Departments of Education and Justice rescind Obama's Title IX ‘Gender Identity’ Guidance

Gender Identity. (Artist unknown)
Gender Identity. (Artist unknown)

The Obama administration’s ‘Guidance’ had eliminated the protected legal category of ‘sex’ and replaced it with an individual’s personal identification with the sex role stereotypes culturally assigned based on sex, called ‘Gender Identity’.
Adherents of the ‘Gender Identity’ movement believe that biological sex, and therefore sex-based discrimination, does not exist and that instead, sex-role stereotypes need to be legally enforced, supported, and protected. By eliminating sex as a recognized category the Obama era “Guidance’ allowed male students to occupy formerly protected female showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms, and eliminated the rights of female students to privacy from males in those spaces.
Gavin Grimm, the high school senior whose Title IX lawsuit is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court in March, described in a 2016 essay how years of sexism, bullying, and homophobia led to her adopting a belief in ‘Gender Identity’:

“When I was little, I didn’t think of myself as a boy or a girl. I thought of myself as a kid who did what I wanted. When I started school, though, that gender divide became more apparent. I noticed that boys didn’t want to play with me. I had a best friend in elementary school, and one day he just said, “Hey, we can’t hang out any more.” When I asked why, he said, “’Cause you’re a girl.” I was indignant. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “What does that even mean?”

I never, ever, in a million years envisioned myself growing up to be a woman. I don’t think I thought of any alternatives, but I knew for sure that I was not going to grow up and be a woman. When puberty hit, my biggest struggle was not only feeling betrayed by my body, but also the increasing pressure to become a little lady.

It was around this age that my leg hair started growing in — and I did not want to shave it. I loved having leg hair; I thought it was cool! But, my classmates didn’t agree. My mother, of course, put a lot of pressure on me — because I was “blossoming into a young woman” and all that — to conform to feminine archetypes. That caused a lot of conflict in my family relationships. I was a very volatile, angry kid in that time period.

But, I didn’t give up; I just continued refusing to shave or wear dresses. I gravitated towards boys’ clothes. It started slowly: Oh, here’s one Pokémon shirt because I love Pokémon. Soon, I was only shopping in the boys’ section. My mother (and I want to make it very clear that she has come a very, very long way) is Christian. She had a lot of problems with homosexuality, and she perceived me to be a homosexual female because I was very masculine in how I acted and dressed. At one point, she came to me and said, “You’re so angry, and I know why.” I said, “Wait, you do?” And, she said, “You’re a lesbian.”

I was about 11 or 12 at the time. And, I knew I liked girls, but I’d never, ever, ever identified with the term “lesbian” — calling yourself a lesbian means asserting yourself as a woman, and I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to live in that gray area where I didn’t have to say that I was anything. So, the conflict started again. Apparently, being a lesbian doesn’t excuse you from shaving your legs.

I found out about the word “transgender” when I was watching YouTube. I clicked on somebody’s video, and he looked like a girl. Then, I watched another video from, like, two years later — he was a dude! And, you know, I was 12 and thinking, Holy crap. What did he just do? I want to do it!

By the time I was 13, I started questioning things that the Christian Bible considered “sinful.” My body was betraying me more and more, the older I got. It was a horrifying experience — one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. There’s nothing that I can think of that compares to the emotional and mental anguish. I was bullied a lot for being masculine and for being perceived as a lesbian. I was chubby and I was different. It was a cacophany of bad.

That’s when I finally revisited the idea that maybe male vs. female wasn’t all there was to it. I actually came across a scientific study showing differences in the brains of cis males and trans females — despite both being born with “male” bodies. I thought, Wow, maybe I’m not crazy.”

‘Gender Identity’ doctrine reframes the cultural issue of sexism and misogyny as an individual, personal, medical adjustment issue which eliminates the ability to meaningfully critique or politically address the male supremacist power structure of sex-roles themselves. ‘Gender Identity’ eliminates sex as a recognized category while codifying the roles.

Gender Identity. (image: London Science Museum)
Gender Identity. (image: London Science Museum)

The text of yesterday’s letter withdrawing the Obama administration ‘Gender Identity’ Guidance is as follows in bold:
U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
Dear Colleague:
U.S. Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights
February 22, 2017
The purpose of this guidance is to inform you that the Department of Justice and the Department of Education are withdrawing the statements of policy and guidance reflected in:

  • Letter to Emily Prince from James A. Ferg-Cadima, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education dated January 7, 2015; and
  • Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students jointly issued by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the Department of Education dated May 13, 2016.

These guidance documents take the position that the prohibitions on discrimination “on the basis of sex” in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX), 20 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq., and its implementing regulations, see, e.g., 34 C.F.R. § 106.33, require access to sex-segregated facilities based on gender identity. These guidance documents do not, however, contain extensive legal analysis or explain how the position is consistent with the express language of Title IX, nor did they undergo any formal public process.
This interpretation has given rise to significant litigation regarding school restrooms and locker rooms. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit concluded that the term “sex” in the regulations is ambiguous and deferred to what the court characterized as the “novel” interpretation advanced in the guidance. By contrast, a federal district court in Texas held that the term “sex” unambiguously refers to biological sex and that, in any event, the guidance was “legislative and substantive” and thus formal rulemaking should have occurred prior to the adoption of any such policy. In August of 2016, the Texas court preliminarily enjoined enforcement of the interpretation, and that nationwide injunction has not been overturned.
In addition, the Departments believe that, in this context, there must be due regard for the primary role of the States and local school districts in establishing educational policy.
In these circumstances, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice have decided to withdraw and rescind the above-referenced guidance documents in order to further and more completely consider the legal issues involved. The Departments thus will not rely on the views expressed within them.
Please note that this withdrawal of these guidance documents does not leave students without protections from discrimination, bullying, or harassment. All schools must ensure that all students, including LGBT students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment. The Department of Education Office for Civil Rights will continue its duty under law to hear all claims of discrimination and will explore every appropriate opportunity to protect all students and to encourage civility in our classrooms. The Department of Education and the Department of Justice are committed to the application of Title IX and other federal laws to ensure such protection.
This guidance does not add requirements to applicable law. If you have questions or are interested in commenting on this letter, please contact the Department of Education at or 800-421-3481 (TDD: 800-877-8339); or the Department of Justice at or 877-292-3804 (TTY: 800- 514-0383).
/s/ Sandra Battle
Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights U.S. Department of Education
T.E. Wheeler, II
Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights U.S. Department of Justice

116 thoughts on “Departments of Education and Justice rescind Obama's Title IX ‘Gender Identity’ Guidance

  1. If sexism was gone, then so many young girls and women wouldn’t feel the need to do stuff like this. It’s so sad hearing gnc women who would have otherwise just been a tomboy or butch transing themselves.

  2. I know this was a post about the withdrawal of Obama’s gender identity guidelines, but the main thing that struck me was how sad that essay by Gavin Grimm is. The first time I saw her photo I assumed she was a lesbian. I hope someday she can realize that there is nothing wrong with her and that she is an acceptable woman and lesbian exactly as she is. What she’s suffering from is, as you say, sexism and homophobia, not a “gender identity.”

  3. On a day where nothing good seemed to happening, something good did. I am saddened by the words of Gavin Grimm, however. A shame no one was there to tell her that she was just fine as she was, that there is nothing wrong at all with being a tomboy or a young butch Lesbian. Perhaps one day, she will come to see that she does not need to be what others think she needs to be. On that day, if I can, I will be the first to welcome her back home.

  4. Dovetailing on the posts, if anyone was listening to the BBC Overnight feed on NPR, not only was the Grimm case mentioned by a Lambda Legal rep, but in doing so, once again….biology and mental state were combined. As in, the latter erasing the former.
    How one person perceives them self and however that is done….that is fine (freedom of expression, etc). But when this crosses a line…or when biological and scientific reality are confused, on purpose, to serve the means and ends of those with far less than good intentions. Need we list those examples?
    Also, the spokesperson continued to beat the drum about Title IX covering gender identity. Let’s spell this out, nice and simple…so those similarly addled get the point:
    This is based on sex, not how one sees themselves on any given day. Sorry those who are crying in their granola.
    Put another way, if my cat were my female daughter, as opposed to being my cat, she would be covered under Title IX, should she want to pursue being involved in softball, basketball, or even advanced science classes. But if male no….because barring the issue is dealing with race or religion….many of those have been or are still being redressed and addressed.

    1. I totally agree with you. The intervention meant wimmin born wimmen had no rights to privacy or protection from biological males entering their spaces. The legislation was originally put in place to stop discrimination against wimmin not to enhance it!

      1. As well as making sure funding for education was balanced.
        I know there will be some in the t brigade who will say they deserve this as well. The counter to this that they have had theirs, taken care of, multiple times during their school years, before they transitioned. The male privilege. The same one, which mostly benefitted those are melanin deprived. Shall we count the ways?
        As was mentioned by @SkylarkPhillips yesterday and others here…there are multiple, legitimate reasons for keeping the lavatory privacy rules, but also keeping Title IX alive, in it’s current form.

  5. From her description of her mother, Gavin Grimm seems to have been raised in a homophobic, conservative Christian family. No wonder she says she could never “identify” (I’m really beginning to hate that word!) with the term lesbian. I feel so much sympathy for her and hope she has the chance to find some support and friendship for who she is before she does anything to herself she’ll regret later.

    1. I felt the same way as Gavin as a pre/teen. While I was solely attracted to females, I knew for damn sure I wasn’t one of those Lezzies. I also knew for damn sure I wasn’t going to be shaving my armpits or legs or wearing feminine clothing or make-up. Spoiler alert: I’m a flaming (and hairy) lezzer.

  6. Good comments all around. Of course, it is totally fine if lesbians are “femme” too. I hope no lesbian woman ever gets put down because she is more traditionally feminine. It’s okay to just be yourself, and okay to either shave or not shave! 😉

      1. I have shaven my armpits and genital area at times in the past. Never my legs. Currently hairy. Lots of men, gay and straight , are shaving and/or trimming these days. Personal preference, right?

      2. Re the video — the one right after it, about the psychological effects of testosterone, is priceless. Apparently T makes you clean the kitchen and cook dinner more “aggressively.” I dunno. That just sounds like female socialization…on steroids.

    1. No one cares if women, lesbian or not, adhere to social pressure to be feminine. It doesn’t protect them from male violence or sexualization, but there are not bands of roving lesbians mocking women who shave. I wish there was, because being judged by lesbians is the sort of female problem that I think I can live with.

      1. I agree there is strong social pressure for women to shave their armpits and legs. I also know there are women who shave their body hair for reasons having nothing to do with the patriarchy. They may not like the look of hairy armpits with a sleeveless dress, they may find it more hygienic to shave, or they may find shaven armpits don’t smell as much. So I’m puzzled by GallusMag’s comment. You can’t conceive of a women shaving her hairy armpits for any reason besides wanting to please men?

      2. I know a number of lesbians who would bristle at the suggestion that they were caving to the patriarchy because they presented as “femme.” One of my former bosses was the “lipstick lesbian” type. She liked the look as did her “butch” girlfriend.

      3. 1. Why don’t they like the look of it? Who told them hairy armpits were unattractive on women in sleeveless dresses? 2. It’s not more hygienic (there’s a slight health benefit to not shaving, what with the lack of razor burn, skin irritation, cuts), so they can’t be “finding that it is”. 3. Hair that is washed does not smell. Otherwise, why would we not shave it off our heads, Mark?
        4. No, I cannot conceive of any reason a woman would want to shave, spending extra time and money on an unnecessary grooming ritual for any reason other than social pressure. I’m also a happily hairy woman.
        Really, I think Gallus said it best.

    2. Mark, if we women were never socialized to shave our armpits, if it had never been normalized, then we wouldn’t have ever done it. Whatever “reasons” there are, are a result of society, being that each person isn’t on an isolated island. If no woman (or man) ever shaved her armpits or anything else, do you honestly think someone would find something sharp and decide to scrape off that hair one day? Or if it was socially agreed on that it was repulsive to shave do think we would do it? Get real.

  7. I find the “liberal” acceptance of all this bullshit to be especially horrifying. Dan Savage blames women for violence against “trans-women.” It’s totally fucked, gay men turning on women.

    1. They better not come crying to us when their straight brothers turn on them! We have to stop nurturing everyone but ourselves and each other. Period! They didn’t even thank thir lesbian “sisters” after all their hard work during the AIDS epidemic.
      Lesbian sisters and foremothers, thank you so much for all your hard work. I know you are under appreciated by men and some women alike, but I’m forever grateful for everything you’ve done for womankind. Thank you!

      1. The sad part of this is….there will be those running back, upset that their transition did not go as they were promised by enablers. And we will see this happen in the next two decades.
        Also…I concur with others that the left, using an FTM to go to the courts was a sneaky move, of the stealth variety. Not knocking the person…but the visual of someone, who would look as though they would fit on JV rugby team is more acceptable than the Springer specials. If the handlers were to use the overall, garden variety MTF, they would not even get in the door of a court in Mayberry, let alone SCOTUS. And the criminal records(as well as other issues) would sink the case as well.

    2. I don’t know why anyone’s surprised by this. A lot of women seem to forget that gay men still have male privilege and that a lot of the male-run organizations for gay men are all about getting their fair share of the patriarchal pie just like the heterosexual men. This includes being able to exploit women and women’s labor.
      Also, Dan Savage has been a misogynist for a long time. Just because a man is left-wing, pro-choice, and supports access to contraceptives doesn’t automatically make him an ally to women. He also thinks all women should be GGG (good giving and game). That basically means going along with any fucked up fetish a man has. If you don’t, you’re “sex-negative”. Avoiding sex acts that you are uncomfortable with or that disgust you makes you a sex-negative prude according to him. His advice to women readers in his column seems to be about grooming them for men’s consumption.
      Not to mention, back when Proposition 8 passed he basically blamed black people for it, then he has the nerve to compare being a lesbian to being racist. (So I guess the thing where a bunch of white people supported it doesn’t count, and also no black people are homosexual.) I am not surprised at all that he blames women for male violence that men are committing against each other.

  8. While I feel sorry for Grimm because I can see her parents are pushing this trans-away-the-lesbian ideology, I have to say I am getting really tired of other people telling ME what violates MY privacy and what puts ME in more danger or not. On the right, we have men telling us that a wand shoved up our vagina before having an abortion is not violating our privacy and on the left we have men and their handmaidens telling us that having penises shoved into our spaces is not violating our privacy. Sure would be nice if we real women ever got a say.

  9. My mom told me about title IX becoming law while she was in school as an athletic girl. Lots of angry coaches, teachers, boys, parents. It’s strange to imagine the Obama administrations interpretation being applied back then, no doubt all the sexists would have immediately used it to intimidate girls from participating in sports. I have no doubt that it still would happen on an individual level now.. Lots of girls deal with creeps/stalking/bullying behavior from males in high schools. This policy was too easy to use as a weapon against female students. I feel for kids like Gavin, but not at the expense of everyone else’s safety.

    1. As to your last point, this was practically glossed over, in an interview with Grimm and the ACLU mouthpiece, which was on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’.
      But the sludge did not stop there. Again…there is that drumbeat about Title IX covering ‘gender identity’. Which as any rational person will tell these newspeak practicioners is BULLSHIT. And these folks are not called on it. Damnitall…

    2. “It’s strange to imagine the Obama administrations interpretation being applied back then, no doubt all the sexists would have immediately used it to intimidate girls from participating in sports.”
      I can imagine a coach telling his boys that half of them have to take one for the team and identify as girls–no need to dress differently or change their names. Oh, and they get the benefit of seeing naked girls in the locker room!

  10. Gavin’s story has a lot to do with conservative christian families forcing “femininity” on girls. I came across some women who went to very conservative christian schools, and they reported that over 12 young women in their LGBT lesbian group then started going thru transing stages— I asked what was the common factor for lesbians to want to do this, and it was all about butch girls being forced into the “girly girl box.” Their parents maintained VERY RIGID gender roles, much more so than most american households— this makes transing acceptable in christian families where the kids are expect to play the right role.

    1. Conservative Christian parenting manuals almost always describe homosexuality as something parents can prevent by enforcing sex roles. Some kids are probably able to “go along to get along” as a survival strategy, even if they don’t like it much. There are others, though, who have a much lower tolerance for being pushed around about their interests, friends, and clothing choices, even if that means being in frequent conflict with their parents. Transing them probably seems like a get-out-of-jail-free card for the parents — “Look, we didn’t raise an icky gay kid, our kid just has a rare medical condition.” And presto, the kid doesn’t have to deal with constant criticism or disapproval anymore — all for the small price of agreeing that they weren’t okay to begin with.

  11. It’s no accident that Iran has the highest numbers of transing people–they force you to do this to erase the gay. So the trans cult is really a right wing ideology pretending to be progressive, and that is what traps young women like Gavin. No accident that they are using her for the court case, because male to trans might face harsher scrutiny—- a woman who wants to go to the men’s room is not a threat to men, but any man in women’s private spaces poses a clear threat, which is why they have girls and boys SEPARATE spaces to begin with.

  12. I’ve also noticed how many parents now “celebrate” their trans kids– you don’t see parents celebrating their lesbian daughters–even a congressman celebrated his trans grandkid–again it is about homophobia and hatred of girls, and about forcing girls into sex stereotyped roles. Lesbians are a huge threat to male supremacy, this is just the latest tactic and kids are being used by this creepy ideology.

  13. Gavin’s story is heartbreaking; she can see all the problems but is blind when it comes to the solution. This is where liberal feminism has failed women, telling them to change as individuals, rather than helping them to see that society needs to change.

  14. Here’s an email I just got from the Deputy Communications Director of the Democratic Party about this:
    “The President of the United States is a bully, and he just told America’s most vulnerable students that he was siding with their bullies. Add your name to fight back.
    In 2015, the Obama administration issued new guidelines requiring schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms for the gender they identify with. Seventy-five percent of trans students report feeling unsafe in schools. These rules were intended to help fix that.
    But Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Betsy DeVos took those protections away — and put transgender kids at risk.”
    DeVos actually pushed back against the rescission of the executive order on the grounds that it conflicted with promises she made to the Senate during her confirmation hearing, which actually shows some integrity, but Dems have to pretend this arch conservative is not on their side here because it conflicts with the trans narrative. Opponents of trans access to girls’ private spaces are supposed to be ultra-conservative. Also take note of the dishonest way the Obama directive and the Sessions letter were framed. And as a Democrat I’m supposed to stand up to Trump by siding with this erasure/abuse of women and girls.
    Gavin is a victim of bullying here, just not in the way she thinks. She has been bullied into disavowing her sexual orientation and her sex because of the way she has been treated as a girl.
    I am horrified by the Trump administration and the Republican Congress, and I support the Dems because I care about the environment, racial justice, economic fairness, and sane foreign policy. Yet I support them with such deep misgivings, knowing that support will be used to further an insidious anti-feminist agenda.

    1. “Seventy-five percent of trans students report feeling unsafe in schools. These rules were intended to help fix that.”
      This sort of pseudo-scientific use of percentages reminds me of Mark Twain’s “lies, damned lies and statistics.” What we’re supposed to accept is the argument: “Here’s a number, so we must be right.” But that number is absolutely meaningless unless we know how it was arrived at and how it compares to other groups. What percent of all students feel unsafe in schools? Percent of lesbian and gay students? Percent of girls? I wouldn’t be surprised if three-quarters of girls felt unsafe at school after a certain age, and the percentage of lesbian and gay students might be higher. Speaking of which, we also can’t know from the number how much of trans students feeling unsafe is caused by straight-up homophobia.
      Notice that they’re not saying seventy-five percent of trans students feel unsafe in the restroom. How will those rules fix that? There’s a suspicious amount of handwaving going on here.
      Also, it’s funny how we’re supposed to accept their numbers and cave, but when we haul out comparative statistics on criminality, especially the tendency toward sex offenses, among transwomen, we’re evil radfems who are literally–LITERALLY–killing trans people. How do we know these trans students don’t just want to feel safe from those who disagree with them?

  15. CNN anchor (!) Chris Cuomo: Twelve year old girls are a “problem” with their “intolerance” towards males exposing their dicks to them. “Teach tolerance”.
    This is your CNN News anchor folks, the voice of CNN, calling 12 year old girls bigots for not wanting males to expose their dicks to them in female locker rooms/showers. They must be taught to tolerate indecent exposure and the presence of naked males when they undress and shower.
    This is your mainstream news. And you fucking wonder why Donald Trump got elected.

    1. He has a whole bunch of tweets over there posting lies that these assaults against women and girls never happen and that we who care about this fact are intolerant and liars.
      My God, Chris is worse than his brother Andrew. They are both a disgrace to their father’s memory.

    2. I heard an American woman being interviewed on BBC radio yesterday about this decision who said something similar to Cuomo’s comment. Her 11-year-old son started his transition last summer, and there was resistance from administrators to his using the facilities for girl students. She began a sob story about how he was dehydrating because he wouldn’t drink all day long to avoid having to go to the boys’ restroom. (How can we expect a little girl in a dress and pigtails to do that?) Then she added that the kids didn’t mind him using the girls’ restroom; it was the only some parents and other adults who objected, as if that settled the argument.
      Well, a lot of kids wouldn’t mind eating cookies for supper, staying up until midnight playing video games, and not getting vaccinated. We don’t trust their judgment enough to let them vote, sign contracts, or go off with strangers they meet on-line, so why should we unquestioningly view their acceptance as wise in this case?
      I also happened to read two articles yesterday about the problem of nursing home residents being raped by male care assistants–ironically, on CNN’s website. (That the rapists were all male is no doubt just some weird coincidence, right? Some people just happen to assault other people.)
      Those who don’t want girls groomed to accept the presence of naked males are intolerant and overprotective? If the risks are so small, maybe we should let children decide whether to get rid of male and female facilities entirely. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. Something the trans parents never grasp is the possibility of these kids not expressing their discomfort publicly, since they know their needs and feelings don’t matter, and instead telling their parents about it.
        There’s a pattern emerging of a “trans” student demanding access to the opposite sex’s facilities, the school giving them access, then the school suddenly reversing course due to complaints. These complaints are always somehow the fault of “intolerant” parents, but, if it’s just the parents, how did they find out about it at all? Clearly their kids told them about it, and if their kids told them about it, it was most likely in the form of a complaint. If the kids are so pro-trans, then surely they would have said nothing to their “bigoted” parents.
        The real question to me is whether these “trans” students and their parents know they’re lying or if they’re deluded enough to think that children and teenagers universally can’t grasp the concept of biological sex. Could go either way, really. Trans advocates are prolific liars, but they’re also completely delusional.

      2. @kesher–When a male student who said he was a girl was allowed to use the girls’ locker room at a high school in Minnesota–making some girls uncomfortable by twerking near them and commenting on their bodies!–the girls who were bothered said they were bullied and ostracized by other female students for choosing to change in one of the curtained cubicles. So I think there’s social pressure on some who might otherwise complain.
        And there may be enough teenagers who think the whole transgender business is kind of cool to give the impression most students don’t mind and to push back against those who do. There’s always been peer pressure to go along with various sorts of superficially cool stupidity–smoking, drinking, taking drugs, driving too fast, having unprotected sex, etc.–and this may not be all that different.
        Like you, I’m not sure about the ratio of delusion to lies among trans-activists. Do they believe, for example, that all cows are coercively assigned female at birth? That we can’t refer to male or female pets since they can’t tell us how they identify? Do they praise their dog by saying “Good uterus haver, Fifi!”

    3. Cuomo is a showily religious Catholic who went out of his way to “expose” atheist politicians. Of course he is concerned that penises get to appear wherever they want, women and children be damned.

    1. That “call me” line is so weird.
      What is this, a stereotypical date where Jenner’s waiting by the phone?

    2. The trans KNOW their movement has been mortally wounded. People are finally seeing what this “transgenderism” is really all about–the destruction of women and girls’ rights in order to advance mainly male sexual fetishists to destroy appropriate boundaries between the sexes.

      1. They may be seeing the beginning of the end. For all this lying and crying, that coercive Obama “guidance” letter is history. Future “guidance” will not be sneaked in but will involve public commentary and probably Congressional hearings. By the time that happens, Title IX defenders will be better organized, more data will be available, more people will have reached peak trans, and the old trans tactics of threatening feminists with rape will be ineffective because there will be too many of us speaking up. There is going to be open discussion about these changes now, whether the trans activists want it or not.

      2. @Susan Nunes
        I certainly hope you are right on this. And also that the left will do some serious soul searching. I wonder to what extent the blind support of the democratic party for the transloons impacted the outcome of the last election.

      3. Speaking of those mortal wounds, this one just came across this evening, via a post on FB. For one, I was about to vomit but stayed conscious enough to post the link to same here.
        Again the creep contingent of the t brigade is making themselves look no better than the creeps who inhabit chatrooms and the darker corners of bus stations, trolling for workers of the evening with extra equipment.

      4. @rheapdx1–Thanks for that link. Just the other day I told someone that it seemed the ultimate goal of some transactivists was to abolish single-sex spaces so male people could have complete access to and control of female people. These guys are so confident in their privilege they’re not even hiding their intent anymore.
        Mara Keisling has the nerve to say that parents worried about the safety of their children are just putting their stuff on other people’s kids. Keisling also claims that children are already uncomfortable being naked around same-sex peers, so it won’t be any different with opposite-sex peers, and there certainly won’t be any sexual pressure. (How about maybe we just design spaces so no one’s forced to be naked in front of others? Too easy, I suppose.)
        So we put boys and girls together naked, let them share hotel rooms during field trips, and abolish all single sex facilities, because, really, what could go wrong?

        1. When a caller says ‘I’m a transwoman. I look like a man, but it’s what’s inside that counts. When I go into women’s restrooms and locker rooms women say they feel frightened’ Keisling says ‘Be careful. Not everyone will be nice’ and likens the women’s fear to ‘harassment’. He is truly a sick man who despises women.

      5. @OakandAsh I had to share this, if only due the fact, this is showing….again how really sick the minds behind this agenda REALLY are.
        One has to wonder why the hell these persons are not under the jails, let alone just plain rendered pariahs? Also….again why the media is ignoring this.
        By the way, one question that can be posed to those who are championing the cause, if they would comfortable with an obvious PIW in their bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, looking as though they are on the prowl? Or one taking a scholarship away from their daughters?
        In less than 20 years, when the damages are tallied, those folks will wonder ‘why_______?’ Sadly…the chance to stop this shit was there, but due to ignorance and PC…it was not taken.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. As in….this was and is showing a level of creepiness not even Wes Craven could create.
        This is also one of several broadsides that the t brigade will have headed their way. What they fail to get is that the lavatory issue will expose, via association how really scary the agendas in same are. As well as the disgusting levels of bigotry…be they based on sex, race, religion, etc…contained within.
        To paraphrase Emerson, Lake and Palmer….this is ‘the show that never ends!’

  16. Got a laugh out of the Jezebel crowd today. It is totally OK to call Jenner bad as long as you call him a “she” but don’t you dare point out that he is a he or you will never get out of the “grayed” comments. So no libfems dare to figure out that Jenner and Trump are the same guy — men who love to violate women’s privacy to feed their narcissistic fetish and view of the world.
    Also, Chris Matthews had 2 men in womanface and a right wing man on the other night to discuss transgender stuff. Yep, 4 males rumbling on and not a real women in sight. Yet the media will proclaim that they gave “both sides” a chance to speak.

  17. I had to walk through a ‘trans’ protest last night at Christopher Street (in NY)- didn’t know what to do really, start getting into it with everyone? Just tried not to notice too much so I wouldn’t get too riled… saw a few women with signs about loving their ‘trans’ children (didn’t see any men with same though unsurprisingly), some young virtue-signally (what used to be called) dykes, and then lots of loud dudes (now called some variation of trans or queer now I suppose), mostly young.

    1. Wow, the DNC had a bad rep on the Carlson show–not one scientist, and no answer to his question about anyone can say they are a woman, no criteria, no science, no regulations, nothing at all except a man’s say so. No wonder Trump won, the whole trans cult pushed them over the edge. The DNC had no names because there is NO science at all behind this stuff.

      1. The DNC idiot was all “you’re unenlightened”, “you’re right wing”, “you have personal issues”, “settled science”, and finally the wrap-up: “Why do you care?” because it only harms women and girls…and why would anyone care about THAT?
        This is the DNC folks! Holy shit.

      2. This is just as bad as what was said on MSNBC. And just as sickening. In reading the Hardball transcript, the temptation was to grab some catnip and smoke same, to deal with the BS and doublespeak.
        I hate to break it to the DNC…but they are the ones who need enlightening. As well as going back to science, biology and logic classes. They should be ashamed (a disgrace that the NAACP shares in, thanks to their staging/asking for a boycott of North Carolina, as announced on OPB this afternoon). The facts speak for themselves and are not alternative.

    2. The Democratic National Committee needs Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway to show them how to play the game when you’re not even holding a pair of deuces. “Your level of enlightenment.” “You need to sit down and talk to a trans person.” When the snow job is failing the person talking crap needs to know how to deflect to save face. This was embarrassing to watch, and I was even rooting for Carlson (who I normally despise).

    3. That was a dog damned disgrace on the DNC’s part. Their rep looked like a total blithering asshole up there. Dems better start building cabins; with this level of discourse, they’re gonna be in the wilderness for a long, long time.

    4. Ho ho hoooooly shit! It’s a sad day when I’m in 1000% agreement with Tucker fucking Carlson (I see he finally dropped the stupid bow tie). This video is transspeak at its finest. Absolutely no argument grounded in reality to stand on, thus resorting to smug condescension, ad hominem attacks, and circular “logic” – I’m right because I say I’m right, etc. And that fucking clown speaks for the official DNC party line? They’ll continue to lose and I say GOOD. Let them fall on the transcult sword.

  18. Yeah Gallus, they never can come up with science in any way shape or form. DNC has no clue about this being about women and girls—- Tucker could legally walk right into a women’s athletic program and claim to be a woman—- and making up stuff is not Title IX. I was just stunned that the DNC rep had NO ARGUMENT at all, nothing at all. And girls have been perved on in restrooms, and girls have been freaked out by ADULT male to trans— the woman on the Seattle panel–head of the local ACLU chapter got concerned because HER DAUGHTER had to deal with an adult male in a wig in the women’s room–hello out there.
    Tucker also did a good job interviewing the radical feminist as well, and he asked direct simple questions. I hope Tucker gets loads of info on all the male to trans trying to get into women’s prisons, to bring up specific cases and names, including the infamous mass murdered of 8 or 9 nurses, Richard Speck–oh HE identified as a woman too.

    1. I haven’t been able to find statistics on this—probably because liberals would refuse to even research the question—but I swear to god(dess) it seems like murderers are overrepresented among the MtT. It’s freaking creepy.

      1. A trans male to female, called Evie Amati recently took a long handled axe to a gas station. She/it chopped a guy in the face with it and then turned on a nearby woman who she/it hit in the back of the head. As the woman collapsed she/it stood over her and hit her again. The woman survived only because she had thick dreadlocks. More details and video on news com au Evie Amati.
        When arrested Amati was taken to a women’s prison and media was scornful when some papers revealed her trans status. No doubt her crimes will go down on record as being committed by a woman.

  19. One thing that has troubled me about trans activism is that while they make so much noise about the possibility of discrimination, harassment or bullying, but not a peep about women and girls being treated as second class humans when they have access to spaces that trans activists want for the trans.

    1. Yeah it is all about them all the time, they don’t give a damn about women and girls. It’s so blatantly obvious. They’ve been trying to get this stealth legislation and “guidance” though with no real public input or public hearings, another reason for their complete avoidance of a democratic process or an honest discussion about how male to trans demands collide head on with women and girls’ right to privacy in changing rooms.
      The men with penis’ have come into changing rooms in states where men are allowed into women’s changing rooms just by saying they are trans. They’ve made a big exhibitionist show of it, grown men have demanded to be in locker rooms with girls’ swim teams, again, girls’ privacy means nothing to them— it’s all part of the sexual thrill to violate women and girls as much as possible. Now the public is getting wiser and Obama’s play of fast and loose with Title IX will finally get exposed. (No pun intended LOL)

    1. Tucker for the win!!!
      This is more than comedy….this is tragic on way too many levels. With so many misdirected answers, this was and is an embarrassment to the t brigade.
      Keep it coming, the ‘Young Einsteins’ of gender. After all…nothing says stupidity and cult worship, like stating legal and medical falsehoods.

    2. This interview could have been a slight rebound for previous one where the guy could only sit there stuttering madly trying to drown out facts with feelings. He may as well have stuck his fingers in his ears and loudly screamed “la la la la la” like a child.
      But it FAILED at “a blood test doesn’t show sex” without distinguishing sex from gender.
      People will see this for the deliberate lie that it is.
      And, there is nowhere to go from that lie but to a host of other lies (they don’t mention the growing number of “transtrenders”–who fully expect the bathroom bills to validate them as well–demanding that their 345 genders and 745 pronouns be recognized. And btw, if gender IS sex, do “agender” people divide by mitosis to reproduce?).
      This is the downfall of this movement.

    3. I don’t want to say that I like Tucker Carlson, but WOW, he is really nailing it. I love that he chuckled at the basal ganglia comment. There is a saying that if you give someone enough rope, they’ll hang themselves…

      1. The funny thing about the “basal ganglia” comment, too, is that if it WERE true, that would mean that there could be developed a lab test for “true trans.” Which would mean REFUSING to consider certain people who “Identified” as trans, trans, if they didn’t pass the test. Of course that is antithetical to everything the trans activist movement and ideology stands for, so they really are hanging themselves with their own rope on that appeal to simple brain biology.

      1. could we even see a question from Clarence Thomas asking how Grimm’s feelings are different from Rachel Dolezal? As infrequently as he speaks, I could see this being his ‘this is a bunch of bullshit’ question…

  20. “That’s when I finally revisited the idea that maybe male vs. female wasn’t all there was to it. I actually came across a scientific study showing differences in the brains of cis males and trans females — despite both being born with “male” bodies. ”
    I have to stop right there and say- wouldn’t a more helpful and useful study to the issues at hand be one comparing MtT brains to female brains? I mean, really. That should seem like the obvious thing to do. They’ve already established that they don’t want to be men, so it’s not surprising that other parts reveal a difference. But they want to be women, so where’s the study comparing them to women? Or would that be too politically inconvenient and counterproductive?
    Also, I just love how the FtM trans are the face of the hard, nitty gritty, legal battles of this issue now while the MtT folks are the face of fun, glamour and Hollywood glitzy fame. It’s too damn predictable. I do not see any FtM trans on the cover of mens magazines or major roles in hit TV series marketing to men. But I do see a lot of them pop up in the media as the face for the legality of this issue. I wonder why…

  21. There is, and has never been, a precise definition of “gender identity” other than personal self-identificaiton. They know it and we know it. As to people have to go through a long process before getting hormones, yada yada yada it’s a joke. I could go online to an online “gender therapist” for some Skpe therapy, get out my credit card, and get my dog diagnosed with gender dysphoria. I’m not joking.
    (1.) Most, if not all, cross gender hormones are given on an “informed consent basis”. People don’t have to have a letter from a therapist for hormones unlike years ago when a letter from a therapist was required. Most people get the cross gender hormones without ever seeing a therapist. All a person has to do is show up at the doctor’s office or gender clinic, say they are transgender, and get the form. Read and initial it, and they are good to go. Below is an example of an “Informed Consent” for testosterone.
    If doctors were so sure that no one ever regrets transitioning”, and there were no side effects of long term hormone use, then why do doctors have patients sign these “informed consent” forms. The doctors are covering their ass in case someone regrets permanent changes to their bodies, or the side effects are unbearable.
    The use of these “Informed Consent” forms assumes that all people have the cognitive ability to understand every thing that is on the form.
    (2.) From everything that I’ve read, people still need a letter from a therapist for surgery. However, this is a joke too because people can go online to an online gender therapist to get a letter from a therapist. There are a zillion and one trans websites where FTMs can point people to therapists, online or otherwise, that will sign a letter for just about anyone.
    (3.) It’s a fact that disabled women and children are being “transitioned”. Children are being sterilized with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones. Gendertrender and 4th Wave Now have a ton of information on the drugging and sterilization of children and disabled women. There are serious ethical issues involved in “transitioning” children and disabled people. Children and disabled people lack the ability to give informed consent. Disabled women with Down Syndrome, bipolar disorder, and autism have been “transitioned”.
    A disabled woman with Down Syndrome was in the ICU with a life threatening pulmonary embolism, and they were trying to raise money for “top surgery”. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. Then, this jackass talks about how everyone has to go through a long procress, yada yada bullshit. Why was a woman with Down Syndrome prescribed testosterone? This poor disabled woman had leukemia when she was younger, and there are often health problems associated with Down Syndrome.
    This woman with bipolar disorder isn’t the only woman with bipolar disorder who has been prescribed testosterone. There are often health problems associated with psych meds, so let’s give bipolar women testosterone too.
    The person in the video is full of shit because if “gender therapist” will give the go ahead for a mastectomy for a disabled woman with autism after only two visits to the “gender therapist”, then they will transition just about anyone.
    by Kathleen “Kelly” Levinstein, PhD, LCSW, LMSW
    “My daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, as am I, is now 19 years old. She had felt (and told others) that she was a lesbian most of her life. When she was 16, she began watching a TV show called “Degrassi,” which featured an FtoM character. After a few weeks, she announced that she was not actually a butch lesbian, as she had previously said, but was in fact trans. She started attending a local PFLAG meeting, where she met many trans people, including a number of FtoM trans teenagers who were raving about a certain “gender therapist.” Although the APA recommends a minimum of one year of “gender counseling” before surgery, this gender therapist (whom I consented to, before really understanding what I was doing) gave my daughter the go-ahead to have a bilateral mastectomy after only two sessions. This gender specialist never reviewed any of the Special Ed records or spoke to my daughter’s previous therapist, who had known her for a decade. And, crucially, she never asked my daughter, “Might you be a lesbian?”
    The gender therapist (whom I believe has an unholy financial alliance with the surgeon) gave my daughter (then 18 and one day) the go-ahead for the $30,000 surgery (covered for all university employees and their families where I work). My daughter is now on testosterone (which she clearly is unable to evaluate the risks and consequences of).
    To give you some sense of my daughter’s level of understanding of what it means to transition, she told me recently that she believes that the testosterone “will grow her a penis.” I had to break the news to her that, although this is the mythology in the PFLAG meetings (where a number of the other young trans people are also autistic), this is not the case.
    She has been taken advantage of. Healthy organs were amputated. This is insurance fraud, poor clinical practice, a violation of APA standards, unethical and unjust. It is a crime not just against women, but particularly against disabled women. So many of these young women who are “transitioning” are also autistic.
    My daughter has a representative payee on her SSDI [disability] check, as it was felt that she was unable to handle her own money. This was of little concern to the gender therapist. I believe that once the therapist realized the “treatment” would be covered by the University of Michigan insurance, it was full speed ahead.”

    Social work professor speaks out on behalf of her FtM autistic daughter

    (4.) At the same time children are being sterilized and disabled women are being “transitioned”, trans activists are pushing through legislation that makes in possible for any male to change his sex legally without sex reassignment surgery. Most transwomen (biological males) still have fully intact male genitalia. Under most “gender identity” laws sex reassignment surgery is optional. So, biological males still have their male genitalia, and “gender identity” includes locker rooms, etc. No, no problem at all.
    (5.) In the State of California, a couple of years ago, trans activists pushed through legislation that made it possible for people to change the sex on their legal documents without sex reassignment surgery. It went from surgery requirement to “clinically appropriate treatment”? What is “clinically appropriate treatment”? No one knows exactly what it means. He could get breast implants and a new hair do. That could be his “clinically appropriate treatment”. He still keeps his male genitalia.
    (6.) As to sex reassignment surgery (it really doesn’t change one’s sex), if the credit card is good or they have the cash, just go to Thailand. Apparently, people can be bat crap crazy serial killers who have a fondness for lots of weapons, and they can fly to Thailand for the SRS. Serial killer suspect Douglas, “Donna”, Perry got his SRS in Thailand. The crazy axe carrying transwoman who attacked two people in a convenience store got his SRS in Thailand too.
    The lying ding bat in the video who looks like a linebacker with a bad wig who goes on and on about “standards” and other bullshit fails to tell people that it really doesn’t matter if they are bat crap crazy sociopaths. Just fly to Thailand.

      1. Yet, with that background…which one would think would mean this person would know about how to do PROPER RESEARCH, how in the hell did this person swing and miss on the structure of the brain??? Is this person kidding us???
        Perhaps this ‘expert’ should read up on the basal ganglia again. There are multiple mentions/listings about this cerebral sector that state if there is damage due to neurochemical imbalances or other issues, these can result in personality disorders or schizophrenia, along with other illnesses. If one puts two and two together….
        Once again, science and fact were left off the litany of the t cult playlist. Sad….really sad.

    1. Also, the phrase “gender therapist” has no actual meaning. It doesn’t signify any special training or experience. It is simply a marketing phrase that any person with a license to practice therapy can use.

  22. We need to get Tucker Carlson the info on the damage male to trans have done to women’s sports–Fallon Fox, the Dana Rivers murders, male to trans winning at women’s sports because of their MALE height, which can’t be changed, MALE had size– there are no standards at all. And what is this guy talking about with 40 years? 40 years ago, there was no massive movement to allow men and boys into women’s and girl’
    s personal spaces. He never answers the questions, he never admits that under these idiotic ill thought out laws, there are NO protections for women and girls at all. Men don’t change into XX, there is an entire genetic component within men and women that determines sex. Tucker needs to really go after these guys and get so much more information about male pattern violence, the fact that this doesn’t change with hormones, and that they are already taking places away from women and girls on women and girls’ athletic teams. Washington State with that over 50 year old guy on the women’s basketball team. Oh how I wish he’d dig and have show and tell with photos!

    1. Everybody 40 years ago knew transsexualism, as it was known then, stemmed from a mental disorder or disorders. There was NO movement to destroy women’s rights in this manner back then.
      Carlson should really be brave and invite Sheila Jeffreys, Germaine Greer, or Janice Raymond on to talk about this. He should also be sent books like “Female Erasure,” “Gender Hurts,” and the “Transsexual Empire.”

      1. Also….what articles that did appear back then, did mention the mental illness component. In some rather graphic (for the time) detail. In particular, one that was in ‘Look Magazine’.
        How I remember that one is that in addition to dealing with my own issues in this back then, there was an article about one of my fave subjects…mass transit. But the article about transsexualim stayed in the mind, because it was well written. Almost scholarly, considering the source.
        The mental health professionals interviewed for same were direct, honest and said those who had a genuine need for the gauntlet, were the ones whonwould adjust post, rather well. This was due to some rigorous, harsh standards imposed by the few, competent, legitimate professionals in that arena (if I remember correctly, Jan Morris mentioned same in her book…which was excerpted in ‘Rolling Stone’).
        What happened to those standards can be something Tucker could focus on. Hell even air old Susskind or Donahue tapes and then ask these cult leaders….WTF happened and why are so many unstable persons are passed through.

    2. That would make a great documentary. Especially if Tucker declared himself a woman and tried out for a women’s sports team with the cameras rolling. Let’s see, he could enroll at Wellesley as a returning student and go out for JV lacrosse. If he resurrected the bow-tie for the duration, that would be the icing on the cake.
      If you read GenderTrender, Mr. Carlson, this is it — your future beckons. Michael Moore will lie awake at night, consumed with envy.

  23. Tucker needs to get Sheila Jeffreys on the show! She’s really great. Or the women on the D.C panel– conservative and liberal women standing up to the trans train. Germaine Greer is pure gold.

  24. Isn’t it amazing how a white male conservative talk show host can take radical feminism seriously, while all the brain washed GBT media doesn’t do this at all? I hope Tucker investigates Dana Rivers and the murders of the lesbian family in Oakland, there is so much out there for these guys to challenge.

  25. I didn’t vote for Trump, but it’s good to see that his administration did at least one thing right. They might be wrong about so many things, but they are right about this.
    I posted Title IX before, but people need to read it. Mainstream news sources need to remind people exactly what Title IX says. It was enacted in the 1970s by second wave feminists who were determined to give girls and women the same educational opportunities as males. See where it says “sex”. The historical meaning of Title IX clearly meant sex as in biological sex. Either biological sex exists or it does not. How can “sex” under Title IX be both biological sex and gender identity at the same time?
    “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”
    Without input from anyone including Congress, the Obama administration declared that gender identity is the same as sex for the purposes of Title IX. It is not. When conservative red states realized that it was far more than bathrooms and they were being totally ignored, they pitched a raging fit, and several states filed lawsuits. It was rather ugly and intense, and the Obama administration did nothing except squawk and screech about “transphobic bigots”, trying to shame people into believing that biological sex doesn’t exist, and aren’t trans the most oppressed in the whole world. The bitter backlash was quick, and it wasn’t all coming from conservatives. Determined to save Title IX, even the liberal feminist group Women’s Liberation Front got involved.
    This is true.
    “These guidance documents do not, however, contain extensive legal analysis or explain how the position is consistent with the express language of Title IX, nor did they undergo any formal public process.”
    Anyone who takes the time to research this, or to use common sense and logic knows it’s just not about bathrooms. It angers me when mainstream news sources say “transgender bathrooms” when they must know it’s not just about bathrooms. It’s about locker rooms, showers, changing areas, sports teams, overnight accommodations on field trips, and dorms rooms too.
    (1.) Locker rooms and showers:
    Title IX is supposed to protect girls and women from sexual harassment. Girls and women don’t experience a male in the women’s locker room exposing his penis as “gender identity”. I hate to break it to the politically correct morons, but they really don’t. Based on thousands of years of history and crime statistics girls and women have legitimate reasons to be suspicious of males in our private spaces. Ask the women who were traumatized by Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room if they saw a “gender identity”. They didn’t see a “gender identity”, they saw his dick, as in sex, as in sexual harassment.
    I know this link was posted before, but people need to be reminded that it goes far beyond bathrooms.
    I don’t know if people read about the transgender “twerking” lawsuit involving a biological male who identifies as a girl who was allegedly “twerking” in a women’s locker room in a Minnesota school. “Twerking” is slang for suggestive dirty dancing. Normally, a male twerking in his underwear in the women’s locker room could be construed as sexual harassment.
    The fact that this lawsuit was filed by a conservative group does not automatically mean that what allegedly occurred inside the women’s locker room didn’t happen.
    * Student X commented on girls’ bodies while in the girls’ locker
    room, including asking Girl Plaintiff F her bra size and asking
    her to “trade body parts” with him both while he and Girl
    Plaintiff F were in the girls’ locker room and outside the locker
    room in the gym.
    * Student X dances to loud music with sexually explicit lyrics in
    the locker room while “twerking,” “grinding,” and lifting up his
    skirt to reveal his underwear.
    * Student X changes his clothing by girls who try to seek additional
    privacy – both Girl Plaintiff A and Girl Plaintiff D started using a secondary girls’ locker room to seek additional privacy but both
    Girl Plaintiffs report that Student X came in and used the
    secondary locker room while they were in their underwear. Girl
    Plaintiff A also reports that Student X removed his pants near
    her, while she was changing and in her underwear.
    Normally, if a male student walks into the women’s locker room and twerks in his underwear, it’s sexual harassment. Now, all they have to do is claim “gender identity”.
    It’s basically legalized sexual harassment because no one can really know what is going on in the mind’s of males when they do enter women’s locker rooms.
    (2.) Sports Teams:
    I hate to call people cheaters, but trans take it to an entire new level. People can just look at some of this shit to know it’s not fair. Hell, yes it is cheating when a 6’8″ male who used to play on a men’s team claims he is a woman and demands to play on a women’s junior college team. It is cheating when a FTM (biological female) is allowed to take testosterone and wrestle against females.
    Women’s sports are being destroyed by gender identity. Gendertrender has a lot of information on how “gender identity” is destroying women’s sports. Ludwig is a 6’8″ ex-military heterosexual divorced father who played on a men’s basketball team when he was younger. All a coach of a women’s team has to do is go out and get several 6’8″ tall Gabrielle Ludwigs to dominate women’s basketball. It’s going to happen. After puberty, biological males shoot up in height, and the height advantage is not going to change from hormones.
    In a new twist, FTMs (biological females) who take testosterone can wrestle against females. At least, in parts of Texas. There is a reason why males don’t compete against females, especially in sports like wrestling. No one wants girls hurt. Females who take testosterone definitely are cheating. That is, except females who believe they are “boys”. They are special. Apparently, there is some rule in Texas that says that steroid use is allowed if it’s for a legitimate medical reason. There is no real medical reason for this female to take testosterone other than her delusional belief that she is a boy. So, this female who demands to be called a “boy” is on the girl’s team and was allowed to take testosterone and compete against females. It doesn’t make sense, but like every thing trans related, it doesn’t have to make sense.
    Whether it’s 6’8″ males playing on the women’s team, or females taking testosterone and allowed to compete against females, no matter how people look at it, transgender is the death of women’s sports. It’s women’s sports that are being destroyed not men’s sports.
    No FTM (biological female) has ever been able to compete at the elite college level against males. MTFs (biological males) are already taking scholarships and awards that should have gone to women.
    Transwoman Chloe Anderson was named Woman Athlete of the Year at Santa Ana Junior College, and I went to UC Santa Cruz on a women’s athletic scholarship.
    Compared to male athletes, there are few athletic scholarships for women. Now, women have to compete not only against other females, they have to compete against males. For every male taking a women’s athletic scholarship, it’s one less female athlete with a scholarship.
    They don’t give a rat’s ass whether any of this is fair. It’s all about them. Gendertrender has a ton of information on how trans is destroying women’s sports. It’s not going to impact men’s sports at all because FTMs are still biological females, and at the elite college level, they aren’t going to be able to compete against the best male athletes.
    (3.) Dorm rooms and dormitories where students share sleeping quarters, showers, etc:
    This is from the feminist group Women’s Liberation Front SCOTUS Amicus Brief
    Redefining “sex” to mean “gender identity” means that the hundreds of colleges and universities that have women-only dormitories must now allow any man who “identifies” as a woman to live in them: According to DOJ and DOE, “a school must allow
    transgender students access to housing consistent with their gender identity.” App. 137a. Thus women who believed that they would have the personal privacy of living only with other women will
    be surprised to discover that men will be their roommates and will be joining them in the showers. And those women will only discover this after they move in, not before, because even if the school is aware that a student is a man identifying as a woman,
    the school must keep such notification confidential. Schools may disclose “directory information” such as “a student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth”, etc., but “school officials may not designate students’ sex, including transgender status, as directory information because doing so could be harmful or an invasion of privacy.” App. 140a. It is
    truly mind-boggling that informing women as to which men might have the “right” to share a bedroom with them is an “invasion of privacy”, but it is not an invasion of privacy to invite those men into women’s bedrooms in the first place.
    Colleges have already begun implementing this portion of May 13 Guidance. For example, Florida Gulf Coast University announced that, as a result of the Guidance, it will open its women-only dorms to any man who “identifies” as female.5 This includes the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Living and Learning Community (WiSTEM), designed to support “first-year college women pursuing challenging degrees in STEM

    Radical Feminism brought to the Supreme Court!

    I voted for Obama twice, but his administration crapped all over the female sex by declaring that “sex” is the same as gender identity for the purposes of Title IX. His administration crapped all over second wave feminists who fought so hard for Title IX. And, they did it without input from anyone, almost stealth like because they knew that people would be outraged. They basically tried to slip it under the radar, and were amazed at all the outrage. Title IX is supposed to protect women not shred privacy rights. Using Title IX to destroy women’s privacy rights and women’s sports is such a hideous twisted revision of Title IX’s historical meaning and purpose that it enrages me just to think about it.

    1. Obama not only crapped all over the female sex and second wave feminists, but also all over Hillary Clinton IMO, by promulgating his “guidance” during the campaign and close to the end of his presidency, when he really should have just left well enough alone and let Clinton handle it after she got into office. But as it was, Clinton had to go along with it if she didn’t want to be attacked and abandoned her liberal base, as the issue was politically radioactive. Of course, endorsing the “guidance” also lost her votes, so it was a damned if she does damned if she doesn’t situation. I don’t know if she would have promulgated similar “guidance” in office if Obama had not done so (I hope not), but I don’t think she had much choice but to go along with it after he did, as I think she would have lost more by opposing it than by endorsing it. Not that Hillary’s political problems are the most important problem caused by Obama’s “guidance”, far from it, but damn, he shat all over the female sex, second wave feminists AND helped us lose the first woman president.

      1. “I don’t know if she would have promulgated similar “guidance” in office if Obama had not done so”
        She would have. She made notable women-erasing decisions as Secretary of State.

    2. “It angers me when mainstream news sources say “transgender bathrooms” when they must know it’s not just about bathrooms”
      Yes, and something even more infuriating: John Oliver was talking about the Grimm case last night, and casually admitted that it was also about locker rooms- but completely glossed over that like it wasn’t a huge issue and only a mean bigot could object to teenage girls forced to disrobe in front of teenage girls. Like they’re trying to say now, “You got used to bathrooms being trivial, so trust us, the locker rooms are too!”
      “But there’s no evidence of predators taking advantage of these laws!!” – Well, no shit, these laws haven’t been passed before. Also, you’re lying, plenty of men assault women in restrooms in homeless shelters, many of them in dresses and cheap wigs.

      1. “..there’s no evidence of predators taking advantage of these laws!!”
        What sort of evidence would there be? If you make indecent exposure LEGAL there will be LESS prosecutions for behavior that is no longer illegal.

      2. WTF??? NO EVIDENCE????
        If one were to check the links posted by @GallusMag, et al…there is plenty of evidence. If printed out, the paperwork would fill a good sized apartment. And then some.
        By the way….I do know of at least one local business, that has a few of their employees worried about problems caused by the lower than Springer contingent, using the women’s restroom. And in recent months, they have had an uptick in traffic along those lines. Hence, thanks to those crazy lefties, it is a matter of time before that business end up on the blotter.

      3. “By the way….I do know of at least one local business, that has a few of their employees worried about problems caused by the lower than Springer contingent, using the women’s restroom.”
        You’re in Oregon, right?
        I’d hate to be a business owner in Washington or Oregon. They can’t keep the men out due to state law, and they can’t really police the men’s behavior, throwing them out for harassment, assault, or just generally perviness, without receiving harassment and threats from the trans community at large.

      4. @kesher Yep I am in Or.
        What I can say about the business in question is that, they are or were rather liberal in their atmosphere. But ….this has changed. Rooted in part due to the housing crisis in the city. However the fear factor in re: the t brigade has to do with those who do look like they just slapped their shit together in the dark.
        Combine that with ‘the stare’ that is common and yeah, one can understand the apprehension. Odd thing is, if one is there to market and yeah, sees the staff as family as they do you…no one will give a damn. It is just that things have gotten creepy there (full disclosure: I still shop there, due to the fact that a few of the folks there and I are on great terms. And when my cat and I had our housing issues…these folks helped out…which was above what many would see these days) with no let up in sight. Especially with that month coming up.

      5. Just to be clear, I’m quoting people who make that claim. And I mean that they say there’s no evidence of people abusing laws that haven’t been passed yet, in most cases- but men, regardless of gender status, do expose themselves in public restrooms.

  26. This is OT, so I apologise in advance. It’s been a long time since I left a comment here, but I just came across some information today after doing some research, and really wanted to share what I found because it’s just so messed up. It’s in relation to the Women’s March movement, and I first saw mention of it on Feminist Current, and followed it up because I was curious.
    [snip -GM]

    1. Well, surprise surprise….the comments section is closed.
      It is such a comfort to see that the fascist class, I mean the T brigade is heard at all costs, but anyone bringing logic to the lies is shut down. Folks….distancing is making more sense by the day.

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