10 thoughts on “How do I deal with anger towards TERFS?

    1. PERFECT, Morag! 😀
      I can’t help but notice that this little Tumblr spiel was directed only toward women. Never do they attack men who also don’t buy into their delusion; it’s always easier – and safer – to just go after women. That’s internalized misogyny up the yin-yang. We see you for what you are, dudes.

      1. Yes, there are plenty of men…radical men even, who don’t go for this anti-scientific nonsense of transgender. The fact that they solely call out women (true females) and not men (true males), shows their sexism. Of course, many transgenders actions show they go even beyond sexism to pure hatred of women. My completely non-professional theory is that their hatred of women is a big reason leading to their delusions that somehow male & female is anything but physical & biological.

  1. Disturbing. I wonder if these people ever realize that normal, psychologically healthy people do not typically have doubts about their identity, regardless of the names and labels other people give them. I suppose the answer is, ‘yes, so keep practicing the self-deception.’

  2. “I look to my trans siblings”… why would you do that? What do they have to do with you? Nothing. They are them and you are you, but somehow, you have this MYSTICAL COMMUNION CONNECTION with them. Just due to similar beliefs and practices.,
    See what I mean about RELIGION? I was just saying this on that Trans Substantiation thread: when Christians are in doubt, and lose faith, they look around and observe the faith of stronger, more successful Christians, and it gets them over the doubts. The goal is then to be more like the successful, happy ones.
    That is a totally religious paragraph… in fact I think CS Lewis actually counseled people in doubt, to do this to bolster faith.
    I mentioned this (about modern tumblr-trans consciousness being like religious faith or religious experience) to a trans woman on tumblr, who agreed and acted like it was great. They didn’t see any problem with that.
    So at least some of them know this and embrace it accordingly.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    1. CS Lewis referred to education and study as the solution to doubt or the loss of initial “religious fervor” in the Screwtape Letters. Christians do do what you say, but it’s a terribly ineffective way to regain faith, because they’ll never completely rid themselves of their own doubts- or they’ll start to consider themselves bad Christians(liken to bad trans-folk) compared to those happier ones. Either way, it’s no more sustainable than any other movement that depends on “feel-good” philosophy.

  3. It’s interesting to re-read that advice pretending it’s directed towards women dealing with male trans. It makes much more sense that way, from the mention of “threats” to the part about how “I am legitimate in my identity”.

  4. Get a life and stop being mad about things you don’t understand like any other violent man would be my suggestion.

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