Gay Pride flag removed from high school at transgender student's request

Raising of the Pride Flag

Kennebunk, Maine- Days after the Kennebunk High School became the first in the state to fly the Gay Pride flag, it has been removed on request of a transgender student who apparently believes that Gay Pride and the visibility of lesbian and gay students run contrary to the well-being of transgender persons.

School administration sided with the anti-gay transgender student. According to news reports, the transgender student felt that pride and visible support for lesbian and gay students might inadvertently draw attention to transgender students who are ashamed of being transgender and desire to distance themselves from the Pride movement.
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This is not the first time transgender activists have sought to remove gay pride flags from schools. Last year the University of British Columbia’s Gay Pride flag was burned on the flagpole by a trans student who feared increased public awareness and acceptance of lesbians and gays might result in transgender people being associated with homosexuals. Hate crime charges against the arsonist were dismissed by law enforcement, who seemed confused by the whole thing.
Transgender is an anti-gay, anti-lesbian, homophobic and sexist movement. Their aims are to roll back the visibility and pride of homosexuals and undo the scant gains made for women in the female equality movement. The Kennebunk High School administration is perfectly clear: Gay Pride should go back in the closet.
Gay Pride Yayyyy!


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  1. “Hate crime charges against the arsonist were dismissed by law enforcement that seemed confused by the whole thing.”
    Why do I feel that “law enforcement that seemed confused by the whole thing” is a phrase that is going to be used a lot in the next few years? Cops are already confused by T vs LG flag burning. What is going to happen when men are allowed into women’s spaces unchallenged and there are more “she said/heshe said” assault crimes that are going to require police involvement?

    1. the way they are handling things, undoubtedly it will be ‘she said/she said’ crimes.
      i swear, just when things can’t get more bat shit crazy here comes this. but maybe it’s a good thing to see the LGB’s get serious about dropping the T.

  2. I’m often confused by some of these crimes, too, and moreso by the responses to them. If Christian groups demanded the flag be removed or burned the flag in the other case, it would be called intolerance, and rightly so. The same demand comes from someone who says they’re trans, and it’s fine. Two belief systems, only one of them is upheld. If a man(who identified as a man) exposed himself to teen girls, he would be charged with sexual assault. He calls himself trans, and the teens complaints are rewritten as hate speech and bigotry.
    Much as I’ve seen these stories and seen theoretically sane people argue for why the same action is either protected by law or criminal, depending on the beliefs of the perpetrator… and I still don’t get it. How are people this stupid, this easy to manipulate?

    1. Well, you see, it’s about oppression. Trans are the mostest oppressedest (they told us so!), so they get to order everyone else around based on their feelings and everybody has to obey. Because that’s how oppression works.

      1. Gender and sexuality are not the same thing, but to complain about the rainbow flag (which now includes heterosexuality) is to disparage the LGBT+ struggle. It infers shame and embarrassment.
        To complain about the LGBT ethos (which has previously fought long and hard for trans equality) is to become a parasitic, hypocritical bigot.
        I’m trans and I have no problem with the rainbow flag? How can I possibly comment on other people’s lives when I don’t want to be judged myself.
        If you don’t want to be judged – then don’t judge others. Let the rainbow flag fly.

    2. The problem isn’t that the people are stupid, it is that they are in many cases smart. Why does the ACLU choose to support sexual harassment and abuse of girls by a penis person calling himself a girl in the girl’s locker room? It is because if they were to support the girls, the whole trans narrative would start to unravel. I’ve seen this with the parents of trans kids who I know from other contexts to be very smart and intellectually capable. If they have transitioned their own child, they have a lot a stake and don’t want to have made a mistake, so they fanatically repeat all trans talking points so as not to have to think about it at all. If their kid transitioned out of the blue as a young adult, it is the same. They are given the choice of being all in or totally rejected by the child and the whole trans community who will hurl hateful curses at them for any thought infraction.

      1. The answer is simple: the ACLU has NEVER cared about women and girls. Remember, it has defended pornographers since at least the 1970s, certainly since they started taking money from people like Hugh Hefner. I wouldn’t give a dime to that woman-hating outfit.

      2. The ACLU clipboard fundraisers have descended on my neighborhood again like an annual plague of locusts. “Hey, do you have a minute? Those civil rights won’t defend themselves!” They look so puzzled when I say, “No thanks.”

  3. It boggles my mind that one teenager is allowed to dictate school policy.

    1. Sadly, in this day and age, administrators are probably thinking of their budget and the massive legal expenses that are associated with defense of litigation filed by the trans brigade. After all, no matter HOW stupid and inane their position is that gets pled, it STILL has to be responded to, along with the costs of the appeal that is bound to follow after the poor butthurt tranny loses at the District Court (or whatever the lowest civil court in the jurisdiction might be).
      Litigation ain’t cheap…and school districts tend not to have the available cash that tranny groups seem to have laying around.

  4. So gay students can’t have recognition and acceptance, because, ya know, trans feelings rule over everyone. Coming out loud and proud has been pivotal to the gay rights movement, but low visibility is the goal of the trans movement. Remind me again why the T is part of the LGB? This removal of the gay flag is like the incident in Portland, Oregon, where the lesbian social event at a bar was cancelled due to trans objections that the labrys on the event poster was a symbol of anti-trans hatred.

  5. I’ve never understood why “we” include the T in LGBTQ? Sexual orientation and gender identity are two different things.

    1. I’m not defending this idiot, or any of the other homophobic stuff transactivists do, but I’m pretty sure T is included with LGB because transphobia evolved out of homophobia. I’m not talking about the fake “transphobia” accusations used to label women who want our own public bathrooms, I mean the bit where het men get really angry at the idea of a man dressing as a woman and possibly fooling them into attraction towards said man. Old old problem.

      1. Well, manipulating anyone at that personal level does elicit a valid anger.
        The terms homophobia is, to me, a pretty sweeping term that has little to do with reality. Male oppression of gays is not a psychological illness or failing, it is a political action delivered from a position of superior power. In fact, gay status is just a subset of women’s status under male supremacy, and thus gays who are males themselves, get a small share of what their straight brothers deal out to women.
        The trans movement has nothing to do with gay. It is deeply and promoted by medical and psychol. institutions; and has its goal to colonize women’s spaces, culture, and identity. So, there should be no LGBT (+) organization, but rather either a LGB coalition or a GB coalition, with Lesbians apart, and on their own.

      2. LGB identity isn’t based on what some unnamed homophobes might be thinking at any given moment. If there are some homophobes somewhere who confuse gay and trans, then gay people correct them. “LGBT” doesn’t correct them. It takes those erroneous views, enshrines them for eternity and tries to force LGB people to form an identity around them. “LGBT” is violence against LGB people at the level of identity itself.

      3. The transphobia you’re talking about did not evolve out of homophobia, it is essentially the same thing and for the same reason. The T attached itself to the acronym like a parasite does to a host in order to avail itself of a pre-existing infrastructure and a ready-made narrative of oppression and struggle. The appropriation has been wholesale and there’s no end in sight.

  6. It would’ve far better, (and they would get extra gold stars for being all ‘inclusive’-y) to raise the trans flag if the kid was feeling left out, but no, lets erase the LGB community, yet again.

    1. Yeah but if they raise the trans flag, someone might get it into their head to look for trans people or even just have the idea planted that “hey, someone at this school might be trans” and “thus” notice that our trans hero is, in fact, trans.
      They don’t want to be trans, they just want to be “women” (or “men” in the reverse case) and ironically, the increased visibility of all things trans over the past few years has made that harder to do, since most of them (particularly in high school) don’t pass at all.
      So there is a group of people who think that they do pass, if only no one is reminded of transness (and no one sees them possibly exiting a unisex toilet). Plenty of these people insisting that they’ll never use any unisex toilet for this reason lately.
      At the same time I’m reminded of the “Harry Benjamin Syndrome” crowd, the trans males who would insist that they are “women with a medical history” and don’t want anything at all to do with those icky gays and transgenders and homosexuals.

    2. I had absolutely no idea there was a trans flag until this comment, and then I googled and realized that I see one on my way into work.
      I also just googled every type of newfangled sexual minority (asexual, nonbinary, polyamory, etc.), and there’s flags for them too (though if you google just “poly”, it’ll kick up polyester flags of Kazakhstan and Liberia).
      How insane is that?!?!?! Think up a label and invent your own flag and then get embraced by the queer alphabet vortex and its attendant commercialism!
      It’s mind-boggling to think that anyone could conceive of these identities as wholly or largely innate. Somehow, they all just happen to arise in theory-soaked countercultural crowds, and they all need their own flags…
      We should have our own “trans questioning” flag, I wonder what that would look like.

      1. I wish I could figure out how to post a picture on my phone but there is a prideflag for the ‘circumgender’, in case you missed that one. Lol. What this is is basically a “cis” person who identifies as trans. You don’t have to be presenting or out. You are valid. And of course it doesn’t have to make sense. Obviously.
        Anyway, you should see how outrageously mad every single transgender individual I’ve ever seen discussing this gets. Hmmmmm. I’ve had so many trans individuals make the exact arguments generally made against them by women, when talking about people with circumgender identities. They say things like ‘you can’t possibly know what it’s like to be trans’ and ‘you can’t appropriate MY experience’ etc. They literally have said to me that ‘trans isn’t a feeling’…. it’s a condition in an experience. It’s wild. I’m not sure if someone made the flag and identity as a joke or to be serious because I can’t make sense out of a lot of the insanity these days but I’m really glad that they did.

      2. It started with the so-called “leather” (i.e. sadomasochism) pride flag. In the 90s and early 2000s, it seemed to follow the rainbow flag everywhere the same way the word “cancer” often follows “lung.” A few groups felt left out, so flags proliferated. The next one to appear was the “bear” flag representing hirsute gay men; it had with multiple shades of brown and a pawprint. (For all I know, that banner yet waves in places like Guerneville, CA.) There’s also an ironic “vanilla pride” flag now. In the current climate, that may be the only one that makes a truly radical statement.

      3. “I’m not sure if someone made the flag and identity as a joke or to be serious”
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the circumgender flag was made as a joke, but the origin of the circumgender “identity” was very earnest as far as I know. It originated with a teen girl on Tumblr who felt bad about being left out of trendy trans identities. Of course she was attacked for it, and I’m pretty sure she deleted her blog in the aftermath.

      4. Many of these groups that are most thought of with U.S. sexual diversity share similar cultural characteristics:
        – flags.
        – inventing words.
        – the idea of self-creation and self-fulfillment.
        – instant expertise where you claim an identity then start writing about it.
        – California ties.
        – they bleed into one another (e.g. fetish and poly).
        When you look for comparison’s sake to something like Sister Wives and its polygamy, you start to realize how so very alike so many of these “diverse” groups really are.

      5. The scary part of the self-appointed experts and the press they get is….they lack, in full the background or an actual practice, to base their findings on.
        Which is the curse of the self-publishing, instant expert culture. All one needs to do is claim the t status, base their findings on a group sample, the size of a crowd of students eager to get a vaccination…and BOOM, one has a legitimate study. Then rally the scientifically and socially ignorant….and one has contributed to the movement.
        One has to hope that better media exposure…even from the far right about the flag, the censorship by the allies, along with the long long list of other acts of stupidity, will stop the sludge. If not….well, think of a country which would be right out of ‘Idiocracy’ on the horizon. This being the gender edition.

      6. Why lump us asexual people in with poly? There’s no way the latter is innate but the former could be, for whatever reason. It’s not just a lifestyle thing like poly, nor is it newfangled. There’s examples of people in history who might have been ace, Kinsey ‘X’s seem to be 1% of the population, there was a study of rams that found about 2-3% were healthy but had no interest in mating.
        I’d hardly say we’re embraced by the LGBT, the A gets totally left off most of the time, not even a + added.
        Replacing the symobol for the sexes on the trans flag with a question mark might do as a trans questioning flag – leaving the pink and blue kind of makes clear they’re all about gender stereotypes…

      7. @Loup-loup garou There’s a vanilla pride flag? That’s hilarious! I’m totally putting that as my tumblr icon now!

  7. I’m not seeing the following information in the news report you linked to.
    “the transgender student felt that pride and visible support for lesbian and gay students might inadvertently draw attention to transgender students who are ashamed of being transgender and desire to distance themselves from the Pride movement.”
    All it actually says is “The gay pride flag at Kennebunk High School has been removed after a transgender student said they did not want to attract media attention.” Are there more news articles with more information? Thanks.

    1. I’m not seeing a discrepancy. I’m seeing two paragraphs that relay the same information. Can you pinpoint the issue you see for me?

  8. WHAT THE FUCK?????
    This is another example…among others, the long long list of others…as to why dropping the t needs to be done. If only due to the fact that the spoiled little, entitled, self important punks have learned from their elders, how to complain, whine and game the system, to the detriment of others.
    As has been said by similarly minded posters here……LIBERALS ARE INNN-SANE!

  9. EqualityMaine has a link to a news site on this story under their original post applauding the flag raising with these words: “An update – the safety of students must always remain the priority!” So lgbt organizations are actually going to endorse this.

      1. Yes. On EqualityMaine Facebook page. no comments on that thread disagreeing with support for taking the flag down.

      2. Again…this is the tyranny of a ‘minority’. Putting ‘minority’ in quotes, due to the odds that Equality Maine is made up mostly of the same type of persons, who currently run other like minded affiliates.
        This is the beginning of the silly season, where the insanity will be an everyday issue. Let alone, revisionist history (like what was done on International Women’s Day…where a twisted form of inclusion was spread online, with regard to those involved in the Stonewall riots. The same twist that has whitewashed history otherwise).
        Yep…this shit is going to keep going on unabated, until the snowflakes are kicked to the curb. And those major entities who are going to bat for this, should learn from this example in Maine. That who they are stepping up for, are some of the most intolerant, divisive persons on the planet, using gender issues to usurp the spaces of others.

    1. Lmao really? I guess they would applaud cancelling pride because homophobe protesters show up to it.

    2. So, the gay flag threatens the safety of cross dressing teenage boys? Um, okay.

  10. Seriously, it seems unlikely the flag would attract much media attention beyond a photograph or two in a slow news cycle.
    And does this strike anyone else as potentially the expression of a personal grudge against members of the GTSA? Maybe one of them wasn’t attracted to the transgender student’s identity, and this was intended as some sort of petty revenge.

  11. LGB are not allowed to drop the T, but LG are also not allowed to be visible, because they think someone might see them and think “I hate trans people.”??????????
    What a subtle admission that they’ve taken over the whole movement.

  12. maybe im bit pre occupied with Agp due to my peronal background – but none of this makes any sense yet it does make sense.. Agp’ are typical males with pornified ideas about what women are. they are ostensibly heteroexual males, often in marriages or partnerships with straight women when they suddenly declare they are LESBIANS right? but not gay at all. no they are men who are omen who like women and threfore they are lesbins BUT NOT GAY AT ALL OKAY? except the biggest thrill they get is from the Male gaze – they love it. my ex confided in me all he eer reamed of was being made love to as a woma by STRAIGHT man who dint know he wasnt a woman but NOT GAY AT ALL. NO SIREE. JUST A NORMAL WOMAN DONCHA KNOW! they make me sick and dizzy with all the internalised homophobia.. the thing that strikes me hardest is – how cn you claim to be a lesbian when you clealry hate and resent lebians so much?
    fucking arsehole nonce.

  13. So, one person decides for everybody else. One person must be accepted but others may not. If that is not the height of hypocrasy then I don’t know what is, and more fool the stupid university for giving in.

    1. This is the essence of neoliberalism. There is no commonweal whatsoever — there is only a world of disparate individuals colliding with each other. The interests of women do not exist, the interests of lesbians and gay men do not exist, etc, etc. The entire existence of transgenderism brings this into glaring focus.
      “Transgender is an anti-gay, anti-lesbian, homophobic and sexist movement.” Sums it all up.

  14. My church put up a Black Lives Mattee banner with the understanding that it might get vandalized. It has been stolen twice but the church is committed. So when the school decided to hoist a rainbow flag less than a week ago, there may got have been some discussion about expected complaints. It has its own flagpole, so some planning was involved. Why did they buckle under? Not wanting media attention is the reason the news reports said. This post reads a lot into it, unless you have more background info. i don’t disagree with your premise but the conclusion isn’t supported.

    1. The news reports that I’ve linked in the post state that the flag was removed on request of a transgender student who felt media attention given to Gay Pride at the school would have a negative impact on them as a transgender individual. I’ve used this media report as a stepping off point to editorialize more broadly about the homophobia of the transgender movement, specifically how homophobic acts are permitted when committed by transgender persons.

  15. Is that the “gay” flag or is that the “LGBT” flag? I’m asking in all seriousness, because I actually thought that the rainbow flag WAS the “LGBT” flag, which includes “T”—I googled “LGBT flag” and the rainbow flag comes up.
    So what the hell is this kid complaining about?
    All of the news articles I was able to find on this event state only that the kid’s objection to the flag was that he “did not want to attract media attention.” That sentence, with no other context or info, makes no sense to anyone reading or reporting on this event. So I don’t understand why they won’t just do normal reporting and actually perservere a tiny bit and just ask “no, seriously, WHY did this kid complain?” and, to the school, “WHY did you agree to take this flag down?”
    To me it’s really frustrating that they didn’t do enough reporting to actually write a coherent article that conveys the basic facts of this event to us as readers. WTF. I think this might be a moment where the fear of the wrath of the “T” actually prevented journalists from doing normal reporting.

    1. First, who has come across anyone calling themselves trans who didn’t want media attention?
      Second, I find your issues with news articles to be common. Every time I read something or hear a story on the radio or television, there are heaps of glaringly obvious unanswered questions. Is this the result of getting a communications degree? Are they taught in school not to ask questions? I don’t think it’s the topic that caused the failure to do serious reporting; I think serious reporting is rarely done by any mainstream media.

    2. “…this might be a moment where the fear of the wrath of the “T” actually prevented journalists from doing normal reporting.”
      It is pretty chilling. ‘I want the gay pride flag censored and any media coverage on my reasons is harmful to me as a trans person’. Yikes.
      I wonder if there will be any media coverage of the alumni meeting scheduled over this today…

      1. soon they’ll stop reporting on the crimes transgender males commit because “reporting on transgender people’s crimes is harmful to trans people and spreads transphobia.”
        This movement won’t admit it to itself, but it has a major problem with free speech already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if things like this developed out of that logic sooner rather than later.

    3. The rainbow flag has been around since before the T started riding the movement’s coattails. It’s been inclusively appropriated just like everything else.

  16. Was the student ashamed, or afraid? Did anything in the news indicate being ashamed, please? I read the two and didn’t see that. Just trying to be sure.

  17. Reason number 454885 to get the T out of LGB!!!
    “pride and visible support for lesbian and gay students might inadvertently draw attention to transgender students who are ashamed of being transgender and desire to distance themselves from the Pride movement.”
    GOOD! “Distance yourselves” and GTFO and do everyone a favour!! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  18. But so many of the MTTs describe themselves as lesbians. Lesbians who, last time I checked, only want to have sexual encounters with women, women who have female biology. So if you are a MTT and insist on having sexual encounters only with lesbians, but you don’t like organisations to fly Pride flags, but you insist on calling yourself a lesbian, but you don’t approve of gay people because they make your stance look bogus, but…. Sorry, I think my head just exploded…

    1. So it could be unrelated to their transgender status, which could be irrelevant. Hm. Well that is an interesting speculation!Like maybe they are in the witness protection program or something… hmmm

  19. Really, the Gay Pride Flag? It seems the trannies want to stomp anything that is joyous, fun, celebratory and life affirming in the LGB movement. Remember when they went after the drag queens? I cant imagine a group more devoid of humor. Must be their raging narcissism acting out .

  20. This is why trannies have lost all sympathy from me. They act like a bunch of bullies. They assign people like me the name “cis”, but claim that questioning the biology of their claims is identical to violence. They never suggest, request or negotiate, just demand and decry. I’m sick of it.

  21. I have never bought into “LGBTQIA”. It’s ridiculous, not orientation based, and is literally making a mockery of what LGB individuals have fought so hard for. When is the pansexual P added? How about the K kink crowd? Better include F for the Furries! The rainbow flag already simply stands for “ludicrous alphabet” in the minds of John and Jane Q Public. The once upon a time symbol that meant pride and accomplishment now waves as a punchline in a sick maxist social engineering joke.

    1. I don’t buy into it either. “Pansexual” is just a special snowflake version of bisexual since there are only two sexes. I do have respect and sympathy for intersex people, but “I” is a medical condition. It doesn’t even represent real intersex people; it’s just there so the special snowflakes can try to make trans/made up genders look legitimate.
      “Sex-reassignment” surgery was one of of the many horrific medical experiments invented to cure homosexuality.Most people claiming “trans” status are heterosexual men with a lesbian fetish who claim to be us and threaten us with rape and death when we say no. How does catering to a bunch of violent, narcissistic heterosexual men help me, a lesbian?
      As for the kinksters, most of them are heterosexual or “bicurious” at most. Nothing to do with being a lesbian. Also, men have gotten away with raping and beating their girlfriends by claiming it was part of a “consensual” BDSM scene. Again, how does loosening domestic violence laws help lesbian, or any other women for that matter? I think sado-masochism is unhealthy and if you can get away with rape and/or domestic violence by citing BDSM, that is not oppression, that is privilege.
      I support lesbians for lesbians because even if it was just LG or LGB you can’t trust male-run organizations to give a shit about women, and since so many “feminist” organizations are all about trans, you can’t always trust women-run organizations either. I wish there was a real lesbian rights organization instead of one that thought that getting publicly-funded SRS for a man who is a serial killer of women should be a priority for lesbians.

  22. Hopefully LGB orgs will think twice about aligning themselves with the T in the future. They are being cannibalized by the T!

  23. Emphemeroptera you are onto something. I find the idea of men thinking they are women, and then demanding access to everything, and brow beating us with their male aggression to accept them as women horrifying. Went to a supposed lesbian event last night, it opened with an ugly as sin male to trans in horrifying make up doing a repulsive dance, ugly, thumping around like a drag queen. Then you had fem “genderqueer’ women writing about loving women and all about supporting gender non-conforming gender queer nonsense, and all it was was women conforming to femininity and allowing men in drag to dominate. So ridiculous, but of course they think they are all diverse edgey and revolutionary. Oh and the literary quality was pretty poor too.

    1. @medi thanks I’ve spent a lot of time talking about this with different people…
      These “diverse” sexual communities also tend to conceive of a transparent self and to think all their categories are innate, that you look inside and discover you’re really trans or agender or poly or whatever.
      Even that somehow seems different from gays and lesbians and coming out, but I can’t quite put my finger on the difference.

      1. I would guess this: A transparent self is something one creates in one’s head. One’s sexuality is one’s experience of life, and it involves everything: one’s mind, one’s heart, one’s body. It is indivisible from one’s self and is hardly transparent, which sounds a bit like saran wrap.
        See Feminist Current for Julian Vigo’s dissection of Elizabeth West’s pro-trans harangue on Counterpunch. West used the term “pangender” to me to describe a male who is not comfortable with expected male behavior. When you have to make up silly words to describe a phenomenon many females and males experience — discomfort with expected sex roles — you know you’re out in la-la land.

      2. “Even that somehow seems different from gays and lesbians and coming out, but I can’t quite put my finger on the difference.”
        @ephemeroptera–Since I’m straight, I’ve only seen the process of coming out as an observer, but you’re right that it looks very different than what the trans crowd is doing. The gay and lesbian people I’ve known who worked to accept themselves and reveal their orientation were much more outwardly focused on their relationships with others than the special identity crowd seems to be. Their struggle started from who they loved and wanted to be with and was a struggle precisely because of its potential effect on other people in their lives who mattered–family, friends, employers, etc. The conflict for those I knew was created by the tension of wanting to be with someone they loved while not alienating other people they cared about or who had power over their lives.
        When I first read the transactivist slogan “Trans isn’t about who you want to go to bed WITH but who you want to go to bed AS,” I thought it sounded really stupid, but now I think it’s simply true in showing that the focus of the transgender movement is entirely narcissistic. It’s all about how people feel about their image–choosing the right label, hair, makeup, and wardrobe to make themselves feel special–and has little to do with creating or maintaining relationships. The young straight snowflakes adopting these identities are looking to bolster their own sense of specialness by joining a movement that presents itself as edgy and authentic, qualities that have always appealed to young adults.

      3. @dogtowner @oak and ash thanks very much for your perspectives.
        Based on what you’ve said, I’m now reminded that I’ve seen one kind-of-similar-to-gay trans coming out, back in college in the very early 2000s by someone who I suspect is an autogynephile.
        The announcement was very visceral and made all at once in person and by email, and it was like she couldn’t take being perceived as male anymore.
        Those were pre-Facebook etc. days, so there wasn’t anything like groupthink trans Tumblr culture, to my knowledge.
        Also, of all the stuff that gets lumped under “trans,” AGP is the one thing with strongest claims to innate status, so that’s maybe the one pocket of trans culture where (some) similar coming out experiences can be found, if individuals have very strong dysphoria?
        Just thinking out loud here.

  24. Consider: Why would the trans student have any standing to object tot he gay pride flag as opposed to every other diversity event at the school? The trans student could also claim that Black History Month distracts from trans visibility or that presentations on Native-American tribes in Maine is a distraction from trans issues. No one would take those objections seriously. But when this same student complains about the gay pride flag, it is taken seriously and the school can’t act quickly enough. Why the difference? Because “LGBT” asserts that LGBs have some sort of special obligation to trans activists, different from everyone else in the world. There can be no advancement by gay people, no celebration of gay identity, no recognition of gay pride – unless trans activists permit it. “LGBT” is objectively anti-gay, a tool of oppression deployed against LGB people.

    1. While I agree with you that the T is extremely homophobic and makes absurd demands of the LGB, I don’t agree that it’s just LGB issues that can be crushed under the heel of a size 13 stiletto. Women’s issues always take a backseat to the T, and honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if the T manages to usurp every issue involving anyone who’s not a white, straight, “cis” man. The trans are the uber oppressed, despite not actually being oppressed, and everyone who doesn’t have the social power to tell them to fuck off is fair game to the trans juggernaut.

    1. Damn….
      By the way (and @GallusMag can point you to the post from here about same) with all that has been stated about how unsafe the shelters are in general and a need for safe spaces, HTF can the folks operating this shelter do this? And do they know that, with very very few exceptions…the criminal t class would be let in???

      1. “HTF can the folks operating this shelter do this?”
        Once “gender identity” is included in the anti-discrimination law – with no limits, exceptions or even any criteria by which anyone might be screened – the shelter is powerless. The folks running the shelter wash their hands and say, “We must comply with the law.”
        The only way to give the shelter the power to say “no” to this is to get “gender identity” out of the anti-discrimination law, or to put in exceptions to the law. And the only way that will ever happen on a broad scale is if trans activists are involuntarily decoupled from LGB people, from whom they draw their political strength to be included in the anti-discrimination laws in the first place.

        1. Agreed….and if there is no decoupling…the shelters, schools….anyplace where the protections are needed will be on the endangered species list.
          This needs to be said, with all the data from this site and others as backup.

      2. People are in shock this is happening. If I had not stumble upon Gendertrender a few ago, I would not understand any of it. Its so insane. Is there any LGB organisation left that is decoupled from the T in Canada? Or even women organisations? The changes in the laws have happened so fast and without any public consultations. I never witnessed a social change happening in such a devious way, almost like a silent coup. Be it gay rights, women rights, cannabis legalization, there were always very lengthy social debates. This does not look like any civil rights or worker rights movements ever seen in history where people had to fight very hard and very publicly. It looks totally manufactured.

      3. “the shelter is powerless”
        I don’t agree that the shelter is powerless. I don’t buy that they’re required by law to force a woman to share a room with an M2T, like they did to the one woman who complained. They were wholly unsympathetic to her in a way that can only be explained by deference to the fiction that M2Ts are women.

    2. Margie, I came here for the same reason.
      One of the two women ejected was fleeing an abusive relationship. OF COURSE she feared to share her bedroom with a strange man, dress or no dress.
      The comments are encouraging, though. There are two men in dresses attacking everybody, but the majority of the rest are in favor of sanity.

    3. There have already been 2 women raped in a shelter in Canada by TW Christopher Hambrook. It turned out that he had previous convictions for rape. And they persevere with this anti-woman policy.

      1. from a link there:
        “Dodds was part of the transgender advocacy organisation Casa Ruby. Ruby Corado, the founder and executive director of the group said to Mic: “Deeniquia was part of the Casa Ruby family, and she is gone, but not forgotten. Her death will not be in vain.””
        Who the hell creates a foundation with their first name in the title?
        Someone whose real first name is the same as Putin’s, that’s who?
        Vladimir Pride!?

  25. This shows why LGBT should drop the T. The trans philosophy runs counter to the gay pride philosophy. Gays encourage their people to be proud of who they are, but trans people are exactly the opposite, at least in some cases. Sometimes, a trans woman is really just a gay man who can’t deal with it. The gay community should encourage these people to be comfortable with being gay, rather than damaging their bodies to try to hide it. If these people could accept themselves, they would not feel the need to transition. But that is at odds with the trans agenda, which is just to increase the trans population.- aps

  26. More and more it seems to me the whole transgender ideology is about making everybody invisible , gays, women, people of color…everybody but a few fetishist males. This stroke me not only in relation to the Gay Flag incident in Kennebunk, but as well with the whole transgender murders exploitation. Last years more than 700 people, mostly black males where killed just in Chicago. The only thing the transcult is talking about is 7 murdered transgendered, mostly black. Why no link between poverty, crimes and the murder of black men? I cant wait we stop fighting against boutique activism which threatens all women rights and we go back at discussing fighting poverty, access to education, environnement, sexual violence and racism. The public discourse has been highjacked by a rabid minority of affluent crossdressing fetichists a la Serano and Wochawski brothers. I guess I just want to go back discussing stuff that affects millions of people, but I cant as long as the sisterhood is under attack. Women cant focus on anything else when their basic safety and identity is under attack.

  27. As a post-op transsexed man, I hate transgenders forcing their politics on transsexuals such as myself. We just want to heal our bodies and move on a different live as workaday men and women. We are usually big supporters of LGBs ourselves and think they cross-dressing queens are ruining things for everyone.

    1. Cross dressing queens are gay men and part of the LGB. Therefore you think gay men are ruining things for everyone. That makes you a giant homophobe.

      1. Cross-dressing “transgenders” ruin it for transsexuals and transsexed folk like me, claiming they’re “trans” but wanting all these special privileges or exemptions but then crying fowl when people like me do the work, update our papers, and can use the proper bathroom or play on the right sports teams. They’re just men in dresses who ruin it for both transsexuals and gay men.

  28. Sun Sentinel, FL, USA
    Transgender flag controversy flaps in Wilton Manors
    Brittany Wallman
    March 27, 2017, 3:35 PM
    [Video: A suggestion that Wilton Manors hang the transgender pride flag has the city aflap in controversy.]
    A suggestion that Wilton Manors hang the transgender pride flag has the city aflap in controversy.
    The gay-friendly city already has the Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender rainbow flag hanging in Jaycee Park in Wilton Manors. But some advocates said transgender people don’t necessarily feel they fit under the “rainbow” spectrum.
    “Many trans people identify as straight and wish not to be included under the Rainbow Flag because of being straight,” transgender flag creator Monica Helms wrote in a letter to the city earlier this month. She asked them to fly the flag, at least on three upcoming transgender remembrance days.
    She wrote that flying the transgender flag in Wilton Manors would “show that the city is aware of the large diversity of the Trans Community and supports them.”
    But at a recent City Commission meeting, Wilton Manors officials debated the issue and couldn’t decide what to do. The debate is back on the agenda Tuesday night.
    Commissioners also are scheduled to vote on changes to plans for the 179-unit Metropolitan residential development planned for 1224 Northeast 24th Street. It was approved in 2014, with the condition that utility lines on Northeast 24th Street and Northeast 13th Avenue be buried. The developer, Ascend Wilton Twenty Fourth Street LLC, wants permission to leave the power lines above ground.
    The meeting is held at Wilton Manors City Hall, 2020 Wilton Drive, at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

    1. “Many trans people identify as straight and wish not to be included under the Rainbow Flag because of being straight,”

      So the lesbians and gays have cooties now, huh? Now that they’ve parasitized and drained our political power and apparatuses for their own ends. God forbid they, fine upstanding “superior” straight people, should share a flag with faggots and dykes. Reminds me of the straight feminists back in the day who were so anxious to disabuse anyone of the suspicion that they might be -gasp!- lesbians.
      Anyway, if this is how they feel, why all the objections to calls to remove the T from LGBT? They can jettison us but we can’t jettison them?

    2. Of course, it’s doubly Orwellian as the “straight” trans are really gay/lesbian and it’s the “lesbian/gay” trans who are really straight, except not in the weird world of their “identification”, where it is all reversed. What a mess they have made out of language, reason, logic, critical thinking skills, respect, human relations, etc. etc. etc.

      1. Yes, transgender people in same-sex relationships consider themselves “straight”. They consider transgenderism to be a ‘corrective’ form of therapy that converts homosexuals to an acceptable socially heteronormative role.

      2. Oh, yeah, it’s totally out there when people claim to be “straight” when they’re the same sex as their partners. But, in my mind, that’s not nearly as out there as when a MtT and an FtT get together. I mean, they were straight before, they’re straight now, they just went through hormone treatments and surgery, getting nerve damage, circulatory problems, etc., all to wind up almost exactly where they started. To me, that sounds a lot like driving cross-country to buy a gallon of milk when there’s a perfectly good one sitting in your fridge at home and you were completely aware of that before you left.
        I’m just going to stick with the milk in my fridge, thank you very much…

  29. The Trans Battle Plan
    Step 1: Become part of an already existent movement with larger numbers than your own in order to gain momentum.
    Step 2: Make the agenda of that existent movement all about you.
    Step 3: When you begin to alienate people because of your mental illness and regressive beliefs, either: (a) turn on them, exclude them from their own group, and actively work against them, or (b) play the victim and convince them that they’re wrong about every perfectly sane thing they’d tried to assert, then get them to work actively against themselves.
    Step 4: If the individuals who helped you to where you are ask anything of you whatsoever — even just the basic respect that a human being deserves inherently — deny it to them all the while insisting that it’s more than they deserve.
    Step 5: Continue Steps 3-4 until the other 99% of the population is under your size-15 stiletto or size-5 work boot.
    It’s like…if Stockholm Syndrome were a gender-obsessed off-Broadway play…

  30. “Transgender is an Anti-gay movement”. That’s bs. I’m transgender and fully support LGBTQ+ rights! I’d be so happy if my school had a gay flag! But unfortunately my school sucks.
    Transgender is someone who doesn’t identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. It’s not a movement. Transgenders are real people, just like gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Pansexual, Asexual and straight people.
    Transgender is a part of LGBTQ+! And the Gay flag represents LGBTQ+ as well as Homosexuality. It is beyond me as to why they’d allow a trans student to get the flag removed.. and it’s pretty stupid that they allowed it, but you can’t go and say that being Transgender makes you anti gay because a couple of trans people wanted the flag removed.

    1. Also, I am transgender and gay! My transgender boyfriend is also gay! We are a gay couple! We’re not lesbians, we are gay. So stop saying that being transgender is to rid of Homosexuals because that’s actually ridiculous. And also, transgender isn’t a mental illness. A mental illness is a disability, a disability is something that makes every day life difficult. Me being trans doesn’t make my every day life difficult, the dicks on the internet however make my daily life difficult.

  31. @J.D. Says,
    The Trans Battle Plan is all true, and it’s a good summary or what has happened. They piggy backed on the LGB success, infiltrated us, and now they are finishing off on their full colonization of LGB. Lesbians have no power whatsoever in any of trans/queer run LGBTQIA. Gay men still have power, but they will soon learn that they too must accept the trans agenda or be booted out.
    It’s always about the trans/queer agenda. Even transwomen killing lesbians outright in the most brutal way imaginable is ignored. Have trans/queer run LGBTQIA media bury the crime and pretend it never happened. This is exactly what happened in the Dana Rivers case. Wear “I Punch TERFs” shirts at gay pride parades so lesbians will be terrorized into accepting the trans agenda. Terrorize lesbians and all women for years with “TERF” death threats. Tell lesbians that they are “transphobic” bigots for not wanting sex with a transwoman, penis and all. The “Cotton Ceiling” is like corrective rape of lesbians. Silence and attack all lesbians and women until there is total submission, and all women fall into line. Transgender doctrine is toxic to lesbians and to the female sex as a whole. This person who wanted to remove the rainbow flag knew exactly what he was doing. This is how they really feel about homosexuals, particularly lesbians.
    “… but you can’t go and say that being Transgender makes you anti gay because a couple of trans people wanted the flag removed.”
    Is this person for real? Does this nitwit really believe it’s just about a silly flag? Trans complaining about the rainbow flag, even burning it, is just a symbol of what they have been doing to homosexuals, particularly lesbians for years.
    If it were just about a flag, I might agree. It’s about the “Cotton Ceiling”, the erasure and colonization of lesbian identity, the silencing of lesbian and women’s voices, years of “TERF” death threats, and trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA organizations burying a hate crime. A transwoman is on trial in Oakland for the cold blooded slaughter of a lesbian family. Like most transwomen, Rivers is heterosexual, and he was involved in Camp Trans that protested outside of MichFest, an event run by a lesbian. So, we have a heterosexual male who clearly resented lesbians on trial for butchering a lesbian couple and their son. Why wasn’t this investigated as a hate crime? There was a total blackout at all trans/queer run LGBTQIA websites and media. Lesbians, even dead lesbian bodies, are only useful to queer/trans run LGBTQIA organizations as long as they either support the trans agenda, or can be used somehow to further the trans agenda.
    Sexual orientation has nothing to do with “gender identity”. They are two different things, and as a lesbian I have nothing in common with transgender people. Most transwomen (biological males) are heterosexual. What do lesbians have in common with middle aged straight dudes in dresses who “transition” and leave the kids and wife behind after twenty years of marriage? I feel sorry for their wives and kids, but I can’t identify with them at all.
    Transgender is homophobic at its very core. The “Cotton Ceiling” is lesbian phobia on steroids. And, redefining homosexuality itself is the ultimate form of homophobia. Males calling themselves “lesbian” is a form of colonization, and it’s just creepy as hell. And, females who have sex with males calling themselves “gay” as if regular old penis and vagina sex is somehow “gay” is ludicrous.
    “Transgender is an Anti-gay movement”
    It’s a historical fact that “transitioning” is used as a form of gay and lesbian eugenics in countries like Iran. During apartheid South Africa when all other methods of converting homosexuals failed, gay men were also forced to undergo sex reassignment surgery.
    As to the rainbow flag, transgender people have their own flag. It’s a pink and blue flag. So, take the trans flag and leave the LGB completely alone. Trans have colonized us enough. When transwomen slaughter lesbian families and there is complete silence from queer/trans controlled LGBTIQA groups, it’s time for transgender to take their pink and blue flag and leave. Stop sucking the life out of the LGB. Leave lesbians alone. Trans can go their own way.
    And, I do wish that trans/queer would please take all the kink, BDSM, diaper fetish, age play fetish, pony play fetish, whatever goes with them when they leave. Thanks to transgender activists who control LGBTQIA organizations, middle aged heterosexual males with age play sexual fetishes are now a protected class of people. All any creepy straight dude with a pony play, age play, diaper fetish, whatever kind of kink, has to do is say the magic words “gender identity” and he has instant access to all women’s spaces.
    If transgender people had any decency left, they would take their special light blue and pink flag and leave the LGB entirely. The rainbow flag came first.

    1. The ‘rainbow flag’ at the so-called LGBT center in NY was replaced with the ‘transgender’ flag (which when I saw for the first time thought was a feminist joke- pink and blue??) To me, that flag flying says ‘you (a life-long ‘L’) are not welcome here.’ Seems they’re mostly about handing out pharmaceuticals anyway now- ‘Prep’ pills for male sexual promiscuity and hormones… unmedicated Lesbians, who cares?

  32. How is trans theory not just laughed out of every room?
    If you’re a M2T and are into men then the theory says you’re straight so gay pride has nothing to do with you
    If you’re M2T and are into women the theory says you’re gay so how exactly does a gay pride flag exclude/harass/demean you?
    Why is trans which allegedly has nothing to do with sexuality even grouped with LGB?
    Why are trans activists in Australia screaming right now that the same sex marriage debate excluded them? If they’re straight they were always able to marry and now they can if they’re gay?
    Why am I expecting anything resembling logic from a logic free cult?

    1. How are they not laughed out of every room?
      Fear. Women Fear Men. Women fear being wrong. Men don’t care.

  33. yall drop the t people are on some crazy ass drugs like… do you guys not realize that a LOT of trans men and women are gay and lesbian?

      1. So… transwomen are usually ordinary heterosexual males who imitate stereotypes.

    1. 85% of transwomen retain male genitalia.
      80% of transwomen are heterosexual, intact adult males attracted to women. These males who identify as women have a sex arousal issue dressing in sexist stereotype presentations of femininity.
      Lastly, jack, transwomen commit violent crimes at same rate other born males.
      No such thing as a male lesbian, ridiculous.

    2. LGB are sexual orientations. T is gender identity disorder. There is no reason to include the latter with the former. It conflates two different things. Further, mammals actually can’t change sex. Can’t be something you’re not. Drop the T!

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