hormones if I was born in the 2000s instead of the 80s.

    2. This is a really good point. It gets at so many things at once — the way the same neoliberal ideology that supports trans politics, “sex work is a choice” and so on has this mantra about “markets” that suggest they only meet existing demands rather than creating them; and it also gets at the degree to which the same neoliberal approach to “deregulating” anything that might turn a profit has produced the proliferation of legalized prostitution (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, tee hee), a generation of opioid addicts (driving down life expectancy in the States) and permanently sterilized gay and lesbian children.

    3. I have to object to it being said that “the quantity of
      opioids prescribed is way beyond what would seem to be needed by the actual patients.”
      I can’t tell you how many people I know in chronic, severe pain who cannot get opiate prescriptions. It is outrageous that is be so policed and some of the few doctors who do try to care for people lose their licenses and are put in prison. I even know of a woman with broken bones who was refused pain control with opiates.
      There is a media obsession over the so-called “opiate epidemic,” but nothing said about increasing alcohol and cannabis used by people who are desperate for pain relief. Friends and I speculate if this about trying to get people to buy into the increasingly lucrative cannabis market, but which is not very helpful for people with pain.
      So people who cannot get help from the safest pain relievers, (opiates), do turn to alcohol and other drugs that are far more toxic for the body. Opiates that are pure and not adulterated with acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc. are among the safest medications there are. But they are not very lucrative for the pharmaceutical industry since the generic forms are relatively cheap.
      The only health problem with opiates is with building tolerance and not being able to stop, but people prescribed psychiatric drugs also can’t stop without excruciating physical and emotional side effects. And there are other medications where people can’t stop without serious damage, like insulin. Why not make sure that people have similar access to opiates?
      Other advantages of opiates are ignored also, such as that they help prevent macular degeneration (my opthamologist agrees), they do more than mask pain — they can heal certain kinds of pain, including what is cause or exacerbated by having Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Fibromyalgia or CFIDS, etc. — and they help with severe grief, anxiety, etc.
      The “overdose” danger is when people do not know what they are taking or the amounts. Often people are shamed and pressured into stopping the opiates that they’ve been needing and then when they start taking them again, they don’t realize they need to be careful because if they’ve had a break, the dose they used to take can be too much. (This is likely why Prince died.) Or they turn to heroin, without knowing the dose.
      The issue could be solved, including stopping increasing crime, if all herbs and drugs were just legal and affordable, without prescription, but with full warnings of all effects (there is not enough warning now about most drugs doctors prescribe, including chemotherapy drugs.) If the “war on drugs” ended, the US also would stop poisoning other countries water and land and people.
      In the US, the propaganda has meant that people are afraid of opiates to where they end up killing themselves to stop pain that could be stopped by opiates. A friend of mine was in daily agony, but would not try opiates until she made the decision to die, and then she took her lover’s percoset and overdosed deliberately. Instead of her death being listed as suicide though, it’s likely to be listed as an overdose, adding to the vilifying of opiates. (Her doctors had first caused her to have severe chronic pain by prescibing Cipro, and then gave her Lorazepam and Lyrica. The day after starting Lyrica, she killed herself.) She could have just shot herself in the head, but she chose a method that caused her loved ones less trauma, and perhaps she had a moment of peace that opiates give before she became unconscious. But wouldn’t it be better if she had that without dying? If she had decided instead to use opiates to control her pain, she likely would be alive. It’s a loss for all of us because of how much she contributed to our community.

      1. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.
        I appreciate discussion of the correlation between the surge in “gender” medicine and other pandemics such as opioids. However I am not interested in hosting a distinct conversation on opioids. All commenters please stay on topic to the blog. Thanks.

  3. Medical malpractice suits are going to be popping up soon. I keep wondering when peak trans will finally hit, and all of these creepy gender clinics will be shut down for gross medical negligence… And then I expect Gallus will eventually get nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service.

  4. Interesting that they’re getting out when TransInc. is booming. This kind of fuckery has to fly under the radar when folk start actually scrutinizing it shit hits the fan for real. Good riddance.

  5. It’s about time that her ghastly little “gender clinic” closed its doors. I hope she doesn’t open up another “gender clinic” somewhere. I don’t know how it works in the UK, but in the US she could sit up shop anywhere.
    Besides the “gender clinic”, the clinic does hair removal. I guess the hair removal is for the MTFs because I don’t imagine FTMs want their hair removed.
    “For twelve years the ‘TransHealth’ clinic provided private-pay cross-sex hormone treatments and surgical referrals at exorbitant cost for clients who had been rejected for treatment by the NHS or for those who wanted to bypass the free National Health Service protocol.”
    People would come to her because they knew she would “transition” anyone who walked through the door.
    This 2005 article says she is a “gay man trapped in a woman’s body”. In other words, she is heterosexual, or possibly bisexual.
    “Although he was born Vanda Zadorozny, a miner’s daughter from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, Dr Curtis felt that he was “a gay man trapped in a woman’s body”.
    I remember reading about this woman on gendertrender. This is from the 2013 article that Gallus linked in an earlier post. I could never understand how a human female could be so cavalier about removing another female’s healthy breasts. Curtis (Zadorozy) isn’t a surgeon, but her clinic made the referral for the mastectomy. I don’t know what gender therapist was working at the clinic in 2013, but it’s a safe bet that he or she would give referrals for surgery for basically anyone. This 2013 article says one woman regretted getting her elective mastectomy. God knows how many women were prescribed testosterone the moment they walked in the door, or who underwent mastectomies, and lived to regret it.
    Women mutilating their own bodies is one thing, but to shove this on naïve and vulnerable women is unconscionable.
    “A woman who alleges that she was inappropriately prescribed sex-changing hormones and then wrongly underwent a double mastectomy is one of several complaints being investigated by the General Medical Council about the doctor who oversaw her aborted gender reassignment, the Guardian has learned.
    The GMC, the doctors’ professional regulator, has received at least three separate complaints against Dr Richard Curtis, a London GP who specializes in the treatment of gender dysphoria, particularly transsexualism. The complaints concern the alleged inappropriate administering of sex-changing hormones to patients and at least one allegedly unsuitable referral for gender reassignment surgery.
    It is claimed that Curtis, who provides private treatment to patients seeking gender reassignment, failed to follow accepted standards of care and breached conditions placed on his practice by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), the GMC’s arm’s-length disciplinary body.
    The allegations include commencing hormone treatment in complex cases without referring the patient for a second opinion or before they had undergone counseling, administering hormone treatment at patients’ first appointments, and referring patients for surgery before they had lived in their desired gender role for a year, as international guidelines recommend. One patient allegedly underwent surgery within 12 months of their first appointment. He is also accused of administering hormones to patients aged under 18 without an adequate assessment, and wrongly stating that a patient seeking gender reassignment had changed their name.”

  6. This whole thing sounds filtered through several attorneys, especially the last bit about the reason for the decision. I wonder what really went down? Maybe paying a huge settlement?

  7. Now if only the other cretins with credentials could be shut down, more of this madness would be curtailed.
    The cult will not like this, but the rest of the world will.

  8. Something I’ve noticed before about trans: their new identity and name often suggests a different heritage or nationality to their original one. “Vanda Zadorozny” suggests Eastern European and/or Jewish. “Richard Curtis” is a national-treasure British film-maker. Someone posted a link to a MTT who had transitioned back and forth; he was born Iraqi, but used a Western-sounding woman’s name (Samantha?), then reinvented himself as a British Sloane banker type when he went back to being a man.

  9. I think our sisters in the U.K. are ready to go full blown Gender Critical! And you know how this goes. When the U.K. starts something, other countries in the western world follow suit.

  10. I don’t know how anyone would think this woman is a male. Hips don’t lie.
    But yes, 12 yrs of damage. When will we start hearing from the victims?

  11. I’ll bet those “personal, professional, and business related reasons” are pretty interesting. She looks like a young woman, and you just don’t shut down a successful psychiatric clinic. For one thing, you have employees and patients to think about, and it’s expensive and difficult to get a practice going. If you burn out, you find someone to take over your practice. Maybe the gender marketplace is saturated in the UK though, or maybe NHS has become too accommodating for the competition.

      1. Dr Richard Curtis is cited as the contributor to many GIRES publications, including “A guide to lower surgery for those assigned female, identifying as men, trans masculine, non-binary or non-gender” https://www.gires.org.uk/assets/Support-Assets/lower-surgery.pdf
        “The Lowdown on Progesterone”
        https://www.gires.org.uk/assets/Medpro Assets/Progesterone.pdf
        (The conclusion of the good doctor Curtis here on how to increase breast size for MtF is to save your money on hormone treatment and eat more!)
        and https://www.gires.org.uk/health/should-trans-men-have-a-hysterectomy
        This last publication is interesting in that she draws on her own personal experience and advocates hysterectomy over use of testosterone.
        She seems to me to be out of step with the testosterone using FtM who seek hair growth and muscle mass over removal of female reproductive organs, ”From a personal perspective I know I did not want to undergo smears, have to worry about contraception, breakthrough bleeding, was happy to reduce my risks of cancer in organs that were of no use to me and am extremely glad to have not needed to take testosterone in high dosage because my body does not tolerate it.”
        It will be interesting to see if GIRES continues to rely on her ”papers” on their website in the future.

      2. Hysterectomy does not turn one into a man, another example of this doctor’s really weird thinking!

      3. Zadorozny/Curtis clearly doesn’t really want to be male. She seems very dysmorphic and uncomfortable with the more challenging physical aspects of femaleness. Makes me wonder about her upbringing.

  12. A British friend of mine here in the U.S. once told me that the UK system is much better at rooting out malpractice than the U.S. system.
    In the U.S., it’s usually individuals suing and stuff can be settled out of court and shushed up and others end up getting harmed, but in the UK it’s typically complaints to a professional board, and that way other people are more protected.

    1. We have professional boards too, at the state level, and they’re very powerful. A demerit from the state licensing board is usually the first step in a malpractice suit. The licensing board can and does suspend licenses (in rare cases permanently). Many professionals are shying away from involvement in trans-related treatment out of fear of licensing boards, given the perceived propensity of the trans population for complaints of this type. Whether the challenge results in censure or not, it’s expensive, time-consuming and stressful to defend against. Most professionals elect to have legal representation at a board hearing. When you apply for malpractice insurance or to be on an insurance panel (to be an accepted provider by that insurance), you have to list any complaints to the board you received, the nature of the complaint, and the board’s actions. I don’t dispute that the system doesn’t work in many instances, but it makes professionals behave very conservatively, in the sense of going along with common practices no matter how detrimental, as well as resisting innovation. Professional boards and their notorious narrow-mindedness are a part of the problem in the US.

  13. “Reid was found guilty of gross professional misconduct for authorizing inappropriate surgeries for gender dysphoric and body dysphoric clients, including the amputation of healthy limbs for “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” clients.”
    It’s quite bizarre to me how BIID and amputation of arms, legs, whatever, is considered rather horrifying by the medical community at large, you know, the same community that gives a wink and a nod so broadly to amputating sexual organs or permanently sterilizing reproductive systems to go along with the trans trend.

  14. So once again, a female-hating het woman who fetishizes gay men, is harming women.
    Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag!

  15. Can someone help me with a question? When a heterosexual man “transitions” to a woman and pretends to be a lesbian, that’s a product of autogynephilia, a sexual fetish. But what about heterosexual women, like this doctor, who “transition” and pretend to be gay men? What is the motivation behind that? Is that autogynephilia too? It would seem to be a recipe for sexual frustration, since no hetero man would be interested in a pretend-gay man. And very few gay men would be interested in dating a biological female who calls herself a gay man.

    1. There have always been straight women who gravitated towards the gay male community. We used to call them “Fag Hags” or “Fruit Flies”. They are generally superficially feminine and gender conforming women who enjoy being around men without being forced to adopt the behavioral role of a foil to support men’s masculinity. They don’t like to pretend to be submissive or demure and they seek out social situations where they can be around men who respect their equal humanity. They adore men, and they like being “one of the guys”, which is not a role they can occupy among most heterosexual male-dominant social settings. Fag Hags also enjoy men who are witty and clever and have an aesthetic sensibility (like herself). They find most straight male culture dreadfully boring and dreary. It’s not predominantly a sex thing, although sometimes they do hook up with a homoflexible.
      Fag Hags who transition are women who want equality in their heterosexual relationships and don’t want to occupy the role of “girl”. They want heterosexual relationships with witty clever men who are expressive and have an aesthetic sensibility and treat them as an equal.
      In this sense they are more like the “homosexual transsexual” in Blanchard’s AGP paradigm, because they transition to improve their chances at getting the relationships they want, rather than because they are sexually aroused by their own image, as an AGP.
      Although most gay men wouldn’t find them a suitable long term partner without a penis they have a better chance at having the sorts of relationships they want with bisexual or homoflexible men than they would in the hetero community.
      These are my observations as a long time member of the gay community. Perhaps some heterosexual FTMs (who “identify as gay men”) will come along and post their own thoughts and experiences.

      1. There’s a growing contingent of FTTs on Tumblr who come closest to autoandrophilia by my reckoning. I don’t know if they experience arousal simply wearing “men’s” clothes or imagining themselves with male anatomy, but they fetishize laughably unrealistic depictions of gay male sex and relationships. Many of these girls/women seem to know very few gay men in real life. They might not be true autoandrophiles but I think they’re very similar to those MTTs who discover their fetishization of lesbians and their desire to pretend to be lesbians through porn. I don’t know if those men are technically AGPs, but they’re very similar to young heterosexual FTTs in not knowing any actual gay people.

      2. As a hetero female who nearly transitioned: Yes, all your observations are very on point. I identify with everything that you said.
        By the way, the only things at the time that really made me stop and think more carefully about not transitioning were: 1) I am very gender non-conforming, but hetero, so I thought that becoming a ‘FTM gay male’ was probably going to make my life worse at the end; 2) I already was in a relationship such as the one you described, so I had no need to increase my chances to get one.
        Number 1) makes me extra worried about the women who are gender non-conforming lesbians…

      3. Insightful observations Gallus. Food for thought. I’ve always found fag hags a curious kind of woman, although I’ve heard that the lack of sexual pressure is part of the attraction. A dear friend of mine, now passed over, was a hag and an early pioneer for gay rights, so I know they can be woman-identified even though they carve out time on their social calendar to be around gay men. The thing about the hetero F2Ms though, is that they are undermining gay rights with their affirmation of gender stereotypes, whereas the hags were a crucial component of gay liberation.

      4. Thanks for your explanation of fag hags, Gallus, it helps me understand them a bit better. As to men respecting their equal humanity, how do they react when they find out gay men are as misogynistic as hetero men? Do they even realize this is so? I know a fag hag who once told me that she thought “feminine (gay) youth” were key to liberating women, but I know she is mistaken, as the key to liberating women lies with women and girls.

    2. Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for responding to my question, especially our beloved Gallus and “anon A.” The responses are extremely insightful and educating. I honestly had never considered the “fag hag” phenomenon and its connection to FTT. It makes sense.
      One thing I have noticed online: Whenever a story appears on an “LGBT” website relating to an FTT, certain gay male commenters will invariably pipe in to say how “cute” or “hot” the FTT is. These are almost always “social justice” oriented gay commenters. And they do it every single time. It is obviously forced, and obviously a way of signalling “Look, I accept this woman as a man and I am hooting at him just the way I would a real man! Look at how virtuous I am!” I don’t know if there are statistics on this, but I would bet money that virtually none of these gay guys would be interested in actually dating these FTTs.

      1. @Margie – While some of that commenting might be “forced,” I’ve found in my times around FTMs and gay men in gay male spaces that there are a number of gay men (maybe homoflexible or closeted bisexual) who are curious enough about sex with women and fetishize FTMs for being able to provide that without being too feminine, as well as fetishizing FTMs for their younger appearance. There’s plenty of objectification of female bodies even within gay male spaces.

  16. Excellent explanations Gallus. Fag hags struck me as hetero women who liked men, but did not want them sexually harassing them. Or they liked to social outings with a man without all the dating implications. Even lesbians I know like conversations with gay men, again, because many gay men are very conversationally literate, have a wide variety of interests, and aren’t going after women sexually. Straight men in America are a pretty limited lot. Not all, but I find I just don’t want the pressure to have conversations with them, because they aren’t adept or even very well educated. Go to any bar and you see sports blaring on the TV and straight men just not able to go very far conversationally.

    1. Could just be that a lot of straight men talk differently to women(ie, less interesting conversation) than they do to men.

  17. It also seems that a lot of hetero women I know don’t want to be in the “hetero box” so they do all this gender queer stuff, or they just say they are bisexual, or report that they had sex with a few women, but are basically your het woman married to a man, who reported on a past life when they were younger. And now I meet women, who sadly don’t want to “play” a feminine role at all, so they transition, they have girlfriends, but they “identify” as queer— and the butch hatred out there is always a factor. I’ve had some of the female to trans ask me if I ever wanted to trans. I just look at them and tell them I simply didn’t want any men telling me what to do, and I did not like making my body into some sex object, none of this make up, dresses, high heels, I am a serious butch lesbian, and I don’t want to play act as a helpless or “available” woman.

  18. The woman who is getting out of the gender clinic business just looks like a butch lesbian to me. It’s too bad these women get involved in this horrifying cult, and all it does to human bodies. But all of this is just an individual solution to deal with male supremacy, and male preditors. Men leave me alone because I am not “feminine” they tend to keep their distance or they don’t even attempt the crap that men do to feminine women. It’s interesting, it doesn’t end male violence, it doesn’t end rape and porn culture, but it gets the bastards in the general public not to mess with me. And I can just be my most powerful self, and I don’t have to dance around men or not be aggressive and powerful or highly opinionated without having to give a damn about men or their feelings or their incompetent conversational deadness.

    1. Medi, did you not see the “before” photo of Vonda ZadoroznyRichard Curtis? She does not look Butch, but in her later incarnation does look like the typical genderqueer Fem that is who is primarily presented as “Butch” in various photo collections, etc. that erases real Butches.
      I don’t think of her as wanting a solution to male supremacy, but as one more collaborator making money off self-hating women and the trans cult.

  19. Another aspect to the Fag Hag phenomenon is those who made a career out of betraying Lesbians, like bisexual Pat Califia, who worshipped Gay men and took some of the worst aspects of their culture, like porn and sado-masochism, into our Lesbian Feminist community in 1979.
    I saw it all unfold here in the SF Bay Area as Pat and Gayle Rubin, etc. used our Lesbian Feminist language to convince Lesbians that this was feminism. It got to where the three main “Lesbian” sex books and accompanying workshops were written by bisexuals and not Lesbians.
    We wrote about it in a chapter in our book, now updated at my blog.
    It took a while before the “gay male” F2T phenomenon spread. I think some of that had to do with women seeing the increasing genuflection to the transcult, and so found a way to be part of that and make money from it.
    There was a large conference in San Francisco in 1997 supposedly to heal the rift between Butches and women claiming to be men. The Butch-hating was terrible. That was where I saw an F2T called Shadow who had a following of young women who weren’t ready to claim to be men yet, so they called themselves “bois.” (All were Fem.) This was before the trend of any non-feminine woman being called a “boi,” and before the Butch Voices conferences that catered to the F2Ts that became increasingly corporate with selling porn and paraphernalia.
    In 1996, Loren Cameron, one of the early public F2Ts who wrote a book (“Body Alchemy”) with photographs of before and after photos of other F2Ts (again, almost all Fem), changed to calling herself a Gay man. I know that Loren spoke at her slideshows about how in San Francisco she saw Gay men and het women working in a clothing store ridiculing a Butch who came in, yet were very respectful to her, who they assumed was a working class man. Loren also spoke about her Lesbian relationship ending since her lover did not want to be with a “man.”
    Pat and others have ended up with other F2Ts who identify as Gay men, much like how many men claiming to be Lesbians end up in relationships with men like themselves.

  20. fabmind — I think you are definitely on to something here. I notice what happens in different spaces— you have events like Dyke Marches around the country, you have events that are labeled Dyke gatherings— always lesbians are too afraid to say LESBIAN ONLY so they put out this “all inclusive queerwomen welcome” the Dyke Marches have almost 100% lesbians, usually seasoned activists, lesbians who’re icons or well respected for DECADES of good work. At these events, a few male to trans will “hover around the edges” since even Dyke Marches have the “all who “identify as” labels on them, some men may come, the trans hover around the edges, almost no creepy tattoo covered female to trans show up for these things. Then there is the big mega mega LGBT Pride event— everyone is there, the main stage at Pride–RESIST in L.A. had what I call the “new math”– those who went to grade school in the 60s will laugh at this reference, but anyway—MAIN STAGE Pride RESIST LA 2017— 10 MEN hog the mic for the big speeches, only two women speak, one who is an LGBT org “CEO” the other might have been a lesbian but was even too cowardly to celebrate the LA Women’s March–nope she had to call it an all inclusive march, but never could get the word WOMAN out of her mouth, 75% of the million people who showed up were women in Jan. 2017— and then the new math — we have one Male to trans on the stage so they can “count” and go whoooeee we had 3 women speakers and 10 male speakers, mostly politicos and CEO types, one very old time gay man who said LESBIAN & GAY a lot in his speech, but there you have it. I yelled out RESIST MALE supremacy, nobody much gave a damn.

  21. fabmind — now let’s get to the fetish creepy crawly female to trans–shaved heads, covered with tattoos big MALE pretenders, probably into sex with gay men, BDSM, and infamous Buck Angel and his side kick Leo showed up for a Dyke park gathering. You have the sex toy shop with a table full of sex pozzie hipster lesbians, and you had the two creepy crawly female to trans with their “booth” promoting Pot farming and selling marijuana— big picture of Buck Angel on the sign for that booth. What are these creepy crawly fetish self hating women doing there? Yup, recruiting for the BDSM world, and luring in young butch lesbians who don’t know the danger, there is the porn industry in Los Angeles, and the F to Ms want in on the big BDSM not so underground scenes with gay men, and they want access to Dykes, and they want to recruit butch dykes into the female to trans world. Yup, I went to all three of there events, and THE most powerful event was the Dyke March backed by the city of West Hollywood, where several lesbians do have some clout and can get a park space away from BLARING big stage Pride set ups, where we can all be together, all generations of lesbians, dancing together, hearing ALL DYKE speakers— including one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter— the male to trans are there, I spotted two, both stood out like sore thumbs, they were so out of it, and all the women there ignored them and just kept a distance. They had zero power, and even the males there who were with the TV news orgs were very walk on eggs shells around the 200-300 dykes who were there.

  22. West Hollywood old school gay men know they are paying back, it is pay back for all the work lesbians did for the “brothers” during the AIDS epidemic. Most young lesbians no in the know, have no idea why WeHo ponies up and give us Dyke Space and police protection,they have no idea what all of this history is all about. Yes, a certain generation of gay men knows the truth, quite a few of them still alive because of radical lesbian street activism smarts, the kind of street smart working class Dyke culture they used to make fun of and hate on. Some of that dyke working class culture saved the butts of those white rich wall street closeted gay men back in the day. But again, most lesbians do not really know this stuff, and the young women are still vulnerable to the female to male trans cult, the porn industry that funds this stuff, the Buck Angels out in the world like demons, preying on the weak.

  23. BDSM, female to male self hatred, fetish crap always out there, bisexual women making big bucks selling “lesbian” sex books in the 80s, young butch lesbians being hated on, old butch lesbians being marginalized, the porn industry ever looking for more woman hating, woman destroying material, men chasing after male to trans—the tranny chasers, the total erasure of MALE violence against male to trans prostituted guys, feminine roll playing men–yup MEN kill them. Men kill gay men, male to trans KILL women, they KILL lesbians, THEY take jobs, woman of the year awards, spots on girls’ sports teams, then the male porn merchants “sell” fake lesbian porn making millions, fueling more creepy crawly fetishes by hetero men who so love to keep their penis’ to stick into lesbians or shame lesbians for not wanting to date dicks…. and when you go to all the events, and watch closely, and listen closely, you put the evil patriarchal puzzle together.

  24. Oh and at the Pride Resist march in L.A. we walked past thousands and thousands of people. Evaluating the vibe—- right near where we stood for the speeches there were THREE Moms carrying signs saying they were so proud of the trans “sons” one sign said my trans son is such a stud, or something like that. Back in the day, I saw Moms carrying signs saying, “I love my gay son.” So these Moms love their trans sons. Anyone out there EVER see a sign at a Pride event that a Mom or a Dad carried that said, “I’m proud of my lesbian daughter!” Just wondering. Moms love their female to MALE sons, oh so trendy and cool— talk about toxic hatred of female bodies and male identification. Then there are the liberal lesbians out there, I try to explain the horror of this, they get how obnoxious a lot of the male to trans are, but they want to be “liked” in the liberal LGBT lands they travel in. They might hem and haw a bit, and then say “oh it’s a spectrum”— being all choicy choosey…

  25. The Dr. Curtis’ out there are now shutting up shop, just ahead of the government watch dogs, just ahead of the lawsuits….. the gender clinics, the Moms who support their trans children, and can’t seem to cheer on lesbian daughters— that is the underage kids, because supporting drugging your kids is oh so much more preferable than saying your butch lesbian girl is totally ok just as she is. The butch phobia, the subtext of not wanting “gender” non-conforming kids to just be…. going to three events, two with DYKE in the title one with PRIDE in the title is fascinating research. There is no substitute for on the ground observation of this. And the leftist ironies, where they are against reparrative pray the gay away therapy” and in favor of “erase the gay and lesbian trans “treatments” being a-okay. No irony there. Sex pozzie, mega billion dollar porn industry, women wanting to be into “gay male sex clubs” and on and on it goes. This is just raw observation, and most lesbians and even most women have to get real, because it takes time to understand the horror of this, and it takes time to get the pure patriarchal horror of this system. It takes time to connect the dots, but Gallus is so good at putting it together, and I just hope I can add helpful firsthand info to the mix now and then.

  26. Oh no. Because of years of the CX way not working for me(and many others), Richard was at least another option. With Richard shutting shop, how many alternatives are there to CX for nhs funded patients now for gawd sake. Today was a good day for me because my name change documents have come through, i read this article, happy has gone to worry. 🙁

  27. I was a patient of dr curtis nice of this article deliberately misgendering him i wonder how many of you misgendering him would like me to misgender yourselves. I found dr curtis to be extremely patient focused with a relaxed easy going attitude his reception staff where first class and i only left his clinic due to problems with getting into central london. I would never consider nhs treatment and the waiting lists are so long and no thought given to all tbe patients this will effect. The nhs gender services bully these services and now dr webberly is having the same tactic deployed on her. The nhs should welcome these clinics and if you can pay you should pay for private medicine the waiting lists for the nhs are extremely long and many people lose their lives waiting on lists to be seen eventually taking their own lives the lists with so many of these clinics closing down are going to swell and people will suffer. I hope dr curtis continues to practice elsewhere in a more enlightened country not run by a cartel called the nhs.

    1. Yes there’s a rumor she is relocating her practice to Spain.
      Did you switch from Curtis to Webberley? What are you doing now?
      There are 16 other private “gender” prescribers in the UK, seems like quite a few in such a relatively small geographical area. Or are you totally homebound?

    2. Actually, misgendering would not bother me much as I am completely comfortable with who I am and do not require outside verification. Please provide a list of people who you know took their lives because of long waiting lists, preferably with links to newspaper articles or police reports. Thanks.

      1. It seems like some people with lifelong mental health issues involving suicide attempts, particularly men, arrive at transgenderism as a radical last ditch effort to solve all their problems. When you’ve (seemingly) run out of options the chrysalis narrative can be very seductive.
        You can also try to reinvent yourself by joining the Peace Corps or running off to join the military (individuals who later identify as transgender are twice as likely to do so than the general public), by living as a hermit in a shack “off the grid” in the woods, by becoming a born-again christian (or other cult), by pursuing higher education (men who identify as transgender are twice as likely to do so than the general public), by adopting extreme physical and/or dietary regimens (bodybuilding, etc.). But we don’t really see these other options touted as a panacea by the popular media, the medical establishment, the psychiatric establishment.
        And while some of these other paths to reinvention offer the all-important “just out of reach” hope of redemption, none of them have a built in clause or politic blaming others for the failure to succeed. (Unless you’re Ted Kaczynski.)
        And none of these other paths specifically recruit on the basis of mental illness and suicidality.
        When an actively suicidal individual adopts any course of action as “My last chance!” in any context, but particularly when the result is inherently unobtainable, the prognosis is not good.

      2. @GallusMag I was thinking along similar lines, after reading Stevie’s post. It took a couple read-throughs, to try to unscramble the lack of logic involved in the writing.
        With that said…to say there are those who are taking their lives, due to the long wait times involved, for an elective, points to a level of insanity that is beyond any rational explanation. People killing themselves because they cannot get an operation for body parts, which will not, cannot and never well work like the biological parts they are meant to mimic [Oh yes, the term ‘OEM body parts’ can be applied – Patent Pending]. Really???? Where? If this were the case for other electives, there would be an inordinate amount of teenagers, who would be wanting to cease their existence, after their parents have said no to ear rings or other piercings. Same type of mentality, if one were honest.
        As for the reinvention because one has run out of options, let me offer something to dovetail to that. In addition, it is an ‘in-thing’ to be a brigade member, especially if in some way, it validates some type of sexist attitude that said person was brought up with and now wants to exploit, in a rather twisted fashion. This also fulfills that person’s need to belong, even if it is to a group that is more often than not, MRA’s via another means.
        One last point: it has been pointed out before, there may be some type of learning or logic issue that permeates the writing or speech patterns of the brigade members. Be it the run-on sentences, to the constant use of lower case letters to begin and end sentences, to even the constant spewing of community mantras [see the episode of PBS’s ‘To The Contrary’, where a brigade member was a panelist, constantly reciting the phrase “transwomen are women”, like the person was Peyton Manning, calling out ‘Omaha’, when running an audible at the line of scrimmage]. Not many will want to admit this, but if one looks at how social media, let alone overhears conversations outside among brigade members, one can gather these are happening and considered acceptable.

    3. I care about being “misgendered” about as much as I care about being called a “nimby.” In other words, not at all. There are real issues in this world, and someone calling me (or anyone else) the wrong pronoun is not one of them. Grow up.
      I’m another who would also like to see proof of the many deaths due to too-long NHS waiting lists.
      Dr. Webberley is being shut down due to malpractice. She prescribed cross-sex hormones to a 12-year-old child and was selling drugs over the internet with little-to-no oversight of her patients. She also stated on reddit that babies, at 6 months of age, can exhibit behaviors indicating they are possibly transgender. Webberley is a quack. If Webberley is treating you, I wish you good health and good luck.

  28. Misgendering happens all the time to lesbians who refuse to wear make-up or earrings, nothing new under the sun. I don’t throw hissy fits over it, I just assume it is clueless heterosexuals who aren’t used to women who don’t put on clown costume to get social approval from other hets and men.

  29. Fake news.
    A few facts but all written and manipulated to sound twisted and wrong by adding in their own opinions.
    People go private becuase the waiting lists are so long in the UK it takes 2year to be seen for your first appointment.
    Privately you can be assessed by a specialist. Then reffered to a gender phyciatrist for 4+ sessions. Then they write you a letter saying if they think you are in need of transitioning medically. Then you have a second session with the gender specialist. And if they know you are definitely siffereig from dysphoria and have no other mental diseases affecting you, they will prescribe cross hormones to relieve your dysphoria and let you startedically transitioning. If in 6months time you want any types of surgeries, they will have another apppoinemtn to talk about that and talk about maybe sending a referal to a surgeon. (If they don’t deem you fit for it, they won’t send a federal) its all very strict and not as this article is stating. It also takes half a year to get an appointment with a surgeon for chest surgery, or don’t the NHS can take up to (3+years)
    And each surgery (if you need it) takes more appoinemtns with your gender specilest/dr, and and referrals. And then time from them to talk to your surgeon and see if they except you too. You need constant appointments and referrals from many people.
    Hormones aren’t just perceived easily. That’s why Dr Curtis got in trouble and was deemed unfit. Then reinstated and he started following protocol properly. Since 2013 he has been very strict with protocal and turning lots of people away if he doesn’t believe they suffer from gender dysphoria.
    Just saying. This article is bollocks. Fake news. Learn things before you preach them.

    1. We use pronouns based on sex on this blog. Lol no, it is not “discrimination” to do so. If you don’t like it, go read somewhere else.

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