18 thoughts on “Did we mention this event is free?

  1. Brighton: pretentious bollocks capital of Britain.
    Literally nothing to say. As opposed to ‘literally’ killing us.

    1. There might be pee, nudity and genitals taped with clear packing tape into new configurations. Plus maybe words(“labels” and or “slurs” and/or “reclamations”) written on the body in something that looks like blood or shit. Also maybe cheap wigs (plural) and a blindfold and/or gag. But I’m just guessing.

    2. Hahaha – TG Allin ! It’s a slippery slope, there, but with a very low threshold…
      What would Leigh Bowery do ? Whatever he would do is NOT what this guy will do.

  2. And that 45 minutes summed up the entire scientific defense of the trans phenomenon!

  3. I used to live in Brighton; it is the epicentre of wankerdom. I imagine it is pretty much the pomo, transcult, queer, crap performance artiste UK HQ at the moment. Oh god, when I think of the people I used to know back then and their ‘How do you know that wardrobe is really a wardrobe?’ brand of intellectualism.

    1. Interesting. Reminds me of, back in the mid-80s, a relative was planning her first trip to the UK and was asking me questions and running ideas past me on exactly where to go (I had recently been). She asked me if I thought it would be worthwhile to go to Brighton. I said I had heard of it but had not been there and my impression was that it was mainly a seaside resort, that it might be nice enough of interesting but possibly not as much as some other things she might be interested in more. Then I mentioned that the only other thing I could think of was that they were always mentioning Brighton, in passing, in Monty Python skits, and that it seemed to be kind of a stock laugh. Maybe your comment explains that. I’m pretty sure my relative crossed it off her itinerary.

  4. Its probably the new thing, verbal dysphoria: a speaking person feeling they should be born mute. And the lucky spectators just witness a new identity label born before their own eyes: Transmuter….naw, we’ll never be so lucky as to have a bunch of deranged white males finally shutting up 🙁

  5. Hello, this is off topic, and you will doubtless see it anyway, but I just wanted to highlight this article from Hadley Freeman in the Guardian today, and to say that it’s another sign that we live in strange times when the most radical feminist commentator at a lefty/liberal newspaper started out as (and still partly is) a fashion reporter:
    Also, from that article, a link to a report of a notorious (in the UK) child-killer ‘coming out’ as trans – I’d say this should be a tipping point, but all the previous child murderers and rapists weren’t …

  6. 45 minutes of silence? I suppose there’s not much to say about being a woman when you’re standing there with a cock between your legs…

  7. I love how they’re now using the phrase “this is not a debate” as some kind of magical trump card that instantly shuts down criticism.

  8. “This is not a debate” classic male tactic to get women to shut up and obey the male to trans cult, so sick of these guys!

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