AdLand- The More You Know: Gender Identity vs. Sex Edition

When GenderTrender was born six years (!) ago, I wasn’t sure if the day would ever come when members of the general public would be informed about the problem for women and girls created by ‘Gender Identity’.
Not because the issue is complex, but because ‘Gender Identity’ is an anti-feminist and homophobic men’s rights construct, and as such is backed by all the institutional power and violence of the male establishment. Merely asking questions or discussing the issue resulted in a deluge of death threats, harassment, and what can only be described as terrorism of the women who did so. And the censorship. Oh lord, the censorship.
Yet we persisted in the hard (and sometimes tedious) work of speaking, teaching, writing, tweeting, posting, commenting, educating, and otherwise consciousness raising.
There was no funding, no backing, no institutional support, no sponsors, no media, no celebrity spokespersons, no advertising campaign. Just us. Just women (and a few men!) working together. Lighting one lamp, then another, and another, and another.

"And she told two friends, and so on" Shampoo advert
“And she told two friends, and so on” Shampoo advert

So I’m amazed and delighted when I see something like this: the fabulous AdLand’s article critiquing the (Oscar-nominated director!) Richard Linklater’s advertising campaign for ACLU Texas, designed by the guys at Austin’s GSD&M ad agency to promote ‘Gender Identity’. In truth, I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF! LOLOLOLOL
It is so damned refreshing.

Read AdLand’s informed and lucid smack-down, and snicker at Linklater’s ‘Midnight Movie’ worthy ad campaign “I Pee With LGBT” (Hahaha! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!) here:
Enjoy! And keep up the good work! <3

48 thoughts on “AdLand- The More You Know: Gender Identity vs. Sex Edition

  1. OMG…”I pee with LGBT” is the slogan they came up with? That is so weird and embarrassing. I am an L, and I don’t care at all about the sexual orientation of the other women in the washroom, I just care that they are women, and not men in dresses. Like any other ad, this one completely oversimplifies the issue and doesn’t take into account the real reason male perverts want to get into the women’s washrooms. They like to frame it as if conservatives and radfems are trying to ban transgenders from ALL bathrooms when actually lots of us would support gender neutral options, just not letting the entire world into the women’s washroom.
    Anyway, congratulations on 6 years of blogging, Gallus Mag. I discovered your blog about 3 years ago and I thought it was “transphobic” at first but due to the hard work of feminists and the obvious misogyny of transgenderists I reached peak trans and then became a TERF blogger myself. You’re right about “lighting one lamp and then another.” Thanks for lighting so many lamps, Gallus Mag. 🙂

    1. Yeah, same here. Divorce is a thing; too bad us lesbians seem to be unable to divorce this cult.
      I also only care about the other women in the women’s bathroom being women, not creepy men.
      Congratulations on six years of blogging, Gallus Mag and thank you for being a voice of reason.

  2. Ah, the saucy young woman who claims “we can take care of ourselves” so don’t worry about policies that roll out the red carpet for rapists and perverts. Guess all those women found raped and murdered by men over the centuries were just too wimpy and it was their fault for not being able to take care of themselves. Guess all the women raped and perved on and groped were just “asking for it” by being such non-saucy women who couldn’t take care of themselves.
    I thought even 3rd wave libfems were against victim blaming but I guess I was wrong about that. And won’t it be interesting to hear a defense attorney someday claim a female rape victim was “asking for it” because she willingly went into the women’s restroom even though she KNEW men could come in – so, really, wasn’t she just asking for it?

    1. It’s so degrading to women to imply that they fear male violence! Incarcerated women locked into a cell with Richard Masbruch can take care of themselves! #GirlPower

    2. That part annoys me. I’ve defended myself or others on a few occasions, and after each incident felt lucky to be quick and agile enough to fight back, and I always wondered what would happen to a little girl, frail elderly woman, or physically disabled woman in the same situation. Are they now all supposed to stay locked up at home because they can’t take care of themselves if predatory men attack them?
      But why should it matter whether we can take of ourselves if letting transwomen into our spaces doesn’t pose any threat, as they keep saying? I think they may have left a step or two out of their proof.
      (And there’s another problem: When women defend themselves competently from sexual assault, people consider them more responsible for the assault that provoked self-defense than if they defend themselves less competently. So a woman who doesn’t defend herself is asking for it, but so is one who’s too good at defending herself! Struggling incompetently–until a man rescues her, perhaps?–seems to be the only acceptable response.)

  3. The ad is not just bad…it glosses over the reality of why the bill was written in the first place. And also adds just that much more to the erasure machine that exists.
    If there is a counter that can be done (this may upset some of my t friends, but there are times when logic needs to come into play, feelings aside. At least that is what we were taught in comm classes years back), one can use the tact taken by Lee Atwater. Yeah…THAT Lee Atwater.
    Look up his name and what he did as a GOP strategist/consultant for Bush the Elder. Now….think of how that can be applied. This could be the counter.

  4. Thank you for your great work,your caring for women,and your frequently hilarious way of putting the issues across (which has always helped clarify things.)

    1. Thank you! Thanks for all the great comments about GenderTrender, folks! I seem to have inadvertently created a “Yay GenderTrender” post. LOL. My intention was to make a “Yay all of us” post, but thank you! 🙂

      1. I forgot to thank you! I know that I have learned a tremendous amount from reading this blog, and I like the frequently quite funny posts you make. It keeps me sane, to be quite frank, and I know that the one light you lit, lit another light, and then another just like you say. Yay!

  5. They have their professional ad agencies to shove the slick propaganda down our throats, but we have reality. “I Just Gotta Pee” with Stefonknee and Strawbeary (his pink bear he talks to) is more entertaining and hella more funny in a twisted kind of way that their “Pee with LGBT”. Compare “Pee with LGBT” and “I Just Gotta Pee” with Stefonknee. The former looks like a paid commercial, or some kind of hokey after school special. “I Just Gotta Pee” with Stefonknee is just plain hella funny. That is, in a creepy kind of way. “I Just Gotta Pee” is also spooky because males like Stefonknee Wolscht have access to women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. This is reality not a paid commercial. Scroll down to see Stefonknee video.
    (1.) It’s not just about bathrooms and they know it. They always say “bathroom bill”, and fail to tell people that it includes women’s locker rooms. Texas SB 6 includes locker rooms, showers, and changing areas. These are areas were people undress.
    Gallus, I know that these links were posted before, but new readers should know that it’s a fact that males claiming “gender identity” have exposed themselves to girls. Most transwomen (biological males) have fully intact male genitalia. If males have unfettered access to women’s locker rooms and changing areas, common sense tells us that this will happen again.
    This is from the Evergreen State College campus police report. Read where it says, “her legs open and hr male genitalia showing”.
    Below is another example.
    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”
    Even if he isn’t exposing himself, girls and women should not be forced to undress in the presence of males. Forcing females to undress in the presence of males is a violation of their fundamental human right to privacy. This is a link about the man in the Planet Fitness lawsuit, the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska. He wasn’t exposing himself, but what woman would want to undress with him in the women’s locker room. A woman lost her gym membership because she complained of a male in the women’s locker room. Gendertrender told us everything we need to know about the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska.
    About four months before he was claiming “sincere self-reported gender identity” at Planet Fitness, he was actively involved in the kink community, calling himself “male slut in training” and posting all kinds of kink related posts all over the internet.
    If any male can walk into a women’s locker room, women have no way of knowing what is going on in his mind at the time. Women have no way of knowing whether or not he is a sexual predator, or just a creepy kinky man with some kind of sexual fetish.
    (2.) It upsets me to no end when they try to frame this as a gay and lesbian issue. Texas SB6 doesn’t cover sexual orientation. Sexual orientation isn’t mentioned in SB6. I looked, and I couldn’t find anything about sexual orientation, but if someone knows something I don’t know, please feel free to point it out. Gay men and lesbian is not the same as transgender, and lesbians and gay men have a human right to privacy too. Many transwomen (biological males) are heterosexual not gay. I’m so sick and tired of the same tired old political trick of always tacking the LGB to the T as if our interests are one and the same.
    (3.) As to bathrooms, it’s a fact that males identifying as transgender or cross dressing in women’s clothes have been convicted of all sorts of crimes inside women’s restrooms. It’s also a fact that registered sex offenders have been caught using women’s restrooms. Gendertrender as well as mainstream media in Texas covered the story of transgender registered sex offender Paul, “Paula”, Witherspoon being caught using a women’s restroom in Dallas.
    Paul, “Paula”, Witherspoon’s victims were teenage girls.
    Witherspoons, ex partner’s victims were also teenage girls.
    I would have thought they would have taken down this photo of registered sex offender Paul Witherspoon and his then partner Billy Lorentz. Both are registered sex offenders.
    Then, there are males who aren’t registered sex offenders, but are just plain creepy. These are men with various sexual fetishes.
    They have their slick paid commercial propaganda with actors that probably are paid and their nifty little piec, “Pee with LGBT”, but “I Just Gotta Pee” with Stefonknee Wolsch and Strawbeary (his pink bear he talks too) is real as in not made in Hollywood. It’s the real deal. This was made by a real transwoman who has an “age play” sexual fetish, and just can’t understand why they just don’t call them bathrooms and let people choose whatever. It’s all so confusing to him, and I never could quite understand what he is trying to say. He gets confused, so he pees in a bucket in the hallway.
    “I Just Gotta Pee” with Stefonknee and Strawbeary. I just love this video. It’s creepy as all get out, but I laugh every time I watch it. This is a lot more fun than their video which kind of looks like some kind of after school special.

    Gendertrender did an excellent article on Stefonknee Wolscht.
    (4.) I know these videos were posted before, but people who might be new to this blog need to realize that it’s a fact as in court records and convictions that transgender identified males and males cross dressing in women’s clothes have been convicted of all sorts of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of crimes.

    (5.) “Pee with LGBT” is intentionally misleading as well as being insulting to the female sex. The issue is males in women’s intimate spaces such as women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and showers. Because they are all females, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual have access to women’s spaces. There are lesbians, bisexual women, and heterosexual women who feel uncomfortable and threatened by being forced to share a restroom or locker rooms with a biological male. This horrid little video makes the assumption that all lesbians, gay men, and bisexual women fully support males in women’s locker rooms and women’s restrooms. This is not true.
    The video acts as if biological sex doesn’t exist, and ignores thousands of years of history, crime statistics, and a rape culture. It acts as if violence against women doesn’t exist. It ignores female sexual assault victims.
    (6.) What would the woman who says, “we can take care of ourselves” say to this 8 year old girl who was almost choked to death in a bathroom by a man who followed her into the bathroom? If this girl is emotionally triggered by the presence of a male in the women’s restroom, she is just a little bigot.

    Chicago man chokes 8-year-old girl in public bathroom

    Watch the videos that are posted above, and take note of the voyeurs who hid cameras in women’s restrooms. I sure as hell would want the woman who said, “we can take care of ourselves” if she thinks she could handle Patrick Hagan (aka PattyLou Hagan). He punched out a woman’s five teeth for questioning his presence in the women’s restroom. See video above.

    1. Groups that support Texas’ bathroom bill should run Stefonknee’s “just got to pee” bit as a regular ad with no commentary. Sit back and watch Texans lose their shit.
      How the pro-T side think Linklater’s ad will appeal to Texans on the fence is baffling, and hilarious. Linklater must be firmly ensconced in his liberal Austin bubble to think this ad was a good idea. One thing I’ve appreciated about Texans I’ve known, regardless of political affiliation, is their cynicism and low tolerance for bullshit.

      1. As a Texan- thanks! I watched that video and within the first five seconds, I couldn’t stop laughing and had to ask someone else to come watch it with me. It’s such unbelievably bad marketing that I’d almost believe it was intended to be trans-critical. “You’ve got to spray it to say it”… ew. And of course, the hypocrisy of making it about the “LGBT”, when even the most homophobic right-wing zealot has never had a problem peeing with the LGB part.
        Rewatched the Stefonknee video per @skylark’s post, and it occurred to me that these bathrooms appeared to be single-occupancy… in other words, no one would care which one he picked, and there would be no danger of him being assaulted either way. I think in most places, the only difference between single-occupancy male/female bathrooms is the presence of a changing table. *Sigh*
        There was a poll on a local news channel recently on whether trans students should be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice. 57% said no. This is good, but I’d still wish it were higher.

    2. Thank you Skylark. Of course a lot of us have seen these articles and stats, but there is so much info on GT, I forget just how dangerous the trans ideology can be for females.
      Thank You Gallus! I firmly believe your work will be in history books some day…

  6. I notice that most of the trans-propaganda uses nondescript FTTs rather the ludicrous, terrifying, crazy-eyed MTTs (e.g. Stefonknee Wolscht) that I’ve had the misfortune of encountering.

    1. Depressed young women play so much better than rapists and dudes they know perfectly well are jerking off in the women’s toilets.

  7. I have to say I didn’t watch the More You Know spot but I LOVED “Dabitch’s” commentary. I tried to leave a comment there but was technically foiled. It’s so nice to see someone who GETS IT and speaks up!
    And congratulations about six years and thank you for all your hard work, GallusMag!!
    (I actually came here to see if you’d covered what happened today regarding Trump and Obama’s DOE mandate rollback.)

    1. They have a note on the post now about how their new bot-protector was preventing people from commenting. It’s fixed now apparently, if anyone wants to try again..

      1. Yes, I managed to make a comment now. Also, this post is spreading to more advertising press. See
        “Then there’s the fact that this isn’t really just a bathroom bill. As Adland keenly observes, SB6 also encompasses changing facilities—any space “where a person may be in a state of undress, including a restroom, locker room, changing room, or shower room.”
        This changes the stakes somewhat. And while the principle remains the same (what is gender, anyway?), the nuances that “I Pee with LGBT” artfully skips may well make a difference to some people.”
        So the light just lit another light! I do hope this trend continues! This is the first time I’ve seen Adland/Dabitch’s take on this topic spread to the other advertising news sites, though I have seen her be critical of trans ads before.

  8. Speaking of media/ads/news…I’ve been looking at NBC online lately, they have a section called NBC Out, and most days it is disproportionately about trans issues. You might think the last few days are an exception because of recent white house policy statements, but I have been seeing this again and again for awhile now. It’s not unusual for the headlines to be close to 50% about trans issues. It seems the media are simply enamoured with their new toy.

    1. Long spot on CBS morning show about trans and how they just want to use the bathroom of their choice. Ostensibly referring to Obama’s obliteration of sex-based legislation, they forgot to mention that sex no longer referred to biological sex but to how someone “identifies.” I personally identify as Charlie Rose and would like his paycheck sent to my house.

      1. Let me guess: no counters to this were aired?
        At the risk of giving away my age, when we were in comm class or at the uni radio station (old time FCC 3rd class holder here) we were told about having to bring balance to an issue being aired. It amazes me that many, even in my age group, have forgotten this.
        If one wants to let the pinheads at, let’s say CBS know this was poorly done, complaining to the station can help. Especially around license renewal time. BUT if one wants to raise a little more hell, go to their affiliates board. Many of those chains are owned by those on the right.
        The same ones on the right who are rather conservative. As in the same who would back the Texas bill, etc. They love the earnings from their outlets…but they hate a pissed off uprising from their viewers. And no matter what is said by the left about the audiences being ‘progressive’ , the majority are not that liberal in the least.

    2. I read a piece elsewhere, unfortunately I can’t remember where, about how every year The New York Times creates a “narrative” for its reporting. Instead of letting reporters follow the stories and report on what interests them, the Times sets out what stories they are to follow and how the stories are to be reported. It’s obvious that pro-trans has been their narrative for many years now, and I’m inclined to think most other mainstream news outlets operate in similar ways and have all decided on pro-trans for their narrative.

    3. All gay sites are way way disproportionately about trans issues. That is how I found out about these issues in the first place. I was trying to find the thoughts and views of gay people. I couldn’t find them. Everything was about trans. I was like wow I didn’t realize there were so many trans people, but turns out there actually aren’t.
      I do not know how the gay community got so hijacked and why such a sexist viewpoint was being pushed forward with no dissension whatsoever. That is when I found all ya’ll because I thought, I cannot be the only one who finds this really really sexist……
      Soon after that the dam broke open.

  9. The Times has been running pro-trans articles almost daily for years. Lately, more than one a day? (The ideology has even infiltrated the crossword puzzle regularly!) A new editorial from creepyass Janet Mock: (hope that link works, I’ve never left one)
    Of course no comments allowed. There are comments allowed on the worshipful article about ‘Gavin:’

    (if links don’t work, no need to let comment through)

    1. Gee…Mock’s narrative changes again. This just gives more traction to the fact that many of her ilk, will lie or distort their own background to attempt to be ‘legitimate’.

    2. I read that letter from Gavin on another post here. Amazingly sad. She is so clearly a self hating girl. She doesn’t even seem that devoted to being transgender, only that it was a way out of her self-loathing. I think she got swept up with something she cannot stop. Her parents need to back off and get the trans nuts and ACLU away from her and let her heal.

  10. I’m reading this about Janet Mock. I wonder if parents knew that this giggling normal “girl” was actually a male prostitute following their daughters into the bathroom, and still as an adult defends being raped by adults as an affirmation of his “girlhood?”

    1. thisismeandonlyme– nail hit— now why is Milo destroyed when a Canadian girl researched his pro pedofile comments, but Janet Mock gets a free pass for saying the same things— how children selling their bodies to adults is liberating…? Trans gets the big bucks because it is supported by the mega million porn industry, the prostitution and trafficking industry, the big pharma boys, the therapy industry, and loads of folks who want to cash in on the trend.
      It is the profits and the fact that TWO male to trans are real billionaires funding the 30 some trans clinics in the US. Why even normally sane feminists get bamboozled by this is beyond me.

      1. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if Milo is destroyed and he will figure out how to get a job (frankly I have a tiiiny odd feeling of sorry for his destruction, but not because none of it was righteous, but because of the simple Tragedy surrounding his assholeness, like King Lear, without the you know, King.)
        As for Mock, I would have more sympathy for his story if he had one tiny, as in extremely small tiny molecule, of interest in women and their problems without sticking his own body needs inside of them. But he doesn’t.
        Men and their grand tragedies are not my problems at best and if they abscond with the needs of women because they are greedy fucks or have intense penis problems, they are enemies.

      2. “now why is Milo destroyed when a Canadian girl researched his pro pedofile comments, but Janet Mock gets a free pass for saying the same things— how children selling their bodies to adults is liberating…?”
        My own–admittedly cynical–opinion is that Mock gets a pass because he seems to be referring to the exploitation of young girls (even if some of them are transgender). Didn’t he even say that being exploited made him feel validated as a girl?
        While I don’t have the slightest bit of sympathy for Milo, I’m angry that after all the horrific things he’s said about women and the way he led the harassment of Leslie Jones on Twitter last summer, people only thought he crossed a line once he appeared to condone the exploitation of young boys.

    1. Oh my god-lol.
      “While any and all support for the trans community is necessary and welcome, the ACLU is missing the mark with this hashtag. The big swing and miss for me is the fact that SB6 is an anti-trans bill that specifically aims to single out trans feminine individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. That means transgender women, amab nonbinary femmes and femme-presenting intersex individuals are the ones at high risk of being discriminated against through the language of SB6, and are the ones who lawmakers are hoping to hurt, alienate and imprison.”
      Hurt, alienate, and imprison! Oh my goodness.
      “The ACLU glossing over the fact that this is a matter of transphobia with its semi-catchy slogan follows the pattern of LGBTQ issues often being painted as equally affecting all facets of our community.”
      Dur, they do that because they’re trying to attach trans issues to the hard won political cache of the gay rights movement, dummy.

      1. The comments are #comedygold LOLOL
        “No one is saying your pussy can’t grab back, but generalizing womanhood as an experience only women with vaginas can have is cissexist, and that’s what a lot of cisgender women were doing when they used representations of their bodies to stand for the whole of women.
        I encourage ALL women to celebrate their bodies in all their beauty, but please remember that it is one representation of a wide spectrum of representations of femininity. Wear pussy hats all you want, but I’d bet money I would not receive a welcoming reaction if I showed up to a women’s rally or march wearing a dick hat to represent my oppression.”

      2. In this person’s own way, the case for removing the t is being made.
        And if it were not for the community in the main embracing it’s felon element, perhaps those on the right and others who are skeptical about the t brigade, might want to talk with these folks. But not if they are screaming out their paranoia, like mass arrests.
        Then again, if there were arrests of those who are involved in KP like Mock, or those who issue death threats at the drop of a hat..this would not be such a bad thing.

  11. Someone above said it was too bad lesbians aren’t able to divorce the trans cult. The only lesbians out there who seem unable to do this are ones who get paid in the LGBT org world, the academic world where the thought police are everywhere. Loads of lesbians have wanted nothing to do with the GBT to begin with, and were perfectly fine with our own culture and communities. No point is supporting women and men who have contempt for lesbian life.

  12. P.S. Wait till you read the story about the women’s prison in Ft. Worth, TX–oh the National Center for Lesbian Rights is supporting the penis men yet again, as they perve on the women in their showers. No doubt a new potential article for GM.

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