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If you are a detransitioned/ing woman OR if you are a woman without a history of transition but you are reconciling with femaleness, there is a new support network forming. This forum is a private, female-only, safe space where women can come together to make sense of things. If you experience gender and/or sex dysphoria, if you have been dis-identified with being a female, if you have transitioned or have wanted to or if you are currently transitioning and re-thinking things, this is a space for you.
Right now, we’re just starting off and slowly gathering new members. There is a vetting process, so if you are interested in joining, you can email 23XX at and we can go from there.

15 thoughts on “New Detransition Support Forum

    1. good god…he gets pissed because his aunt recognized that the guy he was dating was actually a guy. They really need to get a clue…with the vast majority of the trans population, you can look and JUST KNOW.
      If someone makes a decision to eliminate family from their lives, that is certainly their decision to make…let’s face it, I am sure I am not the only one who knows someone gay or lesbian who is estranged from their family after having come out. But the individual doesn’t get to force a family member to buy into delusional thought.
      And the aunt was absolutely correct that it could be a factor in that ongoing adoption process…something that one of the other men pointed out as being a very real possibility given how touch-and-go some proceedings are when courts are deciding on the best interests of the child.

      1. Adoption aside, after reading through that whiny conversation where the man was clearly goading his aunt into a fight for no good reason, I can understand why she cut ties. Only question is why she needed an excuse.

      2. Asks her if she knew and then punishes her for knowing. What a whiny little dick.
        That said, I only clicked the link by accident – I was hoping to find something more I could read on the detransition support group.

  1. So great to see this – thanks to the hard working and courageous women who are doing this and reaching out to others who have been screwed over by gender.

  2. Love the part where he says I am no longer that chained up little person….right out of I Will Survive the disco anthem.

  3. The de-railing comment at the top of this thread is what happens when you moderate blog comments in the early am on new years. 😉
    Sorry folks.

  4. Hey GM,
    Not sayin’ it’s right but an 8chan board /baphmet/ doxed and hacked a rabid sjw tranny who goes by srhbutts on twitter. Someone posted some of his old pervy posts on some chat site where he talked about being attracted to children and even tried sex with his dog. Butts claimed it was fake until a hacker showed the logs saved in his web server.
    Incredibly, his supporters who claim to be offended at every “microaggression” find this to be no problem and are standing up for the perv. Meanwhile, authorities have been alerted, tho it was several years ago and nothing is likely to come of it. Just thought I’d give a heads-up.

    1. I was wondering why they’d all added “butts” to their names. I’m downloading those chats for future reference. Everything they say can and will be used against the ruthless fuckers. Thanks.

  5. is there anyone who has ever detransitioned from FTM that can help me? There are so many websites on how to transition but I can’t find any on how to detransition. I am in a real bind and slowly giving up hope. I know I have nobody to blame but myself. I really wish I knew someone else who went through the process that can help me

    1. Hi Jeremiah. Yes there are folks who have detransitioned from FTM that can help you. Write to the email address in the above post and they will hook you up with information and support. You can also search this blog for “Detransition” by using the search box on the lower right of this page, or click on the Detransition tag. Also, all the blogs listed on my blogroll are written by detransitioners. You can read them too.
      There are plenty of options for you, and some good support available from people who have been, or are, in the same spot. Don’t lose hope! Drop 23XX a line at the email address above. She is good people.

    2. Hey Jeremiah, I’m also detransitioned from ftm. I second what Gallus said, and also welcome you to write to me anytime: Don’t blame yourself, don’t give up hope, don’t give yourself any hell. It’s hard enough without all of that. xo

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