63 thoughts on “Transactivists vandalize, destroy books, and harass feminists at the Vancouver Womens Library

  1. For one…why the F____ are they not in jail? How in the hell is this acceptable?
    Secondly this contributes to the fact, that an inordinate amount of those who are t are criminal. If that hurts those who deniers and claim this is not the case, deal with it. Facts are facts, not made up on this site or the multiple pages from LEGITIMATE sources, which state same (at the same time, this gives the few who are not thugs a bad name).
    Third…it is amazing that the same malevolent morons who want to have their own spaces or nights in public arenas (see the issues that happened in this market a few years ago), want to deny others the same right. Think about it…deny others the same right to freely associate, that these assholes want for themselves.
    Lastly…some time in the future, there will be a day when these punks will pick on the wrong LGB establishment. And instead of the police dealing with these thugs, they may face the business end of a protective weapon, whichever form that may be in. If some like to inflict violence on bookstores, it may just be returned in kind. With interest.

    1. “They told me I’m not a real woman” says the giant angry man with the tight pants and giant crotch bulge and deep voice and threatening loud yelling and aggressive posture…
      Huh! I wonder why they would tell him that?

  2. . . . and they won’t get any criticism from the male left. ( or the female left, for that matter. )

  3. They need to organize some young, strong women with martial arts training to guard that library, kick some trans ass and eject those people physically from that library. Women simply cannot have anything unless women can physically defend it.

    1. This makes me think of something I read in one of Mary Daly’s books, Gyn/Ecology I think. There was a women-only self defense demonstration in a gymnasium at Boston College and a male invaded the place yelling about how he had a right to be at the event in his building in his school and two strong, martial arts trained women simply picked him up and deposited him outside. According to Daly’s account, the gynergy in the room absolutely soared after that incident, so it CAN be done.

    2. I agree, and having that training I woulda bounced dude out on his ear gladly. Especially after dude ripped that poster off the wall drawing so much attention to himself. you are a dude indeed!!

  4. BabyRadFemTV put a video about TERF me SWERF. It’s what they’re doing doing to turn to silence us. It won’t work. Calling women names isn’t gonna silence us. These damn neoliberals have been using every “ist” to silence anyone who dares not agree with the neoliberal narrative.

  5. Time to stand up to these pigs. Police called? Rules about guarding this library? Armed guards? There are pictures of these vile pieces of effluvia–should not charges be pressed? Where do they live? Flattened tires? Sugar in gas tanks? When you are dealing with barbarians, it is wise to know the barbarians’ culture and language–and know from whence they come.

    1. Miriam…..there is another tactic that can be used, although there may be some SJW’s and the ACLU who may cry in their HRT-laced granola over it.
      That being something akin to ‘COINTELPRO’. For those who do not remember, this was done by the US government, via the FBI, etc to infiltrate and via information gathering…destroy the integrity and reputation of civil rights groups. While the fact this existed caused major issues for black police officers (my sis and I heard about the problems in detail, from relatives in law enforcement then), the fact was that some of those groups were fracturing, due to their own questionable leadership. As in criminals in their ranks (details about same which have been coming out over the decades).
      While not a perfect model, this can be utilized. Within the t community, there have to be some (a few) who are disgusted by the criminal and fascist turn the community in the main has taken. It may be difficult for some to “rat” on neighbors, co-workers, police or those in academia or the military, but then again…as has been posted here by others…there is harm being caused by these ‘snail darters’ (look the animal up for the controversy around same) that needs to be stemmed.

    2. It is such an honor to have you here, Miriam. You are a hero to me!
      As far as why nothing happened to these thugs, that unfortunately is partly the result of our own passivity and “nice-ness” in the face of these attacks. They do these vile things and we denounce them but we don’t take action to hold them accountable in a court of law. When the trans thugs cross the line into criminal conduct, it can actually be a gift, because it exposes them to criminal and civil liability. While their conduct causes harm and generates fear, it also presents us with the opportunity to put them in prison. But time and time again (for example, at Michfest, at the DGR booth and here), they cross the line and we don’t seize the opportunity bring them down. Maybe there is a political aversion to calling in male-dominated police, but IMO we have to look at it as using a bad system for a good purpose and get it done.

      1. I agree. These men should be prosecuted. They are caught on tape destroying property and committing theft, so it shouldn’t be much problem. Start a paper trail of priors and make it easier for the next woman/women they terrorize and harass.

    1. Right on….that is the case.
      If there was any actual truth to feminist politics killing the t community, even the jerks at NPR would be all over this. But…there is nothing…..nada…zip to confirm that pile of illogic.
      If they want to talk crime…they need to look in their own backyards, as well as the litany of data posted on this site and others. @GallusMag et al, have shown how insane this is and how it is lionized by the snowflakes and their minions.

  6. This is what happens when those raised with a sense of entitlement feel like they’re the victims. And for most men, regardless of their hair, makeup, and wardrobe choices, “victim” seems to mean “a man who doesn’t get everything he wants the moment he demands it.”
    Or perhaps they view the the Republic of Gilead in “The Handmaid’s Tale” as aspirational–a place where women are forbidden to read. (Ironically, the VWL doesn’t happen to have a copy of it, according to their on-line catalogue, although they list several other books by Margaret Atwood.)
    I respect and admire these women for persisting in spite of the attacks.

  7. I am and will remain a supporter of the small number of true transsexuals — who would never do a thing like this — in the West. The autogynephilic men who do these things are a disgrace. It’s time everybody learned te truth, read Blanchard, discovered what it’s about and what the differences are, and shut down these self-serving, entitled, misogynistic pricks. They are not transsexual: they are men in frocks. There’s a difference.

      1. What is a true transexual? Honestly the biological cloud koo koo comment just keep on coming. These are men, men with fetishes men who are obsessed, men who are totally bat crazy, any man who thinks he is a woman is exactly the same as a man who thinks he’s Jesus, or Napoleon… it is all grand delusion, and why women ever go along with this is beyond me. The fact that the left is silent about this attack on a women’s library speaks volumes. The fact that it is silent when a lesbian family is brutally murdered by one of these guys, silence tells you that going along with those men, letting them in the door is a BIG MISTAKE. At our lesbian meeting, we lock the doors so men don’t come in. We post women at the doors to let women in, and lock the doors to keep men out. It really is that simple.

      2. Ray Blanchard posited the existence of a small percentage of “true transsexuals” among the growing horde of fetishists, fakers, and other female impersonating male supremacists that plague us today.
        Tranny protests notwithstanding, Blanchard’s is pretty much the definitive word on male transgenderism, but even from my first reading of his theories, this part of his theory sounded wrong. I am not a scientist and do not play one on TV, but I do have the ability to read and think critically. Blanchard is an apologist, I’m afraid, and botching sexual dimorphism is just not the sort of mistake Nature makes. Transsexuality, no matter how early it begins and no matter how genuinely bred in the bone it feels and looks, is a psychosocial phenomenon.
        So to answer your question, “true transsexuals” are wank fodder, basically.

    1. Other that having genital modification surgery, no there is not a difference. They are both biological males with fetishes. I know of this guy in my town who was transgender for a while before he got genital surgery. The difference before and after surgery? Absolutely nothing. He still looks like a man who talks in an unnaturally fake high voice in a pathetic attempt to sound like a female. No one in his or her right mind would think he is a woman. No amount of surgery will make him look like anything other than what he is, a male.
      There was a study done on the crime rates of transsexuals looking into data over a 30 year period. Which proved they have a crime rate like that of any other male. No they do not become women nor are they any different than transgender males. Males are males no matter what they do to themselves surgically or what they call themselves, the end

    2. Medi, Em and brandi1986, your smart, funny and fact-based answers to my question are why I’m so grateful for commenters like you and for GenderTrender, a small island of sanity in this upside down and backwards ManWorld we are forced to negotiate.
      I wanted an answer from this typical mansplainer, Rod Fleming, who so arrogantly feels free to barge in and edumacate the ladies with his phallic, phallacy no-true-Scotsman “logic.” Of course, all we’re going to get from him is chirping crickets. Especially after he sees your comments and realizes his crap’s not going to float here.
      Your comments made me lol even though I “know” women, especially radfems, aren’t bright enough to have a sense of humor; it does require a certain level of intelligence to have one after all. Yet, one cannot help but notice how mind-numbingly boring are the bepenised.

    1. This guy is acting like women haven’t been ‘getting their hands dirty’ since the beginning of time! He would have a fucking heart attack if he had to do a traditional ‘female’ job, like taking care of multiple elderly people, children, and other dependents. Women have never had the ‘clean’ jobs because our jobs were to clean the messes of males and children! God forbid he do some actual fucking research on what women were/are expected to do as part of our ‘womanly duty’.
      These males act like EVERYTHING they do is revolutionary even when actual women have been doing these things forever, or even worse – have had to do these things in secret because we were previously barred from doing them. It gets on my fucking nerves when males, who were raised with encouragement to do certain things, act like they’re breaking barriers for actual women, just because they now do these traditionally masculine things while wearing a dress.
      This dude, like most TW, is suck a fucking narcissist.

      1. He is such a narcissist he can actually talk such shiite without laughing – If I saw this on tv, I would assume it was a parody, but this guy is actually for real. I suppose there would be a host of sjw watching this clip, nodding and saying how brave he is! – oh, sorry he’s wearing a skirt and feels like a woman, I must call him ‘she’ – but ‘she’ is offended that to be accepted as a woman would need surgery to have a woman’s body, it’s alright luv, no need for surgery cause you will never be a woman, no matter what.

    2. I REALLY DO NOT NEED A MAN IN A DRESS TO TELL THE WORLD THAT WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO FIX CARS. This is so offensive I want to throw my morning coffee at my wall. GAH!!!!!

  8. The angry male with the long blonde hair states, “As a trans fu**** person engaged in sex work”.
    This is a recent comment left at Feminist Current. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it makes sense. JJ sounds like he is high or drunk, and he is definitely confrontational and loud. He violently rips down a poster. It’s hard to believe that he could be actually employed. This post from Feminist Current says JJ makes over $21 an hour as a support worker for a mental health/addictions housing organization. It sure looks like he could be high or drunk, and JJ definitely needs help with his anger issues, particularly around women.
    More on JJ (jason) from Feminist Current.
    “The loud person in the video, JJ (jason), makes over $21 an hour as a support worker for a mental health/addictions housing organization. Before they came out, less than a year ago, they openly lived as a straight male. Apparently they live in a punk house in the dtes. Talk about gentrification! I’m sure that punk house could house REAL low income SURVIVAL SEX WORKERS that don’t make over $21 PLUS BENEFITS. Working with sex workers doesn’t make you “engaged’ in sex work, fyi dumbass.”

    Vancouver Women’s Library opens amid anti-feminist backlash

    I don’t know why JJ would say, “As a trans fu**** person engaged in sex work”. Maybe he pimps out someone, and that is how he is “engaged in sex work”. I never heard him in the video say he actually walks the streets. Who knows what is going on with JJ. Maybe his employer should do a drug test, and demand that JJ get counseling for his anger issues.
    As to sex workers, no feminist has ever killed a sex worker. Pimps and johns are the ones coercing, threatening, and killing prostitutes. I’m not aware of any feminist who has outed a woman as a sex worker. No woman has ever killed a transwoman (male), but it’s a fact that transwomen have been convicted of killing a lot of women. Currently, in the US, two transwomen are on trial for triple homicide. Out of the six victims of Dana Rivers and Douglas, “Donna”, Perry five are female, and one is the son of one of the murdered women. Rivers and Perry aren’t the only transwomen who are charged, or have been convicted of killing women.
    Watching the video and looking at the recent photos of vandalism sends shivers down my spine. The moment that the loud obnoxious (probably intoxicated or high on something too) man violently ripped the poster off the wall, someone should have called the police and he should have been arrested.
    Some woman is going to be seriously injured or killed by these violent males. We know it’s going to happen just like a lot of people knew that sooner of later a transwoman was going to go off on lesbians. A lot of people say that the slaughter of the lesbian family last November in Oakland, California was a hate motivated crime. Dana Rivers was involved in anti-lesbian activities at Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and women and TERFs have received death threats for years.
    All we have to do is look at the video and vandalism to know that this was a hate motivated crime. This group of women was targeted because of their political views. Despite the fact that Canada has pretty strong hate crime legislation, violence against women continues. We know that males have specifically targeted feminists, or women they perceive as feminists. In the École Polytechnique massacre, also known as the Montreal massacre on December 6, 1989, at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec, Canada twenty-five-year-old Marc Lépine, armed with a Mini-14 rifle and a hunting knife intentionally separated the women from the men. He specifically targeted women. He began his attack by entering a classroom at the university, where he separated the male and female students. After claiming that he was “fighting feminism” and calling the women “a bunch of feminists,” he shot all nine women in the room, killing six. He then moved through corridors, the cafeteria, and another classroom, specifically targeting women to shoot.
    Since Canada has strong hate crimes legislation, this should be investigated as a hate crime. The feminist bookstore and women were discriminated against based on both sex and gender identity. Transgender activists have been telling us for years that “Cis-gender” is a gender identity. As I understand it, “gender identity” laws simply say “gender identity”, and don’t make a distinction between transgender and “cis-gender”. These women were most definitely discriminated against based on their “cis-gender” gender identity. If someone walked into a transgender organization for the sole purpose of screaming loudly to intimidate people, rip down posters, spray paint and vandalize the building, it would be a hate crime. This is a hate crime.
    I proudly stand with these women, and condemn the cowardly people who have been enabling this kind of behavior for years, and coddling violent males. The male in the video walked into the women’s bookstore with such a smug look on his face with the intention of terrifying women. He did, indeed, felt entitled to raise his voice and yank down the poster on the wall. Notice his size compared to the smaller females in the room.
    What will Canadian officials do when a woman is seriously injured or killed? It terrifies me to the core, but it’s going to happen. Make no mistake. These are dangerous males, and the massacre in Montreal in 1989 involved a male with deep seated hatred of feminists. When one of these violent males goes off, all the spineless politicians and people who ignored the warnings and threats, coddling these violent males, excusing their behavior time and time again are partly to blame.
    Women, protect yourselves. Never be alone with any of these males.

    1. I’m from sydney, Australia, were a transgender mtf has attacked a male and a female with an axe at an Enmore service station. There is video on net at news com au -Evie Amati axe attack. I am trying to research how many trans women have committed violent crimes. I’m finding it hard because some news reports refer to them as women, when patently no woman would commit that sort of crime.

      1. The best and most honest research, can be found on this site. Look under the topic of ‘crime’, as well as the post about ‘ What transgender activists do not want you to know….’
        Also..some info may still be up, via the internet wayback search engine, to the AMW (America’s Most Wanted) site, which also had links to some ‘smash and grabs’. These were rampant in the SE US and were known to have a t gang of crooks connection, along with other crimes.

      2. This is a link to the well-known Swedish Plos study:
        It states:
        “regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.”
        This is a link to a research article studying trans prison population in California:
        Summary: “The proportion of sex offenders within the m-f transgender category was in fact 6% higher than the proportion of sex offenders in the general male prison population. The proportion of m-f transgenders serving life sentences occurred at a similar rate (13.3%) to that of men in the general prison population”
        If you just want a list of examples of offenders, this is a decently long one:
        Trans Male Violence

    2. Do we know if people have been contacting his place of employment? This man is supposed to be working with vulnerable women and instead seems to be co-opting their lived experiences to threaten and harass women. I certainly wouldn’t want to be known as a place that would employ someone like that.

      1. My guess is he works for the Portland Hotel Society. He’s probably union as well. And yes that would have him directly working with very vulnerable women. Hmmmn…

      2. Thanks for the correction! Raincity is a smaller (although it looks like they are much larger than they used to be) provider which focuses mainly on housing, and seems likelier to directly address the horrific behavior displayed in the video. Raincity appears to have one building which is women-only, residents and staff. The other women’s building specifically mentions it is trans inclusive and also houses women-led families. This implies to me that Raincity might understand the need for women only spaces. So shouldn’t he be protesting his own workplace?
        PHS provides a variety of community supports to a great variety of marginalized people so I’m glad they were shown the type of activism a possible future employee engages in.

    3. As a description, “sex worker” is to “prostitute” like “queer” is to “gay or lesbian”. By hiding under the umbrella of “sex work”, people such as BDSM facilitators (“dungeon monitors”), madams, pimps and other aiders and abetters can shout down feminist arguments more effectively. Sex worker sounds like a synonym for prostitute, but it’s a vaguer term that muddies the waters.

    4. “As a trans fu**** person engaged in sex work”. Maybe he pimps out someone, and that is how he is “engaged in sex work”.
      He is most likely a pimp that smells women without males guarding them.
      A straight male making a living selling dick to women? Not likely.
      He looks too dirty and unkempt to be a successful gay guy making coin huffing dong- and a gay guy is not going to blow off work to hang out with a bunch of women angrily declaring publicly he sucks dicks for pay and all the women need to notice, respect and join his fan club. Most gay male hustlers getting their bills paid- don’t want to draw the attention of police, or their extended family.
      Was this the same guy asking which women in the building were former sex industry ‘workers’?
      If you are: DO NOT talk about it with these men.
      If you are a former sex industry worker- these maleTrans activists will contact your family, job, kids- you name it.

      1. I’ve noticed a trend among “liberal”, kinky, “poly” white couples where the man pimps out the woman either explicitly (cash for sex) or implicitly (you get to have sex with my woman, if I can have sex with yours). This guy really looks like the type.

  9. What a bunch of losers those bullies are. For real. Like angry toddlers with worse manners.
    I say Fuck em- close that shit to MTT and men. If you’re gonna get harassed, might as well go all the way with it! Make it worthwhile.

  10. The video of the trans activists is so painful. The library volunteers are trying to respectfully listen and compromise. It doesn’t do any good unless everyone is engaging in good faith. I hope this is a wake up call. Don’t give any time or energy to wanna be book burners.

  11. Notice that they vandalized the women’s library in pink spray paint.
    Because that completely changes it from a transparent act of male aggression into a womanly thing to do, right?
    It’s just a total coincidence that most hate crimes, acts of vandalism, harassment, and crimes in general are committed by males.
    Next thing you know, they’re going to be shooting people with pink guns and stabbing them with pink knives and claiming that it’s a “womanly” thing to do.
    These people wouldn’t know a woman if one fell on them.

    1. Wouldn’t know a woman if one fell on them.” LOL brilliant funny jfblue02 don’t call YOU pink LOL. Thanks for making me laugh, I needed a good laugh!

  12. Hi, previous lurker here, new to commenting. I guess now may be as good a time as any to begin speaking.
    Agreed with SkyLark Phillips that the police should have been called around the time JJ began vandalizing. I wish it were grossly obvious to liberal feminists and society at large that male-to-trans have no interest in what women have accomplished and no interest in standing up for women – the “gender” they claim to be. From what I have seen and read over the years, it looks to me like MtT are more inclined to tear down women and women’s work – as JJ tears down the poster in the store.
    I was heartened when I first read about the women’s bookstore a few weeks ago, but of course that has quickly turned to a familiar dread.
    Each and every day, the parasitic illness of these men gets more obvious, and the liberal mind-conditioning of women more palpable, to me.

  13. Section 318 “The Code defines an “identifiable group” as “any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.””
    So, does this means that a “hate crime” can not be committed against women — by definition — in Canada? Any Canadian lawyers here specializing in this?

  14. I’m 57 and this year I’m thinking lesbians should march holding signs with the L crossed out of the LGBTWTF and tape over our mouths. No other words, no other signs. there is no lesbian in “gay comminity” and never has been. Between this and michFest, I’m at a loss for words that don’t start with F.

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