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    1. Presumably the typical transgender route to male motherhood: waiting until his wife is vulnerable and pregnant and then springing it on her.

      1. Anyone else remember Brooke Addison? He appeared on the Discovery TV show ‘I’m Pregnant and My Husband Wants to Become a Woman’. Come to find out, he did the same thing to three different women over four years. Got them pregnant and came out as a “transwoman” once they were vulnerable. When the woman broke up with him, he immediately “detransitioned”, found another woman, impregnated her, and repeated the process. Three times (that we know of)!!! Then the families of the women began posting on all his gofundmes and social media about how he was violently abusive and dangerous to women. One of them started a website called “brookeaddisonisnotarolemodel.com” which got taken down so they started another “brookeaddisonisstillnotarolemodel”. LOL. Wonder what ever happened to that guy.

      2. This is horrifying Gallus. And these guys are never held to account for the abuse of trust they perpetrate. He’s probably changed his name and he’s pulling this scam again or some other.

      3. While a woman is pregnant is one of the few times she might be at risk of getting more attention from the world than her male partner. I could see a narcissistic man deciding that’s the time to announce his transition and center himself in the process of pregnancy and birth.
        These men remind me of that scene in Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” where the post-menopausal wife writhes with supposed labor pains in a circle of her peers while the handmaid is the one actually giving birth in another room to the baby the wife will call hers.

      4. I have read horror stories of transwomen coming out but this one is the absolute worst. He has impregnated women, transitioned, and detransitioned THREE times. Three times is not an accident, and it’s not bad luck. It’s a pattern of behavior. It’s deliberately destroying women’s lives and make them permanently tied to him through children so he can then take them to court later. Women are often terrorized by abusive exes in child custody court. This makes me so sick. And these kids? What kind of a mess are they going to be exposed to when it’s time for their father to visit? It makes me nauseous to think about it.

        1. Agreed. If I remember correctly – last we heard he abandoned all his kids and was moving to San Francisco when he turned thirty to “become a model”. That was two or three years ago…

      5. As a trans widow whose entire family suffered severe physical and permanent economic and psychological trauma due to the ex, i sincerely feel a man who does this THREE TIMES is doing this for his own sadistic pleasure and should be locked up if not put down because he IS a danger to society.

      6. It’s telling that they made the choice to feature a trans woman over a pregnant trans man that wants to called mom. I feel like this whole movement has been dominated by trans women. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked.

      1. This one really throws me. The “carrying wife into first house” tradition is such a gendered idea. He’s doing that one year and the next playing woman. Bizarre.

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  3. That one above definitely acted “normal.” It showed the line italics about my comment awaiting moderation and looked otherwise as usual.

  4. Just loving how any woman who is not a Stepford wife and mom (basically, the vast majority of women) has now been lumped into the extremist or delusional category. So when society hits peak trans (although lumping these men with women is a good way to validate them) this is a surefire way to ensure that women go down with the ship or are at least remain a solidified underclass to “normal” men. Bravo to Dove and all the women who continue to mindlessly cosign this.

  5. Oh, Dove! Still using the language of “empowerment” to sell beauty products to women, now with Twans Laydeez too! It must be a good marketing strategy to use faux-feminist language to sell shit.
    @ Mr. Mom–Dads with long hair are still Dads. Moms are the ones who endured 9 months of pregnancy followed by childbirth and breastfeeding. Please try to be a good dad to your kid and don’t teach sexist ideas about women being equivalent to long hair and dresses. ‘kay thanks!

  6. Congratulations, Dove. Your virtue signaling corporate endorsement of Orwellian social engineering has cost you a customer that IS a real mom of three.
    Here’s to hoping that everyone disagreeing with this propaganda does similar. Their bottom line is broad (social) appeal means money, the corporate wallet taking some negative hits from this is long overdue.

  7. Testing… Watched the vid— a male to trans “Mom” who is obviously a guy…. didn’t see any lesbian couples at all raising children, even though thousands of lesbians are mothers raising kids with their women partners…. speaks volumes…

    1. Right? How is the “trans mom” the one who gets a public audience before two lesbian moms? That would have been sweet, but I guess it wasn’t “progressive” enough, get the fake woman to speak over the real mother.

      1. Right, because there’s nothing to see here. People see a guy playing dress-up and don’t do the mental gymnastics to conclude, “ah, lesbian”. (Wonder why?) Of course it’s a lot safer for a corporation. They score progressive points with out earning them and nary a bigot noticed.

    2. Seriously, no lesbian couple?? I couldn’t stomach watching that smug creep talk about being a “mother” and turned it off, but I would’ve thought a family with TWO actual moms would make the cut. Just goes to show lesbians are being actively ignored and erased by the type of liberal looking for the edgy new thing to mindlessly support, damn the consequences for actual maligned groups.

      1. That “mombian” blog has been around for years they had a vlog on AE back in the day. I’m surprised it’s still going and am even more surprised there hasn’t been a murder/suicide.

  8. I just contacted Dove and said that given their confusion regarding basic biology, IE, thinking men can be moms, I wondered whether their products could be regarded as safe.

  9. Ok….who put the loco weed in the corporate feed?
    If this person is a ‘mom’, then yours truly is a version of Jane Goodall to felines. I get it….take advantage of a situation when the wife is going to be severely preoccupied with childcare duties, to announce ‘Gee honey…I am just like You!!!’
    Place your bets folks…as in, its a sure thing this will be another one who will start out being ‘benign’ and as soon as the time is right, will go all ‘Minnesota Strip’ crazy. With the spouse and child damaged.

  10. @Hecate
    “Congratulations, Dove. Your virtue signaling corporate endorsement of Orwellian social engineering has cost you a customer that IS a real mom of three. ”
    Same here except I’m not a mother. I tossed out my Dove soap I had. I just chucked it in the garbage can. I can get a generic soap for sensitive skin at CVS that is cheaper than Dove.
    Dove says that “Moms are redefining what it means to be a mom”.
    Dove doesn’t even know where babies come from, and they want us to buy their crappy overpriced soap. The “mom’s” sperm impregnates the other mom. “Mom” A has testicles and a penis, and “Mom” B has a vagina and uterus. The fact that only one “mom” was the sperm donor, and only one mom gave birth is of no significance. How the hell does this work?
    The guy in the video says, “We are both his biological parents”. Couples have babies all the time. Nothing new here. When he says, “We are both his biological parents” what he really means is he impregnated his female partner who actually gave birth to the baby. He didn’t carry the child to term. He didn’t have morning sickness, and he didn’t go through labor. I’ve not a mom, but these are things that only females experience. He never had menstrual cramps in his life, and he has no ovaries or uterus. Males are not “moms”. How can a biological male who fathered a child be both the father and mother of the child? It’s freaking insane.
    This dude snickers when he says, “We are both going to be moms.” If he fathered the child just like any other male fathers a child, then he is not a “mom”.
    What was the purpose of this video? Okay, I get the part about the different women in different occupations and diversity. What the hell does males who “identify as women” have to do with baby soap? Does anyone know how long this clown has been “identifying as a woman” and “mom”. Was that before or after he impregnated his partner? I bet the “mom” still has his male genitalia. What the heck does this have to do with baby soap? If you use Baby Dove on your son, he will grow up to be a mom? If you use Baby Dove on your little girl, she will grow up to be a dad.
    It’s bad enough that these jackasses say that they are “women”. Now, they call themselves “moms” even when they are the biological father.
    I wonder if this man is going to tell the child he fathered to call him “mom” or “mother”. That is really going to mess with the poor child.
    *A male can never be a mother.
    *Males are not women.
    Don’t buy Dove.

      1. Well she’s a Regular Mom, nothing to celebrate according to dove. I can’t imagine the stress of pregnancy, birth, AND your husband transitioning. It’s hard enough without the father trying to do something so inherently self centered.

  11. I’ve never desired to have or adopts kids but won’t be buying dove products anymore. Additionally offensive is no mention of lesbian couples but they had time to have a MTT male with his female partner. We know women do most of the child rearing/raising. Dad can check out whenever he gets bored or dislikes anything. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the terms ‘Real Mom’ similar to ‘Real Woman’ offensive terms that both ‘trans’ and straight society love to police to both straight women and lesbians who don’t fit gender stereotypes. Something that all women should be united against but only some women are united for.

    1. Meant dove products promoting a delusional man, with his maybe passive or intimidated female partner saying he’s a female and a mother. And also ignoring actual biological women and their experiences as pregnant women and actual mothers who do much of the child raising.

      1. Lol, I guess I’m hoping he was only doing that for the commercial. Really not a good way to play with a baby. Good way to break a mobile, though. I don’t even kids and I know this…

    1. Thanks for the link. I did the chat option, and told the other person on the line that I threw all my Dove into the trash can. You can go to the dove website, scroll down to where it says contact. There is an option for online chat. No rational person believes that a male who fathers a child is the child’s “mom”. Parent, yes, but not the mother of the child. This is an insult to motherhood. In the video, you can clearly hear the guy say, “We are both his biological parents”. In this crappy video, the actual mother doesn’t even speak. She remains silent while the dude grins and says, “We are both going to be moms”. The actual mother doesn’t say a word. Watch it. It’s unreal. Silence from the mother who gave birth to his baby while this grinning dude dominates the conversation.
      Pregnancy does matter because in some countries women die in childbirth for lack of health care. In poor countries, women develop fistulas because they don’t have access to proper gynecological care and obstetrics.
      UNFPA estimated that 289,000 women died of pregnancy or childbirth related causes in 2013. The global maternal mortality ratio has fallen from 380 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 1990 to 210 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2013, and many countries halved their maternal death rates in the last 10 years. Still, women in poor countries die in childbirth.
      In case people think maternal death and infant mortality only happen in Africa, it also happens in the US too, especially to poor women of color.
      “According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), black women are dying during pregnancy, childbirth, and the year immediately following childbirth at nearly four times the rate of white women.”

      What’s Behind the Increased Numbers of Black Women Dying During Pregnancy and Childbirth in the United States?

      I bet this grinning fool who fathered a child, and now calls himself a “mom” sure as hell wouldn’t want to be an actual mother in a poor developing country, or a poor woman in the US. Maternal death isn’t happening to pampered spoiled males in wealthy countries who happen to think they are special snowflake “women”. Motherhood does matter. It matters a lot. They can’t see how crazy they are, and they insult motherhood and the entire female sex.
      Dump the Dove.

      1. I did the online chat. Here was the response,
        “We certainly do not wish to offend anyone. Our ads are designed to be informative, truthful and “in good taste”. The agencies creating our advertising adhere strictly to our guidelines; in developing product messages, we may not always anticipate all possible implications of an advertisement/television commercial.
        We appreciate hearing your comments and we will report your comments to our Marketing staff.”

  12. I hope women will start to abandon Dove in droves over this, and say why. Let Dove see how well they do trying to sell to 0.3% of the population instead of yanno, 50%. Besides which, it’s a stupidly placed inclusion. Dove is too utilitarian to attract the MTT; they’re only gonna buy the luxury brands that are for real laydees. And everything they buy is for themselves. Toiletries shopping for family and kids is a totally alien concept to them. I bet not one of them has ever done it, or even realises that it’s something the vast majority of actual mums do. So all Dove will do it alienate their loyal customers and hurt their sales.
    It’s also really offensive that the woman and the MTT were obviously meant to be the token lesbian couple. That is Dove saying, Yeah, we’re too homophobic to show you actual lesbians, but have this het couple where one guy likes dresses and you won’t know the difference. It’s exactly the same!

  13. Better to be careful to not make “Mommy” mad. “She” might do something crazy insane. If that is a real couple, I feel sorry for the Mom, and her child. I wonder how long that would last, until the going gets tough.
    It’s disgusting how they are using brands to push the Transgender agenda, and make it seam like it’s something normal. And why couldn’t they show a real lesbian couple? Ohhhh that’s right, the hetrosexual males are trying to redefine what lesbian, and women means.
    I love how he says, “You get people who ask, what do you mean your the mom?”. Um, I’m pretty sure there asking that, because IDK YOUR A MAN!!! I’d be shocked too!

  14. It doesn’t only apply to this video, but I guess I just happened to think of it after watching. The thing is, I can’t remember ever hearing of a case where two MTT “lesbians” (or transbians) are in a relationship with each other. You’d think it would happen once in a while, at least. I mean, is there some reason they wouldn’t? I can’t imagine …

    1. I was recently told at the supermarket by a usually friendly long time acquaintance I was friends with on Facebook for years about a local MTT couple in a homeless encampment she volunteers at. This green party libfem who told me about them said they were “super sweet” and she’d be perfectly fine having them share a bathroom with her.
      I didn’t have a chance to ask if she’d feel fine undressing and showering with them at the Y. She was too busy racing away from me in the parking lot, trying to not hear my questioning of transgender.
      I later tried friending her again on my new FB account, and got no response. So much for open mindedness, welcoming diverse perspectives, and critical thinking. The Green Party: party of tolerance?
      I would love to know how any such male pairings were to become “mothers” without a woman involved.
      I read this commercial as playing to the idiot lib fems who will fawn all over this commercial, saying, “Aww, isn’t that sweeeet,” and run out and by Dove soap in support. Completely clueless of the kinds of abuses the partners of these men endure, as GM points out.
      At least until their SJW hubby does this to them, and they discover themselves being used as a prop.

      1. The “trans-paraplegic,” Chloe Jennings-White, is with another trannie. I think a lot of them are.
        Also, Pat Califia was with another F2T, Matt Rice. I guess she couldn’t get any gay men, her obsession, interested in her.

      2. My anecdotal experience and understanding is that they frequently date one another because they just can’t penetrate that gosh darn cotton ceiling that keeps getting in their way. Chloe Jennings White (my go to “You need a peak trans moment” person) is definitely in this sort of relationship. More power to ya fellas!

    2. I’ve seen a few MTT “lesbian” couples, though the vast majority I’ve encountered or heard about were an MTT and someone of the opposite biological sex. I once heard an MTT prostitute say “No, that’s gross” when asked why he and other MTTs don’t date one another. He elaborated, “No, we’re not gross, but the thought of being with another transsexual is gross!”

      1. I worded that wrong. Most of the MTTs I’ve seen or heard about have been dating someone who isn’t MTT, be that a man or woman. In the past, it used to be mostly MTTs and other men, but these days, there are more and more MTTs claiming to be “lesbians” and wanting womyn-born-womyn.

    3. I’ve heard of quite a few. I can’t imagine these relationships are optimal for them since autogynephiles are unbearably shallow, but at least when dating another M2T they have their delusions fully validated, no risk of a real woman, no matter how obedient to the trans cause, doing something terfy like having her period.

  15. This gives me the rage. The ad is superficially celebrating the diversity of mothers. That would be cool. But it then totally removes any credibility by redefining mothers as fathers. That’s not diversity. That’s bullshit. And the fact that the actual mother just sits silent while her male partner speaks for her… Like I said, gives me the rage.

  16. The #realmom in this video was silenced and marginalized while her jerk of a husband took the spotlight from her. Did anyone else find it really creepy how he kept the baby up close to him, like he was kind of breastfeeding, even though he didn’t even bother to get breast implants? The actual wife was ignored and she looked like a victim of domestic violence with her nervous energy.

    1. Yeah these women who married these men are often in total shock over the whole thing. They stick out these marriages, pretend to be lesbians, it’s really horrifying the gaslighting, the going along with it all thinking it will be ok. The real mother shunted aside by this posturing creepy man. Christine Benvennuto wrote an incredible book about what happened to her when her husband who was a powerful academic transed and how creepy he was around their young daughter, but she was in shock too, but managed to escape the marriage and write about it. No lesbian mothers, real mothers shunted aside to let males role play motherhood, so outrageous, I’ll never buy Dove again.

  17. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. You provide the antidote to friends who say “awww” in sympathy to the trannies when I mention one more horror story. As they pile up, they have to realize how female-hating the trans cult is. Who could still be sympathetic to something like Brooke Addison? Well, any of it really?

  18. So #RealMoms are:
    1. First time mothers
    2. Single mothers
    3. Women who tend livestock.
    4. Women who rock climb.
    5. Women who, for reasons known only to themselves, breakdance on a raw patch of concrete (ow!)
    6. Fathers who LARP being female who are partnered with nameless voiceless gestating front-hole haver child carers.
    Thanks Dove!

    1. Honestly! Get the fuck outta here with your garbage skin drying ass soap and your new dictionary bullshit.

  19. That segment is so disturbing. I agree he must’ve sprung that surprise on his partner when she was pregnant, so he could have some attention. Hopefully, the real woman will find her voice and leave this dominating narcissist.

      1. I’m so glad you posted this, people were asking on twitter Showed them this comment thread.

      2. Thanks for posting the screen dump, I didn’t want to click the link and now that I’ve seen the nose-ring I’m very happy that I never had to.

      1. Yeah she gets it. I really hope this ad gets more women to reach peak trans. I want to see boycotts and more pushback in media like this.

  20. So just who’s a #RealMom? Why not ask a #RealKid?
    My first birthday after my autogynophile-ex finally left my sons gave me a card in which they’d quoted from 2PAC’s ”Dear Mama”.
    ”There are no words that can express how I feel
    You never kept a secret, always stayed real
    And I appreciate how you raised me
    And all the extra love that you gave me
    I wish I could take the pain away
    If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day”
    It’s hard for them to talk about what happened. My youngest tells me that he thinks of his father now as a ”friend”. That’s probably the best outcome for now. Kids know.
    There will be no more Dove products in this house.

  21. I did the online chat to Dove regarding this dumbass commercial. I made sure to say I was a feminist so they didn’t think I was religious. They sent the standard “we don’t want to offend anyone” response.

    1. I did, too, but based on the responses, it was pretty clear I was talking to a chat bot. However, after the chat ended, a survey popped up with room for comments. I listed all of the Unilever products in my household that are now in the trash, along with the reason why.

  22. how about a mom (bio female) who adopted her child. is this the same case with the “transwoman” case in dove video?
    both don’t have any physical experience (such as labor/morning sickness).

    1. @zt
      noun, Informal.
      (See mother)
      1.a woman in relation to her child or children.
      “she returned to Bristol to nurse her aging mother”
      synonyms:female parent, materfamilias, matriarch
      No. “Woman” and “female parent” would of course include adoption. I can only assume you’re trolling with such a ridiculous and obvious question.
      MtT are not women, female, or mothers.

    2. How is that at all relevant here? The “mom” in this ad is the biological FATHER of the child.

    3. Adoptive mothers by definition are not the sperm donors to their own children. That would make them, uh, biological FATHERS. Like narcissist “Shae Ellen,” who could not stand the idea of his wife being the center of attention for a whole nine months.

    4. If Dove had an ad with the adoptive mother and bio mother where the adoptive mother is the only one who speaks and effectively invisibilizes the woman who actually gave birth, that also would be offensive.

    5. Now, zt, you’re supposed to go on and on with inane hypotheticals until you find something you think you can “gotcha” women with. How about:
      -What about women who’ve had hysterectomies ARE THEY NOT WOMEN????
      -What about infertile women ARE THEY NOT WOMEN?????
      Be sure to remember the all-caps where appropriate.

    6. They aren’t calling themselves biological mothers, like the tw in the video is, so it’s not really a problem semantically.

  23. http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/parenting/a43702/transgender-child-kimberly-shappley/
    This conservative Christian woman, who admits she “didn’t support or condone those living the LGBTQ lifestyle,” forced her GNC toddler to wear stereotypical boys’ clothes and haircut against his will, and even asked his daycare to put away all the girls’ toys. People began to ask if her son was gay, so after a fellow Christian who was a psychologist suggested he might be trans, she decided she preferred that explanation.
    She offers as part of the evidence that he kept shouting, “I’m a girl!” although, of course, only after being told repeatedly that he couldn’t do, wear, or play with various things he wanted because he was a boy. Are people really so blind that they can’t make that connection? Or does the possibility of a gay son or daughter make some parents lose whatever tenuous hold on sanity they might possess?

  24. Unilever just sent me an email regarding my complaint about calling a man a mom in their Dove ad. According to Unilever “many people differ in their perceptions” so I assume even after 55 years of being a biological woman AND being a two time MOM my perception of femaleness is fucked. That Dove shit always gave me quarter size hives whenever I tried to use anyway. I would really like to support woman-owned, SCIENCE-based, respectful- to-all-biological-women businesses for my personal and hygiene products anyway so if anyone has recommendations, they would be welcome.

    1. How bout just plain soap? It goes by a couple of brand names but I often see Antiochs Daphne. It is nothing but soap ashes, lye and oil, scented with bay laurel. I use it for my skin and hair and fine washables. It is made by a women’s collective in turkey. Much better than dove.

  25. Adland updated article.
    TransgendrTruth says this ad violates Truth in Advertising, and wants people to file a FTC Complaint.
    “When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it’s on the Internet, radio or television, or anywhere else, federal law says that ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. The Federal Trade Commission enforces these truth-in-advertising laws, and it applies the same standards no matter where an ad appears – in newspapers and magazines, online, in the mail, or on billboards or buses.”
    A male who fathered a child is not the child’s mother. Males cannot give birth. This violates truth in advertising.

    1. There’s a comment there now that says/insinuates that Gendertrender/GallusMag is funded by James Dobson groups, if I’m reading it right.
      I can’t even.

    1. She was doxxed by WOLF for complaining about their alliance with anti-feminist anti-gay right wing men.
      She’s fine. She’s been through worse. She’ll be back.
      Upper class/wealthy women can really do some incredibly awful things against the rest of us behind the scenes.

      1. You can’t do this work if you can’t handle the hits. It can be really discouraging when they come from other women though. Speak from experience.

      2. That being said, she exposed women’s business to men. It’s not a good idea to maim women by throwing them to the men. Pointless. Just my opinion.

      3. Did not know that one, @GallusMag….if only because, WoLF was attacked via a FB group, for [their words] being connected to the Koch Brothers, etc. I will check my cyberfox history again to make sure I was not seeing things.
        Connecting to the issue about the rancid Dove ad, if one is thinking of switching their business to another product, like ‘Suave’…that brand is under the same corporate blanket. Yep….it’s Unilever…their cheaper extension of Dove. Hence, these snakes have themselves covered, in the event of a boycott. Thanks to not many in the US putting 2 and 2 together. It stinks…
        Odd too, is that with all the crap Pepsi got hit with for their recent major foulup, no media outlets have talked about this Unilever erasure. None…nada….and that speaks volumes.

      4. Who was doxxed, exactly? When, where, how? I am speaking for myself here, not for WoLF.

      5. Unilever may also own Suave, but, unless Suave is also under the Dove subsidiary, there will be hell to pay if Dove sees a significant sales decline. At my last job, I worked for a subsidiary of a much larger corporation, and, if we didn’t meet our 12-20 percent growth target every year, there would have been resignations and layoffs.

      6. @Kesher
        I did a quick check at the Unilever site. ‘Suave’ is not under the ‘Dove’ brand umbrella, but the product description(s) are similar. But….there is someting interesting when one looks at the ‘Dove’ blurb.
        They mention their commitment to ‘real beauty’ , as well as their self-esteem initiatives. Plus they talk about their online only ads…but nothing…..NOTHING about the ‘real moms’ one. Hmmm…methinks they want to keep that one buried, or sneak it under the radar.

  26. I use a soap called Antiochs daphne ( although it also goes by a couple of other names) it is nothing but soap, real goddamn soap. I use it on my skin hair and fine washables. It is made by a women’s collective in turkey.
    If one is interested, Please check it out, it’s gotta be better than dove…

    1. This is for Dove baby products though, and nothing beats generic baby oil if we’re honest. It’s great for everything from dry skin to soothing baths to makeup remover to… uhm… cleaning downstairs. (get the ones without perfume)
      There’s plenty of “no more tears” style shampoos and baby wipes out there for anyone to avoid Dove products in the baby section. I think they failed launching this product category with this ad, and it’s going o hurt their “Real Beauty” adult women’s products category as well. I used to use their cucumber shower gel but now I just buy Suave.

      1. If you go the the Unilever website you’ll see they do indeed own Suave. They acquired the brand in 1996. They own 1000 brands worldwide.

    1. No different than how I feel about the Jenner mess, which is scheduled to be aired in the US, on ABC this evening. I would watch, but I have Astroturf-8/FieldTurf/Prescription Athletic Turf to mow in front of the flat.
      Humor aside, again this video…like others posted by the ‘adult’ end of the brigade, there is that stare. The look of ‘I got over on this natal female, by claiming I am just like her’. Worse still, little does the baby know about the crap that will be laid at the feet.
      One has to wonder if Unilever will have the corporate stomach, to visit these families in the future. Should they do that, I will make wager now that the ‘brigade mom’ will be gone, due to the need to be ‘authentic’. And the birth mother will be left, to pick up after the fallout.

  27. Dove is owned by Unilever, a wildly unethical company which tests on animals and manufactures cosmetics and cleaning products that are packed with horrendous chemicals, things I wouldn’t want near my own skin let alone a baby’s. So I’ve never bought any of their crap. But, if I *was* a customer I most definitely would not be after this shit-show and I would absolutely be telling them why. It’s beyond sickening to see motherhood reduced to parody by a bloke in a dress who merely impregnated the woman who carried that baby – the child’s actual, real, biological mother – who we don’t hear a peep out of. Grotesque.

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