Redress Alert: Trans Substantiation

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Can I tell you all that the first time I felt a sense of relief from reading an article on Gender Trender, I went immediately into extreme distress and feared that it meant I was evil? Because of the PRONOUNS! Because of the PRONOUNS being used to mean sex, not gender. Because when I read the news item through the lens of sex, not so-called gender, I saw the real power dynamics so clearly and could no longer deny what I saw. I could feel my brain beginning to deprogram and I was afraid of what this would mean for my life. My hands actually went clammy with fear. I was afraid I was betraying everyone I knew, and that I would be punished. That I would be exiled. And when you are lesbian, already so outside of human belonging, perhaps already cast out from your original family—the prospect of exile is no light matter. I wanted to bargain: Listen, Gallus Mag, I need to keep reading this stuff but can you just do what you are ~supposed~ to do with the pronouns, because this is scary as shit and also “offensive” and I know I am supposed to shut this sort of thing down wherever I see it. But the meaning of the words was the point, and I knew it, and I was afraid of what I knew because I knew it meant I would have to change. And I felt the change bringing me back into my body and bringing my body into this new terrain, an unknown landscape defined by an overwhelming kind of clarity.

The fear. I can’t even tell you how palpable that fear was. I wasn’t raised in a religion that did this to me—it’s not like I was programmed this way, and then triggered. Yet my fear was the fear of a heretic raised in fundamentalism. This is how I know Daly’s right: patriarchy is the underlying world religion and all of these belief-ways are its many sects.

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  1. This explains so much for those part of the trans cult. Like with other cults, especially religious ones, no thinking is allowed. Eternal torture in hell is bad enough, but thinking about reality with the trans cult means losing friends, community,the shaming of being called names and compared to right wing bigots in the trans reversal of truth, and then death threats.
    But you are making the difference, Gallus Mag! You are saving lives!

    1. They lead you in gradually, as with all cults, starting with the parts that are easy to accept and make you feel ‘good’ about yourself, then move on to controlling language and socially isolating you from those who would contradict them. The frightening part(and I can remember when I left the transcult, too, and it was frightening. I still worry about losing friends if I talk about the issue) is that while most cults are small and relatively isolated, the internet and past social justice movements have enabled them to effectively control thought and speech across a large population… all to enable them to abuse more victims and gain attention for themselves.

      1. It’s almost worse than a cult – it’s becoming a strange kind of theocracy. They have the mainstream medical community by their shirt collars and doctors are spewing their pseudo-scientific garbage all over their publications, the media, etc.
        Once upon a time, the denominations of Protestantism and Catholicism clashed and waged a war of ideas and arms. A metaphorical clash is happening right now between people vying for sound, biological science and those who would like to see “feelings” become the basis for a physical medical diagnosis.

  2. OMG, I thought I was the only person who was reminded of Catholic theology when I read the trans bloggers on tumblr!!!!
    Fascinating… wanted to add one thing to what redressalert.said, specifically this:
    So presumably there are some True Believers in transubstantiation. On some level they must know it’s a metaphor, but they live it so hard it might as well not be. Presumably, there are many more people who know it isn’t literally truth, but go along with the social fiction that it is, to remain in good standing in their church community. Some, perhaps, find it a beautiful metaphor and don’t want to break the spell of communal pretending—there is power and meaning in it, after all. They are willing to barter the lie of literal belief in order to preserve the usefulness of the metaphoric ritual. And then there are people who don’t believe in it at all and ultimately can’t abide living the lie that they do. Maybe they’re alcoholic, or maybe they just can’t deal with the cognitive dissonance. Because they are Catholic, this is a terrifying heresy.
    Oh hell yes. But you know what?
    Many of us enjoyed the Eucharist as strictly a COMMUNION, as in COMMUNAL ACT, that is, everybody doing the same thing at the same time, the magical ritual of everybody thinking the same thoughts at the same time, which I still enjoy in Wiccan and Buddhist and other rituals I have been invited to attend over the years… As I think Lynn Margulis said, that is the basis/origin of religion, a bunch of early human prototypes sitting around a fire, banging on a drum and chanting… it is the togetherness, the GROUP EFFORT, the minds all focusing on one thing. It creates a sort of mental/spiritual fusion, and emphasizes the group over the individual. I’ve experienced this in Deadhead circles as well.
    This is also A BIG PART of the recent explosion of trans identity: The internet has created a group mind, just like the Liturgy does. They all feel LIKE ONE. So when one passes, they are also passing for the one who cannot pass (i.e. you supposedly also take the Eucharist for the poor oppressed Christians in China and Saudi Arabia who are not allowed to worship or say Mass). When one does not pass, they are still part of a unified group (i.e. even if *I* don’t believe its the body and blood, other people do and claim to know for sure, and they include ME in their consciousness, so *I am still covered!*) Its the group mind in practice… this is why they no longer have to substantiate anything individually. They are now a UNIT– one united soul under the religious banner of Identity Politics.
    And don’t forget the line, “your faith has saved you!” which came straight from Jesus. This is what they think: my faith in being ____ makes it so. (This also accounts for all the self-diagnosing; the people who give themselves all these various mental health Dx. They say so, so its true. Period.)
    This is why the heretics get thrown out with regularity, like Snowflakespecial and those folks. There is no room for diversity of opinion when you are dealing in RELIGIOUS DOGMA. There have been wars over this shit.
    Yes, an article of faith. Since its faith, they need no science. They repeating the same tired-ass, silly talking point about lady-brains the same way the Christians keep repeating that you “can’t prove man-made climate change”–if you just keep saying it, they figure people will eventually believe it.
    And some of them even call themselves atheists, which is the joke. They are some of the most deeply-religious, doctrinaire. dogmatic people I have ever seen.

    1. PS: Along these lines, there is also the concept of The Church Militant and The Church triumphant, if you want to get scared, LOL. But this is also known as “the communion of saints”–i.e. they are also connected by gender to all the trans people of the past and future, all that have ever lived. Notice how often they talk about that, and try to make Joan of Arc into a trans man, etc. (Of course, Stalin used this motif for Soviet realism too, the “workers united throughout all of history”–blah blah.)
      Insert Trans Militant and Trans triumphant, and you’ve got it. This worked for Stalin for awhile too, but after awhile (as you know), ran out of gas.

    2. Atheists are no more immune to religious dogma than anyone else, and the most dogmatic of them rarely understand the science they argue in favor of- we see this all the time in the transcult, especially. Bottom line, though, I don’t think it’s a product of religious thinking so much as the internet culture. Shallow, vapid slogans rule the day, and memes and constant repetition creates doubt even among those who know- or used to know- the truth. The solution is education… hopefully.

    3. “So when one passes, they are also passing for the one who cannot pass…”
      Regarding “passing,” a strictly scientific fact: gender is ultimately determined by gametes, not genitals. You can medically construct a neo-penis or neo-vagina, but new gametes won’t emerge. With a lot of medical work you may pass socially, but scientifically you never will.

      1. PS: Again, speaking scientifically, I’m unswayed by those who claim to be “intersex” because of a few opposing exterior physical traits.For example, there are women-born-women who have heavy facial hair. This does not make them male.

  3. This post really resonates with me. I felt similarly, though obviously with no real risk of being shunned or cast out of my circle of friends. I had only had brief encounters with the new trans ideology and it just sounded strange to me, but I kept telling myself it was harmless and I was being a bitch for not wanting to call men women. So, yeah, when I came here it was a revelation. I was thrilled to discover that I wasn’t some knuckle dragging throwback, and yeah, they only have one look: MALE.

    1. This totally. I was all like “I’m getting this wrong surely”.
      Then I discovered this place and I became shocked by some of the tactics used by trans spokespersons. My biggest shock was that “TERFs” are seen as the worst enemy of all. The statement was made so often “Trans women are beaten, raped, killed daily” with this weird implication that “TERFs” have somehow made this happen or advocate it or basically, it’s their fault. “TERFs” come in for the most grief as if the existence of a small group of radical feminists actually is the worst thing in the world and causes all discrimination against trans people. Thus blaming women once again for what is never mentioned – the most violence in the world comes from MEN. Trans people are attacked, not by roaming gangs of violent radical feminists, but by MEN.
      I would call myself a socialist feminist not a radfem, but to my mind the radfems are very valuable to women, as they walk in uncharted paths, and clear the way for all women to walk in them. I have never seen a radfem saying that all trans people should DIAF or saying “Die trans scum” or committing an act of violence against anyone trans. Shifting the blame across to the small group of radical feminists is a way of not confronting the real issue of male violence.
      I noticed this before on the Left politically. It’s really easy to take on the even smaller group of Lefties near you – so the Marxist Study Society of Devon (15 people) will fight an 10-person Communist Party of Cornwall (M-L). It’s easy to do diatribes and win victories if your opponents are a party which consists of Sid and Doris Bonkers and their two kids. It’s not so easy to win if your opponents are society, the system, male socialisation, male hegemony and violence, and capitalism. Hence some trans people shift their anger to Gallus Mag who is telling truths about gender and sex, and do not fight the actual men who are causing violence against them.

      1. TERFs are the worst enemy of all because men affected by transgenderism by definition have an obsessive drive to be acknowledged as women in every personal, political and social sphere. Actual violence against them does not challenge their “identity.” The people who question their ideology do. From the standpoint of their pathological disorder, focusing on TERFs makes perfect sense.

  4. Mary Daly,having three doctorates from Catholic Institutions,including one in Theology from Fribourg University in Switzerland,recognized the parallels of trans ideology with the Catholic DOGMA of transubstantiation back in the early 80’s at least in the first part of her book Pure Lust (published in 1984) Just a half page on it but she sets it all out.

  5. The anniversary thread was closed to comments, so I couldn’t say thank you there, but this thread is perfect for saying thank you. This post is evidence, Gallus Mag, that you are making a real difference, in real people’s lives. I am glad for how easy you make it to keep updated on the psychoticness of gender trends, esp in the US, but even around the world. I can’t imagine the stomach churningness you must go through to in your quest to sort through all this garbage. I am amazed at how quickly the idea of “gender is all in ones head” is becoming mainstream. Thank you Gallus, for being the voice of sanity in this matter.

  6. Just out of curiosity, are you interested at all in Warhammer 40k or just found the image lying around?
    I like that the only characters in it, male or female, that are very sexualized are meant to be grotesque and represent perversion and wrongness of one kind or another rather than anything desirable.
    On the other hand, in some of the stories involving the killer space nuns I get the feeling one or two of the writers enjoys violence against women more than the over the top violence against everybody that typifies the setting.

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