The “Glamorous Women” Who Lead The Trans Revolution are all Gay Men according to Candy Magazine

The transgender revolution is led by gay men, according to Candy magazine. The magazine’s new gatefold cover (in imitation of Vanity Fair) features the fourteen “transwomen revolutionaries”, and no male lesbians (called “pigs in wigs” in the trans community) need apply.
Enormously over-sized wig owner Janet Mock is elevated – literally, via a ladder- over the other men, wearing an unflattering porno see-through gown that looks like it was created out of shaving cream and a shower curtain (and maybe it was!). Laverne Cox is beneath him, holding the ladder and modeling his (latest) new nose, looking like he may fling Mock over at any moment onto “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alumnae Carmen Carrera, who vamps at their feet coquettishly, covering his money maker (penis! shh!) with the shag of the floor mop he is wearing. Geena Rocero poses nearby with carefully placed sash, looking like he would enjoy a sandwich, and then a private place to vomit it up.
Absent are the pasty heterosexual male Pigs in Wigs. Perhaps they are being saved for an upcoming “Lesbian” edition.

47 thoughts on “The “Glamorous Women” Who Lead The Trans Revolution are all Gay Men according to Candy Magazine

  1. Gay or straight? Neither here nor there in a way. We all need women to trust us; some are prepared to go farther than others…

  2. Once again black women are insulted. The media keep on elevating Mr Coc* and Mr Mock as black women. Kmt. They would never put a white transwoman front and center. They would never insult white women in such a way.
    Black women are constantly ridicule about our bodies. How many white transwomen are lorded like that? Mr Coc* needs to stop bleaching and toss his Poundland wig. They both can jog on. Biology is fact.

    1. Oh it’s so fucking racist I really do think I’m going to have a rage blackout. It’s bad enough that all the women are white and the blacks are men. Now black men are women, too. Totally erasing us and confirming the white supremacist notion that black women are, as bell hooks said, dicks in drag.

  3. The pic is so-so, but your style descriptions were faaab darling. I imagined you did it soto voce.

    1. Because the construction accoutrements underline the constructedness of their woman”ness”?
      Because the ladders represent the “passability” hierarchy in the male transgender social community?

      1. The photo is an (uncredited) homage to a very famous 1947 photo by Irving Penn for Vogue Magazine. I think it’s called “Twelve Beauties.” You can google it.

  4. The poses in that photograph are hilarious! You can tell that they were all up into themselves (some literally, ha!); and feeling oh-so-womanly. It’s just…pathetic. That’s the only word I can use.

    1. Damn, didn’t close the italics after “hilarious.” Ah well, goes along with the pseudo-drama of the picture.

      1. The last/first/only other time I heard of Candy was when they featured Tilda Swinton.
        Which, as things go, I’m on board with all day, every day.
        But I remember looking it up and seeing her in “drag” (wtf does that even mean and why is the magazine about that if it’s serving trannies because sex and gender and brain sex are all completely different things) and wonder, huh?
        Because hell, between Snowpiercer and Grand Budapest she had much bigger transformations than THAT. There are more things in heaven and earth than someone like Laverne Cox can… oh fuck it.
        But I just re-googled and saw
        Oh, they give work to Terry Richardson whenever they can.
        Rape Positive Trans, who’d have dreamed that? Who in fucking deed?

      2. Looking at the Swinton mention, it looks like at least Candy is having some fun, also putting Chloe Sevigny and James Franco in “drag”. That magazine has to be run by more old school “straight” trans women to have any kind of sense of humor or willingness to play with gender bending. Transbians would never stand for any of it, and I expect they’ll eventually attack that magazine with the same ferocity that they’ve attacked RuPaul.

      3. Tilda…*deep, happy sigh*
        And Terry Richardson? He of the quote “I was a shy kid…and now I’m this powerful guy with a boner, dominating all these girls.”? I don’t get why he’s at where he’s at. His photography is nothing special, and he’s ugly as hell. I don’t get the allure, unless it’s simply a case of trendoid types going along with the crowd to seem cool. Add in the abuse and perversion, and I’m surprised any outfit would risk hiring him. (Oh wait! It’s mainly young unknowns making the claims, and we all know they don’t matter. Not like they’re people or anything, who might be upset at having Richardson jizz over their breasts. People, this is ART!!)

  5. I love it. Transbians feel as entitled to adoration for their transness as these confused gay men and won’t be at all happy about this. Articles like this one will sow more discord amongst the dudes who LARP as women, so laissez les bon temps rouler.

    1. Transbians are almost universally hideous. I can’t imagine even they would be deluded enough to think they could grace the cover of a fashion magazine, but their narcissism has a way of surprising even me.

      1. “Transbians are almost universally hideous.” So true – but even if they wouldn’t look like shit – they still couldn’t fool lesbians irl. Photos can be photoshopped but you can’t just erase male socialization and behaviour. Also they are homophobic assholes.

  6. I don’t know what is Candy magazine, but I’m amazed already it hasn’t been slated by the usual suspects online for celebrating “passing privilege”.

  7. The gay trans are the most normal, but some were made ashamed to want a gay relationship,so they think it will be more normal if they dress up[sad- thought this type of homophobia would be over & done with by 2000]
    The straight guys looking for free sex- have not changed- it is sick that some violent mentally ill men are demanding sex from lesbians as their civil right, as if women are not even view as humans with choices..
    Yes, men have never thought of dressing up ‘just’ for some advantage..

  8. Of course: gay men’s drag culture goes back thousands of years, probably longer. Then they just had a cruder form of transgengerism because they didn’t have electrolysis, synthetic hormones, sex surgery or sartorial accessories to promote their claim to a female identity. Nevertheless, drag culture is the soil in which transcismen flourished and consolidated their power under the righteous protection of the GLB”T” umbrella..

  9. GM wondered if you would find this interesting:
    I particularly liked this part: “The most striking thing about Flt Lieut Holdom is how far her androgynous elegance is removed from the cruel stereotype of a transgender woman. As a woman she’s neither confusing nor cartoonish; she is unmistakably feminine even if she was assigned a male gender at birth.”
    Right, I’ll bear that in mind, because the only way I could be described as “elegant” and “unmistakably feminine” would be if the describing person had smoked several rocks of crack, dropped a tab or two and then mistaken me for someone else. This is fucking stupid, is that really what makes a woman now? Is that really what it is, look elegant and feminine and you’re a Real True Woman, don’t and have as many periods as you can and as many babies as possible but you won’t actually be female?

    1. You’re always a woman to me, a cat 😉
      LOL at the photo of the hipless dude in the photo with his wife. Unmistakably feminine my ass.

    2. I only read a few lines until I found this knee-slapper:
      “‘All my RAF colleagues were brilliant,’ she says. ‘I think they were surprised because I was pretty adept at pretending to be a man. I walked macho, I sat macho, I worked out hard and I like a bit of banter.'”
      Amazing: an actual man, “pretending” to be a man, amongst other men. And he fooled them all! He was “adept” at being what he is.
      Me, I’m adept at convincing my friends that my brown eyes are brown. Then, when I tell them that my eyes are blue, they are so surprised. They don’t know what to say, and so they just smile at me! They are just brilliant, my friends.

      1. Yes, male pilots and service men are well supported in their sexual pursuits if they put in enough time. After he climbed to the spot in his military career he wanted as a male, he transitioned. I guess he is now less likely to be sent into battle or be fired/discharged for off the wall shit.. Do you know Viagra was first offered to solders? The army is a great life if you are born a man. Would they offer any of those great things for some female solder? Not bloody likely, there are still areas of military that are off limits to females joining. Same sexist bullshit we all know, different package.

    3. I hated the sentence, “…Like all women she worries about hair, make-up and clothes…”
      For fuck’s sake. I am a woman, and while I have hair and wear clothes, I do not “worry” about them. I don’t wear make-up either.

    4. Elegant and feminine? Nope.
      It’s disgusting how so many people define womanhood as being characterised by beauty and sexual availability to men. It’s kind of amusing, though, to see how obvious the agenda is – that so many of these (ugly) M2T guys are automatically praised as being gorgeous, when actual women are criticised for any tiny flaw. (I recall actually being yelled at by many young boys for being ugly, shortly after I hit puberty. With the level of outrage they had, it was clear that they thought I shouldn’t be allowed to exist in their presence. You’d think they’d caught me kicking a puppy.)
      Also, awhile back, I read an article written by a M2T who was devastated to find that he didn’t feel beautiful when he started pretending to be a woman. So, he considered himself to be a woman, declared that he knew what it was like to “feel like a woman”, and yet it never occurred to him that women are constantly made to feel like shit for their looks?! (Almost as funny as another M2T I heard of, who was shocked to find that he was paid less, for the same work, after transitioning. I wonder whether these guys had ever listened to a word that a woman said.)
      P.S. New commenter, been reading for a couple months. This blog is an oasis of sanity. Thanks for running it, GallusMag!

      1. I am a catly woman, or a womanly cat, one of the two 😉 CD yeah, one of the things about being a woman is er well the oppression. It does always surprise me that people (well, men) don’t know how that works. If you want to transition into the oppressed class, brace yourself for oppression. It doesn’t just happen to *those* ones, you know.
        I too have had the “how dare you be ugly?” response. (I’m not a shocker, but srsly not in the running for a beauty prize). I’ve actually had various pimply and gangly yoofs say “You’re ugly, that’s disgusting” Maybe I am, what’s it to do with you? I wasn’t placed on this earth to be a jewel in the eyes of Darren in Year 10, so why he should take it as a personal insult was a bit beyond me. I hadn’t realised then how many men view women.

      2. Men also use the “how dare you exist while ugly” line on women who are attractive, but who need to be put in their “place” or who that particular man doesn’t find attractive, even when those women’s attractiveness is pretty universally recognized. This kind of rhetoric gets used against celebrities a lot online, but I’ve also seen it happen in meatspace.
        It’s similar to how basically every woman alive in this country has been called “fat” many times throughout her life regardless of her actual size. I’ve heard of women who are so skinny you can see outlines of their ribs who get “fat” hurled at them for daring to exist.

  10. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was that Janet Mock would be very proud of how she and the others look “fish” — her misogynist term for passing (see her book). If this is what feminism has become, then I guess I am no longer a feminist.

  11. I wonder how many of these men in dresses and lipstick still have their penis and testicles?
    “Okay, girls, time for your prostate exams – hike up those gowns and bend over!”
    The prostate is still left intact after sex reassignment surgery. If the prostate was removed, they could become incontinent.

    1. Incontinent in a certain percentage of cases, and, also salient, the other adverse side effect or prostatectomy is impotence. So, removing their male gland of spooge manufacture would render their ladypeens floppy. The ultimate goal of this revisionist gender narrative is for satisfying the fetish, so if no dick workee no fetishee feels.
      I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if the trans is impotent, he can’t feel like a she, by being a he.

  12. because being treated like a sexual commodity to be penetrated by men is a glorious affirmation of their womanhood, the money to pay for the surgery is just a bonus?
    To reaffirm their maleness? Because only men are safe to casually troll around some alleyway in dresses and high heels?
    Oh wait, no, that would make them women, albeit women who have liberated themselves from danger and forced sexual exploitation. I’m forgetting all that sex pozzie queer theory. Their LIBERATED women. Free to be sex objects, free to take up space, free to be penetrated, free from the fears of poor average everyday ‘cis’ women and prudish terfs…. Its not male privilege, they’ve liberated themselves through sex poz 3rd wave feminism to trawl the alleys without fear!! But are they liberated enough to… go back to pissing in the mens room? Or do they just whip it out and use the alley? *sigh*

    1. At one of cross-dressing professor and censorship-aficionado Jay “Joy” Ladin’s paid talks, where he expounds on his fascinating JendurJerney, he asked and answered the following question:
      What do “transwomen” have to offer actual women? What do they have to “contribute” to “womanhood”?
      Without a drop of irony his answer was that men like him “gift” women by allowing us the experience of witnessing a “woman” not socialized from birth under the heel of male oppression.
      I KID YOU NOT.
      Hey thannnks Jay you old sport. Whattaguy.

      1. ‘Without a drop of irony his answer was that men like him “gift” women by allowing us the experience of witnessing a “woman” not socialized from birth under the heel of male oppression.’
        So, Lady Jay-Joy Ladin, it must be merely coincidence that this new kind of “woman,” not socialized from birth under the heel of male oppression, looks and acts a lot like the fantasies cooked up by male oppressors, right? Except, of course, for the penis (altered or camouflaged) which bestows upon these “women” full personhood. Stilettos, wig, and identity included.
        What men often “gift” us with, if we catch them in a moment of candour, and listen to them and believe what they say, is the complete and utter truth about what they see when their male gaze falls on females. And what they see is a big, fat zero. A blank canvas, an empty container, a servant ready for its master — they see some version of “Story of O.” The “O” being the empty space, the hole, subject to someone else’s will.
        And they wonder why we look upon them with loathing and horror. They’re giving us a glimpse of our future, which will be, if they have their way, more of the same — only worse. Any woman who hasn’t come down with a terrible case of transphobia isn’t looking and listening hard enough!

      2. I don’t know if you noticed that all of these transgenders are non-white and that the usual “pigs in wigs” are almost always white straight males. Why is that?

    1. This is hilarious. World War T is an entirely media created phenomenon. Virtually no one outside SJW-land was crying out for any of this trans-centered media. Look at all their “landmark” events: Queen Spokestrans Mock is a surly, self-contradicting asshole, Cox’s role was miniscule, Transparent is Amazon Prime, big whoop, and Grace’s public transition comes across as an attempt to save a failing career. Big Freedia is more charismatic than all these people put together, and he’s not even trans.
      They’re doing their darndest to make trans happen, but in reality few are buying. Never say the mass media is afraid to leave money on the table in order to cram something we never asked for down our throats.

    2. Oh, for f*ck’s sake – people are upset that a non-transgender person played the role of a transgender person in a movie.
      However, when violent men insist on playing ‘woman’ in real life, anyone who questions that is considered a bigot. Even if said man strangled his wife to death or raped and murdered a young teenaged girl.
      I noticed that article did not mention Cox’s support of that murderer-rapist or the man who murdered his wife.

      1. I don’t get how they can assume any male is not a trans woman. How many transition in middle age? They are always screaming that a tranny “has always been female,” and I even saw a tweet where someone said there was such a thing as “pre-out transmisogyny.” Technically, every man is a potential tranny and should be treated like a delicate flower!

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