Reclaim The March! Statement from Radical Feminists on what occurred at London Reclaim The Night 2014

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What happened when radical feminists raised awareness of male transgender violence at the London Reclaim the Night, 2014:
Note: The London Reclaim the Night March claims to be women-only, whilst also stating on its website that  ‘trans women’ (sic) are welcome.
A group of radical feminists, all of whom have attended RTN for many years, and several of whom have been involved in organising women’s marches, attended the London 2014 RTN to assert the right of women to organise autonomously and to raise awareness of violence perpetrated by male transgenders. They carried a banner stating ‘Reclaim the March: Reclaim the Night is for WOMEN’ and placards highlighting the need for women’s services to remain women-only. Some of the group distributed flyers giving factual information about violence perpetrated by male transgenders, and highlighting why it is vital that women’s services and women’s marches remain women-only.
While on the march:
– a radical feminist was approached by three hostile women who tried to snatch her leaflets away and the police had to intervene for her safety.
– the radical feminists were met with considerable hostility and antipathy from trans supporters
At the rally following the march:
– the compere opened the rally by emphatically distancing the organisers from the radical feminist group, stating that there was only one official RTN leaflet, and that they were not responsible for any other leaflets being given out on the march. In our recollection, this is unprecedented at any London RTN. She then proceeded to stress that ‘transwomen’ (sic) are welcome at RTN, and that any other sentiments did not reflect the policy of the organisers. This was met with hearty applause and a strong sense of disapproval of the radical feminist presence and message. The compere also then advised anyone who had experienced harassment or felt intimidated as a result of the leaflets to inform a steward or police officer: the imputation of this statement was that the radical feminists had been harassing and intimidatory. This was a gross misrepresentation of what had happened, since none of the radical feminists had harassed anybody, and in fact it was one of them who had been harassed and intimidated. The radical feminist group pointed this out but were ignored. The compere’s tone conveyed a sense of apology for and disowning of the radical feminist presence on the march: one of the radical feminists objected to this, but was ignored.
– later at the rally, one of the radical feminists vocally protested the double standards of one of the speeches, which condemned some forms of male violence while failing to acknowledge the realities of violence perpetrated by male transgenders, or to challenge the condemnation of those who had called attention to these realities on the march.
Our thoughts on what happened:
The support for transgenderism and antipathy towards radical feminists at a march that is purportedly against male violence against women is extremely disturbing. We believe this testifies to a lack of understanding amongst feminist communities of the harms of transgenderism and a reluctance to acknowledge the realities of violence perpetrated by male transgenders, even though these are well-documented. We also believe it testifies to a fear around speaking out. While there were women at the rally who were privately supportive of radical feminists taking a stance on transgenderism, these women remained silent in the public arena – no doubt due to the climate of fear around this issue, and the extreme hostility that meets any woman who is vocal about it.
Over the years, many leaflets have been handed out at RTN marches. Some of these have been supportive of the exploitation and abuse of women in prostitution. We note that our leaflet is the only one to have been singled out and publicly denounced by a representative of RTN. We find it strange that women who support prostitution and the sex industry are not met with such hostility, and are allowed to march and attend the event unhindered, when sex purchase is violence against women. We also note that there is a strong line of consistency between the pimp lobby, the porn lobby and the trans lobby.
The silencing of women speaking out against the harms of transgenderism and male transgender violence cannot continue. We need more courageous actions like those in evidence at the London 2014 RTN. And we look forward to support from our sisters.
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[Read more about this action here: -GM]

40 thoughts on “Reclaim The March! Statement from Radical Feminists on what occurred at London Reclaim The Night 2014

    1. The naive lefty support for the trans lobby reminds me of the PIE debacle back in the 70’s. Abusive men demanding sexual access to whoever they want and the clueless fools going along with it, because fundamentally people do not want an actual radical analysis of the power structures and abuse against women and children by the male-born.

  1. I support those brave sisters! I would like to find a way to organize with those in my area, but there seems to be either a lack of rad fem groups, or they are so secret I cannot find them. I think they are just hiding. My city doesn’t have a march, but there is one a few hours away that does, and I would be proud to protest at it.

    1. I feel the same way, freefromsexpozzies! Do ya live in the US? in the Midwest? Let’s organize!

    1. Mtt trans ‘women’ never come on these events anyway. Sometimes the more inclusive the event is, the less you’ll see them. There aren’t a lot of them and they’re viciously anti-feminist any way. They don’t *want* to reclaim the night. There might have been one I saw on Saturday night. But it was mostly furious young women, straight from their reactionary po-mo universities, some shouting and chanting against the feminists with the banner, and the ‘hurt’ caused to their nonexistent mtt chimeras/friends.
      If all that amazing young female anger could be channeled to fighting what men do to women instead of focusing on protecting mtts who didn’t bother to show up, the patriarchy would topple.

  2. Reblogged this on Elrond Middle England and commented:
    Commentary from the Radical Feminists on London Reclaim the night as they spread their evil and minority views. One day its sex workers in their sights, and another day it transgenders. Nobody is safe, let alone me, from these evil people.

    1. Kindly explain in great detail how you are not safe from us, what with our not threatening violence against you. Kindly explain how women pointing out that you are a man is a threat to you. And none of that suicidal crap, if you are feeling suicidal because you are a man, that doesn’t make it the fault of women if you do yourself damage. It is not our job to support your fantasies.

    2. OH THIS IS RICH. So this utter loser with the loser-est avatar in all of internetdom is proud of how he uses prostitutes. Dude, put down Lord of the Rings long enough to talk with a woman who is NOT a prostitute with respect – it’ll be a revelation to you, I promise.
      This POS thinks it’s A-OK to not only participate in a system that brutalizes women, but to run a website that REVIEWS them. Nothing male supremacist about that! But he attempts to gaslight everyone into thinking that we’re the threat to women (well, threat to everyone – “Nobody is safe”). What a manipulative pile of dung.
      Hey, “Elrond”, you are a vile, despicable, abusive creep. You’re just another loser dude who couldn’t be bothered to learn how to interact with women as partners, so you use them only for sex. (Those pesky women just kept having thoughts, opinions, and needs of their own, didn’t they?) Think we haven’t seen your type before? WE SEE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE.

      1. Ashland, I don’t want to look at this guy’s website. But I do remember reading a blog about punters rating prostitutes..really vicious stuff, invisible women…that was collected and shared around by an anti-porn activist woman or women.
        No point in asking questions, I guess. They’re really all the same.

    3. Hey “Elrond”, if we are going to get nerdy in here, do you think Arwen would approve of pimps and punters?
      Pretty sure she would call down some serious eldritch magic on your lowly misogynist ass.

    4. That is such crap. Punters and pimps tell prostitutes that crap when they want to go condomless and selfish-dude has a disgusting penis-disease, Or they want to rip- off poor women stuck doing that for a living and want to isolate them from reporting it,
      Dear dumb-ass, what about the Ex -sex workers/ ladies still too-poor to quit, that are radical feminists? .
      We are for protecting the women from the violent men, since you can’t put it together by yourself,
      Let me get this, You are saying the men need to be protected from the women prostituting themselves for food/ living expenses/childcare?? That is rich and raises red flags for women in that position that you are not to be trusted..
      Don’t worry ladies, If any women get raped, beaten or this dirt-bag punter plants a disease on you, you can still come to the rape crisis center and get his dirty ass on a ‘do not see’ or ‘could be dangerous-bring security’ list for the ladies still out there..Female victims are not turned away.
      Any man that trys to cut you off from healthcare or safety services, or your family, is not on the side of impoverished women.
      Usually, it takes a dirt-bag punter with no boundaries like this touching the woman’s child before she wakes up,

    5. Why are these type of men always so hysterical and melodramatic? (rhetorical question — I know why) Seriously, the people whom I have met in my life who were the most hysterical and least rational have always been men. Usually it gets hidden under emotional incompetence and emotional illiteracy, but as soon as they are challenged they become such drama queens.

      1. thx
        Whiny pimp avatar has a sad! Where is my fire to DIA?
        That avatar…really, LMAO. I’m sorry, I know he hurts women, and so he should DIAF but that is so lame I can’t help but laugh.

        1. I am having problems working out the DIAF module. Elrond please send instructions? I think it blew a fuse.
          Damn, and men are always saying they’re sooo handy. Typical.

        2. Gallus, fucking cut it out. I’m trying to DIAF here.
          Sisterhood my ass. Never there when you need them. Always interfering. (goes off and sulks)

      2. Hey, Dying in a fire makes you a good ally to pimp and punter ElrondMiddleEnglandNeverLeaveBasementOrBathe. Good feminism! (when feminist means supporting sexual violence against women and prioritizing the feels of male perps).

  3. We’re missing the point here. Elrond has a sad, a man has a sad!
    Elrond, I am genuine certified bleeding heart empath. Have you considered crowdfunding your pain? I bet you could get some real money for it if you packaged it appropriately. Nice decorative jars, some ribbons and a bit of quality scent.
    All you have to do is put the pain in the jars, wrap it all up nicely, and market it. Just it time for the holiday season!
    No, no I won’t accept a cent for this counseling. I just want you to be happy, Elrond. Preferably a long, long way away from women.
    Follow your star, you can do it!

    1. Elftoad can market a punter scented-candle! Of rank married dudes old spooge encrusted sweatpants of shame! Er, I mean, of “liberation”. Call it: “SWERF AWAY”.

      1. Huh. You think rotting semen-scented candles would sell? Maybe throw in some sebum? And a little pus for that special extra something…hmmmm….you may be on to something here.
        Also five stars for “Swerf Away.” That is just so romantic! Will be feels!

  4. The National Center for Transgender Equality Reacts to Ferguson, MO Grand Jury Decision in Michael Brown Case
    Do you know why we should care about the Michael Brown case? Because of trans people.
    “Transgender people know all too well that profiling of certain types of people by the police happens, especially to people of color, lower income people, young people and, of course, transgender people.”
    “We need to do better than we have been doing as a society. If we live in a society where people do not object to a young unarmed Black man being killed, we can’t expect that people will object when a transgender person is targeted.”
    It’s all about them. Always.

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