New Zealand Man Gavin "Laurel" Hubbard Sweeps Women’s Weightlifting Competition

Gavin/Laurel Hubbard (center)

Wealthy New Zealander Gavin Hubbard, now calling himself “Laurel”, bumped two women from their Olympic weightlifting qualifying slots after he decided to compete in the women’s category. Hubbard is the son of cereal magnate and former Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard, best known for his position against allowing gay people to marry or raise their own biological children. [1]
Pink shoes = Female

Gavin “Laurel” Hubbard, 39, was a one-time nationally ranked weightlifter in his twenties [2] but he failed to make his mark competing against other males. He remained active in the sport, funding various events and serving as the Executive Officer of OWNZ (Olympic Wrestling of New Zealand) until his position was eliminated last year. [3]
Hubbard responded to the loss of his authority by funding a new state-of-the-art weightlifting facility to host and sponsor the OWNZ competition itself. [4]
Gavin competing against women.

OWNZ then authorized the women’s competition that Hubbard won on Sunday March 19 at the Australasion Championships in Melbourne.
Spot the middle-aged dude

OWNZ cited IOC guidelines for transgenderism, which allow any male who can prove his testosterone levels are 10 nmol/L or below for one year duration to compete in the women’s division. Any female can compete in the male category if she qualifies regardless of her hormone levels. No female athlete has ever qualified to compete against males under IOC guidelines.  Female athletes that outperform males in male events (example: high jump skiing) have not been allowed to compete. [5]
Typical testosterone levels for males are 9-38 nmol/L, and for females 0.52-2.4 nmol/L. So the IOC guidelines allow typical males to compete “as women” if their testosterone levels are in the low normal male range:

The IOC position is that males with testosterone levels in lower male average are female, but testosterone levels in female athletes are irrelevant. It is unknown if Hubbard qualified for the women’s division by medically reducing his testosterone levels or if he is just naturally on the low normal range for males.
When it became known that Hubbard intended to destroy the ranking [6] of female New Zealand Olympian Tracey Lambrechs [Rio 2016) by competing as a male in the women’s 90k+ category, Ms. Lambrechs immediately set her sites on competing against other women by the only means left available to her: qualifying for another weight category away from men.
Olympian Tracey Lambrechs

This involved rapidly losing 38 pounds in order to compete in the nearest woman-only class.
“It was a big shock,” Lambrechs told Radio Sport [on March 4]. “At first I was quite angry and then confused and upset.
“I was taken aback when it first happened but I have no control over anything around me, so I’ve really just been focusing on myself and whatever happens happens.”
She said OWNZ had advised it would only select one competitor per weight division for the world championships.” [7]
Lambrechs. Kickin Ass.

The female Olympian somehow managed to shed the weight in time but underperformed on Sunday as a result. “Obviously losing all that weight my body shape has changed and so my technique is a little bit clumsy at the moment”, Lambrechs had stated back on March 4. She came in second place after the rapid weight loss regimen, losing her qualifying ranking.
The new first place champion of the Australasian heavyweight women’s division, Samoan Iuniara Sipaia, was also stripped of her title and ranking. You can see her on the left below.
Actual heavyweight women’s champ Iuniara Sipaia on left, next to smug creepy male fucker.

OWNZ sponsor and former Executive Officer, white male Gavin “Laurel” Hubbard,  will take her place as women’s heavyweight champion.

81 thoughts on “New Zealand Man Gavin "Laurel" Hubbard Sweeps Women’s Weightlifting Competition

  1. I want to scream out loud whenever I keep seeing bullshit like this! This is just more female erasure going on. And more women are waking up to it as we speak.

  2. Deborah Acason from the Australian weightlifting federation is quoted on 1 news now as saying “it’s difficult when you don’t believe you’re in that situation and being in an even playing field”.
    She also said that alternatives to how the sport deals with transgender sportspeople needed to be looked at.
    I agree. This balding guy was able to lift 19 kilo more than his biological woman counterpart. It is obvious to see he has retained his body mass and strength. We need to be calling out each of these cheating men so that people will see the IOC regulations and transgendered sporting events as a joke, and the willfull decimation of women’s rights.

    1. I am on the same page in anger over this. How wonderfully MRA on the part of this creep.
      We now see how many t folks succeed in this life. If one cannot succeed via regular means….then cheat.

      1. “Take the cake” somehow they prob will try to steal our actual cakes too! I’m so embarrassed to be be a NZer. This used to be a country that understood playing fair, understated but decent and moral. This is just vile.

    1. The look on her face in the last pic says it all. 🙁
      This is just wrong. These women are so beautiful and strong and amazing, I’m disgusted beyond belief on their behalf. No surprise that vile man has the Duper’s smirk, hell hath no fury like an unattractive, unsuccessful rich white dude. Colonizing those with talent and integrity and debasing them for their own petty victory- it’s the way of asshole rich white dudes throughout the ages with new gender twist.
      These athletes deserve SO MUCH BETTER than this.

  3. TAs are going to be victims of their own visibility. No one looking at this thinks it’s okay. Most people are scared to speak up but that won’t last.

  4. Gallus Mag–It’s hard to come up with a comment when your tags already say it all! ROFL, as usual.
    So men are allowed to compete as women while having testosterone levels several times that of the average female range. I’ve looked for studies comparing the athletic performance across those ranges on and off since the first time you published the IOC’s testosterone limits and have failed to find them. Has anyone else stumbled across any? I suspect they don’t exist.

    1. The IOC guidelines are not based upon science, but upon demands from transgender activists… and intersex activists in this case. Cases of male AIS like Semanya medal 6x as much as females overall. We need to be able to have these discussions.

  5. What we are witnessing with our own eyes is the destruction of women’s sports. It’s happening right before our own eyes, and still people remain silent. This angers me so much that I want to scream.
    Countries that allow this to happen should be shunned like lepers. They are a disgrace to fair competition, and they have the audacity to shove it in our faces. Boycott New Zealand because this country has no shame at all. Look at the smug expression on this clown’s face. He is basically saying fu## you to the female competitors. He weighed in at 9 kilograms more than the females he was competing against. For God sake’s, we can see it with our own eyes. His height, weight, skeletal structure, and muscular development are male. I was watching a video of this pompous man, and he stuck out like a sore thumb. He towered over the females.
    This horrific new Olympic rule is the reason why I refused to watch the last Olympics. If we look at the history of all the cheating scandals in sports, we know that some people are going to milk this for all its worth. When we are talking about elite competition, medals can mean lucrative endorsements, etc. So, this sure as hell does matter to women. It’s about integrity in sports and fairness, and it really pisses me off because they have the audacity to do this with a smirk on their faces.
    “OWNZ cited IOC guidelines for transgenderism, which allow any male who can prove his testosterone levels are 10 nmol/L or below for one year duration to compete in the women’s division. Any female can compete in the male category if she qualifies regardless of her hormone levels. No female athlete has ever qualified to compete against males under IOC guidelines. Female athletes that outperform males in male events (example: high jump skiing) have not been allowed to compete.
    Typical testosterone levels for males are 9-38 nmol/L, and for females 0.52-2.4 nmol/L. So the IOC guidelines allow typical males to compete “as women” if their testosterone levels are in the low normal male range.”
    Under the new Olympic rules, males can have testosterone levels three times what women naturally produce, and they can still keep their male genitalia. Sex reassignment surgery is not required. It’s freaking unbelievable.
    All three medalist in the 2016 Olympic “women’s 800 meter” were either male or intersex. There is no doubt about it. Gold, silver, and bronze did not go to XX female with average testosterone levels. No way, and women were cheated out of all the medals in this event. I’m sure the women who competed in this event know it. Caster Semenya and intersex are a different subject, but Caster had higher than normal testosterone levels for a female.
    In the next Olympics, don’t be surprised to see all medals in “women’s events” going to males, or maybe intersex with high testosterone levels like Caster. This shit needs to stop now! Women must speak up, or it’s surely the death of women’s sports.
    It’s time to go back to genetic testing for all female athletes. Put intersex and transgender in their own category. Transgender and intersex are two different things, but intersex like Semenya with high testosterone and obvious male development should not be competing against females.
    Boycott New Zealand, and any country that has the audacity to shove this in our faces, smirk while doing it, and pretend it’s fair. We aren’t blind. Women need to wake up, and wake up quick because it’s only going to get worse. Look at this clown’s face. He is laughing at us.

    1. Boycott the countries?? ALL countries are doing this, UK, Canada, USA, Iran, if we made a list we’d find them all.

    2. I don’t think caster semenya is female. Just a male with mutated sex chromosomes resulting is multiple x chromosomes and one y. Caster has no female reproductive system.
      Some people seem to have the misconception that intersex people are in between being male or female, but that’s not true. Like anyone else they fall squarely into the male or female sex. They just have a mutation of the normal xx or xy sex chromosomes.

  6. How is he just not ashamed? I mean, how?
    The detail on the father’s homophobia explains a lot.
    Half of me hopes he gets to the Commonwealth Games and wins, so this shit gets aired.

  7. Terrific work researching and writing this article Gallus! This is such a clear case of fraud and rule-bending to suit one fucking asshole dude I can’t fucking believe it. I really shouldn’t be surprised any more and yet here we are. Tokyo 2020 can’t come fast enough.

  8. The lone bright spot to assfucks like him is that it calls attention to what a farce the IOC ‘guidelines’ really are when it comes to strength-based competitions. Once a male benefiting from testosterone, ALWAYS a male…
    If they even want to TRY and have a conversation, then they need to review downward to a level that is consistent with the female ranges, not the low-male range. However, even then, the reality is they still have the benefit of a life of naturally-occurring testosterone in building their muscular structure and breathing capacities…

    1. It’s not just “strength-based” competitions, this rule applies across the board. In this system, pretty much all males IDing as transwoman medal or take places on female teams. NO females IDing as trans are ever even going to come close to medalling in the male competitions, or taking men’s positions on men’s teams.

  9. I’m so angry at these MTTs coming into women’s sports! Women fought so long and hard to have their own sports teams, and to play certain sports traditionally only played by men. Now these transactivists are taking that away, and giving themselves an unfair advantage over women. Men’s and women’s divisions are based on biological realities, not “feelings.” For example, a skating pair has to be M/F, and the man has to throw and lift the woman. The average woman could never throw and lift a man, nor another woman. Likewise, even a very strong man would probably be unable to lift and throw another man without causing an accident. How dare Hubbard cheat these two deserving women out of their Olympic spots!

  10. Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, enough people will realise they’re being conned and the fertilizer will really hit the air conditioning.

  11. My heart goes out to the women who have been robbed of their spots. All the years of sacrifice and compromise, the dedication, the hours under the bar, the sheer insanity of competing at national and international levels, gone. As an athlete, I am quivering with rage.
    This is common knowledge in anabolic sodden strength sports, but I thought I would note for GT readers the following. The reason male secondary sex characteristics continue to accrete through the male life span is that although natural test levels peak in the late teens, the body continues to do upregulate receptors and do more with the same or slightly less test. This is why men who avoid injury do not hit their strength prime until 35, and can continue in that prime until their early forties. Grip strength in males sees massive concomitant increases in the 30s, which has major impacts on overall power output due to the body’s proprioceptive feedback loops, not to mention potentiation of muscle fiber recruitment at %s vastly higher than female athletes due to testosterone’s impacts on the nervous system. That’s not even getting into the superior power production of the male hip structure, shoulder structure, bones, lungs, etc. A little spironolactone, or hell, even castration and surgical manscaping, to use a Gallusism, won’t do anything to these factors.
    It’s a travesty, an insult to female athletes everywhere, and to anyone who loves sport and fair competition. Thank you, GM, for reporting on this.

      1. Welcome. It’s why men are advised to delay playing the “steroid card” as long as possible because the exogenous test interferes with receptor upregulation.
        Interestingly, recent research shows that former steroid users (male) have lifetime advantages over never users (male) when it comes to strength and body composition due to permanent changes on the cellular level that persist despite changes in hormone levels. I am sure there is a parallel phenomenon with the MTTs.

      2. So if steroid users have a lifelong advantage, are they banned from competitive sports for life? (Assuming they get caught.) Will they be? If that were to happen, then that would keep trans out of competitive women’s sports.

      3. Can’t seem to reply directly to your last post; lifetime bans require a couple failures, but in my opinion, one failure for an anabolic should be a lifetime ban. Thanks for the link, anon.

    1. This reality also has an impact on young girls irrelevant of males and trans involvement. More and more, the faces of female olympians are teenagers. As the sports become more and more technical, as we reach the physical limits in each of these sports, the maturing female body becomes less and less competitive (while the male body continues to improve on performance into the 20s and 30s). But as soon as girls completely become women, their athletic careers are pretty much over, except in exceptional circumstances.
      The impact of this is that for males, living the Olympic dream is an adult endeavour, while for females, it’s a childhood endeavour.
      When we over-train as children and teens, we delay puberty due to lowered fat levels and this has dramatic long term consequences on our bodies, such as stunted growth, osteoporosis, amenorrhoea, etc.
      There is so much shit going on in female sport, it is crazy.

  12. At least Hubbard is proving just how ridiculous it is to allow men who “feel like women” or say that they are women to compete with real women. I keep thinking all women should say we feel like men, therefore we are men.

    1. I keep thinking all women should say we feel like men, therefore we are men.
      That’s the basis of one of my quick quips (when there’s no time for a long discussion):
      If women all identified as men tomorrow would we get a raise up to the male pay grade???

  13. Reblogged this on PetuniaCatLand and commented:
    This is unbelievable. I’m not super interested in sports, but this story is shocking. More of the male take over via transgender of women’s sports, pushing women out. I’m old enough to remember when there was no women’s sports. Except for a form of pseudo-hockey called ringette. 🙄

  14. I believe you have it wrong about the winner.
    That person is Iuniara Sipaia, not Luniara Sipara. And she is Samoan, not New Zealander.
    So Gavin’s cheating doesn’t deprive her of funding. It does deprive her of her gold medal however.
    According to this:
    Iuniara is the second-strongest Commonwealth weightlifter, behind Maryam Usman of Nigeria (and Gavin the cheat).
    Lambrechs is the third.
    Hubbard’s cheating DOES potentially affect other New Zealand lifters, however.
    Olympic weightlifting rules are very sexist (but of course!) and each country is eligible to submit zero, one, two, three or four women across seven weight categories for women, but up to six for eight men’s categories. New Zealand are not a very strong country for weightlifting so get just one place (in theory they could get more but they would need to be ranked in the top 20 in the world for this to happen). That place, in 2016, was given to – guess who? Tracey Lambrechs.
    So cheating Gavin not only pushes out Tracey Lambrechs from competing in the Olympics in the future, he also pushes out EVERY OTHER WOMAN IN NEW ZEALAND from competing in the Olympics, since there is only one place for an entire country.
    There are knock-on effects of course – New Zealand isn’t a very good country at weightlifting even with Oceania. In 2012 they came behind Papua New Guinea for Olympic qualification and didn’t even get ONE place (Oceania gets four places, separate to worldwide places). With Lambrechs now in the sub-75kg category and cheating Gavin in the 75kg New Zealand have an unfair advantage over other countries.
    So in the future someone like say Dika Toua, from Papua New Guinea (GDP per capita $2000) is pushed out from even GOING to the Olympics by a cheating MAN from New Zealand (GDP per capita $30000, Gavin’s families worth: more like $30,000,000)

    1. “That person is Iuniara Sipaia, not Luniara Sipara. And she is Samoan, not New Zealander.”
      Huh? That is the name I referred to her with in my piece. Her ethnicity is Samoan, I have no info on her residency.
      Thank you for your comment. Very interesting.

      1. actually misspelled twice: in the text also. Though her name is sometimes spelled with two rs (Iuniarra)
        She definitely competes for Samoa.
        I think you have a misapprehension about the event also. It is the Australian Weightlifting & International Open (so primarily an Australian national event, but with some other regional competitors as well) In Melbourne, Australia. Hubbard’s event was October 2015 in Otago, New Zealand. And I don’t think he competed
        As you can see here for the current event:
        “Competing against 17 countries and 450 weightlifters, team Samoa swept with another medal haul at the Australian International Open.”
        “Iuniara Sipaia – 2 Silver Medals”
        Should have been gold but for cheating Hubbard.
        I’m guessing there’s a good chance that by Lambrechs moving down to the -75kg weight category, another New Zealand woman (from the lower category) has lost out as well.
        Here are the raw result sfor the event.

        1. “actually misspelled twice: in the text also. ”
          ETA: Ugh. Got it. Thanks.
          I have FINALLY (I hope!) corrected the post. Thank you for your help and your patience! 🙂
          Also for your knowledgable analysis.
          My apologies to Iuniara Sipaia if she is reading.

  15. TRacey Lambrechs gets displaced by a man, literally tries to make herself smaller in order to still be allowed to be present at all, fails, is out. Man who displaced her is smiling in smug delight: WINNING, to quote MRA spokesmodel Charlie Sheen.
    Liberal feminism: there might be a metaphor in there somewhere, I dunno, I’m no poet.

  16. So a few of us were thinking, an organisation such as WoLF might want to give out re-ranked medals, male-free medals, in all the sports where males are usurping us in female sports. That could be a fun media scoop!

    1. That’s a good idea. Have a banquet, get trophies, film the recipients or their proxies accepting awards. Obstacles would be getting a venue, and athletes being reluctant to accept award for fear of being branded transphobic and losing their sponsors.

    2. Yes! WoLF could do online auction to raise funds for their Supreme Court effort and have a live video feed of the awards so all of us could participate. Raise the Paddle remotely like $10 for 2nd place $25 for first place “vote” – this could be really subversive FUN.
      Fun media scoop and Fun-Raiser for WoLF – might become annual event as long as it’s needed.

  17. http://www.wnd. com/2017/03/female-athletes-crushed-by-women-who-were-once-men/
    While most of these were probably culled from Gallus’ work, it’s probably good that there are over 2000 comments by people who aren’t normally exposed to this kind of information, at least not with specific examples.

    1. The wnd article says they were one male. Umm no! They are still men. I would love for the silly person who wrote that to tell me how they became females and are no longer male.

  18. Sport: Samoa protest against transgender lifters competing against women
    1:26 pm on 29 March 2017
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    Samoa says it’s unfair for transgender weightlifters to compete in women’s divisions and plan to take their protest to the International Weightlifting Federation.
    New Zealand lifter Laurel Hubbard won the over 90kg division at the Australian International event in Melbourne earlier this month.
    The 39 year old lifted a combined total of 268kg, 19kg better than silver medallist Iuniarra Sipaia of Samoa.
    New Zealand weightlifter Laurel HubbardNew Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Photo: Supplied: Australian Weightlifying Federation.
    The President of the Samoa Weightlifting Federation, Jerry Wallwork, said the move will discourage women from participating in the sport.
    “I really don’t think it’s fair. I’ve seen it up in front, in person, and especially when you’ve got someone who was a champions male lifter and now competing with the women, against the women,” he said.
    “I think it’s really unfair – I could probably almost class it as taking drugs.
    “You meet the testosterone levels and you get it down to a certain level but you’ve still got the muscles and the bones of a man and of course you’ve still got the strength there – it doesn’t matter how low you go.
    Jerry Wallwork said the fact Hubbard denied a Samoan lifter the gold medal was irrelevant and the main issue was one of fairness.
    “I’ve been a coach for 25-30 years and I’ve seen it up front and it does not look fair,” he said.
    “There’s a big advantage there to that side and I’m prepared to take it all the way up to the International Weightlifting Federation and I will raise it with them and argue with them that something [has to change].
    “Maybe set up a new division – there’s nothing wrong with that, set up a new division but to go against women I still think it’s unfair.”
    “I talked to other female athletes that were they – they’re actually saying to me what’s the point of training and competing, we will not be able to beat these lifters – transgenders – because they’re obviously much stronger, much bigger.”
    Jerry Wallwork said it was important to make their voices heard but whatever the IWF Congress decides, he will accept the decision.

  19. This is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened in the history of sports. A transgender (still a man) competing against straight women. I just cant believe that this is accepted and allowed to happen! Is it because shim has had an op. to change upstairs & downstairs? Regardless the man-made changes he/she is still a MAN,

    In 2017 being a woman, being a female means absolutely nothing. Words have no meaning, women and girls do not exist. I have a real soft spot for kids, including boys and young men. Adolescence is HARD, being a teen can be tough, I get that and honor that wonderful and tricky stage of life. But can girls fucking exist? Can they ever train hard and dedicate themselves to sport in this new crazy world? This is a fucking outrage that is being applauded and encouraged all over America. The high school girls track members will never get a do over. They’ll never even have the chance to be anything other than second place on the podium or in the trans-fawning media coverage. I’m so upset. Again.

        Wow. Actually quite surprised by the comments here. I guess the Courant doesn’t moderate dissent away like The Guardian and many other media venues. Connecticut is a bastion of faux liberalism; I confess I’m a little delighted by the truth in the comments. If only I had the safety, privilege, or stones to participate in the conversation. Alas, I must continue to support anonymously and off grid.

        1. It isn’t women who have safety and privilege who are speaking out. Quite the contrary. (I don’t know what “stones” are). Make your own choices and live with them but don’t lie to yourself or others about the sacrifices that other women are making.

    1. WTF???? Serious?
      The person already has genetic advantages and is being heralded as a role model for…..CHEATING? Are they fucking kidding us?
      I am at a loss….and this is a shame. Bad enough there are examples like this one, with the manners of angry badgers and visages akin to the criminally insane. (Along with some keeping the CDC in business…in perpetuity). But this……SHIT.
      Hey…maybe we should all cheat, lie and screw with language, in an Orwellian fashion. After all….this is in style, thanks to the brigade and their enablers.

    2. Wow–most of the comments were made by sane people aware of biological reality, although one person said the comments were “severely disturbing” and that it was “sexist” to claim men were physically superior to women. In what bizarro universe is the acknowledgment of biological reality some sort of bigotry? You might as well claim that putting on sunscreen is somehow racist, since you’re recognizing the fact of having pale skin.
      @LQ–Your comment about adolescence being hard for both sexes is spot on in its relationship to the trans phenonmenon. In our society, girls and boys are both abused, but differently. A boy who doesn’t like rough treatment or being toughened up for dominance can look at what appears to be the gentler treatment of girls and think it’s a better deal. And, in fact, it may well be a better deal for HIM, since he won’t be subjected to most of the oppression based on the biological reality of having female reproductive capacity. Many of the boys and men who declare themselves trans seem to want to retain the best parts of male privilege while avoiding the negative aspects of manhood in a patriarchal society, and that may be why they often come across as even more entitled than the average guy.

      1. Come to think of it, didn’t Renee Richards….way the hell after the fact, admit practically the same, in re: physical advantage? Or for that matter….every other major US school of sports medicine and research?
        As for those who are blind to biology, let alone scientific fact are more proof positive the education system is falling down on the job. Coinciding with MRA’s and their Orwellian/Jedi Mind Tricks to erase Title IX and other protections. Damn….makes the case for either home- schooling or moving overseas.

  21. Ok, so this whole situation is bullshit. I’m a weight-lifter, and this kind of nonsense should not fly. Gaging testosterone levels is a complete bunk way of measuring ability in the sport. So if Laurel don’t have the womanly bits, an exception should not be made. I’m of the opinion that anyone who fakes or half-asses a transition to get an unfair advantage is just weak as a person.
    That said, I think that there are cases where a TG competitor could work, but that would have to be on a case by case basis. This person seems to have started transitioning after they got their male-level gains. I mean, Hubbard seems to stand a good two heads taller than the biologically female competitors. Weak, bro. Real weak.

  22. “That said, I think that there are cases where a TG competitor could work, but that would have to be on a case by case basis.”
    The problem with the “case by case” thing is that it exaggerates bias. If you’ve watched a documentary on a male-to-female MMA fighter, if you’ve met them, read their diary, etc., the more likely you are to give them a pass in their direction.
    Which is why all the Out Sports people want you to hug these individuals and know them because how could you not like them?!?! (This isn’t just a trans strategy, forced familiarity is a patriarchal strategy in general for all males.)
    If you hire someone to oversee trans “cases” in any sport, instructing them to pick out the 10% (maybe, possibly unoffensive trans who you think might be able to compete without generating irate mainstream audience) of .1% (total trans population), your ability to identify with the 99% of female people will be shot to all shit: Because you’re not opening yourself to their lives and experiences on a case to case basis since there’s not enough time in the day to do that with 51% of the world’s population.

    1. Forced familiarity only works as far as trans control the message. Because, in actuality, a significant number of transitioners are difficult people (and that’s not getting into the large minority who are completely vile). Surveys show that “cishet” people, when they personally know a gay man or lesbian, are much, much more likely to support gay rights and have a positive attitude toward the gay community. Meanwhile, surveys show that respondents who don’t know any trans people are more likely to support trans access to women’s spaces than those who do know any trans people. The implication seems to be that, unlike with the gay community, personal exposure to trans people is not to their community’s benefit.

      1. Probably because most of them are raving loons.
        Orientation and paraphilia are miles apart. Orientation tends to drive a normal life, regardless of what that orientation is. Paraphilia typically manifests in a life being driven by ‘what gets a dick up’ without much further thought. Pursuing a life defined by that parameter makes for shallow-brained loons.

  23. Good point how when heteros actually know lesbians or gays it helps. The more people meet real life male to trans, well, when women see them parading around their restrooms, showing their penis’ in locker rooms, acting entitled and drag queenish obnoxious in lesbian bars— I’ve been to lots of lesbian events in L.A. and believe lesbians avoid these creepy guys, they make terrible impressions, and they are very mentally ill and violent many time. I’ve personally witnessed this behavior, women hate men like this.

  24. XY women (fully transitioned) are the only athletes competing unhealthy in a complete androgen deprivation state and well beyond a (post menopause state). Incredibly unhealthy and spore eventually becomes impossible as the body deteriorates as it cannot respond to day-to-day functions without androgens as the bodies primary communications and regulator hormone.
    Moreover and important, the XY transitioned female is the only body that can show the health and key markers where the body turns on then off, as the body loses its ability to regulate androgens.
    Which then causes complete androgen deprivation of the human body, heavily contraindicates it as testosterone plays over 200 functions in the body every single day separate of the sex of the physiology.
    A transitioning XY Female (pre op) are hypgonatic, not feeling full effects of complete androgen deprivation and plus 2 dozen contraindications because they still have gonads. If they were a HP athlete prior and during continued transition minimising the advantage in women’s competition away takes even longer years longer.
    There are still many questions to be answered in relation to the participation of transitioning and transitioned XY Females and XX Males, this is defiantly a work in progress. Not many people are aware that the IOC created the current transgender guidelines in half a day with no science or research. They did this as a hip response to lesson liability in Kristen Worley’s human rights case in the divisional court in Canada. The current transgender and intersex IOC & WADA policies and guidelines are not based on any science. There were 90 people involved in the IOC Consensus Meeting in 2015 most people were sports officials with no qualifications to even be in this meeting and they defiantly are not medically qualified to write policies relating to the health and welfare of all female athletes globally.
    Kristen’s victory in Toronto exposed both WADA and the IOC’s policies to have breached human rights of many female athletes and their current policies continue to do so. Kristen’s case also identified that both WADA & the IOC do not even have the right starting point in this conversation it is so much more then testosterone levels the full diversity of human physiology must now be fully considered when new policies are developed. There is a long way to go in this conversation.
    There are many sporting organisations considering the future direction of global sport none more so then world cycling and the Commonwealth Games Committee, they are doing a lot of work in this area. The days of just believing the IOC and WADA have all the answers has long gone the recent Russian Drug fiasco is a clear example of what the IOC don’t know. Kristen’s victory showed sports can’t start writing these type of policies starting from a human rights focus they must have the science and research first.
    During my discussions with both Australian and international colleagues I feel the direction of global sport will involve having one gender policy for all women no matter their chromosomal makeup. Every group of females may have different criteria to compete but sport will start from the point that everyone is firstly acccepted and they are only denied the right to compete if they have a proven unnatural advantage.
    I also see the future of some sports being separated on abilities and physical attributes similar to the way the Paralympics separate sports.
    There is no doubt that XY Males on average have an advantage in strength speed and endurance. Just looking at all sports world sporting records clearly shows this to be true.
    In relation to Hannah and the AFL I would suggest the AFL completely ignore the IOC’s Current guidelines because as I previously stated the IOC has admitted their policy was not based on any facts or science.
    The AFL is unlike any Olympic Sport it is a very high impact sport even more so for females I suggest. Recent studies haveshown females are more likely to suffer knee injuries and the impact and severity of concussions are more severe in female athletes.
    The greatest challenge for the trans and gender diverse communities is being accepted in female sports in particular high impact sports like Australian Rules Football. I suggest erring on the side of caution with all sports at the elite level or high impact sports like the AFL.
    Some sports like Australian Cycling have different criteria to be met at each level of their sport with local competitions having self identification as the only prerequisite to participation.
    I don’t suggest this type of policy would work for the AFL because we are not just talking about winning or losing we are talking about the health and safety of all participants. On this point this is where I believe the AFL has made the biggest mistake with Hannah allowing her to play at the local level but not at the elite where the other players are stronger, fitter and more developed then the grassroots players.

    Sport’s longest injustice scheduled for demolition

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  25. He is 40 and competed as a man, so he could have some cumulative damage. I love those photographs in the Daily Mail. The photographs in the Daily Mail captured the look on his face. It’s priceless.
    Karma is a bitch!
    Washed up male athletes who can no longer cut it in men’s sports have no business destroying women’s sports, taking women’s medals, and making a mockery out of fair play.
    No one really believes this huge dude is a woman anyway. The pink shoes don’t make him a woman. People just say “woman” because they are afraid of the politically correct thought police calling them “transphobic”.
    He is not a woman, and we need to stop pandering to them. I wonder if he is going to be back competing against women when he heals. I hope not.

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