Transgender Terminology Explained #6842 : “Pigs In Wigs”

Pig In A Wig
Pig In A Wig

“Pigs In Wigs” (PIW) or “Pig In A Wig” (PIAW) is a term coined by male transgender community members, particularly those who are male-attracted and come from gay culture, who wanted to distance themselves from the virulent aggressive masculinity, sexual violence, and lazy grooming presentation of heterosexual male cross-dressers who transitioned to become “male lesbians”. [See also: “Brick”].
“I want to be a woman but goddamn if I don’t just feel like a pig in a wig”.
“Don’t go this weekend. Fantasia Fair is strictly Pigs in Wigs”
This term is descriptive and not usually considered a slur. It is a gay and trans community term.
See also: Straights, Linebacker, Male Chauvinist Pig, Autogynephilia, Male Lesbian
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15 thoughts on “Transgender Terminology Explained #6842 : “Pigs In Wigs”

  1. From that linked article: “… within the trans community, an increasingly rancorous debate rages about what some call “transface,” a derogatory term for the practice of casting non-transgender actors as transgender characters. Some trans activists equate it with minstrelsy and blackface, believing these roles should go to trans actors.”
    The transjacktivists have zero problem appropriating the history of black people, of women, of whoever’s history will suit them best. But they throw tantrums if anyone else “plays” them.
    Their cognitive dissonance is truly astounding.

    1. Plus, what happens if the character needs to be portrayed pretransition? Can they overcome their “dysphoria” enough to deal with that, or do casting directors need to find trans actors with nontrans twins? Good news, Laverne Cox! Get ready to be the only permissable choice for trans roles!

      1. Of course, your point is far more important, Ashland. I don’t mean to divert from that. I’m sure they feel they should be able to custom craft every aspect of their life and expression, unlike actual women.

      2. I think you bring up an interesting angle, Teal. Also, “custom crafting every aspect of their life and expression” (nicely put!) falls right in line behind expecting those laughable “safe spaces” everywhere. You know, where no one is allowed to question them or their demands, lest the whole illusion come crashing down. It’s the same line of thinking.

      3. O.K., that doesn’t look bizarre at all. Did he actually expect not to get attention with that get up? On second thought, that’s probably exactly what he was hoping for. Moar attention!! MOAR!!

      4. now, now Gallus…scarf and glasses just don’t work when you are going for attention-whore status. It’s all about him, dontchaknow…
        Caption was interesting…it describes ANOTHER nose job. Wonder how long before his nose becomes just as detachable as the one Michael Jackson had.

      5. His legs/walk got my attention more than the mask. That’s shot is a man, no doubt, the way his leg sits and into the step. That’s a man’s leg coming out of a man’s hip, with the knee to ankle having a man’s angle to it.

    2. I agree. It’s disgusting how they appropriate the history of any vulnerable minority group when it suits them (women, lesbians, black people, people with intersex conditions). Yet when a non-trans actor plays them, the horror! Time to bring out the fainting couch.
      The cognitive dissonance is unbelievable, especially since they have made it their goal to destroy women only spaces, and to shame lesbians for not sleeping with them, and to make sure that women don’t dare use basic anatomical terms when discussing things like reproductive health (becuz triggers!).

  2. I just love the “For Dummies” parody mock-up. “Trends in blah dee blah”–yes, perfect.
    But, most touching of all is that you included “see also” references. Whose heart isn’t warmed by careful indexing?

  3. As some of the women in my community try to figure out the very obvious trannies, it’s clear that they all look like Hard Fem. If all the Lesbians looked like Dykes, then the trannies would be even more glaring. It’s all male-identified femininity anyway.

  4. “Pigs in wigs” are basically those men dressed as women who are almost universally coded in our culture as sexual deviants and predators, unlike prettied up, feminine trans women who are coded as drag queens. Given the actual behavior of “pigs in wigs”, I, for one, have no problem with that knee jerk reaction.

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