Liberal Protester Takes Transgender Activist To Court For Harassment

Madison, Wisconsin:
You can see the deranged behavior of transactivist Wendi Kent (she is the heterosexual female partner of a male who identifies as a “transwoman”) – in action here:

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  1. Thanks for reporting on this. Thistle is being persecuted. This brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Wow, this is really brave and powerful. I hope that it becomes standard for women to screencap EVERYTHING going forward now, I know that I will in case it’s ever needed. I also noticed that they send their handmaiden out for the public stuff, where is her partner? Why do they never send the 6ft man?

    1. Yeah why do they not send in the six foot plug ugly man or why is Gavin Grimm the Supreme Court poster teen for the trans, and not some six foot 50 year old man who was an ex-marine and “identifies” as Marilyn Monroe, I seek peak trans a coming down the Ave. in 2017 for everyone!

      1. Oh gaaag. This article has it all. The newspeak. The threats of suicide. The presumption that people read him as a woman unless they are horrible bigots. The claim that cosmetic surgery and off-label hormones are “medically necessary.” The claim that didn’t realize that he was “really a woman” because he was such a “tomboy.”
        I went to engineering school. Women were treated horribly in engineering school; getting male professors in math and engineering to work with you in a way that would get you published was close to impossible. He has no awareness that everything he has accomplished would have been a thousand times more difficult were he female.
        His description of his life is so full of the male privilege that he so eagerly dismisses: “There is a distinction here to be made between advantages afforded me when I read as male and male privilege. The thing is that the advantages a man is afforded by way of his gender come at no cost to him. This is privilege. The advantages I have been afforded by being read as male came at the great cost of being closeted.

        1. Richard sounds every bit as deranged as his wife. That whole bit about how he hasn’t experienced any problems or discrimination at work but he goes around monitoring coworkers social media posts looking for hints of disapproval which he then compares to Nazism and says people in his field should have their work no-platformed at conferences and be socially shunned [bolding by me]:
          “I have not yet experienced overt hostility or discrimination from my colleagues in my department, but private disapproval or hostility is not always as invisible as people think, and it’s not hard to pick up on. Mathematicians are very social, and there is plenty of overt transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, and racism plainly visible in the things academics say on social media. There is a dangerous amount of tolerance of intolerable people in academia based on the principle that we are all dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and beauty and that a person’s academic work makes them a person worthy of mutual respect. This principle is wrong.
          Bers famously quoted Plutarch in defense of his admiration for Teichmueller’s work: “It does not of necessity follow that, if the work delights you with its grace, the one who wrought it is worthy of your esteem.” This is of course true, but Teichmueller was still a piece of sh*t and if he were alive today I would not be his friend on Facebook. [Note: Oswald Teichmueller (1913-1943) was a German mathematician and literally a card-carrying Nazi. As a student, he organized a boycott of Edmund Landau, a Jewish math professor at the University of Göttingen. He was killed fighting for the Third Reich in World War II.] I would not invite him to an academic conference. The pursuit of knowledge and beauty is admirable, but it should not be undertaken at the expense of the bodies and souls of marginalized people. If my work would result in violence I would abandon it.”
          He sounds terrifying:
          “A lot of the time I am walking to and from my daily tasks, my inner voice hoarse from screaming. After the election I would be out and hear people making small talk about the sunshine and I’d want to tear out my hair. When I am doing bureaucratic tasks at work, I am carrying all of my anguish. When I am teaching and getting a laugh from my class I am carrying my anguish. When I am writing that email. When I am in the elevator or at the water fountain. When you ask how it’s going I am frozen. I am saturated with grief.”
          Yikes. Sounds great dude. Sounds really healthy.

      2. My heart bleeds…….he didn’t realise he was trans until his mid-thirties because as a trans-girl he was a tomboy??? What kind of twisted logic is that? I’ll tell you another thing once you transition your published paper rate takes a real nose-dive. Never mind ”Being trans is beautiful”.
        Keep fighting Thistle.

    2. Because it makes him feel more “feminine” to play the damsel in distress which needs defending, while satiating his sadistic narcissism to watch lowly real women be the punching bag.
      Cognitive dissonance is dismaying to others, but as a trans widow I know too well how it works. My ex would beat me to compensate for his lack of masculinity, then pretend I was a cruel woman mocking his condition because i wouldn’t easily forgive him and accept his reasoning that he NEEDED to punch my lights out to soothe his wounded ego.
      Psychopaths gas light, for the same reasons snakes crawl on their bellies: its their nature… Thats the REAL “brain condition” in all this – retarded empathy centers.

  3. Thank you so much for this. I swear, 2017 is the year people are reaching peak trans.

  4. Go Thistle, go! We’re behind you, sister!
    Thanks for this – that woman *is* deranged & so drunk on the kool-aide, it isn’t funny! Well, I mean it was funny, but you know…
    She is one cult member that we cannot save & I feel badly for their children.

  5. This shit is reaching a head… I fear for my safety in public also, and am afraid to speak out when huge men in dresses use the bathroom at my work… I am afraid to say anything or I will be fired.
    Thistle, we are behind you 100%.

  6. I’m sad she didn’t win her motion, but I am glad the TA had to show up to court to answer for what she did.

  7. The audience revealed it’s total contempt for this idiot handmaiden…. keep on exposing the cloud ko ko land of the trans enablers, get the plug ugly men in dresses in front of cameras interviewed by seasoned journalists or in debates with Julie Bindel and company—- lesbians have had to put up with this male to trans crap for eons, but the rest of the world is about to get educated. Films like this are great ways to spread the word.

  8. More proof that trans and their handmaiden are mentally ill. This is sickening.
    Freedom of speech means something.

  9. Finally the tide seems to be turning. I do not want my daughter to see penises in a ladies changing room. I fail to understand how this makes me a bigot. It’s shocking the amount of abuse you get for speaking out.
    As a student I worked in a lesbian bar (about 2003) and every Tuesday and Thursday the transgender and crossdressing support groups (respectively) would come into the bar. I was in a minority in that bar as a woman, and these guys were just straightforward fetishists. They identified as such and there was no ambiguity. Back then, they didn’t try to hide it behind the whole ‘gender identity’ rhetoric.
    Yet we’re all meant to suddenly pretend they ‘just want to pee’. Even the fetishists! I have aspergers and, without wishing to stereotype, i do tend to find dishonesty very counterintuitive. Even my own girlfriend thinks I’m a bigot and tries to take me to stupid drag nights where they spout queer theory stuff at me. I do not enjoy the group think at all.

  10. 1. It’s amazing to watch that video of Kent disrupting the insurance board meeting. There are probably 100 people in that room and every single one of them want her out so that the meeting can proceed. But not one of them dares to physically remove her because they are all terrified of liability (even though the law would permit them to use reasonable force to evict a trespasser from the room). So 100 people sit there impotently, allowing this lone zealot to hijack the entire meeting until the police arrive. Never doubt the power of the civil justice system. It cows people into submission and passivity. But that same system can be used to reign in trans activists too.
    2. Not sure why Thistle couldn’t get that restraining order. The video says she lacked email evidence that Kent coordinated harassment. It’s possible that no such evidence exists or it is possible that this was a request for an emergency order and there was no time to take discovery. If the latter, the case will proceed and Thistle should have an opportunity to examine Kent’s emails to get that evidence. In any event, Thistle absolutely did the right thing, even if she ultimately doesn’t get a restraining order. There has got to be a cost to trans activists for engaging in harassing behavior. If there is no cost, it will never stop. And so far, women, LGBs and progressives have done a terrible job of using the legal system to fight back.

  11. Some people will feel sorry for Wisconsin State employees who’ve lost transgender health coverage. Don’t be. There’s a woman working for the same university who’s described how her autistic daughter was diagnosed as trans. On her 18th birthday her therapist gave the go-ahead for the girl’s double mastectomy. It was covered by her mother’s employee health insurance and there was nothing the mother could do to stop it.
    The mother later found out that her daughter had been told she would grow a penis.
    Anything that put a stop to this abuse is a very good thing.

    1. If they want transition so badly, they can pay for it themselves, the same as the rest of us when we want a medically unnecessary alteration to our bodies or a lifestyle change.

  12. It takes a woman with an uncommon courage to stand up publicly against the transterrorists. In this difficult economic climate, who can afford to loose their job? I am just wondering if there are anywhere exhaustive lists of both the people who were targeted and have been significantly impacted by them and another which lists the most vicious transactivists. Its time women know which institutions harbor these people and strike back. Apparently the Target Boycott has cost the company 15 billions$ with its stocks at its lowest since 2014. And it seems mainstream media is finally waking up and covering the issue. As one of the previous poster wrote, maybe 2017 will be Transpeak for the mainstream. Despite being a fashion magazine, I used to buy Vanity Fair because they often have very good articles. Never again after the Bruce Jenner frontpage. I hope many Brits protested the BBC after what they did to Jenni Murray.

    1. “I am just wondering if there are anywhere exhaustive lists of both the people who were targeted and have been significantly impacted by them and another which lists the most vicious transactivists.”
      I expect that history will be documented in the future, as it was after McCarthyism.

      1. Then they will have to make extensive use of Gendertrender archives. 🙂 . I suspect quite a few mainstream journalists are already visiting this blog.

  13. Unrelated so it might fit better under another post but I am just wondering how the New Yorker can write this:
    “A majority of Americans do not support excluding transgender people from bathrooms consistent with their gender identities, and Republican leaders are less likely now than they were a year ago to view division on the bathroom issue as helpful to their party. “
    On the contrary, I think the right wingers will find the transgender issue extremely useful in discrediting the left as a bunch of loonies. The left has already lost ground with the blue collar workers. Now they are facing loosing support of both women and gays. The Heritage Foundation hosting “Hands across the Aisle“ was one brilliant political move.
    The only poll I could find was the one of Vox:
    I am reporting the conclusion of Gallup editor in chief Frank Newport:
    “I think that at this point, I would be most likely to say that the American public has not formed firm opinions on the new issue of policies or laws surrounding transgender individuals’ use of bathroom facilities and that the public is — to a degree — open to argument on either side. Plus, the available evidence does not consistently support the conclusion that Americans favor laws or policies allowing open access to bathrooms based on an individual’s claimed gender identity.“
    On the bathroom issue, I think they would have obtained different results if the public had been exposed to both sides of the argument. Which is why the trannies are so hellbent in silencing everybody.

    1. From the article:
      “..while transgender identity might highlight the fluidity of gender, we have also seen arguments supporting transgender rights that insist that gender identity is innate and fixed. Anxiety that transgender rights may stall if being transgender does not fit the immutability model may create incentives to view gender itself as natural, inborn, and unchangeable.
      Questions about what constitutes sex discrimination against transgender people will be alive long after we have answers on bathroom access. They have many dimensions, including sex-segregated sports and living quarters. And they implicate the deeper issues of what sex and gender are, and what is achieved by organizing aspects of our society according to those categories.
      [bolding by me]
      That’s why NOW is the time for all feminists and allies of women to educate EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW about the feminist analysis of Gender. What Gender is, how it functions, and what its purpose is. Gender is used to mark women, to hobble us, to ritualize our subordinate status and preserve women in a social underclass enforced by male violence so that men can control our reproductive labor.
      And educate them WHY laws and spaces that reduce harm to women from the worldwide terrorism of violent men across all cultures, races, ages, classes, orientations, and creeds informs “what is achieved” by maintaining sex as a legally protected category.
      Everyone LOVES transgender doctrine, because it tells people they are being progressive while expressing the most conservative and regressive misogyny imaginable: Laydee Brains, Sex Roles, and Denial of Male Violence.
      I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but UGH. Now or never folks. Women in other countries haven’t had a chance against “Gender Identity” doctrine because the laws were pushed through quietly behind the scenes on the tail of the Lesbian and Gay rights movement before the general public had a chance to examine them. Women and our allies in the United States have a chance to inform the public but time is running out to put the brakes on the homophobic and misogynist tsunami called “Gender Identity”.
      The fact that a New Yorker legal pundit is still unable or unwilling to articulate the issue from a Women’s Rights perspective is truly remarkable.

      1. There is no problem with preaching to the choir. It is the way to give women the courage that comes from knowing that many other women understand this issue as they do.

  14. Well, it’s starting:
    A man walked into a women’s restroom at Disneyland and acted creepy, while all the women present with their children said nothing because they’d been bullied into silently accepting the idea that anyone can identify as a woman. And by “acted creepy,” I mean that he just leaned against the wall and then walked by all the stalls (you know, the ones with those convenient gaps?) without actually using the facilities or even washing his hands.
    Gee, who could have predicted this? Besides GM, all of us who comment here, and just about every radfem with a blog or Twitter account . . .

  15. People can hate me for this all they want, but it’s a JOKE that they (trans) demand all the treatment they want to be 100% covered – everything from hormones to elective surgery – when right now there are people who are disabled and REALLY dying from either no coverage or denial of treatment for painful & debilitating diseases/ health problems. For example; myself & other migraine sufferers have to fight constantly to get coverage on necessary medications & treatments. Same with diabetics, Auto immune diseases, cancer, etc…
    That’s what dying & suffering really is. Then there’s the ethical issues surrounding treating children with meds b/c they are supposedly “trans”- that sterilize them & will lead to problems down the road. It’s unethical & F*** no, no one should pay for this.
    Pure madness is the only thing I see. If a person’s existence solely depends on the constant validation from others, they are ill & need real help. Trans activists are selfish. I’ve never seen them talk about issues that impact others., even if it’s something they are fighting for. I guarantee they could careless if a women with a mastectomy was denied plastic surgery, as long as the money keeps funneling their way.

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