MtoF tells trans kids to dump moms on Mother’s Day and join the “glitter-queer” family of adult trans activists

This guy is creepy as hell. He posts a video asking “trans” children to Skype with him, dump their families and join his “Glitter Family”. Anyone know who this guy is? Criminal record?

75 thoughts on “MtoF tells trans kids to dump moms on Mother’s Day and join the “glitter-queer” family of adult trans activists

  1. It seems that mtof transgenders, like this guy, not only want to be women, they want to be the only women. They can’t hack it when they are confronted by something as benign as Mothers Day because it reminds them of their total inadequacy in that department.
    This guy needs to be treated like the predator he appears to be.

  2. WTF??????
    Here we have, again…..another loon who has little to no experience in their chosen field, acting like a creepier version of the pied piper. And again this cretin will be lauded, as well as fawned over, due to being trans. Shit….
    There are many people around, myself included….who are cat parents, but sure as hell, that does not make us veterinarians. We are active parents, but know who to go to for help. Same thing with those are ACTIVE HUMAN PARENTS. They do not go for help, to someone who bears a slight resemblance to a creep named ‘Bates’.
    And the next month, more of this shit will make air. Unabated, barring folks protest the invasion of the logic, science and respect for others deprived.

      1. He’s in the US now in South Carolina, if it makes you feel better. lol. But those interested in his history can reference:
        Rhys McKinnon
        Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Waterloo
        M.A., Philosophy, Dalhousie University
        B.A., Philosophy, University of Victoria

  3. “I want you to know that’s it’s ok to walk away from unsupportive or disrespectful or even abusive parents. And I want to give you hope that you can find what we call your glitter family. Your queer family. We are out there.”
    That’s not creepy AT ALL. And I can see the trans crowd might prefer glitter to blood when describing a family, since blood cells have all those pesky chromosomes that give away the game.
    So, it would be totally unfair to privilege the gestational mother over some man’s desire to feel special on Mother’s Day, and children’s feelings certainly matter less than Daddy’s need to be called by whatever name suits his identity this week. In other words, this is a PoMo twist on the old-fashioned, heteronormative sort of family where everyone caters to Daddy’s wishes. (Oh yeah, and this guy has no children of his own but is totally sure they can all just adapt to whatever men want and be fine.)
    That B.S. about Mother’s Day and lesbian mothers being erased is equally ridiculous. Also, if a lesbian couple has children or a single woman adopts, there’s still a biological father somewhere whose existence can be admitted, even if the mother’s only connection was with the contents of a vial. A child can ask “Who was my father?” and hear some sort of answer that makes sense in the real world. If one of your “two mommies” is your MtF father, what kind of answer can you get?
    After thinking, “They let this guy teach philosophy?” I checked to see whether McKinnon had signed the letter to Hypatia attacking Rebecca Tuvel’s article and was shocked–SHOCKED!–to find he had.
    (Thank you, GallusMaag, for archiving that document for future reference!)

    1. Maybe this dood got the purple hair to try to distract people from realizing he doesn’t pass AT ALL. The face just SCREAMS “I’m a MAN!”

      1. Is it just me, or does it seam like that’s one of their things. I’ve started noticing more and more dying their hair, ether pinkish or purplish.

    2. It’s bad enough that he is trashing Mother’s Day, he is also one of many trans identified males who are in the process of destroying women’s sports. Gendertrender has a ton of information on trans destroying women’s sports. In the last couple of years, he has been taking first and second place awards from female cyclists. In the video, what race was he talking about. He has his purple hair in this video, so I don’t think the video is that old. In the Mother’s Day video, it sounds like he is trying to deliberately raise his voice in an attempt to sound like a woman. In this video of him talking about the slipper road conditions, he sounds just like another dude talking to another guy. His voice is a lot deeper, and it’s just guy talk. He says with a smirk on his face, “Which corner, there was more than one with carnage”.
      Crossroads Cycling Classic 2016 – First place in women’s division
      He has a cycling team called “Foxy Moxy Racing”. Look at all his first place wins. I’m assuming all his first place wins are in the women’s division. It’s really strange because on the Foxy Moxy racing website, he doesn’t even mention which division (men’s or women’s) he placed in. Don’t all these races have men’s and women’s divisions?
      Racing Accomplishments:
      2017 Tour of the Southern Highlands, Stage 2 P12: 1st
      2016 Crossroads Classic, Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 P123: 1st
      2016 Crossroads Classic, GC and Sprint Competition: 1st
      2016 Georgia Cycling Gran Prix, Stages 2, 3, and 6 P123: 1st
      2016 Georgia Cycling Gran Prix, GC P123: 2nd
      2016 SC State Criterium Championship, P12: 1st
      2016 SC State Road Race Championship, P12: 1st
      2016 Sweetwater IPA Johnson City Criterium, P12: 1st
      2016 USA Crits Speed Week #3: Michelin Test Track, P12: 3rd
      2016 Dilworth Criterium, Open: 1st
      2016 Sunshine Grand Prix, Stage 2 P12: 1st
      2016 Sunshine Grand Prix, GC P12: 2nd
      This is a photo of him at his “Foxy Moxy Racing”. Notice the leg length and muscle development on the dude’s legs. If you just cut off the top of the photo, it looks like a dude’s legs, or a woman who is on steroids.×1024.jpg
      Foxy Moxy Racing says,
      “We are a race team radically focused on promoting trans and gender non-conforming inclusive sport, through positive and unapologetic visibility in competitive cycling..”

      Mission Statement

      Crapping all over Mother’s Day and stealing wins from female athletes. They simply have no shame. They destroy everything that they come in contact with, and it always has to be about them. I bet he still has his tally wacker too. I bet this guy is setting his sights on the Olympics where he can steal more first place wins from women.

      1. Lmao that photo. Autogynephilia much???
        Anyway, by his own account, Rhys/Rachel only ever competes against women.
        What a sick bastard.
        He describes women as “terf”, a substrate for men like him to walk on. Women are “cockroaches” that “scatter” running from him in fear.
        He speaks about women in the identical language Rwandan radio broadcast about Tutsis before sparking mass murder.

      2. View this post on Instagram

        This is an extremely difficult post for me to make, and it's one that I'm not happy about feeling forced into making. I'm a trans woman. I don't exactly hide that fact, but I don't go around shouting about it either: it's almost never relevant. And it's not relevant as a competitive cyclist, despite the rampant bigotry and ignorance. The science is very clear: trans women athletes do not enjoy any competitive advantage after being on hormone therapy for at least a year, let alone someone like me who transitioned years ago. I transitioned well before I ever climbed on a bike and pinned on a race number. Here's one recent study on competitive runners, for example: The IOC, IAAF, and other sports organizations (including the UCI) are clear on my eligibility to compete as the woman I am. But I face near constant harassment, bullying, and bigoted comments. Last week was my best week in my cycling career: 4 wins at the #crossroadsclassic, the yellow jersey, and the sprinter's blue jersey. But it was marred by multiple accounts of people saying horrible things to me and about me. Reports keep coming in. This is nothing new: it happens at nearly every race where I do well (which certainly isn't all of them!). But it builds up, and wears me down. I hope that some of it is simple ignorance. Some think that testosterone is the be-all-end-all in performance. But it's not that simple. Read this: I'm posting a screen shot of my actual testosterone levels to help dispel some myths. <3ng/dL constitutes an UNDETECTABLE level, which is below the *bottom* of the average female range. That's right: the average cisgender woman I'm racing against has many times more testosterone in her body than I do. Moreover, after the years post-transition that I am, no pre-transition "advantages" exist. In fact, I'm racing with a biological deficit, due to my radically changed body chemistry. My body is worse off, in many ways, than postmenopausal women. I just want to compete in peace. I'm playing by the rules. I'm playing fairly. Please educate yourself before you say horrible things about #girlslikeus and force us out of sport.

        A post shared by Dr Veronica Ivy (@drveronicaivy) on

  4. God what a creep. Parents should run away from transpeople like this. And to think they think we are transphobic? Well, we have good reason to when they go after children like this. It’s not giving information to young children. It’s more like trying to recruit them into the trans cult.

    1. Update Oct. 15 2018
      From the CBC: Rachel McKinnon just won a world women’s cycling championship. Wonderful news, him being Canadian? Not. Want to distance myself from this female impersonator.

  5. Write to Charleston college and tell them that one of their faculty members is publicly telling kids to run away from home, contact him online, and join his glitter-queer family. This has all the signs of pedophilia. They should be aware. Also, report it to Facebook and Youtube.

    1. …under their logo and the “safe space” banner. Write to the administration legal department.

  6. Geez what is it about male to trans and philosophy degrees, I’ve met several over the years. And I hope the police are tracking this as a possible danger to children. Anyone who tells kids to run away from their parents is up to no good.

    1. “Geez what is it about male to trans and philosophy degrees”
      I was wondering about that, too. It occurred to me, though, that it might actually make more sense than I first thought, since transgenderism and philosophy both prefer abstractions to material reality. In no material sense can a biological father become the child’s mother by putting on a dress, because, regardless of what sort of hair, makeup, and wardrobe he might prefer, he still provided the gamete that fertilized the woman’s gamete. Only someone operating at a brain-damaging level of abstraction would argue that since some women are called mothers without having given birth to the child they’re bringing up, there’s no reason not to grant the same honorary title to a biological father, even if the mother’s still around. That sort of thing tends to sound insane to those of us not completely unhinged from reality.

  7. I’m sure the good people in South Carolina, especially mothers love being told that Mother’s Day is “cis sexist” and “heteronormative”. This creepy dude really says Mother’s Day is “cis sexist”. He spends about ten minutes brow beating mothers for all their “cis sexist” behavior as if one day a year for women who have spent nine months gestating a human being in their bodies and giving birth are horrid people. Women all over the world have such “cis sexist” privilege, even poor women in developing countries who die in child birth.
    Those selfish “cis sexist”, “heteronormative” women oppress transwomen like him by doing horrid discriminatory things like up and dying in child birth. Recognizing and honoring them one day a year is too much for him to handle.
    For most of the world’s mothers, especially poor women of color, this is reality.
    “In 2013, an estimated 289,000 women died worldwide, down from 523,000 in 1990. But 800 women a day are still dying from complications in pregnancy and childbirth globally- equivalent to 33 an hour.
    Sub-Saharan Africa is the riskiest region in the world and 99% of all maternity related deaths occur in developing countries.
    Dr Geeta Rao Gupta, deputy executive director of UNICEF says:
    A 15-year-old girl living in sub-Saharan Africa faces about a 1 in 40 risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth during her lifetime. A girl of the same age living in Europe has a lifetime risk of 1 in 3300 – underscoring how uneven progress has been around the world.”
    Some people buy flowers for their mothers or take their mothers to dinner. No, it’s always about them. The very first thing that comes into his mind is making a video basically trying to shame mothers for being bigoted “cis sexist” people shamelessly lauding their privilege over him.
    When McKinnon starts directing his speech towards children, people should become alarmed. The video seems to go back and forth from belittling mothers for having a special day dedicated to them to speaking directly to children. McKinnon says, “I want you to know that it is okay to walk away from unsupportive or disrespectful, or even abusive parents.” (3:47 minutes into the video). Walking away from abusive parents is one thing, but what does it mean to walk away from “unsupportive or disrespectful” parents? A child who has spent hours reading a zillion and one trans blogs demands puberty suppressing drugs (GnRH analogues), hormones, new clothes, etc. can just walk away if the parents don’t cave into their demands. It’s sage advice for adults to tell children to just walk away from unsupportive parents who won’t buy kids what they want, or do as they say.
    At about 4:00 in the video, he says, “I want to give you hope that you can find what we call your “Glitter Family – Your Queer Family”. He goes on to say, “The relationships we make in our “Glitter Families” are just as real, just as meaningful as our blood family.” There is even a sparkly rainbow in the background. What kid wouldn’t love a ‘glitter family’ with no responsibilities instead of a house full of rowdy siblings and parents who work eight to ten hours a day to put food on the table and clothes on their backs. Such selfish and mean parents.
    About at about 4:22 of the video, it gets really creepy. So, here is a grown male telling kids to just walk away from their families if they feel they aren’t getting any respect and support. As if there isn’t a teenager alive who doesn’t feel that his or her parents gives them the respect they think they deserve. Then, he says, “You can also reach out to me. You can email me, you can call me, we can Skype”. He has such a serious look on his face when he looks directly into the camera with eyes wide open telling kids to just call him as if it’s perfectly normal for kids to call strange grown men they meet online. Yes, this grown ass man in a dress tells confused kids that they can call him. No, nothing the least bit creepy about an adult male telling kids online to call him, or just Skype.
    Parents need to know that it’s a fact that males who identify as transgender offend at the same rate as other males, and this includes the same rate of sexual crimes. This blog has case after case of registered sex offenders who dress in women’s clothes. I’m not saying that this person is a sex offender, or is up to something shady, but no parent alive wants their ten or eleven year old kid calling up a grown man that he or she met online. It’s creepy as hell.
    The fact that this so-called professional would even try something like this, on Mother’s Day of all days tells us that he seriously has issues with establishing proper boundaries.
    There is something seriously wrong with this male in a dress. At about 10:37 in the video, he talks about really strange names for transwomen who think they are mothers. Biological males can never give birth. It is creepy as all get out.
    “Dommy” can be a name for a male who thinks he is a mother (both mommy and daddy), or someone who is into BDSM. See, it’s daddy and mommy, or “Dommy”. He even puts these special magical words up in his tacky crappy video as if he is giving some kind of awe inspiring philosophical lecture, and he expects people to take notes. I’m sure parents want their kids to know this. Who needs boring old homework, outings in the park, and summer baseball when kids can talk about their “Glitter Families” and “Dommy”. He states, “What other language options might we look to? One of the common ones is for the trans mom to be called “Maddy” (mother and daddy – no you can’t make this up)… He goes on to say, “I’ve also seen “Dommy”, although for the for the BDSM people that might have a completely different meaning”. Watch this because he breaks out in a grin and rolls his eyes when he is talking about “Dommy”. He has a creepy ass smile on his face talking about “Dommy”. All I can say is ewww.
    I think I will call the Charleston College and ask them if they have a major in “Glitter Families” with a minor in “Dommy” and “Maddy”. Philosophy is such a b.s. degree anyway. Half of philosophy majors couldn’t cut it working at a fast food joint. There might be a few great philosophers like Aristotle, Kant, John Locke, Hume, etc. but McKinnon is delusional if he think he is one of them. The proof is this incoherent frightening video.
    It’s rather confusing because it’s obvious that he is trying to talk directly to kids by saying just call me, and talking about “Glitter Families”. When he isn’t talking about special words for males who think they are both daddy and mommy as in “Maddy” and “Dommy”, he is basically trying to shame mothers.
    Keep him away from kids. Unfortunately, the internet is full of grown ass males who want kids to just call them up or Skype them, and fill their impressionable little minds full of all sorts of ideas.
    Sick, and an insult to mothers everywhere.

      1. I love that he knows of someone whose child ‘organically produced their own nickname’ for their trans ‘mom’ and calls him Wizzy (because he pees standing up?). Also, his doe eyeing of the camera is truly gag worthy. Also, I couldn’t take my eyes off his armpits…looks like a fungus or something going on there.

      2. “Jennifer Finney Boylan has said his son’s decided to call him “maddy” because he was so angry all the time.”
        …Holy shit. Why would you say something like that publicly? I would be horrified if a child said that to me. At myself.

  8. Well, of course this guy knows more about how to be a mother than actual mothers do. After all, being a mother is something that women are/do, and we all know that anything that we do, dudes in dresses do it way better.
    Also, agreeing with another poster, that this reeks of pedophilia. Any random male advertising anything remotely like “come over here, kids” is creepy, and the dress and make up just makes him even creepier.
    Personally, I think that males shouldn’t be involved in child rearing or raising, anyway. We all know who the mother is. Who cares where the sperm came from? Children are another area that males use force of law to insert themselves into, and then whine and cry about how inconvenienced they are by the whole thing.

    1. I agree re males and child rearing. I also believe no mother should be forced into coparenting with ANYONE. It should be by choice only–a position that unfortunately makes me unpopular with a lot of lesbians. But I truly believe that if you have to go to court to force the mother into joint custody or take custody away from her, especially without CLEARCUT evidence of abuse and neglect, that at least 90% of the time there is an abuse/control agenda.

      1. I agree that women shouldn’t be forced to coparent, for any reason.
        I don’t have kids, I have never wanted them. Being straight, I never considered pregnancy to be anyone’s concern but my own. Whenever the subject of kids came up with whatever male I was dating, I would tell them that if I got pregnant, they would never know it because I would never tell them. They seem to think that everything is their business and tend to become hysterical when they are left out of literally anything (as transdudes so clearly convey with their entitlement and constant crycry about their feels).
        Males cry about custody of “their” kids, but they never ask for it. It’s just more overly emotional histrionics and posturing as victims of women. Just more male reversal. Experience has taught me that when males are super interested in children, and especially when those children are not their own, it’s never good.

  9. This man who claims he’s a woman is encouraging kids who have been encouraged to likewise question their biology–because they don’t perfectly fit, or don’t want to fit, the sex role stereotypes–to now possibly become runaways, and to hope they will find their “glitter families.”
    And to contact him.
    Not a teacher, a counselor, or social services.
    How many unhappy, confused kids are going to show up on his doorstep? How many kids will leave home, in search of “glitter families” who are equally confused and unstable, and instantly become homeless, prey to pimps and traffickers, and become drug addicts? What is this man going to do for all these kids? Of those who show up on his doorstep, or at his office or lectures, what is he going to do for them? Feed, shelter and clothe them? Pay for a return ticket home for each? Drive them to social services or shelters? Have them stay over, and groom and take advantage of them?
    It’s definitely worth contacting his university. Maybe we need a petition, to his university, calling for his resignation, and urging them to alert the authorities.
    I think we need to get the message out that an MtT university professor is online, urging trans-identified kids who are unhappy with their parent’s “support,” to contact him, and leave their families in search of their “glitter families.”
    He doesn’t even specify at what age a
    young person should wait until before doing this, or any other consideration, such as, oh, say, having a high school diploma or college degree, a skill or trade, a job, and an apartment or room they’ve rented, to move into, before leaving their family. Nor does he advise they contact social services if they are being abused, or feel they are being so seriously unsupported as to warrant leaving their families. This man has not considered at all who might be listening to him online, their age, their circumstances, or their resources and level of ability to care for themselves. But kids should listen to him, instead of actual parents: their own, or appropriate authorities.
    That this man is personally offering to talk to all the trans-identified who are unhappy with their parents, who no doubt number in the thousands, or tens of thousands, for whom he has no qualifications to counsel, shows how delusional, egotistical, and potentially harmful he is. Goodness knows the further grooming he would do with those who contact him. Grooming them further into a trans identity, rejecting their parents, or leaving home unequipped and unprepared for doing so.
    His university definitely should be notified, and the public alerted with a petition calling for his university to reprimand him and require him to take down this video, as well as to alert the authorities.

  10. I saw this post and checked on that first video and saw it was 12 + minutes and thought I wouldn’t bother; doesn’t GallusMag watch this stuff so you don’t have to? I said to myself (thanks for that GallusMag!) But then I thought, no, she went to the effort so I will. And it was bad and it was creepy like everybody said, but I stuck with it and eventually it got so bad it was sorta good. And not to make light too much, but we have to find our laughs where we can these days, amirite? So here are what I thought were the high (low?) lights:
    Right away: WTF is that eyeball thing? Yikes! Almost done before I started.
    3:03: You might feel you are losing your child to transgenderism, but your “new” kid can have purple hair! Well allrighty then! (not that there’s anything wrong with purple hair)
    4:45: Some neologism made of “transgender” and “aesthetic”? Clever? No. I honestly couldn’t make it out even after several replays.
    9:28: OK, you just spent several minutes telling us not to differentiate in ANY WAY EVER, between the two moms and now you want them each to have their own, separate Mother’s Day? And a bunch of other ways to recognize each one’s own special uniqueness? Now I’m really confused.
    10:54: U call ur mom “Wizzie”? ROTFLMAO! Is that some diminutive form of “wizard,” or is it “Whizzie” as in “to take a whiz”?
    11:11: Ur preferences shifting — oh so clever! A good excuse to show a dude with pretty nail polish grabbing a phallic symbol. Actually though, great arms — that dude might actually be kind of hot, but as a dude, dude.
    11:20: “Don’t yuck my yum” … huh? In this context, given the preceeding 11 + minutes, just … ewww.
    I haven’t brought myself to tackle that second vid yet, given the comments. Maybe later. But once again, many thanks GallusMag!

    1. “U call ur mom ‘Wizzie'”? First thing that came to mind was wizened. As in “wizened old hag” or “wizened old crone”. Means shrunken and wrinkled with age.

      1. lol good one! I hadn’t thought of that. So, none of the possibilities being up especially positive images

  11. One of the tactics often used by abusive males after a divorce or separation is to tell the kids not to call their mother “mom,” but to reserve that title for the new girlfriend/wife. It’s a control/abuse tactic, used to undermine/destroy the mother’s status, continue the psychological abuse, and further traumatize the kids. Happened to me 20 years ago, and has happened to other battered mothers forced into custodial situations with abusers. So I’ve been to this rodeo before. Beware of any male (or female enabler) who wants to strip the rightful mother of her title. There is an abuse agenda.

  12. This is incredibly irresponsible. Encouraging vulnerable confused kids (or any kids) to run away from home where the likelihood of them winding up raped or even murdered is unconscionable. They complain all the time about the likelihood of trans being subjected to violence, but they encourage kids to partake in high-risk behavior (see Mock,Janet Underground Railroad). I don’t know if this dude is tenured but he definitely needs to be reported to that school.

    1. And yet, being that irresponsible is considered to be part of the t lifestyle/MO, because society hates them. With no where to turn, except sell the body or drugs or perform questionable acts around other males. Boo freaking hoo.
      This may sound terse, but if someone who is t wants to be on the tenure track, perhaps a deeper vetting process should be used. If they object, one needs to remind the brigade, that many of them actually have treated other minorities in the same way. With no sense of shame in their prejudice.

  13. Your friends and family don’t embrace your new ideology? They must not love you! But we will! We’ll be your new family!
    Nope, nothing typically cult-like about that at all…./s

  14. His most recent video is a Q&A. He says that if you ask a transgender whether they have had surgery, you should expect to be punched. These people are inherently violent. The only question is: “When will the violence emerge?”

    1. Please tell me this is a bad joke on that cretin’s part. This is a legitimate question, considering that the mental state of one who wants to ingest unsafe chemicals and create non-functional body openings(which the genetic programming will try to close), is and should be questioned in the first place.
      Oh and for the record, if someone says this is no different than what was in the protest speeches on campuses on the 60’s…tell them they are wrong. Dead wrong, due to reasons that every rational person on this site can list, in graphic detail.

  15. If Gallus will permit it, I wanted to share a little item that I came across this week, which may be of interest. You may have heard about a controversy that erupted in San Luis Obispo High School last week. The student newspaper did a piece on “LGBTQ relationships” and the school’s “LGBTQ” group. A Christian teacher responded with a homophobic letter and he later was forced to resign. That was the news story. But what I found interesting was the actual feature piece that ran in the paper. You can read it here, on pg 9:
    It highlights an “LGBTQ” couple – Chase Gargano and Lea Thompson. When I read that, I thought “There must be a mistake. That’s a straight couple. This is a story about gay students.” Well, no of course not. Gay students are now invisible within their own spaces. This couple consists of a girl and a “transboy.” It is a self-identified heterosexual couple highlighted for a school consisting of 96% heterosexuals. And not only are these two the featured “LGBTQ relationship” but they use the feature story as an opportunity to attack gay and lesbian students and gay/lesbian identity:
    “Thompson: I would say definitely being more open to the fact that
    there is more than just gay and lesbian. Like, there’s bisexuals – like
    myself – asexual, queer, transgender, and gender fluid. It ranges
    from everybody. People like to just stick everybody in boxes, like
    ‘you are male or you are cis, you are gay or you are straight.’ and
    that’s not how things are. There’s so much more than just one way
    or the other.
    Gargano: I also think that at our school we could work to improve
    our Gay Straight Alliance as well, because I don’t think they focus
    on a lot of those topics. They do stick to the gender binary of
    lesbian and gay only, and I do think we need more representation
    of everybody else.”
    And that is how “LGBTQ” operates in the real world. It embeds itself among LGBs. Then it attacks LGB. Then it destroys LGB leaving only T and Q. I feel terrible for the gay and lesbian kids in that school, having their own identity trashed in their school newspaper.

    1. Margie–Thanks for the link. I read the whole piece, and it’s depressing. Am I alone in suspecting that Lea Thompson might call herself “bisexul” because she dates girls and transboys?
      One of the earlier stories says, “Here in the upper middle class California town commonly nicknamed the “Happiest Place on Earth”, San Luis Obispo High School is unique in its push to accept all students.” These very privileged adolescents probably don’t have to worry about how to pay for college, much less what they’re going to eat the next day, so they have time to sit around figuring out what shade of special they are.
      In my working class upbringing we did think about identity in our teens, but not in the narrow way I see now of finding the one label that defines you completely. We just assumed identity was the combination of a lot of traits. A lifetime of choosing avatars seems to have warped not just the definition of concepts such as male and female, but the idea of what identity is.

    2. As much as I dislike the trans assault on the LGB, I still find it somewhat gratifying that a relationship between two women is being highlighted as “queer”. Goes to show that even the T doesn’t truly believe in its own ideology.

  16. Did anyone notice HE disabled the thumbs up, and thumbs down button. The dislikes were out numbering the likes so bad, he didn’t want new viewers to see how many people disagreed with HIM.

    1. And as far as his comment that “terfs” are cockroaches scurrying from the light, well, Mister Rhys McKinnon has been wildly blocking real woman on Twitter. He seems to be scurrying like a cockroach away from the light real women on shining on his creepy pedophile-like behavior.

  17. In this video, he says that he only uses the women’s restroom. Like all transwomen (biological males), he doesn’t say whether or not he still has his penis and testicles. Most of them do, and under most gender identity laws, they can still have their pecker and balls, and claim “gender identity”. In most states, they can still have their penis and testicles and get their ID and birth certificate changed too.
    They just love their “Gender bread person”, and they always drag up intersex when they know damn well that intersex isn’t the same as transgender.
    “Gender is socially constructed out of social stuff”….
    He says, “I use sex/gender and just run them together because there is no clear division between them”.
    So, sexual reproduction doesn’t exist in all primates. Without the mitochondrial DNA that he inherited solely from his mother, he wouldn’t even be alive today to give his horrid little incoherent lectures.

    This guy really is a piss poor lecturer because he speech patterns aren’t fluent, and sometimes he stumbles over his words. For some reason, perhaps in an attempt to appear “feminine”, he rolls his eyes. If this is the best lecturer that Charleston College could get, then I feel sorry for its students.
    In this video, he compares telling male bodied people who still have their male genitalia to use the men’s restroom to Jim Crow laws. No one is saying trans people can’t drink at the same water fountain as everyone else. There aren’t special trans sections where only trans people can sit, and trans people don’t have to sit at the back of the bus. The issue is male bodied persons in women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, etc. There is no reason why a male, especially a male who still has his male genitalia can’t use the men’s restroom.
    Trans Issues Q+A with Dr. Rachel McKinnon
    (people can google it)
    Notice how they never mention the fact “gender identity” laws also include women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, changing rooms, and women’s sports teams.

    1. In connection with a case in Minnesota, I have done some research on reported incidents on males in female spaces. Here is part of the blog post: If we examine the Incidents on Record link list of over 60 reported incidents of male-bodied people in female locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms we can get a sense of what the situation is like in the United States. These newspaper articles of reported incidents include:
      34 incidents reported male-bodied persons, dressed in women’s clothes
      28 of the incidents involved videotaping and recording of women and girls using the toilet, showering, or changing clothes.
      27 of the perpetrators targeted underage girls
      11 perpetrators had a prior history of violence and/or sexual offenses
      9 of the incidents were rapes or physical sexual assaults
      7 perpetrators identified themselves as transgender.
      The types of incidents reported ranged from spying on girls under or through bathroom stalls, videotaping, rape and assault. Suspects were variously charged with invasion of privacy, sexual assault, child pornography, unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification, eavesdropping, capturing or distributing images of an unclothed person, using a computer to commit a crime, aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, and more.
      The rest of the blog entry can be read here:

    2. ” If this is the best lecturer that Charleston College could get, then I feel sorry for its students.”
      He describes his female students as “cockroaches”. Female students who speak about sex specific experiences (which is all of them) are “terf” to be walked on and “cockroaches” meant to “scatter” in fear of him. Why would any female student want to go to Charleston College, to be called subhuman vermin on the basis of being female? Why would female students want to go to Charleston College where a professor says they are cockroaches who should scatter in fear from men like him?
      What happens to lesbian students at Charleston College who are called cockroaches by their professor because they express being same-sex attracted?

    3. ” Maybe you already figured out the secret….” It’s no secret, bud.
      Gross, so creepily coy, ick.

      1. And it was used by the Nazis to describe those they condisered untermenschen. The quote is from an article in The Guardian from April 2015 I found googling to confirm what I thought was true about the use of cockroach as dehumanizing propaganda.
        theguardian global-development/2015/apr/24/katie-hopkins-cockroach-migrants-denounced-united-nations-human-rights-commissioner.(I broke the link.)
        “In a scathing and extraordinary intervention, the UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, points out that the word “cockroaches” was used by both the Nazis and those behind the genocide in Rwanda, and urges the UK government, media and regulators to respect national and international laws on curbing incitement to hatred.
        “The Nazi media described people their masters wanted to eliminate as rats and cockroaches,” said Zeid.
        “This type of language is clearly inflammatory and unacceptable, especially in a national newspaper. The Sun’s editors took an editorial decision to publish this article, and – if it is found in breach of the law – should be held responsible along with the author.”
        But such language, he added, was typical of “decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse, misinformation and distortion” when it came to the reporting of migrant and refugee issues in the British media.”

  18. Y’know, I find it offensive to equate parents who are unaccepting of homosexuality and parents that are unaccepting of transgenderism. Gay and lesbian kids don’t require anything besides not being fucked with by their parents. Ideally, youth coming out as lgb to their parents is about keeping things essentially the same in the relationship. Trans coming out requires everyone to change the way they talk and behave, along with a lot of retail and medical purchases, which of course parents are expected to bankroll. Parents deemed tolerant by the rachel mckinnons of the world change their lives to make their trans kid the center of their family and financial lives without a second thought. It’s not the same at all and I’m sick of seeing it equated.

    1. Yep. So obnoxious that some people will counter gender-critical arguments against transitioning children with something like, “ohhh, I bet you think gay people are turning children gay, too!” …I wish? As in, I wish that was the worst thing that was happening to kids today? At least they wouldn’t be pumping themselves with dangerous chemicals and hacking off healthy body parts and lying to everyone around them. Homosexuality is in no way comparable.
      (Generally in favor of leaving kids alone entirely to develop their own identity, but it irks me that “transphobia” and “homophobia” are synonyms for many on the left.)

      1. “it irks me that “transphobia” and “homophobia” are synonyms for many on the left.”
        Actually, I think they may be synonymous for a lot of people, because so many associate same-sex attraction with that sort of gender nonconformity. When I was in my teens, I heard adults describe lesbians as “mannish” and maybe add that “they want to be men” or talk as if gay men and crossdressers were no different. For the liberal children and grandchildren of such people, the moral valence may have changed but the associations remain.
        I’m with you about how to treat children. “Leave the kids alone!” has been my response to a great many things I’ve seen over the last two decades, from zero-intelligence policies in school to the increased pinking of girlhood and blueing of boyhood–and that’s before it led to the current trans trend. (*resisting urge to rant about Bratz dolls*)

  19. Man arrested after removing transgender woman’s testicles in Denver home

    This is so bizarre I wasn’t sure where to post it. A guy in Denver has been charged with reckless aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury for removing the testicles of a transwoman with an army surgical kit. There’s no evidence this was done against the will of the “victim”–lidocaine was used and his wife was present. The transwoman ended up at the hospital because of excessive bleeding.
    What irritates me about this article is the contrast with all the cases of women who’ve been both sexually assaulted and seriously injured, while the man has successfully defended himself by claiming it was consensual and people have blamed the victim. In at least one case in Canada, a man was acquitted of murder and manslaughter, even though the woman died of her injuries, because she supposedly consented to rough sex (
    So one male idiot agreed to have a surgical procedure performed at home by another male idiot he knew wasn’t a doctor, and it’s an aggravated assault because we don’t think it’s acceptable for men to “consent” to bodily harm. But when men injure women, the courts frequently give them a pass if they so much as suggest the woman consented to the harm as part of a sexual encounter. I haven’t read of a case where a woman successfully defended herself after injuring a man by claiming he consented to the harm inflicted.
    And what if the guy arrested identifies as a doctor? Is it right to invalidate his identity?

    1. Apparently, women born as women do not have a right to anything at all. Not even their own biology. Or a place to use the restroom away from penis.

    2. He conveniently overlooks the fact that actual females DO have a right to a fair playing field. A field that includes males and that benefitted from a male puberty and who now steal from females because they couldn’t hack it against the other males is NOT a fair playing field.
      To turn his own phrase on him, it is time to keep shining the light on cockroaches like Rhys McKinnon and his ilk….
      Oh, and he ALSO overlooks the fact that there have been a few very exceptional female point guards in the WNBA and other women’s professional leagues who were in the 5’3″ range…

    1. WTF????Are they serious?????
      This shows how the brigade has gone out of their way, to ruin and bend science/medicine in a way to justify their Mengele type goals. Any person who has been on steroids or has had or is on hormone treatment for LEGITIMATE reasons, will state, they have been advised AND warned about the massive number of side effects. Quite a few of same can result in severe circulatory and neurological changes, which are not easily reversible. Hell, the PDR spells these out, in rather graphic detail.
      This makes the case for not just suspension of the medical licenses of people like this, but a severe vetting process (employment-wise)of those in the brigade, who have this type of contact with the public, especially children. This may sound draconian, but the evidence is mounting, in rather graphic detail….that far too many, who are unstable, are getting into areas where public trust can be twisted. Especially among the most vulnerable.
      Not all in the brigade are that creepy, but they are as rare, as…finding honest state or federal employees, who want to do the right thing.

  20. The thing about trans-women like McKinnon is that they seem to combine the worst stereotypes of men and women at the same time. Just as hysterical and emotional as the worst female stereotype, but just as aggressive and in-your-face as the worst male stereotype.

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