Fayetteville Goddess Festival BANS Lesbian Event


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The Fayetteville Arkansas Goddess Festival BANNED a scheduled Lesbian event after men who identify as transwomen complained that female homosexuality excludes males. The BANNED event was ironically titled ‘The Disappearing L: Erasure of Lesbian Spaces and Culture’.
Description of Event, now deleted




Even the description of the event has been censored

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  1. The anti-gay group ‘InTRANSitive’ campaigns against the rights of women to hold any public gatherings or events. They claim women’s rights to gather are a form of sex-based discrimination against men:

  2. What balance do they think they’re restoring, exactly? Because women’s power is just so over represented in this world that of course we have to move over and make room for the poor men. What a bunch of cowardly lesbophobic twats. Took the trans activists forty fucking years to destroy Michfest, and these jokes fold after one objection.
    Facebook page for the event seems to have disappeared as well. What happened? Were actual lesbians objecting? God forbid. Srly these people worship men so much I don’t think they have any business holding a Goddess festival, or claiming to worship one. Join the religious right and be done with it.

      1. Last night there were wonderful comments. I was amazed at how true, direct, blunt and honest they were, without the usual “I don’t wish the ‘transwomen’ harm but please can we be allowed a couple of hours….”
        It was a relief to see such strong comments, and they fucking erased them? Dedicated to disappearing Lesbians on every level….

    1. You’re exactly right they should not be holding a goddess festival. I checked out the local worship of the feminine divine center a while back, and, yes, they were kowtowing to the trans. I don’t know what they’re worshiping but it certainly is not feminine power and wisdom.

      1. I followed the link that Gallus Mag posted: https://www.facebook.com/pg/omnicenter/reviews/?ref=page_internal
        and can see the pressure that was put on at OMNI Center for Peace site by transgender activists. They put the pressure on with their posts and threats. Why are these venues and organizations listening to just a few persons over the majority of voices of all women and in this case lesbians? Why aren’t we posting at this organizations site “OMNI Center” how we feel about them banning the event? All I see are posts from transgender activists. They are winning because they are showing up and putting the pressure on. We need to do the same thing. The event was called the “Disappearing L, Lesbians Rise Up”. We need to also put the pressure on.

        1. All of the hundreds of comments left by women have been now censored and deleted. I guess you haven’t been following this situation. Pity.

  3. This is so outrageous. “We are unwilling to shut out the voices of these women with 150 years of combined experience in the women’s liberation movement… Annnnnd, we are now not only willing but happy to shut out the voices of our lesbian and feminist foremothers.”
    GROW SOME OVARIES, LADIES. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR SISTERS. Stand up for your own instincts, for chrissakes… your own instincts NOT to silence your female elders. Jesus H…

    1. I agree, but please, ovaries does not make courage as many who have survived hysterectomies prove and are some of our strongest, and please don’t call us “ladies.” It literally hurts.
      It looks like many did protest and were erased, so that means the organizers might have agreed with the trannies, but hid behind pretending they had no choice? How else to interpret it?

      1. Is this a joke? You reply to my comment with two of the most common lines of “language control” rules enforced by those in queer activist circles : (1) don’t refer to quintessentially female anatomy because it offends/excludes those who don’t have that anatomy (2) you should intuit everyone’s preferences and also please everyone simultaneously at all times
        My response:
        (1) Some women don’t have ovaries, therefore no one should ever use plays-on-words that riff on the fact that the female equivalent of “balls” is “ovaries”? Really? I didn’t say or imply that bravery ONLY comes from ovaries, either.
        (2) And, yes, I am aware that some women don’t like to be called “ladies.” Some women do not like this word, but there is nothing misognistic, insulting, or otherwise actually offensive about the word, which comes from the Old English for “loaf-kneader” and whose definitions in the dictionary include “any woman; any grown-up female” and “a polite term for a woman.”
        What does the world want of me?? How can we even continue speaking in this climate??

      2. I have heard the women’s anthology “that takes ovaries” has been removed from some bookstores here and in Europe, due to the title–and is ‘quietly’ being taken off the shelves of univ libraries when it was once included in the women’s studies curriculum.

        One of my friends contributed to it.
        The return of McCarthyism in our lifetime.

    2. I have no ovaries (hysterectomy), gerda, and am not in the least offended by your language, knowing exactly what you mean! We live in a world where fierce courage is in extremely short supply, and we don’t need any of our sisters using a calculator to add up their years in women’s “liberation.” It deeply saddens me that women who lived through the activism of the seventies would be so stupid or cowardly as to crumple under the trans assault. They need some lessons from Miriam Ben-Shalom!

      1. I object to many women being erased and am compared to the trans cult that I’ve been fighting since 1971? Also, I’m not one of those who are applauded for fighting the trans while otherwise protecting and supporting them.

      2. Bev Jo, my comment was not in reference to you, it was in reference to the women at the Omni center!

    1. And if form follows fashion, something says that waste of genetic material will go on to threaten bodily harm to ANY actual woman or lesbian who shows up.
      In reading the post in full, this is so damn similar to how some of these same jerks, under the guise of legal fact sheets…showed how to get around affirmative action laws, in the mid 70’s. In particular, this was with regard to the FCC guidelines with regard to being more diverse(and at the same time…avoid possible license suspension or revoking of same).
      Same erasure tactic….different group being targeted by a bunch of punks.

  4. So they finished the job of “Disappearing the L”!! Sickening. I have no words…

  5. I can’t shake my first impression from really looking at the drawing from the poster that the woman pictured there bears a striking resemblance to a younger version of Brucilda Jenner as he looks now. Either way,the twanz Inquisition strikes again.
    Things haven’t changed much. Z Budapest faced violence doing her rituals at festivals in the 70’s from outraged males attempting to pull their wives from the circle. Just the bullshit providing the rationalization for males doing this has changed in some minor details. The priciples remain the same.

    1. I’m glad you brought this up. Resistance to lesbian/feminist gatherings has always been a problem in Pagan circles. The weapons change but not the underlying fear.

  6. I respectfully – but decidely DISAGREE with what I perceived to have been the ENFORCED action taken by the organizers of the Lesbian Event. As mentiontioned elswhere: if the Event had instead been themed on the subject of PERIODS: would the organizers have *similarly* rushed to apologize to the Trans community? …or perhaps spinelessly CHANGED it to one about JOCK ITCH? Women – and especially those who either personally undertake, or are democraticaly mandated to HEAD-UP FEMINIST ORGANIZATIONS, need to ENSURE that any actions taken by them are TRULY COLLECTIVE, and not instinctive or unilateral. And there is a Very Good REASON why the BODY-PART cited in the eponymous term of “HEAD-UP,” refers to the Cool, Rational LOGIC of the BRAIN, and NOT the Empathetic, invariably SELF-SACRIFICING impulses of the HEART. Word to the Wise Women…

    1. “if the Event had instead been themed on the subject of PERIODS: would the organizers have *similarly* rushed to apologize to the Trans community?”
      Unfortunately, that’s all too possible in the current climate. (Transwoo)men have tried to claim that menstruation shouldn’t be discussed as a women’s issue because not all women menstruate. Some of them also say they get periods–perhaps some internal organ identifies as a uterus?–so they might want to be included and then shut down discussion about anything except mood swings or chocolate cravings with the claim that mention of our biological reality is “triggering” and somehow transphobic.
      Hey–maybe all-female events can be rebranded as “Menstruators Only” since that’s the Orwellian language they demand we use! Of course, then they’d change what we’re allowed to say while insisting “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.”
      This cancellation of this workshop enrages me. It’s such a blatant attempt to erase lesbian history, especially given the deletion of all the comments by lesbians that GM mentioned (and I’ve no doubt the trans crowd, if not stopped, will rewrite all women’s history to center themselves). It reminds me of the way transactivists have been retconning Stonewall to make (transwoo)men its supposed heroes. Give them a little longer and we’ll be hearing that no one but (transwoo)men took part at all.
      Or maybe all history was made by (transwoo)men. I mean, the founders of our country wore wigs while, for centuries, many men dressed in robes and gowns. And how do we know all those long-haired characters in the Bible didn’t identify as women? Maybe we’ll even hear about how Mary the mother of Jesus was really a transwoman–talk about a miraculous birth!
      The whole peak trans thing feels like hiking in the Himalayas; there’s always another peak ahead.

      1. “Maybe we’ll even hear about how Mary the mother of Jesus was really a transwoman–talk about a miraculous birth!”
        There has been an argument in favor of Eve being a transwoman. Cause she was created from Adam’s DNA, you know. So God creating a woman to give birth using a gender-nonspecific front hole = totally unbelievable. God enabling a man to give birth and completely neglecting to create the other half the human species = common sense. I don’t know where women came from, according to this myth. Buds on flowers or something.

      2. “I don’t know where women came from, according to this myth. Buds on flowers or something.”
        Lilith, perhaps?
        I’d buy Eve as a transwoman, but only in that she was made in the image of what Adam wanted.

      3. Hm, that Eve as a transwoman makes only sense if one assumes that the first myth about god creating woman and man from earth refers to Lilith, and then, after Adam complained that Lilith was not submissive enough, god took Adam’s rib and made a … woman-shaped male, but more submissive and “feminine” than the actual woman.
        Adam must have found some way to force Lilith to give birth to his children, though, or he wouldn’t have had any.
        Mary as transwoman doesn’t work, there’s texts about how she was so holy she was raised in a temple until she started to menstruate and they had to throw her out because misogyny.

    2. Spiritual workshops centered around periods can and have been rejected. At the same time, workshop groups that object to menstruating women attending a ceremony are deferred to.

      1. I saw them too and appreciated the support. The comments were 90% wonderful, from what I saw, with the rest being men or their followers.
        I’m more in shock they deleted them than the workshop, for some reason. I guess it’s clearly even more calculated censorship.

        1. Yep. All Lesbian comments and Gay male comments and all comments from our allies deleted now by the Fayetteville Goddess Festival. Very ugly stuff.

      2. Thanks for bringing my attention to that. It’s really reassuring to see those women going to bat for lesbian spaces and voices. Now I feel a little better!

      3. Such erasure makes GenderTrender even more important since how else do we even find out about what the fuck is happening to women from the men and their lackeys?

    1. Well, this straight woman wouldn’t set foot in a “goddess festival” that did that and I would have NO problem telling them they are wrong. The pagan communities are full of nuts as it is which makes it difficult to be part of them, and adding in basic misogynists who hide behind their shields of mental unhealthiness while demanding female attention makes it much worse (seen it).
      Some women need to figure out you don’t need to adopt every fucking nut failed actor in the world. We have them in our families, we have them as friends, we can volunteer, but we don’t need to let them roll over us like we are some Stockholm Syndrome cases.

  7. As a straight woman I find this awful and a step back into the dark ages. How can you ban something just because it isn’t inclusive to another group of people by the nature of the thing? I am a meat eater. Does my enjoying a steak mean you have to close down a workshop on vegetarian cookery because it doesn’t include meat as an ingredient? Ridiculous!

  8. Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    The Homophobic Man’s gender cult that polices woman’s gender gatherings, has shut down a homosexual female’s workshop out of homophobia.
    Straight men were angry that there are actually gay females that wanted to meet.
    Straight males were quoted saying, “but my penis is an inside out vagina”
    Other straight white men declaired that Homosexual females are treating penis’d, adams appled- ball bearers like common immigrants, and dammit! They are White born males that deserve to be served lesbians, and have jacked-off to more lesbian porn than any lesbian alive!
    The sausage fest will go on as planned.

  9. Commenting before but still new to this, so feel free to correct if I’m mistaken but in terms of trans now taking over and attempting to erase anything biology, health, literature, safety etc associated with women and especially lesbian events and groups. I’m thinking we as lesbians should have local groups and events with private memberships and affordable fees at community centers that are not advertised publicly to keep our groups and events private. Also seperately vetting periodically working with allies when our issues converge.
    I also saw the book Disappearing L Lesbian erasure and am interested to know if other women feel this is a good reference for lesbian history, as I’ve also read Bev Jo’s Dykes loving Dykes online and glad to hear she’s writing another book. There seems to be many good lesbian authors I’ve found on Amazon.com, but no time to read them all which is why its so important that lesbian born women continue to defend and protect our private space so we can discuss our issues and history.

    1. Thank you, Keisha. The problem with private groups for women or Lesbians only is that we are the poorest people. Some do exist but are for the privileged only. Unless there is money to own the spaces/buildings, anything organized is subject to the same erasure. So we are left meeting in public/het/male spaces, where we huddle together to dance or have events, etc. while the men perv on us. And their supporters may deny it, but the men pretending to be Lesbians are the more aggressive in groping and grabbing women than regular het men are.
      We need two things:
      1. Enough money for women’s/Lesbian’s buildings and to be able to pay lawyers to keep them open.
      2. Women to once again ally and say no to these men en masse. The trans cult can do very little without their women supporters who betray all females.
      Neither are likely to happen. As I researched just a bit of what we once had in the Bay Area, another destructive element was that after Lesbians spent years building important and needed organization, once they were solid and had funding, those who just wanted careers and money took over, and gutted the original groups. I’m not sure a single one survived.

      1. Remember when Canadian transactivists stalked a gathering of Radical Feminists meeting in a private home and held a creepy male “protest” across the street?

    1. The men already know how lesbians feel about their violation, harassment, and intrusion. Energy would be better spent protesting to the festival and/or venue.

  10. They just need to regroup somewhere else, rent a private hotel near the main event, and do it anyway. Nobody could stop that. Lesbians need to gather names, do follow-up and just change the tactics. We did this at a few lesbian events, and are continuing to do this around town. It does work. But this is an outrage, and why are lesbians betraying lesbians? That is the nightmare. And where are the thousands of straight women willing to step up, NOW IS THE TIME straight women, because lesbians age after age have carried the torch for women’s liberation, NOW you need to support us in a massive way.

  11. Oh and all born womyn go out and buy the book “The Disappearing L” and read it, buy it by the thousands so it becomes a bestseller, and distribute it at lesbian events everywhere. I read it and it is a brilliant book, all women need to read it and learn from it. That would be good revenge, make it a bestseller on Amazon or at your local bookstore…. think of it….. thousands and thousands of women reading and buying this book and hosting the author and putting her up in a nice hotel. That would be a very good tactic.

    1. Yep. Some of the conversations are unintelligible due to that. I’m not even a lesbian and I’m so damn mad. How could they capitulate to these freaks and their followers?

      1. ALL females should be pissed at this event censorship and censoring of the Facebook comments. Didn’t mean to sound as though I shouldn’t care cause I am straight (previous comment). We’ve all been erased when ANY get erased.

  12. Lesbians are always the first women to get attacked by misogynists. It’s so sad when non-lesbian women bow to outside pressure (often accompanied by their own homophobia) and throw their lesbian sisters under the bus.
    When will the handmaidens who bow to this pressure finally realise that there is no way to make enough concessions to appease the transactivists? They will not be satisfied until they have erased all women.

    1. All women are attacked by misogynists. I can only judge by these posts, but lesbians are involved in a very small disappearing community and every hurt seems outsized and even more personal but trust me, we all get thrown under by men depending on the interaction.
      Lesbians are so invisible that the “average” straight women don’t even know they are thrown under the bus. Straight women think lesbians are coming out, not realizing, most of those are actually bi and there is a “hardcore” (I don’t know your language so I’ll use that) community that created not only a history, but the social cultures that enabled lesbians to thrive. Maybe there is an impression that is no longer needed.
      The “handmaidens” you refer to are no more representative to the universal community of women then anyone else involved in the alphabet soup of LGBTQABCDEFG etc. I am going to out out on a limb and posit that the handmaidens are really part of the alphabet soup identifying as bi or “queer” or something. Straight woman don’t give a shit about validating the female identity of a man.
      So when the handmaiden voices come from the queer community, straight women think well, that must be what the whole alphabet soup wants. So I don’t think this really is “non lesbian women” as much as “queer” women who are not lesbian, not straight, not bi, just sort of sexually inclusive wannabees that don’t know how to say no. It’s fashion.
      So somehow, lesbians need to make themselves fashionable. Current. Cool. Empowered. and most of all VISIBLE. Maybe protest that goddess festival in the Lesbian Camp like the Trans did to Michfest and have a LOT more fun and a big party. Take lots of pictures of loud and proud lesbians and twitter the fuck out of it.

      1. I realise this comment is meant well, but it’s a bit insulting to lecture lesbians on what sort of activism we need to do, as if there are not many women here who have been doing this for decades and know way better than you the current state of the war, so to speak. Personally, I’ve been a radical feminist for about 10 years now; I’ve been aware I was a lesbian since I was 16 (nearly 20 years of my life lived as a lesbian now, woo!) I’ve been involved in organising some women-only events in the current climate, and you have no idea what it entails, how much shit gets thrown around, how exhausting it is, the sheer number of threats involved, and how willing absolutely everyone is to throw us under the bus at the first opportunity. Straight women don’t know because straight women don’t *want* to know for the most part. Most straight women are made very uncomfortable by lesbians and want us to go away and would prefer that we remain invisible. Most straight women only want to know about gay men, and think that because they love gay men they don’t have to worry about lesbians since lesbians (in many straight people’s minds) are just a subset of gay women ‘owned’ by gay men, the way straight women are owned by straight men in straight society.
        As if lesbians have not been begging straight women to help us in this fight for years and years and years, because we’re the ones who have been on the front lines of it, who’ve had our spaces and culture decimated by this. Saying oh we just didn’t know, sorry, is not really much of an excuse.
        I mean, yeah, now suddenly straight women are starting to wake up en mass because the transactivsts have been largely successful in destroying all lesbians spaces, so of course it’s time for them to move onto bigger targets in the mainstream, and that’s starting to affect straight women. Now straight women are suddenly starting to pay attention to the few spaces lesbians have courageously kept going in spite of the risk and effort involved, because they want somewhere safe to go too; now they suddenly want to hear all the critiques we’ve been making for years.
        And, fyi, lesbians are never going to be fashionable. We’re a threat to male supremacy because we don’t centre our lives around men. That’s true of every lesbian out there, even the a-political ones and the ones with internalised misogyny (of which there are many). If I’m to be perfectly honest, I think many of the rights we currently have, we only got because we were being lumped in with gay men, and it benefited us for a while in that context.
        Like, yes, I’m a realist. I am perfectly aware we need all women to come together to fight this shit. But, wow, that comment about needing to make ourselves visible really rubs me the wrong way. Michfest was the biggest gathering of lesbians that happened anywhere on the planet. It lasted for forty years, and very few straight allies helped us to try and keep that space alive. The issue is not that we weren’t visible. The issue is that you weren’t looking.
        And now, because so much of our power base has been destroyed, when lesbians try to be visible on these issues, we face not only threats from transactivists and the nutty queers of various stripes and MRAs and lefty dude-bros, many also face the prospect of being ostracized from what is left of the lesbian community as well, and losing all their friends, all their social and community connections, quite possibly their careers, and being left completely isolated with nowhere to go. That’s actually what is stopping many lesbians right now, especially lesbians in their 20s and younger where this stuff is most ubiquitous.
        Lesbians are living in a state of occupation right now. Flying below the radar is the only way many feel they can survive. So how about, instead of us having to make ourselves visible and put targets on our back for the millionth time, how about instead of that, straight women stand up and say yes, we stand with lesbians, we stand for lesbians, we will create spaces that are safe for you, and we will help you defend those spaces, and we will tell men that enough is enough and they can’t continue to harass you, and we’ll take some of those hits that you’ve been taking in this fight, because we recognise that you matter.
        But is that what is happening? Nope. Think about the topic of this post. A group of lesbians wanted to have a workshop about the disappearance of lesbians to RAISE VISIBILITY on the issue that this is even happening. And what happened? Did straight women stand with them and protect that space for them? No, of course they didn’t. Again, the problem is not that straight people don’t know. It was the topic of the workshop ffs. It’s that they don’t care and won’t put themselves on the line for lesbians.
        So, that was a really long response, and I’m not meaning it specifically as a call out to you or any individual, but as a reminder that lesbians have already been doing most of the heavy lifting on this issue and others for a very long time, and that it’s not our failing that straight women haven’t helped us; it’s theirs. Consider it a letter from the war zone.

      2. Thank you for responding and I did write that knowing I was on the line. So I am taking your comments as good advise. And I offer some counters.
        Some of my point is, sure you know the war way better, but that is because this hasn’t been “our” war. The only reason I ever found out about this trans **&^ was looking for gay (males and females) perspectives on the web and finding article after article about transgender issues. It absolutely puzzled me, like…where is the gay stuff? (This was just before the dam broke open on this). So I started reading trans perspectives and got increasingly appalled, and realizing I can’t be the only one thinking this is sexist, I googled around and found all ya’ll.
        I have never heard one cross thing said about lesbians and I am not sure straight women are uncomfortable around lesbians. I still advance that this community is invisible. We “want” to know about gay men, because all of us are related to one, or have a friend that is a gay man. Lesbians, not so much. I never heard of Michfest and I was actually stunned that I missed its existence but that isn’t because I willed myself to not see it or tuned out begging for help, I am saying it really existed in a bubble and that bubble attracted transwomen and not straight women. That is why you were fighting to begin with and since this wasn’t something any of us dealt with, why would we be so aware? We weren’t looking for lesbians, transwomen weren’t looking for us. I can guarantee you the awareness that transwomen have been horndogging after lesbians and fucking with their spaces is something that almost all straight women are not aware of. We get horndogging, we live with it, we take those hits ourselves. A lot of them.
        So back you your community, as these men have menaced you and threatened you directly or indirectly or even your employment, I am not sure how we can help other than some of the softer ways – like telling the ACLU all contributions are cut off and why, or things like that. Do you need more bars and thus investors? More websites? Straight women in gay bars crowding out the jerks? The “war zone” for “us” is our daughters. We aren’t going to focus on your community unless we are clued in where to look.

      3. I agree, Weirdward.
        A lot of het women do know about Lesbians because for decades they went with their husbands or boyfriends to our bars to perv on us. We saw them. We also saw our friends cut us off when we told them we were Lesbians.
        Since who we love is all a choice, many het women are drawn to us, just as many were in love with other girls growing up, but at the same time they are terrified of their own feelings. But some others came out and still do, some quite late in life.
        In the SF Bay Area, there is no excuse for any het woman to not know about Lesbians, yet I’ve been amazed when one of the bands we dance to plays at a het nightclub and the het women look horrified to see us dancing, while the men both leer and look nervous. I have been publicly, visibly a Lesbian since I was a teenager and most of the het women I’ve known have been hostile and oppressive, starting with high school friends.The Lesbian-hating het women have included cruel doctors who refused me basic medical care, like when I had a 103 degree fever and white spots on my throat and was denied a strep test and asked if I had AIDS. Another woman doctor actually freaked out when I said of course I didn’t use birth control (my lover was there with me), and then she ignored my illness and started asking if I’ve always been “this way” and recommended hormones. I have so many horror stories.
        I don’t believe het women didn’t know about men saying they are women and Lesbians since so many left their wives and girlfriends to invade our communities. Some of these het women played along with their men for years, accepting them as women and then came into our community saying they had been longtime Lesbians because their ex-husbands were a Lesbians. (One of these women broke a Lesbian friend’s heart and then ended our friendship because I tried to support my friend to not trust this woman.)
        So yes, it could make a big difference if het women in their far larger numbers and often extensive privilege (money, careers, houses, etc.) that they got from their men could fight the trans cult also. Ways to help can mean writing, to take the pressure off Lesbians like Gallus Mag and others of us who are censored by the trans cult, publicly protesting, sharing resources, going and be there when the last Lesbian spaces (which are usually for all women) are being attacked, whether conferences or spaces like the Vancouver Women’s Library.
        The recent political marches could be a very public way to get more women involved. Keep saying no to the lie that men can be women. Spread the word to other het women friends and everyone you know, and keep bringing up the travesties most hate, like Bruce Jenner. Talk about the trans cult’s drugging and cutting up kids and protest the television shows that promote it.
        There are so many ways to support Lesbians in this and all women who say no to men demanding we accept them as Lesbians. These men could do very little without the massive support they get from women.

      4. To Bevjo – This is long winded so forgive me.
        We certainly have known lesbians and that is because they identify themselves as lesbians and has nothing to do with trolling clubs looking for threesomes with some guy. I will certainly acknowledge that 2 women kissing or dancing close will still get shocked looks. That just isn’t common in flyover and I can imagine there would be no excuse for that in San Francisco. That of course does show the need to have private spaces where you can be away from the endless stream of people who just don’t know how to react when faced with homosexuals and where you can meet each other without other people’s baggage.
        But this again, creates a bubble, and that bubble is drawing transwomen. Heterosexual women of course knew there were men saying they are women and leaving their wives because that is an old joke say in, movies. But do we actually know any? I would say almost none of us do despite the sudden overwhelming outsized media attention, (although NOW I know several people transitioning either 1st or 2nd hand. This skyrocketed, relatively. I have yet to hear of any man leaving his wife to become a woman, other than reading about it, and I am an outlier reading about this.)
        Even with the media attention, the majority of straight women don’t know that men who get what until recently we called “sex change operations” may insist that they are lesbians. You may know men like this, but San Francisco and Manhattan queer-friendly clubs are not representative of the world. We do know lesbians and they aren’t males.
        Awareness in society at-large is only just starting that transwomen insist they are women just like we are. The pervs you encountered are in the bubble. Most of us are not in this bubble. We are in our own much larger bubble. Heterosexual women are not trying to burst yours.

  13. Thank you so much for posting about all this, Gallus Mag. I was hoping the comments would reach those women who were new or confused, but they sure don’t want that to happen. I also keep hoping that at some point women who care about females will finally realize that no other oppressed people has so many members accepting and supporting the oppressors who want to destroy them and they finally see these vile female-hating men for exactly what they are.

  14. In these types of controversies, I find it useful to cite the perspective of transsexual (her term) Miranda Yardley, in order to gum up the rigid, inaccurate “trans vs lesbian” narrative:
    Although not the very vocal mainstream, her perspective allows for honest, nuanced recognition of difference and of the need for women’s only spaces.
    A question for the Fest: is such a workshop really so harmful, if some trans activists are supportive of activities like that?

  15. I’m disgusted to the core by this. A “celebration of the feminine divine” ALLOWED to be derailed by men. I’m not even going to fault the men here in their efforts to shut this down. That’s just the perpetual ‘same ol’ shit, different day’ scenario that’s been going on forever. You can rage against it like women have always raged against it and no change comes about. Change comes about by standing up, by resisting, by going forward unswayed.
    Sisterhood is not a costume you put on and take off at whim when men apply pressure. Putting on costumes is their realm, it should never be ours.

  16. From Intransitive’s facebook page after finding out that the workshop was canceled: “We know that these are difficult times for our community, and the disappointment of encountering a TERF event sponsored by the a center for peace and justice has added damage. We are able and willing to host a space on Thursday for any community members who would like to come together. A space for us to process feelings, cry, talk, and laugh. If you have an interest in attending this space please express your interest by a comment below or a private message.”
    Huh? Now they can have their own exclusive space? This doesn’t sound very inclusive.

  17. They are disgraceful cowards, the whole lot of them. I bet if these women were around when the witches were being burned at the stake and sadistically tortured, they would be the first people to light the fire.
    Why the hell would any woman want to go to a trans “goddesses can have penises too” festival in Arkansas? That is the last place on earth I would ever go. There are alternatives such as Wolf Fest which is held in spectacular and stunning country. Arkansas stinks. Well, it does.
    The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice doesn’t know anything about peace and justice. It has been brainwashed pure and simple. It has no idea whatsoever what is actually happening in the real world other than what it is told by transgender activists. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that sterilizing children and “transitioning” disabled women are human rights abuses. This is happening as we speak. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that a lesbian family was slaughtered just last November, and not one useless trans run LGBTQIA organization will say on word. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that lesbians have been under siege for years, and it’s coming from transgender activists and their allies. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that all oppressed people have a right to assemble, and this includes lesbians. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that in some countries corrective rape of lesbians has been going on for years. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that the “Cotton Ceiling” was offensive to lesbians. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that lesbians have received death threats. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice needs to know that some countries such as Iran carry out gay and lesbian eugenics through sex reassignment surgery. The degree to which gay and lesbian eugenics through SRS is carried out in the US is debatable, but a lot of people are waking up.
    Why do these women think they are so special, and why in the holy hell do they think they are all goddesses? Women have been caving into the demands of males for centuries, pandering to their needs at the expense of our own needs. For a woman to call herself a “goddess”, and then have the audacity to cave to the pressure of males is an insult to the female sex. Goddesses are supposed to have courage which these women clearly lack. Goddesses fight tooth and nail for all women which these people do not. Goddesses don’t ask pretty please from the men folk before acting.
    So, lesbians can’t be goddesses, or have workshops, but having a penis and testicles makes you a “goddess”. Sorry, but goddesses do not have a penis. No, they really don’t, and no one actually believes it.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all because misogyny and homophobia are at the core of transgender/gender identity ideology.
    These poor delusional women are an insult to the very term “goddess”, and they are an insult to womanhood everywhere. All women, especially lesbians have been under attack for years. We are talking about unbelievable almost terrorist like activity coming from trans activists and their allies.
    A lesbian family was slaughtered just last November by a transwoman who was involved in anti-lesbian activity at Michigan Women’s Music Festival. They were slaughtered in broad daylight at their own home. The lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling” (lesbians are bigots for not sucking a transwoman’s dick) was lesbian hatred pure and simple. The attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival which was held on private property was fully supported by all transgender activists. The ‘TERF’ death threats have been going on for years. Now, transwomen just murder lesbian families in broad day light, and no trans run LGBTQIA WTF organization says one word.
    It could be that they are just afraid of these bullying, manipulating, and conniving males. Unfortunately, pandering to their manipulation and outright lies only emboldens them more.
    These cowardly “goddesses” need to know that caving into these bullies only makes it worse. Just ask the women in Portland, Oregon who got swindled out of their money by a transwoman who absconded with the women’s march money.
    These pitiful, cowardly “goddesses” have it all bass ackwards. It’s the female sex, and lesbians in particular who need protecting. We need protection just to be able to speak.
    I want these cowardly “goddesses” from Arkansas to read everyone of these “TERF” death threats, and then tell me who needs protection more.
    Finally, if women really want to know how transwomen act when they are at a women’s event, gendertrender has a ton of information. They will whine, pout, manipulate, and do everything possible until it’s all about them. Look at what they did to Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Look at how a transwoman ran off with the money from the Portland, Oregon women’s march, and then had the audacity to call all the women who let him speak “transphobic bigots”.

    1. Beautiful comment, Skylark! We will not forget the Oakland massacre and we will not let the “LGBT” machine forget it either.
      As for Salem, I think these goddesses might well have spoken up for the witches because they would have perceived the aggression as coming from a traditional patriarchal force. But if the witch burnings were re-cast as some sort of protective measure for the benefit of some “oppressed” group, then all the fight would go out of them. They would perceive that the way to establish their virtue would be to light the fire. And they would. Trans activism works on the feminist/lesbian mind the way that a rootkit works on a computer. It goes underneath the defenses and embeds itself deep in the system. Once it embeds itself at a deep level, it is perceived as part of the computer’s system. It is not only safe from the system’s defenses, it controls them. That is “LGBT” in a nutshell.

  18. Just sent the goddess festival people a message protesting what they did. If they hear from enough of us, they might think twice next time.

  19. One of my friends got this by mail. The cover story from the magazine ‘California Educator’ – Embracing the Gender Spectrum. The eight page article I briefly scanned says that the ‘trans’ junior high school students have so many made up pronouns your required to address them as/memorize like ‘they, them, their, themself, ze, hir’ ‘non binary, genderqueer, cisgender, ambigender etc. This is $h!t! We already know they create new terms everyday and also get to use the preferred bathroom of their choice. The ‘trans’ cult, especially ‘trans’ media, and articles like these are intentionally meant to confuse straight and LGB people alike and get healthy LGB teenagers to transition who otherwise would have grown into healthy LGB adults. So ‘trans’ kids and adults are allowed their privacy while lesbians teenagers and adults face continual harassment about transition including harrassment for not wanting to couple with trans, and trying to keep our own space.
    (Click the article several times to enlarge for reading.)

    1. It’s normal for young adolescents to come up with all kinds of groups and labels for themselves, but, until the trans craze, teachers ignored it and got on with teaching them history, algebra, and–what they really seem to need here!–sex education.
      For students at that age, the main job of adults is to keep the kids’ interactions from turning into “Lord of the Flies,” but, instead, they now seem to be enabling the worst sort of adolescent self-indulgence.
      This is idiocy.

  20. How can a Goddess event can an event that is cwntered around women? The disappearing Lesbian is a huge issue that you have actively participated in. After hearing from one side, the side that is con women born women rights con lesians who love lesbian, you inilaterally decided to canel the womens event. Every depiction of the Godess is that of a female with imagery of a women from where life springs forth and begins from. Women by far out number trans as the victims of violence every single day of every year. Our issues matter!!!

  21. Pardon my ignorance, but isn’t this a religious thing? The goddess festival, I mean. Didn’t the SCOTUS rule that religions are allowed to discriminate in all sorts of ways? I can’t believe they backed down from these men in Arkansas of all places! Presumably they don’t even have any of those stupid laws on the books. In fact the whole religion thing might be a way for lesbians to get around those “non-discrimination” laws. It’s not a sexual orientation, it’s a religion.
    I don’t generally comment on matters within the LGBT community. Being het I try to stay in my lane, but damn this pisses me the hell off. When did women get to be so chickenshit? I guess I’m stubborn by nature but damned if I would ever ally myself with men against women. WTF are they thinking?

      1. I get that but it was a workshop at a goddess festival. Given that religions have the right to exclude a goddess festival should be able to do so.

    1. What you are saying about religious exemptions is true and there are a couple of goddess temples around (maybe more) that are truly women-only. In order to do that openly I think they have to be an actual “church”. This seems like an avenue well worth exploring. It’s unclear to me what the law is governing non-profits. This event was sponsored by a group, not a church.
      You would think that we would be covered by a Constitutional freedom-of-association of some sort or other. However, as we know, some people are more equal than others when it comes to being able to freely associate with their own. We have a very gnarly problem and that is that many lesbians have disidentified out of their sexuality and embraced liberal feminism and anything-but-lesbian sexualities even if at the end of the day they know exactly who they love. What’s worse, many work (unwittingly I would hope) actively against female causes.

      1. As I understand it and it’s been a while since I had to deal with it, but becoming a “church” isn’t complicated or expensive. And I say this because I used to work with teens in a program and we had to make religious accommodations including one for a vampire “church” which was really just a bunch of kids who’d taken goth to the next level. I think this is a reasonable route for any group to take but especially a goddess group.
        This trans crap is going to be with us for a while. In my more pessimistic moments I wonder if it’s here to stay, but either way we need to develop strategies to keep them from destroying us.

    2. Sounds great on paper, but the reason religions are usually allowed to exclude (on the occasions when they are, they’re being challenged more now, fortunately) is that they’re patriarchal and upholding patriarchal value systems. No women priests, fine, no marriage for same sex couples, fine, but lesbian women want one workshop at a Goddess Festival? How very dare they! Because dudes. >_< It's always set up so women can't actually win, the same rules look like they don't apply, but actually they do 'cos the rules were always intended to benefit men as a class (obviously not as individuals or across other oppressions, since gay men didn't benefit from the het-only marriage thing).
      Best of luck to these women if they decide to try turning the dudes' rules back on them, though, that'd be good to see!

  22. Where are the celebrity straight women who are displaying ‘lesbian’ behavior as a fashion statement? Why don’t they stand up for the rights of all women, gay or straight?

  23. Just curious, what if these goddess gatherings with events or the whole event to exclude penis did so based on traditional goddess worship? In traditional temple goddess worship in ancient times there were trans…they weren’t called that, they were called eunuchs, and they had no dicks, hence why they were allowed in the temples. They probably dressed a lot like the women too. Just declaring a traditionalist approach like this which is ‘trans inclusive’ would literally eliminate all of the trouble making men and only allow the most serious of eunuchs.

    1. Not sure if you are referring to the men who were devoted to Cybele who would castrate themselves in imitation of Attis, her grandson/consort. Attis castrated himself because Cybele made him go bonkers. Cybele was originally Anatolian but ended up as a major mother goddess of Rome. At some point her priestesses were replaced (or displaced, some would say) by a male eunuch priesthood. Her temple still lies beneath the Vatican. Her priests evolved into what is now the Roman Catholic clergy.
      So no. Castration as the price of admission is not a good idea.

  24. This makes me so angry! Once again MEN have succeeded in making everything all about themselves and proving they really couldn’t give a damn about women. It’s also ridiculous how the handmaidens I know will be falling all over themselves to support the banning of this event, since the poor, oppressed MTTs are so much more important and oppressed than actual womyn-born-womyn.

    1. Ah. I see now. As usual, the anti-woman transactivists don’t know when to quit and are now conducting a scorched earth campaign against the female director of the OMNI center, apparently because she speculated hopefully in a private conversation with Diego Barrera and Brody Craig that transgenderism could be an evolutionary mutation propelling humanity towards enlightenment. (lol).
      They are now demanding her resignation.

      1. Archiving:
        Reasons for Signing
        See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, and share your reason for signing (this will mean a lot to the starter of the petition).
        Jakeob Horton
        Fayetteville, AR
        52 mins ago
        I believe all women are women.
        Elizabeth Gibson
        Burke, VA
        4 hrs ago
        Peace and justice can not co-exist with transphobia. Time for Gladys Tiffany to go.
        Denisse Alanis
        Decatur, GA
        5 hrs ago
        Providing solidarity and accountability to my NWA trans family
        Claretta Duckett-Freeman
        Lansing, MI
        5 hrs ago
        I stand with my trans sisters
        Ann-Marie Kennedy
        Spring, TX
        5 hrs ago
        There is no reason to exclude transgender people and no reason to use slurs and represent an official organization.
        Mary K Williams
        Fayetteville, AR
        6 hrs ago
        Incompetence. History, institutional memory, established facts, best practices and expertise were ignored.
        Jane Kang
        Fayetteville, AR
        6 hrs ago
        Because trans people are not mutations!
        Barbara Storey
        Stratford, Canada
        6 hrs ago
        Unconscionable and unacceptable behavior – she must resign!
        Andrew Adams
        Bentonville, AR
        8 hrs ago
        In these dark times there is no room for intolerance among progressives. We need leaders who unite, not divide.
        Stacy Clark
        Santa Fe, NM
        8 hrs ago
        Trans rights matter.
        Melissa Ellis
        Cottage Grove, MN
        8 hrs ago
        TERFs do NOT belong in positions of leadership EVER.
        Scott Reed
        Fort Smith, AR
        9 hrs ago
        A woman is a woman no matter what her body looks like. Hearts, not parts! You are no feminist, Gladys!
        Danielle Stoddard
        Fayetteville, AR
        9 hrs ago
        It’s sad that this needs to be done. I’ve honestly fought with myself for several hours about whether this was the answer. In the end, I’m signing because I’m an ally of the trans community; I’m a member of the LGBT+ family; I’m a woman. I can’t stay silent and still hope for others to stand up for me when my turn comes to be marginalized because I don’t fit into someone’s definition of what it means to be a woman. Trans women are women. They are not mutations. They are not less than. They are human. They are us. They are we.
        Fernando Garcia
        Fayetteville, AR
        10 hrs ago
        There is no place for racist TERFs in a “peace and justice” organization.
        Brittany Brinza
        Springdale, AR
        10 hrs ago
        I believe OMNI should move away from it’s narrow view of feminism. Transfemales are females.
        Angela Bishop
        Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
        10 hrs ago
        I am disappointed in Gladys Tiffany’s response and lack of support for Trans women in the community. I sign in solidarity with my friends and family in Northwest Arkansas.
        Susan Banks
        Tulsa, OK
        10 hrs ago
        Everyone should feel safe and supported and also because I have many friends.
        Matthew Sutherland-Kordsmeier
        Fayetteville, AR
        10 hrs ago
        The Omni Center has had their chance to apologize and refuse. As executive leader, the “buck’ stops with Gladys Tiffany. At the end of the day, she is responsible for both the mess she created and the sloppy handling in it’s aftermath. She has defended the indefensible. Learning about past grievances people have aired and been dismissed is like the icing on the cake.
        Michela Steele
        Prairie Grove, AR
        10 hrs ago
        Inclusion, not exclusion is the basis of Justice. Trans women are women. Body parts are irrelevant to a person’s soul. The org needs a leader who understands these things to foster peace and justice.
        Cristean Robinson
        Holiday Island, AR
        10 hrs ago
        I’m signing because, Gladys does not show in her actions and words that she upholds the mission of OMNI.
        Ghazal Rahman
        Rockville, MD
        10 hrs ago
        I’m signing because transphobia and trans misogyny goes against everything that feminism actually stands for.
        Jasmine Banks
        Siloam Springs, AR
        10 hrs ago
        Progressive movements require progress. Transphobia is oppression and will not liberate us.
        Nik Robbins
        Fayetteville, AR
        10 hrs ago
        If the controversy over the trans exclusionary workshop had been one incident, and the OMNI Center and Gladys Tiffany had apologized appropriately and sincerely, I would not call for her resignation. However that is not the case. There have been many problems at the OMNI Center for several years. No apology has been made for the damage that has been done this time either. It is well past time for new leadership at the OMNI Center.
        Cynthia Martinez
        Fayetteville, AR
        10 hrs ago
        OMNI/Gladys need to be held accountable.
        Erika Wilhite
        fayetteville, AR
        10 hrs ago
        It’s time for this “progressive” organization make some progress.
        Katelyn Bartow
        Fayetteville, AR
        11 hrs ago
        I feel very disenfranchised with OMNI over hateful comments and disregard for the transgender community. I believe that OMNI once stood for safe spaces for all and has lost their nerve in defense of trans exclusionary ideals, thus removing us from LGB(T). Please rethink your leadership and re-evaluate your mission statement.
        Calliope Moon
        Fayetteville, AR
        11 hrs ago
        as a trans woman, OMNI supporting TERFs is simply disgusting.

      2. I’m beginning to be confused at exactly who is upset by what. Were the transmen annoyed that they couldn’t attend the workshop, or were they speaking up on behalf of transwomen? These people seem to be looking for reasons to start a fight (good old testosterone poisoning!).
        At this point, the incident just looks like an amalgam of lesbophobia and misogyny. Also, TERF seems to be becoming a derogatory synonym for lesbian–maybe TERF is the new “man-hater.” (When I heard that as teenager, I always wondered why it would be considered an insult, especially since I knew plenty of straight women who had good reasons for hating men. I feel similarly about TERF.)

      3. The DNA-mutation-as-a-positive-evolutionary thing floats around New Age circles, e.g. with Indigo Children:
        Our DNA Is Changing!!
        I really do think she meant “mutation” as a compliment.

      4. Thanks, Gallus Mag. I wasn’t thinking about “the spectrum.” That would explain most of it.

      5. Gladys Tiffany is learning the lesson that Neville Chamberlain learned nearly 80 years ago: appeasement of thugs only earns you more aggression from the thugs.

      6. I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for her or wahahaha! I guess this is how former trans allies are made. Congratulations Gladys. now you know, your sucking of trans dick will not protect you.

    2. Exactly, she was actually on “their” side, in a new age way. It was meant to be “evolved”. Now they want her job and her head.

      1. Also, once again, here they all go getting “offended” by basic biological reality. Evolution is fueled by mutations–that is just the raw material that makes evolution go, that is just literally SCIENCE. It’s the facts, folks, sorry. In that context, I believe that it was fairly clear that this is what she was referring to. The FACT of how evolution works (via mutations) is not an insult (if you buy into the idea that trans represents some sort of mutation, which i will shelve for the moment).

      2. It’s funny because I’d bet anything that somewhere in the transverse there is a narrative about how they are the next evolutionary step for humanity. (Great Goddess help us!) This cult really works all possible angles. Remember when they were NOT a mental illness (how dare you!) and then complacently became one in the PDR for the purpose of insurance coverage? I think now we’re back to square one but with coverage.

    1. Works as a “custom website developer and digital marketer” according to FB. Another laydee in IT. Also his bio on the OMNI center page is really creepy, especially compared to all the others, where folks mostly talk about having a passion for peace or the environment or whatever and wanting to make the world a better place, and are generally quite humble. But not this guy. No, he was ‘forced into the limelight’ like the unlikely hero of a shit made for TV movie, and now he’s god’s gift to Arkansas and the world!
      “Not an activist by choice, Justine [sic] was forced into the limelight to defend the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in 2014. Her skill with words and her humor make her a valuable asset for social justice.”
      Hope OMNI is looking forward to becoming all about the tranz rights since that is going to be this guy’s ultimate end game. No more music and gardening and pottery, you lazy terfs.

  25. What’s that saying? You reap what you sow? Now it comes full circle.
    Gladys is discovering that in humoring these delusional people – it never ends. It’s a bottomless pit of affronts, insults and perceived assaults. And how can it not be? When your cause, your plight, is a fantasy, anything and everything is fair game to be held up as some kind of devastating attack as part of the fantasy war.

  26. I went directly to the Omni center and queried them regarding the “ecology” of transgenderism. I referred to their shocking behavior regarding the lesbian erasure workshop at their so-called goddess [sic] festival, more aptly named their penis worship festival. No one who cares about the actual Earth and actual ecology subscribes to cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and mutilating surgeries being done to anyone, in particular to children!

    1. So trans people are feeling criticized for their persecution of lesbians, and that brings up feelings of unworthiness simmering below the surface, so….there must be a woman to blame for these feelings! The target of Mr. ForEquality’s abuse did offer a pathetic groveling apology, so this nut believes she deserves the blame for how he feels inside. I wonder how far the Onmi’s will go in frenetic appeasement, continual abasement and self-flagellation before they realize that they are catering to a bunch of misogynists whose hunger for a woman to hate cannot be sated.

    2. The multiple accounts are no surprise, let alone the cover provided by the major social media firms. Case in point….as you reported, the rapist who worked for twitter.
      As well as that said same firm allowing death threats by the creep brigade, towards those who disagree with them. This leads to just one simple phrase:
      Drop the t
      Do not pass ‘go’ or collect $200. Just drop before there is even more damage.

    3. He’s gaslighting her. First he chastises her, then he appeals to her. The manipulation is so obvious.
      Gladys, if you’re listening: the lesson here is that you can’t placate these men. They are bottomless pits that you can not fill. You will always fall short of their expectations of you. Support your sisters instead.

  27. As to Justine Turnage, he talks about doing “girly stuff” with his daughter. What exactly is “girly stuff”? They always say, “I’ve always been a woman” even when they are heterosexual, fathering kids, working with other men, supervising women at work, etc. I’ve never understood how males who marry women and father children always knew they were “women”. Do they experience the same thoughts, feelings, bodily changes that come with pregnancy, etc. that their pregnant wives experience? Justine says he was a department manager at Walmart. How many women did he supervise? What makes Justine think that he knows what it means to be a women in a sexist culture?
    “Justine Turnage was born a boy, grew up, got married and had a child.
    “I’ve always been a woman I just didn’t look like one,” said Turnage.
    Four years ago, Turnage decided to transition to a woman.
    “My daughter absolutely loves it and she thinks it’s great she has another person to do girly stuff with,” said Turnage.
    See where it says “four years ago Turnage decided to transition to a woman”. I can’t find the date for this article, but it looks like it could be a couple of years old. How old is Turnage now? Since Turnage doesn’t have any real experience or background in ecology, peace, or justice, I’m sure the only reason he was chosen by Omni is because he identifies as transgender. Working at Walmart and identifying as transgender four or five years ago makes one an expert on just about everything, even in matters related to feminism, goddesses, peace, ecology, and lesbianism.
    I do feel sorry for the Quaker executive director who was attacked. This poor woman didn’t deserve any of this. According to the Omni Center website, Gladys Tiffany is a Quaker and peace advocate. This is what they did to her. They took one word in one sentence that she spoke by accident, or was poorly phrased, and used it to attack her. Quakers are some of the most peaceful people I know, and they usually have a great deal of integrity. Unfortunately, this poor Quaker woman is learning first hand how trans activists will viciously attack any woman.
    The other women at Omni Center could have spoken up, but they probably fear being branded a “TERF”. Trans advocates mentally wear down women with their constant bullying and intimidation tactics. Because they are still male, transwomen use the same bullying and intimidation tactics that males use to silence women. It’s really sad because women have to learn the hard way that caving into their demands will never stop them from harassing women and demanding more. Nothing that women do is ever enough. It’s kind of similar to the ways that men abuse, intimidate, and control their wives and girlfriends. It’s the same old tactics that males have been using to control women for centuries, but these males get a free pass because they identify as “women”. Women who are naïve enough to believe that males who decide to “transition” in mid-life after being socialized as male for most of their lives would never bully women are living in a fantasy world. Male socialization doesn’t magically disappear.
    (1.) It’s truly frightening because the term “TERF” was used repeatedly with the approval by OMNI Center for Peace and Justice. The OMNI Center for Peace and Justice remained silent when a Quaker woman, their director was referred to as a “TERF”. This blog isn’t the only place that strongly believes that “TERF” is just a modern form of a McCarthyism type witch hunt.
    I know that these links were posted before, but they are worth posting again so that women clearly understand how women are being silenced. This is how “TERF” is used to silence and intimidate women. It’s meant to shut down any discussion..
    How TERF works
    The OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology needs to know that any woman can be branded a “TERF”, and “TERFs” have received ghastly and disturbing death threats. Example after example of some rather creative ways of killing “TERFs”.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    More examples here:
    Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
    This is from the OMNI Center Facebook page.
    “TERF’s Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists are not peaceful or just in their political opinions of transgender people. They are a hate group, without question.”
    Who is and isn’t a hate group, and who is really being silenced? Since when do women have so much institutional power as to be a powerful “hate group” capable of inciting systematic violence against certain minority groups? It’s interesting that women are being called a “hate group” when it’s a fact that no woman has ever killed a transwoman. Transwomen are killed by males or other transwomen. There is no term for males who are transphobic such as “TERM” (trans exclusive radical male). Even though it’s males who are murdering transwomen (other biological males), there is no term for a transphobic male. Being cowardly misogynists, they will never address male on male violence even when this is what is killing transwomen.
    Since the misogynistic term “TERF” has been repeatedly used, calling “TERFs” a hate group, and OMNI Center Arkansas seems to have no problem with this offensive term, let’s talk about what does constitute hate speech. Does OMNI Center Arkansas think this is hate speech?
    Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
    A Quaker woman, long time peace activist, executive director of the OMNI Center Arkansas was referred to as a “TERF”. In perhaps a poorly phrased sentence, she said one word that she regretted, and made a quick apology. Still, they will attacked her, demanding her resignation. No woman is safe as long as this kind of bullying is tolerated.
    No woman has ever killed a transwoman, but transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women. This and other blogs have a ton of information on crimes committed by transwomen. It’s all based on court records, and information readily available to anyone. That is, anyone who isn’t brainwashed, and takes the time to research it. Just last November, a transwoman was charged with killing a lesbian couple and their adopted son in Oakland, Calfiornia. No trans run LGBTQ group covered this triple homicide.
    (2.) There are serious ethical issues involved in sterilizing children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones and “transitioning” disabled women. Left leaning people need to be reminded that some of the most progressive people of their time thought lobotomies were beneficial.
    (3.) Some have said that there is a war on women, and lesbians are being erased. We know it, and we see it all around us. Lesbians are marginalized, oppressed, assaulted, disowned by their families, and are raped just like heterosexual women. Lesbians have never had any power in so-called LGBT organizations, and now transgender/queer control every useless LGBTQ organization. Every LGBT group is trans/queer run. The total control of LGBTQ groups is so entrenched that even the slaughter of a lesbian family isn’t covered by any of these groups because the person arrested is a transwoman.
    (4.) Young lesbians are being “transitioned” into men at increasing rates, and people on this blog aren’t the only people alarmed. If we study history, lesbians and gay men have been subjected to all sorts of gruesome experiments from shock treatment, lobotomies, etc.. In fact, it’s rare to find a period in history in which lesbians and gay men haven’t been subjected to all sorts of medical experiments designed to change their sexual orientation. We do know that it is a historical fact that sex reassignment surgery has been used as a form of gay and lesbian eugenics. It’s happening in Iran, and in happened under apartheid South Africa.
    This isn’t from a lesbian. It’s from a heterosexual woman who is searching for answers.
    “Somebody explain to me, please: If most children–especially girls–resolve gender dysphoria and grow up to be non-heterosexual adults (and study after study corroborates this finding), how is childhood “gender reassignment” not proactive conversion therapy to prevent adult homosexuality?
    Given these findings, why do doctors, psychologists–and increasingly, compliant parents–assign gender non-conforming children as trans until proven otherwise?”
    And can it even be “proven otherwise” if they spend their entire childhoods being told, and treated as if, they are actually the opposite sex?”

    President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

    We don’t live in a culture where females are valued as much as males, and a culture where lesbians aren’t systematically marginalized. FTM “transitioning” erases both female and lesbian identity. What does it mean to lose both female and lesbian identity?
    Not only are lesbians being “transitioned” at alarming rates, lesbians are being told that they are “transphobic bigots” for not desiring penis on a transwoman. That is what the “Cotton Ceiling” was all about. Most transwomen are heterosexual males who still have their male genitalia. Since when do heterosxual males give a rat’s patootie about lesbians. Transwomen (biological males) get a free pass on their lesbian phobic behavior.
    The workshop on the erasure of lesbians is a very timely and important subject. It’s a worthy topic that deserves to be discussed in a “Goddess” workshop that is supposed to embrace all women. No other group on earth represents more of a threat to patriarchy than lesbians. Lesbians are female and subject to the same oppression as all females, and they have the added burden of being a much maligned sexual minority. Lesbians are being “transitioned” to near extinction, lesbians are told that they are bigots for not being attracted to penis on transwomen (the “Cotton Ceiling” theory proposed by a trans porn star), and a transwoman was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family in broad daylight.
    It’s sad to see these naïve people fall for the same tired old intimidation tactics. My heart goes out to the Quaker woman branded a “TERF”. The women in OMNI need to wake up because caving to these misogynistic men will just make them demand more.

    1. Girly stuff with the daughter? What is it with the fetishists having to involve REAL children in their crossdressing? Remember Stefonknee or whatever its called? The one that ‘plays’ with girl children and pretends to be a child?
      If they aren’t getting bottom surgery they are crossdressers and fetishists, not trans.

  28. I am truly, truly tired of being told who and how we Lesbians are supposed to be by any man or any woman – trans included. The fact that a Lesbian-identified workshop was cancelled because we are supposed to no longer exist, we are supposed to continue worshiping the almighty penis – albeit on a woman-identified being, supposed to deny our selves is really rather disgusting… especially when cancelled by a female/source-focused organization.
    There is so much I can say…and I am so tired of having to say it. I am curious – were there any trans-focused workshops? And if so, were they cancelled because they are not inclusive? What the hell is going on?????

  29. This site has truly opened my eyes to this nightmare, and has really educated me on this gender identity issue. I’m a Black heterosexual woman, and I never thought of men dressing in drag as a threat to my womanhood or my daughter’s girlhood until Obama passed legislation stating people who identified as women could now go into private spaces meant for females. I had no idea I was considered a “cis woman” until last week, I didn’t even know what it meant, and for that matter I didn’t know what a lot of the terms meant. There are so many women who are unaware of this movement to erase women, girls and lesbian. I am still wrapping my head around transgender women who consider themselves lesbian, although they’re really men. I’ve become obsessed with this website, I have been going back in the archives, and I’m on page 67—2013 and I’m in disbelief. Excuse my “late awokeness”. I must join this protest, I can’t even verbally describe some of the oppression I feel as a woman, let along a Black woman, and the fact that a male can come along, and just state he now female enrages me—intensely! I want to share this YouTube video on pronouns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXvU8DEbyAw

    1. As a Dyke Witch and Amazon Warrior who has taught Goddess, Lesbian and Amazon Mysteries for at least 25 plus years, and was brought out by the Dyke Witches 35 years ago, I am COMPLETELY OFFENDED! Goddess Festivals, Circles, Rituals, Rites of passage are my thing, bring out my most Wildwomon and empowered wild and FREE Lesbian Self, I literally LIVE FOR IT.
      THIS IS WHAT being Lesbian.means to me:
      What being a Lesbian/Dyke means to me: “For me, being a Lesbian is an entire worldview and Way of Being, and it is completely revolutionary by putting womyn first and foremost in our lives on ALL these levels: sexually, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, spiritually and psychically. I worship at the Yoni/Vulva of my choice, including my own. Lesbianism is completely freeing for me, as well as sexually empowering. Lesbianism is an erotic designation, but a spiritual designation also…..because for me my Sexuality and my Spirituality are ONE!” -FeistyAmazon
      I been run out of one beloved Festival in Nor Cal because they wanted to start unviting trans, INCLUDING pre-op, meaning penis intact. No Way am I teaching born males my VERY FEMALE AND LESBIAN.AND AMAZON MYSTERIES…NO WAY. That is an UTTER DESECRATION. And most Amazon Dykes and Dianics would feel EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!! OUR MYSTERIES ARE NIT FOR BORN MALE!!
      So who is discriminating now???
      The War is on and hopefully now Lesbians WILL galvanize, not compromise ANY LONGER.WE COMPROMISED ENOUGH!!

    2. My experience was much the same. I too am a het black woman and had no idea this was going on until I objected to the term “cis” one day on Twitter and they descended on me screeching “terf” and telling me to “die in a fire.” I had no idea what a “terf” or a radical feminist was, but I knew damned well a person with a penis can’t be a woman. I was so thrilled to find this island of sanity in a morass of fucknuttery.

      1. I refuse to be referred to as anything but a woman, what nerve these men have, and their alleys. The women defending this fantasy annoy me even more.

  30. Well, at least one of the numerous posters on the OMNI facebook page figured out something:
    ”So, just my two cents worth. If as progressive minds we can’t come together on items like this, we will continue to lose important elections to Trumpkins.”
    After a lifetime being a green feminist leftie, I’ll go conservative all the way if they squash the Tranny movement in Canada. Its cancer and will destroy everything it touches. Worst then a vanilla misogynist is a porn soaked misogynist fetishist.
    I think we should ask for XX and XY labelling for everything, festivals, bathrooms, prisons….I saw some XX t-shirts, thinking of buying one.

    1. This issue made me realize, after a lifetime of believing myself to be a liberal I’m so not. Folk are out here living their lives dealing with real issues, childcare, family leave, healthcare, disabilities, wage stagnation, etc…and the hill these crazy mofos choose is pervy old men? Forcing people to deny reality? Folk trying to decide between food and electricity and these folk are flipping out over “misgendering”? i.e. Calling a man a man? The fuck? And they wonder why they lost? They are totally detached from reality. Hell if the Republicans had run anyone even remotely human I would have voted for him and I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life. The Democrats need to get their heads out their collective asses and realize trans has nothing to do with sexual orientation and focus on real people with real issues. And until they do they will continue to lose.

      1. You’re not alone. I’m ex Dem.
        Though I can’t call myself a Repub. I don’t believe in corp worship, evangelicalism, or the gutting of social programs, etc.
        The Dem party rabidly supporting delusional boutique fringe issues and leaving behind things like truth, facts, empirical proof, science and sanity have caused many of us to run from our previous liberal associations.
        The post-modern Dem party is post-factual and has turned away from championing the people and turned to fetishizing the snowflake bizarre. They have become in spades that which in the past they have always railed against – fascist totalitarians operating on a Marxist framework.
        I imagine George Orwell spins in his grave today at an astonishing speed.

      2. I come from a working class family where most people in previous generations were registered Democrats, but I’m unaffiliated exactly because that party has gone from standing up for the working class–well, at least better than the Republicans did–to being focused on boutique social issues. Gay rights were necessary, and I backed them, but it certainly looks as if lesbians’ rights are now being eroded by the focus on trans issues.
        It’s funny how as soon as a category of women wins any kind of rights, they’re supposed to move over and accomodate all the arrivistes who now claim membership in their group. More men were willing to become transexuals once women had worked for the right to vote and have careers, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the infestation of lesbian (transwoo)men took off just as people in same sex relationships gained the right to marry and not be discriminated against in employment, housing, etc., in various states.
        Liberals seem to suffer from the political version of an attention deficit as they bounce from one trendy cause to the next.

      3. I’m not a liberal either. I’m a radical feminist. With the Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s basically a pick-you-poison choice of women and lesbian-hating.
        I did vote Democrat this year since they are still less awful than the right wing and I am still registered as a Democrat. (However, I think I’ll switch to independent.) That is because Clinton seemed like a much more rational person and the Republican healthcare plan is hurry up and die. I am not surprised that the Democrats are alienating their base with this trans issue.

    2. I know it’s frustrating, I’ve supported our UK Greens and was so not impressed by the ‘non men’ thing from their women’s (sorry, ‘non men’) group, but a REAL leftwing is worth fighting for. We can’t give in to the right and support them, I get the impression in the US and Canada most of them won’t support lesbians, either? Leaving women no better off in the end.
      The problem is just women-hating dudes as per bloody usual, in charge on both sides of the political divide and in the centre (which from a UK perspective seems like basically where the Dems are at, if that). I don’t feel their male perversion of what values should mean (ie. freedom means male freedom of access to females), means we need accept that.

  31. I cannot tell you how much this disgusts me. This LITERALLY goes to the depths of my DykeAmazon/Lesbian soul. I just received this book last week. I have taught Goddess, Lesbian and Amazin Mysteries for two plus Decades and 35 years tge Dyke Witches brought me out! As a Dyke, an Amazon Warrior, Amazon Witch and Priestess this cuts to my heart. I do NOT share my Mysteries with Born Males. Two places in my life I DO NOT share with males: my sexuality and my spirituality!!!
    ONLY on womyns land amongst Dyke Sisters and ither likeminded womyn who HINOR the POWER OF WBW Space do I feel free. Do I expand in my intuitive and psychic abilities, does my heart fully open luke a flower, can I be my full Butch DykeAmazon WildWomon Self.
    These womyn will NEVER get it..how much they have sold out the wildest and MOST MATRIARCHAL of Sisters for THIS IS WHAT BEING LESBIAN MEANS TO.ME:
    What being a Lesbian/Dyke means to me: “For me, being a Lesbian is an entire worldview and Way of Being, and it is completely revolutionary by putting womyn first and foremost in our lives on ALL these levels: sexually, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, spiritually and psychically. I worship at the Yoni/Vulva of my choice, including my own. Lesbianism is completely freeing for me, as well as sexually empowering. Lesbianism is an erotic designation, but a spiritual designation also…..because for me my Sexuality and my Spirituality are ONE!” -FeistyAmazon

  32. Although not specific to this situation, I cannot help but to believe there is some #peaktrans beginning to hit critical mass.
    The situation in Pennsylvania where the male student was told to simply ‘make it natural’ with the female-to-trans student undressing in the locker room was retweeted by actor James Woods. While Woods is conservative and has been shunned by the Hollywood establishment as a result, he still has a following that does not buy into the trans bullshit.
    This morning on a college sports site I follow, someone had pointed out the Justin Dennis vlog where he claims genital preference is ‘cissexist’ and if you wouldn’t date him because of his dick, you must be phobic. Not sure where they found the video but the fact that they did suggests the bullshit is making the rounds of people that were previously unaware.
    I also had a different exchange with some idiot in the UK where he was trying to claim ‘phobic’ tweets or some such shit. A prosecutor here in my State who was not included in the exchange picked up on it when I pointed out that knowing a male in a dress was a male is neither phobic nor harassment.
    Both are minor points in the big picture, but the fact remains that many who previously may have been unaware are seeing precisely what we have been up in arms about for several years now. It is becoming their ‘a-ha’ moment as they NOW understand…

    1. This isn’t the crisis the transcult would like you to think it is. This is male on male violence. Maybe it’s due to homophobia or maybe that’s just what happens when mentally ill trans people who do drugs and sex-for-money start pulling the same crap on other males that they try to pull on us. Though quite probably it’s different crap. Women get murdered everyday in this country. No one cares unless they’re actually men pretending to be women.

      1. I totally agree with you, but my point is they keeping blaming women for their oppression and being abused, but the real oppression and abuse are coming from men.

    2. But they do…however this brings up a very ugly issue, which has been mentioned here and in other places.
      The issue be that of a caste system. Which is to say, for the most part, issues of legitimate employment, housing and overall education problems are deemed to be the province of the melanin deprived. HOWEVER when it comes to those of color, the caring and concern really happens if and with few exceptions…[which gets into how some see POCs as being acceptable in the workplace, if they fit the stereotype of size or attitude] when said t person of color is in one of those illegal forms of work and is killed or maimed, then there is concern. Token concern, but they think it is a good deed to fake empathy.
      If one reads not just through this site, but others linked off of same, one will see this pattern. This has been going on for quite some time and is enabled, encouraged, protestations to the contrary. It stinks, but this is an ongoing cancer.

    3. That would shine light on the narrative that their murders are due to transphobia, which they don’t want. They are much happier with 1 or 2 lines about the victim, and 16 paragraphs about transphobia.

  33. I’m straight and this infuriates me. Until “liberal” feminists are fully and forcefully confronted about their virtue signalling and their codependent behavior towards transgenders, this insanity will continue to happen.
    Adult transgenders are mentally ill. Period. At best, in this day and age, we might consider that a trans “child” is simply confused or being influenced by the trans trend. But once the trans hits adulthood, all sorts of personality disorder-related behavior shows up, including gaslighting, projection, and victim-blaming.
    Look up “Borderline Personality Disorder” and you’ll see the typical trans personality in all the definitions.
    Therefore, the women who are *enabling* transgenders are nothing more than codependents who are part of the disease. They are nothing more than the same type of women who enable their drunk husbands to beat up on their daughters – or worse, rape their daughters.
    They, themselves, have a mental health issue, and boundary problems, that they need to address. *We* need to address.
    The problem here is primarily women, because I can tell you from multiple conversations with both males and females (real ones) on this issue – most males don’t give a damn about transgenders invading women’s spaces, as it does not threaten them. It is women who are either 100% gullibly pro-trans or awake to the problem.
    This type of codependency and virtual signalling is endemic to the modern progressive movement in general, which is why I no longer “identify” as progressive. Look at what happens in Germany when a teenage girl is raped and murdered by a refugee coming from the worst rape culture on the planet – the parents raise money for the refugees and apologize to them.
    All this anti-woman BS is directly fueled by cowardly, fearful, mindless, codependent “liberal” women who are afraid to speak the truth. They want to look “compassionate.” Any sort of “judgment” is bad and wrong.
    Classic codependency.
    How to break this, I have no idea. But I’m damn sick of it. As an adult child of an alcoholic, living in this world where the entire culture has become “alcoholic” is absolutely sickening.

    1. It’s encouraging to read your comment because it asks the right questions. I had a conversation recently with a friend who’s been around trans a lot. We were discussing what the basic differences in make up must be to turn one woman into a handmaiden and another into a totally excellent real feminist. Her very on-point observation was that the handmaidens have a self-image of being helpers and champions of the downtrodden as a basic component of their personae. They totally buy the trans narrative that paints mtts as frail and defenseless. Due to their female socialization and ostensibly progressive world views they can not help but ally themselves to men who are among the most selfish and abusive anywhere. Because of the narrative they have adopted and accepted they are unable to see the reality of who they are serving. The question for us is what can we do to help them snap out of it.

      1. I am not sure there is any rational way to reason with anybody, male or female, who is irrational and to find a way to make them see the light. I tend to believe many white liberal women need to get out of their suburbs and get a serious dose of real life experiences working or volunteering in rape crisis centers, soup kitchens, shelters etc… If you are so far gone the insanity that you prioritize funding hormone therapy for white dudes and spending time and energy defending males right to get into women locker rooms over being sure schools in poor neighbourhoods are funded sufficiently and kids have access to a school lunch program, you are pretty much hopeless. Most of the people I have known doing real good in the community over long stretch of time are blue collar, conservative or/and religious. They prioritize real needs like food over catering to feelings and vertue signaling. Its the same sort of thinking involved with the sex segregated spaces. On one side you have people putting the safety of women first, on the other side, you have those who cant understand that the feelz of trannies should not even register as a valid concern. It enrages me that so much time and energy are wasted on this unhinged tiny minority when there are so many serious issues which need to be addressed.

      2. You really hit on something there, Janetwo. It’s so much easier for middle class liberals to just preen about their social justice credentials without getting their hands dirty. And they’ve really made this a cornerstone of their sense of self-worth. They are *good* people because they are “welcoming” and “affirming.” *Bad* people are people who “judge.”
        They haven’t thought through the consequences. I just read a story where some idiot judge allowed a young man to officially become “agender” according to the law. To hell with biology and science!
        Oh, and guess what? Not only is his first and last name Patch, but “Patch” is his preferred pronoun now. Excuse me, that should say “Not only is Patch’s first and last name Patch, but “Patch” is Patch’s preferred pronoun now.” Oh. My. God.
        And this was written into law by someone who should know better. That judge should be disbarred.
        As much as I don’t want there to be some sort of horrible cataclysm, sometimes I wonder if the only way back from this cliff of insanity would be a major war or something. We’re so cozy and comfortable, and people have wayyyy too much time on their hands and wayyyy too much ease in their life if their top priority is what pronouns people are calling them.
        I do think that we should be more aggressive on our side and put the trans more on the defensive. I’m talking stuff like fighting to ban hormone replacement therapy for kids. And banning hormone blockers for kids. Total ban on sex change surgery, ban on binders, ban on any gender reassignment for kids under 18.

      3. @jane two
        (sorry, couldn’t reply directly)
        I understand what you mean when you talk about women getting out of their bubbles and volunteering. This, unfortunately doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes you volunteer at the soup kitchen and their trans employee, who in no way passes, will shuffle his work off on you because he is weak as a kitten and can’t lift anything anymore and then shadows the women into the female restroom (which is keyed to keep the women ‘safe’) and listens to you and others pee while doing his makeup.
        True story.
        I suppose it would spur on peak trans a tad, tho…

    2. Hey Gertrude:
      A lot of what you are saying makes sense. However I take issue with your grasp of “codependency”.
      Codependency is a concept which is best applied to the dynamics in a relationship or household with an alcoholic or addict. There’s many an “expert” on codependency, like the author of “Codependent No More” who has zero education in psychology, psychiatry,social work, etc. Many of these “experts” label any challenging or dysfunctional situation or dynamic as codependent. They are full of blame for the victims, who are told they are “letting themselves be hurt” by “provoking” an assault or a load of similar garbage.Wild claims were made that the wives and partners of alcoholic men actually wanted a dysfunctional drunk as a mate, as these women could somehow gain sympathy from others, and have an underhanded control of the relationship. If you go back and read Codependent No More, you may be astonished by what a misogynist the woman author is. The wives and female partners are described as unlikable, angry, unpleasant. The author is an alcoholic who is blaming the partners for not somehow preventing the abuse, shame, isolation that happened to them as a result of their spouse’s alcoholism. This is messed up. I won’t go into the parts where the author writes about rediscovering her “femininity” – you can do that, but take some motion sickness pills first – it’s pretty nauseating.
      It is important to name the problem. Many, many, many girls and women are hurt by males. Making up their mind to just “not be hurt” sidesteps the real problem: a systemic imbalance of power and control and oppression where men abuse women. Women are told all kinds of lies about how to “prevent” this abuse v.s. abusers being called out, prosecuted, etc. for ABUSE. Codependency is a stupid buzzword that glosses over abuse, and makes it a 50/50 problem when the reality is that it is a 99% abuser problem, and a 1% victim problem(by 1% I mean the victim had the misfortune to encounter the abuser, not that the victim is responsible in any way for “enabling” the abuse.)
      Women are socialized to be helpful, “compassionate”, tolerant, patient. We’ve all been told that this type of gender dysphoria is a real medical condition. Even while this MTT is behaving terribly, ruining his family, abusing the kindness of well mentioning (but uninformed ) acquaintences, women around this person think that a)this person must really be hurting to be acting this way and b)that to offer help or kindness will improve this awful behaviour and c)misplaced empathy for the awkward and unsightly costumed presentation of “woman” this dude has. Women are taught to accept, placate and take seriously any male concerns v.s. scrutinize, analyze, object, rebel. This is not codependency, Gertrude. This is female socialization, at worst mixed up with virtue signaling, post modernism, mixed up liberal concepts, sex positivity – whatever you want to call it.

      1. Hi Marm,
        I wouldn’t throw out the entire idea of “codependency” just because one jerk wrote a bad book about it. My main experience with it has nothing to do with men or “socialization” but had to do with an alcoholic mother and a sister who enabled her. When I was pleading with my mom to get some help, my sister was telling my mom that I was a jerk and telling me my mom didn’t have a drinking problem. She was in denial.
        The idea of codependency isn’t to blanket blame the victim but to help people recognize when they are *gaining something* by enabling the perpetrator of the abuse.
        There is something to gain by helping the abuser. Sometimes it’s simple safety. But sometimes it’s that we don’t want to get out of our own comfort zones or confront our own denial.
        My sister still won’t acknowledge the impact of my mom’s drinking even though my mom did eventually get help for it. My sister is now a control freak with her children. I worry about her son – he could be a prime candidate for gender reassignment should my sister get that bug.
        I would bet money a good number of the women who are putting their kids through gender reassignment at an early age are women who come from dysfunctional homes but *never* came to terms with it. Instead, they continue to act like a “dry drunk” even if they don’t have the proverbial drinking problem.
        Now, we can sit and blame men for ALL of this but the fact is, this transgender movement would have never gotten so far if it were not for women enabling it and pushing it on their own children.
        I’m a feminist but that doesn’t mean I let women off the hook for their bad behavior. Socialization or not, we have choices.

      2. I have to respond to the idea that for women who have been abused “socialization or not, we have choices.” The problem with this is, depending on the severity of the abuse, an abused person’s brain (memory, cognition) doesn’t “work properly.” The hardest part for me getting out of an abusive situation as an adult was, simply REMEMBERING how bad things were the last time we were together. You spent your entire childhood and teen years NOT remembering, that’s your developing brain shaping itself to its environment. When something bad happens, it’s terrifying, you go through it – then it’s the next day (or week, or month), and everything’s okay, it’s like it never even happened. You simply don’t think about it, you don’t REMEMBER it, as in, “wow, this person is sheer hell to be around. They hit me. I think I’ll have nothing to do with them.” Then when you’re in an abusive situation as an adult, people DO think it’s a 50-50 dance you’re engaged in – that you KNOWINGLY accept the abuse, or gloss over it, whereas maybe you’re just not even thinking about it AT ALL when it’s not happening. You’re not ruminating about it, or worrying about it – you’ve been trained your entire childhood AND teen years to FORGET. Trans like to call prostitution “survival sex?” Well abused children and teens practice “survival forgetting.” I wish when I was trying to get out of the situation I was in, someone somewhere had said, hey you know what, your thinking and memory have been damaged by the amount of abuse you experienced. And not all the “codependency” crap, or the idea I’m “subconsciously” CHOOSING to be abused. I fucking HATE THAT. And one thing I really hate about postmodernism fuzzy-wuzzy is that it’s anti-MEMORY, it’s anti-ACCURACY, and actively works against the best interests of ALL abused people – women AND men. If SJW’s want to talk about privilege – it’s a kind of privilege to be able to remember the past accurately, because there’s no HORRORS there, deforming your memory and thinking. It’s an achievement for someone who’s been severely abused to even REMEMBER. And I’m not talking about “recovered memories” – I’m talking about if you go on a date one week, and he hits you, that you freakin’ REMEMBER it the next week, and reason from it, hey don’t go out with this asshole, he hit you. Your brain doesn’t even GO THERE. /rage /oh now I remember

    3. “They are nothing more than the same type of women who enable their drunk husbands to beat up on their daughters – or worse, rape their daughters.”
      Wow, that’s so spot on. My own mother still supports these people, even after I showed her all the reports of sex offenders claiming trans status and the crimes they’ve committed against women/girls. –And, she didn’t stand by and do nothing when my father and brother abused me (that would’ve been preferable), she helped cover it up and belittled me and sabotaged any attempts I made to speak out or get help.
      What’s interesting is that my mother is someone who doesn’t seem to believe patriarchy exists. She claims to never have been discriminated against for being a woman, and claims that discrimination on the basis of being a woman isn’t real to her. But, I remember reading about women like this a while back – they don’t encounter the same hurdles as other women because they reinforce patriarchy. So, they’re sort of given a free pass. I’d definitely say she falls under that category. I mean, my brother put a shotgun to my face right in front of her and threatened to kill me and she took it away from him for a week, then gave it right back (at which point, he stuck it in my face and threatened to kill me again). He wasn’t sent to prison or military school. Just the same lax punishment yet again. I was threatened by guns and knives by him and had him try to kill me more times than I can count – and most times, she didn’t even bother punishing him. –And, this same woman is on numerous committees for tolerance and positive social change. (I’m not kidding. It’s scary that this kind of person is behind these “tolerance” and “social change” committees.) She loves to talk about how good it feels to help other people, how important it is to make the world a better place. But, she couldn’t even do the bare minimum for her own family. She just likes to look good, I think. Behaving like a human being is really secondary.
      (For the record, my brother and father were never violent or abusive to her that I could tell. So, she wasn’t a battered wife/mother.)
      “The problem here is primarily women, because I can tell you from multiple conversations with both males and females (real ones) on this issue – most males don’t give a damn about transgenders invading women’s spaces, as it does not threaten them. It is women who are either 100% gullibly pro-trans or awake to the problem.
      This type of codependency and virtual signalling is endemic to the modern progressive movement in general, which is why I no longer “identify” as progressive. Look at what happens in Germany when a teenage girl is raped and murdered by a refugee coming from the worst rape culture on the planet – the parents raise money for the refugees and apologize to them.”
      I’ve seen this too. My mother’s boyfriend couldn’t care less about transgender males invading women’s and girl’s spaces. I told him that they were letting males in the girl scouts and his argument was that it’s the job of the adults to keep watch. –You can’t watch children 24/7! At some point, you have to go to sleep and trust that they’ll be appropriate with each other wherever you put them to bed. When you have mixed-sex children in the same bunk/tent, you can’t feel the same sense of trust as if there is just one sex. I had a brother. I know this from experience. –Meanwhile, it’s worth mentioning that this same man wouldn’t allow his son to go to church camp because he was afraid of priests messing with his son. So, it’s not as if he’s blind to children’s issues, he just doesn’t care when the child’s female.
      I stopped being a progressive for the same reasons. I’d now consider myself moderate. I’m very careful now before accepting any viewpoint. There’s just too much at stake not to be careful about such important decisions.
      Thank you for your great post, gertrude. It’s a terrible situation, but it feels good to know that others understand and can see the problem, too.

      1. These comments are giving me life!!! I truly have to tear myself away from this website to get my daily obligations done. You all have really educated me on this trans non-sense, and you all have given me the courage to fight back. I have been searching for some lesbian or women’s groups here in Atlanta I can join to help with the push back on this gender identity non-sense. Please if anyone knows of any please point me in that direction.

  34. I have been speaking out more against the trans nonsense because of situations like this one. As a woman with a history of sexual abuse, I feel sick how these men are being so controlling and demanding. They insisted on ahistnd damn apology for having a women only group! And they got one! Turns my stomach.

    1. I’m sorry that you experienced sexual abuse, and I know that it can affect your life in the worst ways possible, but trans women are not men; trans women are women.

      1. Transwomen are men and they commit sexual crimes at the same rates as other men. Do not abuse women who have been raped by men who identify as transwomen by forcing them to pretend the penis-haver was a woman. To do so (as you do) would make you an incredibly abusive person, which is what you are.

      2. Thank you. I don’t believe that anyone but females are women. A woman is an adult female. There is no particular feeling, interest, ability, dress or behavior that causes someone to be a woman. That doesn’t mean I think poorly of every male who wants to present themselves in a sterotypical female manner. That’s fine with me actually. But they aren’t women like I am a woman. I am a woman like I am Caucasian. I just am.

      3. So a women explains her concerns and your only response is “sorry, but trans women are women.” What are you trying to say? If you’re a “real women” – whatever that’s supposed to mean – you’d actually have more understanding of our reality & would be concerned about the erasing of women. Your taking away the meaning of the word by allowing anyone to claim it.
        A women is nothing more than a biological reality for us. It isn’t playing a part, having an essence or woman soul, it isn’t any definition of your choosing, having a “lady brain”, it isn’t liking feminine things etc.
        It’s a reality we can not identify out of. I’m sure women who experience genital mutilation, where not only the clit is cut off, but the labia, then they are sewn shut, would love to identify as anything but a woman. Instead, they are subjected to this strictly b/c of the outward appearance of genitals, at birth.
        I’m sure women who have been victims of sexual abuse as children, would have done anything to change their abusers mind, but couldn’t b/c they were born with a female body – a body that has been historically abused for just exsisting.
        The next time a man rapes me, maybe he’ll stop when i tell him I’m a man. But yet again, that won’t stop him b/c my biological reality is that I was born with a female body that is expected to be penetrated. My biological reality won’t let me escape a male who uses his biological body to hold me down, penetrate me, then dispose of me.
        My health care won’t be taken more seriously just b/c I say I’m a man. Three “hysterical woman” will overshadow my health care for as long as I live. Serious health concerns will boil down to “mental” problems b/c my body is veiwed as the cause of mental problems.
        From birth, our value is determined by what privates we have b/c we are automatically associated with birth – whether or not we can or ever will. Man has tried to control that throughout history, and to do that they needed to identify & separate us at birth by our female anatomy. (Where do you think HUSBAND comes from? It’s the short version of husbandry – breeding, like an animal.) I can’t identify out of the BURDEN of my body, nor the way the outside world perceives it. It’s no PRIVLEDGE to be born with this body. The MIND has nothing to do with the BODY when discussing male/ feMALE – man/woMAN (aka other, second class, lesser version of)… It’s a story as old as time – adam & eve, birthing male royals, witch trials, It’s ALWAYS been about our bodies potential, its “worth” & controlling our body. That’s a women’s reality that can’t be escaped through semantics.
        So don’t you dare try to tell me what a woman is, or what a women should be. Males have done it a long time, but we refuse to pander to it any longer.

    2. *you’re.
      Typing on a phone isn’t very efficient, but that’s what I’m stuck with right now.

  35. The phrase “men who identify as transwomen” makes no sense. Transwomen are women, and they can be lesbians just like cis women can.

    1. Women are adult humans who are female. Transwomen are men who would like to occupy the social role (“gender”) that is imposed without consent upon adult humans who are female (in order that men can exploit their reproductive capacity). Lesbians are female homosexuals whose sexual orientation is for others of the same sex, regardless of “gender”. Transwomen are male and therefore can never be lesbian. No woman is “cis” because no woman has an opportunity to freely choose her sex-based social role (“gender”).

      1. Once again, those from the cult love playing Orwellian word games. And thanks to an education system that for the most part, has failed…along with those in my generation being lousy parents..this crap has spread like wild fire.
        There are a few in the community who …for some reason…understand biological reality, as well as the social one. But their voices are silenced, in favor of the parroting done by the person you responded to, @GallusMag. This is the fact. The parrotting years back, would have been called delusional ranting, with said person being sent to Bellevue.
        Assuming this person comes back, here is a little lesson for them:
        – while one can dress as they please, biology cannot be overruled by ‘I feel like______’
        – there are tons of police reports and court transcripts that show that the violence patterns of the t community are no different than the rank and file. If adjusted, they are worse.
        – if the ramblings of folks like Morgen were correct, then gee being trans can mean an MTT could give birth, feed a child naturally, have a female bone structure…all by the miracle of HRT and transition. All of which is……BULLSHIT. If one wants to emulate the female role (which is their right….after all freedom of expression, etc), then do so, without imposing a demand of acceptance based on a twisted ideology. Respect others…and if there are boundaries, get a clue that they exist for logical reasons.
        It takes time to do this, but one can grow up….grow some stones and act like an adult.

          1. Please do…there are some in the community, like yours truly who understand REALITY and live within same. Let alone bend science to justify usurping the places of others…or worse.

      2. “But but but…some women can’t have birth, or breastfeed, because they are infertile or have had mastectomies, etc.” This is the ridiculous argument Trans Inc. likes to push when you mention the basic biological functions of FEMALE.
        Because, yeah, a woman who has some sort of health issue (or through natural aging can no longer conceive) is equivalent to a guy with a penis who just had two balloon breasts strapped on with silicon and a medical glue gun. But hey, “her” make-up is FABULOUS so that’s what’s important, right? /s

    2. They can not be something they aren’t. Period. A woman is just a female human. It’s not a *feeling*, It’s not in our *mind*, It’s not how we act, etc.
      When we are born, our genitals (outward appearance) determine what sex we are. Even if you can’t give birth, have medical conditions preventing fully functioning insides, etc doesn’t matter as far as our classification. Women have struggled throughout history b/c of the body they were born with. The possibilities of what our female body could eventually do, has been the root of our oppression. If you don’t believe that, please tell me why women have had to fight for rights, or why they are discriminated against? Just b/c they are called women? How were men able to determine who the women were? It has to do with the BODY (genitals, possible reproductive ability) we were born with which led to how society (men) determines our worth, and how to exploit us. Like I explained elsewhere, it doesn’t matter if we eventually find out we can’t give birth, or if we just don’t want to, from our birth that ability, or difference in biology, is exploited.
      You can alter yourself to appear as what you think a woman should look like & I honestly don’t care what you do with your body, but you can not erase what women meant all through history, or what that means now. It will never change the biological reality we’ve faced from the day our sex was determined.
      Calling a man a lesbian, or calling a penis a vulva, is nothing but insulting. It’s taking every experience, struggle, and reality away from women. You erase our very existence & strip us of our humanity by making women invisible. Don’t think we will stand by while you do this.

  36. Who wrote this article? ” men who identify as transwomen” these WOMEN are NOT men! You should really do your research before you right an article calling trans women men. They are women and deserve to identified as such! Seriously this is transphonic and insulting.

    1. You’re insulting, Loren. I’m dealing with perimenopause right now, the symptoms of which include really bad, debilitating PMS. Something your so-called “women” will NEVER experience because biologically THEY ARE NOT FEMALE. No amount of make-up, fake boobs, affected mannerisms, and stereotypes will make a man into a woman.
      You think you transwomen “deserve” to be called women? Why? Because you promote the worst in gender stereotyping? No, you do NOT “deserve” my acknowledgment. You DO deserve to be locked up in a mental hospital.
      Oh. And about that last part. If you jerks actually admitted you weren’t real women but just enjoyed being stereotypically feminine, then that might show some SANITY.
      But no. You want to force people to accept your delusion. That means: You. Are. Insane. And no amount of media affirmation will change that.

      1. “People who are looking for a post-factual world and distributing false information are directly responsible for killing democracy.
        “It was the fascists who said, ‘everyday life doesn’t matter. Every detail doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter’.”
        – Yale History Professor Timothy Snyder
        On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

      2. @Gertrude What Loren was spewing is part of the sickening line of thought that the cult has been throwing out for years. And it goes unchallenged, thanks to the PC lobby.
        When it was challenged, this was either done by those who did their research in full. David Susskind comes to mind here, articles in ‘Look’ magazine and the like (back in the 70’s). The science….as in genetics and biology has not changed that much. Just that some have found a way of manipulating same. (the list of those going from DES to the BS of beestings comes to mind).
        By the way, these are the same punks who will say if a t person who cannot get the HRT, due to severe medical issues, is not legitimate. Yeah…I guess that docs, like the ones I see must be morons, because they stated that if someone like yours truly, has/had congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, gout…they should not be on the HRT. And the second a cult disciple finds out the background, they tell the other party, their docs are liars. Yeah…right. (Or worse…is ignored, unless the person wants goes underground to get the HRT and then gets worked on by a quack).
        One last point: the medical research that can counter all that the cult comes up with…if printed out…could fill the coach section of an A-380 several times over. The video discussions could fill several terabyte portable drives. And the delusional ones are so plentiful, mental health professionals would have work for a lifetime. The above would be the case, if people were to just wake up, read, listen and think.

      3. Oops again….
        Should read ‘ done in full or in articles’ before the Susskind mention. Damn, sometimes posting about this causes a little bit of anger.

    2. Wow you are so original, Loren. None of us here has done one bit of research! As soon as you can provide conclusive scientific studies that prove people with penises can be female, we’ll be all ears. Please do educate us.

    3. You don’t “deserve” anything, dude. The fact that you think otherwise proves you’re a privileged white guy. You can’t appropriate womanhood.

  37. So today I’m driving listening to talk radio as usual, and a segment comes on talking about men’s health concerns only. The host and Dr. who was a guess were talking about everything from erectile dysfunction, prostates cancer, viagra to high blood pressure, to colon cancer. Most of the callers calling in were men, except for one lady calling on behalf of her husband. I felt myself getting angry because the “powers that be” are trying to force me to believe that biological males are women. I am so grateful for this website.

  38. destroying lesbian identity was not enough;
    now trans activists have even prevented lesbians from publicly gathering to discuss their own demise.
    that is fucking hard… machiavelli-level annihilation.

  39. This is so awful. What a bunch of A+ men’s rights assholes. I’d say this is just more regression for women right’s but at least in the past women were sort of “allowed” to gather as women; they didn’t even need a “goddess” festival celebrating the “feminine divine.” With a title like that it’s no wonder the trans MRAs were out in full force.

  40. Lesbians are continuing to gather, but we’ve always done this in private homes and apartments, back to the 1950s I guess. There are goddess groups that under 501 c religious rules specifically say born women only—- brave groups of born women working together. One group told the trans that NO they could not attend the gatherings, and that the first amendment, and freedom of religion actually make sure they can’t force their way in. The AK women just chickened out, betrayal of lesbians, well it’s not like this isn’t a regular occurrence.

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