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      1. LOL I just watched this and was trying to find that video in that older post to see if it was the same guy because I thought so but wasn’t sure. Couldn’t find it and then clicked on the comments and here it is! Even though he wasn’t knitting, he still very definitely had that Monty-Python sketch vibe about him. I especially chuckled when he was leaning waaaayyyy back from Julie Bindel like he thought he was going to get her cooties or something!

      2. “Even though he wasn’t knitting, he still very definitely had that Monty-Python sketch vibe about him.”
        I had a similar reaction. He reminds me of that guy in “Life of Brian” who says “Stop oppressing me!” when told he can’t have a baby.

  1. So let me get this straight: transwomen claim they don’t have male privilege and then patronize and talk over women just like every other entitled man on the planet, but if women question what they’re saying, we’re oppressing them? Talk about high maintenance–they demand double the deference compared to an average guy. And did you notice Fae dismissing standard transactivist crap as exceptional/extreme?
    On the hand, Julie Bindel was brilliantly concise in her presentation of the issues and her defense of Jenni Murray. I admire her tone and her willingness to laugh at Jane Fae’s more ridiculous statements. It’s not surprising the trans community tries to no-platform someone who comes across as so intelligent and reasonable.
    Also, seriously, John Ozimek to Jane Fae? Does he also identify as an elf?

    1. He should identify as a ghoul since that’s what he looks like.
      Some middle-aged and elderly M2Ts blend in fairly well since the saggy skin and extra adipose tissue hides some of their secondary sex characteristics, but Ozimek doesn’t even have that going for him.

  2. Not just the hands, but watch the eyes when the interviewer is speaking. His entire body language is still very male-socialized. And I love Julie Bindel, though I would not call him a her.

    1. I noticed that as well. Almost in a psychotic way.
      By the way, the lack of ANY logic on the part of Fae is just more batshit, from those who have had their day snd now…want to steal same from others. Also…the bullying that is referred to by Fae: I will bet anything this person visited same on others. Be it based on gender, race, etc. Gee, guess the medicine really hurts, when it comes back to the punk who gave it out.

  3. John Fae obviously had that first little speech planned, Wasn’t listening to a word either woman was saying to him.

  4. Well, on the same day the BBC announced they had given Jenni Murray an impartiality warning for stating objective material reality, their primetime Crimewatch UK programme performed the incredible mental gymnastics feat of describing an absconding serial sex offending man as ‘a woman living as a man’. We seem to be having a spate of these ‘woman’ sex offenders at the moment, but a man living as a woman living as a man is breathtaking in its Orwellianism. As for the point on impartiality, BBC employees write articles and make statements all the time, many of them far more contentious or unpleasant than Murray’s super-polite piece. It’s come to something when the presenter of Woman’s Hour can’t put forward a feminist argument without risking the sack.

  5. I sense Jenni has done a favour. It is one thing our PC teens to be recruited via tumblr, but they won’t be persuaded by middle men in dresses bullying in such an aggressive fashion. Lure the Trans women into the open – not so cool now!

  6. I think a lot of what she had to say was fair but I also believe women need to realise that those girls who change to boys might also be said to be living a lie. I have never wanted to crossdress nor have I wanted a sex change but I understand there must be a compultion of powerfull magnitude to drive people to such ends. Neither the trans man nor the trans woman is genuine,and they know it but it’s the best they can do to satisfy the emotional baggage they find themselves landed with. they are both living a lie but it’s the best they can do.. Women talk of the battle they have had to fight to get this far but do they really want to be equal, I know they say they do but do they really, would they want to face conscrition and the possibility of dying in a strange land , how many of them would welcome the chance to give their livers for God and country while the boys stay at home with a warm bed at night.And it is not only women who have beentreated badly in this wonderful land or ours, in the past,most of the boys involved in the first world war didn’t have the vote either but they were expected to die for king and country in muddy trenches.The girls weren’t.And coming further up to date how many women would insist on changing a wheel on a rain lashed night whilst hubby stayed in the warm. Not many I’ll bet, most would say ‘That’s my husbands department.’. One hardly ever reads of girlsdesparate to take equality that far.either now of in the future if my guess is right. Like the woman on the bus who complained no man gave up his seat for her, modern women want equality but they don’t want to satnd up for it. There are fors and againsts for both sexes ,but the true artists knows how to get the best of both worlds without causing a stir or shouting NOT FAIR.

    1. What a load of utter bollocks that comment was.
      Nurses have been in the army (or attached to the army) since at least the Crimean War (thanks, Flo!!), and some of them died, or did horrifying, gross stuff to save lives. In fact, I doubt most of the armchair warriors who scream about how men give their livers in war (that’s too funny to not abuse) could do a standard block of shifts on a med/surg unit without puking at least once.
      As for changing a flat, I grew up on a farm, d00d, I know how to do that. And if my family was driving at night and had a flat, I would expect that Mr. Grump and I would be working together to change the tire, because we’re partners.
      I also give up my bus seat for elderly or disabled people of either sex, and certainly do not expect anyone to give one to a middle aged able bodied woman like me. I’m so tired of idiots arguing with strawmen in their own heads.

      1. “Nurses have been in the army (or attached to the army) since at least the Crimean War (thanks, Flo!!), and some of them died, or did horrifying, gross stuff to save lives. In fact, I doubt most of the armchair warriors who scream about how men give their livers in war (that’s too funny to not abuse) could do a standard block of shifts on a med/surg unit without puking at least once.”
        It’s one thing to run off on a kill mission and quite another to patch up all the gore, a battle that never ends. Fuck you Barry. Also women have soldiered forever.

      2. Also? Dude thinks he knows what it’s like to be the home support system for a soldier abroad? Come and tell me that to my face. I wasn’t sitting around doing cross-stitch and knitting socks for “our boys.” Let’s see. I was helping keep a small business running without a partner in it. Providing childcare for other families in the same unit. Mailing out support packages with unfailing regularity and equally unfailing upbeat emotional support, even when I wanted to go and personally beat up W for getting us into that mess in the sandbox. I provided other women with a shoulder to cry on, endless cups of tea, a calm voice on the other end of the phone when casualties made the evening news.
        And I was one of the lucky ones. When my soldier came home, yes there were adjustments, and yes, there were scars from fighting a war, and yes, I had to help patch that mess, too. But I did not experience domestic violence unlike too many other military family members. I don’t have to bear the horrible honor of being a gold star family member.
        And I am not an Iraqi or Afghan woman. I didn’t have to watch my home become a battleground. I was not raped by members of either fighting force. Women bear the brunt of war in ways men will never face.

    2. Oh lovely. A pissy man.
      Women don’t raise armies nor start wars. They are not responsible for almost 100% of violence in our entire species, and never were. They are not responsible for almost all crime. They don’t own the vast majority of privately owned property on this planet nor the wealth.
      Fuck off.

      1. “Cis” female conservative person here. Women may not have raised armies or started wars, but we often benefited by these activities. No, really. To take one obvious example, women in the starving overpopulated territories of the north lands in the middle ages benefited by their men going off to war and capturing food, trading goods and territory.
        We don’t have to grovel to men about this but it’s not an unimportant contribution, either.

      2. Ever wondered why those areas were overpopulated to begin with?
        Women don’t get pregnant just like that. And most women don’t want more children than they can feed.
        Men solving problems they created: Not something we owe them anything for, sorry.

  7. Finally it seems that the trannies are made accountable on the public place for all the hate they piled on women. Maybe somebody realized Julie Bindel speaks for millions of women. I wish she had the time to list all the women who have been harrassed, silenced and no platformed by trannies. I’d say being no platformed is now the best way to separate real feminists from the funfems. And gawd….mansplaining is even more cringeworthy when it comes out of one of these Transcultists.

  8. I was struck by the loud interrupting “just let me explain to you..” bit, women are not socialized to speak like that in public. It proves Jenni’s point really.

  9. I will overlook the unrequested touching at moments he is trying to shut down the conversation but can anyone explain to me exactly WHAT THE HELL is going on with his eyes when he’s not speaking? Mid-video? I see that as someone not very tightly wrapped trying very hard to remain wrapped.

  10. Like the writer above, I observed Jane’s being barely able to refrain from grabbing Julie by the arm to shut her up. Further, M2F people like Jane seem shocked at having their views disregarded. Didn’t they study their Patriarchal Guide to Real Womanhood before assuming their feminine identity? Did really think that they could keep their mantle of male authority and dominance while claiming to be a woman? Trans-ladies, didn’t your Dad tell you that a woman can’t expect to have it all? To paraphrase Muriel Spark, you’re not a woman. You’re a concept.

  11. I have been ill for a number of years and haven’t kept up with women’s rights or indeed most issues, so you can imagine my surprise to read that we now have less rights than we did two decades ago. Not only that but we are now being ruled by men, dressed unconvincingly as women. I find it outrageous that they have so much power and have no platformed our greatest thinkers. It’s like some weird pantomime where the wolf is hiding in Grandma’s clothes. Children in the audience are calling out the danger to little red riding hood but their voices are falling on deaf ears.

    1. Also a lot like the Emperor’s New Clothes. All the liberals falling all over themselves over trans while women such as GM, Julie Bindel, Germaine Greer, etc, etc, etc, point out the emperor is still a biological male even though he’s wearing high heels.

  12. Let’s get back to ancient times when there was a thing called ‘the third sex.’ Trans. can have their own ‘third sex’ bathroom and ‘third sex’ accommodations. I am all for that. The ancient peoples had it right about recognizing a third sex. Trans people should realize that this is truly what they are if they are not fetishists trying to force everyone into their roleplaying. Legitimate non-fetishitic trans is third sex. Not woman, not man, but third sex. This not only protects women and girls, but it recognizes the dignity of people who do not fit neatly into their biological sex. I want to support trans people. I don’t give a flying fuck about fetish crossdressers, though. And people need to stop telling fetishists that they are an oppressed class of people.

    1. they aren’t a third sex, though, and they DO “fit neatly into their biological sex” categories. All humans that are not intersex (an actual, physical and biological phenomenon) ARE one of two sexes, period. Just because a person doesn’t LIKE that fact doesn’t mean that it isn’t a fact. Pretending that a “third sex” is possible is coddling and basically agreeing to lie about reality just because feels.
      The main thing that trans ideology seem to miss is that no human fits “neatly” into gender categories. Not just trans people, but all people, are richer, more special, more interesting, and more complex than a gender stereotype. In fact, of all humans, the ONLY ones clinging shrilly to the idea that a human COULD be represented well by a gender stereotype ARE trans people.

  13. This is one sick twisted tranny . . .
    I wish I could articulate the rage and disgust I feel when I see this kind of vile, offensive mockery in what is sacred in being a woman.
    Transgender Woman Tries A Tampon

    1. This goes along with some sick uses of medical devices as a part of what they see as being ‘a woman’.
      A couple years back (and this is one of the multitude of reasons why, with exceptions…I keep distance), while oit for lunch with “friends”, they went into part of what they consider to be fun. This was by a means of a perverse use of a medical device, which is used to shock the genitals. You read that right….and the sent a chill. If only because, a couple months earlier, I had to have the professional version of same, used to check the nerves on the left side.
      How in the hell ANYONE can call this fun is beyond me. The shock that is delivered to determine nerve damage not only HURTS, but is sent over several times, to determine the speed of nerve response and the extent of damage. It took a couple hours after….even with painkillers, to recover (with my medical history and multiple issues, even taking those is a risk).
      Hence, the horsehit in the video is par for the course with these folks. Being that demented to them is fun…

    2. Male with a tampon just when you think these men can’t get more repulsive and insulting to women…YUCK !!

    3. OMG! We need a Transcreepy of the Year Award. Imagine sharing any public space with this dude in female bonding mode? Trannies are really the byproducts of porn-soaked culture without any sense of boundaries or propriety.

  14. I kept expecting the MtT to start shouting “I DON’T LIKE SPAM!” Very surreal video experience for me.

  15. this comments section has shown great restraint in not even mentioning the weird tongue-sticking-out thing at the end that “Jane” does. Creepy.
    For the record, Julie Bindel is my feminist superheroine, I love her delivery, it’s the perfect mix of rational, good-humored, and take-no-bullshit.
    What does she say near the end (~8:59 in) when she says, “You dont know your b—“? I cant understand it, or maybe it is British slang?

    1. “You don’t know you’re born”. British slang. Means ‘You’ve no awareness of history and how good you’ve got it now as compared to what we went through.’

    1. Wow! Spot on, brilliant piece by Julian Vigo! Thank you for posting that, you made my night!

      1. Right on….and dead on.
        The analysis made the case that the t movement is nothing more than the MRA diatribes and sexism, via a stealthier means. One can hope those who need to read and digest same REALLY do so.

    1. I think sadly Adichie makes the same mistakes than many others feminists which is to compromise and go gently on the transgenders to appease them. It did not work and will never work. There is no middle ground for a Cult. Some women still have to come to term with this. I was reading recently that Alice Dreger has been denied an award for her book Galileo’s Middle Finger because of her defence of Michael Bailey. The transcult will end only the day it is recognized as deeply homophobic and misogynist.

    2. Adichie’s very reasonable comments about women and transwomen having different experiences seem to have provoked more rage than rape, FGM, bride burning, and little girls forced into marriage, combined. It’s almost as if some people see male desire as more important than female well-being. Maybe we should start a movement to counter that. I know–we could call it feminism!
      I think a lot of people, perhaps even Adichie herself, are not yet aware of the degree to which the trans crowd is attempting to render unspeakable what it’s actually like to live life in a female body–both the natural consequences of having a female reproductive system and the way society responds to people perceived as having one. Maybe the visibility of this scuffle will help more people see how unhinged from reality transactivists have become.
      And any day now I expect to hear about some narcissistic, overprivileged trans woman who not only insists on the right to use the women’s locker room but also demands that real women not actually get undressed there because their female bodies trigger his dysphoria.

      1. Uteruses are totally transphobic. We should all have them removed (and give them to the trans ladies) or we’re bigots. Any bets on how long it will take before someone says that in public? (Or has it already happened?)

  16. Anemone– these guys are already talking about getting womb transplants, they are the crazy of the crazies–how ever nuts this whole trans cult has become, it just gets worse, even when you think it won’t.

    1. @Medi Yep….this has already gained some online traction in other spaces. And of all the half-assed things, it is being bought into.
      The temptation to post anatomy charts, along with a full, at length textbook explanation as to WHY THIS CANNOT BE DONE is killing me. Anyone who took one damn week of a real biology class, will tell the severely deranged that the circulatory structure, bone structure and endocrine system of a male cannot support the transplant of a uterus, let alone, bringing a fetus to term and birth. Fact all….not bullshit.
      Also….that elective wound created by penile inversion, cannot expand to accommodate the infant, when the time of birth arrives. During the time after that operation, that wound wants to CLOSE. The DNA says this is an opening that ripped the skin and needs to be healed. No amount of use by ‘steely dan’ is going to stop that. But try telling the above to those committed to the lies.
      Sorry about going on a venting spree here; it is more that even though the status here is what it is, I’ll be good and goddamned, if I do not say that much of what the cult demands is wrong. Hopefully…others will see and speak out in a similar vein.

      1. Some of them say that, of course, any baby they had would have to be delivered by C-section–as if that were the only problem! Even women’s lower backs have a section of wedge-shaped vertebrae (lacking in men) that allow the spine to curve with less strain as pregancy progresses. And there’s no way to artificially duplicate the complex endocrine feedback loop that maintains the pregnancy and allows the fetus to develop.
        I’ve even seen discussion about the possibility of transwomen having abdominal pregancies without a uterine transplant, since there have been a few cases of healthy babies resulting from this rare sort of ectopic pregnancy in women. But
        the babies tend to be small, since they don’t get enough nourishment, and there’s a much greater risk to the mother of severe bleeding when the baby is delivered and the placenta removed. It would be irresponsible for a doctor to deliberately create such a pregnancy.
        That doesn’t mean some transwomen wouldn’t want a trophy womb, however, or an ovary transplant. I’m all for transplanting hearts, kidneys, and other organs to save people’s lives, but the idea of female body parts being transplanted into a man just seems ghoulish.

  17. Perhaps what was said by Jenni Murray has reached the US. Or it is possible the new HHS Lawyer for Civil Rights and Ms. Murray are on the same page.
    As has been said from here and by others, freedom of expression is one thing [which needs to have a simple level of respect, period]. Trying to change scientific and biological fact, for the purposes of usurping the rights of others in the name of some rather sickening agendas, is another. And now, maybe the brakes on those will be applied.

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