136 thoughts on “B52's Kate Pierson: "Mister Sister"

  1. ….Aaaaand the trannies are whining about this song already. Get ready, Kate: you didn’t say things EXACTLY THE WAY Trans Inc. wants you to say it. They will now totally ignore all the work and love the B-52’s have given to lesbians and gays over the last 35 years, and trash you regardless. That’s how they roll, and they feel totally justified doing so.

    1. I don’t understand this song… Parts of it almost look like parody… Or a biting commentary… But I guess it’s actually meant to be a trans anthem? Nothing hurts when you are a beautiful girl – really? WTF kind of blind and sexist shit is that?
      They’re probably going to be mad about this video I guess, given the ambiguity I just mentioned… Whether pro trans or not, it makes the movement look ridiculous.

  2. I’ve not seen it yet, but how many are now attacking Bill Cosby for the alleged rapes being reported about him, are you ignoring all the work and love that Bill Cosby has given us all over the years?
    I’m not saying that making fun of people is as serious a situation as rape. I hope the allegation made against Bill Cosby are just that, but if they’re true that justice is done. What I attempted to do is take words of the above poster and put them in a context that you would understand better or see from another point of view.

      1. Truly despicable human being.
        I want to make something very very clear, “Oopster”.
        I would like you to never comment on my blog again. I would like you to cease attempting to interact with me in any way, or in any context, ever again. Without exception.
        Under no circumstances should you submit comments to this blog again. Do not contact me under any circumstances. Ever. For the rest of your life. Failure to comply with this request will constitute harassment and abuse, as defined by the law.

      2. Oh, we get it completely. You’ve attempted to create a parallel between Kate Pierson’s use of the word “mister” (in reference to girly boys) to the crimes of Bill Cosby, a known serial rapist. In addition, you hope that Bill Cosby, serial rapist, will be exonerated.
        Which makes you “an unspeakably disgusting man.” What’s not to understand?

      3. isnt this the same dude that equated pregnancy with waiting for a pizza delivery. A pattern of making an insulting and outrageous comparison followed by, “I dont mean to make this comparison, but…blah blah blah, you little ladies need a man in a dress to show you the context, blah blah blah.” You are just getting to be so dull oopster.

      4. Well said, shediogenes. It’s his “Oh, little old me? I’m just trying to shoooow you!” routine that’s especially obnoxious.

      5. Yep, that seems to be the pattern. Make an absurd, offensive, and dismissive comparison, then try to hedge it a bit. Then, when someone objects, throw out “You either refuse to understand or you just dont get it.”
        Good riddance, oopster.

      6. In this series of replies, we see that “Sarah” is a boundary violator just like every other tranny that insists on pissing on women’s space and demanding that Class:Female kowtow to the every whim of the male.
        And if the poopster hasn’t seen the backlash against Cosby, then he has not been looking. Even a HALF-ASSED glimpse would have seen the backlash. Hell, Ray Charles could have seen it…

    1. You’re a worthless skidmark, oopster. Your analogy is totally false. How dare you compare Kate Pierson to a serial rapist? These kinds of ridiculous histrionics are part of what make you a pathetic laughingstock. Now go wank off to your forced-fem porn. Loser.

      1. I’ve read the New Mexico State anti-harassment statute, it refers to a pattern of behavior that causes the recipient distress. These are the two key items, that there be a pattern of behavior and that this unwanted interaction is upsetting to the recipient. The appropriate action when being harassed is to make a statement to the harasser that no further contact is acceptable, and to otherwise refuse to engage. At that point any further contact constitutes misdemeanor harassment and can be charged accordingly. This can be difficult to prove offline, but everything online is documented. I would guess other harassment statutes are similar and often wonder why more trans harassers don’t realize they are putting themselves at risk of legal action.

  3. I can’t tell from the lyrics if the song is pro or anti-trans. The chorus could be interpreted as a dig at the M2Ts don’t just want to be women, they want to be pornified women who satisfy the male gaze better than most born women do. It could also be interpreted as empathy for the fact that most M2Ts will never pass and those that do will pass as ugly women so they believe that if someone thinks that they’re “a beautiful girl” then their whole life will be better.

    1. I’m never entirely sure either. The whole meaningless gender song is basically its own genre now, where tropes are dropped, feelings are uplifted, a hint of menace about the ignorant masses is given, and yet the songs don’t really say anything.
      I love Kate, saw the B52s a year or so ago and while most everyone else in the band seemed like they were only there to collect a paycheck (that might be uncharitable of me), she seemed like she was having more fun than anyone else on the planet and it was contagious.
      But yeah, I don’t even know.

      1. It’s not uncharitable, Anon Male. I really wish it weren’t so, but it is. I’ve seen the B-52s several times, and I finally gave up. Kate’s the best out of the four, but yeah. That’s where they’re at.

      2. Now I feel bad. Let me amend that. I totally understand that as the band is well into middle age, they’re not up for singing and wildly dancing around the stage for an entire concert anymore. But it would’ve helped so much if they would’ve at least smiled more.

      3. Gene Siskel, the movie critic, used to have a test: is this movie more interesting than watching the actors themselves sitting around having brunch and talking about what-the-hell-ever?
        Maybe the B52s should be selling brunch tickets instead of concert tickets, because I’d watch that…
        Random thoughts:
        One of the “gendah” songs I was thinking of was Cherry Lips (which I have to admit is a ton of fun) by Shirley Manson / Garbage, which was inspired by “JT Leroy”
        Who turns out to never have existed. It’s interesting that The Guardian decided that “identity isn’t important” when it comes to the construction of a riproaring narrative. Manson wrote her song, afaict, before the full story came out.
        At any rate, this stuff is why I thought it was hilarious that Fallon Fox pre-transition was sporting that Orgy tshirt, as their
        is surely an autogynophile anthem.
        But somehow Kate’s the big meanie out of all of this?!?

    2. It’s pro-trans. She’d like for it to be a “trans anthem.”
      Betrayed by the mirror
      When what you feel is not what you can see
      Betrayed by the mirror
      Until finally, finally…
      You hear the words
      You make a beautiful girl
      And nothin’ hurts when you are a beautiful girl
      Heh. “Nothin’ hurts when you are a beautiful girl.” As if! But, it’s different for boys-who-are-girls, I guess?
      But, probably very soon she’ll find out how very “hurt” the mister sisters feel about her song. It’s quite likely they’ll want to hurt her back–in very unladylike ways.

      1. It’s pro-trans. She’d like for it to be a “trans anthem.”
        That’s a pity. I was hoping she was being sarcastic with the “nothing hurts when your a beautiful girl” thing. The video seemed to be mocking the femininity bullshit.
        HuffPo have given space to a trans activist to whine about how terrible it is anyway. In his piece he also complains about one of the people featured in the video – a woman who supports woman only space – and claims that this is even more awful !
        Update on HuffPo, the singer has now dropped the song from her album apparently. It’s just ridiculous

        1. Kate just realized, these men are extremists with little regard to a women’s value, and their fan girls. Your fame means nothing to them- much like ISIS, women are not viewed as another human equal to them, except instead of religion, they use ‘gender id’.
          These men do not wish to socialize with women as equals,
          They wish to use you, and if the can’t use you, you are horrible, -DIAF.
          They put themselves way above women and exaggerate emotional states women have like sad parodies of slutty women in black face. They use this drama-play acting of the ‘upset woman’ to demean other men out of attempting to defuse the situation and control women who desperately want to help them. It is mainly a boy-tantrum for attention that he expects women to supply to him and for him to get his way.
          I have witnessed an uneducated male-born trans that has so little regard for females- he approached a female PHD/ MD with the intent to ‘educate her’ about how to behave around males when they crossdress. They think that if they identify as women, they go to the front of the line, and are the top of the top because they are special born males.
          Included? They are demanding to be in charge of everything, and they make sure all males in the women’s area, go first and get their sex-based needs prioritized in the woman’s’ groups, or they angrily destroy the woman’s group that refuses to comply., And they hit every victim’s group looking for victimised females to perform infront of and bully into complying or abandonment.,
          victim groups need to be aware, this is another type of fetish that has formed from ‘victim-porn’. Pretending is not good enough, After guys run through four years of porn, they want to contact women with real assault experiences to relive masturbation play.
          Actual women have no value as equal beings to them because men can identify as a woman or man and actual women are commodities but aren’t real people in their world.

      2. From Joshua Hamlett/Jamie Cooper Holland’s Huffpo Piece:
        Your video features a documented opponent of transgender inclusion and freedom. Alyson Palmer, a performer and director, is also proponent on excluding trans women so-called “womyn-born-womyn only” spaces such as the long-controversial and culturally exclusive Michigan Womyn’s Fest. Mich Fest has a long history of not “technically excluding” (i.e. strip searching and ejecting) trans women, but speaking out against them strongly and consistently in their annual festival. Palmer wrote to Michfest performers in 2011:

        “Anyone who truly understands the suffering of sexual harassment and abuse; the constant small violations and dark steady threat of even larger ones; the savage horror of rape or any of the sick tortures that the penis-proud wield so easily against women and girls of every age, would rise up and DEMAND that WBW [womyn-born-womyn] have earned the right to a place in which to cling to one another and heal. To parade the dangling tool of the oppressor in the face of a woman who has been debased is unconscionable. The insensitivity of trying to force the victimized to get over it already so someone else can party woot woot is an insulting layer of fresh misogyny. It is selfish, it reeks of entitlement and it is cruel.”
        Joshua/Jamie came out as a penis rights activist/transwoman in May of this year:

      3. So yet another 20-something white guy telling us women how we’re doing it wrong, and how we should be honored to be in the presence of his precious wang. ::eye roll:: Fuck right off, Joshua.

      4. The fact that he can actually post this quote from a woman:
        “Anyone who truly understands the suffering of sexual harassment and abuse; the constant small violations and dark steady threat of even larger ones; the savage horror of rape or any of the sick tortures that the penis-proud wield so easily against women and girls of every age, would rise up and DEMAND that WBW [womyn-born-womyn] have earned the right to a place in which to cling to one another and heal. To parade the dangling tool of the oppressor in the face of a woman who has been debased is unconscionable. The insensitivity of trying to force the victimized to get over it already so someone else can party woot woot is an insulting layer of fresh misogyny. It is selfish, it reeks of entitlement and it is cruel.”
        AND COMPLETELY SHIT ALL OVER IT is truly unbelievable. This guy nauseates me.
        That is the best quote ever, btw. It should be posted on every “penis rights” article ever.

      5. That guy looks just like a slightly older version of a group of hateful teenage boys whose conversation I had the displeasure of overhearing the other day. They were all very loudly telling the world how much they hated various girls and women they knew, how those lowly females dared to have kids without being married, looked old, had bad hair, were feminist and other terrible crimes. I’m not kidding, that’s what they were gossiping about! Those blond, smirking, and woman-hating kids felt that it was very important that everyone around them could hear their enlightened opinions. Yes this type of guy, they’re all the same, MRA, “transwoman”, whatever they want to call themselves.

      6. That quote! I know, right?! I wonder if anyone on Etsy could cross-stitch that onto a sampler. 😉

  4. I got so distracted by the unspeakably disgusting man who showed up here to say unspeakably disgusting things that forgot to say:
    Happy anniversary, Gallus!

  5. Kate’s a lesbian, and given that and the B52s’ fan base, I’d say her only exposure to mtfs thus far has likely been of the “queen” variety. This song seems really of a piece with camp/drag gay culture. I doubt she’s in any way prepared for the het-male-mtf histrionics this will surely bring down on her.

    1. She is?!? WOW. I had no idea. You’d think she’d be aware of the army of hetero male pigsinwigs demanding to be recognized as “lesbians” and destroying lesbian events and gatherings worldwide. Very interesting. Will be interesting to see her response, if any, to the abuse she is receiving from the “male lesbians” over this song.

      1. Well, according to her, she became involved with a woman for the first time just a little over ten years ago, so she was well into her fifties. That’s probably why you didn’t hear about it – it wasn’t like she was with women in the B-52s heyday. (At least not above the radar.) They’ve been together ever since.
        And hey, if you want to see something totally cool, Google “Kate’s Lazy Meadow”, and “Kate’s Lazy Desert”, her two inns/resorts/motels/not sure what they’d be classified as. They are both stunningly well done and beautiful.

      2. Ashland, I googled those motels (like a good fangirl) and found this about where they got an airstream for Lady Desert:
        Our smallest airstream, “LAVA”, was bought from a coven of beautiful transgendered witches who wanted to give their little silver bullet a good home. Monica and I drove to Katterskill Falls nearby to meet them and within the hour, “the mouse trap” was in tow back to Kate’s Lazy Meadow! (mouse trap was its first name, as it’s former owner was nicknamed “grey mouse”.
        PS: Kate’s partner, Monica Coleman, was this video’s director.

      3. Interesting, Daisy. And sad. First, because it seems Kate has bought into this bullshit, but also this: “…a coven of beautiful transgendered witches”. Right there, yet more appropriation. There’s nothing that belongs to women that these dicks won’t take.

      4. They seem to be straight-but-sexist, kinky males with a ‘lesbian fetish’. And there are people that do 24/7 lifestyle fetish. They wear panty hose under their male clothes to work to maintain a hard-on, so they can drift off when they get a second to themselves at work..

    1. Chad is angry that Alyson Palmer believes female victims of sexual male violence should not be forced into spaces where men are exposing their penises. Chad disagrees. Chad thinks female victims of male sexual violence oppress penis owners, whose rights to expose themselves in women-only spaces should override the needs of survivors. What a sick bastard.

      1. “What a sick bastard.”
        Yeah. Chad David Parker Molloy never passes up an opportunity to be cruel to a resisting woman, does he? From what I’ve seen, almost everything he writes is in direct response to female resistance. So, the more traumatized by male violence she is, the more insistent he becomes that her full acceptance trans-penis is required.
        Rallying for female compliance is his raison d’être.

    2. What I find interested is that trans folk have set up a suicide prevention hotline. Totally peopled by trans and nothing but trans. Hmmm, wonder what would happen if an actual, yanno, woman, tried to work there?

      1. It’s about time, after over twenty years of transgender crowing about the ubiquity of transgender suicidality, usually as an emotive political hammer, and justification for controversial medical interventions, including sterilization of pre-pubertal gender nonconforming youth who would otherwise mature into well-adjusted gay and lesbian adults, that the “community” took a single measure to address the alleged issue. However none of the announcements or news reports about the new transgender suicide hotline mention any sort of training or oversight whatsoever. The service was started by a guy (“transwoman”) whose credentials appear to be his extreme suicidality, including multiple psychiatric hospitalizations.
        Being suicidal does not credential one to counsel suicidal people.

        1. Oh shit! I didn’t know that. I at least hope he had the sense to hire some clinical folk for guidance. This is not something to be mucked around with. There are a lot of very fragile people out there. If nothing else he should be concerned about liability.

        2. Re: transgender suicide prevention hotline. What happens when somebody calls and says they think they are making a mistake and want to back out and detransition? I leave it to your imagination, gentle readers…

      2. Ideally they will understand that a suicide prevention hotline is about ONE DECISION: Not to die TODAY. It’s not a time for making any other decisions. Whatever you have to say to help that person make a decision to live today is valid. I assume that these so-called “activists” are too busy going on their cotton ceiling safari and never ending pity party to actually, yanno, help anybody. If there is any right in the world some sane trans will actually be doing the grunt work. We all know that SOP for males is to bring in some females to do the actual grunt work while trans women swan about claiming the glory. Bring in the trans men a la the SRLP.

        1. Roslyn: wonderful comment. “Cotton ceiling safari.” 🙂
          Really what they need is either a hotline for people struggling with porn addictions or with accepting and embracing their own homosexuality. Last thing anybody needs is a delusional counselor!

      3. I can just see the wise council they’ll be dishing out, too.
        Caller: I’m thinking about ending it all.
        Receiver: You should just transition.
        Caller: I don’t know if transition is right for me, though. I’m really struggling with this dysphoria, but I don’t know if surgery and hormones are the right answers.
        Receiver: They totally are! Once you transition, your life will be sparkly rainbows, the body image issues will be gone, and the only thing left to do is threaten the ignorant masses who don’t understand you with death and rape threats!
        What an amazing thing it would be to call that hotline!

  6. Poor Kate. She had no idea what was going to hit her. And “suicidal” – good Maude, the histrionics.

  7. There is a post saying Pierson “Drops” the first single from her new album, but the word “drops” in that case means “releases to the public”.
    Ah, I read it as same meaning as “dropped from the team” , ie no longer there. Didn’t realise the other meaning, sorry for misinterpretation.

  8. It will be interesting to see if Pierson DOES retract the song, offer a groveling apology, distance herself from Palmer, make it clear she would never support Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, and denounce the “hate group TERFs” that express sympathy for her situation. Then we can hear all the transwoman activists cry “THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!!!!!” while Pierson continues to offer occasional tweets against the “TERFs” in a pointless attempt to stop the censorship and abuse.
    No–on second thought that would not be at all interesting. I’ve seen this plot too many times.

      1. Wow, that guy “Fae” is a flaming, misogynistic asshole. Dude: I bet you feel all powerful, attacking a woman who was trying to help you. Only you’re not powerful; you’re abusive, but you’re too stupid to know the difference. You are a worthless turd. Also, you’re ugly as hell and you look fucking ridiculous. You’re an old man in a bad wig who takes his misery out on women. Enjoy that Y chromosome! Ha ha!

      2. I know I resorted to simple name-calling, but this situation really pisses me off. I love Kate Pierson, and have for years. She was trying to help them, to give them a song. In response, they tear her apart. How many of us here, as women, as lesbians, as gay men, as whatever, have had someone say something to us that wasn’t quite right but we knew their heart was in the right place? You don’t shred them to pieces. Maybe you say something (GENTLY), but usually you just smile and suck it up. It’s part of life. I don’t think anyone in this forum is of the hothouse flower variety that seems to have completely overtaken the LGBTWTF movement.
        I’m not surprised that Ozimek is pro-pimp. In the words of George Bailey, he’s a “warped, frustrated old man.”

      3. Grotesque comments they say?
        Look what they say about rape on Reddit:
        “Rape? Rape is validation, in its own weird twisted way. You’re pretty enough, you’re attractive enough that you bring out the demons in men. They become animals in the face of your overwhelming beauty. You are a sexual object to be taken and used. You’re wanted, and you’re wanted beyond rationality and reason. It’s intoxicating”
        Yes. So…there’s that…
        Thread is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/2olrs4/transgender_and_fetishes_nsfw/
        Rape “play” all ties into being a woman everyone.
        I’m going to go claw my fucking eyes out now.

      4. Holy shit, Bethany. Now that is grotesque. Ozimek’s use of the word betrays his utter cluelessness, and his utter lack of sensitivity to anyone besides himself.

  9. it’s not for you to write a trans anthem because you haven’t lived a trans existence
    I don’t recall gay people telling Rod Stewart he shouldn’t have written his moving tribute to a gay friend of his who was murdered in New York:

    Of course Rod didn’t call it a “gay anthem”, but if some evil cissie wrote a similar song about trans people today they’d freak out anyway.
    I feel a little sorry for Kate, but I am delighted to see idiot trannies treat the people who care about them like shit. It brings Peak Trans a little closer.

    1. They are their own worst enemies. Supporting them is like walking on eggshells. One single “false” step and they start to rage. Of course this drives people away because they finally see what sick fucks they were supporting the entire time.

      1. It’s worth considering to what degree dealing with any man is like this. Constantly changing expectations and punishing the victim for behavior that was perfectly fine before is classic abuser behavior, but even relatively normal men behave this way too toward women in general. A woman is one of the “good ones” until she isn’t, and she’s going to rue the day when that happens. I’ve often quietly worried about those women who’ve claimed the “just one of the guys” mantle for herself. One step out of line, and that’s over. One count of harassment or assault by one of the guys to their female “friend”, and it’s over unless she’s a quiet victim.

        1. ” One step out of line, and that’s over. One count of harassment or assault by one of the guys to their female “friend”, and it’s over unless she’s a quiet victim.”
          kesher, I don’t know what’s worse, living through what you described or realizing that it is such a common experience. But also if you let them victimize you, if you perform femininity for them, they tend to escalate. So it’s not just about putting up with their crap, it’s not a static state. They keep pushing the boundaries.

    2. In concert, he sang pt. 2 for all it was worth, just WAILING the lines “Oh Georgie staaaaay, don’t go awaaaay”–and in the late 70s in front of southern and midwestern drunken biker audiences that loved “Maggie May” — that actually took some nerve. You knew he meant it. And he succeeded in making at least 1/3 of the audience cry… me too. And ending again with the plaintive, spoken “Georgie was … a friend of mine.” Love it, thanks.
      I listened twice. Thanks for the nice holiday present.
      Yes, when men do these things, applause for being empathetic, etc. Women? Well, we are SUPPOSED to be empathetic, so no extra points for us, just nastiness.
      I wonder if a male rock band recorded this, would the reaction have been more positive? I know they got all pissy at Arcade Fire, but you know, there ARE cis women in that band.
      IMO, an all male band would either get a complete pass or not make their radar at all.

  10. Shame on the Huffpo creep for this vomitous passage:
    The reason that it’s not for you to write a trans anthem isn’t some nebulous rule of political correctness. It’s that you don’t have the experience to do it in an accurate way that doesn’t contribute to stereotypes and pain. In a week where we’ve seen grand juries acquit the white police officers who killed both Michael Brown and Eric Garner, we’ve seen a lot of protests and direct actions across the country. We’ve heard many members of the black community ask that their voices not be overrun by those of overeager white folks who are accustomed to being heard without consequence. Understanding that issues of oppression overlap each other, called intersectionality, is important in the way that it helps us to be mindful and to work to recognize our individual privileges and how they affect others. It’s vitally important that we not make assumptions about being able to adequately understand or represent communities of which we’re not a part.
    How dare you compare your hurt feels over some dippy pop song to the reaction to the Brown and Garner cases. The black struggle does not exist for white transwomen to use it as a cudgel against real women. You do it all the damn time. It’s sickening.
    And shut up about intersectionality. Transactivists took a theory that was meant to facilitate discussion of nuances in experience, and used it to silence discussion of real differences in experience.
    But seriously, asshole, if this is how you’re going to be, keep dialing up the crazy. If any community can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it’s yours.

    1. It can’t be overstated how hypocritical it is for Holland to scold Pierson for daring to write a positive song about a community she doesn’t belong to, and then drop a reference to the recent nationwide protests to give his whiny screed some gravitas. Jerk.

    2. Once again they are using the struggles of black folks for their own ends! AAAARRRGGGHH! That appropriation gets me so freakin’ angry. They are utterly shameless, and utterly clueless. And Jane, this: “And shut up about intersectionality. Transactivists took a theory that was meant to facilitate discussion of nuances in experience, and used it to silence discussion of real differences in experience” is stunning and accurate and wonderful.

      1. I’m not surprised they are comparing their hurt fee fees about a pop song to the police, yet again, getting away with murdering black people. Remember, this movement is lead by heterosexual white guys. No amount of surgery and hormones will make them not be white men. They’re good at colonizing.
        I so agree with you about intersectionality. The thing is, the actual theory is about black women and the ways in which black women have to with both racism and sexism. It does not mean “be inclusive of everyone/everything all the time” and it does not mean that dudes can apply some magical thinking and become female.
        But yes, it is absolutely stifling. Go make a post on tumblr stating that abortion is a women’s health issue and and five seconds you will get MTTs whining about how it doesn’t include them. Make a post specifically about lesbians and you get shit-for-brains queer cultists whining about how it doesn’t include them. It’s interesting that intersectionality is being used to silence women/lesbians. And by interesting I mean fucked up.

    3. The Huffington Post article said: “The reason that it’s not for you [non-trans people] to write a trans anthem isn’t some nebulous rule of political correctness. It’s that you don’t have the experience to do it in an accurate way that doesn’t contribute to stereotypes and pain.” It’s interesting how when it comes to a non-trans person saying something about the trans experience, they seem to understand that non-trans people don’t have their precise experience. But if we change a couple of words suddenly they wouldn’t agree with this so much:
      “The reason that it’s not for you [trans people] to [talk about women’s experiences] isn’t some nebulous rule of political correctness. It’s that you don’t have the experience to do it in an accurate way that doesn’t contribute to stereotypes and pain.”
      If a woman says this about trans, then she is, according to the trans, making hate speech.
      The double-standard is stunning in how it is always there, and never noticed by those who are making it.

      1. To my mind, it’s only stunning if you forget you’re dealing with men. Men might give each other crap, but they don’t, as a class, tolerate it from women. And one thing straight white men as a class really hate is being the butt of someone’s joke.

      2. Derrick: Exactly. Similarly, they have public meetings where only the transgender- identified are allowed, but hold protests about women-only gatherings on freaking private property. They should all be charged with harassment.

    4. Intersectionality is a fine idea on paper, albeit a crock of horseshit as so often applied. Rochdale police backed off from investigating Asian paedophile rings; Oprah declined to confront Bill Cosby re sexual abuse allegations; British authorities conveniently ‘misplace’ dossier of allegations regarding sexual abuse of institutionalised boys (by MPs, senior police et al). Birds of a feather stick together. White men sooner side with Asian men than with ‘their own’ girls when push comes to shove; ‘straights’ have ‘gays’ backs even as kids are being raped and killed. Even Winfrey, with her solid human rights record feels compelled to choose the integrity of ‘black’ culture over that of the female, which is surprising, given her personal history and that of her activism. I don’t mean to bash these folks as individuals; simply to point up how telling are their actions.

      1. Good point. If intersectionality were applied to male-female relations as it is to other interactions, liberals would say that in a patriarchal system, women cannot give meaningful consent to be prostitutes or porn performers. As applying the analysis consistently would harsh a lot of liberal male orgasms and choosy libfem choices, this simply isn’t done.
        Intersectionality theory has been wielded most successfully by affluent white males who fancy themselves lesbians. This, along with liberal indifference to white MTFs’ hijacking of the term, proves its uselessness as a theoretical tool.

  11. I wonder how long it is going to take trans allies to realize that nothing, absolutely nothing they do in support of the T will ever be good enough? How many times will the scenario above be repeated before the rest of society gets a clue that trans culture is utterly narcissistic, misogynistic and not the benign, live-and-let-live movement it is presented as?
    Congrats Gallus on your anniversary, for providing a safe place for us to talk about this insanity and for the risks you are taking for all women. <3 Any estimates on how many people you have awoken from complacency?

  12. Yeah, this song is not about autogynephiles and you know how uncomfortable they get when anything’s not about them. On the other hand, “Mister Sister” is something no queen (or many queens-turned-mtf) would take exception to. It starts with a verse about a young boy who isn’t interested in toy soldiers and “they” hope he will grow out of it? Classic gay boyhood story. Being told “You make a beautiful girl.”–sort of the gay boy corollary to when people say to young dykes, “Damn, if only you were a boy…” And then the semi-ironic, “Nothing hurts when you are a beautiful girl.” is really, really interesting to me. Sort of speaks to how internalizing other people’s crap about your “gender” leads to a kind of dissociation (I mean, honestly, when does “nothing hurt” except when you are numb or drugged?) And taking it on as your own and running with it has a druglike effect. “Now you are Debbie Delicious”–that’s a total drag queen name, come on.
    It’s really funny to me how the transactivists want to broaden out the “trans umbrella” into infinity but then scream bloody murder when something addresses any segment under that umbrella that’s not the (mostly white and wealthy) het males.

      1. aaaw shit, its blue, you made it blue. Roll out the fainting couch, they’re gonna be hyperventilating over that.

  13. Male detransitioner gets his ass kicked, called a traitor. Female detransitioner is told to DIAF. Way to go, transgender suicide prevention hotline!
    I do hope everybody who falls into this rabbit hole and wants to escape understands that by making that decision, they instantly become anathema to much of the transgender community, cult that it is. 

  14. Miep, are you conjecturing, or did these things actually happen at the hotline? If the latter, where did you read about it?

    1. Moira: conjecturing based on documented proclivity of some transgenders to savage detransitioners. And this is a hotline run by a man with a history of what appears to be psychotic breaks.

  15. @Roslyn…
    “What I find interested is that trans folk have set up a suicide prevention hotline. Totally peopled by trans and nothing but trans. Hmmm, wonder what would happen if an actual, yanno, woman, tried to work there?”
    They want their services as well as full access to all women’s spaces.
    I basically think it’s a good thing to have a trans suicide hotline staffed by trans indentified people. I say good for them. I sincerely hope they don’t push “transitioning” (hormones and surgery on vulnerable teenagers). This is what I don’t understand. They have services, programs, etc. just for transgender folks, and then they expect access to EVERY single inch of space (women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and even rape crisis centers) for women. They must have their own services and space, and at the same time have full access to all space and services for women. I could never understand how they are both a distinct community of persons and at the same time exactly like women.
    There was a middle aged male, former bush pilot who “transitioned” in his mid thirties. He couldn’t understand why Vancouver Rape Relief wouldn’t make him a volunteer counselor for women rape victims. They were extremely polite to him, and said he could do other volunteer work, but this wasn’t good enough. Try imagining a female rape victim being counseled by a voluteer, middle aged male to female who spent 30 years of his life living as a man.

    1. I think it’s an excellent idea for trans folk to set up a suicide prevention hotline (with guidance from clinicians) peopled entirely by trans. What chaps my azz is the notion that they understand perfectly well the need to be with their own, but insist that they have the right to intrude in women’s shelters and other spaces like the MWMF. The hypocrisy and entitlement is breathtaking, but, of course, typically misogynistic male.

  16. Kate Pierson
    48 mins · Edited ·
    Kate’s Statement to Huffington Post in reference to the transgender community and her new single: MiSTER SiSTER
    Dear Jamie,
    Wow – I read and absorbed your amazing letter – and I hear you! By “trans” I meant to be more universal and not presume to “represent” any particular group. Huffington Post added the “(gender)” to my quote which originally was: “I hope this becomes a trans anthem – “Mister Sister” is inspired by all who are transgender and LGB, multi-dimensional and still transcending, but it’s really meant to empower anyone who feels ‘betrayed by the mirror.”
    The song is also about the power of transformation and the joy of being accepted for yourself, but more importantly the joy of self acceptance. I feel that we are here on this planet to love one another and with love we can transcend gender boundaries and promote greater understanding.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. With my background and involvement in the LGBTQ rights community, I have experienced how important dialogue such as this can be. And it’s just as important today than ever before. So thank you again for your letter.
    Love, Kate

    Kate's Statement to Huffington Post in reference to the transgender community and her new single: MiSTER SiSTERDear…

    Posted by Kate Pierson on Monday, December 8, 2014

    1. That’s not gonna be good enough for most of them. They’ll still tear into her, because it makes them feel good.

      1. Yep. There really is no point in trying to placate them. There will never be enough for them. Because they don’t believe in the trans shit themselves. And there is none more “transphobic” than a trans person. They find the truth about themselves repellant, ghastly, and unacceptable. It would be sad, but they are so unrelenting and vicious in projecting their own self-hatred and malaise onto others it’s hard to feel bad for them.

      2. Another part of it is revealed if you examine exactly “which” transgenders gang up against women in this way. It’s pretty much entirely heterosexual white male Pigs In Wigs. These guys have had smoke blown up their ass their entire life, and they survive by being held up by women, whom they keep in check by their whining, self-pity, and entitlement, all underlined by the ever present threat of male violence. These guys can’t take care of themselves, and what’s more they don’t think they should have to. They’ve never had to fight for their own rights or services which they run themselves. They’ve always been cared for and treated as inherently deserving and superior. Now that they demand that folks pretend they are women, they still expect actual women to take care of them and prioritize their needs over our own.
        Really, women, the best thing you can do is close the doors on these guys. Push them out of the nest. Out of the women’s locker rooms, and shelters, and colleges, and prisons, and feminist spaces.
        Don’t bother trying to play pretend with them. It doesn’t help them.

      3. “Cister Knows I’m a Mister”
        by the Unsisterly Misters
        Betrayed by the women
        (betrayed by the women!)
        When what they say is not all about me
        Betrayed by the bitches
        (betrayed by the bitches!)
        Until finally, finally, finally, finally … yeah!–
        We scream the words:
        You are a cis-sexist girl
        (a cis-sexist girl!)
        And it’s gonna hurt when GLAAD comes for you, girl
        (comes for you, girl! yeah!)
        We scream the words:
        You are a bigoted girl
        (a bigoted girl!)
        And it’s gonna hurt when you die in a fire
        (die in a fire, ha-yeah!)
        Ack, it needs some work. But I do think it catches some of the trans spirit. I hope they like it.

      4. I only made it 50 seconds into that deluded, obnoxious video, Gallus. Sorry I couldn’t do the whole thing. I didn’t want to trash my own monitor.
        What you say about the Pigs in Wigs certainly rings true. I saw some long screed written by Ozimek, bemoaning his lot in life, and that of his fellow Pigs in Wigs. His narcissism knows no bounds.

    2. Happily she didn’t apologize, which is just blood in the water to the trans cult. It’s dismissive of his specific complaints with its generic “thanks for writing!” perkiness, which is sure to drive them nuts. Good. I hope she leaves it at that.

      1. Normally, I strongly disapprove of generic, I-love-everybody perkiness. But, I make an exception in this case! Yes, the word “sorry” is completely absent from her letter. Not even a passive-aggressive “sorry you feel that way.”
        I, too, hope she leaves it at that.

  17. Seems that what’s happening to Kate is similar to what happened to Piers Morgan with Janet Mock in February. Morgan made a strong effort to support the transgender community but said one “wrong” thing and that became the focus.

    1. “It was noticing the difference between how hurtful it was when someone did not validate my gender identity, versus how little it hurt when people didn’t validate aspects of myself I was comfortable with that contributed to my questioning of the whole thing.
      In the first case it was because deep down I didn’t believe in my female identity myself, precisely why it was so threatening when it was challenged.”- Third Way Trans

      1. I agree with you. Have you ever noticed the lack of humor “transgenders” have about behaving in stereotypical gendered ways? When a woman-born-woman behaves in a stereotypical male way, such as swigging beer from a bottle, she’s probably amused by it. When the same woman behaves in a stereotypical female way, such as craving expensive shoes, she probably laughs about how “girly” she is. She’s likely amused by both aspects of her personality. Transgenders seem to lack the joy in embracing one’s personal placement on the sociological spectrum.

      2. It seems like transbians basically don’t have a sense of humor at all, unlike “straight” trans women who tend to have a gay/drag queen background and the sense of humor to match.
        As I mentioned elsewhere, straight men get vey upset when they get a taste of their own medicine. Eons of men disparaging anyone “lesser than” don’t make them amenable to jokes made at their expense.

    1. Yes, people have a really hard time accepting the sexuality of a straight man.
      Of course what that simpering piece actually means is that prison officials are even more wary of placing a chick with a dick in the women’s prison when “she” is completely upfront about wanting sex with women.
      I couldn’t get through that overly long article. Does it address why Taylor has been placed in solitary? Prisons throwing non-violent prisoners in solitary is a serious problem, a problem completely separate from supposed gender identity.

      1. (Eyes rolling so hard I need to pick them up off the floor). I’m not reading all that either. I got the impression that he’s in isolation because he wanted to be, apparently to protect him from aryan gangs. He says he needs protection from them because they see him as deviant. Yeah right. Aryan gangs, like most gangs never let ideology interfere with their profits. And they’re not wasting their time attacking every GNC inmate they come across. If they did, they’d have nothing else to do. Prisons have adseg for a reason and that’s where they’d put this guy if that were the case. Besides a trans woman could be a valuable commodity in prison as a prostitute.
        White power gangs are major players in the meth business, which is what he’s in prison for. More than likely he’s either a snitch or he stole money from the gang. I’m leaning toward the stealing part, mainly because I don’t think the feds would put one of their snitches in Supermax. I’d be really interested to read his prison record. They don’t put garden variety meth dealers there. Dude is in Supermax for a reason. That’s why they put the real badazzes (or folk who’ve really pissed the feds off.) I think Ted Kaczinski is there and a whole bunch of terrorists are there as well.

      2. Great analysis, Roslyn. Journalists really need to stop addressing the plebes like we’re stupid.

      3. Thanks Jane, for whatever reason, the media doesn’t seem big on doing any type of analysis these days. Obviously, this particular article is biased as all hell, but this tendency to just accept what people say without any type of investigation is just bizarre.

      4. From Googling, it appears that his real name is Richard McBee, inmate #05628-017 and this “Supermax” facility is named ADX Florence. Looks like he was originally arrested in Tennessee. I’m unable to find a site that will list the actual criminal charges, but maybe someone else here knows.

      5. Due to time constraints, I hadn’t read the article VL linked to. But Roslyn’s comments (excellent!) piqued my curiosity. I can say this: even as a layperson, totally ignorant about different prisons, even I know that Supermax is for the worst of the worst. Its reputation, the very facts of it are well known. They don’t use up space on you in Supermax unless that’s where you need to be; unless that’s where you’ve earned a spot due to your crimes and/or previous prison behavior.
        This article is an example of why I can no longer implicitly trust left-leaning writing/newscasts/etc. They’ve become just as guilty of lies by omission as any right-wing outfit, particularly when it comes to trans issues.

      6. In response to zemskull’s question…PACER shows four entries for Richard McBee. Not all four belong to the delusional snowflake at ADX…
        One entry is out of Florida in 2003 but was transferred to Tennessee. That one charged McBee with “Possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine, a schedule II substance”
        Following the move to the Middle District of Tennessee, there were three Indictments, two of which were later dismissed on the government’s motion (not an uncommon event in plea cases). He was convicted of “21:846 Conspiracy to manufacture, to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine” and was sentenced to 151 months (the feds always use months, often with some odd number) to be followed by three years of supervised release.
        There also exists a Richard Devon McBee in the Eastern District of Tennessee who was convicted of “18:922G.F UNLAWFUL TRANSPORT OF FIREARMS, ETC.” and sentenced in 2007 to 180 months in custody followed by four years of supervised release. The weapon is indicated to have been a .22 caliber Ruger rifle.

      7. Race seems to play second-fiddle in male power relations, resorted to when a man can’t diminish his ‘opponent’ with ‘girly’ or ‘poofter’. Axes are cumulative as a rule but negotiable, even negative when it suits:a butch, forceful gay man is likely favoured over a hesitant straight one; and nearly always over a strong-minded, decisive woman; who is likely to be derided for those same qualities. Greater Manchester police sided with men of colour over white girls.
        Liberal commentators may wish to pretend – for their own peace of mind – that we live in a post-racial, post-feminist world; but they are wrong on both counts: and furthermore; if the gender contract cannot be renegotiated (hell, broken), the racial one never will be.

      8. Hi,
        I actually stumbled across this page when I was googling something online. I know Taylor, I’ve known her for years, I’ve got boxes and boxes full of letters from her.
        I know why she was placed in solitary, but I don’t feel it’s my place to put that here.
        Gotta say, I’m surprised to see any mention of her anywhere for that matter, lol.

    2. What Kesher said, we need to separate prisons and the brutality they can represent and the mental illness that they can cause, from “being trans”. Being in custody is an immensely frustrating and unnerving experience. I would imagine that whatever illnesses Taylor is suffering from and whatever dysphoria he experiences could only be made a thousand times worse by such treatment over a prolonged period of time.
      However the answer isn’t “make sure prisoners who have male genitalia but identify as female are placed in female prisons” but “work far harder to prevent brutal regimes in prisons and to bring the incidence of prison rape to nil” and if you are an anarchist, which I am not, maybe “abolish prisons” would be your goal.
      There aren’t simple answers and this article doesn’t even attempt to bring them apart from “be nice to the poor trans criminals”.
      I also hate to say this, but I do not like the trend of “what this person said is completely true because they have suffered”. Victims rarely have 100% accurate recall, especially if they have been victims more than once. Things start blending into one or exaggerating (when your feelings about the event get mixed up with what happened) or minimising (when you decide it was all your fault and it wasn’t that bad really and it was no worse than this, or this….) Out of respect I won’t go into details but that did not ring true.

      1. The issue too with believing absolutely everything a victim says is that many people aren’t interested in fighting for the rights of an imperfect person, and this is especially true for convicts. So it’s in a convict’s interest to avoid any culpability for prior bad acts, even the crimes that landed him or her in prison. This is why, for the most part, I don’t want to hear about the background of an abused prisoner. Odds are, that individual is in prison for a reason, and I don’t want to listen to the dissembling and lies on that front. Address the immediate issue of unfair, inhumane treatment, regardless of what the person did to “deserve” it.

      2. I agree. 10% of the population is gay men, they are targets, along with any trans and non-violent first-time offenders, building a wing to protect them,
        But violent offenders should never be allowed to gain access to their victim-type, under any excuse or of male privilege rights to abuse women or non-alpha pack-men- with no retribution.

      3. I can’t think of a prison that doesn’t already accommodate GNC inmates in some fashion or another. Most gay males and other potential targets are generally housed in adseg. Contrary to popular belief, adseg is NOT isolation. Under federal regs inmates in isolation are kept to themselves with no interaction with others up to 23 hours a day. This is generally reserved for the most violent offenders, who have been violent in prison. And yeah, isolation is used for those who’ve managed to piss the administration off in some fashion.
        Adseg, is usually for inmates who are a potential target, gay, GNC and, of course, snitches or former law enforcement can be placed in adseg too. They’re housed together and interact. That’s how Luis Morales was laying up with Zodiac. And that’s how he wound up in isolation. When you’re shtupping serial killers in prison and writing articles about it, you’re pretty much guaranteed to wind up in isolation.
        Look, prison is no fun for anyone, that’s why it’s prison. And what with cutbacks and low funding, there are always improvements to be made, but this is not one of the areas that’s a problem. I think the treatment of mentally ill inmates is a far more pressing matter.
        Unfortunately, this will probably wind up backfiring on them in the long run because housing these offenders with women is a nonstarter. Period. Especially since most of them don’t want to be moved to a woman’s prison. Given the racial makeup of our inmate population in this country most of your incarcerated trans women are black or brown. And, for whatever reason, trans women of color are almost exclusively gay. Indeed, the only het trans women I’ve even heard of have been been white. Why on earth would a gay man want to be housed in a women’s prison? Contrary to popular belief, he’s not in any greater danger than any other inmate, and probably less than some because he’ll be in adseg. He’ll have regular access to sex with men, and can prostitute for drugs if he’s so inclined. In a woman’s prison, his only opportunity for gay sex is with the corrections officers and unless they are gay he has to compete with women for that. Note, CeCe McDonald asked that activists not agitate for him to be placed in a women’s prison.
        Nope, the only trans women asking to be placed with women are white “lesbians” and those who’ve been placed in isolation because of their violent behavior. This whole “I’m in so much danger” is yet another trans lie.” Prisons are violent places, but they’re not just randomly violent. They’re violent with a purpose. Like most large institutions the inmates run the asylum. If you’re careful and keep your mouth shut you’re unlikely to be targeted, especially if you stick to your own. Corrections officials mitigate that risk with adseg. Some very large prisons even carefully segregate based on gang affiliation. After all, keeping violence down is in their best interests as well. No one is just throwing trans folk to the wolves just for the hell of it.

      4. Oh, and maybe I misread something in that long article, but I think somewhere it said he was attempting to manufacture more than 50 grams of meth, so yeah, he was definitely working with a gang of some sort. Meth is about $100 per gram, it used to cost a bit more so at the time he was arrested he would’ve been in possession of nearly $5k worth of meth. He wasn’t doing that on his own, but even so, that wouldn’t have been enough to land him in Supermax.
        And that story about being housed with his father? That didn’t happen either. No warden in his right mind would do such a thing. Sounds like some porno fantasy.

      5. Replying to myself, sorry 🙂 but replying to yous really. I’ve been arrested and in custody. It’s a very frustrating, isolating and unnerving experience even for a day or a night, I would hate it if it went long term. I can understand if it distorted people’s viewpoint.
        However I totally agree with Roslyn. There is a lot here we are not told. I also got the impression from the way he told the story that he wasn’t truthful. It was florid and exaggerated.
        Do people here recall “Michelle Remembers”? You are probably younger than me. If you don’t, please Google it. Michelle lived through the material of 100 cheap horror movies, and some, much worse, which tended towards the “A Serbian Film”. Except she didn’t, because none of it was true.
        I don’t for a minute think the child and father would have been assigned a cell together. There is a core of bad things which have happened here, but like Roslyn, I am seriously in doubt.

      6. “And that story about being housed with his father? That didn’t happen either. No warden in his right mind would do such a thing. Sounds like some porno fantasy.”
        Oh, I know, roslynholcomb! When I came to that part of the story, that was that. These guys can string you along with their tales of woe for a while, but their sickness eventually reaches out and brushes against your senses. That unwholesomeness–they just can’t hide it. And it throws their entire narrative into doubt, even if some of the narrative had earlier seemed plausible.
        Gross and twisted. Here again, we hear male sexual violence used as evidence of the victim’s innate femininity. And we can’t help knowing that the fantasy of a father raping his daughter is used by him as a masturbatory aide. This Richard is right where he belongs.

    3. Susan Greene is maybe the only reporter in Denver willing to write critically about Colorado prisons and police brutality, so it’s especially disappointing to see her write this drivel. Remember Caleb Hannan, the Denver reporter who wrote Dr. V’s Magical Putter? Pretty much every other reporter in Denver congratulated him and re-tweeted that article. After the backlash, they all feel guilty about it now. Their new rule, apparently: never ever question anything that a transgender person says.

      Dr. V’s Magical Putter

    4. PS: It appears that McBee was also been in federal prison in Florida, although I do not know if this means he actually lived there at one time. Maybe some sleuth here knows how to research this. It would be interesting if this person has a violent background.

  18. I also want to say this song is outrageously shit. I quite like the guitar and the vocals, but the message is shit.
    The trans folk I have known IRL are no more beautiful than anyone else. In some cases, quite a lot less beautiful. 99.9% of trans don’t even vaguely resemble Laverne Cox, let alone any supermodel you can think of. Neither do I, as a woman who was actually born female with lady bits. And likewise, I am not even pretty, let alone beautiful.
    Why this weird emphasis on trans being stunning? What would be wrong if they weren’t? Is the position of women such that we need to amaze [men] with our attractiveness? And if transitioners believe that they need to be the most beautiful laydee ever, why and what does this mean?

    1. To a cat: “Why this weird emphasis on trans being stunning?”
      Considering that transgenders and/or their health insurance plans can spend six figures on cosmetic surgeries and procedures, I’m not surprised that they want to believe that the results are stunning. In this way I don’t think they’re different from women-born-women who have a lot of “work done.”

  19. Alyson Palmer believes Womyn Born Womyn deserve their own space, yes, and yet she still performed with Kate Pierson on this song, and I doubt she went in blind. She must have known Kate intended this as a celebration of transwomen, and still she lent her talents to the song’s creation. The tranz crowd can’t accept that supporting WBW space and respecting tranz can go hand in hand, but I have yet to meet or speak with a Festie or Radfem who doesnt believe trans ppl deserve to be treated humanely. Of course, in transland, their dignity comes at the expense of women and girls, they can’t possibly slow down and seek out solutions that don’t require the wholesale forfeiture of the few gains women’s liberation has made for actual females.
    The backlash against Kate Pierson illustrates, once again, the failures of the tranz politic. She may have missed the target she was aiming for with this “anthem” but tranz could give her credit for the sincerity of the attempt. Kate didn’t have to dedicate space on her first solo album to tranz, but that is brushed aside. To simply and graciously accept Kate Pierson’s intent would be to pass up the opportunity to throw another tranztantrum, woe is me, the injustice *eyeroll* The same tranzactivists that redefine woman and lesbian, that label us cis and TERF and immediately begin to use these terms as slurs, that can, with a straight face, declare that some women have penises, can’t redefine “mister”? not even when it’s paired with “sister”? They can define themselves, they can define us, but how dare a woman, any actual female, define them. The same double standards, hypocracies and inconsistencies follow the tranz wherever they go. The postmodernist, liberal practice of taking huge liberties with language and identity is reserved only for men and transwomen. Actual females, don’t you dare. And they wonder how we come to the conclusion that transwomen are just men in dresses, enjoying male prerogatives, including the most basic imperitive of patriarchy, that is boundary violation. Male privilege in high heels, they target Kate Pierson without regard to alienating a self-declared ally. To think she went to all the trouble of writing, producing, recording, distributing, making a video of, a song for them, and this is what she gets.

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