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  1. WHAT THE F*CK????
    This is, or one of the end results of the creep contingent getting into the education system. And one can see where this is headed. Fertile ground for some of the worst that has been posted on this site, but turbocharged.
    Since when in the hell did a child being a child, become anathema to the society in general? Makes the case ….again…for those who want to homeschool their child, to do so. And for any of the cult reading this saying that there is ‘data’ that says this stance by the NUT will be beneficial…please bring that bullshit on for scrutiny. Because…..there ain’t any that is legitimate, long term, peer reviewed that can. Unless it came from self appointed experts, who had degrees printed, next to key fobs at Staples.

    1. I’d like to follow up on my earlier post. Hell yes, it’s a form of lesbian eugenics. Don’t be afraid of saying the words – lesbian eugenics.
      Common Threads And Narratives of Transgender Children And What This Means For Our Lesbian And Gay Populations
      In the UK, the national centre for the assessment and treatment of gender dysphoric children and young adults is the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, based in Leeds and London. Taken from the document ‘Gender Identity Development Service Statistics‘ we can see that in 2009/10, the number of referrals of natal males was 56 with 40 referrals of females, with a single referral of a child “of transsexual parent” with no apparent attempt to identify sex, total 97, split 58.3% male and 41.7% female. The latest reported figures for 2015/16 which show a total of 1,419 referrals split between 490 male and 929 female and a shift in composition to 65.5% female and 34.5% male. This represents a huge increase in the numbers of children and young adults seeking help for gender non-conformity and cross-sex identification, as well as a significant change in the composition of children and young adults seeking help; historically, the reported incidences of males seeking such help has far outstripped the numbers of females, yet this appears to no longer be the case. Overall, there has been a fifteen-fold increase in referrals of children and young people over a six year period, and a 23-fold increase in girls against an 8.75-fold increase in boys.
      I have used public sources to examine the commonalities between the lives and experiences of children who claim a “transgender” identity. Historically, stories that made the media consisted mainly of adult males who announced to the world their new identity, however recently we are seeing more evidence of these young children and adolescents as well as females “transitioning” to male.
      ….The most striking similarity in the stories from young transgender females is sexual orientation; in all five of these stories, the subject had previously identified themselves as being a gay woman, a lesbian.

      Common Threads And Narratives of Transgender Children And What This Means For Our Lesbian And Gay Populations

  2. Hi, Lily Maynard here: I’m glad you like my memes. Like many of the best jokes, they’re about something that really isn’t very funny at all. Sending ‘gender experts’ into schools to fill the heads of kids with the notion that being ‘trans’ makes you a ‘special penguin’ (type ‘GIRES penguins’ into Google if you haven’t come across that nonsense yet) and rewarding such snowflakery with a cake or a party, can only serve to confuse kids young enough to believe in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. What is this bullshit and when will it end? It was a 13 year old boy that pointed out to me that the only way he would be allowed to wear a skirt to school was to say he was a girl. What message does this give kids? My 16 year old daughter knows more girls that ‘identify as boys’ than girls who call themselves lesbian. These kids are being lied to by the very people they should be able to trust: doctors, psychiatrists and now teachers. They are being reinvented, medicated and operated on in some creepy Dr Moreau-ish experiment that can only end in disaster for most of them. How hard is it to see that gender is a performance which makes parodies of us all? Far from being an expression of authenticity, Transtopia is an symptom of how incredibly superficial our ‘civilised’ society has become. Transitioning children is wrong. It is child abuse. I will die on this hill.

    1. Thank you Lily! My 17 year old looked over my shoulder at this post and said “this is literally college”. And they meant literally, not figuratively.

  3. The actual text of the motion that was passed by the NUT Conference may be found here. The motion is number 41 on the agenda (p. 66).
    Motion no. 45, which I understand was also passed, is headed ‘Supporting Our Transgender Members and Students’ (see p. 79). It supports self-identification and instructs the union’s executive to lobby the government to implement all the recommendations of the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee on transgender rights. It also instructs the Executive to “work much more closely with Gendered Intelligence”, the controversial transgender training company.
    The NUT’s press releases on these two motions may be read here and here.
    The LGBT representative on the NUT Executive, Annette Pryce, includes a short commercial for Gendered Intelligence in her latest newsletter. [PDF Download]
    In the same newsletter Pryce shows a startling ignorance of the history of LGB rights within the NUT, when she states: “approximately 40 years ago, heterosexual colleagues from the City of Leicester and other associations brought amendments and motions on ‘gay and lesbian’ rights to the main agenda of the NUT conference, we thank them for that, we don’t begrudge an ally for advocating for us, we thank them”.
    It was, in fact, 29 years ago that the NUT passed its first ever motion in support of lesbian, gay and bisexual rights, just three weeks after Parliament had passed Section 28. More importantly, it was a lesbian teacher from City of Leicester Association, Lena Milosevic, who proposed the motion, and who came out as a lesbian in her speech to the conference, earning a standing ovation from the delegates. She made the Six o’ Clock News on the BBC; I remember watching it.
    It would, obviously, have been impossible to get a motion through conference without the support of a great many heterosexual members of the union. But the groundwork for that moment had largely been prepared by a number of activist lesbians and gay men, notably the members of the London Gay Teachers’ Group (the pioneers) and the lesbian and gay members of the City of Leicester Association Lesbian and Gay Rights Working Party, to which Lena belonged.

      1. It seemed odd for someone to be that angry at the description of a strong-willed little girl who recognizes herself as female but doesn’t conform to gendered expectations until I found that Chase Strangio is trans–and complained in this article about being asked annoying questions rather than being accepted:
        There are way too many people invested in maintaining gender roles, and people who have transitioned to an imitation of the other sex often seem the most threatened by those who just go on being their non-conforming selves. How can someone be reliably seen as the sex they’re not if we don’t all dress and behave in accordance with prescribed gender roles? Frankly, they sound like old school misogynists asking, “How will we tell the girls from the boys?”
        I love the little girl’s comment that more children should dress and act the way she does so the adults won’t be so confused. We can only hope!

      2. THAT’S an ACLU attorney? That’s their professional representation? I’m surprised but not surprised. The first tweet looks like it was made by a bubbleheaded Kardashian. Language and phraseology matter. Terms like “basic”, “af”, and the swearing don’t convey professional or even mature.
        It’s also amazing that an ACLU attorney calls speech “dangerous”. The ACLU have always had the opposite position to the extreme. Here’s the ACLU (Delaware) on child porn. “…we do oppose virtually all forms of censorship. Possessing certain books or films, even pornographic ones, should not make one a criminal. Once society starts censoring ‘bad or offensive’ ideas, it becomes very difficult to draw the line.” So child porn is defensible (New York v. Ferber, 458 U.S. 747), but a mother writing an opinion piece on her own child is “dangerous”. Got it.
        The second tweet is revealing. “Trans kids are dying” They are? Where? Who? This is not to say that no trans kids have committed suicide, but it’s definitely not the deluge that keeps being trumpeted about for attention. http://www.snopes.com/transgender-suicides-after-2016-election/
        “people tell us we aren’t real”. Us? Personal axe to grind?

      3. “Trans kids are DYINGGGGGG” “Do you hear me? I’ll just die if I don’t get my way. ” “Got it!?”
        “So I expect all of you to completely deny logic and basic biology or else I’ll just, well, DIEEE”.

      4. Because only “rich white people” have the sense to not follow this gender BS (and everyone else is dumb enough to fall for it).

      1. MARTINA FOR THE WIN!!!!
        She gets it, folks on this site do….why the hell does the cult not? Oh yeah…they are a cult and this logic is not a Kool-Aid ingredient.

      2. Martina Navratilova is really the best. So glad to see her, ahem, “coming out” on this issue, too, with her characteristic cool.

    1. four articles have been written about how the nyt article is bad/harmful. They are really threatened by this narrative.

      1. This is from a response to the NYTimes piece by Chase Strangio on medium.com (https://medium.com/@chase.strangio/an-open-letter-to-those-praising-the-new-york-times-tomboy-piece-755e655ce31c):
        ‘Midway through the piece, the author offers the most incoherent part of her argument explaining of her child, “She is not gender nonconforming. She is gender role nonconforming.” What does this mean? What is the difference? What is gender if not the role and behaviors that we ascribe to it. This framing seems to suggest that a non-trans person can diverge from expectations of gender roles but that their gender itself is somehow conforming. Not only does this undermine the author’s point as I had understood it but it also limits trans-ness to that which is by definition the “nonconformity of gender itself.” This is both wrong and incoherent.’
        Wait–what? This seems an attempt to retcon the past several years of trans-dogma in which we’ve been told repeatedly that transness is not about gender roles/stereotypes but about some personal, internal sense of one’s own gender (which distinction Lisa Selin Davis seems to be trying to respect). Strangio’s assertion that there’s no difference between the two is problematic. Either trans-dogma is currently so incoherent that it’s in urgent need of a modern equivalent of the Council of Nicea to sort out creed from heresy, or Strangio is trying to claim that anyone who diverges from accepted gender roles counts as trans (which would apply to just about everyone I know).
        Other points made in the response seem to ignore the mother’s description of her daughter being REPEATEDLY asked if she’s sure about her gender by her pediatrician and teachers, rather than merely by strangers who assume she’s a boy. Or, maybe, Strangio believes the little girl is actually transgender by the criterion of gender role non-conformity, which would explain the seemingly irrational level of anger leveled at the NYTimes piece, since by that definition, the mother’s claim that her daughter is a tomboy could be considered transphobic.
        In any case, ‘wrong and incoherent” pretty much sums it up.

      2. yep. other kinds of gender non-conformity narratives that don’t rely on the person being transgender or taking a trans identity (including all of the non-binary, trans-masculine, trans-feminine etc. etc.) *do* actually threaten the trans narrative because trans at this point is pretty much about equating being GNC with being trans, and saying that they will die if they don’t get everything they want. So having ‘dissenters’ – effeminate gay men, toyboy girls, butch lesbians, drag queens etc. – people sloppily going around being GNC all over the place without doing it in the ‘proper’ and ‘prescribed’ trans narrative way destabilises the artifice the trans movement is constantly trying to construct.

      3. @weirdward–Recently I came across a screen shot of a transwoman’s tweet to several UK feminists that said if you’re born a girl but don’t want to be treated as a woman, that’s called being trans. So those of us who simply expect equal respect, equal pay, and an equal right to speak out (not to mention those of us who refuse to dress for the male gaze) must really be men? That’s the way old school misogynists used to insult second wave feminists!
        It’s telling that the same people who claimed they only wanted the right to define their own identity now think they have the right to define everyone else’s according to their terms when gender heretics dissent from trans dogma.

  4. They are trying to catch them in the period of childhood when make believe is the primary mode of cognition. I’m guessing that attempts to teach this crap later when kids are at a concrete operational stage of thinking doesn’t work at all.

  5. “They are trying to catch them in the period of childhood when make believe is the primary mode of cognition.” 
    This. ^
    My son’s father is convinced the toddler media that starts even before any school is in play on this. “Princess Dad” gives him fits. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TCsgTRCDFrM

  6. Dear God! Leave kids alone!! If this isn’t the “progressive” version of forcing female children into sex roles, I don’t know what is! At least the conservatives are honest about this shit!

  7. I just saw the NY Times article and here it is!
    You are SO timely!
    Anyway, this got me thinking about the pressure on kids in a new way.
    I had no idea that a little girl today could be asked over and over by teachers and other adults if she’s a boy or wants to be called a boy — so of course the girl will feel even more like a freak unless she just decides to go along with it.
    Because I never wanted to be a boy (who were mostly nasty and who I saw sexually assault and otherwise torture animals, sexually harass girls, etc.), I knew I would not have identified as male when growing up. But after reading this, I now realize I might have decided to say I was a boy if I’d seen other girls who did that get rights I desperately wanted but was denied — a main one being allowed to wear trousers to school. (I was forced to wear dresses/skirts until even my first year of university. It was so humiliating and exposing, and cold in winter. I would change as soon as I got home.)
    I hadn’t thought of this before, and perhaps girls do have more rights now, but if there is something a girl really wants that only boys are allowed, such as being lovers with another girl, and she then sees girls who say they are boys get that right, then that would be very tempting to also identify that way. This needs to be considered in terms of how girls identify since there are so many way that boys get respect and privileges that girls don’t, from sports to religion.
    I hate it when I and other Butches are called “gender non-conforming,” which is a way of saying Fem is “normal” and we aren’t, so I appreciate her statement about her daughter:
    “She is not gender nonconforming. She is gender role nonconforming. “

      1. I get this crap a lot actually. I have had MORE trouble in women’s restrooms ever since the whole trans thing started to heat up. Women have confronted me, and then I turn around and they realize I am a woman who refuses to conform to the femininity police. I just stare at them and they back down. I have had people ask if I’m going to “transition” and I say “To what, the easter bunny?”

    1. Thank you. What is “conforming?”
      It is insulting either way. You are a conformist if you conform more to traditional presentation, and you are a nonconformist if you don’t, and who is making these decisions on these ratios? This does nothing to serve women, nothing.
      Screw this shit.

  8. Happy to be homeschooling. My 4yr old daughter loves ninja turtles, had a shark birthday party instead of a princess one, and loves dirt and rough play. My 6yr old daughter loves all things pink and sparkling. I guess I should have seen the signs earlier…no REAL girl would like ninja turtles more than princesses! She likes boy stuff, must be a boy! The trans insanity is going after kids hardcore. We need to keep speaking up. Some people will just refuse to even consider they are wrong, but some people do admit their thinking is a tad bit crazy when you push them on girls turning into boys and vise versea.

      I remember going to an amazing spaceship party as a kid. Both boys and girls got “spacesuit” tabards that my friend’s mum had made, and a raygun made of a plastic funnel. The birthday child was a boy, but no-one batted an eyelid at girls and boys playing space dressup together at a party.
      Girlhood is becoming more and more like an autogynephile’s fantasy. As girls, we played some fairy games, but many more witch and monster games, as well as the usual hide and seek, rounders, British Bulldog. Even the really “girly” girls pretended to be monsters and witches. It was normal.
      I’m scared for children today, and sad. Despite the wailing of transloons, it’s never been less okay to just be who you are.

  9. The wildest thing about this, for me as someone who has worked with kids K-12, is not even the adolescent identity side of things or the whole Piagetian stage thing (although obviously decades of good research is being chucked out the window on both fronts); it’s how fucking quickly Primary school age kids move through interests. This doesn’t take post-secondary ed to know; anyone with any life experience with children knows that they learn by obsession and by play. Vampires, then trucks, then guns, then whatever; a byproduct of every childhood is piles of forgotten toys and books and games. Who cares if your son loves a green dress or your daughter loves to blow up cans with M80s? Next week it might be trees for the former and bugs for the latter.
    This is weaponized stupidity coupled with homophobia.

    1. Yeah, and having run a Piaget study myself on a small scale, the moral development one…kids can really be all over the place. We found the *teenagers*, who were actually intended as a trial run and not part of the study, gave us the wildest answers, because in spite of the reassurances offered, they seemed to either think it must be a trick question, or they took it too seriously and got anxious about giving us the ‘right’ response – they seemed even more affected by social pressure than the youngest children, though it was definitely there with them, too. It actually made us wonder whether kids are more pressured nowadays, and if we’d have got clearer results (our results didn’t end up showing the stages as clearly as expected) outside a school environment. With the somewhat older children, even if they gave the answer we’d expect for their developmental stage, and did base their moral judgements of the stories on the intention not purely on the consequences of disobedience to the parental figure, they were often still first looking for an authority figure (us) to be telling them what was right. I’d be fascinated to see more results of various of the studies being tried now.
      So, if this is taken into schools… >_< I wouldn't be confident all teens could filter through it, let alone toddlers.
      Weaponised stupidity combined with homophobia, yeah, that's a good and depressingly accurate way of putting it. That's what I find so hard to deal with, I can't quite get to grips with both how deliberately stupid the far right (on other issues, usually) and 'progressives' are playing. It's on purpose sometimes but it's also like they'd rather just not think for themselves at all.

  10. Teachers and staff in public schools are so in kids’ faces now about everything already. There is always some teacher or aide up in a kid’s face, speaking in that high singy-song voice hardly heard anywhere outside an elementary school, whining about sharing or being kind, or being everybody’s friend, don’t do this and you should feel this way, not that way, and we don’t use that word etc etc so that all natural social interaction is stifled. I cannot believe
    how much little kids are interrupted and micro-managed in public school settings anymore. Now the hovering and nagging will be directed at kids’ most natural identities. The best teacher I ever knew didn’t retire til nearly 70 and in her last years she fought a losing battle to read children good literature, let them play lots of make believe, let them work out their own problems as long as no swearing or hitting was part of it, and most importantly, let the children express themselves.

    1. Yeah, I love this comment! I won’t forget “high singy-song voice hardly heard anywhere outside an elementary school, whining about sharing or being kind, or being everybody’s friend, don’t do this and you should feel this way, not that way, and we don’t use that word etc etc so that all natural social interaction is stifled.” I’ll bet the girls especially could use a lot less of this.

  11. This is really, really disturbing.
    My son liked to play at being a girl when he was in preschool. E.g., he used to unsnap his overalls “to look more beautifuller, like a girl.” For a while I wondered if he was actually confused about his sex, or if he had learned from Girl Power-themed media that girls were superior to boys. He grew out of this … but would he have, if a bunch of busybodies had filled him with nonsense about how he might secretly be a girl? It would have been much, much harder for him to get reality-congruent if adults around him were denying the reality.
    I’m extremely glad that he had already reached the age of reason by the time the trans train really started rolling. The current crop of preschoolers must have a pretty muddled mental model of the world.

  12. So let me get this straight. Encouraging children to embrace sex stereotypes and reject the reality of their bodies is loving and supportive. Encouraging children to accept their bodies and reject sex stereotypes is harmful, even violent, and could drive them to suicide.
    And we have always been at war with Eastasia . . .

  13. In Sydney a 4 year old child transitioned when beginning school last year. This child has two gay/lesbian (I am trying to avoid identifying the family) parents who don’t seem to realise that their child is gay/lesbian. The gender centre and gender clinic supported the move. It is disgusting that one so young is already on the trans bandwagon!

  14. This is just shocking. I’m so grateful my kids are too old for this shit. Anyone who has or works with children knows they play with gender just as they play with other stuff. Both my sons pretended to be me, a very common thing, playing with baby dolls. My younger son used to twirl round the kitchen naked except for a boa…
    And little kids believe what they’re told. They believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. They will believe they can change sex if that’s what teachers tell them. It’s incredibly dangerous. And it may well lead to lifelong trauma. Look at Jazz Jennings, discovering in his teens that he can’t have a neovagina built by penile inversion because his immature penis is just too small. The parents and doctors he trusted didn’t warn him of this, did they?
    Lying to kids about sex and about their bodies is very wrong.

  15. Twitter transactivists are now plotting to contact the child mentioned in the nyt article, after collectively deciding they’re a trans boy.

  16. A trans woman has sued Idaho to have the sex marker on his birth certificate changed to F on the grounds that not doing so violates his right to free speech!
    Interestingly, the NYTimes version of this story doesn’t mention the first amendment or free speech at all (https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2017/04/19/us/ap-us-transgender-birth-certificate-lawsuit.html?_r=0), perhaps because they’re aware of what a legal mess such a ruling would cause, and thus how stupid the case is.
    If the first amendment could be interpreted to mean we have the legal right to edit any government record that concerns us, how could authorities keep track of income, criminal convictions, or even birth dates. Could a twelve-year-old use the same grounds for claiming to be sixteen and thus able to drive–or 21 and able to drink? That would lead down a rabbit hole of “alternative facts.”

    1. Along with the fact that the brigade has a rather large criminal population. What is to say that, these bipeds will pull a Wikipedia on their background info and then go on to other acts?
      Yep insanity reigns and common sense, like Elvis has left the building.

  17. TERF – “Trying to Explain Reality to Fuckwits”. My eldest just asked if I wanted this on a t shirt for Mother’s Day. After reading this post and the weird HuffPost responses to the girl who is “just” a tomboy I’m tempted to say yes.

  18. Do they have a similar program trying to teach children that being lesbian, gay, or bisexual is okay? Just curious.
    Can you imagine the backlash if lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults started declaring random children to be lesbian, gay or bisexual and then parroted them around on TV?
    For that matter, have you seen any news articles with parents being praised for loving their lesbian daughter or gay son just the way they are?
    The only thing that comes close is that article where the mother points out that her daughter not conforming to gender-roles doesn’t mean that her daughter is “trans” and wants to be a boy. Which according to ALCU, is “dangerous speech.”

    1. Two words: gay panic.
      If LGB adults were to announce that various children were LGB, they’d be accused of recruitment or even pedophilia, but it has become acceptable to recruit children to Team Trans, probably because some homophobic parents have realized it’s one way not to end up with a gay or lesbian child.
      The strategy proposed several years ago by Autumn Sandeen–that diagnosing children as transgender would make the trans phenonmenon seem to be less of a sexual fetish–appears to be working as planned.
      Gallus Mag mentioned it in this post:

  19. Yes, there is reluctance to talk about children’s sexuality. But the main factor is greed. The LGBT groups were done with gays and lesbians the minute they passed gay marriage. They had no further economic interest in them, so how convenient they were able to change the next would be generation into their NEXT agenda. Its brilliant really. Not unlike the lesbian couple with the ‘trans’ child you mention – most LGBT groups are staffed by some gays and lesbians, many of whom must recall some gender variance – but money, power, corruption, all these exist. Now you have the revenue stream of drugs and surgeries and the money and power that goes along with that. I dont see this changing unless there are competing economic interests – like lawsuits. These groups have so much power – they own the MSmedia message and literally shut down clinics that were trying to help these kids be ok with their sex. The consolidation of power coupled with the media control of the message, that is tough to beat.

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