49 thoughts on “Queer fascists attempt to ban feminist books from a women's library

  1. Jesus, I felt my pulse react just reading the description in the original post.
    “When we pointed out how we were physically barred then pushed from entering the space, and how threatening that felt, protesters wanted to know how we’d gender the person, rather than discuss the ethics of violence at hand.”
    Of course. Men know what they’re doing.

  2. I reached peak trans once again. Where the fuck do they get this idea that were complicit with violence against MTTs? If prostitution is no longer a thing, you will see a drastic drop in those deaths! It’s not that hard!
    But of course, this is typical men throwing their Goddess damned little temper tantrums because it’s not centered around them. Fuck them!
    Once I get the means, I’m going to buy every last book on that list on Amazon or wherever I can get my hands on them! I’m surprised “Female Erasure” isn’t on that list as well as “Delusions of Gender.”
    I hope more and more women wake up to this blatant misogyny and fight back like amazons!

    1. They get that idea from their narcissism. I was married to a clinically diagnosed Narcissistic personality disordered male – he would LITERALLY interpret my refusal to do his will as extreme violence towards him (like I was attempting to kill him as a person, decimate his existence).
      Narcissists create fake personas which exist based upon the external verification of those personas, so if you refuse to verify that persona you are “killing” that persona. It makes NO SENSE to sane people because we live in an external reality. Sane people understand they inhabit a weak physical body that is subject to a universe ruled by physical laws we can not change.
      But the narcissist is SO into his own perceptions he believes the external reality is subjective to HIS PERSONA. He sees the external world as a challenge to his ego and so he attempts to create feats over the physical reality – believing this shows his superiority over even nature. Narcissists commonly insist they can change their sex, just as they insist they are the chosen of God and many claim to be beyond the mortal coil. Read trans forums – you will see them RAGE against biology claiming it is NOT destiny – that they will learn a way to supersede it and be immortal because their personality is “divine” and more powerful than the universe itself.
      Look at how many trans people are behind the trans humanity movement looking to making robots of themselves to carry their consciousness. Look how many worm their way into religious groups, try to get into positions of power, etc. You are dealing with people SO pathologically self absorbed and selfish that they are BEYOND reasoning with which is why they successfully bully people so much.
      I learned the hard way that making excuses for them, dancing around their egos, trying to placate in ANY WAY only screws yourself over. You have to be straight up viscous with insistence of the fact that they are delusional and call them out on their narcissism – being recognized as pathologically egotistical has been the only way to embarrass them into shutting up with their crap (and they will TRY to deny it, but if you are consistent in pointing out their NPD they eventually storm off, but then they are enraged so they will try to stalk you for revenge, typically…)

      1. That explains a lot actually. Narcissism seems to be on the rise with men like this.
        As for the stalking, that’s what I’m afraid of.

      2. Charlotte–Your observations are actually supported by findings that rates of personality disorder are higher among those who are transgendered.
        I’ve found a few other articles in the past that I suspect Google may be burying.
        And from this one: http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/204/2/151
        “Although there is no single, generally accepted definition of early- and late-onset transsexual development as yet, some studies have found that people with late-onset transsexualism showed more psychiatric problems than those with early-onset transsexualism.” You think?
        Not that we needed a study to tell us any of that, but the sources are useful in a discussion.

  3. Those ridiculous protestors (GAG) certainly have their priorities confused. What a volunteer run women’s library, open two days a week, has to do with gentrification is beyond me. Did the Women’s Library flip some undervalued property for a gigantic price and push poor people out of the hood ? I strongly doubt this.
    I hope the Women’s Library will consent to DISCUSSING the list of censored books with these male turds on one condition – the Women’s Library holds a reading group that reads and discusses each and every one of these books with these male turkeys. An in depth discussion, where the protestors can verify that they have read and thoughtfully considered what they are demanding to be banned. My money is on these dudes never having read ANY of these books.
    GAG’s behaviour is outrageous and disgusting. I hope that GAG will take their next protest to their own gaybourhood, and take a good look at some of the high flying gay male realtors who have directly benefited/profited from Vancouver’s insane real estate, and the shady dealings therein. Talk about putting the cart in front of the horse.
    But women – women having a library of women’s books – the real villain in this story ?

    1. Actually, the women at the VWL were very accommodating or, at least it seems they were willing to be. This is a quote from an article published before the opening. The link is below.
      “The group is also working to build a list of books by trans women and sex worker authors, a category that Wonders acknowledges is, at the moment, missing. “We welcome all women into the space,” she said. “We want to offer writing from all perspectives.”
      Had I read this sooner, I would have asked more questions before donating, though I hold hope I did the right thing.
      I disagree with the quoted perspective as well as with yours.
      See what good that kindheartedness and “open” mindedness did them? Their mistake was to give an inch , and a shit. It’s sad to read how accommodating they actually were willing to be. I know they changed some of their wording after the attack and no longer mention “self-identified women” as part of the group they serve. I’d say ‘good for that’ but after reading that article it’s not at all clear what this omission might be due to.
      There would be nothing to be gained by having reading circles for these dicks as it would not serve the needs of women. Why should they take it upon themselves to educate the willfully ignorant, especially when you consider that in doing so there is no positive outcome or benefit to women? Just like all women, the VWL owes men absolutely nothing.
      Lastly, GAG is not “gay”. They’re probably anarcho-queers which is the worst of two worlds. If they were to attack the gayborhood they would be dealing with gay males who would promptly have them arrested. They would be charged with hate-crimes and seen as the fascists they are and would serve time. No, they do what men have always done. Pick on the women.

  4. These trans/queer activists seem intent upon eradicating anything by women, for women. A library is a repository for WORDS and Librarians are the Keepers of the Word, in a manner of speaking. Let us hope they can withstand the fascists. It seems to me that these activists want to create a Kristallnacht [Crystal Night, when Jewish shops were looted and thousands and thousand of books were burned in Germany. The name comes from all the glass that lay glittering on the ground. . .] Their actions and words are just one more sign that they are not what they claim and that they are aiming for the extinction of women born of woman. May I hope that this Library does not bow to these “Trans-Nazis”. Just one more reason for me, personally, regarding why I do not want them in spaces for women and girls. They are men with patriarchal men’s agendas.

    1. This is necessarily rape, those women are incarcerated and have no freedom of movement and no choice as to these men being placed with them and what they might choose to do to them with the advantage of being much stronger and larger.
      Those men intend to do harm and to breach women’s boundaries and privacy, they want in and they have got in and then intentionally exploited the situation to their ends. Imprisoned women were never asked if this was acceptable at all. Women’s prison’s are much less segregated and women in prison do not get access to contraception and limited access to even menstrual items or much in the way of health care for that matter. The rates of sexual offenders in this group is high, and there often are few restrictions in place which will stop violent men let alone rapists being placed in with these women. The rates of HIV infection in this group is also high. Not to mention no one would really want to touch these men with their obvious fetish a barge pole at the best of times, they are always whining about this. Do we really expect to believe the lie that these women are going for this animal? They keep it pretty damned quiet what really is happening and what the effects are on the women. They never have a voice and we never hear their side, and that’s from the media that will talk about a rape cases or even child rape cases involving very young victims and paedophiles and say the child or woman ‘had sex’ with them.
      If you wonder why the stats are saying there is more risk of sexual abuse and rape in women’s prison of late there is an answer for that and it isn’t that women have started raping all of a sudden.
      As for the topic at hand, GAG is exactly the right acronym for what is going on and it is ludicrous that they want to ban books when they have no idea of what is inside them. One of the books is actually a feminist sci fi novel, The Female Man, and it is obvious they are solely reacting to titles and authors. This shows their weakness, they have nothing to defend or support their views so they must abolish opposing views that challenge them. Weak minded to the core.

    2. I don’t do trigger warnings generally, but TRIGGER WARNING HERE.
      The method by which that “transgender murderer” killed his male victim was brutal evisceration via a rolling pin inserted anally. This depravity is what earned him life without parole.

  5. their newest post:
    and the text of the post in case they delete :
    Response to the response to the response to the Vancouver Women’s Library
    GAG (Gays Against Gentrification) is a collective of radical queer and trans people who are engaged in discourse and action around anti-displacement and anti-capitalist struggles happening on Unceded Coast Salish Territory (aka Vancouver). As a group, we are composed of people who identify as cis-gender, gender-nonconfirming, non-binary and trans. Some of our members identify as racialized; most of them do not. The majority of us do not identify as cisgender men either. We have members who are current and former sex workers. We are feminists. As such, we have always been inclusive of all individuals, as long as they do not subscribe to or espouse exclusionary or violent politics, specifically trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and sex work exclusionary radical feminists (SWERFs).
    Concerning our recent published note, we were forwarded this letter by a decentralized group of individuals who wrote it collectively. They did not identify themselves as any specific body or organisation and requested another party publish the note. It was suggested that the note be copied by other facebook groups who were in solidarity with the demands, and be distributed widely. GAG decided to publish it because we agreed that the concerns outlined in the letter aligned with our own views around these issues. To be clear, this note was not written by GAG, and the protest that occurred outside the opening of the Vancouver Women’s Library was not an action organised by GAG. As stated in the preface, “*This note is being shared by GAG on behalf of a group composed of sex workers, trans women, IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour), queers, and people in solidarity with them, in opposition to the opening of the Vancouver Women’s Library. This note is to be copied and shared by other groups in solidarity with those leading the action this evening*
    To ensure the safety and wellbeing of trans women and sex workers who access our Facebook page, we have decided to turn off comments on our posts indefinitely. We have also banned words and statements that are transphobic, transmisogynistic and whorephobic. We also ask people sharing our note to make sure your privacy settings are set to “Friends Only” and not “Public”.
    We continue to commit to being engaged in our analysis around (predominantly white and neoliberal) gay complicity within structures of gentrification, as well as an understanding that certain queer and trans people are disproportionately affected by gentrification and any associated carceral apparatus (policing, detention centres, prisons etc.). We believe that gentrification is part and parcel with white supremacy and settler-colonial violence, and the denial and negation of Two-Spirit Indigenous histories and identities on these lands as being a form of erasure. With this we feel we must firmly reiterate that trans women and sex workers are violently displaced and harmed by these structures, and that we, the members of GAG, will not stand for the dissemination of any ideology that further perpetuates this violence.
    – GAG xx

      1. You are of course welcome! Record keeping has become ridiculously important of late. What strikes me, after reading their update, is that their followers neither know nor care where the call to action originated from. Presumably, this was sent to lots of groups and likely their followers felt the same. The GAG guys say it wasn’t them or their followers on site destructing and harassing – don’t these people ever wonder who’s leading their following?

      2. ‘gentrification is part of white supremacy and settler colonial violence…we feel we must firmly reiterate that trans women and sex workers are violently displaced and harmed by these structures,’
        I guess endless theorising is easier than getting off their ass, and organising against corporate regeneration. Like some of the 2nd wave women they attack have done, for decades.
        GAG’s motto is ‘gagging for it.’ But maybe if they spent less time consuming violent porn/attacking women and a bit more time fighting property developers, they might present as a legitimate group instead of complete idiots.
        Fighting gentrification involves long, hard, un-sexy campaigning. People who’ve actually been involved with said campaigns understand that rich transwomen and many, many sex ‘workers’ (aka managers) are in fact property developers themselves and pushing gentrification to their own benefit. But anything contradicting the 2nd wave feminist=bad, all trans/s.workers=good narrative would be too hard to compute for this lot. Actually, looking at their page, they look like a developer’s front org.

      3. Orders from outside?
        Nichiren buddhist cult? Or another cult invested in importing women for prostitution? Those books were very specific and I bet they hold the clues to who is using these stooges to do their dirty work.

      4. @sirenpress Interesting that you brought up that there are many property owners, who happen to be trans and share the same ideas like those in Vancouver. Reason why I say this has to do with what shows up in other social media spaces.
        Sadly, I do know of a couple folks in this vein, who via their own words, show they see those who live in places like the DTES as parasites to be removed, in the name of profit. That is, unless they can be used as canon fodder for advancing the rather reprehensible agenda that is ever present(or worse, as accessories in photo ops). If one questions these persons about the obvious classist and racist taint to their motives, those points are dismissed immediately. Soon to be followed by a rather twisted, if not sickening lecture from same about economics. (There are Bugs Bunny cartoons about basic economics that make more sense than these bipeds).
        Of course, these lectures will have a section where these persons say ‘we are not racist, see the pic of me with_____’ .The pic usually shows them with someone who is like Mock or Cox, which also goes to show who is considered to be the [SIC] ‘type of t person POC I admire’. Crooks of a feather, but on slightly separate sections of the wing.
        This is another part of the latter day nazi class that needs exposure, like those in BC, who may just want to burn people next, if they disagree with their agenda.

    1. This part of the note is the worst sort of dishonest sock puppetry: GAG portraying itself as “speaking for” a group of vulnerable and marginalized people that it can’t identify individually. 100% chance that this is a white dude (or dudes) inventing convenient “allies” for his concerns, not being an ally to anybody.
      “This note is being shared by GAG on behalf of a group composed of sex workers, trans women, IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour), queers, and people in solidarity with them”

      1. Whoops, I didn’t see your comment while posting mine re: they wrote it themselves. I completely agree with you of course.

    2. I think it’s likely that GAG wrote the manifesto itself to test the waters as to how it was received before proceeding in that same vein going forward. If you google any line of the screed the only mentions of it are the GAG related page- no one else posted the mysteriously unnamed/unsourced note.
      I was focusing on the unabashed assery of them demanding that these women, who did this on their own- with their own resources- remove THEIR chosen books and instead use the books GAG wants them to. I had a smart comment about them (GAG specifically but transrelated stuff in general) being parasites of the zombie type in bugs ie: zombie wasps etc but doing a little bit of googling on the subject actually got me depressed by how on the nose the comparison is.

    3. “Some of our members identify as racialized; most of them do not.”
      This is Tumblr-speak for “we’re a bunch of white dudes.” Who would have guessed?

  6. These men and their women collaborators’ hatred of real women and of our international Feminist community and culture could not be clearer. They want us dead and gone, and for them to be the “real women.” They want to destroy our history and for women to be able to learn, share information and organize, and what better way to do this than to try to destroy a women’s library?
    It’s not a coincidence that they are going after classic Lesbian Feminist books, but also the feminist book Against Sado-masochism. There is a deep connection and overlap between genderqueer, the trans cult and sado-masochists.
    We can only hope that this backfires on them all since women on the fence, trying so hard to please the men posing as women, have to get fed up with the obvious female-hating.
    I hope too that feminists realize that trying to placate these men, calling them “transwomen,” trying to include them in women’s events, etc. only makes it worse. Nothing will satisfy them, and trying to only encourages them to be more aggressive. They are men. Saying no is scary, but it’s the only choice we have.
    But why did they leave Dykes-Loving-Dykes off the list when we were among the first to write against the trans cult in 1973>

    1. That is very true. Trying to placate these men dilutes the meaning of your work and no matter how pro-trans you are, they will always find a way to attack you.
      I think Charlotte in an above comment makes a very good point about the trans cult and their pathological, narcissistic behavior.
      I wonder if they have a copy of your book at their library. If not they should because it is an awesome book.

      1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support. Your comments are always wonderful to see and I wish all those who somehow believe in the cult would read you and all of GenderTrender.
        I never get notices for blogs so only just saw this. Yes, what Charlotte said is brilliant. It’s best to not try to placate the trans in any way. They interpret any such attempts as weakness, and, since it will never be enough, it enrages them even more.
        I get a shocked response but still always say that I’m not part of the cult and so do not believe any of it. Trans does not exist, whether “transwomen,” “transmen,” “transparaplegics,” or “tran-racial,” like Rachel Dolezal.

  7. Gosh, I’ve read five of those books and own two. Guess I should be expecting a personal mob any day now!

  8. I posted this elsewhere, but I think it needs as many eyes as possible. IMO, this is an alarming development.
    One of the buddhist essays targeted was pretty specific- an essay in a themed compilation that was not otherwise mentioned. Here’s more info on the author, Rita Gross, who is a very interesting woman:
    Her belief is that women are just as spiritual as men and should not merely be relegated to the support of a male’s spirituality (in the case of buddhism, meditation) by housework, kids, etc. She also researches ancient buddhist women thinkers. Oh, and women are as capable of attaining liberation in this lifetime as men are. This attack is very disturbing from a religious standpoint. The only alternative to what she proposes is going back to the bad old days when women were worthless because their souls were hopeless and of no consequence. It says a lot about the mindset of these guys.

  9. A generous redditor by the username of Sojourner_Truth is helping to raise donations for the Vancouver Women’s Library. This redditor is matching donated funds up to a total of $2500 CAD. Read the reddit thread linked below to learn how to contribute and how to have your contribution doubled. So far redditors participating in this challenge have donated $1876 CAD.

    Help protect Vancouver Women’s Library from a wave of anti-feminist attack! On Friday Feb 10th, I’ll match donations made from this sub up to $2500. Let them know we stand behind them! from GenderCritical

    1. this is a beautiful thing. I wish I reddit’ed, I donated US to Canadian equivalent of $50CAD earlier today and offered to buy and ship specific books if they ever saw specific ones that they want in the future.

  10. Being that this is funded by UBC, I had assumed it would be on the other side of town. I am delighted to see it’s a five minute walk from where I live! Can’t wait until Saturday!
    I find GAG to be the absolute worst of these neoliberal, engaging in oppression tokenism “advocacy” groups who are clearly not listening to the actual voices of aboriginal women. It couldn’t be more clear it is all about the self ass-patting while refusing under any circumstances to name the ACTUAL problem. According to them, white women are complicit in the violence against trans women:
    “Their use of ‘self-identified women’ as a shallow tactic of distraction. The moniker ‘self-identified’ is used by cis women as a move to innocence from their complicity in violence against trans women. It is used to mark trans women as ‘Other’ and centre themselves again as victims of patriarchy. This will not stand. To be a women’s space is to be open to all women, and specifically, to women who systemically experience the most violence. To be a woman’s space and build community is to be accountable and to step back to do work when you’ve done harm. Organizers have continually dodged and avoided both.
    It is vital to move beyond basic inclusion and instead focus on centering the experiences of those of us most marginalized by systemic violence. Including books written by women of complex marginalized intersecting identities.”
    Most of the prostitutes in the DTES are aboriginal and caucasian. The number of aboriginal prostitutes (approx 50% of DTES prostitutes, by far the most marginalized in the city, most or all are drug addicted and have suffered unfathomable abuse their entire lives) is hugely disproportionate to the aboriginal population, which is about 2% of the population as a whole. There are several aboriginal groups speaking out as exited sex workers and relatives of missing and murdered women and people who acknowledge reality on the inherent dangers of prostitution.
    “The Native Women’s Association of Canada supports the Conservative government’s approach, arguing that sex workers should not be charged but buyers, pimps and others involved in the trade should face criminal penalties.” (Quote was from 2012, I think)
    “The Aboriginal Women’s Action Network, an abolitionist organization in Canada, has specifically noted that because the prostitution of Aboriginal women results from and reinforces such extreme hatred of Aboriginal women, no regime of legalisation (which will expand the industry and entrap more women) can be safer for Aboriginal women. Prostitution can only further harm Aboriginal women.”
    I don’t think GAG gives two shits about these women, or any women who aren’t transwomen. I’m so glad the remaining two organizers aren’t backing down, and I’m so excited to check out the library!

    1. Because those running the library made it clear they welcomed even ‘self-identified women,’ the fascists had to escalate to: “It is vital to move beyond basic inclusion and instead focus on centering the experiences of those of us most marginalized by systemic violence. Including books written by women of complex marginalized intersecting identities.”
      Translation: It is vital to move beyond basic inclusion and instead focus on centering the experiences of men. Including books written by men with fetishes that demean women.

  11. When guilt-tripping women into being submissive and subservient to the men claiming to be women — when they parasitize women to do their bidding at the expense of all females — when all other tactics fail, then they threaten, terrorize, and attack.
    I know of feminists who have already altered their work to try to escape being targeted by the trans cult, but then they have lessened the meaning of their work.
    There is so little for women now anywhere that these men are not in control of. The more theoretically Lesbian a space is, the more they go after it.
    I’m amazed that a women’s library or pharmacy could even exist the way things are, so these are enormous losses.
    The only thing that might work is if women organize to try to face them down, including dealing with their very male violence, but then they can still do arson, etc. Calling the police seems terrible, but what else could be done when women and our spaces are being invaded by violent men?
    All of this terrorizing needs to be publicized so women know exactly what they are doing.
    I still can’t get over that what would have been a series of candlelight marches in the streets of Oakland for nights or weeks over the hate crimes of racism and Lesbian-hating, ended up being completely ignored by the “LGBTQ” community. White het man Dana Rivers murdered an inter-racial Lesbian couple and their African son, set their house on fire, which could have killed many more people, and though there was brief mention in the mainstream local news media, there was nothing I saw in “our” LGBT community, because Mr. Rivers claims to be a woman. Seriously, any other white het man doing those murders would have got a massive community response from both the African-American community and Lesbians/Feminists, and perhaps even some gay men. But no one I talk to about it here even knows about the murders.
    But Gallus Mag reported on it so I could link to friends…

  12. @dejavublonde,
    “What strikes me, after reading their update, is that their followers neither know nor care where the call to action originated from. Presumably, this was sent to lots of groups and likely their followers felt the same. The GAG guys say it wasn’t them or their followers on site destructing and harassing – don’t these people ever wonder who’s leading their following?”
    Of course, GAG is going to deny everything. So, GAG got this letter from some trans/queer group, and they just passed it on. They heard from another group that there might be some horrid “TERFs” at this particular place, so they told their friends who told their friends. “Gays Against Gentrification” which definitely identifies as queer and trans, and makes it clear they don’t’ like “TERFs” had nothing to do with the harassment of women or the destruction of property at a feminist bookstore. Sure.
    This is from the “Gays Against Gentrification” Facebook page.
    “GAG (Gays Against Gentrification) is a radical queer collective bringing a queer & trans perspective to anti-displacement and anti-capitalist-struggles.”
    What in the hell does a small feminist book store that is run by volunteers have to do with gentrification and “anti-displacement and anti-capitalist struggles”? If they are against gentrification and “anti-displacement and anti-capitalist struggles” one would think that they would focus their energy on Starbucks, large banks, multi-national corporations, real estate developers, etc.? No, it’s a tiny feminist bookstore. It’s much easier for cowards to attack women.
    “Last night we had to push through physical intimidation and lots of verbal nonsense to enter the new Vancouver Women’s Library.
    Anti-feminist protesters actually showed up for once! They were welcomed inside (snowing, cold, everyone was welcome), but asked to leave when they tried to tear down feminist posters in the space and continued their physical intimidation inside. Police had to be called for fear of destruction of the space and the safety of library patrons inside. The protesters held signs and shouted at people entering the space. They poured wine over the books. They smoked inside when asked not to. They pulled the fire alarm. Some of them tried to bar then pushed women entering the space. As far as we saw, men were left alone to come and go as they pleased.
    Women were shamed and blamed for calling the police, for fearing for theirs and others’ safety. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. All battered women will be familiar with these tactics. When we pointed out how we were physically barred then pushed from entering the space, and how threatening that felt, protesters wanted to know how we’d gender the person, rather than discuss the ethics of violence at hand.
    Despite clearly stated goals (creation of women’s space for women’s work and dialogue), inclusion (all women), transparency of funding (self & UBC women’s centre), hard work (unpaid), and initiative (frankly brilliant caring GOODNESS of heart, seeking to create A WOMEN’S LIBRARY) the organizers were demonized, targeted, lied about, and all but burnt at the stake.
    Ridiculous demands were made, such as the stepping down of founding member Emily (for having volunteered at and supporting a shelter for women fleeing male violence), creation of a board of directors (must everything be Mc-incorporated?), and the removal of certain books (fascism 101). “
    I love these women….
    “Speaking on behalf of GFC alone, a group founded by lesbians — among them women of colour, working class women, immigrant women, poverty class women, survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
    You are not gay. You yourselves identify as “a radical queer collective bringing a queer & trans perspective to anti-displacement and anti-capitalist-struggles.” You have cleverly appropriated the label gay to give pause to those who may object to your exercise-in-facebook-analytics-made-activism. People fear appearing homophobic for disagreeing with a group that identifies as gay.
    You intentionally erase the inherent tension between homosexual identities and queer melting pot theories of gender and sexual fluidities to further your agenda that has NOTHING to do with gays or gentrification, as you so clearly demonstrated with your destructive actions on February 3rd against a women’s LIBRARY open to all.
    You admit you are mostly white. As far as your previous actions, you appear to be a completely white group. You are white settler colonialists who’ve grouped together to shame, disrupt, and perform displeasure at the gentrification you see in the DTES. Okay, great, but the parties you throw, the afterhours, the punk-houses, the white sub/urban discontent you bring to the DTES – is that all good? What about your academic parents that own homes in Shaughnessy? Or do you protest gentrification so that you may continue to gentrify the DTES yourselves in your own ways.
    Instead of addressing the rampant sexual violence and racism in your own “post-punk” community, you project upon women seeking to build a women’s library, in a city that’s effectively removed all women’s spaces.
    “To ensure the safety and wellbeing of trans women and sex workers who access our Facebook page…” STOP. Your name is GAG. Your handle is @GAGingonit. You think this is respectful to the prostituted? You think this is respectful to survivors of sexual abuse and rape?
    “We believe that gentrification is part and parcel with white supremacy and settler-colonial violence” — except when you do it? The Vancouver Women’s Library Launch was filled with women of colour, women young and old, survivors, working and poverty class women — women who were threatened, triggered, and HARMED by your actions in what was supposed to be a safe space. YOU entered and disrupted the safety of women inside. And that means nothing to you. Shame on you.
    “And the denial and negation of Two-Spirit Indigenous histories and identities on these lands as being a form of erasure.” — except it is YOU who seek to categorize indigenous and non-white gender non-conformance UNDER the queer/trans umbrella, which are WHITE constructs with roots in academia. That’s neo-imperialism. Ask yourselves why are we are saying “2 Spirit” and not learning to say the specific words for each variance of gender-nonconformance in each language. You think tokenizing your couple of indigenous friends to knight for your group is de-colonizing? You create a culture of dogma and fear preventing true exploration of visceral problems that affect the very indigenous/non-white women you prop up to validate your own ideas. You think that’s solidarity? That’s coercion and mind-control.
    Your demands were shameful. Your response is despicable.”
    Accountability. Learn it.”
    This is like Nazi book burning and witch burning with TERFs being the new witches.

  13. This incident at the library and the silencing of Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor as she read from a letter by Coretta Scott King look exactly the same to me–they’re men’s attempts to suppress the voices of women who won’t put the interests of privileged men above their own. Just as those supposed anti-gentrifiers are targeting a small library rather than Starbucks (as Skylark mentioned), the Senate hasn’t chosen to enforce this antique rule against male Senators who’ve made negative comments in recent years. The principles of defending the powerless and following the rules are simply being used as excuses to keep women from fighting back against patriarchal control, whether it’s dressed in a Brooks Brothers suit or a bad wig and eyeliner.
    Since it’s impossible to silence everyone, the success of fascism depends on persuading people to fall silent out of fear or hopelessness. As long as we refuse to do that, they can’t fully succeed, so I’m grateful for all the women who keep speaking out and fighting back–Senator Warren, the feminists in Vancouver, Gallus Mag, those who post comments here, and every other woman who won’t be silenced.

  14. That guy is high. “what are you doing for seeexxx weerkersss what are you doing for seeexxx weerkersss she outed my friend as a sexxx weeerkerrr.” Those women with that man are stupid and horrible beyond belief. Why did they drag an abusive man to a feminist library to be their enforcer?

  15. or…how did that brain-damaged man get those women to help him harass and abuse other women?

  16. I don’t know if you are comfortable posting an update from someone’s Facebook but the woman who’s Facebook it is did comment it was ok to share on blogs:

    The same anti-feminists who harassed, threatened, and intimidated women at the opening of the Vancouver Women's Library…

    Posted by Meghan Murphy on Saturday, February 11, 2017

    They fucking vandalized the library. I am so angry right now. I am willing to help start a fund to pay someone qualified to guard the place at night.

  17. There may be one good thing to come out of this: People will begin to see this lunacy for what it is. Feminists may come to see the lunacy for what it is.
    Maybe not all at once, probably not all at once. But if they can recognize that the ‘bad apples’ exist, they can accept recognizing more bad behavior from the trans/queer communities in feminist spaces and realize it’s wrong, even after previously accepting it.

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