9 thoughts on “Love + Radio episode

    1. That was awesome… real subversive type stuff, as opposed to the ‘queer’ variety of today. And hilarious.

      1. Lol… I didn’t mean dangerous, but more honest than what seems to be coming from the left/genderspecial crowd. It’s easy to tell when someone is speaking from real experiences(even in comedy) without censoring themselves. Many stand-up comedians I hear are half-apologetic about everything they say, or they just tell the same jokes everyone else does.
        ‘Subversive’ to the abnormal times we’re living in, I guess. Point is, she’s good.

        1. I know, you said subversive. I said dangerous! I mean that in the best possible way. Dangerous to the powers that be. She’s Killin’ it. LOLOL. Like a modern day Lenny Bruce, if Lenny Bruce had been funny. HAHAHA. *hand clapping emoji*

      2. ‘Punch him in the dick and then start masturbating myself and say “You’re not the only one that gets off on making other people uncomfortable!” LOLOLOLOL I’M STILL LAUGHING AT THAT!

  1. Callahan is so sensitive, honest, and funny, I almost feel like some liberal/queer activists might hear this piece and actually have their minds changed.

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