Equal opportunity for girls in high school sports strips boys of their humanity, says Hartford Courant opinion editor Carolyn Lumsden

Equal opportunity for girls in high school sports strips boys of their humanity, says Hartford Courant opinion editor Carolyn Lumsden, in a Sunday Editorial titled ‘Humanity At Cromwell High’
Humanity is reserved for boys, not girls, and acceptance of this notion is what female student athletes need to do in the case of Andraya Yearwood, a fifteen year old boy who prefers to win against girls than compete against other males on an even playing field.
Lumsden goes on to define separate but equal sports teams for boys and girls as a form of sex-based segregation comparable to racial segregation and the history of exclusion of disabled students from equal access prior to the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
What matters is not that female students have a right to compete, but that the feelings of male students are much more important. Prioritizing male feelings over opportunities for women and girls is the definition of a humane society, Lumsden writes.

121 thoughts on “Equal opportunity for girls in high school sports strips boys of their humanity, says Hartford Courant opinion editor Carolyn Lumsden

  1. What will this administrator, let alone the district say to the parents of girls, who actually deserve to be on the girls track teams, etc but cannot get on them because….the school has to make room for ‘feelings’? How insane is that?
    Something says the girls who are going through this indignity, will down the road extract their anger…if in business or government…towards someone who looks like this snowflake special. The cult fails to get, those who have been screwed over, have long memories.

  2. I feel like that should read, “In a world where it’s easy to demonize, Cromwell High is leading the way by showing girls their humanity will never, ever matter as much as that of any male, no matter how defective or delusional he might be.”

  3. Oh fer fuck sake, another writer who doesn’t understand the meanings of words, and uses the word “female” to describe a male. I always find it interesting when people mention homophobia when talking about trans people, for example in this article “It should also come as no surprise that transgender students are often subjected to bullying and homophobia.” Why homophobia, is this kid gay? I wonder sometimes if there is a thinly veiled understanding that these kids who identify as trans are actually gay/lesbian.

    1. There certainly is a popular understanding among outsiders to the “LGBT” that trans is a form of extreme homosexuality. In so doing, the Hartford Courant does accidentally make a correct statement: Surveys show that teasing and abuse of “transgender” students is done due to the perception that they are gay, and the epithets used are homophobic ones “faggot” “dyke” etc. Also, gay and lesbian students are teased and bullied more often than students who identify as “transgender”.

      1. Lots of the kids who are diagnosed with a “gender identity” are likely to grow up to be gay/lesbian, is what I meant. They’re being subject to homophobia which is making them dysphoric and instead of stopping the homophobia, adults are enforcing the belief that they’re the opposite sex. Sometimes I think that even the people who “celebrate diversity” are dimly aware that they’re practicing gay conversion therapy.

      2. See the new Anna Paquin series “Bellevue” for a female writing team that’s pushing the trans = supergays lesson HARD.
        Mainstream audiences that see it will also run into scenes straight out of Bradley Manning’s playbook (it’s better to have the right pronouns at your funeral than anything else) encouraging people to see straight fetishists as they gayest people who ever lived, too pure for this earth.
        As for this story, the guy’s father seems to be the biggest asshole:
        “Yearwood ran with the boys but, her father said, if she won the nationals in the boys, she wouldn’t be as happy as coming in 15th in a local meet with the girls and that says everything about why she is running on the girls team and not the boys.”
        This is not how athletes think. “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
        The idea that it’s better to lose than go against your identity, your soul, is absurd when it’s used in this paradigm, especially when it’s inverting the truth: the dude probably won’t win nationals but has a shot at it as a girl, despite being too lazy to shave his damn mustache.

  4. I know a little bit about this, because both of my daughters participated in track & field in Connecticut, and had she not graduated last year, my younger daughter eventually would have competed against Andraya’s team, if not Andraya personally. I have spent every winter and spring of the last 8 years sitting on hard benches watching girls run.
    This story and the accompanying editorial leave me virtually speechless. This is, in a word, a travesty. Andraya is a 15 year old male, and one with a very well-developed male physique from the looks of it. Andraya is, in the first meet of the season against no competition, running times that would have won Andraya’s class at the state meet last year. There is no doubt in my mind that, if Andraya continues to compete this spring, Andraya will win the state title in every event in which Andraya is entered, will go on to the New England Championships, and most likely win those events as well. Actually, depending on how Andraya develops, and especially assuming no medical intervention, the Olympics are not impossible for Andraya.
    Understand that if Andraya continues to dominate women’s sprints for the next four years, as Andraya seems likely to do, the girls that will be cheated out of state titles and possible scholarships, are also, by and large, girls from places like New Haven, Hartford, New Britain, Waterbury, and other places where getting an athletic scholarship can mean the difference between going to college and not going at all.
    I think that if this is what parents, coaches, schools, and CIAC have in mind as being fair and proper then we need a new definition of “fair.” Because the one that I taught my girls is very inaccurate.
    This is actually heartbreaking, for anybody who loves girls or girls’ sports.

    1. Have you reached out to any other parents of alumni? You might be the only group that can speak up and be heard. I’m certain the coaches and the other competitors know they’d better keep their mouths shut. God, when will this bullshit stop?

      1. I did reach out to my daughters’ former coach but have heard nothing back. I have a feeling this is pretty radioactive for them. The issue is going to be, come June, and Andraya starts breaking all the girls’ state records and winning all Andraya’s events at the State Open. I mean, this isn’t going to be over with just this one article, unless there is so much outcry that Andraya drops off. Which of course will chalked up to us “terrible phobes” …

  5. I can’t get past his name choice. I mean, how many times did Andrea Dworkin tell us what her first name meant and then this kid chooses a name that mean’s “Man = Courageous” for the primary prop of his womanface.
    Young people need to read a goddamn book.

    1. His name before the change was Amadi, meaning “much praised”. If that isn’t worthy of an eye roll…

    2. Read???? When???? Where???
      Unless it is deeply a part of the pop culture for the week or is sponsored by some loud mouthed tele-idiot, reading is not considered to be sonething to do. Besides, who needs books, when there are Kindles?
      Also…this is so typical of the monikers among the brigade, more so in some parts than others. Dworkin, et al were right…the society for the most part, did not give a shit.

  6. My last baby is a two year old currently. We’ve decided to not educate him in the public system. The above is one example of the many reasons he will be home schooled. I cannot in good conscience recommend any parent send their child to public school any longer (a vast amount of private schools as well). The curriculum has become severe left indoctrination and blind following instead of critical thinking in a world of reality.
    No thank you. I’ll continue to raise my children to be functional not delusional.

    1. I’m not trying to play semantics, and I am also very disillusioned with the left. However, I really feel like it’s important to notice that this trans craziness is not even “left.” it’s a deeply conservative form of liberal—not left—progressivism. We currently live in the US in a liberal democracy and striving to preserve that status quo is the definition of conservatism.
      I just think it’s important (or maybe just interesting) to notice that this madness didn’t really come from the left, it colonized the left from the center. (I could be wrong on this, but this is my impression). Insanely liberal—neoliberal— politics are the unstated and unexamined worldview of the trans movement and the raging liberals who promote it. There is no analysis of, much less opposition, to capitalism, globalization, the destruction of the earth, hierarchies, or the state in this liberal worldview. Trans activists are reformers through and through, and most of them have about 1% political interests and 99% social interests. The 99% is a “politics of recognition” that seeks only to get their speshul identities acknowledged by society, not to change what society IS or how it is structured.
      And of course woman-hating is deeply conservative, as is the idea that access to the market for purposes of “personal expression” is a human right. Those seem to be two main thrusts of the trans/liberal belief system and they’re both deeply disturbing and completely tucked into bed with (patriarchal) capitalism.

      1. Yes. It’s exactly the same with the happy clappy “sex worker” narrative. Dig a millimeter into it and it is neoliberal “underage salt miners *chose* salt mining as a way of realizing their individual dreams and who are you to critique the beautiful solidarity they are expressing with the owners of the salt mines in advocating for the deregulation of salt mining itself”.

      2. Well said. I agree with your statements. It is indeed conservatism of off the deep end liberal. Which would be why my statement reads severe left, not “the left”. 🙂
        Yes, while plenty of liberals (average janes and johns) are against trans madness, their leaders promote the hell out of it. Obama changed fed law for it, Hillary ran on it, and celeb mouthpieces like Bill Maher bring it up constantly chastising the population about “bathroom insanity”. Tim (Sarah) McBride walked on stage the last day of the Democratic National Convention last year, making impassioned pleas on “trans rights” to an audience that contained the largest amount of trans delegates on record – 28. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=brLZvqiGHMs What we have, unfortunately for sane dems, is a hijacking of the Democratic Party by people with nothing but social agendas to push. And like a virus, it has spread to all corners of the dem party. I cannot think of a dem of any significance today against trans madness. If anyone knows of one, I’d love to hear about it! (Significance being the keyword there. A rust belt mayor in some obscure town is not a viable example.)
        In my 50 years on planet Earth, I’ve watched my party morph and change over the last approximately 15 years to something unrecognizable. A mass lock step marching their way to brainless social engineering with nary a care for issues outside that topic.
        What started out as neolib has become mainstream. What we once viewed as fringe has become the norm. And we janes and johns, we traditional dems, are left without representation as our leaders, our party, happily assimilated themselves neolib borg-style, in the pursuit of millennial votes.
        Ugh. :/ It’s all so depressing.
        Apologies for any typos, I jammed this out in between toddler soothing/entertaining bouts lol.

    2. The trans ideology that is being promoted is not of the ‘left.’ It is, as other commentators point out here, deeply regressive under the guise of liberal feel-good doctrine.

    3. My mom said the same thing, if she had been raising kids now she would homeschool because of the sports/locker room/ social contagion situation. Not to mention how many kids have violent pornography on their phones. Anyway. My mom encouraged my tomboyism, because she was one too. We are both really sickened by the pathologizing of girls being athletic, adventurous, etc. I don’t really care if it’s technically the left or not, I just know it’s completely unchallenged in public school.

      1. For me it’s not just the trans madness, it’s my first two children going through public as well. Their experiences, the majority of teachers they had, and some really bizarre happenings.
        I’ll give you a for instance. My daughter’s senior year english lit teacher informed the african american students in the class that if they just showed up and did no work, he’d pass them. He announced this to the whole class. My daughter came home gobsmacked by the entire thing. What the hell was his message? Black students were not smart enough to do the work? They were entitled to special treatment? I have no clue what this man had in mind, but whatever it was, the potential answers were all revolting. A few of us parents went to the principle about it.
        The ideologies pushed, opinions spouted as fact, personal politics being taught, etc. Good teachers and good journalists used to operate under a creedo of presenting material unbiased and unspun as a sign of doing the job right. It’s a thing of the past sadly. I could count the truly wonderful teachers my children had on one hand, both children, K thru 12.
        There were too many instances like the above in my children’s school experiences. Trans madness is the cherry on the sundae for me. Done.

    4. Do you honestly think that sheltering your kid from other students because of a negligible number of students who are messed up by parents and doctors is going to shelter your kid from the poison of queer theory? It angers me that parents arrogantly think that because they have children, that qualifies them to teach.

      1. @Susan Nunes, I used to feel thay way too. I’m not so quick to judge anymore.
        Some kids and some families are negatively impacted by public schools. Think about how many elementary school kids will come home from school trans once the new sex ed curriculum is implimented in Kindergarten.
        I’m a believer in public ed., but I support a parent’s right to make the best choice for their kids.
        Children are not public property to be shaped as the public school institution, special interest groups, or cultural ideology working within a school sees fit.
        Socialization isn’t the sole purpose or primary concern for everyone and who am I (or you) to tell them it should be?
        Yes, I know schools mean well…
        But lets not forget that good intentions are causing the devasting impact of crushing girls sports, girls hopes, girls dreams…
        With little to no school choice, and with being at the mercy of whatever district or area you live in, some don’t have any other viable option than homeschooling.

      2. Its been studied pretty thoroughly, homeschool has comparable outcomes to public school. Being qualified to teach your own kids is different than being qualified to teach a whole room of strangers kids.

      3. What? It’s not having children that qualifies one to teach. It’s being capable I of teaching that makes one eligible for parenthood. It’s not rocket science. Don’t get it twisted just because you don’t want to admit you’ve been duped.everyone has.

    5. This is your choice of course, but our world will have a diversity of opinion and conflict. The vast majority of teachers are educators and professionals and there is not “severe left indoctrination” in schools. This issue is a severe outlier. This is why we are here. We are not all severe leftists.

      1. Are you working in rural Idaho or something? You think this is rare? My parents have worked in public education, in different school districts, for decades. One is a teacher, one is a counselor. The trans kids that have passed through their classrooms and offices make up a small army. There is no dissent permissible. They would lose their jobs.

    6. I homeschool my kids. There are still trans teens who are homeschooled – I know of several in my area, and interestingly, all from liberal families who would not have encouraged stereotypical gender norms and who would have been very supportive of a gay or lesbian teen. The problem is teen culture on the Internet, not the schools. Though you do have more control over what happens next if they’re not in school. Home schooling can be great IF you find a good social group for your kids, but it’s not a vaccine against this particular form of lunacy.

  7. This is insane, and female athletes are going to lose out, especially if the trend toward not requiring any medical transition continues. I agree that the situation is heartbreaking.
    I’d like to see some of the best female ski jumpers declare themselves to be male and win competitions. Somehow I don’t think the result would be heartwarming editorials about humanity and inclusiveness, but a lot of whining about how those born female have an advantage (in much the same way male runners have already complained about having to compete against amputees). Societal sexism tends to see any female disadvantage as a sign of inherent inferiority but a male disadvantage as an unfair condition.
    And the pseudo-moral cant of that editorial really angers me: “Are we willing to be open and supportive only when it means our own child might come in first instead of second?” Has the woman never heard of “The Second Sex” or the concept of a second-class citizen? To act as if women are wrong to want to compete on fair terms with a real chance of winning reminds me of all the times I’ve heard people ask, “Why does it matter if men earn more/get more opportunities/get elected more often? Someone has to win, so what difference does it make?”

    1. that’s so disingenuous it makes me want to scream—it isn’t about our personal children coming in first, its about all girls (ANY girls) having even a chance to participate or win, ever.

      1. @ hallie/gertrude/jill, etc- Stop commenting under multiple names. Choose one name and post under that one name. If you fail to comply you will be banned. Thank you.

  8. I don’t know what to say anymore. Where’s the straight allies protesting this as this affects all girls/women. Yes these dudes don’t even have to shave their mustache. (Yes I’m aware both sexes have facial hair but only women are shamed for it). Is HE even on hormones/surgery, not that it matters because it still wouldn’t make him a girl. Maybe all girls/women should protest worldwide by quitting sports where males are allowed to play on womens’ teams and create our own private sports teams or this will never stop. We’re already losing to males anyway.

    1. He’s not on hormones. In one of the articles it’s stated they are considering putting him on puberty blockers before the hormones and the SRS.
      Pretty sure the puberty blocker ship has sailed lol.
      This kid has a few videos and stuff online. He’s super effeminate and like Gigi Gorgeous and Cassandra Cass is one of four boys in sons-only families. Wonder if any of his little brothers will be pushed into transitioning later on. Yet another kid with homophobic parents who’d rather have a straight “daughter” than a gay son.

      1. “Pretty sure the puberty blocker ship has sailed”
        That was my reaction. What I suspect is that they don’t really want to mess with his hormones at this point if it might affect his running times, but won’t say that outright, so they’ll kick the can down the road as long as he’s winning. Judging from pictures of the guy, he doesn’t seem very concerned with passing, so he may not particularly wish to take female hormones.

      2. “Yet another kid with homophobic parents who’d rather have a straight “daughter” than a gay son.”
        It’s all so ridiculous. My oldest son came out at 17. I adore him and can’t begin to imagine what goes on in the minds of some parents.
        Orientation is not delusion. When parents support or encourage their children down a road of dysmorphia rather than supporting orientation…well…words just fail me.

    2. I agree with the boycott idea. Yes, to participate in a boycott is a LOT to ask with specific regard to the Olympics, as people literally plan decades of their lives and training schedules for 5 years at a time around the Olympics. That said, the more women who signed on to participate in such a boycott, the more effective it would be and the more women would be willing to make that leap and risk that sacrifice.
      The US women’s national hockey team recently found success through a boycott to oppose their unequal, sexist treatment by the USA Hockey organization. it’s a heartening victory and a sign that sports boycotts for the rights of women in sports could potentially do a lot.

  9. As a female athlete who came of age when Title IX was kicking in, I know that the reason I made my college volleyball team the first year it was an official team, and not just a “club”, was that other girls coming out of high school, just like me, did not have the kind of serious training and coaching that the boys got. Ten years later, the improvement in the training of high school girls was astonishing. They were awesome players when they left high school and many went to college on volleyball scholarships. Title IX made all the difference. I did get to be a really good volley ball player and continued playing competitively for many years after college. If males had been allowed to displace females on all my female teams, I would have missed out on one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of my life. We are going back to the days when women who want to compete at sports will have to practice as clubs in some church basement and get participation patches, instead of trophies and scholarships. Coaches who would like to keep males off of female teams will have to watch their own teams lose as the other female teams increasingly are composed of males.

  10. I was bullied endlessly as a child because of my lack of skill in PE classes and sports. I hate sports. I hate everything about sports and always will. It doesn’t surprise me that sports is unfair to these girls and all girls due to the infiltration of men. That is the basic premise of sports to begin with–domination and unfairness. It’s how people who didn’t crack a book in their pathetic lives get scholarships and other advantages in society and I am sick of it. I hope sports fucking dies altogether–maybe this is a good start.

    1. I was rotten at sports too. Doesn’t mean girls/women who like sports shouldn’t get the chance to play. And it’s not sport which is threatened – it is women’s sports. We’ll continue to have highly paid male sports stars. We’ll probably still have much lower paid beta male sports stars who will be called women.

      1. Sorry, I can’t get on board with sports at all. Sure I agree that wbw can and should have their own space if they want to, uh, do what men do and play competitive sports because freedom. But, you are going to get me to cry about losing sports events and opportunities. The end of women’s sports sounds fine to me–the problem is that it’s being ended by men forcing it to end by invading the women’s teams. Women declining to do competitive sports because it’s stupid and a waste of time sounds fantastic though. 🙂

      2. TaDa sounds like another one of the pigs in wigs that believes actual females should just be sitting at home doing laundry, ironing and knitting when not making their abusive spouse a sammich…
        As a clue, LOTS of actual females enjoy sports and it has nothing to do with emulating males. The loss of women’s athletics would harm females as a class…it is sad that people like you choose to ignore that reality.

        1. UGH. You piqued my curiosity and you’re correct. “TaDa” is previously banned M2T troll ‘Libertarian Wench’ aka ‘Collaterly’ apparently. Pig in a wig. He keeps forcing himself on women who have asked him to leave them alone like the male rapist he is. Yet he outs himself within a few comments with his outstanding sexism and male socialization. No one even needs to see him to clock him. A few anonymous typewritten words is all it takes.
          These guys will do anything to try to disrupt women speaking amongst ourselves.

      3. Let me guess: the PIW in question is one of those, who would be in favor of sports, if they played into the trans narrative. As in the mythical ones in fantasy realms (comic books or otherwise)…but reality based ones are ‘too hard’ to deal with. Well….boo freaking hoo…the heart breaks here…..NOT.
        By the way…if some of these folks had their way…women would not even be involved in pro sports administration. Like those who were a part of the management team of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Or even Paul Brown’s niece, who was (and if I am correct….still is) the vice president in charge of player development for the Cincinnati Bengals.
        One other point: those who are against women’s sports, Title IX protections, etc want to deny to women and girls the opportunity to learn the lessons that teamwork and consensus, which come from sports. (That is not to gloss over the darker side of same, far from it.) Along with the fact that the physical activity in same, is better than it being limited to video games (which is in reality, limited at best…if obesity and onset diabetes rates in the US are any indication).

    2. TaDa! — I hear you. I’ve always hated sports, and found the dumb football players and basketball players in college nightmares to be around. They were so stupid and academically incompetent, I never could figure out why the pretense, why not just have them play sports but not at the expensive of the serious academic community. The were bullies, rapists, pigs and thugs–I well remember all the times they’ve shove their way into line at the college cafeteria for their second helpings, they LOVED throwing their weight around, sexually harassing women. I hated the pigs in junior high, in high school and in college. Maybe all sports should be destroyed, they certainly infect every area of public life. And now the beta male pigs are shoving their way onto women’s teams, no big surprise, pigs rule.

      1. Girls sports are not given the same attention or reverence as male sports. Girls behavior is not excused by being in sports. Girls sports aren’t prioritized over academic spending. I don’t know how anyone can conflate football players with girls running track. Socially its different, thats why title xi matters so much, people care so little about girls sports that they would cease without legal protections. There’s no inherent dichotomy between athletics and academics, ut us a different type of intelligence, to be coordinated and self disciplined enough to excel at sports. Girls are only encouraged to be thin, not strong or fast, so I think sports are a great thing for girls who are interested.

    3. Sports are NOT the problem! I excelled at sports AND academics, and so do may others. There is no dichotomy there. However, the men are glad that you are okay with destroying women’s opportunities! Just because you didn’t like something, or benefit from it, is not a reason to destroy it. In this day and age, with rising obesity levels, and rampant “diseases of affluence,” sports are needed more than ever. They promote physical health and mental well-being. In fact, research shows that exercise has antidepressant effects on a par with medication. Sports teach many important life lessons, in addition to physical skills. As far as Medi’s post about male athletes — they act that way because they are celebrated MALES — don’t blame sports!

    4. Junior high school sports were hell. The fact that they were largely ‘co-ed’ didn’t help. I wish that music, theatre and art were given at least as much attention.

    5. I do not get the hate-on for women’s sports. Yes, there is lots to critique about sports. The way gym classes are organized in school – at least when I was a kid – are heartless. As a short person, (my full adult height is 4’9″), I went through my share of humiliation being the last person chosen every time when choosing up teams.
      And the entitlement of HS and college male athletes is horrible. I taught the latter – I know whereof I speak. Where I taught, they didn’t even have to take notes in class – and discouraged their teammates from doing so – b/c they had a tutor sitting in class who did all the work for them. And that’s not even the worst of it – the sexual entitlement, the covering up of sexual assault, etc, etc.
      As an adult, I don’t follow any sports team. It makes me an outsider in a lot of social groups, including my own extended family, for whom sports seasons and watching games are a huge part of their social activities.
      But I see red with what transmania is doing to women’s sports!! It affects me on an emotional visceral level. I’ve thought a lot about why that is. I think a big part of it is taking away what women have fought so hard for; effectively neutering Title IX, if allowed to continue. I was born in the ’50s. In my lifetime I have gone from hours on a hard bench watching my brothers games, when there was next to nothing for girls, to near HS graduation seeing the passage of Title IX. And after that, for years, watching women’s Olympic sports, marveling at what the female body could achieve. And now as I’m in my 6th decade, seeing it begin to be eroded, with little resistance so far, and cheering on of even gender critical feminists!
      There are two important benefits of women’s sports: 1) Giving women a share of resources that allow them to achieve physical strength and access to scholarships, etc; and 2) the psychological benefit that comes with knowing your own physical strength. Mariah Burton Nelson, the gifted women’s basketball player and author of The Stronger Women Get the More Men Like Football years ago spoke at our U of the importance of learning to “stand your ground,” that women are socialized to give up space, and that learning to “stand their ground” on the basketball court gave them the ability to do it in life. That always stayed with me.
      Statistically, women who fight back are more likely to avoid rape – and they recover from the trauma more quickly (if one ever completely recovers from it). Being physically able to take care of ourselves is so important. I wish I’d had the opportunity to learn be strong in my body when I was growing up. Even at this age, I’m looking for a self-defense course. I even thought about asking HotFlanks for an exercise routine for older women! I so admire her muscles. As much as I dislike some team sports and the culture of sports, I cannot cheer the demise of athletic opportunities for women.

      1. Yeah I don’t get the put-downs of athletic women either, and the lack of appreciation for the beauty of women performing at their personal best. It reminds me of a man who told me he hates the theatre. I asked if he had ever been to the theatre and he said he once saw a play back in high school and he didn’t enjoy it.

      2. Title IX has been excellent in regard to giving women, especially black women, access to college scholarships. Because the schools have to find women’s sports equally to men’s it has led to greater diversity in women’s sports. I read an article recently about a black woman who was a track athlete but got a rowing scholarship and she got a degree in engineering from an excellent school. This wasn’t possible in the 70s when my sister was an amazing softball player.
        I don’t play sports either and was mercilessly teased because of my lack of athleticism. This stood out even more because I was in a family of jocks! However, I appreciate the value of sports for women as it demonstrates that a woman’s body is about more than fuckability. When my sister hit the ground as shortstop nothing was getting by her, period. When my niece took a charge on the basketball court against girls much bigger than her it was an amazing act of bravery and determination that had nothing to do with her appearance. They had trained their bodies to conform to their will. Not for appearance but for performance and I love it.
        One of the first things I try to do when I work with young women is to get them involved in sports. The difference is amazing. Forming a team with other young women. Giving them an outlet that doesn’t pertain to boys or looks boosts their self confidence. Their bodies are no longer a “thing.” Sport does that like nothing else I’ve seen in nearly two decades as a social worker.

      3. Well said @lilith1022. I am an educator, and the difference athetletics makes in girls’ lives is measurable and positive. There are no down sides. My anecdotal observations are that they are more confident, more assertive, but the research backs this up. My own upbringing was in a very conservative household. I had several female siblings and one male. My father forbade my sisters and I from doing any sports at all. It made a huge difference in my self-confidence, even today. It is horrible to think that the laws that have made change possible for so many women are being gutted by selfish prices and their hand maidens. This is a scholarship grab by “Andraya” and family. I have no doubt of that, and expect more of the same as women’s scholarships are already being opened up to female-identifying males. I’d vomit, but only bile is left.
        I’d also like to say, as an educator, knowing full well that there is a huge difference between the preparation a teacher gets and the preparation the average home schooling parent has, I’d still advise pulling kids out at this point, assuming your school has drunk the Kool aid.

      4. “Yeah I don’t get the put-downs of athletic women either…”
        1) Can’t have women working together on a team. They might organize against the patriarchy.
        2) Can’t have women being strong/athletic. They might be able to resist/fight back.
        3) Can’t have women doing sports and getting scholarships. That way leads to education. If they are educated who is going to birth all the babies, wash all the underwear, and make all the sammiches?
        4) Women need to know “their place.”

    1. Mean….mean…..mean….and Goddamnitall, you beat the rest of us to it!!
      On a serious note, this level of cheating will stop at some point, when the populace understands that backing those with ‘feelings’ is in effect, backing those who do not give a shit about the ones they want to emulate.

    2. I like how Hubbard is the only one there standing like a laydee. He’s also the only one with his hair down.

  11. bwhaahahah how many people do you think will hit peak trans with this story? How can the huffpost jezzy liberals keep a straight face, dude didn’t even bother to shave his mustache.
    It’s funny but tragic and infuriating at the same time how little people give a shit about protecting women and girl’s sports.

    1. It isn’t funny at all. Some of the anti-sports comments by so-called feminists posting here are also disturbing, as well as “tragic and infuriating.”

  12. “Humanity is reserved for boys, not girls,…”
    Damn GM. This a thousand times. Thank you for reminding us what they are really saying (Humanity is for males) and that all who are silent about this shit believe this statement. And not even deep down, or subconsciously. They believe females are unworthy of humanity on the fucking surface.
    Its not sympathy for this or any trans girl. Its zero regard for women and girls.

  13. @ freenampeyo
    “If males had been allowed to displace females on all my female teams, I would have missed out on one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of my life.”
    It’s the same with me. These were the best years of my life. I think the people who can see this for what it is are people who played sports, and who have a deep understanding of the importance of fair competition. Integrity in sports matters, and this includes women’s sports.
    I bet the Hartford Courant opinion editor Carolyn Lumsden doesn’t have the courage to read all the comments in the comment section of her horrendous article that insults our intelligence. I’ve been scanning the comment section in different articles, and none of it is pretty. People don’t like their intelligence insulted. People don’t like to be told to ignore what we can see with our very own eyes. Ms. Carolyn Lumsden knows nothing of humanity or integrity. Lumsden is simply parroting a few politically correct lines that she has been taught. According to everything I’ve read about Ms. Lumsden, she has no special expertise in sports. So, why does she take it upon herself to write an article about track and field?
    Lumsden is not the only opinion editor at the Courant. Apparently, the other opinion editors prefer to remain silent, or have no opinion.
    In this biased article, Lumsden manages to cheapen the word humanity and insult our intelligence all at the same time. In a weird sick sort of way, it’s rather amusing. I want to scream to high heaven, but the way that Lumsden cheapens the word “humanity” is so hilarious that I have to keep myself from laughing. Just reading the title of this article is hilarious. The title says, “Editorial: Humanity at Cromwell High”. As to humanity, if fair play isn’t a fundamental part of humanity, then humanity means nothing at all. All the squawking about humanity is empty and meaningless without a fundamental concept of fairness. Even as small children we are taught to play fair. We are supposed to learn fairness on the playground. We are talking about an adolescent male on a girls’ track team, and the fact that any rational person can see that it creates an obvious advantage. This is the issue. Telling a teenage boy with a mustache and obvious male development that it’s unfair for him to compete against girls is somehow a gross violation of his “humanity”. No one wants this boy harmed, and if he wants to identify as transgender no one cares. Bullying any student is wrong. Telling a male high school student that he shouldn’t be competing against girls is common sense.
    The humanity of the high school girls who will be forced to compete against a biological male is of no concern to Lumsden. I’m sure that there is a great deal of pressure put on girls to remain silent on this issue. Girls are socially condition to put others first and to not make waves. This is the lesson being taught to these young women. One obvious looking male high school student is more important than all the females in the school. This is what the girls are being taught, and Lumsden has the gall to talk about “humanity”.
    The very integrity of women’s sports is being compromised if not destroyed. For every male on a girls’ team, it’s one less female competing. It’s one less athletic scholarship for women. All this is doing is telling girls that no matter what it is, their dreams and needs come last. One special male is more important than them. These girls aren’t blind. They might be brainwashed and told to keep quiet about this travesty, but they can see that Yearwood is a male. My heart aches for the girls who will train their hearts out, but be cut from the team. My heart aches for the girls who won’t get an athletic scholarship to a college or university. There are so few athletic scholarships for women compared to male athletes. Now, female athletes have to compete against males.
    In the link below from another Courant article about Yearwood, scroll down to look at all the photos of this adolescent male who ran track in middle school. He clearly has well defined male musculature, male size feet and hands, and he looks taller than the female athletes. He even has a mustache, and his voice has changed. Everything screams, “This is an adolescent male”. We can see all this with our own eyes, and we are told we are bigots. It’s kind of like the old saying, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?” This link has a couple of photos of Yearwood.
    Look at the photo of him far ahead of the female runners.
    The caption under one photo says,
    …….Yearwood won the 200 in 26.34 seconds.
    Blow up the photo of him winning the 200 and look at the muscles in his legs. His legs look like a running back’s legs.
    The article states, “at her first high school track meet, Andraya won the girls 100- and 200-meter dashes, and helped her 4×100-meter relay team take second place. She ran 11.99 seconds in the 100 and 26.34 in the 200.”
    To provide some context, the fastest woman in college sports last year ran the 100 meter dash in 10.95 seconds. The all-time women’s college record is 10.78 seconds. The world record is 10.49 seconds.
    In comparison, Izaiah Fields, from Curtis High School in Yakima, WA, has run the best boys high school time in the Washington State so far this year. He ran it in 10.72. While Izaiah is simply the fastest high schooler in Washington State this year, he is faster than any collegiate woman has ever been.
    An adolescent high school boy is less than a second away from a collegiate national championship in his first high school track meet. You can count on him going down as the best female track athlete in Connecticut’s history, possibly by the end of his freshman year.
    Another Courant article states,
    “Moving forward, Andraya will start the long process toward sex reassignment surgery. She will next begin by taking puberty blockers and, later, hormone blockers.”
    It sounds like the sports writer doesn’t know what he is talking about, so I’ll break it down. In other words, an adolescent male high school student with obvious male muscle development and a mustache has never had any medical treatment. It’s kind of late for the GnRH agonists (puberty blockers) because the male skeletal structure, stronger tendons, different shaped pelvis, height, longer legs, etc. aren’t going to change. The GnRH agonists are usually given in middle school not high school after the male has already developed. I’ve read a lot of comments that say that the ship has already sailed so to speak, and all we have to do is get a good look at all the photos. What is the use of prescribing GnRH agonists after the male has already gone through puberty and is obviously male. When they have a mustache, deep voice, and muscular thighs like a running back, maybe it’s too late for the puberty blockers. The androgen blockers are not the same as estrogen. They just block androgen receptors.
    Female athletes aren’t supposed to take testosterone or steroids because that is considered cheating. However, adolescent males who naturally produce far more testosterone than females can compete against females. It’s utterly insane.
    Yearwood’s mother even admits it’s unfair.
    “I know they’ll say it is unfair and not right, but my counter to that is: Why not?” her mother said.
    Why not? Some young women are losing a spot on the team. Why is one mother more important than all the mothers of female athletes who are being cheated?
    In middle school, Andraya ran for the boys track team.
    Andraya ran on the boys track team in middle school because Yearwood is, in fact, male.
    I hate to break it to Lumsden, but Athletic competition is not based on “gender identity”; it’s based on physical attributes. Athletes don’t compete with a “gender identity” which has never been clearly defined. I could identify as a seven foot NBA player, but I’m never going to make it in the NBA based on my personal belief that I’m a poor misfortunate soul cursed with being born “in the wrong body”. I could identity as anything by simply saying, “I was born in the wrong body”, and the rest of the world must bend to my every demand based on my personal belief. People are free to believe they are “born in the wrong body” as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the lives of others.
    As to “gender identity”, there has never been a precise definition of “gender identity”, and it’s a fact that people can, and do change their gender identity. There is nothing to prevent this young man from changing his gender identity next month or next year.
    Lumsden insults our intelligence by saying,
    “Some would argue there’s an inequity here rooted in biology, that it’s unfair to other female runners. But athletes are never created equal, and the real question is what is more important — who wins a race or what kind of society we want to be?”
    There is a reason why males and females don’t compete against each other, especially after high school when puberty starts. After puberty, a male will have a significant athletic advantage. Lumsden doesn’t know diddle squat about track and field or athletic competition, and she is saying that who wins a race isn’t important. To the runners who have trained, winning sure as hell does matter. She is basically telling every female who competes against Yearwood, whether to earn a spot on the team, or all the girls in other schools who will run against Yearwood that they don’t matter. One male high school student is more important than each and every female he competes against. Even if something as important as an athletic scholarship to a college or university could be on the line, keep quiet. It’s all about one male student’s “humanity” not fair competition for all the female students he will compete against.
    Lumsden is simply barking out a few politically correct statements in the hopes we will all close our eyes to the madness. Ignore what we are actually seeing, and we all have to pretend it’s fair. Someone needs to tell her that it isn’t working.
    Don’t believe for a moment that all the girls from other high schools who will have to compete against Yearwood, an adolescent male high school student with a mustache and the legs of a line backer, are totally onboard with this travesty. If I were the mother of a girl in another high school, I would be very angry.
    I won’t go into the subject of a well-developed adolescent male sharing a locker room with teenage girls. Teenage girls have a human right to privacy.
    Lumsden cheapens and makes a mockery of the word ‘humanity’. Women’s sports are being destroyed right before our own eyes. It sickens me to no end.
    It’s time to boycott biased news sources that insult their readers with biased “opinions” solely based on one particular political agenda. This isn’t opinion as much as propaganda.
    Women’s sports are worth protecting because it’s so important for girls and women.

  14. *On the photo of Yearwood way ahead of the girls, click on the expand button on the right side of the photo to expand the photo. You can really see the difference and his muscle development. The initial gut reaction is that is a girl on steroids, or it’s a dude.

  15. If this picture is at all representative of how ‘Andraya’ presents, ‘Andraya’ is not even trying to pretend that he has a ‘girl brain’ that will drive him to suicide should he not be aloud to run with the girls (more accurately over). This is bullshit.

  16. In addition we already know males are paid more than women regardless if they’re gay or straight. Most biological adult males in sports are paid millions in contracts and endorsements when compared to only the few top ranking female athletes. Women/girls who train for years in scholarships, high school, college, olympics etc are being stolen by males in “drag”. No matter how much fake hormones/surgery males get their internal biology, DNA, bone structure, testosterone etc will always be male. The same goes for “transitioning” women which is why they’re never seen on pro sports teams with males receiving the million dollar contracts and endorsements. Mostly the only time women are paid more than males is when they’re sexually objectifying themselves for males and patriarchy. Example, porn, prostitution, stripping, world famous singer (hyperfemininity) etc.

    1. It seems that the Samoa weightlifting group guy who’s complaining on behalf of female athletes does a lot of outreach to kids from tough backgrounds (only girls? both boys and girls?):
      For him, he describes sports as a discipline thing involving goal-setting and ideally integrating academics.
      It must be frustrating for him to see athletes he’s worked with for so long denied a fair competition. The fact that some have faced down personal challenges must make it doubly disgusting.

  17. I’m so angry every time I read yet another about men taking over women’s sports! Women fought so long and hard to be granted access to sports, the Olympics, sports scholarships, and certain athletic disciplines, and now these MEN are taking it all away. There’s a reason men and women compete in separate divisions (with a handful of exceptions, such as equestrianism). Our bodies are built differently, with different bone structures and muscle mass.

    1. It is interesting how quickly the sports authorities have ‘forgotten’ why women were not simply allowed to participate alongside men and women’s sports were created to consider biological differences. At some point, the whole sporting establishment (along with the medics) are going to have to explain what the hell the point is in things like weight divisions etc. It is clear that there is not a flicker of gender dysphoria in any of these cases, they couldn’t compete and produce the desired wins against fellow males, so they opted out.
      My real fear is when the media STOP reporting that these athletes competing in women’s leagues are ‘trans’, and report their ‘successes’ (theft) as those of females.

      1. yes, this is what I keep wondering. If it’s not necessary to have sex-segregation in sports (by their logic because ‘ladybrain’), then why are we maintaining weight divisions and the like? Why is the Paralympics separate from the rest of the Olympics? Why not make it a free-for-all, because having everyone compete against everyone would strictly be the most ‘equal’ thing to do, using this idiotic definition of ‘equality’ that assumes everyone is exactly the same and that saying otherwise is somehow hate speech.

  18. Picked from above —
    “Actually, depending on how Andraya develops, and especially assuming no medical intervention, the Olympics are not impossible for Andraya.”
    this is an understatement. Every 800 meter finisher in the California boy’s state championship track meet would have won the women’s 800 meter final in the Rio Olympics by a LOT. Even in a small state like Utah, there were eight different male finishers in the various 400 meter state championship finals who ran faster than the winning time in the 400 meters at the Rio Olympics. A quick google of qualifying times for boy’s state track meets (the time a boy has to run just to be ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE in a state championship meet) shows that just the qualifying times to participate in a boy’s state championship would generally put you on the women’s Olympic team.

  19. This hurts me so much. I have three daughters, who I support in their pursuits including sports. They are still little kids, but I am really concerned that one day my girls may have to compete against boys, and due to unfair physical disadvantages, lose. I am so baffled by our society right now. We really don’t give a shit about females I guess. I thought we were better than this. And this BOY needs a therapist to accept HIMSELF. This article calls him a “female”…we have reached critical insanity levels.

  20. This just pisses me off so fucking much! “Stripped him of his humanity?” FUCK OFF!! I’m sorry. I’m just so angry right now. I am sick to death of this manipulation going on!!

  21. I recently met (by chance) a scientist who had worked with international committees which covered the trans athletes issue. He said one concern driving the emphasis on hormone levels rather than SRS was that male athletes from some countries might be forced to undergo surgery against their will by coercive regimes. He also said that current rules were made with insufficient consultation and that these rules could never make sense without an agreed definition of male/female which had public support. It was clearly a source of some anxiety that the subject was raised – I suspect we were both looking over our shoulders for the thought police.

    1. If they’re that worried about oppressive regimes forcibly castrating mediocre male athletes, they could forbid all M2Ts from competing with women.

      1. Right—what a phony reason to let men into women’s sports: “it’s to prevent forced castration!”. This repurposing of girls and women’s sports to become a safe harbor for troubled males is more evidence that gender is a hierarchy not a binary.

    2. While I’m against people being forced to have SRS, such as in countries who force those who are gay, but if your gunna go through all the effect to look and act as a female, what’s the point in keeping your male bits.
      Real Transsexuals have no problem with the forced castration rules.

  22. It’s awful enough that they force girls and women to compete with these freaks, but then if they refuse there the ones called out as bigots. I love how the transgender people are ALL about feminism, as long as it is in there favor, but this only downgrades females.
    My fear is, that it will only get far worse before it might get better. Even the Olympics are getting on board with this garbage. How many times do they have to win, before people realize it was never fair? How many acts of violence against women (Fallen Freak), will it take for them to open their eyes?
    And then they have the balls to say, that since their hormone levels are just like any woman’s, there the same? Unless, they transitioned before puberty, they are not even remotely close.
    My little sister played basketball both middle and high school, and I would have hated to see something like this happen to her.
    I wish more people would realize, Transgenderism is not about celebrating females, rather it’s just another way to break down females.

  23. He is still competing against high school girls. In the new photo, look at the muscle development in his legs. Every photo of him screams out that this is a male not a female. Girls don’t have that level of muscle development unless they are on steroids. He has male skeletal structure and male muscle development. His facial features are male.
    I don’t know if he still has his mustache. It’s kind of hard to tell in this new photo. He is just a teenage boy with long hair now. In this recent photo, a person could cut out his picture and paste it on a photo of male track runners, and he would fit right in.
    On May 30, Yearwood won the 100 and 200. What did people expect when a well developed adolescent male competes against high school girls?
    Cromwell High School in Cromwell, Connecticut is an insult to the integrity of sports. They must think we are all blind. I don’t blame him so much as the track coach and school. Unless someone has the integrity and courage to speak out against something that is so unfair that even a blind person can see it, cheaters are going to cheat. On June 6th, there is the state open. Anyone near Willowbrook Park should get out and boo the heck out of him and his coach. This is a schedule of track meets. There is only one left.
    I’m sure he has his eye on the state open.

    1. The father is appalling: “”In terms of the fairness aspect, I don’t think about that as a father. I only think about, is my daughter happy, healthy and able to participate in what she wants to do?”

      1. If fairness doesn’t matter, then why the hell are so many transwomen whining that it’s unfair lesbians won’t date them?
        Transwomen seem to be using a six-year-old’s definition of unfair–it means simply that they’re not getting what they want, and nobody else’s well-being matters.

    1. I see that the news of his state meet wins were posted above. The article I linked is different though, it’s an opinion piece pointing out that this may be “questionable.”

      1. I enjoyed most of that conversation.
        Especially this:
        “It’s not about sports. It’s about forcing you accepting a lie as truth through intimidation. Once they can get you to do that then they can get you to go along with anything.”
        There was a lot of sanity on that discussion thread. I liked it.

  24. This Freshman Boy With Mustache Destroyed Every Girl At The CT District Championship Track Meet Because Transgenderism Is A Direct Assault On Teenage Girls

    “You can’t say it’s OK for women to shower next to someone with a penis in the YMCA and then have a problem with them playing women’s sports. …People like (trans supporters) did this. They created this by humoring it in the first place. And now they’re realizing that they didn’t really think it through.”

  25. And now we have a girl whose team was banned from a girls’ soccer tournament because she looks like a boy, even though her father showed the female designation on her medical insurance card. The soccer association claimed the reason for the ban was not because she looked like a boy but because the registrar had listed her as male on the team roster–and that couldn’t possibly be due to her appearance, right? (And did I mention her name is Hispanic? Gee, it’s not as if there’s any history of treating female people of color as if they don’t really count as girls and women.)
    “Hernandez told Omaha TV station WOWT 6 (h/t ESPN.com): “Just because I look like a boy doesn’t mean I am a boy. They don’t have a reason to kick the whole club out.””
    So, let’s sum up the week in girls’ sports: A fully developed adolescent male is permitted to compete against female students because he says he’s a girl, while a girl is not allowed to play soccer with girls, even though she says she’s a girl and offered official proof that she’s female.
    No misogyny to see here. Move along, folks.

    1. So, an opposing team (according to news outlets) complained that she looked like a boy, and when officials examined the team roster she was listed as male. So the entire club was disqualified. Very strange. Seems like there must be more to this story, a number of things don’t add up. Hopefully there will be a lawsuit so we can get all the details.

      1. Yeah, the story struck me that way, too. Maybe someone saw this as a way to improve their team’s chances. Also, since it seems unlikely the team roster was one provided by the team, because they know she’s a girl, I wonder who marked her name as male.

    2. I’m trying to figure out why her first name, Mili, didn’t cause them to at least double-check. Every Mili I ever met was a girl, and even a cursory google check shows it’s a girl’s name.

  26. He would have placed last if he had run where her was supposed to. Probably wouldn’t have even made it to state.
    Well, I hope his father is proud of his princess now. Stealing the first place girls event from girls who worked hard with the body they were born with.

    1. Some guy on twitter checked the times and said the young man would have placed last in the boys competition at the same school.

    1. The Courant doesn’t moderate comments apparently, see here – “Although Andraya Yearwood identifies as a transgender girl, it should be noted that he has not undergone any hormonal or medical changes and is physiologically a boy – a boy who is unfairly and wrongly being allowed to compete in girls sports. Determining ones own gender identity and expression is one thing, but that should not take precedence over the physiological reality in situations such as sports where differentiation along physical gender lines is necessary for girls sports to exist at all. How can a transgender male-to-female not see the inherent unfairness in allowing someone with the advantages of being male to displace females in girls sports?”
      In the article Andraya says he didn’t even know the New England regionals existed. But go up a paragraph and see a long time track star mention he couldn’t imagine being so successful when he started participating years ago. It’s all so inauthentic.
      The parents of these boys don’t want a gay son, but they DO want to be the center of attention, so shove them somewhere they will excel, like girls sporting events. The mother was quoted 2 months ago saying “”I know they’ll say it is unfair and not right, but my counter to that is: Why not?” her mother said. “She is competing and practicing and giving her all and performing and excelling based on her skills. Let that be enough. Let her do that, and be proud of that.” Let me translate that – “My child is the center of the universe. I am therefore tangentially connected to the center of the universe and I enjoy that.”

  27. Transgender has destroyed women’s sports. Women’s sports was fine until this insanity came along. With this transgender nonsense, women’s sports is turning into a joke. Damn them all for destroying women’s sports.
    Whether it’s MTF or FTM, trans cheat like hell, and they have no shame whatsoever. They must know that they are cheating, but they don’t care. All we have to do is look with our own eyes. It’s a farce.
    This is how the cheating weasel, Mack Beggs, pumped up on testosterone wins.
    “Texas law bans testosterone use by high school athletes, but the state stopped testing for it after 2015. Beggs can take testosterone and still compete because Texas allows a “safe harbor” exception for athletes taking performance-enhancers under a doctor’s guidance for medical purposes.”

    Mack Beggs, Texas transgender wrestler, back to defend high school state title

    There is no doubt that testosterone builds muscle mass. Since she is on testosterone, she should have been disqualified. There is no actual medical reason for her to be on testosterone. “Gender identity” is not a medical disease. There is no medical test, lab test, or whatever that can determine “gender identity”. If they wanted to, why couldn’t ever girl on the wrestling team claim “gender identity”, and go out and find a doctor to give them some testosterone. I’m sure the women’s wrestling team would do very well.
    None of it makes sense, but like all things trans related, it doesn’t have to make sense. Let teenage boys like Yearwood compete against girls even though he has obvious male muscle development and has never been on hormones. It’s the “gender identity” that counts. Let teenage girls like Mack Beggs take testosterone and wrestle girls by taking advantage of rules that let doctors prescribe performance enhancing drugs if it’s done for “medical purposes”. It’s insane.
    Yearwood should have never been allowed to compete against teenage girls, and Mack Beggs should have been disqualified for taking testosterone. This is justice and it’s fair.

    1. I read about this person (“Mack” Beggs) and remember thinking “doping is okay if it’s done in the name of “gender”?? Insanity. The audience was right in booing when he unfairly “won” that Texas state championship.

  28. Update: Male students now dominate girl’s high school running in Connecticut. Top ranked runner is male student Terry Miller, second is male student Andraya Yearwood.
    Top female runner Erin McGill now ranked third.
    Sportswriter Jeff Jacobs who authored the above post is woefully uninformed about the “science” behind transgender sporting decisions, goes on to share that the idea that female athletes should have their own equal sporting competition that excludes males is “so morally unfair that it makes me sick”.

    1. Yup. Has Andraya met his match? Terry Miller has broken the Greater Hartford Invitational meet record in the girls 200, which stood for 21 years. http://www.courant.com/sports/high-schools/hc-sp-hs-greater-hartford-invitational-0513-story.html
      Go here and you can see how he compares in the Bulkeley High School record book as a boy last year vs. this year competing as a girl. Hint: One is waaaaaaay more impressive than the other! https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/SchoolRecords.aspx?SchoolID=14769

    2. “This much I do know: Transgender teenagers, too often rejected by family and friends, have substantially higher rates of suicide and drug use. I know a race isn’t as important as a life.”
      So why are the distress symptoms of severely traumatized girls dismissed as attention seeking, but the minute a boy hints at offing himself if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants, girls are supposed to step aside and let him have it? And you could replace “a race” with a whole list of things–a college scholarship, a job, an opportunity, a woman’s right to bodily integrity. That’s the kind of pseudo-moralizing that could be used to take just about anything from women on the grounds that it’s not “as important as a life.”

      1. So much to unpack here. Cyd Ziegler is a class privileged race privileged gay male who built his entire career on his legacy in high school sports, where he “led his high school track team in scoring three consecutive years” as a gay. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyd_Zeigler
        In Ziegler’s world, women and girls are subhuman entities notable only by the degree of their ability to serve males. Much like a dog but less obedient and less relatable. Lower than a dog. Remember how the Manson Family required female members to offer their food to the dogs before eating? Something like that.
        So when someone asks Ziegler “What’s the difference between a cisgender male competing against females and a transgender athlete doing the same?” his response, like all of his responses to everything, solely concerns the only people that matter to Ziegler: males.
        The difference between males who want to compete in female sports and those who don’t is the mental and emotional impact of female sporting events on those two types of males.
        Telling a male he has to compete against the lower sex class of women is damaging to the male, mentally and emotionally because it offends his personhood as a superior being. It offends his honor. This is the call of the “incel”, the MRA, the most fundamentalist of Christian, Jew, and Muslim.
        This is the guy who hates having a female boss. This is the guy that protests again girls who qualify as kickers on male high school football teams. Telling a male he has to compete against females is “damaging” to males. It is harmful to males when they have to compete against females. Harmful to their emotions and mental health. This is what Cyd Ziegler believes.
        But if a man wants to exercise his privilege to opt into the underclass of women, he should be given, as a male, the usual highest regard. If a male chooses to occupy the lower class this should be seen as a form of male liberation with all the rights and privileges thereof. Failure to comply with this prerogative is to invite an understandably violent response by males towards themselves or others.
        Those who object are monsters who want children to die.

  29. Great……just wonderful. Just when one thinks that the Springer-itis illness could not spread any further.
    Goes hand in hand with a new mantra:
    ‘If you cannot win via hard work and effort……CHEAT!!!!’.
    ‘What was good for some athletes in the former East Germany, is good here’

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