Transwoman Ex-Con Absconds with Portland Women’s March Funds

Jorey Lee "Rebekah Katt" Brewis [photo: WilliametteWeek]
Jorey Lee “Rebekah Katt” Brewis [photo: WilliametteWeek]
[The following is a guest post which was submitted as a series of comments by Weirdward. The post title, images, archives, and some minor editing was done by me. I also added a few words and links in brackets at the end of the post–GM]
I just came across some information today after doing some research, and really wanted to share what I found because it’s just so messed up. It’s in relation to the Women’s March movement, and I first saw mention of it on Feminist Current, and followed it up because I was curious.
Basically, the organisers of Women’s March on Portland partnered with a trans non-profit organisation called Portland Trans Pride (or PDX Trans Pride) to sponsor their event and collect donations for them, with the understanding that PTP would take a cut of the donations to cover their own expenses (how charitable!) but would pass the rest of the money on to the WMP to cover the cost of the event, and that any further funds left over would be put towards funding future activism/events under the WMP banner.
Well, surprise, surprise, turns out that Portland Trans Pride only has one real board member, transwoman Rebekah Brewis, and that the WMP organisers were not aware of this at the time. Apparently there were previously two other women who were board members of Portland Trans Pride (I’m going to go out on a limb and guess actual biological women since one of them was Brewis’s then-girlfriend), but one had been kicked off the board by Brewis six months earlier, and his girlfriend had also subsequently left due to the relationship ending. After the march, Brewis refused to release details of how much money he’d received in monetary donations, refused to release any of the money to Women’s March on Portland, ignored all correspondence from them, and absconded to Canada. According to the statement on Facebook released by WMP, the stolen funds included at least $22,000 raised through T-shirt sales.
Read their Facebook statement here:

Women’s March on Portland

24 February at 00:59 ·


I was one of the lead organizers for the Women’s March on Washington: Portland (aka the Women’s March on Portland, “WMP”). We sought a fiscal sponsor for the event. Rebekah Brewis, the Executive Director of Portland Trans Pride (“PTP”), agreed to have PTP serve as the fiscal sponsor. Our plan was to raise funds for the march that took place in Portland on January 21, 2017.

We did not have a written agreement with PTP, but we expected it would receive some portion of the funds raised for acting as our sponsor. People who advanced funds for expenses for the event were to be reimbursed. If there were additional funds left over we hoped to apply those to other events down the road. Both PTP and WMP represented on their Facebook pages and in communications with the public that funds that were donated would be earmarked for WMP.

People could contribute in a variety of ways. They could donate goods or services. They could buy t-shirts and a portion of the proceeds would go to WMP. Purchases were made through PTP’s PayPal account. Or, they could donate directly to WMP via PTP’s Pay Pal account. Expenses would be paid or reimbursed out of those funds. Some were reimbursed during the planning stages of the event.

The event was very successful and we raised more than we expected! We raised approximately $22,000 from t-shirt sales. We do not know how much was raised from direct donations because we do not have access to those records.

After the event was over we contacted Ms. Brewis to discuss the need for additional reimbursements and how to handle the remaining funds. At that time Ms. Brewis said it was her intention to keep all of the funds for PTP, which was never agreed to. She then stopped communicating with us about this issue. We learned shortly thereafter that while she indicated on her application to the DOJ that PTP had three board members, two of them had stopped being associated with PTP approximately 6 months before she applied for her non-profit status and the event itself. Stephanie Anderson, who is listed as a Board member on the application for non-profit status, said that she had been told by Ms. Brewis she was “kicked off” the Board back in June, 2016. According to Ms. Anderson, the other Board Member was Ms. Brewis’ girlfriend, and following a break up she too had been disassociated from PTP for some time.

We attempted to reach out to Ms. Brewis multiple times to follow up on her intentions. We also wanted to ensure that those who donated received the proper documentation regarding their donations, regardless of which organization received the funds. We had an attorney attempt to reach her via telephone, email, Facebook, and fist class and certified mail. All of these efforts were unsuccessful.

Late yesterday we saw that Ms. Brewis had posted that she was leaving the United States for Canada. To our knowledge, PTP has not been dissolved as a non-profit is required to do.

We are very concerned for the people who donated in good faith to WMP. We want to ensure that their donations are recognized. We are also concerned that Ms. Brewis appears to have misrepresented the legitimacy of her organization to WMP, and as a result is personally benefiting from the funds that were intended to go to either WMP or PTP.

PayPal has a 45 day period in which people can contest charges to their accounts. We want to make sure that those individuals who donated directly to Pay Pal can do so in the time they have.

There are a number of documents to support this complaint. I am sending them via separate email to Linda Vazquez at her email address. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Margaret Jacobsen”
Brewis has since released a statement of his own on Facebook accusing two of the WMP organisers of transphobia, both of whom are Black women. He claims he is holding onto the money because of their ‘transphobia’ and their association with other transphobic groups, and says that the accusations of transphobia have to be legally settled (presumably to his satisfaction and in his favour) before he will hand any money over (which will be never, I mean, come on). He also accuses the organisers of not being genuine activists, saying they are ‘jobless’ (actually a lot of activists are poor and/or jobless because OPPRESSION, hello) and that they want to exploit the list of donors for corporate gain. I mean, that’s not impossible, this entire Women’s March movement is very corporate, but from having a quick look at these two Black women on Facebook and other places around the internet, they both seem pretty legit to me. I would trust them with my activism dollars long before I would trust Rebekah Brewis anyway. Giving a shit about women is obviously not what this guy is about at all, he just wants that money for his own corporate profiteering. I also love the slip early on where he describes the relationship between the two organisations in this language: “Our [Portland Trans Pride’s] lead role and control of the Women’s March on Portland”. Yep. That’s exactly the right description, actually. We are in a situation where trans organisations are controlling and dictating women’s activism, and it’s terrifying. And trans organisations obviously know they’re doing it. They’re proud that they’re doing it. Do you fucking understand this, women? Do you understand that you’re being controlled by men in dresses to make sure that you don’t get too out of hand and start demanding anything like, oh, I don’t know, actual liberation from male rule?
Read his statement here:

PDX Trans Pride

24 February at 02:27

PDX Trans Pride condemns the transphobia perpetuated by Margaret Jacobsen and Erica Fuller, past Women’s March on Portland co-leaders through their recently published false narrative about our organization and it’s leaders, along with our lead role and control of the Women’s March on Portland 2017, which we fully permitted, insured, and fiscally sponsored. These individuals (who are jobless) have been trying to access the list of donations we’ve received so they can profit off of the event for their own corporate gain (Our Executive Legal Director was told by Margaret Jacobsen that the Oregon Governor’s office and “Kate Brown” “wanted a role in future marches” and that it’d be great to “make corporate profit off this statewide” which WE never intended to do- and to establish a separate organization, which is prohibited by our organization’s rights). These individuals and anyone supporting them will be held accountable for libel through our organization’s attorneys regarding matters of consequence, among other pending legal actions.

This afternoon we published a post condemning certain actions by certain transphobic leaders of both Portland’s Resistance and Don’t Shoot Portland. On the day of the Women’s March on Portland 2017, Don’t Shoot Portland crashed the stage without the knowledge nor permission of our organization, and made many transphobic remarks, including call us “transgenders”. About 2 months ago, one of our leaders was attacked by a person named Danialle from Don’t Shoot Portland, who policed whether she had the surgery or not in determining if she was a “real woman”. In response, we have been investigating the matters legally and have stop authorizations on all transactions related to the March until matters are settled civilly and legally due to noncompliance with our programming and due to the attacks we have witnessed by these individuals and associated organizations.”
In the discussion on Facebook pertaining to this: PDX Trans Pride is fiscally sponsored by another non-profit, Media Alliance, and, as such, could not legally sponsor the Women’s March at all. From someone who appears to be from Media Alliance, “For the Women’s March organizers, PDX transpride not a legal entity and can’t fiscally sponsor anything. You needed to research that before you allowed them to collect funds.” There’s also a transwoman in the comments section pretty much saying, yep, we knew about this person, we knew they were a huge problem, you really shouldn’t have trusted them. I mean, in one sense, yes, these women were very naive, on the other hand, they’re behaving exactly as men tell women they should behave – be nice and good and trusting, and of course, transwomen can do no wrong. And now that they’ve been exploited, it’s their own fault, and they should have known better.
But naturally it’s not the fault of the trans community for knowing about this person for years and doing nothing to curb their behaviour. And this same transwoman goes into damage control mode quick smart and trots out the sob-story about how hard transwomen’s lives are and how they can’t be held responsible for their actions because of that. And how it would be terrible if there were ‘rifts’ in the community because of this – yes indeed, it would be inconvenient for him and his friends if women woke up to the fact they were being exploited by ‘transwomen’ who are no different than men because they are men, and started saying hell no.
And also take note, libfems, that the trans allies you love so much have zero problems screwing you over in exactly the way they’ve been doing to lesbians and radical feminists for decades. And even more disgusting is that he is targeting Black women activists in this instance. Like, holy shit, the liberal feminist and queer movements need to take a long hard look at themselves.
I love the website of his non-profit too, totally bare bones and looks like something from the early 2000s. He does the usual thing of conflating trans with LGB by talking about his organisation as being “an Oregon based transgender/LGBTQIA+ nonprofit community organization”; but of course every point of activism and policy is entirely about trans issues, and overwhelmingly, implicitly or explicitly, about transwomen. I found it particularly interesting that in talking about funding trans surgeries, the one explicit surgical procedure he mentions is facial feminisation surgery. Not bottom surgery. Not boob implants. Certainly nothing to do at all with those lowly transmen [/sarcasm]. Hormones, counselling, and facial feminisation surgery. Hmm, now why might that be? It couldn’t possibly be because now that heterosexual men are jumping on the trans train in droves, they, unlike the earlier mostly effeminate gay men who transed as a way to survive and who had to accept having their bodies cut up by conservative, homophobic patriarchal male medicine, have the political, institutional and social clout to dictate policy in this area, and get to keep their male bodies completely intact whilst also claiming to be ‘women.’
This guy seems really unhinged. He also recently posted a video on Facebook confronting some policeman who he claims was following him around in a store (I honestly felt sorry for the police officer, and I’m no fan of the police most of the time), and further claims that he has since filed a 2 *million* dollar claim against the City of Portland because, apparently, they ‘retaliated’ against him in some unspecified fashion as a result of him filing an earlier complaint against Daryl Turner, President of the Portland Police Bureau Association Union (at least, I think that’s right. The post is so poorly written, it’s actually hard to comprehend what he’s saying. He also doesn’t say why he filed a complaint against this Daryl Turner guy). The whole weird thing is on his Facebook here
The sickest part of this patriarchal fuckery has got to be that he also describes himself as a “#TransLivesMatter Intersectional Civil Rights Leader” – appropriating the Black Lives Matter campaign and the centuries-long struggle of Black people to gain human rights, whilst simultaneously stealing money from women and using his white male power and socialisation to target Black women feminist activists who challenge his criminal behaviour. Sure sounds ‘intersectional’ to me.
And also let’s be very clear – no person who was truly oppressed would be able to do the things this guy is doing. Confronting a policeman in a store is something that I wager no Black person would dare to do, regardless of whether they were actually being profiled/followed or not. Because Black people know that policemen will happily shoot them dead for doing far less. The Black Lives Matter campaign started because of white police officers shooting Black youth, and grieving Black parents and Black communities can’t even get those police officers to lose their jobs or go to trial or be convicted, let alone ask for 2 million dollars in compensation because their child was murdered by employees of the state.
I mean really, libfems. This is the guy you want to get behind. The guy who will steal money earmarked for your activist cause centering the concerns of actual women, accuse Black women of transphobia to justify it, make even more money by using his male socialisation, power and influence to sue other powerful males, to potentially sue even poor Black women activists if he gets his way, to con money out of the public to help men with a sexual fetish access women in vulnerable spaces, and pay the most despicable sort of lip service to the actual real oppression that others face in order to further his own agenda whilst simultaneously shitting all over those activists when he comes into contact with them. Yep, good luck with that. Come back in ten years and we’ll talk, and you can tell me all about how well that worked out for you.


[ Notes from GM:
Jorey Lee “Rebekah Katt” Brewis
( ) has a long history of incarcerations including a six-year+ sentence for breaking into a woman’s home and threatening her with a knife.
Since his release he has been allegedly involved in a number of violent incidents:
Below is video of him speaking at the Portland Women’s March.



82 thoughts on “Transwoman Ex-Con Absconds with Portland Women’s March Funds

  1. Forwarded to Portland Mercury and Willamette Weekly for follow-up investigation. Let’s see if they do anything with this.

  2. “These individuals (who are jobless) have been trying to access the list of donations we’ve ”
    That just REEKS of trying to trade off the racial stereotypes of “lazy,shiftless n——” and “Welfare Queens” trying to ripoff the system. This d00d is disgusting.
    I am so sorry that the women involved have been forced to learn the hard way that it is necessary (and not insulting to the people involved) to vet any group who wants to work with you and the importance of having even the simplest things spelled out in writing. I hope a lot of the donors are able to question their transactions with Paypal (love to see this guy try to pull all this shit with Paypal) Good for the women involved with the March to get on top of this and suggest that. Smart move. I hope this guy can get extradicted from Canada.

  3. I saw some of this kicking off on social media and googled Brewis. A cursory search proved him to be a violent criminal with mental health issues. Are liberal feminists so in thrall to trans that they think career-criminality can be transed away, to the extent that a thief can be entrusted with financial donations? Did they think it would be transphobic to question this guy at all? I have another motive for transitioning to add to the list: being an unemployable loser who can now rake it in due to activism of questionable value. Does the Media Alliance have any record of how Brewis is spending money? Are the police involved in this in any way?

    1. There are a lot of TW on tumblr getting donations for literally no reason except identifying as trans. Who knows how many are actually trans? Its a scam artists dream, you get to disguise yourself and go by a different name by default.

      1. I will never accept that trans exists, so they are all scamming on various levels, in various ways. No men actually are women or women are actually men.

      2. Immediately after writing this I saw a post about how the trans life line (suicide prevention chat/hotline started in response to trump presidency) turned out to be a scam as well. There aren’t any volunteers staffing it most of the time now. They raked in a lot of money, too. Reminds me of the scammer that took tumblr for 20k in the alcorn suicide aftermath (another fake charity story).

      3. BevJo said:
        “I will never accept that trans exists … ”
        Me neither. Language matters, and the nearest I will get to calling them anything involving the “t” word is to call them trannies. Otherwise, it’s dudebros, assholes, etc., because that is what they are. The term”transwoman” curdles my toenails.

      4. I agree with Bev Jo. You can’t actually change your sex, most MTTs do not even get surgery in the first place, and it has been documented many times on this website and others that men claiming to “feel like” women are just as likely to be as violent and predatory as the rest of them, only more dangerous since people take their bullshit seriously.
        Some people might feel distress or have body dysphoria as a result of society’s rigid roles for women and men, but that does not mean they are really the opposite sex. Also, the trans movement is about enforcing sexist stereotypes with the idea that if a man wears a dress and makeup that he was a woman. (Dresses and makeup being MALE ideas about how they want women to dress.

  4. This is exactly why I did not donate to that goddamn march! Because it’s corporate and male controller.
    I hope more women wake the hell up! Especially these libfems! These trans activists are out of control and they need to be stopped. Period!

  5. PDX is the epicenter of trans activism. I wonder how much it will take for people to see through it? Being called “transgenders” doesn’t justify fleeing the country with someone else’s money.

    1. How did Portland become this epicenter? I’ve certainly noticed it over the last years, but no one has told the story, if there is one, about why PDX. I’m on the other coast, and only visited in PDX once or twice, a lot of years back. Is it in the water?

      1. A friend who visited Portland years ago described it as a bastion of liberal peer pressure that made her hate present-day hippies (the crowd of her youth).
        Before going to some market that everyone goes to, she went to go wash her hair, and her friend she was staying with was all like, “Why are you washing your hair? *No-one* washes their hair before XYZ market.”
        It was my friend’s peaklib moment, and after that she permanently cleansed herself of all vestiges of hippiedom.
        Just from that one anecdote from like a decade ago, I’ve always gotten the sense that Portland is a natural breeding ground for trans* excess.

      2. How did Portland become this epicenter? Hard to say. It may have started with Tom McCall, and goddess help us it formed a boil with Bud (“Butt”) Clark, mayor of the city and proprietor of a brew pub. The result is … Well, you’re familiar with the TV show, right? “Portlandia”? Fred Armisen? In Other Words? Seriously, you can’t even go out for a hamburger here without having to elbow your way through a swarm of the tragically hip. Yeah, I think it’s something in the water.
        And eww, the trannies. They’re everywhere, behind reception desks in dentists’ offices and waiting tables in the Pearl (rehabbed former industrial district). They look all butt-hurt and hostile when you clock them. It’s enough to make you want to stay home in the suburbs.
        When it became a territory in the 19th century, black people were not allowed to come to Oregon except as domestic servants/slaves. This is a true historical fact; look it up. The state remains one of the whitest in the country, and is awash in white people problems. Trannies are among them.

      3. I’ve lived here in PDX for 20+ years & I can tell you it never used to be like like here. Back in the day PDX was a place to chill people who just wanted to do their thing. In the last 6 years this place has become America’s premier socialist shithole. I used to be a liberal activist here until I began to notice that if you had a nuanced or alternate point of view, you’d be shut down, ignored, or ridiculed. This town is absolutely not tolerant or open minded towards any political or thought diversity. Here it’s all about appearing “down” while actual minorities are told the other minorities in authority are to be followed w/ out question. This place no longer feels home. I’m a woman of color married to another woman yet have been called a “conservatard” for questioning city council for various policies that serve as window dressing while forgetting people like veterans. The last election we called/emailed those running for office in the city. The only people who got back to us were the Republicans!! Why? Why the smugness? Why not answer for common core, UN Agenda 2030, and city overspending. Oh that’s right…they don’t have to as long as politicians cowtow to BLM, Trans Pride, Global warming, and and some vague “safe safe.”
        Been treated better by rural folks in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho. My wife can wait to escape the so called “tolerance” here.

    2. No kidding….it is that, which is in the hands of racists, thugs and those engaged in ‘horizontal enrichment industries’ (hookers).
      I will bet the next few month’s rent, that local media (KGW, KOIN, KATU, etc) will not touch this. As well as that other media will bend over to paint a sympathetic picture of this punk.
      Also…if this person skipped to Canada, the odds are capture is unlikely. If memory serves, they are one of a small group of countries where one cannot be extradited for financial malfeasance.
      Something has to be done, if only due to these creeps springing up like crabgrass.

      1. Unless he is a dual citizen, it’s really unlikely he actually has run away to Canada. His criminal record would make that complicated; he couldn’t just up and cross the border without making some special visa arrangements (that might not be successful). If he is claiming to be in Canada I think this means he’s in his apartment not answering door, or something like that. It’s probably similar to the old joke about having a “Canadian girlfriend” whilst in high school, in other words.

        1. I have crossed the Canada / USA border multiple times by car and by plane in various places. They process many people, especially by car, and how closely they look at each person is something of a crap shoot. They do not always look into, or ask about, a possible criminal record. My experiences have ranged from an ask-less hand-wave to a virtual interrogation and search. Very hit-or-miss. It is also possible to enter Canada undetected, as in not via an official checkpoint, as my husband can attest from personal experience. (He crossed from NY to Canada in a small boat via Lake Ontario.)

      2. This man likely wouldn’t be extradited anyway, from anywhere, as this will be treated as a civil, not criminal matter. Even if a civil suit is filed and won, a judgement will likely be uncollectable, as this person likely has no assets to attach it to, and will surely spend the money.

      3. “I have crossed the Canada / USA border multiple times by car and by plane in various places. They process many people, especially by car, and how closely they look at each person is something of a crap shoot.”
        Yeah, me too. I once crossed the border carrying one of those snake-in-a-can joke things, where you open the can and a fake snake springs out. This thing was more or less hidden but not-hidden in the car, and its temptingly suspicious presence may or may not have been inspired by a hostile border guard on an earlier trip. I can’t quite remember.
        Anyway, a very thorough border guard found it, popped open the can, panicked, and shot the “snake.” Waste of a couple rounds of ammo, really.
        Sorry to get off topic. But if you can’t laugh, nothing’s funny, right? And we all desperately need a laugh right about now.

        1. @Em- You think that’s funny? Setting up a boobytrap for border officers? You are a liar, and you are not funny. What the fuck is wrong with you?

      4. I want it sent to all the local media. Here in Eugene trans can do no wrong, I’m sure anyone pointing this out will be harassed as phobic. Because letting a male criminal take money is totes cool as long as he identifies as a good girl?
        (Lol border patrol. It’s a snake in a can, a toy, not a real booby trap. If they are gonna shoot at that, they shouldn’t have a gun.)

  6. This just goes to show how important deep vetting is. These women did not do their homework. A simple $40 background check would have turned up this guy’s record, or they could have done it themselves for free. It is also unacceptable that they didn’t research his nonprofit and board.
    This incident also provides more evidence of how male these MtT are; this guy couldn’t care less about funding activism on behalf of actual women; it is all about him and his male privilege. Watch him come out of Canada with a nose job and facial feminisation surgery.
    What a disaster!
    Libfems are not real feminists.
    All of the major LGBT orgs are all T, and do not deserve our donations.
    Let this unfortunate incident be a cautionary tale. Yes, the person who did it is the one at fault, but as women, we must protect ourselves and each other. No one else is going to do it, certainly not men — regardless of whether or not they wear dresses. Men are men.

    1. When you refuse to accept that there are transgender males who are violent or criminal in other ways, you are certainly not going to engage in the simple checking that you describe, which is a rational action if you are going to entrust someone with money. My contact with liberals has proven to me the utter uselessness of encouraging them to think about the transgender SCAM.

  7. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. I wish everyone would read you. I recommended they do when I read at our Saturday book launch reading for the new Lesbian anthology
    All the information needed to figure out the very simple, but said to be complex, trans issue is here.
    I’m guessing this is another case of women/feminsts/Lesbians censoring their own common sense and even minds for fear of being “transphobic.” The cult is all about “no thinking allowed” and borders on religious mind control.
    I just wish they would bother to learn our history of female/feminist activists since it’s all very clear that this is what men who con women do.
    Some of us have been saying for years that men who pretend to be women and Lesbians are more violent and dangerous than other het men, and that includes other ways of harming women, like this theft, since money is survival. They will take everything they can from us.
    This is also a clever way for men to destroy yet another women’s organization or part of our movement and community.
    I just hope women will learn from this, but they haven’t learned from what these men have done in the past.
    What needs to happen is for women to just look at these men and recognize that they are not women and ask themselves why they involved in a women’s march except to prey on women?
    No surprise that these men don’t want to lose their ability to rape and reproduce, etc., but it’s disturbing if they are focusing more on getting facial surgery because that is why they are always so recognizable as men. I don’t think women would be confused if they really look, listen, observe, since these men are such arrogant pricks, but still, it’s worrying. And making their features more “feminine” won’t hurt these men’s chances of getting women if they decide to return to just identifying as regular het men, which a lot do.

  8. “After the march, Brewis refused to release details of how much money he’d received in monetary donations, refused to release any of the money to Women’s March on Portland, ignored all correspondence from them, and absconded to Canada. According to the statement on Facebook released by WMP, the stolen funds included at least $22,000 raised through T-shirt sales.”
    I thought Canadian officials didn’t let criminals who have spent time in a mental institution into their country. How exactly does this work? And, why would Brewis run to Canada all of a sudden if he had nothing to hide?
    Before the women’s march, I remember reading about Brewis I ran across some things online that were posted by women who tried to warn the organizers of the Portland march that Brewis had a criminal record. I don’t believe that this was coming from women who were directly involved in the Portland march. No one listened because no one listens to any woman who might be a ‘TERF’, or might know a woman who could be ‘TERF’. It was almost surreal to me. Here is this person with a criminal record, and it’s like, “Well, just keep quiet because we don’t want to upset transgender people.” Unfortunately, some will overlook just anything for fear of being branded “transphobic” bigots. I’m sure that the women who were trying to warn the march organizers were quickly branded ‘TERFs’ and told to keep quiet. Apparently, doing a background check on Brewis would have been viewed as “transphobic” because we know once they identify as transwomen, they can get by with anything.
    HIs criminal record goes all the way back to the time he was a juvenile and stole a car and tried to run from the police.
    Brewis has been in mental institutions and correctional facilities. As a juvenile, Brewis spent time in Oregon’s juvenile corrections system for stealing a car and fleeing from police. He was sentenced to 70 months in an adult prison in Oregon for robbery. Behind bars, Brewis had numerous conflicts with inmates and corrections officers, and the original sentence was extended by a series of offenses, including assault and supplying contraband.
    Bewis also has a long history of filing frivolous lawsuits against correctional facilities for what he says is mistreatment for his gender dysphoria.
    He also went after lesbian feminist attorney Cathy Brennan. Scroll down and read what Brewis (PDX. trans pride) says.
    Why should women be surprised that he is keeping the money? Look at his background. Wait, they couldn’t objectively look at his background because women have been so traumatized at the thought of being branded a ‘TERF’ that they are afraid to speak. This guy has the audacity to say that he isn’t going to give the money to women because the mean women were “transphobic”.
    “PDX Trans Pride condemns the transphobia perpetuated by Margaret Jacobsen and Erica Fuller, past Women’s March on Portland co-leaders through their recently published false narrative about our organization and it’s leaders.”
    My God all mighty! Women bent over backwards to accommodate transgender. How much more accommodating do women have to be? Brewis was allowed to speak at the Portland, Oregon Women’s March, and transwomen spoke at several women’s marches. Unless they control everything, it’s never good enough.
    The $22,000 should have gone to women. This makes me so sick to my stomach. Women put their sweat and labor into this march, and then they are treated like this, called transphobic bigots after this criminal keeps the money.
    It was a mistake to get transgender organizations involved in the Women’s March in the first place. Someone needs to say it. The second wave feminists who gave us Title IX, domestic violence centers, and so much more did very well without transgender involvement. Transgender interests have nothing to do with women’s rights. They are two different things. They leech off us, and it’s not a reciprocal arrangement. How much more proof do we need? Because women have been so colonized, bullied, and intimidated into believing that anything they say might be interpreted as “transphobic”, incidents like his will continue. It’s as if they are blind. Or, maybe as women they are socialized to put the interests of others first. I don’t know why they can’t see reality when it’s staring them in the face, but it needs to stop for the sake of women. I hope the women who let this conniving male criminal basically run the women’s march have learned their lesson. Probably not.
    I watched the video of Brewis confronting the security person in the store. The security person did nothing wrong. This guy is dangerous.

    1. ‘Transgender interests have nothing to do with women’s rights. They are two different things. ‘
      Yes. Women’s orgs have nothing in common with these men.
      ‘Because women have been so colonized, bullied, and intimidated into believing that anything they say might be interpreted as “transphobic”, incidents like his will continue. It’s as if they are blind. Or, maybe as women they are socialized to put the interests of others first. ‘
      Yes, I think it’s a combination of socialization and fear.
      Sometimes you have to just stand up and say ‘no.’ I find myself being able to easily say ‘no’ but I’m 48 and am in the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ years of my life.
      It’s unfortunate to see these women robbed. It’s a hard lesson and hopefully will be a teaching moment for many neoliberal feminists.

  9. Gallus, this is so true.
    “I also love the slip early on where he describes the relationship between the two organisations in this language: “Our [Portland Trans Pride’s] lead role and control of the Women’s March on Portland”. Yep. That’s exactly the right description, actually. We are in a situation where trans organisations are controlling and dictating women’s activism, and it’s terrifying. And trans organisations obviously know they’re doing it. They’re proud that they’re doing it. Do you fucking understand this, women? Do you understand that you’re being controlled by men in dresses to make sure that you don’t get too out of hand and start demanding anything like, oh, I don’t know, actual liberation from male rule?”

  10. Thank you for drawing attention to this Gallus – This should be such an obvious wake-up call to the liberal and progressive crowds. I forgot to include the link to the PDX ‘non-profit’ website which is here, and the areas of policy activism are here (in an extremely awkward and difficult to read format, which is exactly what you want on your activism website, am I right?)
    Apparently other trans community activists in Portland have released a statement about these events, condemning Brewis’s action, which is good, but of course also going on and on about how this can’t be an excuse for ‘transphobia’ (i.e. noticing that a man is behaving like a man).
    Reposting from our fellow community organizers in the trans community:
    “To whom it may concern, regarding PDX Trans Pride:
    We are a multiracial coalition of trans and queer organizers and community advocates making a public statement in support of the organizers of the Portland Women’s March, concerning PDX Trans Pride and its director, Katt (Rebekah) Brewis. Ms. Brewis has a long history of contentious and harmful interactions with individuals and organizations in our communities, including (most recently) racist attacks on other activists at Trans Day of Remembrance in November 2016 and the Portland Women’s March in January 2017. As we’ve witnessed her organization gaining prominence over the past year, we have become increasingly concerned.
    As connected individuals and organizational leaders, we have for several years held a quiet consensus that PDX Trans Pride, represented by Ms. Brewis, is not a safe advocate or representative of our communities. Some of us have sought accountability with Ms. Brewis in the past, and most have severed personal and organizational ties with PDX Trans Pride. Based on her history of dominating collective processes, co-opting the work of others, legally and personally threatening other organizations and organizational leaders, and (most recently) using her organization’s nonprofit status to appropriate donations intended for another organization, we are now urging our community partners and allies to avoid any negotiation or partnership with Ms. Brewis or PDX Trans Pride. Moreover, we would urge you to not uplift PDX Trans Pride as a representative voice for transgender and gender nonconforming people or our communities in greater Portland.
    We do not take this decision lightly, especially because Ms. Brewis is still a member of our community. As a transgender woman, she is subject to multiple forms of violence and marginalization, and is extremely vulnerable to ostracization. However, her actions and statements before the Women’s March were already an issue of community safety. Her actions around the Women’s March, particularly her statements accusing activists of color of transmisogyny, require public pushback, especially from white trans community members.
    Ms. Brewis has a pattern of targeting activists of color, bullying, harassing, and pushing them out of community spaces. By claiming transmisogyny, Ms. Brewis is deflecting accountability for her own actions, and weaponizing white supremacy in a way that splinters our communities even further. As people who are all marginalized and endangered in the United States, we are actively concerned with the actions of any individual who seeks to deepen the rifts between us for personal gain. We refute Ms. Brewis’ accusations of transmisogyny as justification of her decisions around the Women’s March. As trans and gender-non-conforming activists and community members, we are in solidarity with the organizers of the Women’s March and look forward to building stronger ties with each other as we all continue our work.
    Thank you for your time. If you have questions or concerns, please be advised that this matter is under investigation by the Department of Justice.
    Q Center
    Greater Portland Trans Unity
    Sankofa Collective Northwest
    Devon Rose Davis
    Omer Elad
    Lyles McFarland
    Christopher Massman
    Phyllicia Daria McGowan
    Athen O’Shea
    Debra Porta
    Erica Wegener
    Madeleine Wegener”
    The organizers of the women’s march want to remind this group that we support and stand by the trans community. Some of us are trans/non binary ourselves. Any hate towards those in the trans community is not welcome here. If we see anything that supports violence and hate towards our own, we will be removing those comments/people.
    Thank you.

    1. Where THE FUCK were these chaps when he was prancing around on the Women’s March stage?!? They were silent as a mouse. Probably clapping.

    2. “The organizers of the women’s march want to remind this group that we support and stand by the antifeminist community. Some of us are men/sex-denying women ourselves. Any hate towards those in the antifeminist community is not welcome here. If we see anything that supports violence and hate (i.e. that is in the slightest bit critical) towards our own men’s rights/pro-gender/anti-feminist politic, we will be removing those comments/women.”
      Fixed that for you.

      1. All that was missing from their fake apology would have been:
        ‘Aside from the assassination, Mrs. Lincoln loved the play’.
        It is sickening that there really was no verbage showing any level of ‘we will be more careful next time’ . However, seeing the pattern of t-led groups is to embrace bad actors, that is not going to happen.
        Damn MRA’s…..

    3. It is GROSS for them to talk about ‘violence’ that this MTT scoundrel is ‘subject to’ when there’s no evidence of him being victim of violence, but plenty of him inflicting violence. GROSS.
      Also, what is that admonition to ‘white members of the trans community’ to speak up more about racism? The usual message in SJW circles is for whites to check their privilege and be silent and let people of color lead the discussion about racism.

      1. It’s damage control. They are well aware that they let a white male exploit, intimidate, abuse and rob two Black women. The power dynamic is in danger of becoming a bit too obvious, so they’re trying to make it look like they care. But they don’t. If they were actually writing a proper statement to address this situation, they would say “we recognise we are partly responsible for this” and “we should have spoken up” and “we will do better next time” and “we will not let this happen again”; instead they put the onus on unspecified white ‘others’ in their community to do the work and put the hard yards in. It gets them off the hook without taking responsibility for their part in all this – which was keeping quiet, which they admit to doing in the statement – and absolves them from having to do any work to get creeps like this out of their community because they’ve made an empty plea for ‘everyone’ to work harder to confront racism.

      2. “absolves them from having to do any work to get creeps like this out of their community”
        It’s not just that they don’t want to do the work; they don’t want the creeps out of their community. The creeps control the community, not the least because they’re the ones with all the money. (This guy notwithstanding, but certainly most of the white male “transbians” are wealthier than almost any other demographic in the LGBT.)

    4. Referencing his oppression? “She” is still a member of the community? Oh NO, ostracizing HIM would give everyone the sadz…..
      Imagine if this was a woman. How this statement would read.

      1. @GallusMag Get that one copyrighted 😊 It’s Golden!
        To dovetail on what @em said, for the most part..that look or stare is practically omnipresent in PDX among the brigade. Along with an attitude of ‘the universe revolves around me’. In turn, this goes hand in hand with the bad speech patterns.
        As a comparison, when one sees that on natal women (please pardon that…just using another logical term, as well as trying to get the brain to engage this early) it is usually in sport or an emotive moment in a movie or a song. When it is constant, it’s as though Norman Bates has taken up residence in the attic of the mind.
        The latter is part of why I have the CD player headphones on, when out. Progressive rock outweighs the mansplaining/t brigade stares anyday.

  11. My guess about what happened here, being the veteran of a number of these kinds of things, is that the original Women’s March organizers didn’t have a bank account or a Paypal connection to collect donations, or a merchant account to accept debit/credit cards. It’s not uncommon for it to take a while, and require lots of irksome paperwork, even to open up a bank account (not to mention, they probably didn’t want to be hit with fees because they weren’t a 501(c)(3) at the time). Events got ahead of them, and when the PDX people came along and “offered” the use of their account to collect money, the organizers jumped on it.
    Not that that was a smart thing to do, not at all, but I can easily see how it did happen.

    1. Getting a non-profit fiscal sponsor to be able to receive tax-deductible, tax-free donations is not at all uncommon for smaller and newer organizations.

    2. It is not difficult, time-consuming, or “irksome” to open a bank account. I managed to figure it out as a HS freshman. What fees were you referring to? A 501c3 can incur reasonable fees and expenses.

      1. I got the impression worriedmom meant a bank account specifically for a charity/non-profit, not a random bank account in the name of an individual. At the very least, taking donations that way would mean the money was technically in that person’s name, and part of their taxable income. Plus it would look suspicious and unprofessional, even if it was being done in good faith. It is troublesome to gain 501(c)(3) status, and it doesn’t happen quickly, and as MaryMacha says, because of that, the fiscal sponsor arrangement is quite common as a way around these issues. PDX trans pride was itself being sponsored by another non-profit for the same reason.

      2. LTC, not sure of your age, but in the post 9/11 era, there is a lot of extra hoops to jump through in order to open an account. Add in the fact that organizations need to have their paperwork in order when they appear in person and it can indeed be ‘time-consuming’ and ‘irksome.’ It is not like in the old days of the internet era where you did not even need to go into a brick and mortar location to open an account…now you have to provide proof of ID, not just for self but for all signatories on the account. We ran into that when mom tried to add me to an account she has held for more than fifty years…
        It also would not surprise me if Brewis has never legally changed his documents, thus he would have THAT additional issue to deal with in opening the account, else he leaves further rat droppings of his shit-for-existence.

        1. Even post-911, it isn’t that difficult. You need your IDs and your 501c3 paperwork from the Sec of State.

  12. Yup the AutogynoSmile or as I like to call it the male to trans smirk— I’ve only seen the smirk on male to trans faces, but it has that look that is often on men’s faces when they are secretly delighting in conning women. Half the fun for them and the sexual thrill of it all is the total violation of women, and now of course he conned women more… Wouldn’t it be fun to compile a wall photo with all the men with that smirk?

    1. I pair that smirk with the little package he displays under his tight capris in the speech picture. I need brain bleach.

    2. Yeah well the crossdresser fetishists used to have to PAY for female attention with sex workers. Nowadays, they just get it for free by forcing women to participate in their fetish by turning it into a social justice wank. When I see one of these ‘lesbian in a man’s body’ all I can think about is how I am not going to work for free. God I hate social justice warriors.

  13. Wow Gallus, I just blew up that photo of PDX transpride, the six foot tall man in a dress, next to the other women. You described those women as terrified, and when I did the blow up I could see the tension on their faces. Very different from group photos of women at the marches all over the world. The strain on their faces is very noticeable. Women are suppressing their feelings, trying to shut down their feelings of yuck….
    Every time I have direct interactions with male to trans, the phoniness and weirdness is VERY noticeable, and I don’t want to be near them. The yuck fake posturing gets tiring.

    1. Over 6 foot and is def not post op according to speech pic taken while subject was wearing tight pants cut for female anatomy. I bet he’s a charmer IRL.

    2. I was in hospital a couple of years ago when a forty something mtt guy wandered into my room wearing an outfit you might have seen on a teenage girl back in the 80’s. All pink furry leggings and bright skintight tees.
      It was quite the sight. He was two floors below the room he was actually after.
      He wandered off again after he realized he was on the seventh not the ninth floor but I had at least three nurses check on me afterwards.
      In person they’re just overwhelming. As much because they’re huge but also because they deliberately demand attention. The attempt to cosplay womanface pulls the focus to the hundreds of ways it’s obvious they’re men.

  14. Was quite telling when Jacobsen was more concerned about pronouns than the theft of funds when I replied to something on Twitter today…
    Even after being ripped off, they are STILL more concerned about making sure the men are mollycoddled…I do not understand the mental gymnastics that they insist on trying to perform.

  15. That’s what I call an expensive lib-fem education… though I do feel sorry for them… and all the donors who got conned. But look at it this way: the total $ amount divided by the number of women who just had their peak-trans moment equals the price per education of every new former trans ally who just got it. It’s still expensive but if they’re smart, at least they’re getting something for their money – along with a smack in the face unfortunately. I mean hell, if they won’t listen to us…
    They say the Universe keeps repeating herself until we finally get it. The handmaidens keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. It’s like they’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe this is the sort of thing that will finally drive the point home for them.

  16. Looking at Jacobsen’s Twitter feed I can see how she was so easily conned. I’m not sure she’s capable of critical thought or if she has the first clue about feminism. She’s still defending Brewis by saying that Brewis is, of course, a woman and that women can be just as violent as men. She’d probably put Jim Jones in charge of a lemonade stall. I guess people may learn not to entrust donations to someone so naive again.

    1. “Putting Jim Jones in charge of a lemonade stall…” I needed another good laugh today. It is painful to see how so many libfem women are so conned by these guys, and they keep supporting them. I keep waiting for women to get a massive peak trans moment, to finally wake up. But libfem land and trans-land is so mind destroying and filled with Orwellian newspeak— it works like a charm brainwashing women to put their guard down around these guys, which they love.

  17. Cults and MLMs use shady non-profit shells all the time. Funny how trans is often compared to both.

      1. ‘MLM’=multi-level marketing. Another term for pyramid scheme.
        Be it Amway or the t brigade….same principle, it is just that ‘Amway’ is legitimate.

      2. Pyramid schemes. They, along with cults, often abuse humans and take their time and money by offering something so life-changing that it is irresistible to the mark. In MLM, wealth is the carrot, in cullts it is having exclusive spiritual expereinces, in Trans it is becoming an attractively passing member of the ither sex, at which all other of life’s problems will magically dissolve. The “Think your way into riches’ tapes and seminars go hand in hand with “feminization hypnosis” and the recorded lectures of L Ron Hubbard.
        There is always someone to take your money you move up the chain, whether it be a sales retreat or reassignment surgery.
        This kind of thinking also promotes an elite mentality, the person caught up in this sees themselves as being heroic- on the right side of history, so to speak- and will do just about anything to maintain the endorphin highs they get from ‘validation’ of their experience as such.

  18. Rebekah– where do they get these crazy names? Bill Cosby should give them a talking to about names… uh oh….

  19. Oh man…that video where he accuses the cop of following him. He pans the video up to his own face and
    He is honestly quite scary looking.

    1. So, the NAACP decided that the march was not inclusive enough, forced out the original leadership, a couple of extremely naive women took over and allowed a transwoman with a felony record to collect funds, who absconded with the funds. Did I read that right?

      1. The NAACP is and always has been anti-black woman. Its misogyny is well known. In one case in Florida a pack of feral teens raped a woman and forced her to perform a sex act on her own child. The NAACP came put in defense of the rapists! Horrible organization. Google Dunbar Village. A blog called What About Our Daughters? covered it.

        1. Wow, CarterAbbie, the NAACP’s defense of those monsters is horrific. But then again, many NAACP types came to the defense of the murderer OJ, and druggist / rapist B Cosby. Despicable! These black men are often as misogynistic as their white and Asian counterparts, it seems.

  20. I’ve heard multiple accounts of transgender individuals (particularly males) sporting this very smirk. It’s no wonder people don’t find them attractive. Aside from their obvious maleness, this smirk is the absolute ugliest thing I’ve seen. It’s vicious, malicious and sadistic. It’s a mark of schadenfreude (taking pleasure from another’s pain). Who could ever find such an obviously cruel person beautiful? No matter what surgery they get, it doesn’t matter. Not if the mark of that cruelty shines through — which it always does.
    As much as the behavior of these trans people disheartens me, the fact that others are so turned off by them, with all their viciousness, is reassuring to me. It shows that, with all our faults, we’re still not blind to cruelty. Despite the concentration on superficial things in the media, on the internet, in magazines, and in social circles, somewhere deep down, we know what matters: goodness of being. — And people like this? They have none. You can’t inject it as a hormone or get surgery to put it into yourself. Either you are a person who takes joy in the joy of others or you’re someone who takes joy in their pain.
    It’s time to stop excusing this away like it’s just some exception to the rule. There are simply too many transgender people with serious behavioral issues. It’s something that needs to be assessed. Because, people who cannot control themselves, who cannot behave as decent human beings don’t belong in civilized society with others, forget what bathroom they wish to use.
    Every day, I find another news story about a rape, murder, assault, destruction of property, etc., committed by a transgender person. It’s too much. The very first time, it was already too much. But, this? Now? It’s ludicrous. We live in a community and we need to take care of each other, and that doesn’t happen when people are putting the wellbeing of one small group so disproportionately over that of the general population. It is nobody’s “right” to be given so much leeway that they are left free to abuse others — regardless of their minority status. We all deserve respect and protection as human beings — that is what equality looks like. Not allowing a minority to run free, terrorizing others — that’s not equality at all.

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