Transgender Ghouls For Suicide and Death

In the four years GenderTrender has been covering trends in gender we’ve seen some truly ghastly things done by transgenderists in the name of “trans activism”.
The everyday hand-waving and dismissal of rape, violence, and atrocities committed by men against women of all ages, races, cultures, regions, classes, orientations and abilities, unrelentingly, without mercy, since the beginning of recorded history.
The merciless death threats, harassment, stalking and violence committed by male “transwomen” against women, feminists, and lesbians who dare to participate in the public square of social life.
The ubiquitous and vile systemic campaigning by transgenderists to eliminate the human rights of women (and lesbians specifically) to create and attend public social gatherings of their choosing. Transadvocate writer David “Dana Lane” Taylor threatening death on a lesbian feminist’s children, writing that her children “have to die”, with the total support of the transgender community behind him. Receiving messages from “transwomen” here at GenderTrender listing the names and elementary school addresses of the children of lesbians and feminists considered “enemies” of the transgender movement. Countless episodes of stalking and harassment of lesbians and feminists and our families, neighbors, and employers, many not reported here due to ongoing legal processes. Bomb threats against feminist conferences. Assaults committed by “transwomen” against lesbians and feminists and gay men at public events and speaking engagements. Countless suicide threats by men (er, “transwomen”) designed to control women and prevent us from discussing publicly the ways in which male supremacy is harmful to us. There are truly too many ghastly -even horrific- actions performed against women by transgenderists (in the name of so-called “trans activism”) to recount here without authoring a 500 page post.
I think it’s fair to conclude that the foundation of the entire “Transgender Rights Movement” is based on violence against women, censorship of women, and the elimination of the Human Rights of Women. But that’s not all.

The violence of the transgender movement stretches well beyond what might be considered “typical” male Violence Against Women, (much less framed as “political violence”) into absolute ghoulishness and a celebration of misery and death. The transgender movement is GHOULISH. The transgender movement loves death. The transgender movement loves suicide. The transgender movement valorizes and celebrates murder, suicide, violence, and death.
The transgender movement’s annual “Pride” gathering is one of suicide and death, the “Transgender Day of Remembrance”. Nevermind that, barring South America (which is notoriously deadly for impoverished black and brown women, gay men and transgender male prostitutes) the chance of being murdered in a hate crime as a white male transgender is incredibly slim. According to 2014 FBI Hate Crime statistics it is much more dangerous to be an “out” gay man. As males, “transwomen” commit murder at the same rates as any other male. The founder of TDOR, a late-transitioning heterosexual white man named Gwen Smith has said as much. While “commemorating” the death of a violent man who shot mental health intern Rita Powers eleven times before suiciding himself, Smith said he might very well commit the same murderous act someday, and that looking at the ultra-violent perpetrator of violence against women was like “looking in a mirror”. Despite the fact that every single transgender murder “commemorated” by TDOR was killed by the same epidemic of male violence that kills women, and every single perpetrator was male (some of them “transwomen” themselves), not a single transgender initiative against such male violence has ever been launched or proposed. Two weeks ago Laverne Cox spoke for over six minutes on the topic of [male] violence against [male] transwomen of color titled “The Intersection of Transphobia, Racism, and Misogyny (And What to Do About It)”. Cox outlined, at length, a pattern of male on male violence that affects “transwomen”, concluding: “What are we going to do about that? I think love is the answer.” That was it. In other words, nothing. Not programs designed to combat racism and poverty. Not programs supporting transwomen from getting trapped in street prostitution. Not anti-violence initiatives directed at the perpetrators –who, like Cox himself, are male. Not anything at all because ghastly murders of vulnerable transwomen of color matter only as a political meme to forward the pro-violence, pro-prostitution, pro-men’s rights and anti-woman transgender movement (and Cox’s career of course). Let’s not forget that the transgender movement LOVES male murderers, rapists, and child abusers: as long as the perpetrators are “transwomen”. GHOULS.
Heterosexual white male Advocate journalist Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne, who “became a woman” by declaring himself to be one in May of this year reported last month that: “1 in 12 trans women are killed every year.” Which is incredible. Truly. As in, not credible. Did it not occur to the Advocate that this would mean the disappearance of all male transgenders over the course of every twelve years? No matter. Because Jerimiah/Mya was just using the ghastly fiction to justify the purpose of his piece: obliquely threatening to commit suicide if a lesbian musician wouldn’t censor her work according to his direction. GHOUL.
Ah. Yes. Suicide. The other sort of violence that men threaten women with in order to control them. The transgender movement adores suicide. Suicide is valorized by transgenderists, encouraged even. When Nathan Verhelst was euthanized as a cure for her unremittent gender dysphoria trans activists called it her “final transition”. GHOULS.
Transgenderists love suicide but they don’t like stopping it so much. After twenty years of using suicide as a violent political chip to promote a political agenda not a single trans activist bothered organizing a single measure to address the problem. Not one. In fact, they protested gay male activist Dan Savage’s teen anti-suicide campaign “It Gets Better”, claiming that it DOESN’T get better for transgender teens, who may as well just kill themselves, apparently. Which is incredible. As in, lacking credibility. Like all teens, life does get incredibly better for youth as they gain more independence to structure their own lives and communities upon adulthood. What kind of sick GHOUL would tell them otherwise? Transgender movement GHOULS, that’s who. When trans activist Joel Nowak tried to organize the first initiative against teen suicide earlier this year, he was banned from transgender support forums for doing so. A few weeks ago, after twenty GHOULISH years another trans activist apparently got the first suicide hotline up and running. I’m not able to locate any mention of the training or certification or qualifications of anyone running it, (except for their own recent extreme suicidality. If you consider that a form of qualification which I don’t), much less any mention of record-keeping or accountability. For example we don’t know if the kid who killed himself last weekend called the service before he died.
On Sunday a seventeen year-old gay male named Josh was killed on a highway by a truck driver who was traumatically forced by Josh to strike and kill him, apparently. After his apparent “suicide by truck” the kid’s tumblr blog auto-posted a pre-written suicide note, in which he blamed his parents for his actions, citing their distaste for his homosexuality (and possible future transgenderism) as a justification for his violent act of self-destruction. The youth had been posting suicidal stuff all year apparently, and none of the over 600 followers who re-blogged and “liked” his posts ever did anything about it, as far as we know. GHOULS. Josh ended his big “fuck you” suicide note with the statement that “My death needs to mean something”.
I hate to break it to you kid, but it doesn’t. Your LIFE may have meant something had you been able to persevere against depression and whatever else you were struggling with, but your violent demise is utterly meaningless. Tragic and without meaning. Like all the other teens who surmise the hopelessness of life before they really even begin to live it. Teenage suicides are common. It’s the third leading cause of death among teens. Young people really cannot imagine what life will be like later when you’ve gotten your “sea legs” living with the power to make your own decisions and choose among all the options available to you. When you are an adult, each door you open leads to another three doors- choices, directions- and until you open each one you can’t see what the new options will be. Some are good, some are bad, but they are all within your own power to choose as an adult. If nothing else, it’s one hell of a ride. Something you and teens like you will never know. The only ones who find value and meaning in pointless sorrow, violence, and death are GHOULS.
Like Janet Mock. Who tweeted a link to your suicide note to over 50,000 of his followers and valorized your suicide, stating that your actions “upheld self-determination”. GHOUL.
Like Parker Molloy, who publicly tweeted your mother’s name and photo and (as your mom was grieving from your loss) accused her, stating: “You could have prevented this”. GHOUL.
Like “Cisfeminist” writer and activist Tina Vasquez who tweeted about your pathetic death and trashed your mother as a segue into fundraising for herself. GHOUL.
And these GHOULS are the media professionals, mind. The ones that KNOW about the copycat effect. That KNOW the strict media guidelines against valorizing and publicizing teen suicide as some sort of “meaningful” act or accomplishment. Against obscuring the reality that killing yourself won’t “punish” those who have wronged you or “make you famous”.
But let’s not forget non-professionals like the hundreds of transgender internet GHOULS who sent horrific messages by the thousands to your mom, like this:
suicide ghouls 1
suicide ghouls 2
suicide ghouls 3
Like the transgender GHOULS who set up a Wikipedia page to “honor” your early demise.
Like the transgender GHOULS who created a fake Instagram account in your mother’s name to stalk, harass and frighten her as she struggles to deal with what you have done.
Like the GHOULS creating a Change.Org PETITION directed at YOUR MOTHER.
Funny none of these disgusting reprehensible death-cult GHOULS slobbering over your bones targets your dad. Naw. Mother-blaming and woman-blaming in general is a national pastime for these transgender GHOULS.
The last people who are going to do anything to prevent suicides, stop male violence, and eliminate sex roles are transgender activists. As evidenced by their complete disinterest in doing so for the entire twenty year span of their “movement”. So you were really pissing in the wind there, kid. And now you aren’t around to do anything about it either. So.
So good job, Kid. You’re dead. An innocent truck driver is traumatized for the rest of his life. You will never know what a great, supportive relationship you might have been able to build with your parents over time. Ten years from now they may have been your biggest supporters. You never know. As in, you really will never know, now. All talents and potentials you may have had will never amount to anything now. Other dumb kids will probably follow your lead and kill themselves now too. In the end your death is just another in a long line of sad, pointless, meaningless acts committed by people who fucked up. Without meaning and serving no one.
Except the GHOULS feeding on your bones.

398 thoughts on “Transgender Ghouls For Suicide and Death

  1. I feel very, very deeply sorry for this young person, and for the suffering of many other young people, especially young lesbians and gay men who are resistant to gender indoctrination and are brutally punished for it. I myself experienced deep depression as a teenager and attempted suicide. I cannot imagine how much worse it would have been had I been embroiled in a “community” that constantly validated my sense of my own brokenness, ugliness, and lack of any real future- for example, it seems that Alcorn had been convinced that without the parental go-ahead to begin transition during childhood, he was doomed to be hideous and unloveable for his entire life.
    I am also disgusted that, as usual, both the hetero “trans lesbian” brigade and “radical” het women are trying to make political bank out of the suffering and death of a gay child. Truly we are less than nothing to them.

    1. It seems like a significant motivator for Alcorn’s suicide was the fear of being an ugly woman. If there’s anything that characterizes the trans delusion better, I don’t know what it is.
      While women are conditioned from birth to think we’re only as good as our looks, we also have a lifetime to fight against that conditioning. Trans “women” don’t have that. They’re also coddled by their community when it comes to people telling them they’re gorgeous when they’re not and that feeling suicidal over their supposed ugliness is normal. A woman experiencing suicidal ideation for thinking she’s ugly would be widely mocked and insulted for being shallow. Even while we’re not allowed to be ugly, we’re also not allowed to feel bad about it.

      1. “If there’s anything that characterizes the trans delusion better, I don’t know what it is.”
        The fear that puberty as a male, via the masculinizing effects of testosterone, might make it impossible for someone to transition to a plausible female body is a real one. By Leelah’s own account, the sense of gender dysphoria was deep and dated to the age of four. Growing up in a body that, from his perspective, might never be the body he’d feel appropriate in would be distressing.

      2. Good point, Kesher. I’ve noticed that a number of transgenders were, by societal standards, physically attractive in their birth genders, but unattractive after their transitions. To spend that much time and effort and end up unattractive by societal standards cannot be good for the psyche.

      3. Randy said: “By Leelah’s own account, the sense of gender dysphoria was deep and dated to the age of four.”
        As others have quoted below, Joshua Alcorn said on his own Tumblr that he blew his complaints out of proportion and then threatened suicide over them. He was clearly a troubled teenager, but we can’t necessarily take all his individual statements at face value.
        “I’m literally such a bitch. shit happens in my life that isn’t even really that bad and all I do is complain about it to everyone around me and threaten to commit suicide and make them feel sorry for me, then they view me as sub-human and someone they have to take care of like a child. then when they don’t meet my each and every single expectation I lash out at them and make them feel like shit and like they weren’t good enough to take care of me.
        since I can only find imperfections in myself I try my hardest to find imperfections in everyone around me and use them as a way to one up myself and make others feel bad to make myself look better.”

      4. Even if Alcorn had gotten the puberty blockers, then the estrogen, then the facial feminization….and could pass better as a girl…wouldn’t he still have found himself a ‘lonely (trans)woman’? Who are the prospective partners for transwomen? The trans-crowd seems to dream of the day when straight guys will consider dating a trans-woman as much as a natal women. That strikes me as a gross overestimation of the ability of straight men to be ‘progressive’ in their sexual tastes.

  2. “Funny none of these disgusting reprehensible death-cult GHOULS slobbering over your bones targets your dad. Naw. Mother-blaming and woman-blaming in general is a national pastime for these transgender GHOULS.”
    BOOYA. I haven’t seen one of these assholes go after the father.

    1. Yes, mother-blaming is a way of life in this culture, and many others. It is a sure sign of the shortsighted misogyny many of us have embedded in us and It perpetuates the problems by overlooking the true sources and context of the issues.

    2. As I said elsewhere, that’s because the mother maintained an active Facebook account that, among other things, explicitly referenced her child’s death. That account was found first before a Twitter account of the father that made no such mention.

      1. mansplaination of blaming the Mother duly noted. Having a FB is the reason they were able to contact her, but does not address their abuse

      2. “As I said elsewhere” – the subtle implication being that a) we’re supposed to know who the fuck this guy is; and b) that we should be following his every word. Fuck right off, you arrogant ass.
        As shediogenes says, the fact that the mother has a Facebook account does NOT in ANY way excuse the abuse. And do NOT try and tell me, with a straight face, that Josh’s mother isn’t coming in for a shit-ton more excoriation than his father. Just don’t. As Elizabeth says above, this is a prime example of the embedded misogyny in our world. If you aren’t aware of that, then you need help.

  3. I have a male friend who is a trucker. He’s a very kind man, and would be absolutely devastated if he played a role in someone’s suicide. I’ve read that New York subway train engineers have been hospitalized for PTSD when they’ve hit suicidal people.

  4. Another tranny temper tantrum.
    He didn’t get what he wanted, when he wanted it.
    What a cruel, narcissistic young man.
    My sympathy is to his hardworking parents, especially his Mom, who loved and raised him and now must endure the misplaced rage of all the men in dresses who ever shed a tear.

  5. this page is posting the father’s workplace and asking people to demand that he is fired. they also post the phone and address of the parents and have pictures of them titled “MURDERERS”. I don’t agree with these parents views on homosexuality and probably little else, but they just buried their child, I’m sure they blame themselves and are living in hell. Harassing grieving parents is just sociopathic behavior. People who have Facebook accounts should report the page and individual posts.

  6. That ‘loving, supportive’ online community this poor kid ran across are the people responsible for this. But what can we expect from a group of people who celebrate and honor and encourage their own mental illness(es)?
    It’s sick, GM, it is really sick, when a NAME ON A HEADSTONE means more to them than the person lying underneath it. Thank you for having the courage to tell this hard truth.

    1. I’m curious to know what this kid’s trajectory was – how long ago did he start identifying as trans, as opposed to gay or anything else?
      The reason I’m curious is that lately I’ve come across quite a few supposedly “trans-friendly” places on the internet where young teens come in, say that they’re questioning their gender (often VERY tentatively, and very often it amounts to “I don’t think I can live up to the expectations of masculinity I’m being pressured with” or “I have a curiosity about what it would feel like to dress up femmy”) and within a VERY short span of the time, the advice from all these “caring people” in the “loving, supportive” online community amounts to “fuck your parents, they’re transphobic assholes, they don’t know what you need, what you need is HORMONES RIGHT NOW because the earlier the better and the very fact that you questioned your gender at all means you are 100% TRANS LIKE US.”
      Then it goes within a few months or even weeks to desperate posts about how they need hormones now, and parents won’t listen, and oh no, oh no, oh no.
      That 14 year old kid featured here a while ago that got the “asktransgender” community on Reddit to actually post some attempt at cover-your-ass language over DIY hormones is one prime example – that kid is still posting, absolutely 100% convinced he’s a girl, now. Thankfully still alive.
      Daily people come in there questioning and the answer is always the same – the fact that you question means you need to get on hormones now, your family doesn’t understand, they hate you, and here’s what you need to tell the “gatekeepers” so you’ll get treatment right away, even if that means actively hiding your true feelings.
      Creepy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    2. And they’re trying to use a petition to get the headstone to say Leelah. Surely members of the LGBT movement, of all people, would know what homophobic or transphobic family members can do with a deceased gay or trans relative if that relative died without an ironclad will or before the age of majority. Somehow I doubt even one gay man or lesbian over the age of, say, 40 has signed that petition. Only young kids and straight men dressing as women would be immature and divorced from reality enough to think that the kid’s choices matter at this stage. The law is on the parents’ side. Period.

      1. When someone just died because of gender dysphoria the least you can do is honor their name and pronouns. The ultimate selfishness is denying the last request of a dying teenager. The Alcorns bullied their kid to death and then said, “thank God he’s safe now.” Yes Leelah is much better off with God than she was with you. Way to go parents.
        And really?? It’s not about you.

        1. You are a nutty man and also very unintelligent. We are fulfilling Josh’s request to make the world better. Unlike you. I’m sure you give less than a fuck about Josh Alcorn. Did you know they’ve named the portion of the highway where he died after him and put up signs so kids would know where to find “the spot” and so ghouls like you could go to pay homage? Why don’t you go fling a dozen roses onto the grill of an oncoming semi and make yourself feel better? Rest in Power!

    3. “It’s sick, GM, it is really sick, when a NAME ON A HEADSTONE means more to them than the person lying underneath it.”
      You said it, Kitty. The name, the fantasy name, the pronouns, the HER, SHE, DAUGHTER, SISTER (usually just like that, in all-caps), the insane petitions to force Joshua’s parents to lie and to obey — these, rather than the boy and his family, matter above all else to this crazed mob.
      The true names and pronouns — he, him, boy, son, brother — send them into a wild and violent frenzy. It’s just terrifying to watch them in action.
      I’ll bet his parents are afraid for their own lives.

  7. So typical of these porny male trans and their allies to make a martyr out of this due. Now they are gona hound his parents, is so below the belt.

  8. Yes, they are ghouls.
    There is nothing but destructiveness in the transgender movement. Self-hate, self destruction, and frequently severe, harmful destructiveness towards others. The road leads to nowhere but harm. No healing. No growth. A movement of those who are hurt by gender roles combined with narcissists, sociopaths and other of similar ilk – how many more cases like this has already happen and will happen?

  9. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. I love how you sum it all up so well and are the resource where all can see how much of a female-hating, and even gay male hating cult the trans cult is.
    Sharing in our facebook groups….

  10. As someone who has counseled parents of children who completed suicide I wish I could say “I can’t imagine,” but unfortunately I can. This is a horrible situation. Whether the parents made mistakes is not the issue; they did what they thought was best for their child at the time, and they will be second guessing their decisions for the rest of their lives. How horrible for the siblings as well, and for all the friends and teachers and, yes, even the therapists. That transactivists turned this into a political feast says everything you need to know about the trans movement.
    On another note: wasn’t this Parker Molloy, who sent a nasty message to the child’s mother, the anti-violence writer who got suspended from a popular gay publication for advocating violence? Not that I’m calling this message violence, but it is mental abuse. I wonder if these journalists mentioned here will face any consequences for this behavior.
    On yet another note: I tried to report the site agitating for abuse of the family on Facebook, but they didn’t have a good category for this kind of malfeasance. Apparently it’s a type of poor behavior no group of people but the trans have dreamed up yet.
    About the reasons for the suicide of this child: I can’t comment about the situation because things around suicide, once you know the full story, are almost never what they seem to be on the outside. It is, however, a tragedy for everyone, and this child most of all.

    1. “things around suicide, once you know the full story, are almost never what they seem to be on the outside.”
      This is very true to my own experience being close to people who are severely disturbed or depressed. Particularly people who are more of the volatile, dramatic type than the self-effacing depressive type.
      There’s an aspect of how the disease process distorts people’s thoughts, and sometimes there’s also just the plain fact of there being two sides to every story and sometimes people are shitty and lie or exaggerate to get their way. Tough to say in these circumstances but having lived through some pretty weird stuff it’s always in the back of my mind. People lie. People manipulate. Sometimes those people die. That doesn’t make them saints or truthful.
      Taking the word of an unreliable narrator to condemn two parents who are hurting so deeply is such an immature thing…of course that’s what tumblr would do though, because tumblr is immature to an extreme. I saw one post saying that we should condemn the mother in all kinds of unspeakable ways because the last words the teen posted about her were like “fuck you mom, you don’t know my life.” Really? Common teen angst is an indictment of someone’s character for all eternity now?

      1. This is a very sad situation. It’s sad that a lot of teens don’t realize that those (often) very difficult years are temporary. However, I agree that a disturbed teen may not be the most reliable narrator, so people should not be attacking the parents here.
        I hate having to say this, but there is a transgender person in my family with severe borderline personality disorder who will frequently badly slander my whole family online. None of it is remotely true (we all use the right names and pronouns, we don’t criticize this person, etc) but when he’s in a rage, we are all seen as being pure evil.

      2. That’s what borderline personality disorder does. You’re either all good to the person who suffers from it, or pure evil. And whatever they have to say to get what they want, they’ll say. No one wins sympathy, martyr points, and asspats in the online trans community by talking about their boringly supportive family who walks on eggshells around their explosive temper and unstable emotions.

      3. Exactly! I’m either good or absolute evil – no in between. I actually had to talk with a psychologist about how to cope with my sibling’s behaviour. The smallest perceived slight (not even by a family member) can trigger a severe rage that will cause him to direct some very disturbing behavior towards us.
        That people are directing some rather threatening behavior at the parents in this case is disturbing. A lot of emotionally disturbed teenagers will hate on their parents no matter what and will exaggerate their parents’ punishments for sympathy or attention. I’ve seen this happen first hand.
        I’m also concerned that other troubled homosexual or gender non-conforming teenagers are going to see how much attention this teen is getting now and will then kill themselves because of that.

      4. Ah geez, just saw on twitter that another transgender person posted a suicide note and went missing.
        So begin the copycat suicides. This is a real phenomenon – google “copycat suicides” or Werther Effect.”

      5. I also have family members with BPD… it’s very difficult to deal with. I’d never thought about it, but it makes sense that someone with the disorder might be especially drawn to trans: People with BPD do not respect and are in fact outraged by others’ personal boundaries.

    2. In the US do you have a PCC (Press Complaints Commission)? That’s for the behaviour of journalists. I am shocked (and I didn’t think I was very shockable) that anyone would think to put the boot into the mum at a time like this.

      1. We have the FCC which monitors broadcast media; although usually for “offensive” language (read: swearing), nudity, and overt sexuality. There are certainly no government agencies that monitor journalistic ethics. There are some private watchdogs and maybe some industry-created organizations.
        Those organizations (Media Matters, for example) are extremely pro-trans, and I doubt they’d be sympathetic to complaints about violent rhetoric from trans “journalists” or about how the media handling of this suicide might encourage other kids to kill themselves.

  11. When I first started reading Josh’s suicide note, I felt bad for him, but then as the note went on, I just got more pissed off. He just wanted to be some exalted martyr, and didn’t care who he decimated along the way (the truck driver, the police who had to clean up the scene, and of course his family). He even disses his friends, I guess because they didn’t pay enough attention to him. (Maybe they realized what a punitive jerk he was.) I don’t like speaking ill of a dead teenager, but that note. It was so over the top, it seemed like a hoax. That kid had issues.
    The fact that transjacktivists are harassing the parents is sickening. Like Bleh said above, I doubt Josh’s parents and I would agree on much, but holy crap. Even if, for example, I had a lesbian friend who committed suicide because of her unaccepting family, there’s simply no WAY I’d be screaming at her parents, despite my anger. It’s just beyond the pale. They’d have their own pain and guilt to deal with, and it would be cruel to add more.
    This was a gutsy post, Gallus, and not just because of what you wrote about Alcorn. The whole thing. Thanks.

    1. You wouldn’t scream at them because – boundaries. It’s not your place…right? It’s not the friend’s place to scream at the parents about a child’s suicide…maybe a family member could do it, but not a friend.
      I like how the trans brotherhood (I refer to transwomen now) respects NO boundaries – women’s bathrooms, a suicide’s parents, MichFest…there simply are NO boundaries for them – first boundary they broke – women’s identity as adult females. That’s what trans means – it means to transgress boundaries.
      Could it be – boundaries aren’t all bad? Some boundaries should be respected? You can’t build a whole “intellectual movement” based on one idea…it reminds me of the housing boom…the crash in 2008…you had people on Wall Street, and the idea was…housing prices would ALWAYS rise…well, “always” is one of those words you should use sparingly, cautiously, if at all – especially in the face of complex phenomena…it’s like queer theory says, transgressing boundaries is ALWAYS good………’s like Wall Street and Trans Street…they’ve got the same mindset……..

    2. You say “That kid had issues.”
      SO many of them have issues, in spades. It’s obvious just reading their questioning posts. The horrible part is, they go into the various “support groups” and are told that ALL of their issues surely must 100% be due to the fact that they’re trans. It has to be the dysphoria causing everything, and if they can only solve THAT (by “transitioning” to their “true selves”) then all the rest of their problems will magically solve themselves, or at least be much easier to deal with, so they should drop everything and start taking hormones ASAP.
      On top of it they’re told that their parents, who are often trying to get them into some sort of mental health counseling (actual counseling, not religious counseling, it’s clear in a lot of cases) are trying to “sabotage” them or unnecessarily delay this desperately needed “transition” that will solve all their problems, so they should not cooperate, they should hide their depression from any counselors or therapists, that their family is definitely not on their side. This is from strangers on the internet who have no idea of the family dynamics involved or anything else beyond those initial “I feel depressed and I think I maybe want to be a girl” posts. If you admit to being depressed the doctor won’t give you hormones! So you better hide it.
      Just on general principles it’s usually not recommended for people go around assuming ANY one “magic thing” is going to cure all of life’s problems, and this is just… I don’t even know.

      1. Hi Adrian: What you posted reminded me of a problem that used to occur with some weight loss surgery (WLS) patients. Some patients assumed, before surgery, that losing weight would solve all of their problems. It was a shock for a number of them that losing their obesity didn’t lose their issues. To address this potential problem, most surgery clinics and/or insurance companies now require candidates for WLS to undergo six months’ counseling to ensure the patient knows that the surgery won’t be a magic fix.

      2. @Zemskull – Yep. And so these “supportive” sites clue into this too a bit, and so they’re actually telling these kids, hide your issues, because the (well-meaning) doctors will deny you your “needed, rightful” hormones if they get whiff that you have any other issues going on. It’s scary.

      3. The First Man-Made Man, the biography of Laura Dillon (who changed her name to Michael Dillon and underwent one of the first “sex-change” phalloplasties), describes how Dillon was convinced that a sex change – which was unheard-of in the thirties – would solve her problems.
        When she persuaded a surgeon to do the operation, she was still unhappy – and convinced herself that if she only achieved a different apparently impossible goal (joining a monastery that was said not to admit Westerners), she’d be happy.
        How much clearer could it be that the problem isn’t that transsexuals are the wrong sex – the problem is that they’re convinced that all their problems are caused by this single thing that’s beyond their control?
        (Modern trans people tend not to try to join monasteries – instead, once they find that transition hasn’t improved their lives, they become convinced that they’ll be happy once everyone in the world thinks of them as no different from non-trans men or women.)

      4. @Adrian: That’s interesting about pre-op transgenders attempting to lie to the doctors.
        I’ll add, most weight loss surgery (WLS) clinics and/or health insurance companies require that the pre-surgical patient to agree to post-surgical medical follow-ups, nutritional counseling and exercise training for one year. I suppose the patient could renege on the deal after surgery, but I’ve never heard of one who does. Most of them actively want that guidance. From the way you’ve described the transgenders above, they seem to look at medical and mental professionals as people to con rather than consult.
        And, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, WLS does not cause anything approaching the drastic personal identity overhaul that sexual reassignment surgery does.

    3. Okay, I was thinking this over as I was doing dishes, and I feel bad having called a dead teenager a jerk. I’m sorry about that – he was just a kid, and I’m old enough to know better.
      I do think, however, that he was a kid who bought into the whole trans tragedy narrative. Again, he was just a kid, not sophisticated enough yet to be more discerning, and to look at things with a critical eye. I wish he would’ve given himself the chance to learn and grow.

      1. All these efforts to blame the parents work to obscure the fact that this CULT predates on children. Yes, they are misogynist ghouls, but they also run pedophiliac and trying to encourage medical transition of children is a particularly nasty, distorted version of pedophilia. “You’re really a girl” and we all know this culture eats girls every chance it gets.

      2. It didn’t really occur to me that Alcorn was a jerk, at least not more than any other teen struggling to find their place in the world and dealing with non-understanding parents, apathetic friends, and mental illness. I had plenty of instances when I felt like no one understood me and no one cared. I also had suicidal ideation, but that was also when I was dealing with my mother’s protracted (and fatal) illness.
        The thing is that, since this is something that so many teens struggle with, there’s really not much about Joshua/Leelah’s story that’s exceptional, other than the religious gay conversion “therapy”. The kid knew on some level that in several months, the parents’ opinions on transgenderism would be irrelevant. But he killed himself anyway; according to the note, largely because he couldn’t live with the idea of being a feminine gay man or an ugly woman. It’s hard for me not to blame that last part on the trans community, especially their incredibly creepy obsession with and promotion of trans children. Kids struggling with gender identity are now being led to believe that it’s game over if they don’t get cross-sex hormones before the age of 18. And then there’s the misogynistic ideal in the trans community of superficial beauty, of being better women than actual women. Is anyone even trying to help kids who identify as trans understand that feminine beauty isn’t some sort of birthright?

      3. kesher, not to discount the emotional abuse that is gay conversion therapy, but it didn’t sound from his letter as if that was what was happening. “They were biased” seems like it would be an odd and rather mild way to characterize that sort of therapy. A Christian therapist could mean most anything, especially coming from an obviously troubled teenager with a need for attention and pity. Is there a source on that, or on the actual nature of the counseling?
        The reason I question it is because nothing in that letter hinted at any actual abuse toward this teen, for all his- very ordinary- teenage angst. Grounding someone and cutting off access to electronic media is hardly depriving them of love or friendship. Even at that, all we have to go on is Josh’s account of the reason for the punishment, and from reading his note, I don’t trust a word of it. Vain, selfish, attention-seeking, emotionally abusive and controlling behavior toward his “friends”- jerk isn’t necessarily a poor word choice, even if I agree that it is harsh to refer to a child that way. That entire letter was written with the intention to hurt and punish everyone that had been close to him, with a listing of grievances so trivial they should be considered a mockery of the movement he wants to be martyred for. I can’t find much sympathy for him, child or not.
        I doubt I’d find much in common with his parents either, but the ones attacking them are completely despicable. I pray they stay safe and are eventually left alone to grieve.

      4. @kesher: You say
        “The kid knew on some level that in several months, the parents’ opinions on transgenderism would be irrelevant. But he killed himself anyway; according to the note, largely because he couldn’t live with the idea of being a feminine gay man or an ugly woman. It’s hard for me not to blame that last part on the trans community, especially their incredibly creepy obsession with and promotion of trans children. Kids struggling with gender identity are now being led to believe that it’s game over if they don’t get cross-sex hormones before the age of 18. “
        EXTREMELY much this. He seemed to have this idea that if he had to wait until 18 he’d be “ugly” and so no one would have him and he’d die alone.
        As what some might call an “ugly woman” myself, this disturbs me no end.
        Particularly the ” misogynistic ideal in the trans community of superficial beauty, of being better women than actual women.” bit.
        How many times have I heard “and I make a better woman than you anyway, I’m ‘hot’ and you’re a frump you don’t even put in the effort how DARE you claim to be a woman and deny me???” I can’t even begin to count it.
        It’s not remotely about looks. But, you don’t learn that until way after the teenage years and sadly this kid will never have that chance to learn that he was a complete idiot (as so many of us including myself were – but we LIVED to learn better!!).

      5. LC – YES about the “conversion therapy” bullshit that’s being thrown around as fact. It sure doesn’t sound like that’s at all what Josh was going through, but trannies and their buttkissers have latched on to that phrase (more dramatic!) and are now presenting it as truth. Conversion therapy isn’t just some Christian counselor telling you you’re wrong – there’s way more to it than that. Let me be clear here – yes, I think conversion therapy is bad, bad, bad. BUT, it hardly sounds like what happened with Josh. The fact that transjacktivists are just assuming that this is what was going on, and stating it as fact, just makes them all the less trustworthy.

      6. I agree LC. Christian counselor does not equal conversion therapy. A lot of pastors these days have clinical backgrounds in social work, some even have licenses. I went to school with several. I saw nothing in his note about conversion therapy, and given that it’s a literal fuck you to his parents I’m sure it would have been there if they did.
        People are accusing these people of child abuse based on a very one sided suicide note. I hope at some point his folks will have a chance to tell their side. Invariably the truth lies somewhere in between.

      7. This kid was seventeen, in a very short span of time what his parents thought one way or another wasn’t going to matter. He’d already bought female clothing. Presumably he’d be off to college or whatever and could do whatever he liked. So, no, this had a helluva lot less to do with his parents than it did with the notion of looking like a “man in a dress.” Of being unattractive. Fear of being ugly is why this kid killed himself and there is nothing more self-absorbed and typically teen than that.

      8. What LC said is my take on this as well. The trans activists are throwing around “conversion therapy” as a lazy way to paint the parents and counselor as bad guys. Even from Josh’s dramatic, biased description of it, it does not sound at all like he was going through “conversion therapy.” Just seeing a counselor who would not roll over and sign off on his demands, who did not see gender transition as an option they should be considering at that moment, and who may well have called him out on his teenage bullshit. But both Josh and the trans activists know if they say “CHRISTIAN CONVERSION THERAPY!” everyone will attack on their say-so, using the evidence of truly abusive therapists elsewhere to condemn this unrelated therapist.
        Once again, they are riding on the coattails of other gays and lesbians’ pain to get what they want, manipulatively and deceptively.
        Like a lot of male suicides, his rageful intention was to hurt and destroy everyone around him with his words and his actions and the trans activist community sure is helping him accomplish that.

      9. I agree that it doesn’t sound like the worst forms of conversion therapy, horror stories of physical abuse, but it does sound like the “therapists” started from the opinion that Alcorn being trans or even gay is wrong and was something that needed to be cured. Given that the kid was going through serious emotional/mental issues even aside from any gender questioning, he needed real mental health counseling, not a “therapist” telling him that God hates gays. Real mental health counseling, even with parents who weren’t willing to let Alcorn transition, may have prevented this suicide.
        That said, I don’t think the parents earned the abuse they’re receiving. I think the parents, due to their upbringing, background, and values, thought they were doing the right thing. If trans activists were serious about trying to improve the lives of gay and gender-questioning kids, they’d come from a place of compassion for very religious people and try to convince them why real mental health care for their kids is important and not alienate them with abuse. In my experience, very religious Christians feel martyred when hate is heaped upon them, and so therefore the abuse is only going to convince them they were right all along.

      10. I’m not on facebook. But spending time with family over the holidays, my dad asked me to search out a photo someone had posted earlier in the week, and logged me into his account.
        After scrolling past all sorts of religious junk, military fanfare, etc. and etc. there was a post (slash-*shrine*) by a 30-something extended relative about Alcorn and all the fundamentalist first amendment buffs among friends and family either “liked” in agreement or had the sense to keep their traps shut.
        Being gay means “doing something icky against god” while being trans means just being your true self, a test god put in front of you, and it’s been proven again and again that the more solidly bible or Koran thumping someone is, the more pro trans / anti gay and lesbian they tend to be.
        The conversion therapy line, which I’m inclined to believe is a lie, not only obfuscates that fact, it takes advantage of that obfuscation in a mercenary way. It’s a reversal.
        And now you can’t even google conversion therapy without Alcornites clogging up the results even though until yesterday trans wasn’t even part of the discussion on the subject.
        They literally just went in and erased history. The future will see
        “But I’m a Cheerleader” as a transphobic relic that missed the point completely. It’ll be like the re-write on Stonewall, only applied to the experiences of generation-x.
        And while all the search results were for petitions and such by social justice warriors, the google ads that accompanied my search for conversion therapy were for
        CD/TG – Femininity Expert – Look Like A Real Woman‎
        Private TG Femininity Coach
        Annex Psychotherapist – Call for Free Consultation‎
        Sliding Scale
        Therapist Transgender‎
        These are the people who pushed Alcorn in front of that truck.
        And not out of misguided love. But for $$$.
        Evidently google understands what conversion therapy ACTUALLY is regarding trans, coming to quite a different conclusion than kids in their ivory towers.

  12. Trans activists like their mascots dead because dead people don’t talk back, don’t change their minds, and you can prop them up any way you’d like and put any words you feel like putting in their mouths. You can give them any name, draw “tributes” to fantasy versions of them and post them everywhere, no permission needed. You can project any fantasy onto them. You can set their teenage whims in stone as eternal truths. Who has authority to argue?
    It’s a perverted narcissist’s wet dream. Literally.

    1. Excellent comment. They won’t even listen for one second to any tranny who doesn’t hold all of the “correct” views:
      I saw someone link to that post on another blog I follow. It’s a bit more level-headed than most trannyposts on the subject of Joshua’s suicide. The person who linked to it was immediately responded to with multiple variations of “THE OPINION OF ONE TRANSWOMAN DOES NOT INVALIDATE THE OPINIONS OF HUNDREDS OF OTHER TRANSWOMEN AND MEN WHO HAVE BEEN SPEAKING ON THIS SUBJECT” and so on. One went on to explain that the author’s opinion is irrelevant because he supports such things as bathroom segregation and strictly identifying as a “transwoman” and NOT as a “woman,” views which are looked upon “extremely unfavorably” by the wider trans community.
      This insanity and infighting can’t last much longer. I look forward to watching the tranny movement collapse in on itself.

  13. Best writing I have seen yet about this teen’s suicide. Fervent, direct, poetic and just magic. Thank you so much GM. I hope more and more people read your blog. It is helping us a lot — those of us who are political organizers/activists confronting and challenging transgender ideology and activism in our communities. Thank you.

  14. NBC Nightly News just aired a fawning story on Josh Alcorn, making him out as some kind of heroic martyr. It’s interesting that the reporter consistently referred to Josh as “she”, while his closest friend, a girl, referred to Josh as “he”, and in the photos they showed, except for one in a slip dress, his presentation wasn’t femme. As hearthrising suggests, it could be that supposedly being transgender may not be the underlying impetus for his suicide.
    There was no sympathy expressed for the parents, or the truck driver who was forced into this boy’s private drama. Roger Ebert described suicide as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I thought that, according to GT’s post, professional media does not valorize teen suicide. NBC just proved that the long, sad erosion of journalistic ethics continues unabated.

  15. I’m tempted to say that this piece is your best and most important, Gallus. Actually, though, everything you report, and how you report and analyze it, is your best because all of your pieces are building blocks for the whole picture. What this one is, though, is a bird’s-eye view of an entire movement.
    Yes, it’s a movement with a meta-theme of death and destruction. Its sub-themes are suicide, murder and violence against the integrity — the wholeness — of the person and of the fragile language which helps to keep the person whole. The transgender movement is unwholesome. And all of their death themes are romanticized and eroticized (and also, as you and others have pointed out, racialized).
    Yes, it’s death-loving — that’s the thread that runs through everything they say and do. A movement of ghouls. It’s so clear now (or it should be) that it grew out of not only woman-hatred, but out of meaninglessness of language and of life. And so, naturally, it thrives on these. What a gift Joshua, his suicide, and his mother (the witch! burn her!) are to this movement. It’s one mass, collective, death-loving orgasm for them.

  16. Have these idiots never seen “Prayers for Bobby” about how Mary Griffith was transformed by her gay son’s suicide? I wonder if a hardline homophobic christian like Mary Griffith would have become an advocate for tolerance if she had had to endure the suicide of her son in the age of twitter? Whatever else these parents may have done, they LOST THEIR CHILD.
    Everyone in my family had opinions about every detail of my Brother-in-laws suicide, including some culpability on the part of his parents, but we had the sense and the decency, even in the midst of incredible grief, to keep our opinions to ourselves.
    Lastly, as a truck driver, I can say we all contemplate horrifying scenarios about what can happen out here on the road, and killing a kid, suicide or not, tops the list of our worst nightmares. My thoughts are with the parents, family, friends of this kid, and with the truck driver who will never be able to forget what happened. There, but for the grace of the Goddess go I.

      1. Wow. That conclusion is based on nothing but your own fantasy life. Sick that you would project that outward into the world so blithely.
        You know absolutely nothing about that family or those parents. Nothing.
        My wish for you is that you are judged in life, as you judge. Goodbye. I’m spamming the rest of your sickness.

      2. it’s amazing how the most fucked up people who show up here all feel the need to grace us with pictures of their faces.

      3. Randy thinks committing suicide is a reasonable response for members of the LGBT that grow up in religious households. What could be wrong with that? /s

      4. “it’s amazing how the most fucked up people who show up here all feel the need to grace us with pictures of their faces.”
        It’s like they know that feminists won’t threaten them, call their employers, and treat them the way they treat others.

      5. “It’s like they know that feminists won’t threaten them, call their employers, and treat them the way they treat others.”

  17. Why is it that no one does moral panic quite like the liberal assholes who love to accuse radfems of the same?
    The assignments of blame to the parents were despicable, particularly those of Molloy and Savage. Ghouls, indeed. Outsiders do not have the insight or moral authority to assign blame in this situation, regardless of Alcorn’s parents’ religion. Trannies and their suckups have bizarre illusions regarding their own moral infallibility. Being trans really does trump everything in their eyes. “Trannies have spoken, the case is closed.” Think again, assholes.
    They’re all getting in on it: Twitter twits are throwing out blame to “TERFS”, Janice Raymond, Sarah Ditum, you name it. Some dirtbag named Noah Berlatsky felt the need to weigh in:

    Of course, it’s just random! The radfem remnant take the shit they do day in, day out because they live to hate.

    Ah well, that settles it. Dick.
    Thank you so much for writing this, Gallus. I suppose the SJW histrionics over this child’s suicide are an appropriate end to what they all tell us was the year of the Transgender Tipping Point. That may well be true, though in a different sense than they mean.
    As this ridiculous year in trans and fellow traveler hysterics comes to an end, I’m so glad you’re all here. Happy New Year, everybody!

    1. AFAICT, Noah wrote some wonderwoman manuscript that got him the job at the atlantic. He’s used the job to publish enough crap praising Whipping Girl as the bible for a new age (beyond his prostitution luv letters) that he thought he could get away with conducting an interview with an academic joke who thinks that “gendercide” is actually “every war ever” given that menz die in them.
      He ended up not impressing anyone so he’s back to his old tricks now, at least until there’s another comic book movie to write about, or there’s some study that proves the Swedish Model is bad based on trans logic where foul language and murder are both the same kind of violence so it doesn’t actually matter if fewer women are being killed because violence is UP!
      And there’s always another such study paid by pimps for him to cite.
      Swell dude.
      Not to mention how unfair it is that all the under 40 female editors at The Atlantic have to be hawt and thin and he’s neither. He won’t quit his job to make room for a minority editor, but he’ll totally fight for Batwoman to have to share an apartment with a tranny! Because JUSTICE! (And, I think, then her book get canceled due to lack of interest.)

  18. I would also like to note that we had a nineteen-year-old boy in my extended family suicide around 1981. We were all extremely fond of him, and it fucked all of us up for a long time. So hey, transactivists? You just earned the undying hate of every suicide survivor who comes across your vile work.

  19. Meantime, according to an article at CNN, the mother said “there has not been a service for Josh because people have threatened to protest.”
    Hmmm….who else is famous for protesting at funerals? Lemme think….

    1. Great minds think alike, Ashland! My last tweet included the hashtag #WestboroBaptistTransgenders, in which I brought up the subject of picketing funerals.

  20. Reblogged this on There Are So Many Things Wrong With This and commented:
    This has pretty much killed any sympathy I had left for this predatory cult. Having experienced the suicide of a family member, I can only see this kind of behavior as that of a hate group. Their closest allies are the Westboro Baptist Church.

  21. I think he didn’t expect to actually die. The truck driver was supposed to slam on the brakes and lo! A dramatic moment and story to convince his parents. the reddit comments are interesting.

    1. I think you are absolutely right, belindieG. I think he expected high drama, not actual death.

  22. Tumblr is imploding over this. As expected, the transgender ghouls are picking over the corpse, but it’s been enlightening to see how few self-identified tumblr radical feminists–hetero or lesbian– are critically analyzing the self martyrdom of josh alcorn. The few tumblrs that are doing so are getting hate mail from the rest of the tumblr “rad fems.” Even death threats. As Jane wrote above, this may well be the tipping point that leads regular folk to see just how unhinged the trans movement is.

    1. It may surprise you but some people are not actually on board with primarily het women picking over the barely-cold corpse of another dead gay child. Radfem tumblr is quite unrelentingly homophobic and its reaction to this tragedy is no exception. I am not against the application of political analysis to individual circumstances, but there is a time and a place and leaping in to crow over the death of another “queer” from one’s pedestal of gender-conforming het privilege is nothing short of disgusting.

      1. You seem to have mininterpreted what I wrote. I am not disputing that tumblr is largely a homophobic place (where did that come from?) I don’t generally follow queer blogs or het blogs, either. If you read what’s being written on tumblr by self identified radfem lesbians, you will see that a large number of lesbians are targeting the few, also lesbian writers on tumblr who have had the temerity to analyze Alcorn’s death. (Are they also being attacked by queens and hets? Of course. What else is new?) What’s more, it doesn’t matter that these writers describe their sympathy for this boy or their disgust with “conversion-” therapies– the fact that they are calling him a “boy” is enough to unlock the fury of those worried that any kind of analysis will result in punishment. Instead their attackers bring up the tired “time and place” argument, and use the same strategies you just used to paint these writers as something they are not. Queers, hets. The truth is, there is never a right time or place when it comes to the trans brigade, because their feelings trump all. I was describing capitulation. Emotion is running high, people who claim to be invested in a set of beliefs roll over, or worse, attack people who are on the same side, all out of a fear that if they do not, the people with the true power will annihilate them. And of course, this is what trans, inc. wants. They will continue to elevate and even manufacture martyrs until the discussion on trans is limited to emotions only. They’ve realized there is no room for fact or analysis if they are to win hearts and minds of the general public, so they will attack anyone who dares to do so.

      2. If you consider exercising tact and compassion to constitute “rolling over” I am quite sorry for you. I mentioned the homophobia of radfems on tumblr- not tumblr in general, but its radfem contingent specifically- because seizing the death of a gay child as a stick to beat at the hetero trans is as homophobic as the trans lionising of a child they tormented to suicide.
        The fact that there are some self-identified lesbian radfems who prioritise playing pet to het women and their male-centric agenda (because guess what, constantly picking stupid fights that go nowhere with men is as male-centric as anything else het women do) does not change the fact that radfems on tumblr are homophobic as all get out and are using Alcorn’s death the same way they use the “cotton ceiling” or any other trans attempts to exterminate gay people- as an argument token against the next available het guy in a dress. Once the argument is over they go back to ignoring, sneering at or actively sidelining lesbians in the movement we created.

      3. And I think it might be pertinent to note that at my count at least five noisy, het-prioritising radical “lesbians” on tumblr have been revealed to be actively het women. Anyone can claim to be anything on the internet- actions speak louder than words.

      4. The bloggers I mentioned *have* exercised tact and compassion, as I very clearly stated. Stop putting words in my mouth, and deciding for me what I must think, when I’ve plainly said otherwise. I didn’t say anyone was seizing the suicide of a guy child to beat on hetero trans pigs. As I wrote above, the we’re talking about the boy, period, not using him as a cudgel. You are making things up out of whole cloth instead of addressing what I actually said. Sad.

      5. I hope it’s fair for me to ask the two of you to wind down this conversation now. I think both of your POV have been expressed. And I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Very much so. Thank you.
        Add: So as not to derail the thread, if that wasn’t clear.

    2. actually its not the rad fems attacking them its the lib fems. the rad fems are the ones who tend to question the whole transgender issue. goodness get it right!

  23. A close family member killed himself, and I learnt one thing from it. NO ONE ELSE MAKES YOU COMMIT SUICIDE. It was my family member’s own decision, a horrible and pitiably sad one, but it was his. Alcorn’s family didn’t make that suicide happen. That was a personal choice. Blaming them is not only incredibly cruel – they just lost a loved one – it’s stupid.
    GM, I think you were saying some important truths here. There’s something else, which I will say, and I hope it doesn’t sound too terrible. I hate it when people make other people complicit in their suicide.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s fucking wrong to step in front of a lorry as Alcorn did, Like it is to step in front of a train. You’re forcing someone else to kill you, and you’re forcing trauma onto another set of lives and another family. You’re forcing PTSD on another person, forcing them to relive over and over again the moment they hit you. No-one can shrug that off.
    I’ve seen the pain of a driver who hit someone by accident (the driver was acting completely correctly, it was a person who walked in front of them). I was a witness and was questioned at the scene. The driver kept looking at his hands and crying. Finally he asked the coppers ” Did I kill someone? Was it me?” He was so traumatised he didn’t make any sense. That’s what happened to the driver of the lorry that killed Alcorn. It’s a disgrace to do that to another human being, to push them into your drama and make them act the role you’ve decided for them. I feel very sad about the feeling that could cause a young person to do that, but also very, very sorry for the driver.

    1. That doesn’t sound terrible at all, a cat. Not at all. I too have been wondering a lot about the driver, and how he or she is doing.
      “It’s a disgrace to do that to another human being, to push them into your drama and make them act the role you’ve decided for them.” That is absolutely beautifully put. Thank you.

  24. Yay, old white heterosexual men using teenage boys to further their agenda: getting taxpayers to cough up money for their gendersick surgeries.

  25. This whole thing is so…adolescent. Josh’s note, his very suicide, and the trans reaction.
    One part of Josh’s note that really reveals his adolescent mindset is where he addresses his younger sister: “You are the most talented and pretty little girl I’ve ever met and I love you so much, Amanda. Please don’t be sad. I’m going to miss you so very much.” Um, no, Josh, you’re not going to miss her because you’re dead. But that little slip of his reveals the childlike/adolescent tendency to not be able to grasp the permanency of actions like suicide, or of death itself.
    To his brother, Josh says: “Sorry for picking on you so much when we were kids.” But then later in the letter, he states: “I don’t really feel the need to apologize to anyone else…odds are you didn’t give a shit about me and if you do, you did something that made me feel like shit and you don’t deserve an apology. Also, anyone who says something like ‘I wish I got to know him better’ or ‘I wish I treated him better’ (italics mine) gets a punch in the nose.”
    Okay. So. In Josh’s mind, it’s perfectly alright for him to do one thing, and then condemn others for the same action. That’s immaturity, among other things.
    To his parents, he said: “Fuck you. You can’t just control other people like that. That’s messed up.” This sounds like any teenager having a fit, and the fact that transjacktivists are hailing this as gospel speaks volumes about their own mindsets.
    Frankly, I’m really angry at Josh’s vindictiveness. He didn’t allow himself to grow, but he also took that away from his parents. He condemned them forever in his view, never giving them a chance to mellow, reconcile, understand, maybe even support. I am not one of those people who thinks that all people who commit suicide are selfish – many are just in too much pain. But I just can’t get past the vindictiveness here.

    1. Yeah, seventeen-year-olds who give a flying shit what mummie and daddie think about anything is a pretty alien concept to most lesbians and gays, or maybe most young adults in general. At least the ones I know. Clearly something else going on there. I mean, try some disobedience, son, you might like it. Time to grow up. Time to couch-surf at your friends or whatever. *ProTip: get yourself a sleeping bag.
      If you’re seventeen and give a flying fuck what your parents think about life and your life and if you let them “control” your actions, there’s a problem right there. Huge red flag. Then again this kid posted about maxing out his credit card shopping for laydee-clothes two months before he died, and went on and on about the expense of transgendering. He posted a month ago on reddit asking people to “convince me not to kill myself” and said “Being transgender is expensive. Paying bills and stuff could ruin my life. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life broke because i have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to keep myself happy.”
      A bunch of GHOULS like TERF-TRACKER Dennis “Allison” Woolbert and some weirdo calling themselves Brian Wisecarver are trying to cash in on the death of this person and one gender GHOUL has set up a “project” in the name of the valiant martyr which claims to reduce teen suicides by providing male teens with wigs, make-up and female sexualized clothing:

      1. How disgusting, it is bad enough when these guys try to promote pimp-lead prostitution off the backs of rape victims as a rape-victim right-, but now they want to promote sexualizing children as an individual right of children. As a parent, I am appalled.
        I hope they do a tox screen.
        If this young man was conned by adults into taking black-market HRT, then it was illegal street HRT that caused a hormone imbalance on a growing adolescent depressed child -There is a reason why you need a prescription. But street HRT is still out there being pushed by adults with an interest of sexualizing children. Anyone willing to contribute to the delinquency of a minor deserves criminal drug charges.

      2. Hi Gallus. Regarding the maxing out on credit cards: is overspending and/or compulsive clothes shopping common with the M2T population? I’m sitting here thinking about the M2Ts I have known, and many of them brag about buying $1200 dresses at Saks, even when this type of spending appears outside their means. No M2Ts I have known shop at Goodwill. I wonder why this is. Are they getting their ideas about gender from Cosmo and other magazines that promote expensive fashion?

    2. ‘To his parents, he said: “Fuck you. You can’t just control other people like that. That’s messed up.” This sounds like any teenager having a fit, and the fact that transjacktivists are hailing this as gospel speaks volumes about their own mindsets.’
      Ashland, yes. Except for the absolutely horrific ending, he sounds, here, like any other teenager having a you-don’t-understand-me tantrum (hmm … perhaps like any other white, middle-class teenager?). Those kind of tantrums are, of course, real and sincerely felt by kids, but they are also understood to be infantile — a developmental stage (not to say that his parents didn’t thwart his development with their homophobia; it sounds as though they, like many parents of gay/lesbian kids, probably did).
      But, yes, it does speak volumes that trans-activists and their dedicated allies relate to adolescent angst SO much that they want to freeze-dry it, frame it and make it pretty. I mean, this is where they are at, right?

  26. I posted this article on my FB wall and got someone asking for sources. If you have the time, could you answer that question? What are the sources for all that you say in the first four paragraphs about how transgenderists are targeting and attacking women and lesbians?

      1. k. I tried googling “transgender attacks on feminists” and the first thing that came up was the New Yorker article called “The Dispute between Radical Feminism and Transgenderism” which does have some good examples in it. But below that, I got The — which to the mind of the woman who asked for sources, would prove that feminists are attacking trans people so…what do you suggest I google? Thanks.

      2. Gallus and Thistle: Possibly the easiest thing would be to google the questions you have and include “gendertrender” in the query. Sometimes it’s easier to use Google to search a specific blog, and Dog knows there’s tons of relevant material here.

      3. You can also include the phrase to return pages from this site. is specifically for recording threats. The admins have said that if they ever see feminists threatening trans people, they’ll include that, too – but it never happens. The threats are entirely one-way.

      4. Thistlespace, I agree with Miep and BF&F. I would just go back in the archives of this site, read, and then read some more. There’s tons of information right here.

      5. If any new readers are dubious that I suggested they look further here on Gendertrender to learn more about this post, and wonder if I’m just using circular logic and saying “this site is correct because it says it’s correct” – I assure you that you will find hundreds of links on Gendertrender to studies, news reports, and even trans activists’ own words. You can confirm everything that’s said here.

  27. That depressed ‘transman’ just killed herself in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago and I sure haven’t seen much outrage; gee, can’t imagine why!

    1. That is because trans-gender only benefits men through male privilege
      [BTW, Happy New Year everyone! This Has been the Best New Year’s Eve Ever! 🙂 .]

    1. I was thinking about this earlier today, and about the very stark contrast between this and the way lesbian and gay activists have always addressed young people in despair. Whether it’s actively helping isolated kids to escape a bad home environment for somewhere safer, or just the simple intervention of the “It Gets Better” videos, it’s always about trying to get kids up and over the pain and striving for something better.
      Imagine if the trans movement made even the barest attempt to be like that, to tell kids that their pain is survivable rather than endlessly rattling off exaggerated suicide stats, to encourage them to believe that they are more than peoples’ superficial impressions of them rather than all the histrionics about being “poisoned” by having gone through natural puberty. I have actually seen transactivists saying outright that suicide is the “right choice” for some people.

      1. Exactly. I’m not nuts about the “It Gets Better” campaign, in part because so many of the adults participating don’t realize how fast and how much things have changed since they were teenagers – but the basic message is one of hope, not “I’m jealous of all the teenagers who can get hormone blockers and look cute. If you can’t look cute, you’re better off dead.”

      2. ‘I have actually seen transactivists saying outright that suicide is the “right choice” for some people.’
        Yup. I’ve been poking around Tumblr and some people are calling Joshua’s (they, of course, say Leelah’s) suicide “sad and beautiful.” They are saying things like “your death wasn’t in vain” and even thanking — THANKING “her” — for her “sacrifice.” Leelah did it for them, and they are touched, they are moved, they are drawing pictures in tribute and celebration.
        Honestly, these young people think that Japanese anime porno-pedophile-bloody-melodrama is real life. Blood and guts are romantic to them, as long as the dead body is young and pretty. These are fascist aesthetics. I am not throwing that word around lightly. Fascist aesthetics are obsessed with perfected bodies, with great struggles, romance, pain and suffering, personal sacrifice and the absolute primacy of identity.
        It’s all very seductive. Sick, nihilistic men are benefiting from all this sickness.

      3. I did a quick search on Tumblr and yes, there are TONS of cutesey, glamorous, childish cartoon/anime tribute images of this dead teenager. With texts like “my death needs to mean something” “Her name was Leelah” “Rest in power.”
        The style is like when teens draw fanarts of their favourite cartoon character. I don’t really have words to express what I feel, but this stuff isn’t healthy.

      4. What is the “rest in power” crap supposed to mean, anyhow? Dead people are the definition of powerless. It reminds me of suicide bombers, this delusion that death by suicide will vindicate some political cause.

      5. “It reminds me of suicide bombers, this delusion that death by suicide will vindicate some political cause.”
        Yes, yes. It’s a politics and an aesthetic. As I said in my earlier comment, I think it’s quite obviously a fascist view life and death.

  28. This is nothing but a “poor me” note. First, I sent a letter to the mom AND dad – one which extended compassion and hope. Next, I not only contacted the dad, but the dad’s employer. Not only did you disrespectfully call Leelah a “he” and boy, but you diminished her struggle by saying she was just “wanted to play around with different roles.”
    Additionally, you couldn’t even get MY gender right when responding to me – which shows just how much thought and time you put into researching your “facts.” Just like you classified me as as a “transgendered internet ghoul,” (uh, NO, I’m a female, non-LGBT, and was expressing compassion for a woman who I knew to be getting tons of hate mail). And to continue with your non-factual rant, I also contacted both the father and the father’s employer.
    What I see and read is nothing more than hateful, biased rhetoric from someone who is clearly just looking to stir the pot, doing the exact same things your commentary addresses. Hypocrisy, plain and simple. Maybe you should follow your own advice and do something positive to help make positive change instead of spending your time making up stories and facts to support your own personal bias.

    1. So you are a heterosexual female homophobe and transgenderist who stalked and harassed the grieving parents of a depressed gay kid who commited suicide. And you doxxed and harassed the dead teen’s father at work and tried to get him fired. You are the very definition of a genderist GHOUL.
      Also: “you couldn’t even get MY gender right when responding to me ..”. I have no idea who you are and have never interacted with you in any way but I’m about to look into it and who you are and perhaps contact your employer IF ANY.

      1. Two things that I’ll begin with:
        1) I agree that it was the wrong thing for me to contact (albeit minimally) the employer. I’m not proud of that action, and I should definitely look into deleting the tweet if possible. I will take responsibility for that. However, I am self-employed, so unfortunately you won’t be able to start that type of witch-hunt. 🙂
        2) I think it’s pretty clear in my words (had they been read) that I was trying to extend compassion and kindness in a sea of hate-mail. While you say it was the wrong time to contact her, I felt like having some words of kindness cross her path might help ease that pain a bit. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree here.
        3) I’m assuming that you know who I am considering that you copied and pasted my tweet. However, it appears that there may be more than one author here – and it may have been “miep” that referred to me as a “he.” I’m unclear if you are the same person or not.
        Lastly, you can make up definitions of me all you like – I am unconcerned with that. My sexuality doesn’t matter, my words and actions do. The labels you are trying to apply, while ridiculous and factually inaccurate, are again not fact-checked, but just more ranting to support your argument. And this argument makes absolutely no sense to me.
        I’m not quite sure how your actions are any different than what you are accusing people of. Your words are dripping with hate and bias, and it’s doubtful that anything good came come from anger and hate. Believe me, I understand how a person can get to that place – particularly if you’re experiencing prejudice yourself – but I fail to see how this will yield any positive results.
        In any case, I will thank you for posting my response rather than just trashing it. While we disagree on many things, I respect that you allowed me to speak up and defend myself, so thank you.

        1. Diva: Since you’re posting under a pseudonym and acting like a male transgender, you could well be one. A photo doesn’t prove anything. In any case, your showing up here and accusing Gallus of just making shit up is classic transgender projection. She pretty much just posts and discusses real-life news and events, this is not an op-ed blog. Which you would know if you’d actually try reading it.

      2. Clearly you are a sadistic sociopath who doxxes and criminally harasses parents of dead children. I will do whatever is needed to support your criminal prosecution. Including travel at my own expense.

      3. A heterosexual woman criminally stalking and doxxing and harassing the grieving parents -total strangers to her- of a dead gay child. Holy shit.

        1. It is so sad that homophobia still exists and pop-transgenderism is shaming gay people into suicide or transition. It is ok to be gay.

      4. Gallus: “Diva” is certainly getting around. And yes, non-ghouls understand that it’s incredibly inappropriate to contact strangers thusly, and that it’s purely obvious that this is an example of capitalizing on the death of a child in order to get attention for one’s self.

      1. I mean she’s obviously a sociopathic straight woman criminally stalking the parents of a dead gay child online. But beyond that. Who is this fuck?

      2. One of her (his? who knows) tweets is included in the Twitter screen grabs in the original post. But yeah, WTF? Gotta love how she disses you for not reading, but then can’t be bothered to figure out that you’re not Miep. What I want to know is, who the hell calls themselves a diva?!

      3. Indeed. The arrogance inherent in inserting herself into this situation by contacting the parents is appalling…but I guess it goes hand-in-hand with considering oneself a “diva.” There’s no way I’d ever be able to take any singer who does that seriously.

      4. On behalf of myself and all other asshole narcissists, I must stand up and disassociate myself from Diva Taunia. What she’s doing is not cool.
        “I want to know is, who the hell calls themselves a diva?!”
        someone who thinks their inner monologue constitutes a Brand[tm]. I think trans domination is a given for some of these people NOT because
        1. The punishment for not complying is too severe to risk
        2. Being on the “Right Side of History” is important, no matter what kind of future it actually brings
        3. Everyone who doesn’t want a traditional 9-5 in the service industry is trying to manage a trans-like identity in order to get by.
        Which is why magazines like Clutch (which you wouldn’t assume would be all about the trans all the time) where a bunch of 20-35 year olds who look up to the two women who have made it as life coaches / lifestyle mavens have been told that building your personal brand is everything — and maybe trans serve as a beacon of hope that such a thing is even possible, that you can really build your own universe.

      5. “#notallsociopaths” – Fuck you for being so goddamned funny. Not fair.
        And yeah, I definitely got a whiff of Personal Branding from this “diva.” I wonder how many copies of The Secret she’s worn through.

      6. “I wonder how many copies of The Secret she’s worn through.”
        Oh, Ashland, you’re wonderful! Yes, books like that teach people how to be abusers without breaking a nail.

    2. “I think it’s pretty clear in my words (had they been read) that I was trying to extend compassion and kindness in a sea of hate-mail. While you say it was the wrong time to contact her, I felt like having some words of kindness cross her path might help ease that pain a bit. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree here.”
      Diva Taunia. Christ. Nobody here is going to “agree to disagree” with you. It doesn’t work that way. Because you are a shallow thinker, quite thoughtless actually, and capable only of spouting cliches and platitudes. Because what you did was WRONG. Directly contacting the dead boy’s parents was nothing less than covert emotional and psychological torture under the guise of “compassion.”
      Stop congratulating yourself for being a complete asshole to grief-stricken, vulnerable people. You have demonstrated zero empathy for these devastated parents. Zero. In the face of their suffering and loss, you smile, self-satisfied and smug with your artificial benevolence and faux-wisdom, and dare to tell them what to feel and what to think. How perverse.
      Gallus is correct to put you in the the company of the genderist ghouls.

      1. I actually went to little miss Diva’s twitter and read her message of “hope” to Mrs. Alcorn. Taunia may have convinced herself that she was being compassionate, but that was a seriously cruel letter, full of little barbs and burns.
        Taunia, how do you not see how disturbing it would be for a grieving parent to get that sort of letter from a stranger? In addition, any good will you intended by sending what you viewed as a positive message is completely nullified by your contacting Mr. Alcorn’s employer.

      2. Teal Deer, I looked it up, too. What a nasty, sniping, passive-aggressive load of attention-seeking horseshit dressed up as sugary, sentimental platitudes.
        And how dare she use someone’s death as an opportunity to proselytize her own religious beliefs (The old, “There’s a difference between (your crappy) religion and God/(my superior religion)) to the bereaved parents. What a fucking vulture. Bragging about it, too. *shakes head*
        #love #hugs #holdinghands #feelings #omgicried #friendship #inspiration

  29. “Your LIFE may have meant something had you been able to persevere against depression and whatever else you were struggling with, but your violent demise is utterly meaningless. Tragic and without meaning. Like all the other teens who surmise the hopelessness of life before they really even begin to live it. Teenage suicides are common. It’s the third leading cause of death among teens.”
    This is my standard suicide speech with most teens, and it can be very effective. Note, this is for the “I’m gonna kill myself and you’ll be sorry,” suicidal teen which unfortunately makes up the bulk of them. This young man’s note is almost word for word like every other teen suicide note I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen lots, fortunately, most were unsuccessful. That’s what stands out to me, the absolute banality of it all. This kid was for the most part, a typical teen struggling with the same issues teens struggle with. His parents, despite the way they’re being portrayed were not spiteful or malicious, and certainly not abusive. Could they have been misguided? Most assuredly, but then, so can most people. They, like most parents, did the best they could with what they knew to do. Every kid hates their parents at some point. It’s actually a developmental stage as you begin to assert your personhood and own sense of self. Had this young man not got caught up in the death culture of the trans cult he might have come out on the other side, gay, straight or trans. But, now, we’ll never know. And that’s the tragedy of this situation.
    I came across this on tumblr and it’s indicative of how little these kids know about the finality of death or even the mechanics of it. This child, who looked to weigh less than 120 pounds was hit by an 18 wheeler. I don’t think his parents will be putting him in a suit and showing off his body anywhere, anytime.

    1. I want to touch on one thing in particular that you said – that this kid’s story is like the stories of many, many other teens, not a uniquely trans tragedy.
      Because something I see over and over again from trans people is the idea that their pain is unique. “I felt out of place” – as if no one else feels out of place. “I didn’t feel like I was what a girl is supposed to be” – no girl feels that way! Any attempt to point out that most women feel dissatisfied with their bodies or that no one fully lives out gender stereotypes is met with “But that’s different.”
      How do they know it’s different? The same way that they can say, with a straight face, “I know I feel like a woman, not like a man” without knowing what anyone else feels. It’s narcissism.
      P.S. I’m not saying Joshua was a narcissist – he was an unhappy teen. I’m saying that the in online trans community, narcissism is normal, and wherever you look you’ll see them encouraging that kind of thinking.

    2. Had this young man not got caught up in the death culture of the trans cult he might have come out on the other side, gay, straight or trans.
      Yes, and this is one of the many things that the mainstream press are ignoring when they cover these stories – the dangerous cultish way that these “communities” act and their influence on the most vunerable.

  30. While this “diva” person appears a bit disordered, what’s Dan Savage’s excuse? He’s spearheading an effort to have the Alcorns prosecuted for child abuse, which is beyond outrageous. He’s using the power of the media to harass grieving parents. (I wonder, has he ever suggested that the parents of Jazz Jennings be prosecuted for encouraging their son’s Lolita delusion?) I hope the Alcorns sue his ass, but at this point, they probably don’t have the heart to confront their attackers.

    1. He’s gotten much more aggressive in his mid-age. Savage used to go by the claim that gay people just want to be left alone, but, as someone who lives in the Seattle area and regularly reads the newspaper where he serves as editor in chief, I’ve noticed a gradual change toward forcing everyone to think being gay is a-okay. Certainly, I think the world would be a better place if everyone could just get over it, but I’m also not going to hold my breath.
      I guess this is sort of the natural conclusion to gays’ and lesbians’ political success in gaining basic human rights. Some proponents gain confidence from that and get a little too cocky. What I hate about this is that it basically proves the homophobes’ point correct, that LGBT activists weren’t going to be satisfied with employment non-discrimination and marriage rights, they were going to turn into the thought police.

    2. WHAT.
      Okay, I had to Google to see what Savage was saying. He tweeted that Josh’s parents “threw him in front of that truck.” That’s a direct quote. Apparently Savage knows everything he needs to know about the entire situation, including the interpersonal relationships involved, and the psychosocial history of the family, from Josh’s suicide note. Josh’s suicide note gives him the right to say that, on social media, to his thousands of followers.
      What. An. ASSHOLE.

      1. He was always an asshole. It’s just funny that he’s also a coward and getting glitter bombed once was all it took to make him go into full compliance mode.
        Just a few years ago he would have called out the letter for its dragqueenphobia. Then again, getting on the cis-privilege bandwagon won’t cost him anything, unlike say,
        And good fucking grief, how many letters has he answered over the years? He has to know that there are gay kids with worse parents than this kid. Of course he knows that. But not letting your kid turn tricks like Mock or condemning them to looking like Drag Queens by not “fixing” them before puberty is now way worse than beatings and throwing kids out on the street.

    3. Dan Savage is one of the reasons I believe that EVIL is a real thing. He’s beyond words like “disgusting” or “screwed up” or “opportunistic.”

    4. Dan Savage has a real history of targeting regular people with no way to fight back, and he doesn’t care if he has the right targets or not. When a local high school said they were allowing teen same-sex couples at their prom, and someone complained, Savage’s followers targeted … the SCHOOL THAT WAS LETTING GAY KIDS COME TO THE PROM TOGETHER.
      Savage just wants to pick fights he can win and then pretend he did something for gay and trans people – I started to write “LGBT”, but he’s notoriously no ally to the L or the B.

    5. Dan Savage is DISGUSTING. From his filthy, hateful, pornified sex column full of his horrible advice, to his sick opportunism, there is nothing I like about that guy these days. There is no fetish he doesn’t approve of, no matter how hateful/ harmful it may be. And misogynist? IN SPADES.
      I am sure he could give a crap about this kid, he just likes the spotlight.

    6. I read Dan Savage in early years and have observed his misogynist male-identified advices. Savage will advise females to try anything the male wants, because – liberating. Try it! Especially BDSM, because – not the despicable vanilla!
      What gets better, Dan? The ageism of gay men? The lookism of gay men? Perhaps someone who does not agree with your parenting choices will decide to sue you? Are your children exposed in your home to the XXX hardware store in your closet and what exactly is in your hard drive to which your children are potentially exposed?
      Pornsick ghoul, that Savage. Sue the parents when they’ve just lost their teen? Sue you for indecency, Savage heartless.

  31. Hi. I’ve been following this blog for a long time.
    What happened to Josh Alcorn the other day finally prompted me to speak up. Why are transactivists allowed to spread this crap to children whose minds haven’t even fully developed yet? There are people holding this kid up as some sort of trans saint, which I find sickening. The kid was mentally ill, aided and abetted in that illness by the male to trans pigs filling his head with bullshit. His suicide note was so filled with rage and hate towards the world–can you imagine the pain that truck driver must have felt, hitting and killing a kid right before the new year? Unreal.
    The thing that struck me the most was his insistence that he would never be able to ‘pass’ if he had to wait another year. This is what you kill yourself for? This, more than anything, finally proved to me that being transgender is nothing more than fetishization of the female body. If being trans is really about being healthy in your own body, then what the fuck does it matter what you look like, or if you pass or not? Isn’t it supposed to be about being the woman you were always meant to be? Apparently it’s actually about passing and getting to wear pretty dresses.
    I am new to all this–I’m a straight woman, happily married, with three daughters and a son–but these male to trans people are not only trying to destroy women, now they are actively trying to warp the minds of our children. I love all my children and I would love them just as goddamned much if they were gay or lesbian, but there is no way in hell that I would allow them to go through hormone blockers or take estrogen/testosterone or go through SRS or anything else while they were living under my roof either. Self mutilation does not cure mental illness. Why do people think Johns Hopkins stopped doing SRS a long time ago? Because it doesn’t fix the underlying problem.
    Sorry. I’m very angry and I’m also new to this, so forgive me if I’ve said anything out of hand. I just can’t believe any of this. I was raised feminist, but this is not feminism. This is obliterating women and ruining the future of our children.

    1. It’s worth noting that Alcorn was gay, and I can understand on some level why a gay kid who wants to transition would be terrified of being ugly and masculine-looking. It’s hard enough for unattractive born women to find a long-term male partner, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for a trans woman. I would guess overcoming straight men’s fear of seeming gay is difficult enough for a beautiful, passing trans woman. But it still demonstrates to me how toxic the online trans community is for a trans kid. Did no one try to assuage Alcorn’s fears? It really doesn’t seem like it.

      1. Ironically, a gay kid might be terrified of looking masculine as an adult – but gay men are much more likely to be into masculine men than androgynous men.
        In J. Michael Bailey’s The Man Who Would Be Queen, an in-depth study of transsexualism, Bailey considers in detail statistical studies of personal ads and other evidence that effeminate gay men are considered less attractive to most other gay men. He suggests that it’s a major factor for gay men who decide to transition: they believe that they’ll have an easier time attracting straight partners as a “female” than they’re having attracting gay partners as an effeminate man.

      2. Hi, kesher.
        I believe that Josh was a gay kid also. Clearly from his reddit posts, he had been listening to too many trans assholes who would rather he transition than simply be a gay man. From the pictures I saw, he seemed to have fairly ‘soft’ features, not feminine necessarily, but certainly androgynous to some degree.
        What upsets me so is the nature of that message–this insistence that if he didn’t get his hormones now he would never be able to pass as a woman–to me, whoever was responsible for that putting that idea in his head was a child abuser and also a predatory groomer.
        It’s worth noting, I guess, that there are a lot of us women born women who aren’t the prettiest girls around, but we still manage to find love and happiness somehow. I am not the most beautiful woman, but I like to think that my personality and whatever else it is that makes me the person I am ‘pretty’ to my family and friends.
        I find the transwoman fixation on passing or being somehow more beautiful than a real woman to be so offensive. How grotesque. Shouldn’t the feeling of rightness in their own skin be more important than looking like a woman? It’s almost as though they are lying to themselves about their reasoning for wanting to transition. If you are truly female-brained or whatever the hell they say, then shouldn’t finally being a female be the most important thing? Moreso than being unattractive; a thing which is entirely subjective anyhow?
        It was this focus which finally made me realize that men who want to be women are doing this in order to fulfill some twisted fantasy or fetishizing of female’s bodies.
        Being a woman isn’t about being ‘beautiful’ or how many men or women we can get to fall in love with us, it is so much more complex than that, and transwomen reduce it to the basest, most simplistic elements. It makes me sad, and it makes me sick that these mutilated men are telling lesbians that they should want to have sex with them, banal mentalities and all. I can’t even imagine the rage I would feel, being told that I have to want to fuck someone I have no interest in fucking. What, are lesbians supposed to just disregard the cock?
        I guess I have a lot of feelings about this that are just coming to the fore, hah. I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot more about trans rights lately and having this feeling of dread in my gut that there’s something off there–why do they need to attend women’s colleges? Why do they need to be in women’s spaces at all? Why are they being handed the world on a silver platter when women have to fight for everything?
        I don’t get these people at all and honestly I can’t bring myself to feel much sympathy.
        I’m sorry, I just wrote you a novel. I hope you’re having a good evening!

      3. On the other side of that is the current line in the trans community that a man is a woman if he says so regardless if he makes any attempt to legally, socially, or medically transition. A big part of this is the insistence that someone identifying as a trans woman shouldn’t have to try to pass as a woman or to meet society’s standards of attractiveness.
        In theory, I agree with this. If transgenderism is going to happen, it’s absurd to expect a trans woman to be as or more attractive as/than a born woman. But, in practice, this seems to be an open door for straight men to transition, not make any effort to not be ugly (since straight men aren’t expected to be attractive/women are expected not to care about men’s attractiveness), and demand that lesbians cater to them sexually regardless of the fact that these guys are rarely attractive as women (and that transbians almost never get their penises inverted). This also potentially leads to problems with access to women’s spaces where, thanks to trans “protection” laws, a sex predator has to do nothing more than slap on a wig and a dress (and, really, not even that) to gain access to women’s spaces, and actual women aren’t “allowed” to be freaked out by this because: Bigotry!
        And I agree with you to the degree that these guys are getting catered to. Women never get this kind of fawning attention from anyone on the left or right. What better evidence do you need that no one is under any illusions about the sex of men “identifying” as women?

        1. kesher: whether a male transgender is “attractive as a woman” or gets his penis inverted is irrelevant. No one has the right to demand anyone cater to them sexually. Ever. No explanations required.

    2. You haven’t said anything out of hand. Your observations are spot-on! I agree with you that they are trying, and in many cases, succeeding in warping the minds of our children. Transgendering kids are victims — victims of transactivism.

      1. morag, hello there.
        I truly worry about the millennials, those raised by computers and the internet. They seem lost to me, and so easily swayed by those who shout the loudest. These kids go on reddit and if they say they’ve had any confusion about their sexuality at all, nine times out of ten the answer is ‘transition! now!’. They truly are victims of these predators.
        I used to wear men’s suits a lot when I was a teen in NYC in the late eighties, I’m sure these people would have told me I needed to transition into a man. It’s troubling. Where is the strong, confident voice for these kids telling them that they don’t have to do this? That it’s a lie?

    1. Thanks. This article is so important. Somewhere up-thread there’s been mention that there may have already been at least one copy-cat suicide, complete with a final note posted on Tumblr.

      1. The big irony is that one transgender person on twitter posted the above article and badly criticized it. The same person then made note of what may unfortunately turn out to be a copycat suicide.
        This whole situation really strikes me as one that has the potential to inspire copycats.

    2. It’s a good article in so much as it points out the horrible failure of journalistic standards for those covering this story.
      Pity she (the author) feels the need to refer to the boy as a girl though.
      I’d really like to see one of the mainstream outlets pick up on some of the points – that Gallus covers – about the trans death cult and look a bit harder at what’s going on, without this cowardly pandering.

      1. A lot of people in the media think journalistic standards no longer apply when it comes to trans people.
        Laverne Cox makes a video supporting a trans “woman” who raped and murdered a little girl and burned her body? None of the mainstream coverage of Cox even mentioned it.
        The vast majority of gender-nonconforming kids don’t grow up to be trans? Why mention that? Push little Jazz in front of the camera and talk about how brave he is and how great it is to treat kids early.
        The rule seems to be “ignore the facts, tell the story the trans lobby wants everyone to believe.”

    1. Thanks Belinda. I think I got Taunia mixed up with a man who was also writing ignorant accusations elsewhere. She does an impressive imitation of a transgender dude, though.

  32. ABC News just jumped on the bandwagon – ” Dan Savage has called for Leelah Alcorn’s parents arrest.” What the hell is happening here? They also reported that Josh Alcorn had transitioned and was living as a girl, which is untrue, and they actually showed his suicide note. Again, while the reporter referred to Josh consistently as “she”, a teen boy who actually knew the kid referred to him as “he”.
    ABC also breathlessly reported on the “growing international effort” to have the name on his tombstone changed to Leelah, “the name she chose for herself”. (The kid just died, does he even have a tombstone yet?) The lack of journalistic ethics regarding this story is astonishing.

      1. Has everyone completely lost their marbles ? A delusional teenage boy living out his fantasy online, under the guidance of the transactivist creeps, and the mob are siding with the creeps and going after his family.
        You know, I thought I’d got to the end of being suprised by people’s stupidy when it comes to all the trans bullshit. Every time I think, this is too far, and they still manage to go a little bit further.

    1. I simply cannot believe how unanimously all these mainstream outlets have jumped on the bandwagon. “Leelah” in every headline, female pronouns. Snopes, ABC, NBC, Washington Post. Only CNN is holding out with “Josh” and “he” of the ones I have checked so far.
      I can’t get over this. The first time his mother heard that name was in his freaking suicide note. And the international news media insists that the name she called him for the last 17 years, the name she put on his Christmas presents a week ago, is irrelevant. And the name he used online and put on his suicide note is his real name.
      As a mother, imagining waking up in that nightmare…I don’t know how to even express the horror. Just imagining it. She’s living it.

  33. Absolute madness. I just saw a fawning report on ABC News. It included a mention of Dan Savage’s latest vile outburst.
    Words can’t describe how much I loathe this guy. I thought I was all alone.
    Thank you, Gallus.

  34. Against my better judgement I googled Dan Savage to verify that he really said what was attributed to him in the news article. He did, and I also discovered that he has recently given an interview to PLAYBOY (it still exists) about male and female sexuality.
    Parson me what I rant obscenely but what the fuck does Dan fucking Savage know about female sexuality? I am sick to death of hearing gay male POS’s like him talk about female sexuality. I hate him. Everything he says is not so thinly veiled misogyny. He keeps trotting out that pseudo scientific horseshit about how straight men would fuck 24/7 the way gay men do if it weren’t for the ball and chain.
    I am sick of reading his lies. I hate him and I despise the media outlets that given him a megaphone. He’s screwing up the minds of all young people everywhere, of all sexual orientations.

      1. He’s a complete & utter moral horror. Only a sick country would give this guy a job. He should be shunned.

    1. A gay man who adopted a kid is now demanding that everyone else raise their kids the way he thinks kids should be raised. What a hypocrite.

  35. tumblr genderists now call the truck driver TRANSPOBIC! Holy shit these people are deranged monsters!! Fucking insane. People with more common sense try to do damage control but I think this poor man already gets harassed.

      1. I saw this image somewhere, a screencap of some tumblr posts
        “Fuck you [truck driver] for killing an innocent girl. I hope some day you get run over by a transwomen (sic) so you know how it feels you piece of shit.”
        “I’m not usually a fan of doxxing but if we let this guy slide he may kill again.”
        Yes, I’m sure this guy who was out in his tractor trailer at 5am looked down at the teenage boy standing in the road and thought, “Transgender! Better speed up! Nothing like starting my day by murdering a child.”
        What the ever loving hell is wrong with these people?

      2. Holy shit! Since when is a driver, forced into participating in a suicide, ever charged with a crime?

      1. There’s a tried-and-true trans activist tactic: Don’t just tell a big lie; assume it to be true and assume that everyone else agrees with you. So they don’t so much level the accusation that he deliberately ran down a complete stranger, they assume that to be a generally understood fact and then go on to talk about how it is shocking that he hasn’t been charged. So it is a combination libel and “gaslighting” move. These people are malicious and cowardly. They don’t even have enough courage to lay their libelous accusations on the line.

      2. Very true, Margie. So much of trans activism is just malignant narcissism and the tactics of abusers blown up into a “movement.” With plenty of well-meaning cowards and shallow thinkers supporting it because they are either afraid not to or too stupid to tell the difference between compassion and enabling.

    1. Just when you thought that they couldn’t become more out-of-touch with reality, they managed it o_O. I really hope that people see this, realise how mentally ill people in this community are, and stop validating their delusions.
      As a truck driver’s daughter, it makes me so angry to see the disrespect leveled at the driver. It is REALLY complicated to brake or swerve when driving a semi, both because of the length and the weight of the trailer. So, even if the driver had had a couple of seconds to react, suddenly braking or swerving could easily have killed other people in nearby vehicles, or pedestrians, not to mention the driver himself. Plus, some types of cargo are really dangerous to transport, like fuel/compressed gas (explosions), or logs (which can smash right through the cab if you brake too suddenly).
      It’s extremely lucky that Joshua only killed himself, and not anyone else. Trans-activists would do well to realise that the world doesn’t revolve around them, and to learn some goddamned respect for working-class people.
      All my sympathy to Mr. Ahmed, to the Alcorn family, and to all of the emergency response workers who had to remove Joshua’s body. I hope that they get the support that they need, and that the Westboro Baptist trans* brigade limits any future harassment to internet ramblings.
      *Miep, this is brilliant.

      1. Yes this. So much.
        I was sad to learn Mr Ahmed was forced to participate in this. I saw the horrible posts saying “his buddies probably bought him a round of drinks for killing a faggot”. No. I have seen a driver who innocently hit someone because he couldn’t stop. I have never seen anyone as broken as that in my life.
        I was a witness at the scene, and he hit the guy with his car and threw him 20 feet. The driver was absolutely distraught. As I said he kept staring at his hands and sobbing. The coppers let him make one call but they stood over him. This was a man about the same age as Mr Ahmed and he called his mum. He said “Mummy, I’m really sorry, I’m so sorry, I killed someone tonight”.
        I couldn’t stand it and I shouted “It wasn’t your fault pal”. It really wasn’t, I saw everything and the driver was doing a normal speed for the traffic. The polis breathalysed him in front of me and he was clear. I saw the bloke walk out in front and as you say the driver could not have stopped or swerved without a lot more injury.
        That was a while ago now and I still get nightmares from remembering the guy hit the bonnet and go flying. Few and far apart now, but it is a shocking sight. Imagine if you were the innocent driver of a car or lorry in the way of a suicidal teen. You would never ever forgive yourself.
        I strongly doubt Abdullah Ahmed said “Ahahaha, there’s a faggy teen who might be trans. I’ll speed up so I can be sure I kill him”. That is paranoia. I bet somewhere there’s a man sat in a living room staring at his hands. And crying.

      2. A cat, apparently I can’t reply directly to your comment? But in any case, I’m very sorry that you had to witness that. I can’t imagine how traumatic it would be to actually see someone commit suicide.
        I’ve seen the aftermath of a family member’s failed attempts, and been in a train that had to stop because someone had jumped. Still can’t imagine actually seeing it happen. (And on that note, I have no sympathy for people on the internet who romanticise suicide into something politically meaningful. It doesn’t accomplish anything; it just devastates everyone involved – family, friends, bystanders – and that’s it.)
        I’m sure that you saved the driver from a lot more trauma, though, by making it clear that it wasn’t his fault. Of course, the cops had to investigate just in case, but what an awful experience to be questioned like that, just because a stranger decided to involve you in their death.

  36. As long as we’re expressing our disgust for Dan Savage, ABC News, the twitter and tumblr twits, and other assorted ghouls, can I just say how terrible Jezebel is?
    Yeah, we all know it. But at this very moment they are raking Joshua’s mother over the coals for “misgendering” her dead son. Her son. The one she presumably gave birth to, the son she fed and bathed and changed. Mothers — whether they are right or left — know the sex of their own children. They know the names of their own children.
    But, the Jezebels know better than Ms Alcorn! Yes they do. And they are better mothers than she, and they’ll tell you all the ways in which they are better. If their boys turned out be girls, they would take their precious to the doctor-store and buy him a brand new vagina and breasts. That’s what loving and supportive mothers do — it’s a requirement of good motherhood. And since Joshua’s evil witch of a mother didn’t do that, she deserves all the harassment and wrath the lgbT can muster and dish out to her. Oh, and when they remember that they are “feminists” they sometimes remember that the boy’s dad also deserves some harassment as well. Of course, it’s not as satisfying to burn male witches, but Equality, etc., demands a little effort and sense of duty.
    Oh, it’s a hideous display over there! One commenter said that she would take it upon herself to bulldoze the tombstone if it has the “wrong” name on it. You know, the name his mother gave him 17 years ago. Josh’s mother only learned about his fantasy name, Leelah, a few days ago when she read his suicide letter. What a bitch, eh, to not bend her knee in submission to her superiors on the internet? I mean, they TOLD her what to do and what to say but she just won’t listen. The raging Jezebels just can’t understand it.

    1. I wonder if Alcorm chose Leelah because he liked the show Futurama. If that is the case, I feel like it demonstrates how immature he was. He’s going to rewrite 17 years of his life and the name his parents chose for him to name himself after a purple-haired, one-eyed mutant from a thousand years in the future?
      I certainly have known a lot of kids who hated their names and wanted to choose something different for themselves, and I was one of them, but very few in my experience go through with it. Those that do choose something considerably more meaningful than the name of a cartoon character.

      1. Exactly, kesher. There are a lot reasons people want to change their names and do change them. Both good and bad reasons.
        But this name Joshua chose came directly from his immaturity, confusion, rage, pain and illness. So, really, it’s a mere detail in a much larger picture.
        And yet a bunch of fools, including the press, who understand next-to-nothing about this tragedy, want to enshrine the name. Actually, they don’t just want to; they HAVE, already, enshrined it. It’s done.

      2. When I see the name “Leelah”, I think back to things I liked, what was really cool to me at 17, and think about how far away that all is to me now, at 38. How glad I am that there wasn’t an internet to immortalize all of my stupid choices and bad decisions. That is whats happening to him. A short part of his life is being valorized, as if it was all that existed, and the other 16.5 years have been erased.
        And I can’t help but see this kid at 35, with a nice (probably male) partner, and a dog, at their house, having dinner with his visiting parents. Maybe there would have been some years of hatred between them, but maybe there would have been a few years of exploration, then an understanding. No one will ever know. He cut off all possibilities in a rage of youth and angst.
        Few people I know that loathed their parents at that age, still hate them at 30 or 40. Even those that ought to hate their parents forever, rarely do, even when they aren’t close they aren’t enemies. I sure wish he had given them a chance, had given himself a chance.
        I blame the death cult.

      3. Yeah, I too struggled with depression when I was younger. I had suicidal ideations due to bullying and a bunch of other stuff. I think now my issues were mainly hormonal, but no one knew about those things back then. I didn’t like my name and gave myself another name which I used at school. I also wrote a lot of (really bad) poetry and some even worse stories where I was able to avenge myself against those who’d hurt me.
        I just imagine how bewildered my mama would have been had I gone through with my plan and folk were insisting that I be buried under that (ridiculous) name. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the mother had no idea about the name and if the accusations against his parents were mainly exagerrated. Especially if she was being forthright when she said she told him they couldn’t afford surgery and drugs. That’s actually a very measured and reasonable response and far from a hellfire and brimstone “God hates f**s” response.
        As I said before, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. This over the top histrionic response is mainly for political effect. And that only exacerbates the tragedy.

    2. And no disrespect to people who made important life choices at 17–I certainly can relate–but who knows if this name would have even become a long-standing thing for him if he had lived? He was 17 and had been using it online for a few months. It was a fantasy. He had not yet taken any steps to make it reality. He could have changed his mind and wanted to be called Alice or Hortense or Shelly. He could have changed his mind about the gender stuff entirely. Teenagers do that, and I’m not passing judgment on them for it, I’m just stating a fact. It’s a developmental stage where a lot of experimentation and trying on identities and roles takes place.
      Robbing a grieving mother of her child’s name is an unspeakable violation. It would be horrible enough if only her son had tried it, but for it to get international validation in the press from these loons? My stomach is churning. Truly perverse and horrific. Emotional abuse and torture of the worst type.

      1. “Robbing a grieving mother of her child’s name is an unspeakable violation.”
        Yes. A perfect encapsulation of what they are doing to her.

      2. never understood the logic behind changing names. Not that any tranz logic makes sense, but if male bodies, genitalia and all can magically become female…because, end of, why can’t Joshua be a female name? More seeking validation
        It must be such a dissociative experience to hear news reports and know so many ppl are (claiming to be) mourning the death of your child but never hear HIS name in the reports. That kind of grief is so unreal to begin with, and to see your sons face but hear Leelah, Leelah, Leelah everywhere you turn. So painful for the family

    3. It is like how Mao started the ‘cultural revolution’ He whipped up the young people into a frenzy to re-educate doctors &teachers that had ‘privilege’ over them. During the cultural revolution, someone decided that the sparrows were eating all the grain, so mobs of millions all went to kill all the sparrows. They definitely made a dent in the bird population Turns out, the sparrows, were eating the bugs, that were eating the grain, and many people starved.
      Mao lost control of the movement and let young and uneducated adults be the leaders and run things as they felt, and they tortured many innocent people that they were told were ‘privileged over them, and deserved to be punished/don’t deserve to live’ Same dynamic here.

      1. Brilliant observation about the Cultural Revolution. How about Pol Pot? He had his goons kill all the people who wore eyeglasses, because that was a sign of intellect.
        Whom the gods would first destroy….

        1. You can see this pattern with Charles Manson and his followers, people forget that thousands of young people protested Charles Manson’s arrest and did sit-ins on the courthouse lawn. When Charles did his ralling of children to shave their heads and carve crosses into their foreheads, that later were made into swastikas, and teens were saying he was being cruisified by the establishment like ‘Jesus’ while he was incarcerated and in active court. . California learned a tough lesson about manipulative adults rallying children to back the ‘Helter-Skelter’ movement of a coming race war and how a psycotic nutcase can rally them. I see the same thing here, with a few adults perpechuating the entire thing. it has reached ‘cult’ status. If these guys came out tomorow and said pedophilia is ok, and parents are oppressing children’s sex lives, pedos would be suing women and young mothers for access to children.
          So, now we have a cult of trans-Mao, and Trans-Manson and Pol pot whipping teens into mob mentality and telling them everyone needs to be re-educated so that this cults views are the only ones allowed to be spoken online…. What ever happened to thinking for your self?. This is a dangerous cult that does the same thing,
          Remember? Tra-La-La-La-La, live for today. You gotta be against the ‘establishment’, baby.
          Hell, what did pregnant Sharon Tate do to Charles Manson? He would rally teens into murder for the ‘revolution’ Race war, as the fifth Beatle that was oppressed out of the band, Pregnant Sharon Tate, was part of the establishment ‘pigs’ that had to die. Because he was being kept from joing the Beatles and being a rock star.
          Today, Pregnant Sharon Tate would be called a ‘terf’, For having a house, a husband and planning for a first child. and being connected to a theoretical conspircy of a race war of wealth & money. Roman Polansky was not murdered, women are the easy target.

        2. I hate to say it but, they are using this kid’s demise as their own personal ‘Jesus’ to control others and grab power with teens to manipulate them.

      2. I think that was a contributing cause to the famine from the Great Leap Forward, not the Cultural Revolution. (The killing of birds)
        There’s also a more interesting cause. The cadre were too frightened to report back to their CC that there was no way they could meet production quotas. They pretended everything was going fantastically, so it would look like their area was doing a great job. The areas were in fact failing catastrophically. It was a horrible case of the Emperor’s New Clothes, where everyone pretended they could see what wasn’t there and never had been.
        Sound familiar?

    4. I hope the Alcorns have Joshua cremated, or figure out some way these nutjobs can’t find his grave. I suspect the grave marker would be vandalized or destroyed if they found it.

      1. And Teal Deer, I think it would be brutal if Josh’s parents ended up having to have him cremated rather than buried, if that wasn’t their own choice. Lots of people get a lot of comfort from visiting the gravesite of a loved one – it’s a quiet spot that allows contemplation and mourning, away from distractions, and that can be very healing. For these maniacs to take that away from Josh’s parents would be the epitome of heartlessness.

      2. Very true, Ashland. I only hope for the cremation if that’s what will be the most healing option for them. It’s shameful that, along with all the usual pains and traumas of dealing with a teen suicide, they have a mob braying for their blood and threatening their child’s gravestone. That’s not something they should be having to consider.

    5. I do strongly suspect that most of the self-professed parents who are harassing these people have small children, not teenagers. It’s a lot easier to talk about how you’re going to be the “cool mom” who understands everything when your kid is 3 years old and will do whatever you want if you give them a candy bar. It’s a different story when you have a 14 year old who thinks everything you say or do is mortifying and wrong, and I say this only as a young non-parent who has not forgotten what a little shit I was as a teenager. It’s like when your friends go, “My mom is the WORST. When I’m a parent I’m going to let my kids stay up as late as they want and eat all the ice cream they want and I’m going to be their FRIEND not a WARDEN!” Like yeah, sure you are. Get back to us when you’re working two crap jobs and Timmy’s throwing a fit because you won’t let him get an anchovies ‘n’ onion-flavored scent tattoo at the space mall with his friends.
      But as you pointed out this is a very cruel, selfish approach to the issue. Has any of them even attempted to imagine what it would be like if their child died and everyone insisted they make the grave stone out to Snoopy because that’s what little Emma, I mean, Snoopy called herself at recess and threatened to make their lives a living hell if they don’t “properly” commemorate Snoopy? No, of course not or they would not be trying to micromanage this family’s mourning, knowing full well that in three weeks time the only people who will still care about that grave marker are the parents. As countless people have said, I don’t doubt that there are a lot of beliefs this family has that I disagree with. But as a human being who has experienced loss, I have enough empathy to recognize that this is a private family matter, not a public event I can mine for political points.

      1. I think you are right about these being parents of young children who are jumping on the bandwagon. There’s a huge thread on the Babycenter parenting boards where women are condemning the parents, but most of them have infants or toddlers only. I have a big kid and stories like this scare the shit out of me. Because you really put everything into loving your kids, trying to help them navigate this scary world. And ultimately you have less and less say over what they do with all that. And you come to see more and more over time that you’re winging it and fucking up all the time, but all you can do is keep trying your best. It’s not as simple as cloth diapers and breastfeeding to keep them safe when they get to the preteen and teen years, not by a long shot. Nor is it as simple as locking the front door at night to keep weirdos from preying on them. It’s a frightening world, especially for young women, and it can all go wrong so quickly when they are young and receptive to “freedom” of the wrong sorts.

      2. “like if their child died and everyone insisted they make the grave stone out to Snoopy because that’s what little Emma, I mean, Snoopy called herself at recess”
        I know you’re joking, but I’ve seen people replying to posts about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt with “HIS name is JOHN!” because when the kid was two, Angelina Jolie said she was obsessed with Peter Pan and wanted to be called John. Oh, and she has short hair, so she’s obviously a boy.

  37. I’ve been getting all kinds of shit online because I dared to say that Leelah was actually a homosexual male. Transgernderism so often serves to erase homosexual, from Brandon Teena to Jay Ralko to Leelah Alcorn, all homosexuals erased from history by trans revisionist.
    The reaction isn’t surprising, but it doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Shame on Dan Savage and the “gay community”. Suicide is a horrible thing, but ultimately it’s on no one but the person who commits it. Taking a kids internet away and grounding them isn’t abuse, so I reject that this family was abusive.

    1. “all homosexuals erased from history by trans revisionist.”
      Trans is the ultimative gay reperation therapy.

    1. I mentioned ABC because that happened to be the one I saw. I’m sure all the rest are just as bad.
      Every fucking news outlet refers to him as “her” or “she.”
      Have we gone fucking crazy????
      I am sorry for the obscenity. I think that most of the time one makes points more effectively without profanity. But I can’t help myself, this really is driving me crazy.
      Yes, I saw the threats to deface Joshua’s tombstone, and the online witch hunt/crusade to have his father fired.
      Sickening. Well, when the VP says that transgenderism is the “civil rights issue of our time” (as if the old ones were won?) what do you expect?
      And Jezebel sucks.

  38. Something I found interesting, from Leelah’s blog.
    “I’m literally such a bitch. shit happens in my life that isn’t even really that bad and all I do is complain about it to everyone around me and threaten to commit suicide and make them feel sorry for me, then they view me as sub-human and someone they have to take care of like a child. then when they don’t meet my each and every single expectation I lash out at them and make them feel like shit and like they weren’t good enough to take care of me.
    since I can only find imperfections in myself I try my hardest to find imperfections in everyone around me and use them as a way to one up myself and make others feel bad to make myself look better. ”
    [link removed, sorry-GM]/im-literally-such-a-bitch-shit-happens-in-my

    1. He defintely had mental health issues and being trans was not the root of his problems.
      Why do genderists promote transgenderism as problem solver? If you are mentally ill – transitioning will not make you less ill. It may make you feel happy for a while but you can’t get rid of mental health issues by hormones and surgery alone.

      1. To be honest, without appropriate therapy for the existing problems, ‘transitioning’ can make certain mental health problems or personality disorders (such as narcissism, paranoid delusions, suicidal thoughts, and/or psychotic rages) WAY WORSE.
        It just adds things for the person to rage over – such as being ‘misgendered’ by service workers or children. It also adds heaps of things for the person to be paranoid over, and it amplifies the narcissism.
        If a severely mentally ill person wants to transition, the existing issues must be dealt with or the results can be disastrous. But what happens is that transitioning is treated as a panacea, and the other problems are left to just boil over.

  39. Ok, at first I was going to ignore the comments directed at me and just stay aware from this thread, but I gave it a lot of thought today and realized that perhaps I was in need of some education.
    A few things up front: I’m obviously very new to this site. I saw my name grouped in with all the others and I reacted defensively rather than calming down and trying to understand WHY I was called into question. I am never happy when I reply in a frusrated or defensive way, and re-reading what I wrote, I can understand why the comments were less than friendly.
    While this was already cleared up in the comments above, I’m a female and I’m heterosexual. I’ll also be up front and say that while I am very liberal and open-minded person, and I DO support the LGBT community, I know very little about the transgendered community. (I have many friends in the LGB community) I want very much for my voice to be a voice of support, compassion, care and friendship – but clearly I’m not doing a great job of that right now, and I’m open to hearing how I could do a better job at that.
    In reading all of the comments, there’s a lot that made me stop and think and really try to understand the arguments made. The one thing that really hit me was that while my intentions (I thought) were truly good, my letter no doubt added pain to a mother who was grieving. In all honesty, I *thought* that I was trying to be a voice of reason when I saw so many angry and disturbed comments towards her. Lesson learned.
    What I am really curious about is understanding more about the communities, how I can be a supportive and active ally, and what the history is around this “ghoulish” behavior. I’ll be honest: it’s hard to truly decipher the messages with the angry comments here, but I do want people to know that I am open to being educated – in a respectful way – about the issues you describe in the LGBT community. If this is the place to have the kind of conversation, I am definitely interested in a civil discussion, particularly in regards to this thread.
    I am curious as to why there’s a refusal to use the “she/her” pronoun here. My understanding was that that was the respectful way to speak about someone who may be interested in becoming transgenered, or who currently is. I’d appreciate feedback on that for sure.
    One last note: I was assigned the moniker of “Diva” very early on in my music career. While it felt like a fun title when I was young, it does tend to make me embarassed now that I’m in my 40s. Still, it’s my professional name as a musician, so it’s gotta stick. Just letting you know that I get it – it IS totally obnoxious. (And I do my best to not live up to the stereotypes defined by the word itself.)
    Many thanks, and again, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the discussion. Happy New Year.

    1. Re: “I am curious as to why there’s a refusal to use the “she/her” pronoun here. My understanding was that that was the respectful way to speak about someone who may be interested in becoming transgenered, or who currently is. I’d appreciate feedback on that for sure.”
      This blog is for advanced discussions in Gender (“sex roles”). On this blog we use pronouns to designate sex, not gender. We do this to make a distinction between sex and sex-role (“gender”). Doing so facilitates complex discussion on this topic.

    2. Read this blog, and the others on Radfem central and gender critical. The women here have invested countless hours already explaining it all.

    3. If you’re not sure where to start on reading through this blog, you may want to start by poking around in the tags and the “now trending” section, both in the right margin of any page you view here.
      While there is very valuable conversation in the comments sections of the posts here, there can be a fair amount of frustration, anger, and outrage from all sides. The more you read the info here and on the resources neme cited, you will hopefully understand why emotions can run high on the topics, and why trans supporters are viewed warily here. If the sometimes heated discussions are making it hard to digest the initial info, you might consider skipping the comment sections at first, and come back to them after processing Gallus’ articles.

    4. You may also find Sheila Jeffreys’s recent book, “Gender Hurts,” interesting; She also has an earlier book, “Unpacking Queer Theory” that’s highly relevant to this discussion.
      Cordelia Fine’s “Delusions of Gender” addresses the questionable science that has been used to support the notion of “male brains” and “female brains.”
      This site is generally quite civil, but please bear in mind that many of the people commenting here have been directly affected by these issues and have formed their opinions over a period of years (or even decades) after seeing and experiencing a lot of things that don’t line up with the politically correct queer party line. This a place to discuss the hard questions that are routinely ignored, glossed over, and even aggressively shot down in both the mainstream gay press, and in queer “progressive” circles.

    5. Diva,
      You are a true POS.
      Being new to a site doesn’t overcome the fact that you stuck your mug into private family business and attempted to get a grieving father sacked from his job.
      You are lower than dirt.
      Since you asked:
      “I am curious as to why there’s a refusal to use the “she/her” pronoun here.”
      Because Joshua was a boy. He was born with XY chromosomes, had a penis, testicles, beard, the usual. He had no womb, did not menstruate, could never become pregnant. His brain did not go through the myriad hormonal responses to a female genome. His brain did go through the myriad hormonal responses to a male genome.
      From the little we know, Joshua was deeply troubled, and had a manipulative, histrionic personality type. He was most likely a gender atypical gay kid. I stress we don’t know for sure, but this is my guess.
      Nowadays, a group of fanatics has forced the rest of us to believe that one can change sex. This vulnerable kid fell prey to this crazed notion, and his provincial Christian parents were at a loss to deal with it. Into this tragedy, you had to stick your ugly mug.
      My heart goes out to them, not to you.

    6. Taunia, we are unusual here at GenderTrender because we’re willing to take a more critical view of the whole trans gestalt, modern feminism (which, in the view of many of the posters here, has been pressured and brainwashed into accepting men who say they’re women at their mere word, and placing their needs above the needs of actual women), and even the gay movement in general (many, but definitely not all, of the posters here are lesbian or gay). Because of this – this more critical eye – we’re called bigots. We’re called that, and much, much worse, by other lesbians and gays AND straight people who’ve accepted the whole trans thing at face value. Obviously, that doesn’t stop us from voicing our opinions, and it never will.
      If you start reading the archives here, you’ll hopefully see and understand why we’re angry, particularly the lesbians here. (Many men who “transition” to women are still attracted primarily to women after transition, and therefore consider themselves “lesbians.” They then expect, pressure, and gaslight born women into accepting them into lesbian groups, spaces, and relationships. No exceptions. If we don’t play along, again, we’re screamed at for being “bigots.” YES, this is a thing. It’s just not spoken of in the mainstream or gay press.)
      We resent and reject the MtT (that’s “male-to-trans”; we refuse to use “male-to-female” here) appropriation of womens’ experiences and history.
      I hope this helps. And side note: I think your name is unusual enough that you could easily drop the “diva” thing, and still be recognized. But hey, I’m no publicist, so there’s that.

      1. I really appreciate your comments here, and this definitely helps me get a better perspective on things. I do have a question – one that will likely illicit some negative responses, but it’s something that I’m curious about. I realize that this is probably something well-below your normal discussions, but I’d like to ask.
        You mention that men who transition to women want to be accepted in lesbian circles no questions asked. While I understand this is obviously a VERY different thing, I’m wondering if there’s pushback or attempts to undermine lesbians who who are more “butch” (please pardon me if I’m using any derogatory or insulting terms), perhaps trying to use that as an argument about women dressing down to look more like men (as I would assume some people would argue) and be accepted. I’m just curious if that’s the type of retalition argument that might be presented? (And again, this is not my own personal view, I’m just wondering if that’s the kind of backwards responses lesbians are getting.)
        Again, many thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I do appreciate it.

      2. @Diva- What the fuck is wrong with you? You were given ample recommendations for how to get caught up on what is going on vis a vis Gender, but rather than reading any of them you go on to spam the thread with the most rudimentary questions about “the LGBT” imaginable. How incredibly rude and self-centered. I trashed all your other (six!) comments and you are banned. Buh-bye and good luck with your entitled heterosexual internet lifestyle. Ta.

      3. Wow, I was worried about derailing with my comment to her, and I guess I should’ve followed that instinct. I didn’t think she’d clog up the whole damn thread with 101 stuff. Sorry about that, Gallus.

      4. Not at all. Diva may have been unwillingly to make use of the information and resources you and others shared, but other new people reading quietly will appreciate it. Thank you!

    7. Something else to consider, when you and your friends trash us and say we’re fighting for our rights by “stomping” on the rights of others, please remember that the moves for trans “women” to be completely recognized as females in all social, legal, and medical realms stomps down the safety and rights of women. Especially since the trans activists are against gatekeeping and setting standards for what measures need to be taken to gain the legal designation of “female”, it has opened the doors for predatory men to claim they are women and gain access to private, sex-segregated spaces where women are vulnerable (women’s shelters, hospitals, bathrooms, locker rooms, prisons, etc.). They are also using resources set aside for women’s reproductive health, at places like Planned Parenthood, as well as at low-income women’s health clinics.

  40. Just have to add for the “Diva” (do het women really call themselves things like “Diva”?), truly supporting the “LGBT community” would mean understanding that many Lesbians never agreed to be added to the lineup with our oppressors (het men, Gay men, bisexual men, bisexual women, and women pretending to be men). A lot of us fucking hate seeing that list since it’s against our will and we were added primarily for political power for Gay men and also to suck Lesbians into supporting and donating to our oppressors.
    And yes, all the information you need to know about the trans cult is right here in the archives of GenderTrender.

  41. Two points: First, these horrendous tactics will never stop until the cost of employing them outweighs the benefit. There is a reason why, say, legitimate businesses tend not to send goons out to beat up their critics. Any benefit would be dwarfed by the civil and criminal liability. This sort of thing goes on when the perps perceive no cost. Right now, these tactics are all benefit and no cost. They stalked Dan Savage, threw a glass jar at his head, and a couple of years later, he performs like a trained monkey for them.
    To change this equation, if and when something comes up that is close to the legal line, it is up to us to make sure that law enforcement knows about it. Gallus, if you get emails about the young children of lesbians and where they live and go to school, that’s a good opportunity to contact law enforcement. If there’s enough there, LE may interview or even arrest one of these thugs. That alone would have a deterrent effect. There aren’t that many of them and if one goes down, the rest will hear about it. Even if the emails ultimately fall short of a criminal threat, it is a good thing for law enforcement – and here I mean the FBI – to know about these incidents. They will open a file. The trans activists will be on their radar. And the next time something happens, the FBI will take it seriously precisely because there is a prior record of complaints.
    Second, I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but Leelah’s Tumblr has all sorts of strange pictures. Cartoon girls who transform magically. Anime girls who don’t look human. And a disturbing photo of a group of Japanese girls dressed up and posed like 19th century dolls. Is this what Leelah thought it means to be a girl? I don’t know, but I didn’t see any pics of ordinary, non-cartoon, non-magical, non-doll-like girls or women. I think more will come out on this story. I am especially keen to hear more about how and to what extent Leelah interacted with the bizarre, destructive world of transgender Tumblr.

  42. What concerns me is that this suicide will be used to pressure parents into medical intervention in kids with gender issues. “Look Mr & Mrs X, you must let little X take puberty blockers because if you don’t they will kill themselves!”
    As a parent the thought of losing a child to suicide makes me heart sick.
    I also wonder how many people abusing the parents of Josh/Leelah Alcorn are parents themselves. Would other parents be so quick to condemn when teenagers can make such traumatic choices despite the best love and care given? I know several teenagers who committed suicide and all had loving, healthy families yet they still suffered from depression, and still killed themselves despite the loving mom and dad.
    Also this idolization of this suicide will absolutely push other depressed teens into killing themselves. No doubt there will be copycats who see the affection and celebrity heaped on and want to be a part of that.

    1. I doubt that any of the people abusing the parents are parents themselves. From my observation the age range on both tumblr and reddit skews very young, very white and very middle class. On one post someone was talking about how awful it is to be “misgendered” by service staff in restaurants, and how no one would be fired for using they. And I pointed out that in many places staff is trained to use “sir/maam” as most of the population considers that to be respectful and courteous. Then I asked how many service jobs he’d had. None, of course. He was fourteen. And that’s what you have to keep in mind. These are KIDS. Kids with very little life experience and very much caught up in this fantasy online world they’ve created for themselves.

      1. If someone calls me “sir” by mistake (and it happens a lot), the first thing I notice is that they’re trying to be polite, which I appreciate because politeness is not a given these days. I point out that it’s actually “ma’am” and get on with it. It’s not a big deal, unless the other person wants to make it one. In the latter case, the real issue is not “misgendering”, it’s sexism/homophobia.
        About the appeal of a trans identity for a certain subset of teenagers — the lives of relatively privileged young people seem to be more and more restricted these days compared to 20-30 years ago. There are fewer and fewer ways for them to assert some kind of independent identity., because it seems to have become the norm for well-off parents to decide even minor things for their kids. (That’s having all kinds of far-reaching social consequences, none of them good.) For some of these kids, declaring themselves trans may be like having a trump card they can play against all that restriction and infantilization.

      2. I wouldn’t care much if they lived in their online world – but now we have teenage boys as young as 14 (I’ve seen their blogs and photos, one of them was autistic) who want to transition to become “lesbians” and their heads are full with japanese lesbian comics and cartoons and porn. And these boys (just like the older men) throw temper tantrums because actual lesbians reject them. And then them and their supporters start to threaten, harrass and guilt trip lesbians because the real world doesn’t work like their online trans fantasy land.
        Turns out women don’t want to pretend male bodies are female. They aren’t attracted to inner *identities*. But these guys:
        1. exist in an online echo chamber/fantasy world were critical thoughts don’t exist or are *transphobic*
        2. were socialized as males and therefore feel entitled to womens bodies

      3. I’m old enough to remember the uproar about D&D, especially after those young men killed their parents in some sort of acid fueled D&D role-playing arc. And, were it not for the adult trans folk supporting and promoting “tranz kidz” for their own benefit (and possible sexual gratification) this would quickly be seen in the same light. After all, in the same forum we have “otherkin” and who knows what other manner of foolishness going on. It’s very much in line with the same self-identification teens have been going through for several generations. Under normal circumstances they’d do some crossdressing, probably smoke way too much weed, flunk a few classes then get on with their lives. Unfortunately, we have a medical establishment and adult pedos PREYING on them and that’s where the difference comes in.

      4. Roslyn, I agree with you that a lot of the mother-abuse is coming from a demographic that is “very young, very white and very middle class.” (There is so much to say about how messed-up this demographic is, and it’s being said here, of course, but we need to dive into it even deeper, I think … )
        But, anyway, there seem to be lots and lots of parents who have joined in the witch hunt. Including parents of trans children who are held, by the news and social media, in the highest regard as the most enlightened and loving of parents in our society.
        And I was on Jezebel last night reading comments from mothers who know, apparently, how to do motherhood better than Ms Alcorn. They want to see her shamed and harassed into oblivion, and they are explicit about this. Then, of course, we have gay father and popular columnist, Dan Savage, calling for the Alcorns’ arrest and trial for child abuse.
        The voices of these parents, who are abusing the Alcorns at possibly the most vulnerable moment in their lives, are well-represented by media. The media/press are, indeed, taking their cues — aren’t they? — from the largely white, educated, middle class, middle-age adults who are leading the violent mob against this couple for “killing” their LGBT child.
        On top of it, the small minority of voices who are calling for the opposite of what’s happening — who are calling for the Alcorns to be left in peace to grieve — are not necessarily parents themselves. In fact, it looks as though at least half of those voices are child-free.

        1. I’m sure that those parents, the ones that are full speed ahead on the gender train are absolutely terrified, so of course they’re striking out. They’ve been bullied or conned into this foolishness and are seeking validation wherever they can find. See, see, if I hadn’t put my kid on puberty blockers he would’ve killed himself too. This situation gives them someone to point fingers at, to hold up as the bad parent especially when for most sane people, they themselves are the worst of the worst.

      5. Roslyn, I think possibly there is a class issue here as well, what do you think?
        “Misgendering” I don’t really understand. It is unfortunate, but it is life. I am a woman and identify as one I’ve been called “sir” before by waitpeople and bar staff. I didn’t take it at all personally – that was someone trying to be polite and reckoning I might identify differently from how I am.
        But the difference is a class one. I know what an unrelenting bastard job customer service is, having done shitloads of it. A tired or harassed waitperson might make a daft mistake, God knows I have as a waitress, in retail and in security. I strove to be polite but if X identified as otherkin and only responded to “zie” I didn’t know. The luxury of wallowing endlessly in your self identity is one you don’t have when you’re doing split shift and worrying about the rent.

        1. Oh, most definitely a class issue. That’s why I found it so annoying. When you’re busting your ass hustling tips to make the house note or to replace the fuel pump on your shitty car you couldn’t give a shit about anyone’s identity. And that’s a major problem with some of these people, they don’t have enough to do. This self indulgent navel gazing is very much so a function of the leisure class.

      6. “the lives of relatively privileged young people seem to be more and more restricted these days compared to 20-30 years ago.”
        I don’t know if that’s true. Even Alcorn apparently had considerable freedom, holding down a job and having a credit card. For both, he had to have parental permission, even if he was paying off the credit card himself.
        It certainly depends on the parents, but many kids have considerable freedom these days, especially if they manage to keep their grades up.

      7. @kesher I think ‘sheltered’ might be a better word than restricted. There’s a huge difference between working to put food on the table and working to buy yourself pretty clothes. The fact that a teen is doing one instead of the other affects their entire perception of what work and money is for.
        @Loop-loop, I completely agree with you. Teenagers should be protected from predatory adults in many situations, but beyond that, they are capable of making their own decisions and acting with great maturity, if they’re allowed to do so. IMO, Josh Alcorn didn’t do anything dramatically different from the -adults- who killed police offers, shot politicians, or stalked doctors who perform abortions, and society recognized their decisions as a function of mental illness, not age. The danger of the trans-activists who celebrate his death is that it will encourage other mentally ill individuals to do the same(not “any teenager”). The media used to know that, of the danger of glamorizing suicide and murder, though of course the internet activists only care about pushing their own agenda. Bottom line, this isn’t a teenager problem.

      8. @a cat, @rosylnholcomb – I get “sir” on the regular at bars and restaurants, particularly if my group is all sitting down at a table and I’m with men friends.
        Usually I don’t bother saying anything about it, because why criticize someone who is just looking for a generic [polite term of address]? So the staff person says “what will you gentlemen be having” or “how about you, sir” and I just order my beer.
        Often at that point the staff person hears my voice and will get over the top apologetic to ME, in which case I just tell them no worries.
        Point being it would never occur to me to get upset at someone who is just making a guess.
        I suspect a lot of the outrage at this “misgendering” is lashing out in a misdirected fashion because they are reminded that they don’t pass and that in reality, as you both point out, no one can magically “tell” their “identities.”
        They know, deep deep down, that treatment in society is not based on our “identities” and never has been – but they try to deny it, and when something pops the bubble, it’s rage time.

    2. @kesher. I’ve noticed an overall trend, at least in my neck of the woods, towards parents deciding even minor things about how their kids are going to spend their time after they’ve done they’re homework — even when they’re in high school. That strikes me as different from they way things were circa 1985.
      There has also been a shift in how a the late teens and even early twenties are viewed — as an extension of childhood, rather than the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood. I think this has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that it’s been a disaster for young people’s mental health in general.
      This may be an unpopular view here, but I regard some of the brain science used to support this idea as just as questionable as that used to support the idea of innate gender. On the whole, I agree with Robert Epstein (“The Myth of the Teenage Brain”), although I would not go as far as he proposes in lifting legal restrictions on what teenagers can do.
      There are plenty of good reasons to bar minors from entering into binding legal contracts, or permanently altering their bodies, and there are also plenty of good reasons to discourage people in their early 20s from doing the latter — but these have to do with perspective and experience, not because of their faulty brains.
      Joshua Alcorn appears to have been legitimately mentally ill; I don’t think it’s a good idea just to point to him as an example of “screwed up teenagers being screwed up.” A lot of the teenagers who are calling themselves trans these days don’t seem to be mentally ill or “confused”; they appear to be trying to fit themselves into a cultural narrative about gender that a somewhat older generation created and then mainstreamed and forced down their throats. What these kids lack is sufficient time spent on earth to realize that Queer/Trans/Sex Positivity etc. is just another historical moment, one that will pass. And yes, I do think it’s their parents’ responsibility, and society’s, to prevent them from doing themselves irreparable harm in the mean time.
      I would certainly agree, btw, with anyone who says that teenagers should be protected from contact with older people who want to mess with their heads or exploit them — sexually or any other way — on the internet or IRL. (And I agree that the internet has made things worse.) I would also caution — have cautioned — very young adults in their early twenties to be on the alert for middle-aged people with agendas, whatever those agendas might be. Again, this is simply because the older person will have an unfair advantage due to having had twice as much time to perfect his or her bag of tricks.
      This will be my only comment on this topic in this thread, as I am not interested in derailing it, or in getting into a heated argument about a side issue with people I basically agree with on the topic of gender.

      1. I agree that a lot of middle class kids are sheltered, sometimes shockingly so. When I was seventeen I was off to boot camp. I’m bothered by the way we don’t allow kids to have unstructured playtime. I think this limits their ability to problem solve, overcome obstacles and build self confidence. I spend thousand s of dollars sending my kid to camp during summer break. What was my “camp” as a kid? Our neighborhood. Riding my bike and knowing that I had to be home when the street lights came on. But I can’t do that with my kid because every other kid is at camp, too.
        so yeah, I definitely see your point about the lack of freedom. I see it and the impact it has on my own child.

  43. @ parallelexistence “a delusional teenage boy living out his fantasy online”
    If he had claimed he was a character from Dungeons&Dragons and that he was throwing himself in front a fast moving dragon because the world wouldn’t recognize he was really a wizard, parents groups and even some govt agencies would be in an uproar to address this strange new phenomenon. Back in the day some obsessed D&D fanboys were doing odd things, out of touch with reality, hurting themselves and others, and the solution was not to cater to their fantastic whims. Multiply that same phenom by the power of the internet and social media, its no surprise this is becoming a thing with self proclaimed tranz kids.
    Just wondering when the world at large will take off the SJW blinders and start to examine the parallels with past fads and crazes driving kids to hurt themselves

    1. This thread is getting so big! I just wanted to say, shediogenes, that Roslyn and others are making similar points to yours (upthread a ways), including mentioning the D&D fanboys who were hurting themselves and others, and how that situation was recognized for what it was. Unlike this situation, with the strange and dangerous fantasies of queer/transitioning kids.

  44. In the 2 million miles or so I’ve driven in an 18 wheeler, its been my misfortune to hit 3 deer, a bat, couple of birds and several skunks. So far no one from the humane society or PETA has demanded I be burned at the stake. I guess I shouldnt admit that online, just asking for trouble from good, upstanding activists and all, but if its of any use, it always makes me feel bad, especially the turtles, hate hitting turtles, always root for them to make it across 12 lanes of interstate.
    What the fuck is the matter with these ppl? As if I would would hesitate to slam on the brakes to first determine if a human being in front of me was tranz? THIS MAKES ME SO FUCKING ANGRY. These vehicles are 70 feet long and weigh 40 tons. Driving safely is something we take seriously.

    1. It’s so obvious what can happen if a semi driver has to slam on the brakes – jackknifing, flipping, and killing not only herself but others driving on the road. Josh’s action was idiotic and selfish in the extreme. I know he was young, but Jesus, even at that age I knew what could happen. He was old enough to know better.
      And BTW, thanks for being a truck driver. It’s a very hard job, and every time I order something online and it’s delivered to me in the comfort of my home, I appreciate that work. Stay safe.

  45. Others have posted they are worried about the kids being raised in these online hothouses of delusion, and I agree. But I think I am more worried about the adults who buy in. This was in the WaPost today:
    “Vigilantes also posted the phone numbers of both Alcorn’s mother and father. On Tumblr, one user urged her followers to call Carla’s employer, a relatively new tactic in the online-shaming game.
    “Honestly?” tweeted one user who posted Doug’s phone number. “I’m ok [with] terrorizing Leelah’s parents for eternity.”
    The sentiment is understandable, in some ways. As my colleague Terrence McCoy wrote this morning, Leelah was a smart, witty, self-aware girl, a caricaturist at an Ohio amusement park and a junior in high school. The pain and isolation she describes is heartbreaking. And the issues of transgender suicide and acceptance, which Leelah writes about in some detail, are huge, real, urgent subjects that require our action.”
    It’s a column saying that people SHOULDN’T harass the boy’s parents. But it still says “the sentiment is understandable, in some ways.”
    WHAT??? NO! The sentiment of wanting to harass and torment and abuse a couple of grieving parents is NOT understandable! It is NOT normal! Not for well-adjusted adults or even well-raised children! Making a leap from “your child died by his own hand…thus you should be fired from your job and threatened by strangers” is NOT a normal thought process!
    But here are adults saying just that. That it’s “understandable,” if tactically unwise.
    What the hell is going on, here?

  46. At this point, based upon the histrionics from so many regarding Josh’s death, and based upon what his mother has said about him, and also on what he said at his Tumblr about his own behavior that Scared of Being Doxxed posted above, I’m reminded of the film Being There.
    In that film (which was first a novel), a simple-minded (as in, mentally slow) gardener named Chance is mistaken, at first by a few people and then by the world, for a political genius. It’s a very, very funny movie, and the humor derives from the utter obliviousness of those around Chance (many of whom are the world’s most powerful people) as to how he is not remotely what they think – and want – him to be. If you’ve ever seen the film, maybe you’ll agree. Here’s the trailer, if you’re interested.
    Please do not for one moment think I am finding humor in Joshua’s death. Absolutely not. The parallels I’m alluding to reference only the assumptions, misinterpretations, and outright delusions that are happening around this tragedy. It’s beyond farcical.

    1. Honestly, I wonder what his siblings think about all this – them, and his closest friends, including the girl who called him “he” in a CNN interview.
      It’s got to be surreal at this point (in addition to the obvious tragedy and sadness, of course) just how this… media creation is being lionized and publicly mourned, a creation which likely doesn’t bear so much resemblance to the actual kid they knew, anymore.

  47. I guess that for transgender advocates, the only good gender nonconforming child is a dead gender nonconforming child. As soon as they kill themselves, they’re little angels. But they try to brainwash and butcher them in life.

  48. First of all, I agree with those who have said that this is the best writing covering the subject of Alcorn’s death that I have read so far.
    I find it so odd that people are blaming the parents. Yeah, they were religious and apparently very conservative with their kids, but that doesn’t amount to abuse. For every kid who complains that his parents are too strict, there is another kid out there that is acting out and doing strange things in order to get some sort of reaction out their parents–to get their iPhone taken away, or to be put on punishment–because the kid believes their parents don’t care enough. Many kids grow up in households where their parents hold different viewpoints than the ones the kid thinks he or she wants to live by as an adult.
    Alcorn was a depressed kid who was suffering from some kind of gender identity disorder and he was also just a kid suffering from the teen angst and myopic viewpoint that many teenagers suffer. He was less than two years away from being a legal adult, yet, according to him he was “never” going to be happy? He was, in his words, “never” going to find love? He was “never” going to be happy in his body–whatever he chose to do with it, whether he chose to have SRS and legally become a woman or not? That’s your normal adolescent thinking–believing that you are “never” going to get what you want or that something is “never” going to happen. This was a kid who probably never had sex or any intimate relationship with another person male or female, so how can any credence be placed in the belief that he was never going to find anyone to love him? In less than two years he could have moved half-way around the world and did whatever he chose do with his life–had he chosen to live.

    1. It’s not odd that people are blaming the parents. Blaming the parents is the very purpose of publicizing this death. This incident is being used to make parents fearful that they must transition their gender-nonconforming children or their children will die. It will be used to drive legislation saying that parents who do not comply with their children’s demands to transition can be charged with child abuse. It will also be used to drive legislation saying that children will not need parental permission to access hormones and surgery. Suicide among gender non-conforming teens is supposedly so very common. There is a reason that they are publicizing THIS one (and not that of Jay Ralko).

  49. Thanks AA. If you live in the eastern half of the US, chances are I have delivered your toilet paper at some point. Currently, 42,000 lbs of beer (and not a drop to drink *sigh*)

    1. Ha! Very few things in life are as important as having TP on hand, when you think about it. 😀

      1. I’m afraid if you want peanuts, Gallus, you’ll have to buy them yourself. Check your donations, I’ve left you a peanut, beer and TP fund.
        Can’t get over how great this blog is. This has got to be one of your most important posts yet. Just keeps getting better.
        Have a great new year

  50. Wow. Joshua was clearly a confused, depressed and angry kid. The suicide note makes it seem like this was attention-seeking behavior, or a cry for help, or both. It’s a shame that his parents were misguided, and that (possibly) their homophobia stopped them from getting him the help he needed. A bigger shame is how a bunch of juvenile, attention-seeking adults are using this tragedy for their own agenda, and invading the privacy of a grieving family. As others have said, Josh could have outgrown these histrionics, and found peace with who he is, while these trans vultures relate so well to him, because they never outgrew. Their adolescent angst.

  51. So you’re saying that transgender people are using this kid’s death as a stepping stone to promote their political agenda and being ghoulish about it. But you’re not. This post was made in total sympathy for a grieving family and a desperate teenager who didn’t see a way out. Not ghoulish at all.

    1. Not only have none of us terrorized the survivors of this tragedy , or glorified and glamorized death and suicide as a valiant meaningful act of martyrdom, but this specific kid and his family are not even named in the post, which is literally unsearchable to anyone googling their names. This post is about a broad and ongoing issue in the transgender community and politic. One which I note you failed to address AT ALL in your comment. Good day sir.

    2. Red: the suicide is not the story, the reaction of transactivists and how they are capitalizing on the suicide is the story.

    3. Bullshit!,you are shameless. And I thought I was bad! This child’s death is being used by the trans-Charley Manson group to rationalize teen death to launch a sick adult fetish for the sexualization of children that are not completely sexually mature, much in the same way rape victim’ backs are being used to launch pimp-lead prostitution rants off of, by the same movement that fetishizes women and androgenous teens,
      FUCK YOU, YOU are the ones sharing a suicide note, encouraging violence against victims, more ‘beautiful’ suicides and telling teens to attack other victims left behind like fucking CHARLEY MANSON did a few decades ago, so he could fuck underage girls he didn’t really give a shit about. and there are some middle-age adult autogynephiliacs beating off to the entire suicide as a fetish for barely-legal teens.. You dare to call females that give an actual shit, ‘sick’? You sir, are broken. A child’d death is a fetish to some if these middle age fetishitist men. And anyone that is not bowing to this mass hysteria that supports a few middle age men’s sex fantasy- is called a hate group. YOU are BRAINWASHED by a CULT and dont even fucking realize it you dumb ass..
      Remember Squeeky? GOOGLE it, She killed for Charley Manson like a true trans ally, and Sharon Tates family show up at every parole, to plead that she never be released for the murder she partisipated in at 17.

  52. I can’t help but wonder if all the inappropriately graphic articles about this death are meant to inspire copycats, so the trans brigade can point to some sort of teen trans self-massacre as a catalyst for their own movement. They’ve shown in the past that they aren’t afraid of sacrificing minors to give themselves credibility and validation.

  53. As a parent, whats really scary is thinking about what few options his parents had open to them, even if they had not been anti gay, since many therapists are required to “support” trans, and are not even allowed to suggest anything different! You all know that if your kid thinks they may be trans, the ONLY choice is to get on board! Anything less than enthusiastic pushing of transition is seen as torture. Haven’t therapists gotten in trouble for going against this cult?
    Going to the Christian counselor may (or may not) have been a problem because he was gay, but compared to one of todays therapists that cannot/will not even question trans, that often push early transition? I am sure there are a third type of counselors and such that can help, but in the climate today? No guarantees. What a horrible place to be as a parent.
    (And parents LOVE to blame other parents, because it makes THEMSELVES feel better. Its sick, the amount we all tear each other down, as if it cannot happen to US.)

    1. “And parents LOVE to blame other parents, because it makes THEMSELVES feel better. ”

      Speaking of this dynamic, a lot of the trans who are attacking these parents most viciously are individuals who participated in the same transgender support forums which ignored Josh’s cries for help for months. Like Zinnia Jones.
      Instead of dealing with their own feelings of accountability and guilt they are looking for someone else to punish.

      1. Well, there you go. Kids like Joshua are reaching out to the likes of Zinnia and his smirk-and-jerk community of lady-fetishists.
        This is why parents take computers and other devices away, at least for a time. I make no comment on how effective this is, but I acknowledge that parents, generally, have very good intuitions about media that are feeding into their children’s illnesses. They know that there are predators online, and that their kids are vulnerable.
        I don’t know much about Christian therapists, but I highly doubt that they could be more destructive to a vulnerable teen than Zinnia et al. and the “helpful resources” they share with depressed kids.
        But, of course, all of the public’s attention is being directed at the “bad” mom. The fetishistic ghouls, who are culpable, just step back and blend into the mother-hating mob.

      2. Good God, Zinnia. Regardless of the trans issue, I would lose my mind if the children in my family were seeking advice from such a creepy fetishist.

      3. Well gee, now we know what “inappropriate” things this kid was looking at on the internet. This dude is constantly posting videos of himself shoving dildoes up his bum. Yeah, I’d not only unplug my kid for watching this dude, I’d burn the internet to the ground and salt the earth.

  54. Look at [removed, sorry. not gonna publicize that awful site-GM] dot com and “an open letter to Leelah Alcorn’s parents” I won’t link to these fuckers, it’s an utter fucking disgrace.
    Listen you bastards, as someone who’s been suicidal and someone who has dealt with suicide of others, *every suicide note is a lie* and the vast majority of suicide reasons are crap. Leelah’s parents didn’t kill Leelah. LEELAH KILLED LEELAH.
    They didn’t throw her under a truck. She did that. She wasn’t a beauteous trans angel, sent to tell everyone to be kinder. She was a depressed teen who killed herself particularly nastily.
    I can’t believe in 2015 I need to explain this, but here goes. When I was suicidal nothing made sense and I’d stole a scalpel from a doctor’s surgery. I had an extremely long suicide note (which was stupid and filled with wrong accusations) and it took me an entire night to convince myself not to die. Nothing about this scenario was well reasoned and nothing was anyone else’s fault.
    What I keep trying to say to people is that we don’t know Leelah or her life and we do not know her mum and dad. Saying shit like “she’s a tender queen you denied mortal form” and “you drove her to suicide” is the sort of bollocks people who have never experienced extreme situations say. I’ve unfortunately got PTSD and it’s cropping up all the time right now because of this wave of condemnation. I’m torn between saying to people what violent sudden death is like, begging them not to blame her stricken family (or the poor lorry driver!) And telling them exactly how little sense suicidal ideation makes.

    1. I disagree that the vast majority of suicide reasons are crap. Rather I don’t think, at the point of constant suicidal ideation, that REASON has anything to do with it at all. It’s a feeling, an all-encompassing feeling of deadness you wake up with, you live with, and you go to bed with. Every little stress or negative interaction with another person, every bill, every bad memory, EVERYTHING, makes that little beeping noise like an alarm clock, except it’s a word, and the word is suicide.
      I’ve probably lived an entire decade of my life with constant suicidal ideation – first thing in the morning, think about it all day, and go to bed thinking about it. Not thinking of “killing myself,” or a plan, just the desire to not be here, and an indescribable feeling of already being dead, nonexistent, a nonperson. And that word – “suicide” – all day (all night) long in my mind, over and over and over.
      I don’t want to go into all the personal details of getting out of it…but it’s almost like rehab. You have to spend a certain amount of time getting OFF the drug (the fog, the darkness, the abyss, the black hole) of suicidal ideation.
      I specifically mention one thing that helped: JUST GIVE UP. You’re exhausted, you’re worn out, JUST GIVE UP. Goals, plans, life goals, whatever it is. Get really small-minded and specific instead: An easy fucking job. Get dressed for it. Make your lunch. Let your friends be nice to you. And if you need to fucking sleep all day on your day(s) off, then sleep.
      I’m in a very different (nonsuicidal) place right now. I will also say GenderTrender has helped me a lot, helped me feel not-crazy about a lot of crap in my life, from a very long time ago.
      My point is – I cannot relate MY experience of suicidal ideation, that consumed probably A DECADE of my life….with what I’ve seen of this young man’s suicide note. Of course, I’m a grown woman. One thing about being suicidal, and coming out of it is…you can see into other people’s pain – you can believe in other people’s pain, in a way you didn’t before. I allow everyone the possibility of unfathomable depths of misery that I am not privy to. Everyone. Even people I despise for their politics, their behavior, the harm they do to others. Or have done to me. Madonna said: “I believe in the power of love.” Well I now believe in the power of pain, emotional pain, in EVERYONE’S life.
      I just wonder…is that suicide note…what this young man believed a young woman would write? You know, M2Ts behave how they think females behave – a big collection of stereotypes – is this outpouring of teen artwork and smarmy memorials really just ANOTHER male appropriation of what they THINK suicidal women and girls feel and do? Because I cannot relate AT ALL.

      1. “M2Ts behave how they think females behave”
        There are times when I take note of particular histrionics from a trans woman, and I’ll think, hey, at least he’s got the stereotype of an emotional, hysterical woman down pat. But then sometimes it goes way beyond the stereotype, with the likes of Sarah Brown (who had delusions of being a professional politician, you kind of need a thick skin for that) claiming that he was “literally” shaking and crying in bed with the covers pulled over his head. And, of course, anyone else (who’s not a member of the sainted trans brigade) who actually has anxiety or mental illness who reacts to stress that way isn’t likely to talk about it publicly since genuine mental illness is highly stigmatized.
        But what’s enraging to me about this isn’t even so much the living of a stereotype that’s not actually true to life, it’s the majority of people on the left catering to the hysterics. If liberals actually perceived trans women as women, no one would have any patience for Sarah Brown et al’s temper tantrums. When women show any emotion, regardless if we’re hysterical, we’re almost universally told to shut up.

      2. “If liberals actually perceived trans women as women, no one would have any patience for Sarah Brown et al’s temper tantrums. When women show any emotion, regardless if we’re hysterical, we’re almost universally told to shut up.”

      3. Yes, all of this! As Andrea Dworkin observed, men perceive women’s honest speech and emotional expression as violence. Not so with trans “women’s” speech. They correctly hear males speaking and emoting, and they find it endlessly important — not to mention endlessly entertaining, because such speech mocks and dehumanizes real females.

    2. “What I keep trying to say to people is that we don’t know Leelah or her life”
      There’s no such thing as “Leelah”. That was invention of this Josh guy. So male pronouns apply.

      1. “Perhaps more accurately, Leelah killed Joshua.”
        Yes, yes, this sums it up.

      2. Suicidal ideation is built into trans ideology. It’s horrifying. When I was going through my terrible time in that world, the doctor who prescribed “T” actually talked about me “killing [my name]” so [male name] could grow. I’ve seen similar things online, a lot.
        I still shudder at that thought. That was *encouraged.* By a licensed medical doctor. And I had a history of major depression which no one along the trans assembly line was particularly concerned about.

      3. “Suicidal ideation is built into trans ideology. It’s horrifying. When I was going through my terrible time in that world, the doctor who prescribed “T” actually talked about me “killing [my name]” so [male name] could grow. I’ve seen similar things online, a lot.”
        Wowzers. It makes sense. “Transitioning” is anything but – it’s killing the most essential part of yourSELF.
        So it’s not surprising that some deeply troubled souls take it to the max.
        I learned something from what you said- thanks.

    1. You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh at this maudlin display and the criminally tacky “art”. Dollars to donuts these ridiculous drama queens look down on the equally cheesy culture embraced by certain red state Christians. LOL.

      1. Now this is a weird association I just had. It reminds me of the very exaggerated, maudlin Passion art from medieval Europe, which sometimes had an antisemitic edge to it. Not a classy Pieta type thing, but there were these statues that were–no other way to put it–grotesque.
        That’s what this reminds me of…this whole affair reeks of a blood libel.

    2. The headline on that page is “Sexual dimorphism is a cissexist conspiracy.” Really? Like anglerfish, where females are 20 times bigger than males (or I guess I should say, “those coercively assigned female are 20 times bigger than those coercively assigned male”). And like ruminants where males” have antlers or horns and females don’t. And like marijuana plants, where males have different flowers than females. Wow. So I guess reality is a giant cissexist conspiracy.

      1. Oops. I’m sorry. I misunderstood. I guess it may be a combination of me being ignorant about that website and Poe’s Law.

  55. It is hard to interpret the actions of transgender activists and community members over the last few days as anything but a concerted effort to promote suicide among the trans community, and youth in particular.
    From “Talking about Suicide and LGBT populations” published by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, created with the Movement Advancement Project and Trevor Project:
    Research has shown a link between certain kinds of
    public visibility and media coverage about suicide, and
    increases in suicide deaths—a phenomenon known as
    suicide contagion. Suicide contagion is most likely to occur
    among persons who are already seriously depressed or
    contemplating suicide.
    Contagion risk has been observed when:
    • The number of stories about individual suicides increases.
    • A particular death is reported in great detail across many
    • Coverage of a suicide death is placed on the front page of
    a newspaper or at the top of a newscast.
    • The headlines about specific suicide deaths are framed
    dramatically (for example, “Bullied Gay Teen Commits
    Suicide by Jumping from Bridge”).
    However, research also shows that risk of suicide contagion
    can be reduced when media report on suicide in a
    responsible way.
    1. DO emphasize individual and collective responsibility
    for supporting the well-being of LGBT people. Remind
    people that individuals, families, communities and
    the whole of society have a responsibility to promote
    a culture that welcomes, accepts and supports LGBT
    people for who they are.
    2. DO encourage help-seeking by LGBT people who
    may be contemplating suicide, and emphasize the
    availability of supportive resources. Young LGBT people,
    in particular, don’t often hear that there are adults who
    care about them and to whom they can go for help.
    3. DO emphasize the vital importance of family support
    and acceptance—not just as a factor that can help
    protect against suicide, but also as a crucial part of
    nurturing the emotional and psychological well-being
    of LGBT and questioning youth. Family acceptance
    builds and supports the health and well-being of LGBT
    youth. Discussions that follow youth suicide deaths
    present an important opportunity to remind people—
    and families of LGBT youth in particular—of how
    important it is to love, embrace and accept their entire
    child for all of who they are.
    4. DON’T include details of a suicide death in titles or
    headlines. Headlines are often the only things people
    read, and the need to make them short and attention-
    grabbing can lead to an emphasis on messages that
    can increase contagion risk. Also, headlines are often
    the only things that appear on social media outlets like
    Facebook, where contagion risks can also be elevated
    (see Talking About Suicide in Social Media).
    5. DON’T describe the method used in a suicide death.
    Research shows that detailed descriptions of a person’s
    suicide death can be a factor in leading vulnerable
    individuals to imitate the act.
    6. DON’T attribute a suicide death to experiences
    known or believed to have occurred shortly before
    the person died. The underlying causes of most suicide
    deaths are complex and not always immediately
    obvious. Making hasty assumptions about those causes,
    even when based on comments from family or friends
    or media reports, can result in statements that are later
    proven to be inaccurate. Don’t risk perpetuating false
    or misleading information by jumping to conclusions
    about the reasons for a particular suicide death. Also,
    directly attributing a suicide to bullying or another
    negative life event can increase contagion risk among
    vulnerable individuals who have similar experiences.
    7. DON’T normalize suicide by presenting it as the logi-
    cal consequence of the kinds of bullying, rejection,
    discrimination and exclusion that LGBT people often
    experience. Presenting suicide as the inexplicable act of
    an otherwise healthy LGBT person—or drawing a direct,
    causal link between suicide and the bullying or discrimi-
    nation that LGBT people often face—can encourage at-
    risk individuals to identify with the victim (or the victim’s
    life circumstances) and increase risk of suicidal behavior.
    8. DON’T idealize suicide victims or create an aura of
    celebrity around them. Research shows that idealizing
    people who have died by suicide may encourage others
    to identify with the victim or seek to emulate them.
    9. DON’T use terms like “bullycide.” This inaccurate word
    suggests the murder of a bully, not a suicide death.
    It can also elevate contagion risk by suggesting that
    suicide is a natural response to bullying.
    10. DON’T talk about suicide “epidemics.” This can
    encourage at-risk individuals to see themselves as part
    of a larger story and may elevate suicide risk.
    11. DON’T use words like “successful,” “unsuccessful” or
    “failed” when talking about suicide. It is extremely
    dangerous to suggest that non-fatal suicide attempts
    represent “failure,” or that completed suicides are
    “successful.” Instead, simply talk about a suicide
    death or attempted suicide. Also avoid the phrase
    “committed suicide.” The word “committed” is usually
    associated with a criminal act and can re-victimize
    surviving family. Say died by suicide or that the death was a suicide death instead.
    12. DON’T say that a specific policy (or its absence) will
    in and of itself “prevent suicide.” Instead, talk about
    how anti-LGBT laws or policies have been shown to
    negatively impact the well-being of LGBT people (for
    example, the American Psychological Association has
    noted many negative health effects of excluding gay
    and lesbian couples from marriage).
    Read the whole 4 page PDF file here:

    1. Gallus, I also read the article by Sarah Ditum that you linked to further upthread. Indeed, the coverage of this incident has broken just about every suggested media rule out there. Glorification at its worst.

    2. Thanks for posting this information. A voice of sanity. Great FACTUAL information.

  56. “Funny none of these disgusting reprehensible death-cult GHOULS slobbering over your bones targets your dad. Naw.”
    Leelah’s father was not active on Facebook, his mother was. That account was found quickly because, among other things, she was talking about the death of her child. Once the identity of his father was found on Twitter, well.

    1. “Once the identity of his father was found on Twitter, well, we sanctimonious internet social justice warriors viciously attacked him right after the death of his child as well! And we contacted his employer to get him fired, so that he wouldn’t be able to help support his living wife and three remaining children! ‘Cause that’s just how awesome we are!!”
      There, FTFY.
      It seems you are saying, how DARE the mother talk about the death of her own child. Are you for real?!! Are you really that much of a shitty human being? Do you honestly possess that much pomposity?! Apparently, yes. S.T.F.U.

    2. I’ll echo Gallus’ statement that I hope you are one day judged as you are judging right now – without even the remotest shred of the whole story of Joshua and his family. Maybe you’ll learn how it feels to be raked over the coals at the worst moment in your life.
      As many of us have stated here, very few of us posters here would have much in common, politically or socially, with Josh’s parents. Yet we are able to overcome that and still have sympathy for them, because at the center of it all, they are parents whose child just died. That is what’s important right now. They’ll have their own issues to deal with later, privately (does that word even exist in America anymore?). I don’t care if it was Rick freakin’ Santorum’s kid – I just never want to be the kind of person you and your ilk are being right now.

  57. All that the Internet trans peanut gallery has is crocodile tears. It is painfully obvious how much they are taking supreme delight in this high drama, which is agony to a real family that really exists. All the artwork about this tragedy looks to a T like the drawings that circulated every day in my high school cafeteria, and all of the “tributes” and “open letters” sound uncannily like the mortifying teenaged diaries that we all wrote. I have never seen suicide so aggressively promoted and glamorized. Are we in Ancient Rome? Is honor (self) killing going to be a progressive thing now, and achieve civil rights objectives by “resting in power,” that is, dead and buried? You couldn’t design a better temptation than this for depressed teenagers with suicide ideation.

  58. So I had a look at leelah’s tumblr and…as another poster said it does suggest strongly that what really was an issue was the idea of what he looked like once he became a woman. There are pornish images on his tumblr of skinny very young looking girls which i imagine he was aspiring to be. As someone who claims to be a feminist there is a lot of anti-feminist stuff on his blog and there is quite a few mra-ish posts about how hard it is to be a man and the expectations for men. I dont know howw much this all played in his suicide but his blog does give off mixed messages-but tbh its certainly not the first tumblr i have come across like that, but its certainly a mess.

  59. This child had posted on reddit that he was taking PROZAC. You know, the same prozac that has caused suicide in many, many other people. Why aren’t the trans brigade angry at the pharmaceutical companies?? OH RIGHT… they need them. Grieving parents it is, then. I am beyond disgusted. The other thing I wanted to mention was AFAIK he had three other siblings who are being negatively affected by all this hatred directed at the family. It’s truly beyond the pale.

    1. Thanks for mentioning the siblings, and how much they must be hurting.
      The siblings lost their brother, and they need their parents’ attention and support. How much of the mother’s vital energies, already used up by shock and grief, are being eaten up by these idiots, monsters, vampires?
      They had to CANCEL their child’s funeral and make new plans, in order to defend themselves from vigilantes. Could this possibly be good for the other children? Do the living kids count at all? It sure doesn’t look that way.
      All this outpouring of ostensible love and concern for children, in the form of hatred for the parents, is pure bullshit. The only kid who counts in this horrific tale is a pornified, feminized, IMAGE to which angel wings have been affixed. Which is to say, no real kid at all, but an object.
      Why isn’t everybody throwing up over this perverted outpouring of “love”? Why has someone like Randy come here to teach us, his face on display, instead of hanging and hiding his head in shame? Your “activism” is porn-sick, pedophilic, child-hating, woman-hating, and mother-hating. We SEE you. So you come here to gas-light us, to tell us we don’t see what we see. You think that barging in here and declaring yourself an educator of women, and protector of children, is going to make us UNsee what you are?
      To all the other Randys who are lurking: we see you. We know that you don’t care for ANY kids, not even, or especially, the queer ones. We know that you see boys in a very similar way to how you see girls and women: as objects that, alive or dead, exist as containers for your own pleasurable, putrid, hateful, sexual, romantic, sentimenal and/or violent feelings — and maybe impulses as well.

      1. Morag99 I’m wondering how the siblings are doing as well. I’ve noticed that in families of mentally ill children, the parents and the mentally ill child tend to get a lot of attention and resources. The most the “normal” siblings get is the directive to “be strong” for the rest of the family, even if they are being abused by the mentally ill one.

      2. When one of your kids has a serious illness or disability of any type, it’s a triage situation. A good parent tries to be there for everyone in the family and hates how impossible it is to actually do that sometimes, but it’s a total non-stop triage situation and it sucks.

      3. I don’t think I’ve heard how old the siblings are, but Joshua’s note makes it sound like they might be close to his age or younger. I hope there are other family members and friends who are able to help support the kids while their parents are being unfairly inundated.

    2. I wonder about the Prozac connection, too. I recently learned that an old friend from another chapter of my life died by suicide while taking Prozac — right after the prescribing doctor decided to make a significant adjustment to the dose. I remember said friend as a decent, kind-hearted person, and it pisses me off no end that so many doctors seem to think you can deal with major depression, or trauma, or whatever it was, the same way you deal with algae in a swimming pool — just keep dumping in different combinations of chemicals in the hopes that something will work. Spending time in the pool is optional, but you brain is where you live, so to speak.

    3. Anti-depressants are notoriously dangerous for their sometimes paradoxical effect in young and old people: very sudden, impulsive, violent suicides (or homicides) which differ in character from the suicides of depressed people who have not taken any medication.
      But, even if Prozac is an important part of this boy’s story, as a possible contributing factor, we won’t hear anything about it any time soon. The “transphobic” narrative has gained too much momentum. Unless, of course, they can blame the mother, rather than a patriarchal doctor, for pouring those pills down his throat.

      1. “US BOXED WARNING: Antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in children, adolescents, and young adults in short-term studies. These studies did not show an increase in the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior with antidepressant use in patients over age 24; there was a reduction in risk with antidepressant use in patients aged 65 and older.”
        I guess I was wrong about increased risk in the elderly, though I’m sure I’ve heard anecdotal evidence to the contrary. At any rate, anti-depressants are risky for teenagers.

      2. I know that the atypical antipsychotics (Zyprexa, Abilify, et al) are contraindicated for elderly people, maybe that’s what you saw?
        But yeah, SSRIs can be vicious not just in teens but adults as far as the sudden and violent suicidality. Akathisia, a feeling of intolerable restlessness, can sometimes be behind that. Of course it’s a widely known fact that they can cause these reactions, that the press and medical establishment studiously ignores.

      3. ANY anti-depressant increases the risk of suicide in anybody in the short term. This is because most depressed people can’t get up the energy to kill themselves, and these drugs work by increasing energy before improving mood. So the person taking the drug still wants to die and suddenly has the energy to make plans and follow through. The phenomenon is particularly strong with drugs in the Prozac category, and teens are more susceptible because they don’t have the patience and perspective to wait for the good part of the drug to kick in. People with suicidal thoughts, especially teens, should be hospitalized until the anti-depressants have had an effect on mood, but mental health resources in the US are notoriously bad, and depression is a common problem, so often this doesn’t happen. I don’t want to refer specifically to the Alcorn’s situation, because I don’t know anything about it, but I will say that any responsible prescriber of this medication will tell parents to keep an extremely close leash on the child until there is an improvement in mood. Most teens find this cloying constant monitoring by their parents annoying and invasive, but it can’t be helped.

      4. 60mg a day is a huge dose. Most start at only 20mg. Many adults can’t tolerate more than 5mg a day. Too high a dose can certainly cause mania, or restlessness while still suicidal.

      5. Hi Neme: You’re correct that most adults on Prozac are on the 20 mg. version. There’s also a 10 mg. version. Even at the lower dose, the patient can have problems with limb twitching, e.g. restless legs. Insomnia can also be an issue. Both side effects can be mentally traumatizing for the patient. Suicide is not uncommon in people with conditions that cause uncontrollable movements, such as Parkinson’s disease and Lewy Body Dementia. Robin Williams had the latter. If Alcorn was taking 60 mg. a day, I would not be surprised if he had a problem with uncontrollable twitching and insomnia. The fact he went out for a long walk at 2:30 am on a Sunday could be suggestive of that.

  60. People like Janet Mock tried to cash in on this, but I haven’t seen Mock or many others trying to call their rabid dogs off the parents or community (although some of those less interested in self-promotion have discouraged harassment). Dan Savage appears to be actively encouraging the harassment.
    It seems some of the local community only knew of Josh as a gay boy (which Josh had publicly declared himself to be according to his own suicide note), and this “Leelah” character was mostly something hidden on the internet. The Mother said the transgender topic hadn’t come up for a while.
    I looked over one of the parents pages to get an impression and it appeared pretty laid back. A few references to religion, but not all that much. Lots of Dungeons and Dragons, with a picture of Josh at one game. Sci-fi (notice Josh’s Dr. Who shirt in the drivers license photo) Appreciation of beer and coffee. Appreciation for alternative energy (wind farm). Profanity substituted with milder words.
    I’m not 100% sure, but they appeared to be fans of Obama and BRADLEY MANNING.
    The only Westboro Baptist scenario I saw was the new lynch mob in the comments, saying “fat stupid evil murderer”, calling their OTHER SON a girl.

    1. Yeah you know those extreme fundamentalists who use brainwashing reperative therapy, they’re usually into D&D, sci fi, and Obama. Sounds like an average middle American family, they go to church, they watch TV, raise their kids…not super liberal, not super conservative. Just average. And their kid was sucked into a cult. It happens in other forms all the time.
      These ghouls hate this family just to hate, because hating and causing pain gives sadistic ghouls a big old hard-on. All the cowards standing by and saying “I don’t agree with the ghouls BUT it’s understandable because the parents were sooooo conservative and to blame…” are just as bad as the ghouls if not worse, because the lies travel on the credibility of their relative normalcy.
      The cowards think that the victims “had it coming” by “being conservative” but all it takes to be “too conservative” is to just deny a cultist’s delusion. In for a penny, in for a pound, if you decide the next step is a step too far, coward enablers, you’ll be on their shit list too. Being “progressive” won’t save you, so maybe just try being sensible.

  61. This proves it – bullying is OKAY if you’re a twitter social justice warrior or a journalist for alternative weeklies.
    But for everyone else? Recognizing the biological sex of a human being is suicide-provoking HATE SPEECH!

  62. I’m also left wondering if Dan Savage and the other SJWs would have gone after another family like this had they been of a conservative religion other than Christian. Orthodox Jews? Roman Catholics? Amish (I know that’s not a religion, but hopefully my meaning is clear)? Somehow I doubt they would’ve attacked an Orthodox Jewish family like this.
    I’m as surprised as anyone that I’m standing up for fundamentalist Christians here, especially considering the damage they’ve done to America, but who decides then who is “worthy” of this harassment and excoriation? Dan Savage? I agree with Violet Irene upthread when she says, “What the hell is going on, here?”

    1. Catholics they would attack for sure. There would be tons of disgusting jokes about sexual abuse too, with that. I used to think they wouldn’t attack Orthodox Jews, but there is a fair amount of antisemitism in the SJW crowds these days that is getting more mainstream because of Israel-related controversies, so I think they would attack them too. I think they would step more carefully around a Muslim family because that’s the trendy flavor of the week for the SJW crowd, but pretty much anyone else would probably get what this family is getting. It doesn’t even sound like they were unusually religious, just a standard middle American evangelical family.

      1. I agree re: Islam. Let’s try to imagine that situation, all other details being equal. I think they’d have much harder time attacking Muslim parents. They might still do it, but, being Liberal Ghouls, they’d have to do it differently: very carefully, very covertly, in order to protect their reputation for tolerance.

      2. I’m not so sure Muslim parents would get off lightly in the same situation. Maybe there would be a bit less personal harassment, but there’s a decent strain of Islamic-hatred among the SJW’s. Reality is, they seem to hate anyone who doesn’t share their exact viewpoint.

    2. The different religion question is interesting, and it makes me think of another interesting question we can ask: would Dan Savage & Co. be on the same kind of witch hunt if the death-by-suicide was not a boy? And, most importantly, a boy who wanted to be a girl — that is, a doll, a fembot, a pleasure for the male gaze?
      (Perhaps this has already been discussed on this thread, so if I missed it, sorry).
      If this had been a girl who desperately wanted to be a boy, and her Christian parents had said “no way!” would the trans and their allies be attacking and harassing the mother in the same way or with the same violent intensity? I don’t think so.
      To be sure, I do think the trans-activists would make a little noise for a “trans boy” suicide. They’d have to make a show of it, at least, and insist on “he” and “him.” BUT, the prurience factor would be much, much lower. That is, the femininity factor would almost absent. So, it wouldn’t make its way into public discussion, major news networks, petitions, etc., the way Joshua’s suicide has.
      A real girl, a female teen who was trying to escape femininity (i.e., avoid abuse) via gender transition, just doesn’t make for very good copy. But a boy performing femininity, choosing it, is a sentimental thing, all pink and sparkles and cheesecake poses. The boy-as-girl is a sexually-charged object to feast and fuel-up on.

      1. Savage is really anti-Muslim. He supported the Iraq war for reasons that I think amounted to “civilizing” the Middle East. His newspaper also ran the Danish Muhammed cartoons several years ago in “solidarity”. Other SJWs might lay off, but I really doubt he would.

      2. No, it’s not, although his motivations for doing so, in my opinion, does spring from hatred of Muslims. And Dan Savage and his newspaper do not support free speech. They fully support silencing gender- and trans-critical speech.

      3. “Supporting free speech for political cartoonists is not anti-muslim.”
        Twelve shot dead in Paris. “Je suis Charlie.”

    1. Yeah, a charity which provides the needy feminine folk with the necessities of womanhood: lip gloss and mascara.
      Actually, there are women’s charities which offer the same items (cosmetics and lady attire) to unemployed/low-income women, with the mandate of helping women to feel and LOOK more employable (i.e., to help others find us more attractive and acceptable).
      The difference, of course, is that we women didn’t choose these expensive and time-wasting beauty standards that go well-beyond good grooming. So many women apply make-up and colour their hair (and hundreds of other little rituals), just so that others will take us a little more seriously or at least not punish/ignore us for non-conformity and female disobedience.
      And, here are the trans, promoting the idea that metaphysical womanhood not only longs for a certain shade of sparkly nail polish, but actually requires it: it’s an “essential.”
      Sorry if I’ve strayed a little from the topic, here. The point about all this: just look what they are doing with the horrific suicide of a teen boy: “The Leelah Project.” They bring it right back to the business of promoting the trappings of femininity as “essential” to identity and well-being. Ugh. I also see that, as fantasy pictures of Joshua continue to proliferate, he has been graced with long, thick, wavy tresses. More glorification of senseless loss. Death is pretty.

  63. Thinking on the religious side of this story, I watched a video today that spoke at length about Josh Alcorn, from a Christian perspective. Interesting and troubling thing to note about it was that it didn’t come across as an ignorant or fundamentalist rant against the LGBT community- the speaker had done his research, and there was little of factual content I could have disagreed with. It referenced the hatred of the community toward the family, questions brought up by the suicide letter, and the obvious contradiction of someone trying to be something they weren’t. The focus was primarily transgenderism, but it was still used as an attack against the LGBT community generally. And again, unfortunately, most of what he said was true. Quoting trans-supporters in their own words and actions is sufficient to throw doubt on the health and sanity of any in LGBT community, because of the way they’ve been associated. I don’t agree with it, but one of the main ways I know there’s a difference(and the origin of it) is from reading this blog. So I have to wonder what sort of backlash this is going to generate a few years down the road, if more Christians are attacked as ‘hateful bigots’ for having the audacity to call a boy a boy. If the atmosphere stays as it is, it’s going to be very hard to argue that they’re wrong.
    And it also reminded me to thank Gallus, for all the work she puts into bringing these issues to light. It is appreciated!

    1. When the T first started being added to LGB, a lot of people asked why. After all, L, G, and B are sexual orientations, and T (they kept telling us) isn’t. The explanations were convoluted – the strongest was that prejudiced people don’t make a distinction, so it’s politically wise to hang together. (So why should an LGB book discussion group or newspaper, which doesn’t engage in political action againist prejudice, need to include crossdressers?) Or you’d hear that drag queens are part of the T, and they’re gay men who’ve always been prominent in the gay community. (And yet, somehow, drag queens are also transphobic caricatures …)
      So now, instead of confused prejudiced people not knowing the difference between LGB and T, no one is supposed to acknowledge that there is one.

  64. This vulnerable teenage boy was very depressed, isolated, and distraught. Who could he turn to, and why didn’t anyone really listen to him? Adolescence is a tumultuous time for all kids, especially any child who feels different in some way. The parents might have been conservative religious people who found it difficult accepting a child who is different, but what kind of support did Josh/Lela get from the zillion and one trans* websites, blogs, etc. What was he being exposed to on these trans* websites, and what were they telling him? We do know that he was isolated by his own admission.
    Apparently, this poor kid called himself “Satan’s Wifey”, “transgender queen from hell”. This was part of this teenage boy’s online persona. This doesn’t sound like someone who is emotionally stable to me. It looks as Gender Identity Watch did a screen cap of some this very troubled 17 year old boy’s online ramblings. He states, “I’ve completely isolated myself from the rest of the world…”.
    In this post from Josh/Lela, he mentions talking about suicide. Where were his supposed online trans* friends then?
    Looking at his support system, one can begin to grasp why he was so emotionally messed up. On one hand, this poor kid had conservative parents who wouldn’t accept him for being different. At the same time this was going on, trans* blogs, websites, etc. were filling his 17 year old head with God knows what kind of **it.
    I know a lot has been written about this tragedy, but I would like to add one more thing. We don’t even know if he was really transgender, a gay male, or just a confused, emotionally disturbed teenage boy. Research that goes back decades clearly shows that most gender non-conforming children outgrow it as they age and mature. There are numerous examples of young people changing their minds as they age.
    Was 17 year old Josh/Lela really transgender? I don’t know, but I know one thing. Transgender activists are very good at transifying the dead. If this precious young person hadn’t ended his life, who knows how he would have identified when he turned 21, or age 30.
    Parents, get the kids off the internet and love them even if they are different in some way. Give them something meaningful to do, and encourage their interests. If they need professional help, pick the therapist with great care.

    1. SkyLark Phillips, you wrote: “Parents, get the kids off the internet and love them even if they are different in some way.” I agree with you, of course. But according to some of the transactivists I’ve been reading the past few days, the simple act of taking away (for a time) the kid’s laptop and IPhone was in and of itself abusive.

      1. By that logic I guess I am an abusive mother, because I have “deprived” my kids of electronics on any number of occasions for any number of reasons (falling grades, staying out too late, etc.) And I suppose there are millions like me. Oh the horror. I guess we’re all supposed to let teenagers bully parents into getting them what they want now, regardless of the cost or consequences–or it’s the same as beating them to a pulp.

    2. Guess I have no chance at “mother of the year,” either. I stripped my son’s room down to nothing but his bed and books over his grades. He’s not on social media and never will be. The crazy is just too deep.

  65. I know a wee bit about death by vehicle. Look away now if you would rather not.
    “Died at the scene” means total and massive trauma. Being hit by a sizeable and fast moving vehicle means dismemberment and being pulled under the wheels. Leelah wouldn’t have looked like a beautiful angel. She would have looked like stewing steak.
    There were actually transactivists complaining that Leelah will be cremated because “her family wanted an excuse not to bury her in girl clothes”. No, you stupid fuckers. There can’t be an open coffin for somebody whose entrails would have had to be picked out of a truck’s tyres. She would have had to be cremated out of necessity. Trust me, been there and done that, sometimes an open coffin isn’t even vaguely possible.
    This is part of the reason I am angry with the glorification of Leelah’s suicide and the beautified vision of her. Death by heavy vehicle is a fast but deeply nasty way to go. The coppers would have been cleaning her up across two lanes of traffic. If that is anyone’s idea of “die young and leave a beautiful corpse” they need a fucking reality check.

  66. PBS, which bills itself as being better than the commercial networks, ran something tonight on the News Hour (with Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill) referring to Joshua as Leelah, using feminine pronouns.
    They were running pictures of the candlelight vigils before I had to turn it off.

  67. This is insane, Brynn Tannehill, Director of Advocacy at SPART*A a LGBT military advocacy group and a straight male veteran who thinks he’s a woman cause he says so, advocates for the creation of a charity that takes minors who think they are trans from non-trans compliant households and PUT THEM WITH STRANGERS and transition them.
    “The answer is to get transgender youths out of homes where they are rejected and denied the medical care they need. The state is unwilling to define reparative therapy and denial of medical care as abuse. We cannot change what religious leaders are preaching, nor do our voices carry enough weight to effectively gainsay their religious messaging and consistently convince parents to ignore religious leaders and accept their child’s gender identity.
    A radical new direction is needed.
    Therefore, I propose an emancipation project. The goals are simple:
    Give LGBT youths the legal help needed to emancipate themselves as minors via a pro-bono legal network.
    Provide affirming homes via a network of volunteers waiting for them after emancipation.
    Ensure that affirming homes for transgender children are in states where transgender-specific medical care is required to be part of insurance plans.
    The LGBT movement has been looking for the next big thing after marriage. It has been beating its head against a wall of deep-red conservative legislatures. Here is something that can be done that is tangible, measurable, and desperately needed. Implementing such an effort would certainly be a huge endeavor, fraught with legal hurdles and financial challenges.”
    Fuck this shit, this is what gays and lesbians are suppose to support? Im sure many pedo’s would love to provide an affirming homes for transgender children. This is complete and utter insanity.

    1. “transgender-specific medical care is required to be part of insurance plans”
      I thought this was already required to some degree under ACA. Or does ACA not mandate the full package “required” to “save” lives (aka cosmetic, beautification surgery)?

    2. I’d trust the providers of “affirming homes” not to be predators about as much as I’d trust my cat not to eat me if I die in front of her and she’s hungry.

    3. Hmmm, let’s see, we’ve got a few hundred thousand homeless kids right now. Many of them are GNC and have been thrown out into the streets to be exploited by Janet Mock’s Underground Railroad. Meanwhile this enema of a man wants to remove children from homes because parents refuse to substitute their judgment and belief system for a bunch of head cases who spend their time on tumblr shoving dildoes up their asses. What in the actual fuck is wrong with these people? Here’s a clue dude, why don’t y’all do something about all these homeless GNC kids that are already out there? Oh, of course, most of them are black and brown and we know their only purpose is to be used as a human shield for the trans cult.

    4. To my knowledge, emancipation is generally granted to petitioning minors if they have means of making income on their own. This sometimes includes teen mothers who are eligible to receive government welfare. It would be easier for the state to declare sympathetic LGBT temporary guardians of the children in question.

    1. Ha! That was lovely. And he followed through on his threat to touch the hot pot and burn his finger. That sure showed those people who would mis-identify him as black!

    2. OMG I’m tearing up from laughter right now. Funny dude. Of course, the comedy pretty much writes itself when it comes to this topic, though.

  68. I seriously doubt that a movement that adovcates for the sterilization of children through the use of GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones really cares about children. We know this is going on, but people are supposed to ignore the fact that sterilizing children is usually viewed as a human rights abuse. I hope to hell trans* activists are right about what they are doing to children. Most rational people can see the inherent risks of slapping a label of “gender dysphoria” on 5 and 6 year old kids.
    As to suicide, instead of blaming the doctors who pushed “transitioning” on a seriously depressed and emotionally fragile woman, Nathan/Nancy Verhhelst, transgender activists blamed the mother. This poor woman was too emotionally unstable to “transition”, and begged a doctor to euthanize her after a botched sex reassignment surgery. What did trans sources do after this tragedy? It was business as usual. Gendertrender covered this sad tragedy as did other websites.
    Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation

    1. I wonder, does this kid ever look at his videos before uploading them? It’s like a parody from SNL. “I really, really care about “Leelah”, I’m so torn up, I can’t stop crying, I – oh my God, my hair looks sooo bad!”
      Very bad idea for him to be posting that suicide note, but it’s predictable. Here’s a tip, kid – high school is fairly awful for most teens, even the quarterback and the captain of the cheerleaders. Trans may or may not be a phase, but high school definitely is. Tell that to your followers, instead of wallowing in the Alcorn family’s private grief. (I must say, he’s more considerate of the Alcorns than the supposed adults like Dan Savage.)

  69. What “Brynn” meant, but failed to mention is that he would like the LG to do still more work for the T even as they erase us. The T part of our ‘community’ doesnt do this work for themselves. Organize? to save the children? I doubt it, but they will harass, cajole and manipulate Gays and Lesbians to give of our time, money and energy to put together a pro bono law project to perpetuate our erasure and push future LG kids into transition

  70. While I truly am sorry for the loss of this emotionally distraught teenager, I do have to hand it to transgender activists for milking this tragedy for all its worth. They do know how to work the media,. Make no mistake. This is politics, and we know it. There is already an online petition to stop “Transgender Conversion Therapy”. They really don’t define what it would entail, but we are all supposed to be behind it, or risk being branded, ignorant “transphobic” bigots. I want to make one thing clear. I don’t know what type of therapist the parents sent Josh/Leelah to, and for all I know they might have been insensitive conservative parents who couldn’t accept a son that was different than other boys. Since I don’t know them, I don’t feel comfortable attacking the parents. Besides, this teenage boy was still a minor. I might not agree with the parental politics, but I’m not about to viciously slander the parents, stalk, or harass them.
    When it comes to children, I have some questions about the current petition calling on President Obama to ban “transgender conversion therapy”. These are the same activists who see no problem in sterilizing children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones. Will physicians who refuse to prescribe puberty suppressing drugs to physically healthy children be in violation of this ban? Or, will therapists who believe that the child really isn’t transgender but just confused and depressed feel compelled to label the child transgender anyway? I firmly believe in therapy for children, but what is the real intention behind this petition?
    At any rate, these are my thoughts. Some of this has been covered before on this and other blogs.
    (1.) It’s really interesting that transgender activists would push a ban on transgender conversion therapy when it’s a historical fact that sex reassignment surgery has been used as a form of extremely oppressive and mutilating homosexual conversion therapy. Indeed, Iran has been doing this for years, and there are credible sources, including various human rights organizations who know this is occurring. The government of Iran carries out homosexual conversion therapy in which gay men and lesbians are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. Why would one of the most oppressive governments on earth pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals?
    It could be that in western countries we are just subtle about it. That is, we slap a label of “gender dysphoria” on the little tomboy (think butch lesbian) or sissy boy (think limp wristed fag), and then proceed to drug them with GnRH agonists and hormones. They never get to be lesbians or gay men.
    We do know that homosexual conversion therapy through sex reassignment surgery is going on in Iran with the full support of the government, and we suspect it in western countries.
    I propose a ban on any and all homosexual conversion therapy via sex reassignment surgery.
    (2.) Unlike transgender activists who see no problem in labeling five and six year old children (some as young as three), I see a risk in “diagnosing” very young children.
    “Treatment of extremely gender variant children will continue to remain controversial since some underlying assumptions of the clinicians are a matter of opinion rather than of empirical data and empirical studies (e.g., clinical trials with random treatment assignment) are neither feasible nor ethical. I wish to conclude by raising some points for the clinicians treating these children to consider:
    * There is no empirical evidence (i.e., controlled study) demonstrating that discouraging childhood cross-gender interests reduces the frequency of persistence into adolescence and adulthood.
    * Since no clinician can accurately predict the future gender identity of any particular child, efforts to discourage cross-gender identifications may be experienced as hurtful and possibly even traumatic by children who do persist into adolescence and adulthood.
    * There is no empirical evidence demonstrating that a prepubescent child who is permitted to transition gender role but then desists can simply and harmlessly transition back to the natal gender.”
    * Since no clinician can accurately predict the future gender identity of any particular child, efforts to encourage public early childhood cross-gender roles may be experienced as hurtful and possibly even traumatic by children who do not persist into adolescence and adulthood.”
    Does this sound confusing? Who can we make heads or tails of it? Persisters, or children who don’t outgrow gender dysphoria, might experience hurtful feelings and trauma if people try to change cross-gender behaviors. On the other hand, desisters, or children who outgrow their gender dysphoria, might be traumatized by efforts to encourage public early childhood cross-gender roles. That is, a male child who was referred to as “she” for years is now confused and hurt once he goes back to identifying as a boy. Moreover, there is no empirical evidence that says that transitioning back to the sex one is born into is easy and doesn’t come with its own challenges.
    In other words, it’s best for parents to accept the fact that they have a child that is different, love him or her anyway, and lay off putting a label on the kid.
    According to,
    “Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality.”
    About a year ago, gendertrender had an article about two teenagers who detransitioned (went back to identifying as the sex they were born into) as they grew older and matured. There are more detransitioning blogs and websites than people are aware of.
    Unfortunately, “transitiioning” can’t always be easily undone, and Verhelst isn’t the only example. Now, more pressure might be placed on therapists to never question anyone’s gender identity, and if they want surgery and hormones, give it to them with few questions asked. In 2012, there was an incident in the UK in which a physician was investigated for not following established guidelines in prescribing cross gender hormones and referring unsuitable patients for sex reassignment surgery. One woman regretted undergoing a double mastectomy.
    Doctor under fire for alleged errors prescribing sex-change hormones
    “Dr. Richard Curtis is under investigation following complaints over treatment of patients seeking gender reassignment. A woman who alleges that she was inappropriately prescribed sex-changing hormones and then wrongly underwent a double mastectomy is one of several complaints being investigated by the General Medical Council about the doctor who oversaw her aborted gender reassignment, the Guardian has learned.
    The GMC, the doctors’ professional regulator, has received at least three separate complaints against Dr. Richard Curtis, a London GP who specialises in the treatment of gender dysphoria, particularly transsexualism. The complaints concern the alleged inappropriate administering of sex-changing hormones to patients and at least one allegedly unsuitable referral for gender reassignment surgery.”
    I apologize for my long post.

    1. What it would entail? It would entail that if any therapist wants to explore the possibility that transitioning isn’t the solution for this child, and that there might, just maybe, be a different underlying problem, that would be considered conversion therapy and it would be totally banned. Combine this with a situation in which kindergartners are actively taught that gender noncompliance = trans. What will happen when little butches and queens assess their situation and put two and two together?

  71. To say that the parents don’t have anything to do with this boy’s depression is strange. It’s not suprising that the parents are christians and we all know what christians think about homosexuality. This boy is raised in a christian mindset-homosexuality is a sin and this boy repressed his sexual orientation because it was not accepted in his household. Therefore it’s most likely that he saw a way out of his confusion by becoming trans instead of growing up as a feminine gay man.
    I’m not saying that people should go on an harass the parents on social media, but I find it suprising that no one here, as radical feminists is blaming religion here. Might I remind you that christianity and islam are responsible for a great deal of the womens’ repression all around the world.

    1. Dude, you were totally the sibling who’d shout “Look, a bear!” and steal your brother or sister’s food when they looked away, right? That’s not going to work here.

  72. G-thanks for this resource. This is a very necessary conversation.
    Qualifying parents who don’t satisfy their child’s whims as ‘abuse’ will dilute the experience of children who are actually abused. You know, children who are raped and beaten? I’ve gone back and read my diary from when I was 17. I was grounded for almost an entire year due to *questionable decisions* on my part. What did I do? I had a countdown until I was 18. Then, I realized I had agency and could move out. I had my job increase my hours and found a cheap room after discussing my exit strategy with my parents. While not thrilled, it was for the best that I started my adult life a bit early. You know what I didn’t do? I didn’t expect my parents to finance/support my decisions. I took responsibility for them and all the consequences and accomplishments born from them. And I’m going to say it because I don’t believe anyone else has- Male entitlement is why Josh Alcorn had the fucking balls to kill HIMSELF deflecting all responsibility to HIS mother. In 321 days, he could have bought all the pretty dresses he wanted – when he turned 18. Also- a special place in hell is reserved for all the ‘trans advocates’ pressuring young people to transition in their childhoods. We will always know you were born male. You will carry your entitlement for the rest of your life. Lie to yourself, don’t ask me to play along.

  73. As a non-gender conforming little girl – who grow up to be a perfectly well adjusted feminine lesbian – things like this really shock me. The thought that my parents could have had my gender changed (or had me sterilised!) because I liked playing with my brothers Lego and hated the colour pink is a truly frightening thought.
    Back to Josh Alcorn – those ‘Activists’ trying to cash in on a young man’s death is really very disturbing indeed.
    I’m waiting for the trans-trend to blow over. I wonder how long it will take???

  74. God, this really is a fucking cult. It has a god (gender), a devil (critics), blasphemy, excommunication, saints and MARTYRS. It even has transubstansiation, as you explored in another post…

  75. As callous as it sounds, when I realised this boy was largely upset that if he wasn’t going to live up to female beauty standards, my first thought was, “Welcome to womanhood”.

  76. I’m going to show my age but I remember when getting your nose pierced was something parents would freak out over and of course, teens did it for the thrill of it and to be ‘different’ even though everyone else was doing it. Ah, the logic of being a teen!
    I’m very saddened to see young people butchering their bodies before they’ve even used them independently as adults. It seems to me that this is a profoundly male thing to do and I see it based on living in a fantasy and not recognizing reality. The fact there are adults feeding this fantasy is going to create more dead kids.
    Rad fems had it right about gender and sex. Too bad nobody except us is listening.

  77. “banned from transgender support forums … [so he couldn’t] organize the first initiative against teen suicide” Seriously? They wouldn’t, would they?! That’s pretty-damned-low!

    By Caitlin Dewey, The Washington Post
    POSTED: 02/24/15, 2:01 PM EST | 0 COMMENTS
    In the past two months, at least three transgender teenagers have committed or attempted suicide after scheduling suicide notes on the blog platform Tumblr.
    First Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year-old girl from Ohio, became a worldwide web phenomenon after her suicide note about trans acceptance and parenting went viral.
    Less than two months later, 15-year-old Zander Mahaffey wrote his suicide note on Tumblr and scheduled it to post after he died.
    And mere days after that, a 13-year-old boy named Damien Strum read Mahaffey’s letter, pronounced his thoughts “identical … to mine,” and posted his note to multiple social networks. According to his sister’s Tumblr, a reader tipped off police and Strum’s parents before the teen actually went through with his plans — but he’s now in intensive, inpatient psychiatric care, and it’s unclear when he’ll get out.
    Even less clear, as more cases like these shake out: what, exactly, social networks and advocacy groups should make of the dangerous, well-intentioned phenomenon of “viral” suicide. After all, when readers share notes like Alcorn’s and Mahaffey’s hundreds of thousands of times, as they’ve already done on Tumblr, they’re doing it out of solidarity and support with vulnerable LGBT teens; they are, in the words of one blogger, trying to “keep them alive.”
    But public health experts fear that the spread of the notes — and their attendant memes, photo collages, and highly idealized portraits — could actually present a very warped, romanticized narrative on suicide to the exact group of kids who need to hear the opposite. In fact, in the days after Alcorn’s suicide note went viral, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention wrote to Tumblr imploring it to take the note offline.
    “(The post) has the potential to prompt copycat suicidal behavior,” AFSP warned in a sternly worded email. “By removing this post, you could save lives.”
    The phenomenon that AFSP is referring to, called “suicide contagion,” is, of course, nothing new. Psychology researchers have been documenting it since at least the 1960s, when Marilyn Monroe’s death was followed by months of extensive news coverage — and a startling 12-percent jump in suicides. Repeat research has shown, essentially, that when a suicide receives a large amount of media coverage, particularly if that coverage somehow glamorizes or romanticizes the death, more suicides are likely to follow.
    To be clear, explains Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman, the vice president of research for AFSP, that doesn’t mean that news of a suicide somehow magically convinces otherwise healthy people to contemplate their own deaths. But when that messaging reaches certain vulnerable, predisposed populations — say, transgender teens who feel depressed and isolated and helpless, to begin with — it can push them over the edge.
    “We don’t know as much about suicide contagion on social media as we do about contagion through newspapers or film,” Harkavy-Friedman says. “But we do know that it’s more concentrated, and the information is disseminated more rapidly” — which could be quite a dangerous thing.
    Take the evidence from a study published last May in the British medical journal the Lancet, which reviewed 53 teenage suicide clusters over an eight-year period — one of the more comprehensive reviews of the contagion phenomenon. The study found a clear relationship between media coverage and contagion, as have other studies before it. But it also managed to pinpoint the exact aspects of media coverage that made contagion worse: front-page stories, big headlines, pictures of the deceased, details on or allusions to the method of death.
    In the social media age, of course, each of those factors is magnified tenfold: On Tumblr, you can not only view hundreds of glamorized, heroized pictures of the deceased, but read — in his own words — exactly how he planned to commit suicide, why he chose that method, and why he felt he had no other choice. (Experts stress that there’s always another choice, and the implication that there isn’t can be very damaging.)
    Particularly within Tumblr’s LGBT community, where the deaths of Alcorn and Mahaffey have been particularly painful, it’s not unusual to see the teen characterized as martyrs for a cause, or victims who were pushed to suicide by factors far outside their own control. On Tumblr, Alcorn is called “princess” and Mahaffey is “star boy.” Fellow bloggers draw them in beautiful, idealizedportraits, surrounded by flowers or stars or angel wings. They’ve become slogans and symbols, their names markered onto forearms and school lockers and notebook margins.
    Even Tumblr’s epitaph of choice — R.I.P., for “rest in power” — seems to suggest that their deaths by suicide were somehow empowering or ennobling, the exact opposite of what public health experts say other vulnerable teens need to hear.
    “If you want to be helpful or support this community,” Harvaky-Friedman said, “reach out and say suicide is not the answer. Say, ‘you’re not alone.’ Keep educating people on ways to get help.”
    Unfortunately, it’s not always quite so easy. Tumblr has fought a long, losing battle against its teen cohorts over the issue of dangerous content: Even after the site banned blogs promoting self-harm and eating disorders in 2012, they flourished in the shadows and on little-seen hashtags — numbering almost 200,000 a full year later. The site has partnered with organizations like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the National Eating Disorders Association to serve up PSAs and help-line numbers to the many users searching terms like “thinspo” and “suicide.”
    Predictably, when Tumblr began to take down copies of Alcorn’s suicide note — at the behest of AFSP, among others — users revolted. (The site has not yet moved to take down copies of Mahaffey or Strum’s suicide notes, which, as of this writing, have been shared a combined 100,000 times.)
    “How dare staff take this down?” one blogger wrote next to a screengrab of Alcorn’s suicide note. “We will NOT let you delete her!”
    That’s a natural and understandable impulse, advocates admit. And it’s important to address the very real difficulties that many transgender teens face, and that Alcorn and Mahaffey both discuss in their notes: feelings of confusion and helplessness, lack of acceptance from parents, no adequate support system or social network.
    But in the aftermath of Alcorn’s death, advocacy groups like Transgender Law Center encouraged concerned people to support their transgender friends and relatives and to refer them to helplines like the Trevor Project, if they need it; they urged media not to create “an aura of celebrity” around the victims or to “normalize suicide” by making it sound like a natural consequence of gender-related bullying and rejection. They never encouraged people to share Alcorn’s story, however. And they certainly never encouraged readers to share her suicide note.
    A better way to memorialize her, they suggest, would be to stop sharing the words of transgender teens who committed suicide — and start looking out for other transgender teens before it’s too late. (“Don’t wait until we become a hashtag,” one very viral Tumblr post reads.)
    “We know that the Internet can also be a fast way to get help,” Harkavy-Friedman said. But readers, have to “reach out, keep trying, help them to get help.”
    On Feb. 19, the 13-year-old Strum posted a disturbing series of messages to Instagram: “Would any of you notice I’m gone?” he wrote. And “if I died … would there be a ‘his name was Damien’ tag?”
    “Stay strong darling,” one follower wrote.
    “Your (sic) beautiful. DM me if you need me.”
    “Damien, we love you!!” — lots of those, many times over.
    On Tumblr, Strum’s hashtag has become HisNameIsDamien: is, not was. This time, at least, someone from social media acted in time. And hopefully, that story will go as viral as the times when no one acted at all.

    1. In my opinion, the ringleaders know exactly what they are doing, they just need as many martyrs as they can get.

      1. Dead teenagers are far more moving to the general public than greasy, crazy-eyed men in their 50’s and methed-out prostitutes. This spread of the “contagion” is definitely calculated.

  79. Another for the files:

    Since she is a TWOC, it is unlikely that her suicide will gain any visibility even in our community as the common narrative is that only white trans women commit suicide and TWOC are murdered.
    Please spread awareness of the latest victim of a society that makes our lives incredibly difficult. I myself have been nearly driven to do the exact same thing that she did last night but the will to live has kept me going. Sadly it was too late for her.

    The kid’s not even cold yet and they’re fretting about their inability to leverage his death for publicity. Vultures.

  80. To the OP of this blog: Please notice this “transgenderist” has her full name on every post. You want to pour out your vile judgement upon trans people? Sorry, I don’t answer to ‘anonymous’ don’t flatter yourself. I just came from a funeral for 42 beautiful young people *murdered* and *doxxed into suicide* by YOU!!!
    So here’s the challenge. You want to bully transpeople here I am, but you’ll have to do better than this pathetic stack of “poor me” bullcrap.
    Trans people aren’t hurting anyone- they’re only talking to you because your entire dogma invalidates our humanity. If you weren’t such a disgusting self-righteous bully you would probably have some kind of life instead of persecuting the persecuted. Notice I did not say weak. We are VERY STRONG and we’re not going anywhere.
    See you in the locker room, hope that doesn’t undermine your personal sense of entitlement too much.

    1. Golly. An man on the internet using his fake crossdresser laydee-name is chiding me for my blogging avatar. Oh, and I murdered 42 men by not pretending they were female, did I? How awful of me!
      Women don’t invalidate your humanity by not servicing your private kink fantasy, sir. What is in your head belongs to you alone- thank goodness. Leave women out of it. I doubt I’ll be seeing a closeted crossdresser like you in the locker room, but these days, who knows? If I do I’ll be calling the police, but I’m sure I won’t be the only one. Women actually are entitled to safe spaces away from deranged autogynephiles who think female non-compliance to a creepy male stranger’s fantasies is “murder”.
      You bore me sir. Kindly take your persecution fantasies elsewhere. Thanks ever so.

      1. That video was by turns hilarious, pathetic, and horrifying.
        We have here, yet AGAIN, a dude who doesn’t understand why women have to remain nameless on the internet. I have to laugh (so I don’t cry) over another man who thinks he’s a woman, yet is so stupid and un-insightful that he can’t even grasp that most basic aspect of being female in the early twenty-first century.
        He also hit every cliché of MtT out there – from a female babysitter who cross-dressed him and set the whole thing off (of course it was a woman!), to finding Jesus, to finding BDSM (with a “slave wife” that he loved to beat and humiliate), to making a twelve minute video filled with pictures of himself.
        In short, another sickeningly abusive, pornsick, incredibly narcissistic man who enjoys threatening women. He’s a shitstain on the face of humanity.
        P.S. Oh, I nearly forgot about the bizarre rant about how Gallus personally killed 42 people! Riiight. No mental issues there, no sir! Dude, had you bothered to read, Gallus has not ever doxxed anyone here. Stop listening to the histrionic rants of your tranny buddies.

      2. Some ‘Silence of the Lambs’ shit right there. Also the total joke of this heterosexual white man auto thinking he has anything in common with those on the TDOR murder list.

      3. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from seeing the first half of that video. I couldn’t watch the rest. Not even having a “slavewife” at his disposal is enough validation for him – these guys are empty black holes. There’s not enough narcissistic supply in the world for them.
        Surprise, surprise, turns out he cribbed his nom de trans from a porn performer named Giselle Mari. How original.

    2. Another white guy who thinks LARPing is a social justice movement. The offensive appropriation of actual minorities is disgusting — a sign of Western decadence.
      Entitled white guy attempting to shame actual minorities. A delusional bully who thinks he can shame women into upholding his fetish as something unquestionable. Fuck you, asshole. Women have actual reality based problems. Women don’t murder trans, dolt. Bring your complaints to homophobic men. Men murder men.

    3. You have the gall to accuse anyone else of being a self righteous bully when you threaten people and tell them to meet you in the locker room? Why not outside on the street? Oh right, locker rooms are where females can be naked and you want to harm females where they’re most vulnerable.
      You are a violent, abusive male and are exactly why women and girls need female-only spaces.

  81. This is TERF trash. A child takes their life because of gender dysphoria and bullying and all you people can do is make fun of them, justify their death, and complain about how much the L, G, and “Feminist” communities do for everyone else? Trans women of color didn’t start a revolution for all of you to throw them under the wheels of society’s bus, go humble yourselves and realize you’re just cherry picking your struggles and complaints like every other group scared to share privilege.

    1. There is no such thing as a “trans woman” sir. You are all men. In your case, a white heterosexual male of great privilege. You don’t seem to be actually responding to anything posted here. If you had, you would have expressed a point of contention. Rather, you have posted a series of cultic and conversation ending tropes leading nowhere. “Transwomen” have not started any revolutions yet, near as I can see, certainly not heterosexual white men like yourself whose only goal is to preserve the status quo of male domination over women. Women should “humble ourselves” to the needs and at the order of men like you? NO. NEVER. NEVER AGAIN. You want to roll back women’s rights to an age of females “humbled” before men under threat of violence but that simply isn’t going to happen sir, whether you are wearing lipstick and a mini-skirt or not. I have to laugh at a white heterosexual man demanding that I share the “privilege” of my subhuman female status with a man who thinks he might get erections if he could experience it. Fuck You Sir! You’re a detestable male chauvinist pig in a wig and nothing more. haha “Humble ourselves” to the autogynephiles. Hilarious! Unintentional, I understand….fool.

      1. A depressive teenage took his life most likely because he had been groomed and suck up alive into the internet tranny cult to the point he was completely alienated from his friends and familly. This road to nowhere is what really killed him and in his confusion, he just regurgitated all your talking points you narcissistic sickos put in his head. Most parents have no idea in what mental space their kids live in and what kind of predators lurked in them. Chances are that in that infamous photo of Joshua with a dress, he was posing for a male adult predator who had been working his mindfuck number on him for months. You dudes are not the only ones who know how obscure irc channels, niche boards and chatrooms work.

  82. This is the kind of shit that kills people, look at all of you hateful people, that poor girl was in need of help and repetitive therapy doesn’t work for any LGBT matters out of all the people lesbians and gay’s should understand how would you like to be put in that kind of therapy and try to be “fixed” to be straight. “Ghouls”lol funny name for the trans community. You are the ones salivating over this young girls death how “pathetic” of you people. Seriously lack empathy and compassion. I’ve never seen any trans woman make a death threat to anyone. Maybe if you took a science class or read up in psychology you would have a little more brains about the matter.

    1. “Repetitive” therapy? You mean reparative therapy, you stupid fuckwit? Anyway, had you bothered to read, you would’ve seen that this kid was NOT put through reparative therapy. That is a tranny lie. There’s a big difference between a therapist who counsels from a Christian perspective and reparative therapy. Go educate yourself.
      And if you’ve never seen a MtT make a death threat, then you DEFINITELY need to read more at this site. It’s here, and documented. Get off your lazy ass and stop believing the lies.

    2. “This is the kind of shit that kills people.”
      Yes, Dick, you are correct, trans insanity does harm children and lead them into a destructive path of dissociation, disgust and abuse of their bodies, serious depression and often suicide. All so the trans ghouls can hold up their corpses to argue that using the women’s restroom is a human right for a bloke in a dress. Trans is the ultimate in conversation therapy for gays kids.
      If by “this”, you mean that women discussing the hideous abuse inherent in the practice of transgenderism and how it harms young people is actually killing them, than you are a truly laughable and pathetic piece of shit. If Dick Waggin’ is your actual name, that is hilarious and exactly what dudes like you come here to do!

      1. It could also be “Dick Wagon”.
        As in, “How’d that mansplainer end up at this blog? He must have got off at the wrong stop, from the Dick Wagon!”.

  83. I’m sorry, but IMHO this article is a pile of crap. It is offering a generalization related to a FEW individuals as FACT regarding the entire transgender community. I am transgender. I am a member of 7 different transgender groups, including one on Facebook that has more than 22,000 members. I have * N E V E R * seen even one single individual act like this.
    Therefore, I must come to the conclusion that the author of this article has an agenda against the transgender community or has a very myopic view of us perpetrated by lies and/or misinformation. In any event, it inaccurately portrays who we are. If anything, it is just the opposite! WE are oppressed by the gay and lesbian community NOT accepting us!

    1. Oh honey, before I even read your comment, I could tell from your teeny-tiny, barely-over-a-centimeter avatar that you’re a MtT. It’s that obvious. So no surprise by your ignorant babbling.
      You don’t belong in the gay and lesbian community. That is why so many do not accept you. Go seek therapy for your overwhelming fetish and leave us alone.

    2. It’s a statistical fact that MTFs commit violent crime at the same rate as other male people, which is a lot more often than female people. That is, if you control for mental illness. If you don’t, MTFs commit violence at a higher rate.
      There is some evidence that with proper therapy and “gatekeeping”, the violence gap between MTFs and female people goes away. This is because there are at least two kinds of “trans women”: effeminate gay men and autogynephiles. Autogynephiles aren’t real transsexuals. Most will never actually get SRS because they don’t actually have any dysphoria. They’re just playing out their kink on a 24/7 basis and dragging everyone else into it. Once upon a time, the effeminate gay men were allowed to transition, and the kinksters were “gatekept”, and I didn’t have any problem sharing personal spaces with transwomen. Now there’s no “gatekeeping” because “gatekeeping” is evil, and the majority of MTFs are just male kinksters who are, in the real world, several times as likely to be violent as a male-presenting man.
      Trans activists will try to claim that AGP does not exist and that it’s just transphobic propaganda. But I learned about AGP first-hand long, long before I heard the term “autogynephilia” or anything about being “gender critical”. There is no shortage of spaces online where men will openly talk about having AGP because they think nobody else is listening. They won’t call it AGP, because that’s a trigger word for them, but the idea of “becoming a dickgirl” or a “trap”, forced feminization, “jerking off to the idea of living daily life as a woman”, having their “female gender identity” subside after masturbating, etc? Ab-so-lutely.
      If you want women to feel comfortable with transwomen in their vulnerable spaces, you need to kick the AGPs out of your movement. I doubt you’re in favor of this solution though, given that you are statistically more likely to be one of the AGPs yourself. Especially you complain about how gays and lesbians are oppressing you by not “accepting” you, which is a dogwhistle for AGP transbians being mad that lesbians don’t want to have sex with a penis.

    1. We are the opposite of uninformed. We see through the lies. And that’s what scares you, isn’t it?

  84. you people are absolutely horrible and self segregating…ive never seen this kind of hate leveled at Trans people unless it was at a ultra-rightwing site like Stormfront…you people need to seek help. Perhaps you should rename your site “Insecure” Oh and fuck the Gays and lesbians, we aren’t part of you and don’t wanna be…you self compartmentalizing, self segregating idiots.

    1. “You people need to seek help”
      For what exactly? Not believing in gender? Expressing thoughts? Questioning the use of children’s suicide as emotional blackmail?
      As for calling people insecure, who is it that needs every single man, woman, child, embryo, zygote, and cell, (living and dead) to participate in the “plot ‘o play” going on their subjective individualized genderbread minds?
      Indeed. Haters be hatin’.

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