'On Trans Visibility Day, I Want Some Trans People To Do The Opposite' says India Willoughby

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38 thoughts on “'On Trans Visibility Day, I Want Some Trans People To Do The Opposite' says India Willoughby

  1. Does this person understand that it is also persons like that one who give the brigade a bad name? As in the caste that does exist, let alone enabling the worst of all aspired to images of the gender they want to be. This along with the litany of other sins.
    As for the claim of always having been female, I guess that pic of said same that shows a salut to some dead brewed soldiers was fake. Like the moon landings, climate change or biological fact.

    1. I *think* there is a small shelf/ledge that he is leaning on and just his pinkies fit on the flat surface.

  2. Some of the tweeters pointed out the obvious: how do we tell a “genuine transwoman” from a part time transvestite? Whatever they may think, there is usually little to no visual difference.
    The “access to healthcare” cliche that always comes up is a bit of a red herring as well. They are trying to make it sound as if trans people are being prevented from getting treatment for illnesses. In the UK, “preventing access to healthcare” means “questioning whether gender reassignment surgery should be paid for out of decreasing public funds”.

    1. True about the healthcare issue.
      What those docs who stop some of the brigade from getting their [SIC] ‘needed care’ are doing, is preventing the dispensing of elective meds and treatment. Especially when the time and medications can be better used for those who need them TO LIVE. But to the brigade….that is ‘transphobic’. Oh….the….horror.
      One day…a doc who is not afraid of these punks, should be on the same media panel with a PIW or PIW-in-training and have said PIW explain why they deserve necessary treatment ahead of a natal woman, who has an ACTUAL NEED. A real need and not electives to calm thought process.

    2. i don’t get why we get called transphobic for asking how to tell the difference between a trans woman and a pervert.

  3. Yeah, what’s with the pinkies LOL? Oh and Vanna White–hysterical Gallus. What is it with these guys? The weird stereotypical poses out of TV-femininity land give the game away every time. So did this guy really mean, that if you haven’t had your penis chopped off, THEN you should stay out of the “Ladies.?” Just asking LOL.

    1. Very much doubt that Willoughby has had his genitals mutilated. He was in a BBC series of mini videos which used to be available on Gender Identity Watch’s Facebbok page. He was very insistent that it’s rude to ask TW anything about what’s in their pants.
      No understanding of why women would want to be sure he wasn’t packing a penis

  4. Oh, no! Cross-dressing men are appropriating the rights of REAL women and using the ladies’ room! Whatever shall we do?
    You know, that trophy looks like an abstract version of a uterus and fallopian tubes.

  5. Well…I think it’s long past due that the trans community started actually acknowledging that there are all sorts of people identifying as trans who are just cross-dressers with no dysphoria and no intention of transition and that they are effectively just trolling. However, even the “true transsexual” types can sometimes behave exactly like regular men no matter how far they get into their estrogen injections, and effectively the only difference between a man in a dress and a true transsexual is that the true transsexual adds hormones and plastic surgery to make their drag routine more realistic. They’re still biologically male and still may scare women in the washroom.

    1. Hey purple sage,
      Yes, I agree that it’s good to see at least a little acknowledgment of the issue, but I feel like his claims that rad fems troll and threaten trans women completely cancelled out any good it could have done. That bullshit makes me so mad. Rad fems threatening trans women! Such a reversal of the truth. Just so disgustingly dishonest.

  6. So there is a Trans Visibility Day and a Trans Day of Remembrance. On what dates do LGB Visibility Day and LGB Day of Remembrance fall? Oh, that’s right, there is no LGB Visibility Day and no LGB Day of Remembrance. Because LGB is not allowed to exist independently of the parasitic, hegemonic organism, T. But T is fully empowered to exist independently of LGB when it serves the interests of T to do so.

  7. Wow it sure does suck when someone appropriates your struggle without understanding it

  8. #1 “Being a transvestite isn’t wrong or dangerous…”
    Here’s a link to crime statistics regarding transvestites (spoiler: they’re significantly more likely to commit: rape, exhibitionism, sadism, masochism, obscene phone calling and mail, bestiality, female incestuous/nonincestuous pedophilia and male nonincestuous pedophilia):
    Gender Identity Laws and Concerns for Women’s Safety
    #2 “Unless you are transitioning, stay out of the ladies. Pulling on a frock as and when the mood takes doesn’t cut it. You don’t have a God-given right to go into female-only spaces.” — And then: “I’m fed up of being expected to bite my lip out of solidarity, while arguments rage about why men who dress up should have all the rights of transgender women. They shouldn’t.”
    To be female means: “belonging or relating to women, or the sex that can give birth to young or produce eggs.” (Cambridge Dictionary) Note that the term woman in this same dictionary means: “an adult female human being,” so it is not on the basis of gender. (Cambridge Dictionary)
    So, males “don’t have a God-given right to go into female-only spaces.” But, if they are indeed “female-only” spaces, then neither do transwomen. Because transitioning, which may entail either: (a) cross-sex hormones, and/or (b) feminization/masculinization surgery — does not actually change someone’s sex from male to female or female to male. The most it can do is make someone sexually neuter. Being sexually neuter is not the same as being female: neuter “lacking or having imperfectly developed or nonfunctional generative organs.” (Merriam-Webster)
    #3 “This week, a guy dressed as drag legend Divine sent me a video, saying Jenni Murray was right – a transgender person cannot be a ‘real’ woman.”
    He’s right…kind of. A transman is already a “real” woman. Because woman means: “an adult female human being,” and transmen are female (particularly before any surgery occurs which may turn the person neuter). A transwoman is not a “real” woman because the term “woman” is not either consistently nor primarily used to refer to gender, it is consistently and primarily used to refer to one’s sex. The same trend applies to the term “man.” (Cambridge Dictionary, Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, Merriam-Webster)
    #4 “It’s transgender women who get trolled and threatened by radical feminists – fuelled [sic] by misconceptions which the likes of Murray and Greer deliberately connect to transvestite men.”
    First of all, there is overlap between transgenderism and transvestitism: https://thepoliticsofgender.wordpress.com/concerns-for-womens-safety/ — that is important to be aware of, especially considering the propensity for crime and paraphilia in the transvestite community.
    Secondly, until there is some objective way to verify that someone is indeed transgender rather than a transvestite, making claims of being one will simply not be enough. Transitioning is also not enough, because there are individuals who detransition and do not transition back. These people who detransitioned cannot be said to be transgender, so it’s clear that transition can happen whether someone is actually transgender or not. This means that the act of transitioning itself cannot be used as a definitive criteria for determining whether someone is transgender or not, as both transgender and non-transgender persons can do it. (See #2)
    The article was more coherent than most I’ve read from transgender individuals, but it still suffers from extreme problems with contradictory terminology, logic, and claims. It’s a shame. If this person was going to brave backlash from the transgender community and its activists, it would’ve been more worthwhile to at least get something out that’s more rational and factually-supportable.

    1. I’m going to read that link about transvestites in a minute.
      Generally, I have no problem with male transvestites who are honest, and describe themselves as such – Grayson Perry comes to mind. It’s the deception that rubs me up the wrong way – near me, there is an elderly man who goes around masquerading as an elderly female antique dealer during the day, but reverts to his male identity at night. His behaviour when he is in drag is innocuous, but everyone knows who and what he is, yet he insists on pretending that his two personas aren’t the same person. This strikes me as very odd and not the behaviour of a mentally healthy person.

      1. @Rachel that is a bizarre story.
        Do you think it’s a prank, or that he’s a fetishist who somehow gets off on that schtick?

      2. It is really bizarre. I don’t think it’s a prank, as he’s been keeping it up for years. He definitely “identified as” a transvestite some years ago (long story as to how I know this). He might be an autogynephile or he could just be a bit mad.

    2. Going by your argument, JD, postmenopausal women are neuter, as are infertile people of both sexes. Also there will never be an objective way to determine whether someone is truly transgender because gender identity is entirely subjective.

  9. As a butch straight transwoman, I am highly offended that I need to transition in order to validate my laydee feelings by using the Women’s Room. My beard, laydee penis and masculine demeanor are all an essential part of my femaleness. This is the worst sort of transphobia and I may kill myself if this keeps up. You will have blood on your hands, Terfs!

    1. Mark F. you were told to stop trolling my blog. Yet you persist. I suggest you LEAVE ME ALONE as requested. Final warning, you piece of shit.

    1. Nice…the ending of ‘Who’s On First’ makes more sense.
      How lovely it must be to have the privilege of ‘switching’ back and forth, like it is a child’s game. All done with the smirk of ‘I pulled one off on you jerks…and laugh all the way to the bank’. Damn….

      1. Big trumpeting elephant in the room with this one – he’s obviously trying to transition out of his ethnicity as well, although this is meant to be BAD.

  10. a MtT wants to use the woman’s bathroom while also establishing boundaries on who is considered trans to get into the same bathroom he uses because transgender identity “is not a game”.
    The jokes write themselves. But I can’t laugh.

  11. The subtext to his written argument is very simple and adds up: It’s quite hard to live out one’s girly fantasies if one is surrounded by hulking broad-shouldered ex marines in poorly fitting dresses and wigs in the ladies room. If the other role players aren’t putting in the necessary effort, his immersion is ruined.

    1. Very well put, I identify as rich. Nothing exposes the fakery of India’s claim to be a woman like the presence of other men whose fetishisms make the motivation all too clear.
      BTW, India now has another piece in Pink News apologising for not appreciating that any MTT who claims to be a woman is, indeed, a woman even if he makes no attempt to pass. India is, from a transactivist perspective, now a total TERF. Amusing.

      1. If Chimananda Ngozi was made to eat crow why shouldn’t India Willoughby? If you can’t take the heat…….keep your girly fantasies to yourself. The fetishism comes shining through, that’s true. it would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    1. So the plan was to allow men to use the women’s facilities but keep it on the down low so women don’t know what we’re getting into when we shop at Target? Disgusting. But that’s all the T has: lies, lies, obfuscation, secrecy, lies, “bigot!”
      I also don’t buy that CEO’s excuse. His underlings intentionally left him out of the loop, and yet I see nothing about them getting fired.

  12. Fascinating that they used a picture of an actual woman to head the story. Wonder why.
    Further, Willoughby refers to ‘transvestites’ in a derisory manner when it is obvious from his appearance and profile that he himself is a transvestite autogynephile. Pot calling the kettle black.
    So let’s be clear: Willoughby is a man with a disorder such that he becomes sexually aroused by the ‘thought or image of himself as a woman.’
    He is not a ‘trans woman’, though he may fairly describe himself as a transwoman, if such dissembly be required.
    There is no relationship whatsoever between autogynephilic men like Willoughby and true transsexuals, AKA ‘homosexual transsexuals’ or Blanchard HSTS. These are called homosexual because they are uniquely attracted to men from childhood.

  13. I think the issue with transgender people’s access to healthcare should actually be one of the more broad movement for access to mental healthcare. Hormones and surgery have a lot of risks and little evidence of benefit. CBT and psychiatric medication have good evidence of helping with lots of mental health issues.

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