Testimony on Canadian Bill C-16 : Gender Identity

Canada’s Bill C-16 would establish a government recognized class of people based on their personal feeling that sex stereotypes form an integral and desired component of their legal identity.
“Gender Identity” is defined under Bill C-16 as:

Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth. For some persons, their gender identity is different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth; this is often described as transgender or simply trans. Gender identity is fundamentally different from a person’s sexual orientation.


“Gender” itself is not defined by Bill C-16. Therefore “Gender Identity” is each person’s internal and individual experience of a legally undefined quality.
“Gender Identity” is legally recognized on the basis that an individual proclaims that they have the feelings of having such an identity.
“Gender Identity” would override legal recognition of, and protections based on, “Sex”.
For one example, an incarcerated male’s declaration of his internal and individual experience of “Gender Identity” overrides the Sex-based protections of Canadian female prisoners not to be confined with males. This allows Canada’s government to contravene the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners:

8.a. (a) Men and women shall so far as possible be detained in separate institutions; in an institution which receives both men and women the whole of the premises allocated to women shall be entirely separate;


Convicted male contract killer Jean-Paul “Fallon” Aubee has already applied for transfer to a women’s facility based on his internal and individual experience of an undefined quality (“Gender Identity”):
Transgender inmate hopes to make history with transfer to women’s prison
CBC News Apr 23, 2017
Here is some more of the Parliamentary testimony against Bill C-16 heard at yesterday’s hearings. Follow in comments for more coverage and updates.

72 thoughts on “Testimony on Canadian Bill C-16 : Gender Identity

    1. I bet the imprisoned women who suddenly have to share their spaces with men are “literally shaking,” too. But they don’t have the option to leave.

    2. Either they were just being manipulative and making a scene, or it might have been grunting and rocking of the type autistic people sometimes do, and we know autistic people are vulnerable to getting dragged into this mess. How he could observe such obviously atypical behaviour (I mean, most people do not do that simply because they’re upset), and just frame it as ‘pretty upset’, without wondering at the cause, is baffling.

    3. back and forward? That’s rocking not shaking. Or, did they change the meaning of yet another word again?

      1. OMG I should head on over to we hunted the mammoth and try to post this. Trans took over that sight long ago, as did every kind of SWJ known to blogkind, including those who won’t let anyone say “crazy” or “insane” or “lunatic” or anything because it maligns mentally ill people. I can kind of see their point, but where does any of this end? It’s crazy shake!

  1. No matter how deeply trans feel they are the wrong gender, laws should not be changed because of feelings. We all have feelings. The reality, the truth, is that there are two sexes. Keep women safe by having men stay away from women’s prisons.

    1. Timely article…more than 1500 genetic differences between males and females.
      lifesitenews dot com/news/researchers-find-over-1500-genes-that-make-men-and-women-different
      Link in the article to the original research report…
      In other words, science demonstrates once again that males cannot be females.

  2. Canadian females are now so screwed. I may yet get busted as a protester here in Canada.

      1. Have you read or heard any stories about New York? There, you can be fined or even jailed for misgendering another person. This is getting ridiculous.

      2. If New York City ever tries to fine or jail somebody for calling a man a man, that person will have standing to sue and this can hit the court system. I cannot believe that none of the right wing gadflies and publicity hounds have not decided to test this yet by going to NYC and making a major scene.

      3. Yep the NYC law is on the books and it points to another hypocrisy foisted on the public, by the brigade. As in they can use ANY derogatory term towards any other group and as a result, get a hall pass. HOWEVER, use a generic pronoun (‘guys’ for example…which has been used for males and females) and one can be fined. Insane, truly insane.
        One thing that is not discussed by those who think this law is a good idea, is that this can affect small businesses disproportionately. Especially if…….heaven forbid….the owner or an employee uses the ‘wrong word’. None of these SJW morons thought about that, did they? How many have enough cash on hand to cover the fine? Not a hell of a lot.
        Bring that up, the next time one of the brigade brings up this ludicrous law.

      1. Ugh. Too much from Hilla about “concepts” “worldview” “context”, “ideology”, etc. Too abstract. “It’s a conceptual concern”? No. Not enough clear concrete explanation of harms. She should start with the female perspective and end with the apologia instead of the reverse. God bless her for doing it, it’s a brutal gig. Thankfully the pig in the wig alienated people with his laughable statistics “One in five transgender people will have been physically or sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Thirty to Forty percent will be harassed verbally in their lifetime. I mean that’s a profound number. If we said that many women were being sexually assaulted, in total, that’s a scary number. That’s just with the physical assaults.” HELLO????? HAS THIS MAN EVER ACCESSED RATES OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND VERBAL HARASSMENT OF FEMALE HUMAN BEINGS?!?! Clearly not, and host Anna Maria Tremonti didn’t catch him on it either, she was clearly biased.
        Here is a current photo of Marni Panas, the “transwoman” in the segment.

      2. Marni is a “Diversity and Inclusion Professional”.
        New term for unemployed anti-feminist activist dood apparently.

      3. Female survivors of rape have a basic human right to hold support groups and recovery housing away from men.
        Female inmates have a right to be incarcerated separately from males.
        Women have a basic human right to restrooms and showers away from men.
        Homeless women have a right to be housed separately from males.
        Males should not be permitted to apply for women’s scholarships or initiatives such as small business loans on the basis of self identification as “female”.
        Women have the right to equal sports programs and funding for female sports.
        Women who need care have the right to choose female caregivers.
        Women have the right to equal testing, study, and medical research for proposed treatments.
        Women have the right to be accurately reflected in statistics and information gathering.
        Women have the right to be placed in rooms with other females when hospitalized.
        Women have the right to media which accurately reports the sex of subjects.
        Women have the right to information regarding sex differences in social trends.
        Women have the right to equal representation in political office.
        Women have the right to hold lesbian gatherings and events which exclude non-lesbians (males).
        Women have the right to form female only organizations to organize as a political class.
        Etc etc.

      4. “I used to think that being me would be a barrier in my life.” Marcel Panis
        So. Not a woman then.

      5. I don’t know what that’s about for sure, but I have some ideas and none of it is about them doing us any favors. Monday was a statutory holiday, and I think anyway, the interview with Hilla was done maybe even Friday, and after that the write up/summary by an “intern”. I’m not giving them anything on this.

  3. Yes, Vancouver Rape Relief, Feminist Current, GenderTrender all deserve yuge kudos from all of us.
    I think of them like the monks transcribing books in Dark Ages, keeping the light of feminism alive in dark days for women.

    1. Meghan Murphy was phenomenal. How much more clear and well-spoken could she be? The answer is: none. None more! COULD NOT BE BETTER.

    2. Mmmmm – as much as I like the notion of this valorous monks metaphor, they were serving the Dark – the Burning Times began in the Dark Ages, survived it by centuries, and live on in the DNA of modern patriarchy …
      Gender Supremacists are in the Church’s role here and the Inquisition has moved beyond the public fires to the hallowed halls of academic misogyny and the seduction of kneejerk liberals.

      1. I’m sorry, but the notion of the “burning times” is utter myth. Please google Diane Purkiss if you’re interested in a run-down.

  4. I think if I ever have to hear the term “anecdotal evidence” in connection to women & girls being subjected to sexual harassment & abuse by men in woman-face I’m going to lose it. How many of us have to be raped and assaulted for it to count more than “anecdotal evidence”? Really, really disgusting how rape culture is turned into singular incidents when the incidents are committed by men in frocks.
    (I don’t really think they would be able to differentiate anecdotal from scientific evidence, anyway, but that’s not the point.)

  5. When Meghan Murphy is speaking, who are the 3 people behind her? I jumped around the longer video as I thought they may also have been speakers but didn’t see any of them.

      1. The young woman on the left was nodding her head agreeing at one point and caught herself doing it (it looked) and stopped. I wondered (mostly due to her age) if she was a speaker advocating for the bill and had an aha moment or if she stopped nodding because she maybe was nervous to be seen nodding in agreement. it just struck me.
        The one on the right looks either terrified or really tired the entire time, I thought maybe they were seated in order of (possibly) speaking so I was scanning for them in the longer video.

  6. Am I really not getting this? All I see are people bending over backwards to feed the desires of men to be something they are clearly not.
    Do lawmakers hate women so much that they leap at any chance to degrade and debase us?Why are mens “feelings” more important than women’s basic human rights?

  7. I’m Canadian. I don’t agree with this bill so much I wrote my MP. This is going to hurt born women, and without an objective definition of woman, what is the point of any legislation that protects women based on the body parts they were born with?

  8. She did a great job, explained it so well even people who don’t know much about the trans debate will understand her take on it. Best thing is it’s clearly progressive and feminist. There is NO way you could conflate or confuse it with right wing objections to transgenderism, unless you were being severely dishonest and misleading, ((cough cough)) trans activists. 👏👍

  9. Sooo what happens exactly when someone’s gender is emoji pizza unicorn?
    What rights are they allowed? Where does a emoji pizza unicorn gender go potty anyway or do we build special bathrooms for emoji pizza unicorn people? Does someone who identifies as emoji pizza unicorn have a penis or vagina? Or do they have some “area” where they imagine cheese, sauce, and a single horn might appear because in their minds their gender is a digitally enhanced facial expression combined with an Italian-American pie that has magically combined with a mythological horse creature? If one has sex with a person who identifies in part as a horse, are they committing a sex act with an animal?
    Anyone who thinks any of this makes sense clearly has a complete disconnection with reality.

    1. oh my god I know her, she’s as insufferable as you would imagine. She’s in a heterosexual relationship but calls herself “queer”. I’m second hand embarrassed right now.

    2. “or do we build special bathrooms for emoji pizza unicorn people?”
      Instead of gender neutral or all gender restrooms, let’s mandate “Special Snowflake” restrooms–with a snowflake symbol on the door, of course! (I don’t think that could offend anyone, although perhaps there are transfrozen people out there who would consider it some sort of appropriation). If enough gender absurdists use it, we might end up with shorter lines in the women’s room.

  10. I guess heteros call themselves queer these days, they apparently can’t face the reality of their lives either.

    1. @red,
      When all else fails, and everyone can see through their illogical statements and nonsense, people can bet they will be screeching “TERF” to high heaven.
      “Case closed.” Case closed – just shut up!. The men have spoken. This is exactly how the sexist word “TERF” is used to silence women. It’s a neoliberal modern day witch hunt dressed up to sound progressive. There is nothing new about silencing women.
      “TERF” is a misogynistic word that is used to intentionally silence women. While it’s males who are responsible for physical assaults and murder of transwomen (other biological males), there is no word for transgender exclusive males. Why does “TERF” only apply to women when males are responsible for virtually all of acts of violence against trans identified persons? Why isn’t there something like “TERMs” (trans exclusive radical males)? The offensive term “TERF” is used to only silence uppity women that males who identify as “women” can’t control or bully into silence.
      These links were posted before on this blog, but every time someone uses the sexist term “TERF”, I will remind them that the use of this sexist term is similar to a male run McCarthy type witch hunt.
      How TERF Works
      How TERF works
      No woman has ever killed a transwoman, but transwomen (biological males) have killed a lot of women. No woman branded a “TERF” has ever killed a transwoman, or caused bodily harm to any transwoman. Currently, there is one transwoman who is charged with killing a lesbian couple and their adopted son in Oakland just last November. In January of this year, a queer identified man who uses the pronoun they, was charged with killing a woman and attempted murder of another woman. And, in Washington State, another transwoman is on trial for first degree murder of three women. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crimes committed by males who identify as “women”. There is a ton of information on this blog and other websites. Case after case after case.
      We know transwomen (biological males) offend at the same rate as other males. We also know that any woman can be branded a “TERF”. How can anyone read these disturbing “TERF” death threats without noticing that these threats have male aggression written all over them.
      1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
      Why isn’t there a “TERF” term for males? Transwomen (biological males) know damn well that other males would beat the living crap out of them for making these kinds of sick, violent, and ghastly threats. Bullying and threatening males comes with risks. I suggest all MTFs, queer identified males, etc. and their allies try this experiment. Come up with a word similar to “TERFs” that is meant to be directed towards males. For example, use “TERMs” (trans exclusionary radical males). Then, take all these sick threats of violence that are used against “TERFs” (click on link below) and use them against males. Click on the link below and replace “TERF” with “TERM” (trans exclusive radical male). See how it works. Good luck!
      1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
      The people who use the term “TERF” are basically misogynistic cowards at heart.

      1. Thanks Skylark for an excellent essay, one of the best in the cue. And TERM should be the word we use— Trans exclusionary radical males— because it is radical males who do all the killing, raping and terrorizing of male to trans prostituted feminine appearing men. Women aren’t going around buying male to trans prostitutes, but bio men do, and bio men kill them, because they kill thousands of prostituted women everywhere.
        So focus on MALE violence and use TERM all the time. MEN are each other’s worst enemies anyway, it is all about male violence all the time, and all about invading women’s privacy all the time with these guys.

    2. @ red,
      “6’4″ 280 lb columnist doesn’t care who is using the stall next to him. Consults gay male to help him understand Hilla and Meghan. Consultant sends back one-word email “Terfs”. Case closed. ”
      I just couldn’t let this go without commenting some more, so here goes.
      If this really did happen as it is described above, this is some rather sloppy and shoddy CBC opinion page. Since it’s an “opinion” piece, I guess it doesn’t have to make sense because an “opinion” can be anything. Call one gay male, and state the case is closed because it’s all some kind of grand “TERF” conspiracy. Also, why does Neil MacDonald just get the advice of one gay male as if one gay male knows everything. What gay male are we talking about? Deny years of “TERF” death threats, and deny the fact that a transwoman was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family just last November in Oakland, California. A lot of people are calling this a hate motivated crime because transwomen who, by the way, are biological males have been making death threats against lesbians and “TERFs” for years. Who, or what is a “TERF”? No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain. This misogynistic term is only used against females even though it’s a fact that male violence is responsible for the deaths of transwomen.
      According to MacDonald, a “sharp young gay acquaintance” told him everything he needed to know about “TERFs”.
      “When I saw the story about the Senate testimony this week, I sent it to a sharp young gay acquaintance I’m rather close to, inviting comment.
      The reply was a link to something called the Urban Dictionary’s definition of the term TERF.
      A TERF is, apparently, a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” someone belonging to “that group of feminists that claims that trans women aren’t really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when it’s used against them, not when they use it against others.” (*See link to TERF death threats below)
      Based on thousands of years of history and actual crime statistics, women have legitimate reasons to be suspicious of males in our private spaces.
      So, a gay male (red says a gay male) and a sixty year old heterosexual male journalist who is too lazy to do a little research have the audacity to tell the female sex to get used to penis in the women’s locker room (numerous examples), women’s homeless shelters (google Christopher, Jessica, Hambrook), rape crisis centers (see Vancouver Rape Relief), domestic violence centers, etc. No, there is nothing sexist at all about two men silencing women.
      The CBC opinion piece from the sixty year old white heterosexual man, Neil MacDonald, basically amounts to a clueless man castigating and belittling women who have the audacity to open their mouths and speak. Pat the little ladies on the head, and tell them to shut up because the men folk know what is best.
      All Neil MacDonald managed to do is prove to everyone that he is a feminist bashing clueless old fart. What has MacDonald done for women? Not a damn thing that I am aware of, but he thinks he has the right to tell women to just get used to penis in the women’s locker room. If ‘gender identity’ includes locker rooms, changing rooms, etc. and sex reassignment surgery is optional (most transwomen still have male genitalia), logic tells us this will happen again. I know these links were posted before, but people need to know this happens.
      The way that feminist bashing MacDonald describes Vancouver Rape Relief is disgraceful. Because he is too lazy to do any research, he quickly dismisses Vancouver Rape Relief, and what this means to rape victims. This does impact rape survivors. First of all, someone needs to tell this clueless old fart that women aren’t raped by a “gender identity”, they are raped by people with a penis. Ask any rape victim if she was raped by a “gender identity”, and see what she says. Second, this has very serious implications for rape survivors. Sometimes all a rape victim needs is to be able to talk to another woman. Will rape survivors have the right to a female counselor? Will rape victims even be allowed to ask for a female to conduct pelvic exams? Will males, even males who still have their male genitalia be allowed in women’s domestic violence shelters by simply claiming “gender identity”? Should rape survivors with PTSD be forced to bunk down with male bodied persons? Third, it’s a fact that transwomen have been convicted of murdering and raping women and girls. They offend at the same rate as other males. Has any woman been convicted of raping a transwoman (biological male)? The answer is no, but the court records show that a lot of transwomen have been convicted of raping women and girls. Watch the youtube videos, “Women: Decide For Yourselves” and “Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes”. These two twenty minute videos have case after case that are based on court records. Calling these vides “transphobic” won’t change the actual court records and convictions. These videos were posted on gendertrender before, so I won’t post the links again.
      This is what MacDonald said,
      “Hilla Kerner, of the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, basically told a Senate committee this week that transgender women really aren’t women, and threaten the existence of exclusively “female-born” spaces, such as rape crisis centres.”
      In the 1990s, at the age of 33, a bush pilot decided to “transition”. He was living completely as a male for 30 years, and suddenly he wanted to be a volunteer counselor at Vancouver Rape Relief. Some transwomen, who by the way, are biological males couldn’t pass for women if they had to. What did he know about rape victims? Did he have any special expertise, or was he a trained psychologist? No, he was just a middle aged bush pilot. Vancouver Rape Relief said that they would be very grateful if he did some kind of other volunteer work, but working as a volunteer counselor for rape victims was not acceptable. Poor Vancouver Rape Relief even paid the ex-bush pilot $500 because he said his feelings were hurt. He proceeded to drag these women through hell. Anyone, especially women, who have tried to compromise with middle aged male “transitioners” should know by now that telling them no will only make them more determined. Some males simply do not like women to tell them no. For seven years, Vancouver Rape Relief was hounded. In February 1, 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed Kimberly Nixon’s request to appeal the B.C. Court of Appeals decision. The Supreme Court further awarded Vancouver Rape Relief with “costs”. Which as of June 2009, Kimberly Nixon has not paid back. Still, trans activists will not forgive Vancouver Rape Relief.
      An article from Feminist Current states,
      “..We have had, for a long time, a mixed group that operates technically outside of Rape Relief but it’s still a committee of ours that raises money and works as a mixed group in support of Rape Relief. But within the shelter, within the rape crisis line, within our building, it’s women-only and it’s women-only for a reason. We did not want battered women who come to the front door to have to confront this issue and decide – because they would have to decide –“Is this person a danger to me?” “Is this person in drag?” “Is this person real?” – and that’s exactly what they would have been facing.
      “..Well there’s two key points. We didn’t choose to go to court, we were taken to court by the human rights complaint. We, in fact, tried to settle out of court, tried to offer alternatives to Nixon, including regrets for Nixon’s hurt feelings, we tried fairly hard to stay out of a legal battle because it didn’t seem to us that either transsexual rights or women’s rights were going advanced by asking the court, “the man”, to decide it. So that’s the first thing – it was not our call…It was definitely not our call. But having been dragged into it, we had no alternative but to defend ourselves because it does matter to us that we had built a service and a self-organized collective in which we’re entitled to make those decisions and we did not have to fold up because somebody had a different idea.”

      Rape Relief v. Nixon, transphobia, and the value of women-only space: An interview with Lee Lakeman

      This is my suggestion to old man Neil MacDonald, the unknown one gay source who was supposedly questioned, and the CBC. Look at photos of Stefonknee Wolscht and the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska. Take a good look at them. Now, ask yourself this. If you were a female rape victim, would you want to be counseled by these huge hulking, heterosexual line backer sized males who couldn’t pass as women if their lives depended on it? These males look like large males in skirts because that is exactly what they are, kinky age play with “daddy” and BDSM sexual fetishes and all. They don’t deny it. Gendertrender wrote excellent articles on Stefonknee and Carlotta. MacDonald can’t deal with the truth, and his only source on “TERFs” is one gay acquaintance. Pathetic if it weren’t such a serious subject for half the human population.
      Rape crisis centers and women’s homeless shelters should be safe places for women with PTSD from sexual assault. Homeless women and rape survivors have high rates of PTSD. There are real safety issues as well. We do know that a predatory male claiming transgender status to gain access to two different women’s homeless shelters in Toronto ended up sexually assaulting homeless women. People who read this blog know all about Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook. If males claiming transgender status are granted access to women’s homeless shelters, how does this relate to domestic violence shelters? Could a Hambrook incident happen in domestic violence shelters?
      If trans identified people want their own rape crisis services, etc., then that is fine, but leave the women alone. Female rape victims should have a right to be counseled by other females. The way that MacDonald quickly dismisses this issue is an insult to the entire female sex. It’s utter misogyny on steroids.
      Canada’s own Stefonknee Wolscht pictured sucking on a baby pacifier and holding a large doll even made headlines in the mainstream news in the UK, and Canada’s own Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook was named in major US news sources. The Canadian sexual predator who has a long criminal history of sexually abusing girls who legally changed his name and sex, Mathew Harks (Madilyn, “Rebecca”, Harks), well, people know about him too. As much as I hate Trump, conservatives in the US point to the utter insanity in Canada, and say not in our country. I didn’t vote for Trump, but all the gender identity lunacy in Canada will be noticed by the religious right in the US. Get a clue. They track this shit, and it’s really starting to pile up. They might be rednecks, but they see how it’s all evolving. This will come back on LGBT in the US, but who cares as long as middle aged males with age play and BDSM sexual fetishes get to play out their dreams. The rednecks in the US look at Stefonknee Wolscht and they cringe. Even many Canadians raised to be polite to a fault secretly wish it would just all go away. Make no mistake. Trans activists have no intention of reigning in all the kink. Heck, they seem to embrace it and call it kink shaming. As to sexual predators, the Hambrook incident proves that they do consider a certain amount of collateral damage inflicted upon the female sex as acceptable. What did trans activists do after the Hambrook incident? Diddly squat, so what does this tell us?
      At any rate, I would like Neil MacDonald to tell me if he really thinks that Stefonknee Wolscht, the 52 year old divorced father of 7 kids who identifies as a 6 year old girl, has any sort of authentic “gender identity”. Or, is it far more likely that he likes to pretend he is a 6 year old girl with his adopted daddy he met in a fetish club. It’s not like Stefonknee or anyone is denying he likes “age play’. Do men with “age play” fetishes who pretend they are 6 year old girls have actual “gender identities”? No one seems to know for sure, but they have access to women’s restrooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc. by claiming trans/gender identity status.
      I would also like Neil MacDonald to tell me what he thinks of these “TERF” death threats. Isn’t MacDonald concerned that this offensive word is only used against women when no woman has ever killed a transwoman. Violence against transwomen is carried out by males. Transwomen who work as prostitutes are often victims of violence. Who seeks the sexual services of transwomen? It’s not women. As to transwomen (biological males), they have been convicted of killing a lot of women. See videos. Currently, in the US alone, two transwomen are on trial for triple homicide.
      1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
      I wish Neil MacDonald would stick to what he knows. At least he would still have some credibility.

      1. ha ha haha the brother of Norm “hooray for the Iraq War” “Ronald Reagan was a great president” Macdonald is also an asshole. kell surpreeeze

      2. I assume when someone uses the word “gay” they mean male. I do. But perhaps I should not have assumed.
        MacDonald comes across as just what he is, an angry white male whose wife’s career has taken off and who has achieved in a way Neil can never hope to. He’s embittered is my guess. She’s the highest flying female journalist in Canada, presently. He’s a washed up columnist who can’t even be bothered to research.
        Anyone can write to the CBC ombudsman (sic) and make a valid complaint about one of their columnists using a slur. Opinion aside, which is what a columnist is paid to write, he still shouldn’t get away with slurs.
        Or using his gay acquaintance as virtue signalling. Neil’s got a gay acquaintance. Oh well then, so in.
        Appeal to the Ombudsman, not Neil. He’s lost it and hasn’t even the dignity to hide it online.

    1. Bad link. You attempted to link to a meme of an FTM bodybuilder in the women’s restroom. Feminists advocate for men’s facilities to be open to all who wish to use them. Feminists make a distinction between the threat to men’s safety by women (negligible) and the threat to women’s safety by men (great). We make this distinction based on overwhelming evidence of male violence against women (see crime statistics). No one cares if women choose to use male facilities. There is no need to regulate against it. Your assertion that feminists advocate for this is incorrect, sir. You might want to research what feminists actually propose before forming your antifeminist arguments. Doing so would make your antifeminist activism more effective. Good luck sir.

  11. wow so I’ve seen basically no vitriol directed at paul dirks, shocker! The transactivists almost exclusively concern themselves with the behavior of women.

    1. You’re mostly right. And I do indeed find it telling. People like Meghan Murphy and Kaely Triller (Washington) regularly receive death threats- I do not. I receive threats- but not nearly to the same degree and, seemingly, not as serious. It is interesting that at the hearings themselves, Hilla and Meghan were treated more respectfully than I, yet they have been maligned and targeted by media after the case. Fascinating and terribly sad. If you’re gonna slip in the knife, do it while looking in someone’s eyes. These women deserve better.

  12. This is a very interesting video of a transwoman who is opposed to C-16. This individual knows that there will be a huge backlash, and it won’t just be coming from conservatives. Average every day people don’t like being told what to say, what special pronouns to use (zir, they, whatever), and they will bitterly resent having their free speech curtailed.

  13. And in the US, there is more legal erasure. If one has a legitimate disability, your claim[s] may now be under a trivial banner thanks what was reported yesterday.
    Put another way: if one has or is disabled due to coronary, renal, pulmonary,ambulatory or mental health issues caused by birth or through accident, those could be now seen as invalid, if this goes through. This goes hand in hand with the issue connected to de-funding women’s services…or them being called ‘preexisting conditions’.
    Folks, it is really time to drop the t……if only due to the majority of lunatics who are using it to cheat the system.

    1. Can’t they get their story straight? If dysphoria is a bona fide medical disability, then a medical diagnosis would be required for accomodation requests to be considered, since people are not allowed to simply identify as disabled under the ADA. Yet trans activists often claim accomodations and treatment should be made available on demand, because being transgendered is a matter of identity rather than a psychological disorder. If it isn’t a disorder, there’s no reason for special accomodations or treatment; if it is, then those remedies should only follow a rigorous diagnosis–which transactivists now call unfair gatekeeping. (Of course, logic itself seems to have become transphobic of late.)
      In the case in question, it would be difficult to prove the plaintiff was denied needed accomodations unless he received an official diagnosis of dysphoria before or during his employment and notified his employer of that diagnosis. Anything other than that would create a legal morass in which people could sue if they fail to receive accomodation for disabilities not yet diagnosed and disclosed.

    2. I would like to follow up on rheapdx1’s comment regarding the ADA.
      There are 300 million people in the US and half the population is female. What are the statistics on rape and sexual assault? Is it one in five women or one in six women who have been raped or sexually assaulted? How many disabled females have PTSD because of male violence (rape, incest, sexual assault, violent physical assault)? We are talking about millions. Any disabled woman on SDI or SSI who has any history of PTSD could get a letter from a therapist stating that having to share intimate spaces with a biological male exacerbates her PTSD. Nearly all disabled women on SDI or SSI have some history of abuse at the hands of predatory males. Homeless disabled women have very high rates of victimization, rape, sexual assault, and trauma, and most of it is caused by male violence of some sort. This is a very serious issue for women because male violence is the major cause of PTSD in females. Even male violence is the main cause of PTSD in female soldiers. Most disabled female veterans with PTSD have been sexually assaulted while serving in the military. The statistics are shockingly high. Women are not assaulted and raped by a “gender identity”. Ask any rape survivor if a “gender identity” raped her. It’s reasonable to assume that a rape victim would be emotionally and psychologically harmed by being forced to share intimate spaces (restrooms, women’s locker rooms, changing rooms, hospital rooms, etc.) with biological males.
      It’s still one disability versus another with one exception. The number of females with PTSD far outnumber the number of males claiming “gender dysphoria”. How in the hell can anyone prove that a male’s “gender dysphoria” is more important than a female’s PTSD caused by male violence?
      Below is an example, feel free to copy and paste, and edit. Just get a therapist to write a letter. Some documentation is important.
      What is the difference between “gender dysphoria” and transvestism? This idiotic ruling states that “gender dysphoria” can now fall under the ADA, but apparently transvestism is still excluded. Aren’t they basically the same thing? Why does “gender dysphoria” fall under the ADA according to this ruling, but homosexuality is excluded? Sexual paraphilias are not covered under the ADA, so how would this apply to people like Carlotta Sklodowska and Stefonknee Wolsch? “Age play” sexual fetishes sound like sexual disorders to most rational people. Would autogynephilia fall under sexual disorders? There are some males who just get a sexual thrill from dressing in women’s underwear.
      Certain conditions are not covered under the ADA.
      42 U.S.C. § 12211(b) specifically has an exclusion in it for protection under the ADA. More specifically, it excludes from protection under the ADA, “transvestism, transsexualism, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gender identity disorders not resulting from physical impairment, other sexual disorders, compulsive gambling, kleptomania, pyromania, and psychoactive substance abuse use disorders resulting from current illegal use of drugs. 29 C.F.R. 1630.3(d) is identical. 42 U.S.C. § 12211(a) and 29 C.F.R. 1630.3(e) also state that homosexuality and bisexuality are not disabilities as they are not impairments.
      As to women with PTSD caused by male violence, no female has ever murdered or seriously injured a transwoman (biological male), but transwomen (males) have been convicted of raping and murdering a lot of women. They offend at the same rate as other males.

      1. @SkylarkPhillips Very few in the brigade read or make an attempt, to read the federal statutes that apply and spell out what is not covered. We have here another example of someone, with the help of an ignorant jurist/jurists cheating the system.
        By the way….any good disability attorney would have turned this down, based on the facts of what constitutes a disability. Also….if endangering females is now a disabilty (gym accommodations, prisons, creeps in homeless shelters, attacking Title IX), this country is in very, very sorry shape.

        1. They’re suggesting that women’s rights to privacy impede men’s medical treatment, because invading women’s rights IS the treatment.

      2. Impeding??? Pardon my language, but WHAT THE F*CK? Considering the bias in testing and treatment, which has caused eons of issues for women and minority groups, how the hell is this impeding on the ‘rights’ of the brigade?
        If all the trips to my docs has made clear, unless the doc is a complete jerk, the roadblocks to treatment are either insurance or the mental state of the patient. On the latter, I do know of some who will be blunt, in denying elective HRT treatments, based on medical records, as well as the doc smelling horseshit in the demeanor of the patient.

  14. It’s interesting to note that 27% of the Canadian House of Commons is female and 43% of the Senate is female. The current Prime Minister of Canada is male. If C-16 passes, women will always remember that males who are in the majority voted for a piece of poorly drafted law that they know negatively impacts the human privacy rights of the female sex. We have already seen males claiming transgender/gender identity status to prey on vulnerable women. Logic tells us that another Hambrook incident will happen. We have already seen males exposing themselves to women in women’s locker rooms both in Canada and the US. As gender identity continues to trample on the human rights of half the population, and evolves into an Orwellian social experiment that no rational person can even grasp and recognize, women will always remember.
    According to the Canadian Human Rights Act, there are eleven categories of protected persons.
    • race
    • national or ethnic origin
    • colour
    • religion
    • age
    • sex
    • sexual orientation
    • marital status
    • family status
    • disability
    • a conviction for which a pardon has been granted or a record suspended.
    Race, age, sex, and disability are all related to physical characteristics, genetics, biology, inheritance, etc. That is, it’s tangible and can be verified through various medical tests. The human species is sexually dimorphic, and sexual reproduction exists in all primates. No primate can change its sex. There are rare disorders of sexual development (intersex) which can arise through sexual reproduction. Intersex is not the same as transgender, and the vast majority of trans identified people have no intersex medical condition. Certain protected categories such as religion are intensely personal and subjective, and people can change their religion. As long as people don’t harm others, or don’t force their beliefs on others, people are free to practice whatever religion they choose. As to sexual orientation, consenting adults should be able to do as they please behind closed doors. Gender identity is unique in several ways. First, it can’t be proven one way or another from medical tests, genetic testing, etc. Second, there is no clear definition of gender or gender identity. That is, other than personal self-identification. Third, people can and do change their gender identity. Apparently, people can change their gender identity as many times as they choose. Fourth, the terms gender and gender identity mean different things to different people. Some feminists and gender abolitionist view gender as oppressive sex stereotypes. Femininity isn’t something women choose; femininity is forced on women through intense cultural pressure. Fifth, gender identity laws clash head on with the basic human right of privacy of the female sex. How long will politicians bury their heads in the sand deny the harm to women? How much collateral damage to the female sex is acceptable?
    There is a reason why the clash between “gender identity” and the human rights of women will never go away. There always will be bitter resistance, and it’s not just coming from conservatives. Most women have been bullied and shamed into silence, and some unrepentant women have received TERF death threat, but it’s never going away. It’s not going to stop women from speaking. Ever.
    Based on thousands of years and history and crime statistics, women have legitimate reasons to be suspicious of males in our private spaces. What other minority group makes it part of their political strategy to silence, shame, belittle, and harass female sexual assault victims?
    Fact One: There are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders. It’s over 90% male.
    Fact Two: Virtually all crime data and statistics show that males commit more violent crimes. Again, it’s 80 to 90% male.
    Fact Three: Studies that go back decades show that paraphilias are more common in males. If people aren’t sure what paraphilias are, these are a few examples.
    Canadian Russell Williams convicted of killing two women sneaked into women’s houses to take photos of himself in their underwear.

    Man who wore Barbie costume in bathroom assault sentenced

    What do we know about crime statistics?
    Women self-reported 553,000 sexual assaults in 2014, according to Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey on Victimization.
    Women were 10 times more likely than men to be the victim of a police-reported sexual assault in 2008.
    Although both men and women experience sexual assault, women accounted for 92% of victims of police-reported sexual assaults in 2008.
    2011 arrest data from the FBI:
    Males constituted 98.0% of those arrested for forcible rape
    Males constituted 89.0% of those arrested for robbery
    Males constituted 85.0% of those arrested for burglary
    Males constituted 83.0% of those arrested for arson.
    Males constituted 81.5% of those arrested for motor-vehicle theft.
    Males constituted 81.7% of those arrested for stolen property.
    Males constituted 81.7% of those arrested for vandalism.
    Does any of this change because the male cross dresses or identifies as transgender or says he is a “woman”. No, it does not. Males who cross dress in skirts, etc., or identify as transgender offend at the same rate as other males.
    I know these videos were posted before, but people need to know that the female victims are real, and people need to be reminded that it doesn’t matter if he likes to wear a dress, or says he is poly pansexual non-binary.

    (1.) Females have a fundamental human right to privacy and bodily autonomy. What other minority group advocates for policies that violate the human privacy rights of half the human population?
    If gender identity includes women’s locker rooms, changing areas, etc., and sex reassignment surgery is option, there will be more incidents of adult males exposing themselves to girls and women.
    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”
    “Ontarians accept that it is a challenging life for people with transgendered identities, which is why providing a reasonable alternative via the use of separate unisex bathrooms or change rooms seems to be a reasonable course of action to assist such individuals. Why is this reasonable and simple accommodation not enough for the minuscule minority of transgendered individuals among the millions of Ontarians?
    Our “decision-makers” at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal have decided for all Ontarians that it’s not enough for a trans person to view himself as the opposite sex — the whole world must be forced to share his subjective view, too.
    Do our rights get trumped because an individual subjectively “feels” female even though he may still have a penis, and be more than happy to show it off? Did the OHRT consult Ontarians regarding their decision?
    I am concerned that sexually predatory men will take advantage of the new bill by claiming they are transsexual in order to freely access any women’s washroom in the province. The guaranteed consequences of this bill are that many girls and women will definitely be victimized as a result.
    Mr. Gallinger’s article suggests that this is already happening — hardly a surprise — and the trend will likely increase because there are no legal consequences for any predatory individuals who behave in this way. A predator banned from one facility simply has to go down the road to another.
    Mr. Gallinger bemoans the predatory behaviour that one poor woman was forced to endure, while actively supporting a system that allows such predatory behaviour to flourish. Far more women than trans people stand to feel invaded and helpless by such behaviour as there are likely far more sexually predatory individuals out there than transgendered people — predatory individuals who will be delighted to put on a dress (or not even that) in order to access women’s bathrooms and change rooms under the guise of being self-identified as “transgendered.”
    Although a transgendered person may feel s/he has the “right” to be in a women’s change room, what about the feelings of the phenotypic females who may not wish a phenotypic male to be in that washroom?
    We women are entitled to the protection of the Human Rights Code, just like anyone else. Exactly how many transsexual people are there for whom we are risking the safety and security of our roughly 6.8 million girls and women?”
    Daniela Caruso, Toronto
    (2.) Homeless women have high rates of PTSD victimization, rape, domestic violence, etc. What other minority group advocates for policies that violate the human rights of vulnerable homeless women and endangers their safety by demanding that any male claiming gender identity be granted access to women’s shelters? After the Hambrook incident, what did transgender activists in Canada do? Nothing. Every one of Hambrook’s victims should have filed a human rights complaint. In the US, trans groups celebrated when Obama’s HUD made it possible for any male claiming “gender identity” to access women’s homeless shelters without every undergoing any sort of medical treatment.
    Traumatized homeless women have a human right to not be housed with males.
    (3.) As Gallus pointed out, the UN says male and female inmates are to be housed separately. What other minority group demands that convicted male murderers and rapists be housed in women’s prisons, even if his victims were female, and even if he was convicted of molesting girls? This blog points to case after case of violent males being housed with female inmates. Google gendertrender and prisons. Or, gendertrender and Masbruch. How much deep seated hatred does a male have to hold in his heart to tie women up and torture them with electrical wires before raping them? Or, gendertrender and Jane Doe. Thankfully, the violent adolescent male known as Jane Doe was finally placed in a facility for males before he killed a female staff member or girl.
    Housing males in women’s prisons is a violation of the human rights of female prisoners.
    (4.) What other minority group demands that males with “age play”, BDSM, pony play, and diaper sexual fetishes be granted special human rights protections? No one really knows what “gender identity” means in the first place, and when we add “age play” and “pony play” to the mix, it gets very interesting indeed. I don’t care how males like Stefonknee Wolscht , Carlotta Sklodowska, and Riley Kilo the transgender diaper enthusiast get their sexual thrills, but is it a human right.? Having an “age play” sexual fetish should not give males access to women’s homeless shelters, etc. With males like Stefonknee Wolscht and Carlotta, it’s impossible to know exactly where the “gender identity” begins and the sexual fetish ends.
    Is “pony play” a civil right now?
    “I learned that I’m a woman, strong and beautiful, by letting the horse inside of me go free.”
    What about transwoman lizard woman?
    Can men like Gregory Phillip Schwartz still wear their stolen Pink Barbie outfits, or whatever, and claim special gender identity status? The defense said that his transvestic fetish was caused by drug use.
    For some men, it’s hard to tell know exactly how much is real gender identity, and how much is just plain kink. If the people who voted for C-16 think that Stefonknee Wolscht has some kind of sincere “gender identity”, then they are surely delusional.
    People of all races, sexual orientations, etc. can have rather interesting sexual proclivities, but “gender identity” is unique in that males like Stefonkee Wolscht claim they are a special minority, and they demand access to women’s homeless shelters, women’s restrooms, etc. Gay men aren’t demanding access to women’s restrooms, etc. No one who likes to get their freak on is demanding access to women’s intimate spaces except transgender. Girls and women essentially end up as props in whatever sexual kink they are into.
    (5.) What other minority group advocates for policies that allow convicted rapists and murderers to change their name and sex on their birth certificates, documents, and ID?
    (6.) The “woman” in this Calgary Herald article did not commit these horrific sex crimes against young girls. What other minority group insults our intelligence, butchers common sense and logic, and demeans female victims by browbeating the media into mandatory politically correct “pronoun” usage? It’s not only confusing when males who molest girls are referred to as “she”, or “woman” in the media, it’s rather insulting to the victims. The title says, “Repeat child molester told she must reside in halfway house following release.” The reader is left wondering if the “she” is a female, or is “she” a male? Clarity and respect for victims takes a back seat to the pronoun thought police. If calling a male sex offender who likes to molest girls “she” isn’t one of the craziest and most offensive examples of over-zealous pronoun thought police, then all common sense is lost.
    “…A woman convicted of sexually assaulting children will have to reside in a halfway house after completing her sentence due to concerns she is a risk to reoffend following her release.”
    At the time of Harks’ offence in 2007, she was on probation following two convictions of sexual assault against two children aged four and five years old.
    “You have also admitted to having approximately 60 victims and you estimate having committed 200 offences, with some of those offences being multiple offences against some of your victims,” the parole board stated.
    The board noted that in April 2006, Harks was identified in a dangerous offender psychiatric assessment as having an “all encompassing preoccupation with interest in sexually abusing young girls.”
    Matthew Ralf Harks preferred victims were young girls, and he changed his name to Madilyn Harks. Even though his release conditions say he is supposed to stay away from kids, I’m assuming he has access to women’s restrooms and women’s changing areas.
    Why don’t they ask his victims if they thought they were being molested by a man or a woman?
    (7.) What other minority group remains silent, even actively encouraging people to harass women for simply trying to gather peacefully?
    (8.) What other minority group is in the process of destroying women’s sports, turning women’s sports into a mockery, cheating female athletes, and destroying the concept of fair play?
    Males claiming to be female athletes don’t even take the time to shave their mustache.
    Males who are too old to compete in the men’s division just declare they are “women”.
    If he is 6’8” or taller, no amount of hormones will make him shorter.
    “Women” Olympic athletes have a penis now!
    (9.) What other minority group openly advocates for the sterilization of children through powerful drugs, knowingly stunting and deforming their bodies? Perfectly healthy children are being sterilized with GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones by people who adhere to a political philosophy called gender identity. Sterilizing children is a human rights abuse.
    (10.) What other minority group advocates for the “transitioning” (hormones, surgery, etc.) of disabled women? Disabled women with autism, bipolar disorder, and Downs Syndrome have been “transitioned”. This and other blogs such as 4th Wave Now have several examples.

    1. “As to sexual orientation, consenting adults should be able to do as they please behind closed doors.”
      And we’re also going to hold hands on the beach – in public!- and smooch at the bus stop. And when you talk at work about going to church with your husband, we’re going to talk about going to Alien: Covenant with our same sex partner! Our lives are going to be every bit as public as yours, and we will never again hide “behind closed doors”. We are out and proud, and our lives will be lived and our affections made public every bit as much as yours. We’ll try our best to keep the pussy licking and dick up the ass talk to a minimum, every bit as much as you discuss PIV. <3

    2. Sadly….the following link goes with the above. If only due to the fact that the brigade is now seeking that sex work be decriminalized…seeing that a sizeable portion of same are involved in the illegal trade.
      It is not only a part of the erasure that goes on day by day [one cannot go one day listening to NPR without someone gushing over the fringe, hell even the Olympic coverage on there, was not safe from those idiots ranting on about the ‘d’ word], but an admission via association, that many in the community…..as @GallusMag, @SkylarkPhillips, et al have pointed out….are criminals. And are proud of it, if said felonious mindsets make money doing so, to support a drug habit or other little hobbies.

  15. I watched Meghan speak and she was brilliant. She is right in that when it is all broken down and carefully analyzed, gender is nothing more than culturally based sex stereotypes. The atrocities committed against the female sex aren’t based on “gender identity”. The 163 million missing girls from sex selective abortions in India and China weren’t aborted based on their gender identity. The ultrasound showed a female fetus. The millions of young women who underwent female genital mutilation aren’t victims of “gender identity”. Their female genitalia were mutilated. “Gender identity” didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. Thousands of poor women die in childbirth because they lack of gynecological and obstetric care. Poor women globally still die in back alley abortions. What the hell does all this have to do with “gender identity”?
    Meghan Murphy states,
    “According to the Justice Canada and The Ontario Human Rights Code, ‘gender identity’ is defined as ‘a person’s internal or individual experience of their gender.’
    But this definition misunderstands what gender is. Gender is not about internal or individual experiences — it is a social construction. It exists as a means to reinforce stereotypes and oppressive ideas about men and women. Gender does not mean male or female; it means masculine or feminine.
    A century ago, gender determined that women should not be allowed to vote or be counted as persons under the law in Canada. Gender says that men are inherently violent, aggressive, independent, assertive, and rational whereas women are inherently passive, delicate, nurturing, irrational, and emotional. These ideas have been disproved, thanks in large part to the feminist movement, yet, today, in creating and supporting the idea that one can have an internal ‘gender identity,’ we are regressing. No one is born with a ‘gender.’ We are born male or female and gender is then imposed on us through socialization. Women do not know they are women because they are born interested in high heels or the colour pink, they know they are women because they are female.
    If we say that a man is a woman because of something as vague as a “feeling” or because he chooses to take on stereotypically feminine traits, what impact does that have on women’s rights and protections? Should he be allowed to apply for positions and grants specifically reserved for women, based on the knowledge that women are underrepresented or marginalized in male-dominated fields or programs and based on the fact that women are paid less than men and often will be fired or not hired in the first place because they get pregnant or because it is assumed they may become pregnant one day?
    The way men “feel” “on the inside” does not change that they hold power and privilege in this society and the way women “feel” “on the inside” does not change their experience of sexism. I don’t “feel” as though I should be called misogynist names, objectified, abused, or sexually harassed, but these things have happened to me anyway. I did not choose to be treated as a woman under patriarchy and I have never felt comfortable with femininity. Does this make me a man?
    Dissolving the categories of “man” and “woman” in order to allow for “fluidity” may sound progressive, but is no more progressive, under the current circumstances, than saying race doesn’t exist and that white people don’t hold privilege in this world if they don’t “feel” white or if they take on racist stereotypes attached to people of colour. If a white person did this, we would rightly call it cooptation and denounce the behavior. Why do we accept that if a man takes on sexist stereotypes traditionally associated with women he magically changes sex and sheds his status as male in this world?
    The rights of women and girls are being pushed aside to accommodate a trend. Bill C-16 may sound persuasive in its efforts to be open-minded and inclusive, but it rests on very shakey ground. I implore you to further consider the consequences and implications of these ideas, this language, and this legislation, before jumping on this bandwagon.”
    Meghan Murphy
    I’m a gender abolitionist, and I honestly don’t believe I have a gender. The term gender identity is foreign to me. I don’t care how people choose to dress, but males who dress in non-traditional clothing aren’t really women. They are just different males.
    Gender and gender identity are nothing more than a particular belief system. For all I care, people can believe the sky is green, or Zenu created the universe, but no one should be able to force their particular political belief system on me, especially when I know it harms women.
    Young self-described radical feminist Rachel Ivey’s excellent analysis and speech, “The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform” appeared in Chapter 2 of “Female Erasure: What You Need to Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights”. It’s also on youtube.
    “….As a feminist activist, I’ve had a lot of conversations about gender, from both the liberal and radical perspective. Each conversation is different, but I’ve developed a kind of standardized approach to beginning them. If I feel like I need to bring up the topic of gender, or if someone else is tending towards the topic of gender, I have to stop them right there before we go any further and ask : “What is your definition of gender”? If I don’t understand your definition of gender and you don’t understand my definition of gender, you can bet your bottom dollar that conversation isn’t going to be productive. If you’re using two different definitions of gender you’re not even speaking the same language when it comes to feminism. That’s the core of it. It took me awhile to figure it out. “
    Rachel Ivey
    Other feminists state,
    “Feminists have fought to remove the definition of what a woman is from masculine institutions and develop their own understandings. Claims to the ‘right’ to self-define ‘gender’, subject womanhood to men’s power to define once again.
    “Men have been adjudicating on what women are, and how they should behave, for millennia through the institutions of social control such as religion, the medical profession, psychoanalysis, the sex industry. Feminists have fought to remove the definition of what a woman is from these masculine institutions and develop their own understandings.”
    “Women do not decide at some point in adulthood that they would like other people to understand them to be women, because being a woman is not an ‘identity’. Women’s experience does not resemble that of men who adopt the ‘gender identity’ of being female or being women in any respect. The idea of ‘gender identity’ disappears biology and all the experiences that those with female biology have of being reared in a caste system based on sex. “
    “Radical feminist theorists do not seek to make gender a bit more flexible, but to eliminate it. They are gender abolitionists, and understand gender to provide the framework and rationale for male dominance. In the radical feminist approach, masculinity is the behavior of the male ruling class and femininity is the behavior of the subordinate class of women. Thus gender can have no place in the egalitarian future that feminism aims to create.”
    “As a feminist, I consider the female pronoun to be an honorific, a term that conveys respect. Respect is due to women as members of a sex caste that have survived subordination and deserve to be addressed with honor. Men who transgender cannot occupy such a position.”
    Professor Sheila Jeffreys, “Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism”
    Below are some quotes from the 2016 book, “Female Erasure: What You Need to Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights”. While acknowledging that all people deserve basic human rights free from violence and discrimination, this book is a collection of timely articles written by women who are very critical of gender identity ideology and what they see as the silencing of female voices. This five hundred page book contains example after example of women who feel bullied and silenced for simply stating the fact that males are not female.
    In the book “Female Erasure: What You Need to Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights”, the feminist blogger Hyptaxis states,
    “Language is a power struggle. All marginalized groups seek out language to adequately name their struggles and experiences. The oppressed find terminology, invent new words, or figure out how they might use existing words to describe themselves. As women, we have no language but that which we have borrowed from our oppressors. The very words we use to discuss our oppression and our suffering are tools that were not crafted with our tongues and mind…Because language was not created by women, women know, on some instinctual level, that all the hand-wringing and policing around language is laughable. The use of language to silence women is as old as time…”
    “On Language and Erasure”, by Hypotaxis, Chapter 13 “Female Erasure: What You Need to Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights”

  16. @Gallus,
    “Gender Identity” is defined under Bill C-16 as:
    “Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth. For some persons, their gender identity is different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth; this is often described as transgender or simply trans. Gender identity is fundamentally different from a person’s sexual orientation.”
    @ Gallus,
    “Gender” itself is not defined by Bill C-16. Therefore “Gender Identity” is each person’s internal and individual experience of a legally undefined quality.” (*excellent)
    (1.) Gallus, they aren’t about to define “gender” because no one has a clear definition. I would go as far as to say trans activists and their allies don’t want a clear definition. All they seem to do is add more and more special little terms to this “gender spectrum” as if adding another “gender” to the current 58 “genders” and counting makes it more appealing and coherent.
    Saying that gender identity is each person’s sense of gender is illogical when people have different views of gender, and all they do is describet gender is a vague some sort of special “sense” .
    “Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender.”
    Read this again. Gender identity is a person’s feelings about gender. There it is.
    I don’t believe I have a “gender”, and I don’t believe most women think they have a “gender” either.. I’m a gender abolitionist, and my right to not believe in gender is just as valid as someone who adheres to this particular belief.
    (2.) What is a “gender spectrum”? No one knows what a “gender spectrum” is any more than people have a clear definition of “gender”. How long is this “gender spectrum”? The last time I checked, there were 58 “genders”. I’m sure they will come up with more and more new and creative terms. Could this “gender spectrum” include 7 billion genders? I guess it could because no one knows how short or long this special “gender spectrum” can get.
    “The concept of gender (with its associated stereotypes) was created and then enforced by the dominant culture to advance its agenda, to oppress or elevate you, to sell you stuff, and so on. But however many gender stereotypes have been created, surely every human being has at least one character expression or performs some activity that does not fit a gender stereotype. It follows that each person’s gender is actually unique. There are over seven billion human beings on the planet. Therefore, there have to be over seven billion genders. No one is special if we are all unique. When you think outside the gender identity frame, the concept of gender disappears because it is irrelevant to our uniqueness.”
    Ruth Barrett, “Female Erasure: What You Need to Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights”
    So, some people believe in “gender” even though no one knows what it is, and some argue that here could be seven billion genders (the number of people on the planet). Who the hell knows who is right and who is wrong.
    (3.) They are basically codifying sex stereotypes into law. Their definition states,
    “It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum.”
    What exactly is a “sense of being a woman”? When a male says he has a “sense of being a woman”, the only thing he can base this on is cultural stereotypes. Try explaining “gender identity” to me without resorting to sex stereotypes.
    How can a male have a “sense of being a woman”? He doesn’t have female anatomy, and no matter what he does he will never know what menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, birth, etc. are like. No matter what he does he will never be able to experience sexual pleasure the same way a female experiences pleasure. He won’t be socialized as female from the time he is born.
    As to “both” or “neither”, the only people this might apply to are people with rare intersex medical conditions. Despite intentionally conflating intersex with transgender and shamelessly colonizing intersex people and their identity, intersex is not the same as transgender. Every intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender.

  17. I know I’ve posted a lot, and I apologize to Gallus. At any rate, there is one thing that the Canadian Human Rights Commission doesn’t address. Someone needs to tell the Canadian Human Rights Commission that sterilizing children and physically stunting their growth are human rights abuses. There is no doubt that children are being sterilized with GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones. There are also issues with bone and brain development. It’s more or less a grand experiment on otherwise healthy children. Gendertrender and 4th Wave Now have a ton of information on the “transitioning” of children. Children lack the ability to give informed consent.
    The use of real life kids to push an agenda was a political move. They want people to focus on this 10 year old kid instead of grown men like Stefonknee Wolscht.
    It’s sad as hell when trans activists drag out a 10 year old kid to push their agenda. Who can resist a little kid? Charlie Lowthian-Rickert is a male child who supposedly discovered he was transgender at 3 years of age. Do rational people really believe that a 3 year old kid knows they are transgender?
    ‘We realized this wasn’t a passing thing’: parents of transgender child
    I’ve been watching some of his videos at youtube, and he says at age 3 he felt like a girl. The way this 10 year old kids talks sounds like it’s all coming from a script. This is child abuse, and someone needs to tell the Canadian Human Rights Commission that children are being sterilized. If he isn’t already on GnRH analogues (Lupron really is nasty stuff), he most likely will be in the next year or two. Virtually all kids on the “puberty blockers” end up on hormones.
    Let’s all clap for the kids who are going to be sterilized, and their bodies and ability to express their full range of sexuality is altered. Bless this poor brainwashed kid they dragged in front of a camera. If he starts estrogen in his teens, his height will be shorter because estrogen fuses the growth plates. Because the GnRH analogues and hormones halt puberty, males won’t develop normally. This actually makes sex reassignment surgery (it really doesn’t change one’s sex) more difficult because there isn’t enough tissue to work with. Tissue from the scrotum and penis are used to line the “neovagina”. These males have small child like genitals. Where do they get the tissue for surgery even if they wanted surgery?

    The 10 year old male child, Charlie Lowthian-Rickert, is in a video that is posted on the Canadian Human Rights Commission youtube channel. Just google it. Does the Canadian Human Rights Commission really believe that a male child knew at age 3 that he was truly a “girl”? These are intelligent people. Don’t they know that children are being sterilized? Are they too lazy to do a little research? How can they not see that this is primarily a social trend? To me, this kid sounds like he is brainwashed as he if is reading from a written script.
    If 3 or 4 year old boys are told that they are “girls” because they are different than other boys and don’t like to play with trucks, what happens when they reach puberty? I don’t know if this 10 year old boy that they trotted out in front of the Human Rights Commission is on GnRH analogues or not, but most kids who are “transitioned” at an early age end up on the GnRH analogues. If a boy is told from age 3 that he is a girl, he is going to start believing it. They just set these kids up for sterilization through “puberty blockers”, and from there it’s hormones.
    This 10 year old kid looks so cute in long hair and a dress as he speaks on C-16. He isn’t going to be 10 years old forever, and one of two things will happen. He will either develop into an adolescent male with obvious male sexual characteristics. Gangly adolescent males with raging hormones don’t belong in a girl’s locker room. Adolescent males get erections. It’s normal development. He isn’t so cute in that dress anymore, and they aren’t about to drag him in front of a camera. Why should girls have to share a restroom or locker room with an adolescent male? Or, if he isn’t already on GnRH analogues like most kids who are “transitioned” at an early age, he will start the “puberty blockers” within a year or two. He might not look like an adolescent male, but the kid’s physical growth is stunted, and he is infertile. Intentionally stunting the natural physical growth of children via powerful drugs comes at a price.
    How can the Canadian Human Rights Commission applaud the sterilization of children? If he doesn’t go the GnRH analogues/cross gender route, he will develop the physical characteristics of males because we are a sexually dimorphic species. Fully developed males don’t belong in women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms. This is violating the human privacy rights of females.
    Like Jazz Jennings, he has been trotted in front of cameras at an early age. These kids are just being used as political pawns, and I hate to see how they turn out when they turn age forty. It’s not going to be so cute then. Watch some of Jazz’s recent videos. This poor kid is seriously depressed and on anti-depressants.
    In about 40 years from now, I want someone to dig up this video of the 10 year old boy. I would love to hear what the Canadian Human Rights Commission says then.

    1. So many good points — this whole thing is so unjust and sad and like watching a horrible history lesson in action. Every time people ask “how could historical thing X have happened which was so obviously wrong, how did people not get that it was wrong at the time?”, well, here it is. When people think they are doing something gloriously virtuous they really lose it.

  18. NativeYouthSexHealth‏ @NYSHN May 29
    Replying to @NYSHN
    Try using language like “people who menstruate”, avoid land/earth metaphors that solidify menstruation as being only “feminine”.
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    NativeYouthSexHealth‏ @NYSHN May 29
    Replying to @NYSHN
    Extremely important for ceremonies, traditional teachings to not solidify gender/womanhood/binaries within menstrual teachings.
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    NativeYouthSexHealth‏ @NYSHN May 29
    NativeYouthSexHealth Retweeted Lunapads.com
    Helpful reminders for Indigenous communities around menstruation.
    NativeYouthSexHealth added,
    Lunapads.com @Lunapads
    Friendly reminder: you get to decide how you feel about your period. http://everydayfeminism.com/2017/03/things-stop-telling-about-periods/
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    (This is how much native people hate white women. Not “white people” but white women. You can see how much of their politics centres around supporting white men’s sexual fetishes.

    1. Just guessing, but is that maybe because white men’s sexual fetishes are also native men’s sexual fetishes?

  19. Cindy (Holmes) is a white queer cisgender femme who was raised on the traditional territory of the Attawandaron people in Guelph Ontario. She is currently a visitor on the traditional and unceded territories of the Musquem, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh people in Vancouver BC. She also identifies as a SOFFA (Significant Others, Friends, Families and Allies of Trans People), as a parent of a gender creative child and a partner of a gender nonconforming/masculine woman.
    One of the champions of Bill C-16.
    These people are just sad. Look how many times she co-opts and appropriates and virtue signals. Fucking pathetc sad.

  20. Marni Panas‏ @marnipanas
    Jun 1

    Man just charged for “Willfully promoting hate” in his blogs about me. THIS is why #BillC16 matters. Stop words before they turn to actions.
    Marni Panas‏ @marnipanas

    And a #terf purposely using wrong pronouns in your attempt to put me in my place is so last week … get creative, will you? #eyeroll
    2:29 pm – 31 May 2017

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