Reuters retracts Fake News story on Transgender Surgery Spike

This is amazing. The public relations firm Mediasource, representing the American Society of Plastic Surgeons issued a glowing and newsworthy press release this week titled “Gender Confirmation Surgeries Rise 20% in First Ever Report”.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. – For the first time, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is reporting on the number of gender confirmation surgeries in the United States. ASPS—the world’s largest plastic surgery organization—found that more than 3,200 transfeminine and transmasculine surgeries were performed in 2016. The procedures can include anything from facial and body contouring to gender reassignment surgeries.”

The press release went on to cite Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Loren Schechter(*):

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to gender confirmation,” said Loren Schechter, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Chicago. “There’s a wide spectrum of surgeries that someone may choose to treat gender dysphoria, which is a disconnect between how an individual feels and what that person’s anatomic characteristics are.

Access to gender confirmation procedures has improved in recent years. In just the first two years of collecting data, ASPS found the number of transgender-related surgeries rose nearly 20 percent from 2015 to 2016. “In the past several years, the number of transgender patients I’ve seen has grown exponentially,” said Dr. Schechter. “Access to care has allowed more people to explore their options, and more doctors understand the needs of transgender patients.”

(*Regular readers will remember Dr. Schechter as the business associate of psychologist Randi Ettner and her husband, who provide dubious and highly paid “diagnosis” and supporting testimony for convicted male murderers who wish to obtain prison funded “sex changes” and subsequent transfer to women’s facilities.)
Anyway, Reuters ran with the story and it took off internationally.
Gender Confirmation Surgeries on the Rise in US” read the headlines. “US Gender Confirmation Surgeries Up 19% in 2016, Doctors Say”.
Media outlets stuck with the same narrative that ASPS/Reuters provided: Surgeries to alter sex characteristics showed a 20% annual increase, likely due to increased media exposure of transgender issues, the removal of Medicare’s blanket ban on coverage, and increased insurance coverage of such procedures under the Affordable Care Act. Some news outlets added testimonials from satisfied customers who felt reborn after surgical procedures.
CBS News used commentary from Gearah Goldstein, a late-transitioning self-employed activist dedicated to medicalizing gender in children and eliminating private sex-segregated facilities for girls in public schools. Goldstein described his psychological relief after undergoing facial feminization surgery performed by Dr. Schechter. New York Magazine’s science writer Jesse Singal tweeted Goldstein’s testimonial as evidence of the efficacy of cosmetic facial feminization surgery for men who identify as transgender.
Washington Post science writer Amy Ellis Nutt, who believes that identification with a sex role, or “Gender Identity”, is a biological process that occurs in utero, used a rebirth testimonial from 74 year old Denee Mallon: “When I woke up from surgery, I felt a certain sense of peace and tranquility.”
Business Insider quoted HRC press officer Sarah McBride (formerly Tim McBride):

 “Sarah McBride, a press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign agreed the data is novel and important, adding that “there’s been a real dearth” of statistics about the transgender community until recently.”

Articles quoted various supporting statistics directly from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons survey. Business Insider placed some of the data into a helpful graph. Have a look at the findings:

[this graph has now been removed from the Business Insider article. The article itself has not been redacted]
Even a cursory glance at this “supporting data” reveals that these numbers are meaningless. Equal numbers of male facial feminization and female facial masculinization procedures?! Nonsense. Only a hundred or so mastectomies or breast augmentations?! Only fifteen genital surgeries recorded nationally by the ASPS?! What exactly is being measured here? Not much.
Elizabeth Nolan Brown at writes a detailed breakdown of the problem with the ASPS survey and conclusions:
Retraction Watch also covered this story:
You can read the original (now retracted) Reuters story at NBCNews, which is still running the story with the following notice:

“Editor’s Note: Reuters has withdrawn this story because of questions surrounding the data supplied by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.”
Have transgender related surgeries increased by 20% in the past year? We have no idea. They could have spiked by over 300% (insert any figure). Or they could have dropped as more genderists adopt a “non-binary” belief system (or for whatever reason). We just don’t know.
But that won’t stop the international media from pushing the narrative, uncritically, with fake data supplied by the medical gender industry.
Indeed, as of today they are still reporting it.

Story continues to spread. Published today by Mirror Daily


17 thoughts on “Reuters retracts Fake News story on Transgender Surgery Spike

  1. “When I woke up from surgery, I felt a certain sense of peace and tranquility.” Yeah, me too. It was the anesthetic.
    These ‘experts’ just open their mouths, and it’s quoted as fact. But why aren’t *you* an expert–a real one–Gallus? Or any number of women I know, growing every day. Faster than ‘gender confirmation’ surgery.

  2. Shocking!! Not.
    “Wide spectrum of surgeries…” Everyone to the trough. Neither pharma nor media is going to let go of this. They’ll just proceed with business as usual.
    But did you see this, also from Retraction Watch? LOL. Ban this you fuckers. We’re on a roll.

    Publisher blames bad choice of reviewer for publication of hoax paper on penis as “social construct” 

    Publisher blames bad choice of reviewer for publication of hoax paper on penis as “social construct”
    24 May 2017, 13:20
    Less than a week after publishing a much-discussed hoax paper, a scholarly publisher has acknowledged that it had chosen reviewers for the paper whose “expertise did not fully align with this subject matter.” The subject matter: that the penis should not be considered an anatomical organ, but more as a concept – “a gender-performative, highly fluid social […]”

    1. Reuters is normally a reliable site and news agency. The fact they bought into the testa-lies of the brigade, means they have infiltrated. And no different than how the Nazis destroyed German media, in the run up and duriing WWII.
      The ‘experts’ who are being used to justify the fake numbers, along with the delusional SJW’s who provide the toadie choir, need their heads examined. Before this gets so out of hand…and needed medical work, is sent to the back of the line, to honor the elective elitist sociopaths.

  3. I don’t know where else to leave this news update, but lemme tell ya, I was DUPED for a second. I thought we gals actually had a THING to ourselves. My bad. It was #fakenews #toogoodtobetrue. Some AWESOME theater had a “women only” showing of the new Wonder Women movie. Totally rad, right? WRONG. It was for “‘Women (and People Who Identify As Women) Only,’ ” #oops #shouldaknown. Anyway, doodbros and their handmaidens were ripped. No coverage about how many PIW’s were in attendance.

    1. There were males on twitter, saying that they were just going to say that they identify as a woman to get in.
      A few years ago, on one of the MRA reddits, there were a ton of males saying that they were just going to identify as women to take from us. And now their law backs them. Dispicable.

  4. I kind of like the chart which Business Insider removed. Whether the details are accurate or not, I believe many people would be alarmed to see that only 15 of the men demanding access to private spaces of women and girls have had their penis removed/inverted. Men do not want to give up their dick, and lesbians and radical feminists are taunted with this daily on social media. The liberal/progressive/left media refuse to allow this fact to surface or be analyzed.

    1. In reading the is telling that the surgery is not the goal of the brigade. Gee…if it was all great, there would be more of those resulting in the final cut.
      This means, again that this battle is being done for mostly, the intellectually dishonest. Let alone scientifically dishonest as well. If the inversion surgery was as good and valid as advertised [which it is not], then it would work as well as the actual vagina does. Perhaps these folks should have been listening to the BBC the other night, when during a science program, the biological mechanics of how the muscles work, let alone lubrication of same were detailed.
      Ooops….I forgot. Those are facts, which are verbotten, as per the mind set of the brigade.

  5. They call it eugenics. Fowl, holocaust, cry the left. All these mothers (sic) being forced to be sterilized so they can be their true selves. Because Dana and Steph might want to be moms some day. Er, parents.

      1. My reaction as well. Huh? And what type of word game BS is being played here?
        If the goal of the cult is the ‘confirmation surgery’ , which is the inversion…then the ’15’ number holds. To say the total is more, shows….once again
        ..if those in those in the community, as well as their enablers cannot handle the truth…they will lie. Fudge the figures. Cheat.
        Says a lot about the integrity of same, or lack of same.

    1. I tried to read that. I got as far as where he says something like “the hateful rhetoric that transwomen are actually males……..”
      Andrea Dworkin said that when males assign meaning to a word, that it endures, and when women assign meaning to a word, it’s always lost. Because language is power and the males control it.
      Transwomen possess male power because they are male. But they say that they are the most oppressed group ever, and the fact that so many people buy into their nonsense is yet another factor that screams how male that they are.
      Women are stating simple biological fact. Facts don’t matter in the face of male power.

  6. Yup in male power land all their “facts” about gender are fake news…. all male comments about women are fake facts, fake medical reports, fake clinical trials centering male bodies for drug experimentation, not reading how women get strokes, because women’s pain isn’t real, it’s all about the fackey fake male to trans use of language, males always taking the power of naming away from women, CIS being the latest male cess-pool — well helz male to twanz go swim in your own CIS-POOL of fraud.

  7. Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner claims to have had his penis removed recently, but I don’t believe him. He’s too big an autogynephile egomaniac.
    The media would never dare report he lied about it. He could be photographed on a nude beach and they’d just blur out his penis and praise his “courage” and inspiring confidence.
    If he ever drops the trans charade, he’ll claim to have had a “new” penis installed or something.

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