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  1. There were about 6-8 trans/ sex worker activists in the march with red umbrellas with slogans written on them, one noticeably trans person among them, about 3/4 of the way down, and about the same number of anti trans at the back with a couple of signs and a banner. There were a few bursts of chanting “trans sisters, our sisters” during the march led by one of the bullhorns. Outside Camden place, at the end of the march, once most of the police had dispersed, someone with a bullhorn, seemingly not part of the core group of trans supporters, started a protracted chant of “trans sisters, our sisters”, which was picked up by the bulk of the cluster of about 20-30 women left, and directed towards the anti trans group. Two of the trans supporters skipped over to the main chanters and jumped around while some of the anti trans group remonstrated with the chanters and I think a steward and tried to drown them out with whistling. The anti trans unfurled their banner and the two groups were facing each other directly. The anti trans group then started a chant of “what a [ whopping?] great delusion, you’ve all been taken in” which the chanters tried to drown out. This entire incident lasted about 5 mins. I didn’t see what the remaining police’s reaction was, there were 2 security types who started circling the 2 groups closely.

    1. The marginalisation and silencing of women who don’t swallow the trans bullshit continued inside the Camden Centre where Kate Smurthwaite (apparently a “feminist” “comedian” started off the event by stating that if anyone feels intimidated by the leaflet they should contact a steward, and that trans women are welcome, and that Feminism In London do not condone or support the leaflet …. *cue rapturous applause from brainwashed luvvies.

      1. I’m really disappointed as I like Kate Smurthwaite a lot. I’ve also got to say as a leftist, FUCK being disturbed by fucking leaflets. You ought to be braver than that.
        This irritates me. Women face a daily attack for being “mouthy”, get attacked for their looks, told how unattractive they are because they speak out. Sometimes they get a dose of “corrective rape” and sometimes they are shot at and get acid thrown in their faces. If you look at any resistance movement in the world you will see brave bold women standing up for their dignity and their movement, although they face murder and gang rape.
        To them, a leaflet would be nothing. Fucking nothing. So a man disapproves of their decision not to think he’s a woman. OMG we’ve upset a sister (lol) let’s all go and die in a fire. This is what the phrase “first world problems” was created for.

      2. Men and their idiot wet-blanket supporters being “intimidated” by a leaflet vs women whose actual physical safety and experience are threatened and dismissed by men everywhere. Unreal.

  2. This is great but at the same time it’s so depressing that women cannot just say “we have the right to our own spaces” without having to point out that male pretenders are as violent as other men. That we have to point out male violence in order to have a little privacy.

    1. To be fair, male violence is the primary reason for sex-segregated spaces, and all but the most misogynistic MRA would admit that women need to be protected from men. Even as the culture at large wants to pretend that the main threat is strangerdanger and not women’s male relatives and intimate partners.
      But the trans is magic crowd is hellbent on denying male violence towards women and claiming that men who think they’re women, through some miracle, don’t have about the same rates of male violence as any other man.

      1. Kesher: I get where you’re saying but I’m taking it a step up. Women should have the right to women-only spaces and privacy whether men are violent or not. To predicate these rights on the existence of male violence engages us endlessly in a lot of game-playing about what constitutes violence. I think we should be more absolutist about this because negotiation never works.

      2. To put it more bluntly, women don’t owe men shit, including any kind of explanation about why we don’t owe them shit.

      3. I absolutely agree. I was more thinking about how trans denying male violence (and also claiming themselves to be perfect and amazing) is rage inducing for me.

    2. Speak it!
      Its just one more tactic to ensure that FEMINISM is focused on MEN not women. Fighting the trans that are taking over our identities, and private spaces, takes our time away from other oppressions in need of action.
      And that just what patriarchy ordered…

      1. I want to put these up in women’s restrooms. It’d be great if people did this anywhere that a “bathroom bill” is being considered.

      1. Hi Kesher: Seriously, is MTT-on-female violence statistically reported to and by the Department of Justice as female-on-female?

      2. I have no idea how the Department of Justice is handling this, but the news media are making a concerted effort never to “misgender” violent criminals. The reality denying has gotten to the point where journalists and commentators claimed, with a straight face, that the McCallum rape was a matter between two lesbians.
        Also, in terms of basic statistics, I would imagine that the DOJ mostly aggregates data from local sources. A deep-in-the-genderist-bullshit state like California or Oregon is likely sending the Feds bad data.

        1. Kesher: I’d bet real money that allowing people to be legally identified as the opposite sex, even sometimes without any medical treatment, affects statistical data on violence against women. How could it not?
          Once all the predators figure this out men will emerge as the pure sex, in contrast to all those crazy violent women. Thanks, liberals!

      3. I’m sure it will, which is why it chaps my ass to see violent crimes committed by trans women categorized as “female” violence, especially when we’re talking about deviant behavior that women basically never engage in.
        In terms of larger statistics, I doubt it will make much of a difference. The huge numbers of men who assault, rape, and kill aren’t going to change their gender identity. But once you get enough really weird, disgusting, high-profile crimes committed by men claiming to be women, public perception might change, similar to how the public perceives crime going up thanks to media fear mongering even as crime is, statistically, going down.

  3. Kitty, the banner said something like “reclaim the march. Reclaim the night is for women”. The signs I saw were something like ” I didn’t make you not a woman. God did. Take it up with her.” and “Keep trans out of women’s services. Stop violence by trans”. I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s 100% accurate though- feel free to correct me.

    1. From what I’ve heard, in the UK they are (kind of joking there.) No disrespect meant to my sisters there and in Canada, but based on what I’ve read here and elsewhere, the PC-ness is more incorporated into law in those places. Folks who live there can explain better than I. (Than me. Whichever. I actually googled that, but was plunged into the debate over whether “than” is a conjunction or a preposition, and ain’t nobody got time for that.)

      1. “Folks who live there can explain better than I” is correct, because, if you finished the sentence, it would be ” … better than I can.” Not “better than me can.” That’s how I remember the I/me thingy problem we have with English.
        Ah. Aren’t the grammar police much better than the PC thought police? Somewhere in here there might be a little joke about trans and their dangling modifiers … They’re always misplaced, always where they don’t belong, causing confusion and violating meaning …

    2. The police were probably saying to themselves ‘thankfully someone is finally speaking up about all this bullshit.’

  4. BRAVA to those brave women who marched against the tranny tyranny! I salute you! Well done!

    1. Right? Except people of color would never for a moment put up with whites who claimed to “feel black”, and embrace racial stereotypes. And fun fems would never rush to back them up and call the TransBlacks oppressed, and suffering from “TransRacism”, and claiming that “CisBlacks” oppress whites with their “CisBlackPrivilege”.

  5. Women should have the right to women-only spaces and privacy whether men are violent or not.
    Miep, this needs to be on a tee shirt too! Fantastic!

  6. So happy for the signs, the gallus mag t-shirt(s) and the banner! What do ya say, gals in America? Find out when and where your next neighborhood “Take Back the Night” rally and march is gonna be, and then go get ’em! It seems it would be recommendable that your cadre take a course in self-defense and how to deal with police who could provoke or escalate violence, before you go.
    I just checked, and it doesn’t look like my area has “Take Back the Night” marches anymore. Does anyone know what they are called now? Have “Slut Walks” replaced TBTN marches? Good grief!
    I am so disappointed…crashing a Slut Walk doesn’t make sense because we would never use a term like “slut walk” — who wants to reclaim that from men? I just looked at the attendance list for our Slut Walk 2014, and a bunch of “radical” men I know are on the list. Gross!
    I am at a loss for what to do exactly, but I am really really happy to hear the news that women in London did this awesome, brave action at their Take Back the Night Rally. Good job!

  7. I am glad women spoke out and took back the group for female victim’s.
    Why are trans there?
    They don’t get raped outside of prison, They are not getting killed at the rate of 4 a day in the USA from other men,
    Why? they are there to push sex work and let rape victims know their service to the sex industry may be missed if they dont fuck men anymore at a rape victim’s march,.and like slut walk [organized by pimps] they want to remind women that ‘not all men’ that rape them are raping them, if there is a good excuse, like the man wears a dress or if there is payment.
    These guys show up to promote access to women and demand that women comply that they are an accept ion, even if they are the violent rapists attacking women.
    What is the difference between them and men that join ISIS to rape/kill children/women that declaire their male rights to access women/children in war? One uses ‘Identity’ the other uses ‘religion’ to dominate women/children sexually.
    I am impressed with the British Feminists that dared to speak up for women victims of trans that were afraid to march that night, The women that were the rape/murder/child victims of the poster trans had the right to march there, but these pigs in wigs/ unwantedfaghags4lesbians were there to remind women to behave, calm down and keep following men.. LOL
    because of political correctness protects, they allow rapists and violent men that are confrontational with women, and angry and demanding as a domestic abuser to women to enter women’s events and what ever actions they take on women there or the general public for their sexual amusement is suddenly ok?..
    At least some women have woke up to the enforced sex roles and enforced sexual validation of men being forced on gay women by men intruding the space that think they are missing out on lesbian sex parties.
    And these women-only places have changed. They now tolerate these men that crash events and even threaten victims of male violence to promote male rights to access women when ever and where ever they want as their right as unpaired lonely males crying for attention from mean lesbians that don’t sleep with them or jack them off in the woman’s toilet with a child in the next stall.
    Yea, like your ego not being stroked by a passer by would be equal to rape, what narcissism.
    because they are born-males that Identified a fantasy of themselves as being in a lower caste system and everything and and they are threatening to rape and kill women that don’t agree…even at the victims of male violence gatherings. How ironic.
    Not surprising though;
    Female Victims are suppose to be easier for men to manipulate, Pick up artists talk about how to exploit this in seminars- so some guys are there to access rape victims to dominate
    the ‘MY PIMP IS A sex-worker’ crap has began to stink up the ‘take back the night’ now?
    what the message going around is, ‘if you had support pimp-led prostitution, you would have never been raped’. This is what slutwalk is about, intimidating rape victims to support pimp-led prostitution and the movement to call pimps ‘sex workers.’ , which are almost always males, collecting all the proceeds ..like that has something to do with rape, but slut walk is a pimp-org to rally and intimidate [through peer pressure] female victims to protect pimps in trafficking like they are victims too!. If you mention C-36, they get angry that you want to leave men out of female trafficking and let women control the money made off their own exploitation when they find themselves impoverished..
    . However, some rapist males may be there to re-abuse rape victims. Some men actively seek out rape victims to push sex on because if a woman is accusing more than one man of rape, she becomes unreliable and she is not as believed, even by socialworkers so often, women will be silent about a second rape from a male rep at an org that helps her with the first rape. It happens all the time, sad but true..I don’t meet with any males at a rape center, this happens way too often. .Women that don’t want a repetition for calling ‘All men rapists’ must choose which rape they will report, if more than one guy takes advantage of her situation. This is why it was more successful as a women-only project. Some Men can’t help exploiting women sexually, but it is unfair to women to have to pick who is safe or not in their own area of privacy..
    It is like they are rubbing rape and murder in the faces of women and telling them, ‘too bad, not my problem, I am here to get laid, flash some cock and see what these women can do for me, but you are not allowed to avoid me or ignore my needs as a complete stranger seeking sexual validation, even at your little rape-march’.

      1. Hugo Schwyzer and SlutWalk
        Posted by Heather on Aug 22, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment
        Hugo Schwyzer and SlutWalk
        The organizing team of SlutWalk Toronto would like to offer a sincere apology for Hugo Schwyzer occupying a position of authority in the organizing team of SlutWalk Los Angeles in 2011.
        Hugo Schwyzer has impacted and caused harm to many women, especially women of colour he’s dismissed, degraded and stopped from being recognized, heard and valued (background info here). Women such as Flavia Dzodan (aka @redlightvoices), Sydette Harry (aka @Blackamazon), brownfemipower and many others. We know this harm – that Hugo Schwyzer has now owned – has left and continues to leave wounds. Hugo Schwyzer has also been involved in organizing and advocating SlutWalks, partcularly SlutWalk Los Angeles in 2011. We are sorry for the harm he’s caused and his involvement and connection to SlutWalks and efforts to support survivors of sexual violence.
        We first were introduced, online, to Hugo Schwyzer in 2011 shortly after our initial SlutWalk Toronto rally occurred, and when SlutWalks were taking place in various cities around the world. From afar we quickly came to understand he identified as a feminist, he was a Professor at a college in California teaching on gender, sexuality and feminism, and he was passionate about supporting SlutWalk where he was in Los Angeles, California. He played a central role in the first year organizing of SlutWalk L.A. and participated in many conversations around SlutWalk on a lot of various platforms. At the time we supported him, his involvement in our gender inclusive efforts and encouragement of why men needed to care about sexual violence, victim-blaming and slut-shaming, and the whole of the SlutWalk L.A. team of organizers, speakers and volunteers.http://www.slutwalktoronto.com/hugo-schwyzer-and-slutwalk

    1. Somewhat apropos, I recall a certain national male shock-jock who had a show about how to easily identify women who have been raped or molested in the past. The theory was that such women were easier to sexually manipulate.

      1. Zemskull: no question but that male sexual predators target women who have suffered boundary erosions, who have been sexually groomed. Not to say that means anyone is safe, but predators of all stripes will look for vulnerable targets.

      2. This is one of the reasons why I so strongly encourage women to get counseling and therapy after being asaulted. A very high percentage of rape victims were previously molested. AND I have yet to interview a victim of child molestation whose mother wasn’t also molested and/or raped. The erosion of those boundaries are very important markers for future victimhood. Predators will test you to see how far you will let them go. In order to protect yourself you have to relearn how to establish and police your boundaries.

      3. The erosion of those boundaries are very important markers for future victimhood. Predators will test you to see how far you will let them go.
        I think all girls are groomed like this to an extent, our whole culture is set up for it. The PUA thing is particularly explicit in the way that it exploits this in going after the easiest targets, but all men are able to benefit from women and girls who have had their boundaries compromised in some way.
        It’s something that could be guarded against, if people had any concern for us, to teach girls from a young age what men really think of us and how to stand against it.

  8. Wow, go brave women!
    I found this leaflets very disturbing too, not because of transphobia but because of the descriptions of extreme male violence against women and children. Is not appearing transphobic more important than the lives of women and children?

  9. I’m just reading some of the tweets from LSESU FemSoc. In response to whether a discussion of gender is allowed in the group, and their answer is “no”. Because it’s more important for it to be a “safe space” (for men). This is the state of most student “feminism” now, useless for women.

    1. “In response to whether a discussion of gender is allowed in the group, and their answer is “no”.” It really is becoming the unspeakable!
      Reclaim the Night for whom? It used to be ALL women, whether you agreed with them or not, because we at least recognised that unless it was ALL women it was meaningless. Now it has become, Reclaim the night for those women and trans who agree with us, and WE’LL also do the job of keeping out the women who dare to disagree. Can they not see the irony of this? If radfems AREN’T included, it is meaningless, and hey, no threat to the menz! SO, ALL women means all women, the radfems, the pomo and libfems, the women who hate feminism, the women who hate lesbians, the conservative women, ANY woman, and most definitely the women you disagree deeply with, and ZERO menz. That was always the entire point. Just as Dyke March has been colonized, so now Reclaim the Night (where it wasn’t already men included too) is the next target. Push and threaten and hope we’ll shut up!
      But brave radfems are standing up (in GallusMag T-shirts!). We’ll keep speaking the truth sisters!

      1. Beautifully said. No woman (or man) agrees 100% on everything. Regardless of how much or how little we have in common with other women, ALL women have a right to be safe and secure, both in their own homes and on the street. And yes, men have the right to that as well, but they shouldn’t have the right to pretend they are a woman and invade private space for women. XX=woman XY=man. Period.

        1. Yep Bad Dyke expressed something really important there, that too much of what passes for feminism is becoming more and more inclusive of men and exclusive of women. Pretty clear whose interests this serves.

  10. The flyer is correct when it states,
    “Did you know that male transgenders who haved killed, beaten, or raped women are now claiming rights to be housed with female prisoners”.
    Fortunately, the State of Connecticut finally sent the violent adolescent male known as “Jane Doe” to a juvenile facility for boys before he seriously injured or killed a girl or female staff member. Why was a violent teenage boy placed in a juvenile facility for girls? Transgender activists claim that its his right. I don’t care if he “identifies as a girl”. Teenage boys have a significant strength advantage over girls, and this particular teenage boy had a long history of violence. If the transgender rights group, Sylvia Rivera Law Prison Project, had its way, this violent adolescent male would still be housed with girls. Despite his long history of violence, several transgender groups still believe that this violent teenage boy should be housed with female juvenile offenders. Read his history of violence and how he targets female staff. That is, before the State of Connecticut finally came to its senses and placed this violent young male with boys.
    If Synthia China Blast (Luis Morales) is successful in getting taxpayers to pay for his female hormones and surgery while incarcerated for the murder of a 13 black girl and mutilating her corpse by setting it on fire, I wouldn’t be surprised if transgender activists don’t start demanding that he be housed with female inmates.
    Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch tied two women up and sadistically shocked them with an electrical wire before raping them. He definitely had his penis then, but claims he is a “woman” now. Masbruch never did undergo SRS. He self-mutilated his own penis and had to have it removed. The California Department of Corrections in its wisdom sent this sick monster to a women’s prison.

  11. The flyer is correct when it states,
    “Did you know that male transgenders commit violence against women – including sexualized violence – at exactly the same rate as non-transgender males?”
    No one wants to admit this, but it’s true. There are too many examples to list here.
    Sexual predator Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook claimed gender identity and transgender status to gain access to two different women’s shelters where he sexually assaulted homeless women. Transgender activists claim that he really wasn’t transgender, but it’s really moot. At the time he was stalking and sexually assaulting homeless women, he called himself “Jessica” and claimed he was transgender. How else would he gain access to women’s shelters?
    Currently, Douglas, “Donna”, Perry is on trial in Washington State for first degree murder of three women. He claims he is a “woman” now and underwent SRS in Thailand. He served time on federal weapons charges because he was in possession of a pipe bomb, 49 firearms, and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. He is a sociopath with a long criminal history, but we are supposed to believe that his “gender identity” is genuine. If found guilty, why would he commit such a senseless act of violence. Read the Affidavit to understand how this demented man’s mind works. Kudos to this blog for digging up the Affidavit.
    Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek was found guilty of murdering his wife, nearly decapitating her with a piano wire. He is one of several inmates convicted of murdering or raping women or molesting girls who claim “gender identity” in prison. According to trans* friendly attorneys and and advocates, convicted murderers of women should be entitled to female hormones, electrolysis, female clothing while incarcerated, and sex reassignment surgery.
    Kosilek isn’t the only man convicted of murdering women that claim “gender identity” while they sit in prison for killing women. Katheena Soneeya (born Kenneth Hunt) murdered two women and is serving a life sentence in Massachusetts. One victim’s neck was slashed and her body had suffered multiple stab wounds to the chest, abdomen, and groin. There were strips of sheeting around her neck and ligature marks on her wrist. In addition to blood, water was found on the bed and in the vicinity of the body. An autopsy revealed sperm in the victim’s vagina and rectum, indicating that Hunt raped her.
    Ronny Darnell repeatedly raped a 13 year old girl, and has claimed “gender identity” while incarcerated.
    David Megarry (Sandy Jo Battista) is a transgender sex offender who molested girls.

  12. The flyer is correct when it states,
    “Did you know that male transgenders commit violence against women – including sexualized violence – at exactly the same rate as non-transgender males?”
    A transexual and transvestite who raped a woman face a significant jail sentence after a judge described their case as one of the worst he had seen.
    A TRANSVESTITE taxi driver faces a prison term after he was convicted of raping a drunken woman in the back of his car. Qasim Anwar, 30, carried out the attack dressed in make-up, a wig, women’s clothing and high heels, Manchester Crown Court was told. A jury heard the victim had drunk so much she was virtually `comatose’ and Anwar filmed the attack on his phone.
    Paul (Paula) Witherspoon pictured here on the Texas Registry of sex offenders served time for sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl.
    Parole Board of Canada documents show a convicted pedophile under a long-term supervision order apparently prefers life as a woman.
    Matthew Harks “legally changed his hame … to Madilyn (Rebecca) Harks,” according to documents dated Aug. 22.
    Parole officials would not comment on any specific case but it is believed the name change coincides with Harks’ move to change his sex.
    Man who portrayed himself as ‘cross dresser’ arrested for alleged role in sexual assault, state police say
    Cross dresser jailed after breaching sexual offences prevention order
    Police said they have arrested a man dressed in women’s clothing after he arranged meeting with a 14-year-old, who turned out to be an officer.
    According to Marion County Sheriff Roger Vickers, Carl Dahn, 31, of Bergman, was arrested for computer child pornography and internet stalking of a child, both of which are felonies. He said the arrest happened after Dhan made contact with undercover investigator from the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, who he believed to be a 14-year-old girl.
    Cross Dressing Man Arrested for Child Porn
    Hundreds– that’s how many people the Effingham Sheriff’s Office says download child pornography in our area every day.
    How do they know? They are tracking the suspected sex offenders’ every move online.
    Now, a convicted felon is back behind bars and spokesperson, David Ehsanipoor says more arrests are coming.
    “You may get away with it tomorrow, next week, maybe next year, but eventually we are going to come to your door step and you are going to go to jail.”
    And for Donald Stuart, that time came sooner rather than later. The 52-year-old Springfield man already spent time in a federal prison for the sexual exploitation of a child, but this week he was arrested for round two.
    “On Mr. Stuart’s computer we found hundreds of images and videos of child pornography, and they vary from children ranging in age from six to eight years old, all the way up to eleven years old. Some of these are so graphic that I can’t even talk about,” says Ehsanipoor

  13. The flyer is correct when it states,
    “Did you know that male transgenders commit violence against women – including sexualized violence – at exactly the same rate as non-transgender males?”
    Police Make Arrest in March Cross Dressing Sexual Assault Case

    Police Make Arrest in March Cross Dressing Sexual Assault Case

    A cross-dressing Perth man who sexually assaulted three shop workers has been ordered to pay them compensation.
    Gavin Scott was also placed on the sex offenders register for three years, during which time he will be subject to a supervision order.
    He has also been ordered to undertake the Tay Project, which helps rehabilitate sex offenders.
    Scott groped one teenage victim in January last year after asking for her help trying on a dress.
    An ‘extremely dangerous’ cross-dressing sex attacker with an obsession for skirts tried to rape an elderly women while wearing one of the garments.
    Mark Lazarus waited outside a public toilet in Teignmouth, south Devon, for more than hour until someone wearing a skirt went in.
    He followed a 71-year-old into the toilets and went into a cubicle to change into skirt and tights himself, before pouncing on the woman as she washed her hands.
    The terrified pensioner needed medical treatment for shock after heavily-built Lazarus dragged her into a cubicle where he tried to have sex with her.
    She was only saved from the ordeal because she screamed for help and Lazarus fled – still wearing his skirt – and was seized by a brave passer-by who made a citizen’s arrest.
    Lazarus, 39, was jailed indefinitely at Exeter Crown Court for the attack.
    The court was obsessed with skirts and carried out two previous attacks while dressed as a woman, in one of which he walked behind a group of schoolgirls muttering ‘skirt, skirt’.
    He was rated as extremely dangerous in risk assessments carried out by a psychiatrist and probation officer and highly likely to commit further attacks.
    Crossdressing molester to spend at least 15 years in prison
    Cross-dressing man attacked woman in laundry room, police say

  14. The flyer is correct when it states,
    “Did you know that male transgenders commit violence against women – including sexualized violence – at exactly the same rate as non-transgender males?”
    Woman reveals how she survived attack by cross-dressing Air Force One commander who murdered two women (*he is the one dressed in women’s underwear)
    Williams’ crime spree spanned over three Canadian communities where he broke into homes, stole women’s lingerie, tried them on, photographed himself, masturbated on their beds, took pictures and eventually raped and murdered.
    Life term for Ayr cross-dressing killer
    Gavin Boyd, 50, suffocated 20-year-old Vikki McGrand at her home in Wellington Square, Ayr, in August 2008.
    The sex attacker was electronically tagged when he killed Miss McGrand after she refused to hand over a DVD of him dressed as a woman.
    At the High Court in Glasgow, Lord Turnbull jailed Boyd for life.
    The court heard that Boyd and Miss McGrand had been friends and she even offered to help him with his make-up when he dressed up as a woman.

  15. The flyer is correct when it states,
    “Did you know that male transgenders who have killed, beaten, or raped women are now claiming rights to be housed with female prisoners”.
    Transsexual killer and attempted rapist wins ‘human rights’ battle to be moved to women’s prison
    A transsexual killer jailed for trying to rape a woman is to be moved to a women’s prison – to protect his human rights.
    The flyer is correct when it states,
    “Did you know that male transgenders now have access to women’s only services?”
    Scroll up to read about Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook who claimed transgender status to gain entry into women’s shelters where he sexually assaulted homeless women.
    To my knowledge, this individual in the article below has never been charged with a crime, but he believes he should have access to women’s homeless shelters too. He is pre-op (still has his penis).
    Transgender woman files discrimination complaint against Dallas Salvation Army
    He was pre-op (still had his penis) when this occurred.

  16. I completely agree with this flier. These 4 men are not my “sisters” (I wouldn’t consider them my “brothers” either.) They are extremely violent misogynists. There acts of violence are correctly called male on female violence, they are XY and are not female, regardless of what they think in their own mind.

  17. I think I need to print this flyer out and start putting it in women’s restrooms. I can’t sit by anymore and get all angry. I just found this blog about a year ago and I am so happy I did. Really woke me up. I just want to wake up other women and lesbians. (I am het, but friends with lesbians in a liberal city, and the trans thing is being pushed down our throats!)
    Women really need to wake up.
    Thanks so much for your work, GM. I said it before but I am saying it again!

  18. “Did you know that male transgenders who have killed, beaten, or raped women are now claiming rights to be housed with female prisoners”.
    I would like to follow up on this statement. They really do believe it! In addition to Laverne Cox making videos in support of Synthia China Blast (Luis Morales), Cox and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project support Robert, “Michelle” Kosilek’s “right” to female hormones and sex reassignment surgery while he sits in prison for killing his wife. Kosilek was convicted of murdering his wife, nearly decapitating her with a piano wire. Trans* activists came out in full force in support of the violent adolescent male known as “Jane Doe”. Despite his violent history, they pitched a fit because he was sent to a juvenile facility for boys where he belongs. Scroll up to the link.
    Laverne Cox made a video in support of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Prisoner Advisory Committee. He read a letter from inmate Synthia China Blast who was convicted of murdering a 13 year old black girl and setting her corpse on fire. In his gang banging days, Luis wasn’t always Synthia. During the trial, Luis Morales appeared in court in gang colors and dressed like a man. So much for saying he always felt “womanly” inside.
    Because of the outrage over Synthia China Blast’s crimes, Cox pulled the video. It’s rather strange to me that Cox would make a video in support of an inmate and have no idea why he is incarcerated.
    Someone took Cox’s earlier video in support of the SRLP Prisoner Advisory Committee and made a touching video in memory of the forgotten 13 year old victim, Ebony Nicole Williams. Bless this beautiful little black girl.
    If you haven’t already signed it, please sign the petition.
    They really do believe that males who have been convicted of murdering or raping women or molesting girls have a “right” to taxpayer funded hormones and surgery and/or should be housed with female prisoners. Read what zinnia.theXYin.sexy says,
    “If Hitler was trans it still wouldn’t be okay to put Hitler in a men’s prison or deny Hitler proper trans treatment”.
    There we have it! If the Fuhrer were trans* and still alive, he deserves “proper trans treatment” and should be in a women’s prison. Forget the genocide.

    1. SkyLark, I enjoy your posts for their information value, but I find one thing frustrating about them. I know you mean well, but you’re presenting things in your posts as if they’ve never been covered here at GenderTrender. It makes me wonder if you actually read what Gallus posts, or if you come here and go straight to the comments section – and then not even read what other commenters are talking about before posting. I don’t mean to start a flame war here, and I don’t mean to be unkind, but I don’t think it’s very respectful to the work Gallus does to simply re-post things as if she’s not already covered it in depth.

  19. @Ashland,
    You’re right on two counts.. First, a lot of the things I post are stuff that Gallus already covered in depth. A lot, but not all of it. I also glean information from The Dirt, Gender Identity Watch, Homosexuals Not Homogenderals, Deep Green Resistance Women’s Caucus Facebook page (best feminist Facebook page), and other blogs and websites. As to Gallus, I definitely am not trying to steal her work, or take credit for information that I didn’t originally discover. I respect the hell out of Gallus, and I even bought her shirt. I even wore my Gallus T shirt when I went to my last doctor’s appointment. Second, when posting something that Gallus has already covered, I should either give credit to Gallus for originally digging up the information, or simply list a link to the particular post.
    Make no mistake. There is a WEALTH of information on this blog, and it’s hard to categorize it all. Gallus knows the impact of “gender identity” on women inside and out, and she analyzes and attacks it from every angle with great insight, clarity, and humor. She is an intrepid feminist who doesn’t flinch. It’s been a privilege posting on this blog.
    I’m constantly learning new things on this blog, and it’s difficult to run across something that Gallus has not covered before. I tend to categorize things that I’ve read in my mind. I often post things that Gallus has covered that go back six months, a year, two years ago, or longer because people new to this blog don’t have all the background information. So, I suppose in a crude sort of way I was just trying to supply new readers with some background information.
    As to the transgender identified males who have been convicted of murdering or raping women, or charged with killing women, a lot of this information can also be found on other blogs and websites. Still, Gallus digs up information that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, she even provided her readers with a link to the actual Affidavit in the Douglas, “Donna”, Perry case. Scroll down to find the link.
    There were great gendertrender articles on “Jane Doe”, Synthia, “China”, Blast, Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, Laverne Cox, etc. There are simply too many articles to list and credit.
    Gallus, thank you for all that you do. How would you prefer that I cite or acknowledge your work?
    Ashland, I enjoy reading your posts…..

    1. @Skylark- I don’t have any problem with your comments overall. If I ever do I will let you know. I figured you were trying to “re-cap” previous posts for new readers. Regular readers might scan/skip them, I don’t know. If they do, they may miss parts that provide new information, or your commentary. It’s up to you how you want to handle that, if that is a problem. There is something to what Ashland said. These “re-caps” can seem a bit contextless or “tone deaf” when suddenly injected into a thread conversation. I don’t personally have an issue with that, but can see how others might. The flip side is that they provide a succinct and useful review of related information that has been previously covered here at GenderTrender. I have seen these “re-caps” be posted elsewhere, like on Tumblr, which indicates that some readers find them quite useful.
      You can cite and acknowledge my work by citing it and acknowledging it when you are re-capping it.
      Since you asked: One problem is when you post too many video embeds. Then I have to go through and manually edit them all. I would prefer you to do that yourself. I usually try to limit embedded videos in the total comment thread to less than four. Otherwise some readers have a problem with page load times. Thank you Skylark!

    2. SkyLark, thanks for explaining how you are trying to recap for newer readers. Point taken. I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now, and it’s easy to forget that of course not everyone has. Gallus stated it way better than I did when she said, “These ‘re-caps’ can seem a bit contextless or ‘tone deaf’ when suddenly injected into a thread conversation.” That’s exactly what I was feeling. But your response, SkyLark, made what you are doing much clearer to me. Thank you.
      And thank you both, SkyLark and Gallus, for responding to my gripe with patience. Much appreciated. <3

  20. They can claim there female all they want, but their bodies don’t lie. Reading that, is REALLY SCARY!!! It’s like they think by “becoming” female it will cure them of their wrong doings?
    Fuck that shit!!! Women and girls need a safe place, and free from males!!!!

      1. I know, it’s sickening on top of sickening. I wonder: is the rape victim a woman or another man (i.e., another “transwoman”)?

      2. Unless I’m misreading what happened, sounds like the victim is also MTT, in which case he has considerable personal investment in not “misgendering” Bailey.

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