Left Forum 2017 is not ready for women’s resistance against gender

‘Are You Ready For Resistance?’ asks the 2017 Left Forum conference, scheduled on June 2nd through the 4th at New York’s John Jay College.
From their website:

“Left Forum provides a context for the critical conversations that are essential for a stronger Left and a more just society.

Each spring Left Forum convenes the largest gathering in North America of the US and international Left. Continuing a tradition begun in the 1960s, we bring together intellectuals and organizers to share perspectives, strategies, experience and vision. For the US and the world, revitalizing an American Left has never been more urgent; Left Forum has a critical role to play in that undertaking.

Our work parallels and cross-fertilizes with the renewal of left, progressive, radical and social movement strength elsewhere—from indigenous movements in Bolivia to the South Korean farmers to the electoral gains of European and Latin American left parties. Like many movements abroad, Left Forum seeks to link the critique of neo-liberalism to anti-capitalism and to foster radical alternatives to the established order. Left Forum provides a context for critical engagement by people of different persuasions who, nevertheless, seek common ground.”

What the Left Forum is NOT ready for, apparently, is a Feminist critique of the bio-medical industry funding behind the transgender movement, and the impact on gender nonconforming children and the lesbian, gay, and women’s communities.
The following scheduled panel has been no-platformed by Left Forum organizers and removed from their website:

From the Left Forum website, now removed.

The full listing for the cancelled event:
No Platformed Feminist Panel

Left Forum posted the following notice on their facebook page:


67 thoughts on “Left Forum 2017 is not ready for women’s resistance against gender

  1. The more they try to repress women from speaking on this, the stronger we will become. I truly believe the era of neoliberal 3rd wave “feminism” is about to end and a revival of radical feminism is on the horizon.

    1. I hope your optimism holds true. The woman-hating left cannot be allowed to continue their raging madness.

  2. First off….this shows how insanely hypocritical the left is, let alone the City College of NY. If free speech on the part of others is tolerated and enabled by a PUBLIC institution, then this should be welcome as well. Makes me want to hide the fact, I am a former Brooklyn kid who learned one had understand, what the real world contains (yes Portland based now, but it still holds).
    Second…..HOW THE FUCK ARE FACTS PHOBIC?? There are many people here who can cite…..chapter, verse, incidents, medical evidence and media outlet pieces done, bragging about the eugenics minded scum funding same…that big pharma is hand in hand with the brigade. Along with the fact that the transing of youth via same, is no different than Mengele injecting benzene in the eyes of of Jewish children, to make them look more arayan. As well as the fact that these acts of malpractice are harmful, in the immediate and longterm.
    Damn….these idiots keep the shit coming. And are making the case, to call the brigade (with few exceptions) brownshirts with bad makeovers, with the left fueling their sickening deeds.

  3. Thank you for covering this, Gallus Mag.
    The left forum claims to be against neo-liberalism but they support transgender politics, which are neo-liberal in nature.
    This panel that has been no-platformed is a very important discussion for the revitalization of the left. The left needs to take a good hard look at how neo-liberalism has infiltrated radical politics and shut them down.

    1. It would be interesting to see who is funding Left Forum. What I have found with so-called leftists who refuse to even think about the politics of transgenderism is that they know NOTHING about puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, surgeries, etc. I suspect they are squeamish when confronted with the reality of people subjecting their bodies to horrific drugs and surgeries.

  4. It’s to be expected these days that real women’s views will be no platformed by the patriarchy and its cloying servants, even the so called ‘left’.
    But we can do something about it. If we each got a copy of these wonderful women’s data we could disseminate it in our communities, leaflet drop, whatever, to let ordinary people know the facts of the matter.

  5. I’ve been thinking lately about the class hierarchy in the gender identity movement. The genderqueer/queer/non-binary seem to come from well-to-do backgrounds, and they are defining gender-correctness and leading the enforcement efforts, determining who gets a voice and who doesn’t. I’m sure this doesn’t hold true for people with true sex dysphoria, but those with sex dysphoria are often critical of trans politics and are snubbed by the leadership. Of course class privilege defines about everything, including the meaning of “left” or “progressive” itself, but I think gender identity is a particularly loaded concept. This is an ideology used by the powerful to exalt themselves at the expense of others. “Gender Identity as a tool of class oppression”–there’s a topic for the “left” forum.

    1. Or…for that matter, a new form of facism.
      Put another way…even a child or a teen who is deeply devoted to one band or music style, will admit or admire others that exist. Or acknowledge their existence, even if they think it stinks. But there is such a twisted, absolutist attitude among the brigade (encompassing the genderqueer, etc) that at times, any type of rational discussion, pointing out the path they are walking the society down, can only end in disaster, get scuttled. And the person ignored.
      All…get ready for the next month to be a barrage of this illogic. With the ‘established’ media being one of the catalysts.

        1. In the US…it’s when the pride parades, etc arrive. Also it’sa time when the fawning by the media, over the brigade goes into extreme overdrive.
          Makes the argument for the sane to stay home, read…or if they know others with questions, to point out fact from bullshit.

  6. So they object to learning about how people they claim to champion (trans, gender non conformers) are being hurt by MEDICAL AND CAPITALIST VENTURES? For real? This is info they all need to know. Of course they don’t wanna hear about woman only spaces, nothing new there.
    I am just so beyond done with the left, they are just a different flavor of patriarchy, one that expects women to be sexual slaves to many men, instead of just one. Once you think of them this way, everything they do makes sense- the push for non stop hetero sex and promiscuity, their love for porn, seeing sexualization and objectification as “empowering”, the belief that “sex work is work” (barf), their lesophobia, and of course, their woman hating ideology that makes female a feeling in a males head.
    They are as much an enemy as conservatives are these days. I used to think the left was better, but they are succeeding in wrecking women’s liberation where the RW has failed.

    1. Amen! The left has succeeded in destroying women’s liberation in a way that the right never could, and other women are helping them out.

        1. Dear Rox/Rosa/Eva/etc.
          Sir. You have been auto-banned as spam for leaving over a dozen repetitive comments under various names. As a public service, and without charge, I have compiled the bulk of them here into one comment, followed by my response.
          You wrote:
          No, the LF is not ready for transphobic so called feminst hate! The panelists had expressed their clear rejection and hate towards a marginalized minority and clearly they all need to learn about intersectionality (but they all are white privileged ladies so i guess we all are asking for too much!) being a women doesn’t not mean your hate has a free pass!! Now if they want to bash/troll and mislabel them as if they are silencing women just because their transphobic hate was calles out! Then this further proves my point! and im happy i don’t have to be in a forum where people like them are present, their ignorance and hate should NOT be welcomes in these places period. jennifer bilen is butthurt for not getting away with her transphobic agenda! She needs to read about intersectionality 101 and drop her hate against the trans community! Your hate is not welcomed!
          Opress? Do you thing that just because they are women they ahould get a free pass on their transphobic hate? Fuck that! An fuck them, as a WOC i think you all need to f learn about intersectionality bc this is exactly the problem. This is the equivalent of allowing a white supremacist women to have a panel against undocumented folks! Oh wait, they are opressed women so let them do it!? NO
          FYI this panel was taken doen because of their transphobic agenda! They dont and wont stand on the side of hate, and privileged white so called feminist shouldn’t have a free pass on their transphobic hate, now they are called out and of course they acusse the left forum of “silencing women” and they can’t be further than the truth! They are NOT silencing women, they are not allowing this group to furthet marginalize the trans community. Also these ladies in the past had verbally attacked black tras youth! So how is is this ok? How is this feminist? And how are they expected to get a free pass on their hate?
          By “real women” you mean hatefull transphobic white so called feminist? No, they don’t get a f feee pass on their ignorant hate just bc they are women!!
          Jennifer is a transphobic hateful person! She is full of hate towards the trans community and the panel shouldn’t never been acepted and we are happy tit was removed. This transphobic shit shouldn’t have place in this conference. You are her friend, ask her to read about intersectional feminist and to drop her white privileged for once, so she can stop being so damn ignorant!
          Thanks kathleen Lowrey for exposing yourself, i’ll make sure i never take a class with you because clearly you support hate and transphobia!
          They don’t support murderers in the Army which are intertwined with imperialism and violation of human rights ao i doubt your email has any importance.
          If the critic is full of hate and specially if it comes from a group of white privileged women that bashes against a marginalized community then yes! Im tired of white “feminist” getting away with their bullshit just because they are women! Hate is Hate, period
          Yes. It is impressive that a group of hatefull transphobic white privileged women can be censored!
          Simple; with women who are NOT hateful transphobic and who are actually educated and know about intersectionality…
          “Now is when TRANSPHOBIC womyn should organize and GET EDUCATED inside and outside of the Left Forum and ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR IGNORANCE AND PRIVILEGE anyway–The more we TROLL them back the MORE EXPOSED WE GET”
          END. [sic]
          My response:
          Intersectionality doesn’t mean that people oppressed on the basis of sex (that would be women) should be prevented from organizing against and presenting an analysis of that oppression. All women are oppressed on the basis of sex (reproductive capacity) regardless of Race, Class, Age, Ability, Geographical Location, Sexual Orientation, degree of compliance to Gender Norms, Historical Era, etc.
          Intersectionality acknowledges the diverse experiences of sex-based oppression as impacted by, and compounded by, other axis of oppression: Race, Class, and so forth.
          Intersectionality does not mean that Women’s Liberationists must abandon our movement and instead prioritize people with penises.
          Intersectionality does not mean that women who are White, Wealthy, Non-disabled, Heterosexual, etc. escape sex-based oppression or are subjected to “less” sex-based oppression.
          All women are subject to male supremacy, male violence, male surveillance, and male control.
          All women have the right to organize against, analyze, and critique the patriarchal mechanisms of their oppression.
          All men are born into the ruling class of the male supremacist sex hierarchy, including men who are oppressed on the basis of race and class, ability, sexual orientation, age, etc.
          Men like yourself should not organize against women’s rights. Nor should you insist that we prioritize your needs above our own. Women are not “terf” for you to walk on, we do not exist to serve you.
          The presentation by three white (?) lesbians who were no-platformed by the LeftForum 2017 dealt with the biomedical funding behind the medicalization of gender and the impact on the lesbian, gay, and women’s communities. The demographic most impacted by and targeted by this funding is caucasian lesbian youth. White, middle class, same-sex attracted girls are overwhelmingly the demographic of individuals being subjected to childhood sexual organ retardation and sterilization followed by lifetime biomedical industry dependence.
          See here: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/parents-who-sterilize-their-kids-over-gender-norms-are-overwhelmingly-white-says-dr-johanna-olson-kennedy/
          And here: https://4thwavenow.com/2015/07/10/why-are-more-girls-than-boys-presenting-to-gender-clinics/
          Your claim that white lesbians are unsuitable critics of this urgent and predominantly white lesbian injury, and your claim that their panel, which exposes the biomedical billionaires who largely fund this ghastly medical trend -should be censored by Left Forum because of “intersectionality”, falls flat.

    2. Andrea Dworkin said that right wing women simply didn’t want to have to have sex with many men, and were willing to sell their body to one protector. Leftist men wanted to have sex with many women, that was the real difference between right wing and left wing men, neither group ever supported women’s liberation. Once you know this, the born womyn only events and spaces make all the more sense, and the left wing hates this.

  7. Thanks for covering this GallusMag. I am a facebook friend and colleague of Jennifer Bilek. I remember reading posts she wrote about the approval of this panel a couple weeks ago. Her elation at this seems to me to indicate that the Left Forum is bullshitting us about it never being approved in the first place. IF by some (I think slim) chance this claim by them is for real they did a horrible , horrible job of conveying that to Jennifer and thoroughly misled her.

    1. Obviously they had scheduled it. They had it posted in the schedule on their website with full description, time slot, and assigned room.

      1. What, you mean they lied? Surely not?!! Lying about the forum, lying about women, lying about patriarchal gender norms and the surgery needed to achieve this fakery … who’d a thought in this Trumpenstein land that we’d have liars on the left? ;-(

    1. What I sent:
      To the Organizers:
      There is no polite way to put this: you’ve been fooled by misogynist transactivists into no-platforming feminists. It’s happening far too often on the confused neoliberal left. This isn’t about “transphobia”, it is about men’s rights activism, antifeminism, homophobia, and old-fashioned misogyny.
      Restore the panel organized by Jane Chotard and Jennifer Bilek. Consider also going to it and learning something.
      Kathleen Lowrey
      Associate Professor, Anthropology
      University of Alberta
      Edmonton, Canada

  8. What I sent to these bunch of fucking jerks: (not sorry for the bad language):
    The so-called Left Forum once again stepped on a woman’s right to Freedom of Speech. Time fro us to stop being nice and get damned uppity! Here is what I sent directly to them:
    “Most civilization is based on cowardice. It’s so easy to civilize by teaching cowardice. You water down the standards which would lead to bravery. You restrain the will. You regulate the appetites. You fence in the horizons. You make a law for every movement. You deny the existence of chaos. You teach even the children to breathe slowly. You tame.
    FRANK HERBERT, God Emperor of Dune
    Have you forgotten that Freedom of Speech is for ALL Americans and not just trans identifying humans? You people are naught but vile cowards and sycophant to the trans community. Let you know without a doubt that I will do all in my power to make sure as many people know about you stifling of Freedom of Speech and your “forum’s” misogyny.
    As a veteran of this country’s armed forces, you make me ashamed and angered that I served to preserve your freedom to speak. You have really motivated me to stand up and fight back against fascists like you

    1. Fuck ya Miriam Ben-Shalom!!!!!!!! I have so much respect for you! When I saw you stand up and command attention brave in the face of those frothing at the mouth trans activists (who couldn’t have an ounce of respect at the moment of silence for those lost at Pulse in Florida last year) at Women Speak Out on youtube last year I got up and cheered!!! I’ve seen you give talks (in the form of youtube videos) at Biology Isn’t Bigotry and a few others. I’m so grateful for women like you and Gallus Mag and so many others on this forum that fight back against this horrific transgender agenda. Thank you so much for our service and for fighting for your rights to serve in the USA Armed Forces. You’re a force to be reckoned with! Again, thank you for your service and your contribution to women and women only spaces. Very grateful to you!

    2. PS: I’m also a HUGE Dune fan and that quote is incredibly relevant right now. God Emporer is actually my favorite of the series. I also feel that the Litany Against Fear is also relevant here:
      I must not fear.
      Fear is the mind-killer.
      Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
      I will face my fear.
      I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
      And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
      Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
      Only I will remain.

  9. How can we get the papers these censored women were going to present? How can we create another forum where they can present? The information that is promised in the announcement would be so valuable!

  10. Damn, just finished watching the video of the gender crit women led by Tara Dansky at this Left Forum just a year ago. What a great panel. How stupid, and what a shame the same conference has chosen censorship this year. It’s disgusting. We HAVE to start organizing.against censorship of gender crit feminists and radfems. That’s the only way we’re going to push back against this b.s. When I get.a new laptop, I’m going to do my part to start organizing, with petitions, and letter writing, phone call and email campaigns against every instance of censorship that I can manage to do. I hope other’s will do the same. Keep the censorship stories coming, GM. We need to fight fire with fire. If anyone wants to censor feminists, there’s going to be pushback. I have found that the one thing most reasonable people can agree on is that freedom of thought and freedom of speech are essential to sound decision-making as individuals and a society. And that censorship harms decision-making and is disrespectful of and infantilizes everyone. The first thing we need to do is call out incessantly, loud and clear, that transactivists censoring feminists and those who question trans beliefs and medical demands, especially regarding children, is unacceptable. We need to nail them for trans-McCarthyism anywhere and everywhere, until no one puts up with it anymore, before we can get anything else done.

  11. Apart from their sexism/cowardice on this, the programme is disappointing. Much of the content seems to tinker around the edges, declaiming on the most obvious, lowest common denominator issues and focusing on the shallowest culture/identity politics. There’s no sustained analysis or focused challenge of the corporate takeover of all aspects of existence–how we eat, sleep, have sex, raise kids, communicate, work, stay alive. Little on big pharma, biotech, agribusiness, sex industry, arms trade. No naming the culprits. When what we need is a proper anti corporate left conference unafraid to follow the money.

  12. It’s bewildering that so called lefties would use censorship to silence viewpoints that may differ from their own. Sounds extremely right wing to me.

    1. Leftists have always censored Lesbians, Lesbian Feminists, Radical Feminists. It’s a male-dominated movement and they hate us like most men do.

  13. Most women I know hate this genderist bs. How do they think they are going to revitalize the left without women?

    1. They don’t want us involved.
      Transwomen are better then we could ever be. Every single one of them portrays the male version of what woman is. We just get in the way, with all of our demands to be treated as human and our nasty, transphobic vaginas being exclusionary all over the place.

  14. Now is when womyn should organize and protest inside and outside of the Left Forum and have the presentation anyway–The more we make them push back the worse it gets for them–

  15. The left (the left of what?) has never ever allowed the voices of radical feminists to be heard respectfully. The left and their handmaidens have always tried to separate their own liberal feminists from radical feminists. In doing so they reveal their own patriarchal roots, the same roots as the transgender cult. They also reveal their fear of what radical feminists stand for: an analysis of the causes of female oppression: patriarchy: male violence. Shame on this left/right forum for being a dupe of the transgender lies, of falling for the crocodile tears; the whining and red in the face screaming: “I am an entitled, arrogant male. I can be anyone I say I am. I can ignore science. I can appropriate femaleness because I feel like it. I cannot listen to any other beliefs, it hurts my sensitive male feelies.” Shame on the left and their repressing of free speech. Let us hold our own forums, bring these women and their important panel to our towns. Stand on corners with signs and hand out leaflets. We will be silenced no more.

  16. Has a women’s party ever been tried before? I know voting people in or out isn’t the most effective thing in the world but honestly the left and right have so abandoned women that it seems like the time to attempt such a thing would be now.

  17. I’ve been a Lesbian Separatist/Radical Lesbian Feminist writer, activist, etc. since 1972, and everything seems as we predicted 45 years ago.
    For our community and culture, we need women only space, with Lesbian only space also (which has rarely existed in the US), and as many organizations as we can have that are not for profit, not just a variation on male organizations that exclude poor Lesbians and women, and do not support the enemies of women (the trans cult). But for our survival, we need to support whatever mainstream politics have a chance of succeeding against the increasing nazi takeover of the US.
    I have no illusions about the Democratic party, but I voted for Hillary, and know they are the party that has a chance to win and will fight to for decent health care, income, housing, etc. I have been called “selfish” for not throwing away my vote to Jill Stein and for saying when the Greens help the right wing win, thousands die. I never was taken in by the Green Party who effectively helps the right wing/Republicans win. I am concerned a women’s party would be one more diversion that would give elections to the right wing.
    So my voting decisions are based on practicality and decades observing what works and what doesn’t. We are still in patriarchy and most women support it because they support their men over women. They support patriarchy for privilege. If they stopped, women could change everything.
    Meanwhile, my personal and political work is for Lesbians and the women who support us. Our Lesbian movement has been bought and sold by those who make our events unaffordable and who help men (the same men who demand we accept them as Lesbians) get into power positions. I have no illusions about any of this, so really do not recommend trying to change those who betray us. Part of it for me, is how much do they hate us and how do we not inadvertently help those who want us dead?
    It can be good to write criticizing this censorship, but do we really expect the Left to change when they haven’t after all these years? I do prefer when some Leftists get mainstream power because that often means less of the most oppressed Lesbians dying and our lives improving. But I will not devote my time or life to them. Voting only takes a few moments by absentee ballot, and if enough of us did it, we could improve our lives. And then have more time to really help our own kind.

  18. I honestly wonder if the Left Forum was open to much of the main idea (which is in the title), but only skimmed the description and *that’s* what gave the no-platformers a grip and let them tank the panel.
    I couldn’t cut-and-paste text to do a line edit, but some tweakable stuff would be:
    1) “pro-medical intervention” propaganda (vs “pro-trans”).
    2) “how many elements in mainstream transgender politics negatively impact the LGB community” (vs “political coup” of a “homophobic element”).
    3) mention of an anti-medical intervention activist from within trans circles (is there one?)
    In effect, the wording could leave doors open for some trans activists to gracefully move towards more nuanced positions (by moving towards other voices in their circles, and forsaking the manipulative “elements” of medical intervention).
    I always put my agreement with Miranda Yardley as a trans activist front and center whenever I begin a convo on female socialization. Her name takes away the possibility of me being kneejerk tarred and feathered as transphobic.
    Just wanted to put these thoughts on tactics out there; more people need to think about bigpharma and transgender issues, and we need to figure out better ways to get these issues honestly discussed.

      1. I had thought for some reason Miranda Yardley was an autogynephile?
        These interview transcripts are available through a Feminist Current piece:

        PODCAST: Miranda Yardley on being a gender critical transwoman

        The positions on trans discourse erasure of women and the needs for women’s only spaces are pretty thoughtful.
        In conversations I’ve had, it’s been helpful to say stuff like, “Trans activist Miranda Yardley has pointed out that she and others enjoyed male privilege prior to transition…”
        If a trans activists says it, people can’t knee-jerk dismiss it as TERF stuff like if a woman had said it.

        1. Kamilla- I haven’t seen him write any criticism, mainly re-articulates the work that feminists have done. Maybe he will though, on autogynephilia? Or maybe I’ve missed it?

    1. The most honest discussion is to keep it to the truth, the simple facts that men can never be women and women can never be men. And not be diverted into the tedious aspects of the trans cult.
      I care about the children being manipulated and harmed, but do not really care about female-haters who are men demanding access to us or women wanting privilege at our expense. It’s girls, women, and Lesbians who need our support.
      Trusting a man posing as a woman says it all.

      1. @Bev Jo if I understand you correctly, I recognize your concern and anger that an audience might accept from a trans woman the same argument and ideas that they’d reject from a woman-born woman.
        I also am trying to create a better future for girls, women, and lesbians, and as a gay man I try to do my best as an ally.
        My personal strategy is to introduce women’s radfem thought directly whenever possible, but depending on the audience I might “smooth the way” by namechecking a trans woman first.
        My thinking is that it’s best to get out there stuff like rationales for wbw-only spaces, and ideally at a later point in time any given person could reflect on any bias towards the bearer of those ideas, if, say, they could only hear them at first from Miranda Yardley.

      2. Your thinking is that it’s best to misrepresent men as the authors of women’s work. For our own good.
        Unreal. Do you listen to yourself?
        You cite women as the secondary authors of our own work after the males who plagiarize us, whom you prioritize. For our own good, mind you, as an ally.
        You rob women of our work, support male plagiarists, prioritize male authority, and award female honoraria “she” and “her” to the male perpetrators in an attempt to bolster them as proxies for the females whose work they are stealing and whose voices they are imitating.
        You do this for our ‘own good’ because you as a male know better than we do what is good for us. What’s good for women according to you is having our work stolen by men, prioritizing male authority over females, and being stripped of the words we use to recognize each other. All for our own good.
        When we complain you dutifully explain how us lowly female authors of our own work are wrong to expect appropriate citation and how we are only hurting ourself by doing so.
        You are deranged.
        You spit disrespect in our faces and tell us to like it.
        Men like yourself should stop doing these things.

      3. Sorry for my delayed reply (was slammed with work) and the misleading lack of context in my first post (I try to keep posts short, but that post was too short):
        1) These conversations that I was talking about are in the college classroom and with college-age students.
        2) Attribution of ideas to feminists is occurring and texts by feminists are assigned and that’s where the weight is placed and most discussion occurs, but there’s a strategic “lead in” of pointing out that this gender critical position also exists within the trans community as a minority voice.
        These are the scenarios that I’ve had happen in the classroom:
        1) Without such a strategic “lead in,” a radfem text is assigned or position brought up and a student gives a kneejerk “transphobic” / “that’s cisprivilege” remark and derails all discussion, to the point where you can visibly see people’s minds shutting down.
        2) A strategic “lead in” is given by flagging *diversity* of opinion among the trans community (e.g. “Miranda Yardley raises the point about accumulated years of male privilege…”), and then feminist text and thoughts are introduced. Because the gender critical position was introduced as something occurring within the trans community as a minority voice, a student can’t do the kneejerk “transphobic” / “that’s cisprivilege” comment and derail discussion, and thus honest discussion of the feminist ideas and texts can be had.
        I’ve had a number of successful pedagogical outcomes occur through this second approach:
        – a woman with very gung-ho mainstream trans politics started to recognize the need for women-only domestic violence shelters.
        – a lesbian stopped experimenting with pronouns / genderqueer / etc. and realized that for her that practice was a result of internalized misogyny.
        – another lesbian publicly pointed out how almost no other classes assign texts by lesbian authors, even when those classes engage LGBTQ topics.
        These successful pedagogical outcomes might seem small, but they’re something. I spoke with another teacher who’s taught radfem stuff, and he also has had to come up with strategies to overcome student dismissiveness. He also pointed out that it’s tough to teach unpopular topics because of a lack of workplace protections (adjunctification, decline of tenure).
        At least in my experience, this “lead in” strategy is very successful in circumventing BS with college-age folks who toe party line, and that’s why I recommend it to people. Ideally, after minds open up a little, there can be further conversations about how effed up it is that the original position couldn’t be heard if directly attributed to women (and instead had to be introduced via men). At least on the ground in a college classroom, I’ve seen a tradeoff, and the path has to be smoothed a bit before a full discussion of all the dynamics can be had; otherwise, all the dynamics can be presented up front, but many students close their minds and much less engagement occurs, a less than ideal pedagogical outcome.
        Also, my apologies too with pronouns; I slipped and did pronoun usage like I would in a college classroom, instead of adhering to the norms of this blog (where pronouns always reflect biological sex).

      4. Emphemeroptera: You validate what feminists say by telling them a man thinks it too. Women’s work erased and men getting credit. Thanks for nothing.

  19. Just goes to show just how much the left has been co-opted by these tranzmaniacs and their agenda. So happy that WolF Fest is happening. Its crucial, now more than ever.

  20. I believe I read that there was to be a “Left Out Forum” following the Left Forum. Apparently there were at least 5 panels censored due to outside pressure (mainly from Israel) As I recall, 4 of the ousted panels will be represented, but not among them, of course, is “Misery for Profit.” So, I guess this is double censorship.

  21. “Miranda Yardley is an articulate and thoughtful critic who is worthy of respect.”
    Miranda Yardley is a self loathing hypocrite who thinks he’s the vanguard. It stinks beyond heaven there are blogs and activists who feel some need to befriend and defend the creep. He’s poison to the transgender opposition movement.

    1. Why do you say that? He hasn’t (yet) produced analysis on the level of a Snowflake Especial but he’s the only one to put his money where his mouth is and stop calling himself a woman while still sticking around. He’s made a huge investment in time and energy using his male privilege to try to do consciousness raising about the feminist analysis of gender among his brethren, and he’s been harassed mercilessly by the most toxic mentally ill obsessive “transwomen” on the planet for years on end. As I stated above I think it’s absurd when people elevate his voice above actual women but how is he harming – Oh! I see (I think) what your problem is- Miranda isn’t part of a “transgender opposition movement”. He’s trying to reposition the transgender movement into the realm of reality, not destroy it. As I see it, he wants men like himself to enjoy their rights to express themselves in ways coded as “female” without stomping on actual women to do so. He’s applying pressure to steer the transgender movement into a “Pride” movement, instead of a movement based on sexism and lies. That seems like a very good idea to me and is something many feminists have been suggesting for a very long time. He could do a lot of good if he keeps it up, and is uniquely positioned to do so from within the movement. That is where his voice should be elevated, rather than in the feminist movement. He is a true “men’s rights activist” if the men’s rights movement were to be complementary to feminism. How is that a bad thing?

  22. At long last the real agenda and its sponsors are being exposed – I’ve been posting around the net that the whole cult is nothing but eugenics-by-stealth for over two years.
    Nothing less than a denatured humanity is planned by the corporate elite, to wrest reproduction from nature and replace it with selective reprogenics.
    This requires eradicating the evolutionary and biological facts of male and female, with a view to eradicating the natural rights of mothers – already well – advanced in the US in the form of an underclass of ‘gestational surrogates.’
    How long before other lesbians wake up to the truth that the gaytriarchy is even worse than the patriarchy?
    And that current offspring – the children targeted by the cult – are the ‘collateral damage’ to pave the way for the multiple :designer babies’ of the elites?

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