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  1. “Non-binary” is a way for everyday boring people to identify as being super interesting and special. If we all have a unique gender, then everyone is trans, and no one is cis!

    1. Reminds me of the clothing and social group phases people had in middle/high school. Like if goths decided that being a goth was actually a gender and an innate part of the brain, and they need to attach themselves to gay/lesbian spaces and use gay/lesbian resources to validate their fake-deep goth inner soul identity. Wild times.

      1. Gay is a choice just like trendy genders. Keep marriage traditional and women too. No men pretending. No more lesbian recruiting to destroy families.

    2. I have to assume that vanity projects like this are ultimately going to lead to the implosion of the trans movement. So many labels and ways of identifying into oppression, at some point, being un-labeled will make you special-er.

  2. So, if I understand them correctly, they “can’t” get married, not because of any legal bar, but because there’s no non-binary box to check? You’ve got to be kidding me!

      1. I live in Seattle and when we filed our marriage certificate recently, next to where each person writes their name, there were three boxes: husband, wife, and “spouse.” Like, one could easily check “wife/wife” or “husband/husband” so it wasn’t a gay marriage thing. I wonder if it’s related to this kind of bs??

      2. “That’s the cross they’re bearing…”
        @GM–That’s so empathetic!
        I must be getting old, because I want to shake them and say, “Is this really the hill you choose to die on? Check a box and get married already!” Or don’t, but go away and leave us sane people in peace. Seriously, I can’t imagine any of the gay couples I’ve known who wanted to marry legally being stopped by the lack of a checkbox that aligns with their super special innermost feelings.
        And I’m still reeling from learning earlier this week that the adult attention span has dropped over the last decade to the point that it’s now one second shorter than that of the average goldfish, which may explain a great deal, including the need to come up with new gender categories every few minutes, since people can’t stay focused long enough to fully comprehend male and female.

      3. @Oak and Ash: Where did you find out about the ever-shortening adult attention span? I would add that people don’t have enough to do!

    1. This took me some time to digest. Can’t get married in the UK? What? Not to mention that they’re het! We’re non-binary? WTH when you’re wearing “male” and “female” costumes??? Maybe I’m just old and confused. Oh, wait, got it, they want money. Never mind, no need for head-scratching.

  3. Oh the humanity. *headdesk* On the bright side, now we have a new binary: binary trans and non-binary trans! Where’s that stash of popcorn….

  4. They’re daffy but they’re cute together. I wonder if adulthood is going to hit this couple hard. They seem inadequately prepared.

    1. Eeeeww, I see Fox and Owl started a petition to get Germaine Greer no-platformed. Maybe not so cute. Still immature though.

    2. Sadly I think this is it. Fox Fisher didn’t start transgendering until her thirties, they are both well past their youthful days…

    3. I used to think that stupid behavior was the province of most of us when we were young. Then I got old and found out that an awful lot of people just keep being stupid no matter how old they are.

      1. Oh, don’t, Dogtowner. : D I’m still just about young (eh, 29, younger than this pair at least, seemingly), naive and idealistic enough that I’m still deeply struggling to come to terms with this. I always thought that it was just a simple enough education issue, that people weren’t really stupid, if they only had access to it they’d accept reality. I didn’t think that in the face of it, they’d not only choose to carry on being stupid, but would continue to invent new ways to be stupid. 0_o People, eh.
        ‘Course, for dudes, it’s not really stupid, they’re obviously getting something outta it. I am horrified and almost impressed that they have the energy for it, though. You’d think sheer embarrassment at how stupid maintaining gender forces them to pretend to be, might get some of them to drop it.
        …I’m gonna go validate my gothgender feels by playing obnoxious angsty music. ; )

  5. As long as the guy with the long hair doesn’t enter into any female sporting contests I don’t care what they do. I wouldn’t give then a cent for their video. Better the money goes to a real woman trying to survive on the basic wage.

  6. “Trans-” means “across,” “Ultra-” means “beyond.”
    Could they really be Ultragender, but just not be in touch with their terms yet?

    1. I love this new prefix and hereby declare myself to be ultra-something-or-other. I’m not sure what yet, but I am definitely ultra-something.

      1. The new thing will surely be ephemeral gender – it sort of floats in the air like mist until the e-gender person wills it into form. Only the e-gender person knows for sure what gender form the mist will take, so it’s best to ASK the e-gender person about their gender preferences so you don’t commit the unforgivable crime of mist-gendering them while their formless and shapeless identity is still inchoate.
        Oh, wait, that’s not even really a joke and is pretty much just regular old boring gender fluid crap in a nutshell. Oh geeze there is peak trans again!

      2. “Mist-gender,” lol.
        I think all of us on this blog are UltraBS (beyond BS).

  7. oh so boring. and also nonsensical. What do they mean by “all-female” film crew? why not “all-non-binary”? are they misgendering? They’re just straight and conservative — sigh.

    1. Yeah, I thought that was especially odd since Owl was talking about the film crew and said “we” as if Owl is on the film crew, not just a subject of the film. So if the film crew is “all-female,” how can an individual member be non-binary at the same time?

      1. Also since Owl believes binary mammalian reproductive sexual reproduction does not exist, “female” as he uses the term has no meaning. Gosh these people have the intellectual capacity of a gerbil.

      2. Each day, one would think….one would hope that these spoiled, immature, narcissistic, t snowflakes would wake up, grow up and realize the world does not spin around them. And each day, their collective manure gets piled on even thicker.
        As for Owl claiming there has been ‘no male privilege’ in that person’s life, I am going to call BULLSHIT on that. Reason being (among others) has to do with that the overwhelming majority of those who look like Owl; if they make a complaint anywhere, it has instant credibility. They benefit from the fact that if they screw up at work, if they blame someone else, they can and DO get away with it. They can and often ARE treated better by medical professionals. Need I list the rest?
        The fact that this miscreant has a platform …as in the HP ….where they, as well as other cult-enabled mental midgets can spew their vomit and be rewarded by lackeys and toadies, is another example of the privilege in action.

      3. I give the gerbil points for not taking cross-sex hormones and declaring itself non-binary. Watching it eat a grape was more enlightening than Owl’s TED talk.
        Speaking of which, I noticed the pseudo-demure demeanor in the video with Fox completely vanishes on stage, where he reads like a typical man telling everyone else what to think.

      4. This Tedx video reminds me of Danielle muscato – LARPS on the internet as a girl and thinks this makes him a woman. Only this one likes cross dressing.

      5. I love the part where Owl pauses to wait for laughter and there’s only stony silence, so he chuckles.

      6. The gerbil is doing something real called eating (perhaps called something else in trans-speak) and Owl is adding to the toxic waste that pollutes the world. What an insult to owls!

  8. The shit these two are pulling is so damn offensive. Thinking of the real horror gay men and lesbians used to go through and still do in so many areas before the days of legal martiage. Real problems. Like a 75 yo gay man being kicked out of his home because bigoted relatives found a bigoted judge to void a duly made will and give all of the property to them. Or a lesbian trying to be with her drowned lover in a Seattle hospital and having to desperately hope her lover’s “REAL” relatives would give permission to the hospital for that to happen.

    1. I so agree, Bob. The entitlement and preciousness and privilege of it all. No sympathy from me. Even those in the trans cult who seem most harmless are still harming females on so many levels.
      And meanwhile Lesbians and gay men are still fighting oppression on so many levels.

    2. This is where I had to get off the T-train. I agree with Bob that in the 90s and early 2000s gay rights really was about making sure that gay people who spent their lives together were not being denied the basic right to be considered a family. It was and is a noble cause, one that affirms the human dignity and autonomy of us all.
      Gay rights says no one should be kept from basic legal and civil rights because of who they love. Trans rights says that trans people are the only people whose suffering matters, and they are fighting for the dubious “right” to force individuals to play along with their gender delusions or face punishment. Owl and Fox claiming they “can’t get married” are really being petty and trivializing WHY gay marriage is important in the first place, and that has nothing to do with getting a lot of attention on the internet for being edgy gender non-conforming hets.
      Over the past few years it has become apparent that transgender is basically a narcissistic drug, sex and death cult that is being evangelized via the internet and in activist circles. I feel silly typing that, but it’s really true when you look at how often trans revolves around pharmaceutical hormones, fetish sexuality, and suicide and the way that trans activists push the false and alienating narratives to vulnerable people who are struggling and allow no dissent from outsiders.
      I recently read an article in a UK paper about a 30 something woman who took puberty blockers for non-trans related issues as a child who is now dealing with really horrific side-effects including brittle bones that just break unexpectedly. She said she lives in pain every day and wants other people to be careful about taking these drugs because the long term side effects are often not well studied. In any case, they certainly aren’t the harmless “gender confirming tools” they are being sold as by unscrupulous journalists and activists who are desperate to appear hip to the transgender trend.
      Who will answer to the kids who are taking these drugs today to be trans trendy when their bones start disintegrating in young adulthood? The mixture of off-label drugs, internet contagion, and government, media and academic complicity is a noxious stew that is going to have terrible fall out eventually.

    3. Thank you Bob!
      You showcased why legalizing same-sex marriage is so important. This non-binary nonsense is just a way for bored heterosexuals to pretend to be oppressed without actually having to experience oppression. There is nothing stopping these two from getting married other than them wanting everyone to play along with their delusions.

  9. “I’m a monogamist as well”. as long as it has a tag it is still avant-garde, I guess?
    Reminds me of Jenna and Paul “normaling” on 30 Rock: “I put that afghan all over you baby”

  10. My mother did some work as a hospice volunteer in DC in the 80s, and told me that it was common for long-gone ‘lovers’ to turn up when a former partner was dying or dead, demanding a piece of whatever estate there was from the deceased’s relatives.

  11. I guess this is the trendy new way for men to get their girlfriends to stop talking about marriage?

    1. And the most creative answer award goes to genderskeptics! How to get the girlfriends to stop talking about marriage, what will those boys think of next? LOL

    2. actually statitically men are more the ones who push for marriage. so that old canard about women pressuring men into it is another reversal. just sayin’.

      1. Absolutely. Right wingers and patriarchs throughout history are the ones who have pushed marriage as a vocation on women.

      2. Liberal dudes prefer collective ownership of women sexually imo, I think dworkin said as much in Right Wing Women. Seemed accurate.

  12. I don’t understand this at all. This is some outrageously confusing messed up rubbish. What do they mean they can’t get married? WTF is going on here? They can’t get married because they are “non-binary trans”. So, there is “non-binary trans” as opposed to “binary trans”, and “non-binary trans” has to be on the marriage certificate. They are a heterosexual couple. Perhaps a strange looking heterosexual couple, but male and female nonetheless. Fox is female and Owl is male. Heterosexual people get married all the time, and even same sex couples can get married in Iceland. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since June 2010. Same-sex marriage is legal in the United Kingdom, with the exception of Northern Ireland. Because the marriage certificate doesn’t say some kind of bulls*** like “non-binary trans” check this box, they can’t get married. They don’t want to be called male or female even though they are male and female and in a sexual relationship. Owl no doubt still has his penis, and Fox still has a vagina, but it’s not heterosexual. Fox says that they want to get married as “non-binary trans”.
    Fox says that the focus is on “binary trans” which is “heteronormative”. To me, they do look like a “heteronormative” couple. Owl says that he isn’t gay in his Ted Talk video, and they are male and female, so this would make them “heteronormative”. All this heterosexual couple did was switch cultural sex stereotypes, and for this they must think they are special.
    The term “non-binary” is such a bullshit term because it could include just about anyone. All of us is “non-binary” in some way or another because no one is completely stereotypically masculine or stereotypically feminine.
    This is a link to their Go Fund Me page where they ask for donations for their awesome soon to be released video. This couple is a joke, and who knows what they would do with the donations for their super special “non-binary trans” video.
    Scroll down to the pie chart. See where it says 56% of donations go to travel expenses. People can trust trans folks with their money. Just ask the Women’s March in Portland, Oregon who were swindled out of their money.
    I don’t know what to think of this couple. They are both sad and delusional, so I suppose they deserve each other. I was browsing through some old youtube videos of Fox, and she was a cute looking young woman before she was pumped up on testosterone and got her breasts cut off. Like many FTMs, she had to make videos of her “transition” and “top surgery”. The mutilation of healthy female bodies always saddens me.
    To me, Owl is just a cross dressing heterosexual male who doesn’t fit neatly into sex based stereotypes. Nothing new here except not “non-binary trans” is supposed to be cool and trendy. This sad couple will milk trans for all its worth. This is all they have. Most heterosexual males who like to wear dresses, etc. are autogynephiles. There is nothing wrong with being a male who likes non-traditional clothes, makeup, etc. It doesn’t make him special. It doesn’t make him a woman. It just makes him different. They can toss out words like “non-binary” etc., but he is just a dude in a dress. In Ted Talk video of Owl speaking, he makes sure to tell people that he is not gay. In the beginning of the video, Owl says he was “assigned boy based on my genitals”. God, I hate it when they say “assigned boy”, or “assigned male at birth” as if the doctor looks at the baby and says, “I think I’ll assign this baby” male because he has a penis and scrotum. I bet he still has his male genitalia because most transwomen are fully intact males.
    About in the middle of Owl’s video, he alludes to intersex, and how intersex infants were subject to routine surgery. I hate it when transgender identified people bring up the history of intersex people when they know damn well that perfectly healthy children are being sterilized and their bodies physically stunted at “gender clinics”. Owl says it’s a violation of their human rights, but no transgender person will admit that sterilizing children and “transitioning” disabled women are human rights abuses. Transgender activists shamelessly co-opt intersex when they know damn well that the vast majority of transgender identified people have no actual intersex medical condition. If Owl had a disorder of sexual development, he probably would have said so by now. If he is having regular old penis in vagina sex with his partner, it’s a pretty good indication that he has no actual disorder of sexual development. They can still get erections even with hormones.
    He says that at age 14 he was playing World of Warcraft when he met some people online that put the idea into his head that it would be really cool to buy dresses, etc and pretend he is a woman. What teenage girl plays World of Warcraft online? It sounds like Owl was just an effeminate boy until at the age of 14 he met some online gamers who convinced him he was transgender.
    At about 10:23 of the video, Owl says, “I reject the notion that I’m inherently male because of my genetic makeup.” Then, he goes on to say, “Sex is also a social construct just like gender” which is not true, but this is Ted Talk which is mostly political issues trying to pass itself off as science. Saying that sexual reproduction doesn’t exist in primates is ludicrous on its face. The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. Primates can’t change their sex. Half of his nuclear DNA came from his father and all his mitochondrial DNA came from his mother.
    Not only is it simply idiotic to deny the reality of sexual reproduction in all primates and mammals, the oppression that women face is not based on gender. It’s based on sex. Erasing the reality of sexual reproduction also erases the reality of what it means to be female. There are 163 million missing girls from India and China because of sex selective abortion. The ultrasound revealed a female fetus not a male fetus, and this is why they were aborted. An ultra sound doesn’t show a “gender identity”. Female genital mutilation which has existed for centuries is not based on gender identity. It’s based on sex because female genitals are being mutilated. Poor women die in back alley abortions not because of their “gender identity”. Women ovulate and give birth, and poor women lack access to contraceptives and gynecological care. Millions of women die because they lack basic gynecological care and access to birth control.
    All this has existed for centuries, but now women are called “transphobic” bigots and are shamed for even talking about our own female anatomy. Our vaginas, the part of our reproductive system where human life emerges, is now called a “front hole” because it’s “transphobic” and traumatizing to FTMs to say vagina. The female reproductive system is just “parts” and “front holes”, and woe to any woman or women’s group that doesn’t center its very existence on transwomen.
    Their petition against second wave feminist Germaine Greer speaking at the 2017 International Women’s Day is another reason I think this couple is just plain sad.
    “The 4th March 2017 marks International Women’s Day and Brighton & Hove City Council is hosting an event at the Brighton Dome where Germaine Greer is invited to speak.
    Greer has a big presence in the feminist movement, but her views on trans women have no place during this event. Greer incites hate speech and violence against trans people with her words and giving her a platform at such an event is an insult to all trans people.”
    It’s bad enough that a transwoman with a criminal record absconded with the Portland, Oregon Women’s March money, and then had the audacity to call all these women who let him speak “transphobic”.
    No woman is telling transgender people who they can and cannot invite to their activities. So, why do they think they have the right to tell women who they can and cannot invite to the International Women’s Day.
    Women have been on the receiving end of TERF death threats for years, a transwoman was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family just last November, and no trans run LGBTQ organization covered this ghastly triple murder, and women can’t organize anywhere without harassment from transgender activists. Then, they have the audacity to say that Greer incites “hate speech and violence against trans people”. No woman has ever killed a transwoman, but transwomen (biological males) have killed a lot of women. Greer like so many other courageous second wave feminists speaks truth to power. Compare what second wave feminists gave us (Title IX, domestic violence centers, demand for equal pay, abortion rights, etc.) to the Orwellian bullshit we see today with teenage girls getting elective mastectomies, disabled women with Down Syndrome and autism being “transitioned”, children being sterilized with puberty suppressing drugs and hormones, and males who murder and rape women getting tax payer funded hormones and sex reassignment surgery. If anything, we need second wave feminists now more than ever.
    Delusional sad couple. They deserve each other for sure.
    In summary, the only thing I liked about the creepy Fox and Owl video was the cute grey dog. It looks like a Whippet.
    Gallus, thanks for the gerbil video. I needed it after watching Fox and Owl. Such sweet creatures.

    1. @SkylarkPhillips Thanks for posting those links. We now have more proof that the cretins who run the HRC are less concerned with (pardon the term) integrating into society, based on skills and contributions, but more about horizontal enrichment, chasing/catfishing and being AGP’s [and we do not mean the video card].
      Worse still, imagine the anger from here, when one who is of color sees that the HRC via this page, is perpetuating several stereotypes at the same time. Great to know that if one is a POC, to be t and accepted, one had to look like a member of the Bengals ‘O’ line, with hair out of a trash compactor after Halloween.
      And yet these persons want the world to take them seriously???REALLY? This dovetails so well with other insanity that emanates from usurping brats, like the ones in that video.

    2. Just as a fwiw, about 35% of WoW players are female, some might be teens – no need for us on here to reinforce gender stereotypes, after all. I never had the money for the subscription fees as a teenage girl though, but played the RTS ones obsessively…probs for the best I still can’t afford to play a MMO!

  13. I’m amazed at how desperate white people are to be oppressed. I’m going to set up an agency where they can buy Oppression Offsets. Much like they do with companies that pollute and want to clean up their carbon footprint. They’ll be able to donate directly to actual oppressed people to clean up their oppression footprint. Donate enough money and you can claim oppressed status. It’s got to make more sense than this bullshit.

    1. That’s brilliant. I seriously think you could write an article proposing “Oppression Offests” for HuffPo or Salon and get it non-ironically published.
      I couldn’t take more than a minute of Fox and Owl. They’re just a heterosexual couple who get off on reverse gender roleplay. I mean, fine, whatever floats your boat, keeps the home fires burning, etc, but leave out expecting the rest of us to join in, because that’s weird and creepy.

      1. I second this idea of an oppression offsets article for HuffPo. Amazing!
        If you write it, there’s a whole lot of Trump supporters you could market to…

      2. Interesting article, atranswidow. My first thought reading this: “I was first called a ‘fag’ or a ‘sissy’” …was that I’ve never been called a fag or sissy in my life, nor known any girl that was. They had other words for us.
        No male privilege, but these bullies are able to differentiate between Owl, and, say, “other girls completely indistinguishable from Owl because womanhood is complex and diverse and all experiences, blah blah”, but how, I ask, how can they know the difference?! Are ten year old boys reading TERF doctrines? It’s all so, so confusing and gender fluid.
        I’d always heard that someone’s individual story of woe didn’t magically make oppression/privilege invisible for everyone else. I.E., homeless white males don’t disprove white privilege. Is HuffPo not following that theory? I was bullied as a kid. Doesn’t this prove white privilege doesn’t exist, or is it only maleness than can be opted out of(when convenient to shut up those mean feminists)? I hope Owl writes an update to address these questions.

      3. It could be also that in the ‘oppression hunger games’, one gains traction if they create new or embellish their backgrounds. Let alone, change the name to leech on to a background ( see what the former head of Texas Air, Frank Lorenzo did, after he sold the company).
        This is so common among many t folks, one may have to carry a mobile polygraph machine, to verify bullshit is not bullshit.

    2. The idea of Oppression Offsets really is brilliant, because I think white people don’t so much want to be oppressed as to feel oppressed and then take whatever goodies they believe oppressed people get. Not being in the most privileged group does give people the ability to see what’s going on more clearly, which can result in a talented and oppressed person’s creative work being more powerful, and the non-oppressed who want to view themselves as different and special sometimes try to appropriate that.
      Now that I think about it, ordinary white suburban kids have been running off to LARP oppression with the cool crowd for decades–beatniks, hippies, punks, etc.–and the gender nonsense is no different, except that declaring oneself a special gender identity requires less effort than moving to Haight-Ashbury or the East Village. They can rebel via the internet without ever leaving the comforts of home, so as long as they can buy their offsets with Paypal . . .

      1. Of course they don’t want to be oppressed. To paraphrase Paul Mooney, “Everybody wants to be oppressed, but nobody wants to be oppressed.” They want all the “oppression chic” cred, the cool points, and certainly all the imagined benefits. Those mythological college scholarships and of course, an “Obama phone,” but they don’t want to deal with the actual consequences of living under white supremacist patriarchy. “Oppression chic” is the new “radical chic” and who knows what other trendy bullshit those who’ve lived a privileged existence rush to embrace, but when the rubber hits the road they retreat to their gated communities, legacy placements and trust funds, all paid for with the oppression of others, mainly brown and black people. It stands to reason they should have to pay for this new status. Oppression Offsets is the way. White people get to claim oppression, and folks who’ve actually been oppressed gain financial benefit. Win/Win.

      2. I think claiming the oppressed status is just another way to avoid the responsability of being born priviledged. At the age of these two twerps, I was accutely aware that being white and middle class, at a time when my grandmother and her contemporaries had won major gains for women, it was my duty to help others gain social justice. I was responsible to make the best of every opportunities my foremothers never had. Being Catholic, the only way for women in my family to escape raising 10 kids and being the subordinate to a man was to become a nun, which many did. So I just worked hard for an education and a career. Sadly, many millenial kids have grown up with more a sense of entitlement than a sense of responsability. If they dont have real problems because everything was handed to them, they invent them so the catering to their little person does not end. They have mastered the art of fake helpessness and confuse their situation with people who have to deal with real obstacles and hardships. I dont want to overgeneralize because they are not all like that, but they are quite a few. In a way, they parrots the bitterness of the old angry white men who are still not over women not willing to become a replacement for mom who was cooking and ironing their socks.

  14. I am old enough to remember when the only way that gay and lesbian couples could establish a legal relationship for purposes of hospital visitation, property rights, and custody arrangements was through a process of “adult adoption.” It messed up your rights within your family of origin, and it raised other issues since it created a situation where the person with whom you shared a bed was technically your parent or child, but many went through that process because it was the only way to protect one another. Coming from that perspective, and the hardships that people endured in order to create a legal bond, Fox and Owl’s claim that they “can’t get married” because there is no box to check for their special identities seems particularly flighty and privileged.

  15. I can remember a time when no respectable “feminist” would ever be in favor of marriage or embrace “marriage equality”, but wanted to scrap that whole concept, which is replete with eons of oppression by males and to replace it something that didn’t require identities be merged, but where women’s contributions to the partnership were recognised and rewarded. That’s what the “radical” in radical feminist is about. Now everything is as superficial as a drag performance, as easily donned and discarded as a garment.

      1. Considering that the conservatives wail that marriage equality will “destroy marriage”, I don’t see a problem with supporting gay marriage as radical feminist.
        Of course the destruction won’t happen by itself, but I consider it a safe bet that the conservatives will try to get the tax advantages limited to couples with children, and then perhaps single mothers will get a slice of the cake, too.
        Besides, putting ideals above people’s wellbeing is nonsensical. Should feminists not have fought for voting rights within a patriarchal government because patriarchy needs to be overthrown? Should marital rape have been kept legal because good feminists don’t marry anyway?
        That way lies madness.

    1. I’m not that big of a fan of marriage either because I know it was a tool invented by men to control women. Nor do I support the institution of family. That said, I say let the heterosexuals give up their rights to marriage first. A marriage license provides much more protection to a homosexual couple than a will or civil union or power of attorney agreement. (See Bob Doublin’s comment.) If your significant other is an immigrant, the immigration court is a nightmare and marriage is away around it, or at least a way to make it less awful.
      Ideally family members (especially estranged homophobic ones) shouldn’t have the right to steal your stuff after you die and leave your significant other destitute. However, we don’t live in an ideal world. Therefore, I think the fight for marriage equality was a good idea because it has helped many lesbian and gay couples. It’s a significant improvement from the adult adoption that Siobhan mentioned. (I guess I’m too young to know about that, so thank you for the information Siobhan!)

  16. Good grief, the ‘speshulness’ and kid fiction is suffocating. It’s literally noxious.
    I can’t get by “Fox” and “Owl” to even lend this some sort of engaged listening. The kiddy naming just shuts me down from word go. It’s like asking me to take Bronies seriously. “FlutterDick and RainbowJizz explain _____!” (Fill in the blank with whatever social issue works for you.)

  17. …wait, wait, wait, WAIT a second…anybody who doesn’t identify with their gender is “trans”? (1:25) So, anybody who doesn’t identify with oppressive sex-based stereotypes thrust upon them by society and culture is “trans”? … That would mean that every single person that I’ve ever met has been trans. Seriously. I have never known a single person who has identified with: (a) being an aggressive, violent, dominating brute who completely denies their feelings all the time and wants to work to support their entire family without getting any help from their partner, or (b) a submissive, acquiescent sex object with no sense of self who enjoys doing housework and taking care of small children while never pursuing a career or much of any sense of individuality separate from that role. I know nobody like this. Not a single person. Not ever. — And, I’ve traveled not just all over the U.S., but to numerous other countries, and I’ve been around quite a while.
    So, I’m going to say that that definition is complete nonsense.
    The act of identifying with an oppressive stereotype at all is really more indicative of a problem (and thus, a label) than otherwise healthy people who identify with their own individuality or humanity as opposed to an oppressive stereotype.
    So, let’s try not imposing labels on other people, shall we? Because if you’re going to open that door, you might find somebody on the other side calling you “Buffalo Bill” or something else equally offensive. Nobody likes having other people label them or decide what they are for them. You know how that is…right?

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