The Gay Consolation Prize, by Juno Dawson


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“I just wanted to get fucked like a woman. That’s what it’s about.

It’s not about what hole it’s going in”- Juno Dawson.

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  1. Guess the article and tweets were successful for Mister Dawson. Sounds like he is just lapping up all that yummy yummy attention he is getting.

  2. He wants to be “fucked like a woman”? What does that even mean?
    Does he mean that he wants to be the target of male sexual aggression? Is that it?
    What planet are these assholes living on? How can he say that and not understand how truly fucking offensive it is?
    Being “fucked like a woman” isn’t something that a woman would ever say. Because it’s sexist and stupid.
    Women are more than a fucktoy. And also, the hole actually does matter. The fact that women get raped at a much higher rate then males tells us that. They rape us because of our biology, not because of “femininity”.
    What an ignorant fucktwit.

    1. Agreed….another one who is playing hockey with a warped puck.
      Amazingly sad that some who wish to emulate/aspire to being female, see that as being a place to be violated and abused. Here is hoping this one goes back under the snail slime, from where it came from.

      1. Yep.
        I understand the attraction of women. I mean, I am one, after all.
        And I am proud to be a woman. There’s not enough money in the world to make me pretend to be a male.
        Why would I? I may be in the lower caste, but I am in good company here. Women have managed to excel and even thrive while males actively keep their collective boot on our neck. We do remarkably well, even with the violent and vocal males that work to keep every opportunity and advantage to themselves.
        There’s a million wonderful things about us. I can see a male saying that they want to be strong like us, persevere like us, compassionate like us, intelligent, persistent, rational and reasonable, like we are.
        But to be fucked like us? Well, only an idiot would want to be fucked like we are.

  3. This is one of the worst things I’ve ever read. It ignores lesbian existence and says being a woman is only being fucked by men.

  4. Good! I’m glad to see this. More visible claptrap from the delusional. Sorry, not sorry.
    First they came for all women. Then they cotton ceiling targeted lesbians specifically. Now they are more vocally coming for the gay men.
    Time to wake the fuck up, gay men, that trans alarm clock is ringing loudly. Welcome to what all women with a few brain cells to rub together know and have always known.
    Drop the T.

  5. So the trans-jactivists are now going after the gay men, having tried to beat the lesbians into submission. Perhaps peak trans is finally upon us. Between the responses to that tweet and to the Ottawa planned parenthood one I’m feeling curiously comforted.

  6. For people like Juno, they want to be seen as a female during sex, but don’t want that emotional bond as a female. They just care about sex. You see it in shemale porn. They grow out their hair, and get breast implants.

  7. This will help turn the tide like nothing else, because it is going after men rather than going after women. Savvier transactivists will disavow it like anything.

  8. But they don’t identify as homophobic . . .
    This reminds me of what seems to be men’s need to believe that whatever they do is the normal standard for everyone. When I was young, I knew one gay man before he even admitted to himself that he was gay, and someone mentioned to me that before coming out he’d commented that most men had natural homosexual urges. And we know about autogynephiles who insist that feeling aroused when putting on women’s clothing is actually evidence of womanhood, since most women feel that way when they dress up. Dawson’s claim that a lot of gay men would prefer to be women is just another item in the list.

    1. I think it’s an empathy issue with them, yeah. They’re not expected to learn to empathise with other people like women are, and male privilege cushions them a bit from having to learn as well, since society and culture is filtered through a male perspective (less so for gay men, of course). So they think (and want to think) that their experience is universal.

  9. Juno Dawson is not a woman. He is just a misogynistic rather homely looking man. Gay men can have internalized homophobia. It’s nothing new. Besides, he probably wants to cash in on the whole trans media thing because he thinks it makes him more marketable. Or, he is looking to write a book.
    This quote is so sexist that I can’t find the words to describe how much it offends me, and offends all women.
    “I just wanted to get fucked like a woman. That’s what it’s about.
    It’s not about what hole it’s going in”- Juno Dawson.
    What the hell does “I just wanted to get fucked like a woman.” mean? This is sick, and if people can’t see how sexist this is they are in denial. A vagina is not a “hole”, and no woman would say this because rape is not a thing women joke about.
    It’s all sexist and homophobic to the core, and it makes me cringe.
    “A lot of gay men are gay men as a consolation prize because they couldn’t be women”.
    Gay and lesbian eugenics through “transitioning” is a historical fact.
    One of the most oppressive homophobic countries on earth pays for sex reassignment surgery yet executes gay men. Thailand and Iran top the countries with the most cases of sex reassignment surgery. Lesbians get so many lashes for the first offense, but if they are unrepentant, they are executed along with the gay men. They force lesbians to transition to “men”.
    In Iran, gay men basically have two options. They can get their penis and testicles whacked off to make them “women” because the thought of two males having sex together is just too darn offensive for religious fanatics to handle. The Iranian government will even help pay for the surgery, and they will assist with the name change and change of sex on identification papers. Or, gay men can face execution because homosexuality in Iran is punishable by death.
    This is the way in works in Iran. Only after gay men get their penis lopped off and are officially “women” can they have sex with men, or marry a men.
    Who approved the fatwa saying sex reassignment surgery (it really doesn’t change one’s sex) was a good thing and males who believe they are “women” are women? The ruthless religious fanatic and butcher of thousands of innocent people, Ayatollah Khomeini, declared it was fine with him. Since no one dared to question the supreme leader, it has been so ever since.
    Under apartheid South Africa, homosexuals underwent ghastly shock treatments and other experiments to cure them. When all attempts to beat or shock the gay out of them failed, they were forced to undergo rather crude “sex reassignment surgery”.
    “The next stage in treatment went beyond any justifiable basis. Recurrent allegations have been made that between 1969 and 1987 approximately 900 men and women had gender reassignment surgery, the only known example of such operations being performed in military hospitals. They were given new identity documents, discharged from the military, and told to cut themselves off from family and friends.
    The casualty rates were high. Patients died during surgery, and some were discharged before reassignment was completed, with extra surgery required. Preoperative or postoperative assessment was not done, informed consent was not obtained, and expensive hormone regimens were needed to maintain appearance. Patients later petitioned the military for compensation to pay for hormones or surgery.
    The rationale for giving homosexuals reassignment surgery, in complete ignorance of the scientific literature on transsexualism, can only be described as repulsive. It was based on the simplistic belief that male homosexuals were sissies, female homosexuals were tomboys, and surgery would end their preference for the same sex by allowing them to fill their projected role in the opposite sex. The only conclusion that can be reached is that the psychiatrists involved were not only woefully and balefully ignorant but functioned as an extension of the military ethos.”
    Homophobic people have always been rather comfortable turning gay men into “women” and lesbians into “men”.
    @ Hecate,
    “First they came for all women. Then they cotton ceiling targeted lesbians specifically. Now they are more vocally coming for the gay men.
    Time to wake the fuck up, gay men, that trans alarm clock is ringing loudly. Welcome to what all women with a few brain cells to rub together know and have always known.”
    True. Gay men are just getting a taste of what lesbians and all women have had to endure for years. People should have known that they weren’t going to stop at the disgusting lesbian phobic. “Cotton Ceiling”.
    I really can’t stand this man. People need to stand up and speak truth to power. We are experiencing a peculiar form of gay and lesbian eugenics, and it’s eating us alive.

  10. I’ve been reading through the tweets. Some of the tweets are spot on!
    Transactivists are having more and more trouble camouflaging their ghoulish transphobia
    Obviously I’m a lesbian because I couldn’t be a man. Damn it
    Juno has already lectured women on “real” feminism, and if we don’t agree we’re transphobic. Now, time to educate gay men on who they are!
    This is my favorite tweet.
    A lot of transwomen are trans as a consolation prize because they are too afraid to be gay men.

  11. whoa, they are getting serious flack for that. The editor issued a response to the negative response. I’ve seen magazines issue these responses to appease trans activists when a “cis” columnist is only 95% submissive to the trans narrative, but never in response to criticism of a trans activist columnist. Has that happened before? The editorial response was basically calling the gay men who objected to this characterization bigoted and ignorant, but they did feel a need to address their critics.

      1. What exactly was this short, oops we might have said something wrong article about? I read it, and what were they trying to say? It’s more like they know Juno sounded homophobic saying gay is a consolation prize (that is what they give to people who don’t win first or second place), but who cares.
        They do see gay as a consolation prize. This is the problem. Sometimes people reveal who they really are with these little freudian slips.
        A consolation prize is defined as “a prize given to a competitor who narrowly fails to win or who finishes last.”
        That about sums up how trans/queer treat lesbians. Why do gay men think they would be any different?
        “The editorial response was basically calling the gay men who objected to this characterization bigoted and ignorant, but they did feel a need to address their critics.”
        It was a strange kind of non apology apology. Sort of like an apology, but not. It was a misunderstanding. The people we offended are just ignorant silly little people. Trans are never at fault. It’s the fault of other people (called transphobic bigots, cis sexist, or TERFs) who need educating.
        How much over the top homophobia and sexism does it take to wake people up? How bad can it get?
        * The “Cotton Ceiling” was lesbian hatred on steroids. If straight men tried this shit, they would be called out. Trans pull this shit off because they are special.
        * Branding uppity women and lesbians “TERFs” has been going on for years. Males threatening, bullying, and silencing women is nothing new. Trans pulls this shit off because they are special.
        * Perhaps redefining homosexuality itself is the ultimate form of homophobia. Heterosexual males who wear dresses call themselves “lesbians”. There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis. FTMs (biological females) who have sex with males call themselves “gay”, as in gay male.
        Homosexuality is based on same sex sexual attraction not “gender identity”. Gay men are attracted to male bodied persons, and lesbians are attracted to female bodied persons. Trans activists are redefining homosexuality itself. Damn. That sure looks like homophobia. Trans pull this shit off because they are special.
        * When transwomen (biological males) slaughter lesbian families in broad daylight, not one trans/queer run organization will even cover the story. Autostraddle said Rivers isn’t sure if he is a “lesbian”, or bisexual, and made sure to proactively scold and muzzle the evil “TERFs” before they even had a chance to speak. Transwomen have been making death threats directed towards “TERFs” and lesbians for years, and Rivers was one of the trans people who protested outside Mich Fest. Dead silence coming from trans/queer run LGBTQIA groups.
        Not even the rednecks in North Carolina up and kill lesbian families and try to burn down their houses. Heterosexual transwomen (biological males) do, and when they do they get taxpayer funded hormones, and are sent to a women’s prison.
        “There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the discussion unless they consider being trans a slur or being a woman an insult.”
        Males redefining what “woman” means is an insult to the female sex. Juno Dawson is not a woman. I don’t care how he chooses to dress. Putting on lipstick and a ton of makeup, and getting plastic surgery done on his face doesn’t make him a woman.
        He could have been a proud gay man instead of declaring himself a woman. Butch lesbians and effeminate gay men are being “transitioned” at alarming rates.

  12. The only positive thing to come from this will be more people in the gay community hitting peak trans.

  13. It was only a matter of time before the male to trans gang started to go after gay men. Or the self hating gay men started spouting this horrifying rape culture “f—ed like a woman” nonsense. And I have never ever heard any women ever speak this way, it is all classic gay male speak, or in the case self hatred in a gay man who now wants to put on the high tech version of drag queens….
    Once gay men start being targeted and called out as transphobic for not wanting anything to do with this stuff, lesbians will shrug, and Gallus will have years of data and articles to share. One wonders when gay men are going to step up and defend lesbian only space, women’s privacy… gee ya think they’re going to do that?
    Peakety peaky trans memorial day to ya all.

  14. If there’s any truth to Dawson’s claims about gay men expressing a wistful desire to be women, I’m sure it’s entirely gay men lying to him and giving him the Brave and Stunning treatment. I don’t think there’s a human alive who would look at Dawson’s womanhood larping and feel jealousy over it.

  15. Not surprised. I hope this brings more people to peak trans. This Dawson guy is a real piece of work!

  16. For some reason this made me sicker than the misogyny and homophobia of the transgenderists usually does. Just horrible.

  17. What I told my gender therapist is that I am too lazy to be the the penetrater and would rather be the penetrated, so I could just lie on my back and enjoy it like a woman. She thought that was a valid explanation to transistion.

  18. This kind of mind-fuckery is par for the course.
    Have encountered both men and women with trans exes who pull weird crap like insisting that their boyfriend is “actually straight” or that their ex-wife needs to see herself as bisexual because they have been “making love to a woman” for x number of months or years.
    My own (platonic) relationship with an MTF person came to an end when their response to finding out I was quitting drugs was to (drumroll, please)…..try to get me back into using! I just got this weird flash of inspiration, looking at these texts that said things like
    “hi sweety XXOO when will I see u. Tina is here she says hi [kissy face emoticon]”.
    I thought to myself, “Good Lord, this is a 35 year old man sending weird, teen girl messages to somebody whom they KNOW is trying to get sober, enticing them to get back into using. And they’ve been having me call them “she”….and I’ve been going along with it, just like I’ve gone along with everything else they’ve told me to, and now they are trying to get me back to using substances which were destroying my mind and body, all so they could stake some claim over me, to feel that they have bent someone to their will! To hell with this creepy vampire!”

  19. This is generating a backlash against Attitude magazine. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Transgender activists’ relationship to LGBs tracks very closely with the relationship between a parasite and a host.
    1970s-era trans activists boasted to The New York Times last year that they followed a strategy of “embedding” themselves within the gay civil rights movement, even while maintaining their own “parallel” movement. When they had grown strong enough within the host LGB body, they demanded that no further progress on gay rights be made unless trans rights were included. The cycle of a parasitic organism progresses from intrusion, to embedding, to increasing levels of control, and eventually to either the abandonment or the destruction of the host organism. We are moving closer to the last stage. Ts have already marked lesbian identity for eradication. Recently, a trans activist at the LGBTQ Task Force proclaimed that she could not wait for “bisexuals” to disappear, prompting a backlash and a hasty apology. And now, they are getting to the G. These open statements deriding LGB identities are probably premature as the host is still able to react to overt threats. But this is where it is headed. Accepting “LGBT” as a legitimate construct was the greatest single mistake that LGB people ever made.

    1. They successfully resource-shifted the Gay Rights Movement away from the task of international human rights for lesbians and gays into defending sex-roles and undoing the gains of the Women’s Liberation movement.

  20. It’s impossible to parody these M2F autogynephiles. They’re worse than we could imagine.

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