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  1. Leslie’s long term lesbian partner Minnie Bruce Pratt has written an obituary for the Advocate website (pictured above). I’m not linking to it because the Advocate has decided to monetize her death by requiring readers to view a television commercial in order to access her obituary. You can google it if you want.
    Also, there is no such thing as “protomyxzoa rheumatica”, which the Advocate lists as a cause of Feinberg’s death:

    1. This link/person is suspect in his casual dismissal of Morgellons syndrome, which has been documented in the area where I live, with people showing the lesions.
      I’m wary of scientists or pseudo-scientists dismissing any illness people say they have.
      When I and my lover and several friends were sick with the same symptoms of deep exhaustion, low grade fever, flu-like aching and pain, etc. that did not stop after months, there was nothing known like what is now called Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, etc. so the doctor told us that nothing was wrong, and that my lover should drink coffee and I should lose weight (I was about 140 lbs then.) At the time, there were clusters of people with the same symptoms so suspecting a pathogen made sense — perhaps something briefly contagious. Half of our friendship group got better. Half are still sick, 33 years later.
      Now there are names for what they still do not understand. I also suspect Lyme Disease (Borrelia Burgdorfer) and the co-infections of Babesiosis, Baronella, Erlichsiosis, etc. What looked like contagion could have been exposure to Lyme considering we all did gardening in the hills. The first public cases were in the Sierras, which is extremely dangerous for Lyme.
      I wish we knew more because the government’s commission on Lyme has a conflict of interest and eliminated half the markers for diagnosis. There are better tests but cost $400 plus that insurance doesn’t pay for and which doctors won’t even prescribe.
      Any of us old enough remember that Lyme did not exist when we were growing up and playing in the woods. It’s named after Old Lyme, Connecticut, where the first cases appeared, and maps of the annual spread show a slowly moving arc westward. Now it’s in Europe, Australia, etc., in different ticks, but all Ixodes genera. The area first discovered is very near the bio-weapons lab on Plum Island. The book Lab 257 describes the experiments on injecting ticks with pathogens, how the buildings were not sealed properly, and then a hurricane hit.
      Now, the Lyme spirochete, like it’s close cousin, syphilis, is being called The Great Imitator because the symptoms vary widely and the spirochete encysts to hide and then returns. From finding the spirochete in autopsied brains, it’s likely that Lyme is actually the cause of some cases considered to be MS, Parkinsons, ALS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and then those illnesses now named by doctors but with no apparent cause.
      I wish we knew more and am glad that Leslie was public about this. I now know so many women with Lyme and many others with undiagnosed symptoms. Many are now believing that Lyme is spread between humans, as well as by other animal vectors.

      1. These people would have real symptoms that cause distress, but they don’t form anything that will provide a quick and easy answer like “you have cystitis” and while medicine and doctors can provide some symptomatic treatments, there is no cure in the offing.
        Sometimes people never really get assessed either, due to lacking proper access to medical treatment. Especially these days, this is a problem as many illnesses are now known to genetically mediated and the person might have a rare condition related to this, or have an atypical presentation of a known condition or any number of other permutations applying to them and you’d not know. This can affect people in the first group too, sometimes it can take years to get to the root of things and get a diagnosis and they don’t have that time, money and energy to pursue their doctor and see specialists all the time.
        Into this vacuum can go unscrupulous people, some actually medical doctors, who will give answers, will say what the person needs to hear, and will offer treatments but they offer nothing really. The disorder is made up, and it and the treatment offered is false. I’ve got a rule of thumb that the more symptoms that are claimed to be caused by a syndrome, the less likely it is real one. This is ultimately harmful, people can lose valuable time and money chasing the elusive promise of cure. There are parallels with doctors treating trans where they know there is no or little evidence backing it up that “transitioning” and the expensive hormonal and surgical treatments that go with it all of that is the answer to what the person is feeling and experiencing. Leslie Feinberg was likely a victim, a victim of medicine and healthcare providers that promise much and deliver little. And that is truly sad.

    1. DIRT got it right!!!
      “What you wont see published ANYWHERE except here is the fucking sick woman hating TRUTH! LESLIE FEINBERG WAS MURDERED!!!!

      1. If it causes cardiovascular disease in ageing men, whose levels are naturally very low then, I think it would too in women. Interesting isnt’t it that the only licensed uses for testosterone in women are what will benefit men (make us hot) and what will make us men. Both totally risking death over.

  2. Feinberg in august 2013 on her FB page:
    Leslie Feinberg on facebook
    Message from Leslie Feinberg:
    I’ve lived to fight another day—and to help pave new roads of science on which many people will travel.
    But Minnie Bruce and I were treated with cruel prejudice by the hospice agency management/physicians—not by the home aide, nurses or social workers.
    I ordered the agency out of our home and life. {I’ll post more on this later.}
    I worked virtually every day I was in hospice.
    I set out to finish life work that was mine to do, with the help of a group of caring and compassionate individuals—and particularly Minnie Bruce–who worked with me as a team. I’ll thank them later, each and all, in an organized and more lasting fashion. Together we were able to finish the following:
    1. The front/back matter for Stone Butch Blues.
    The final PDF is being proofed {see post soon}
    2. The slide show honoring CeCe McDonald—“This is what solidarity looks like!”–is finished, current to July 15, 2013 entries.
    In late Spring 2013, day by day—sometimes hourly—I began to lose mobility, had growing difficulty swallowing, and had respiratory crises, among many other symptoms, and was living with excruciating and increasing pain.
    But after 6+ weeks of being unable to swallow food, after I lost most of my body fat, something made me feel discernibly stronger. My pain was reduced to strong sensations and discomfort. I was able to breathe more easily and to swallow.
    I have been able to build greater strength with the compassionate, caring help of Minnie Bruce, friends, supporters and loved ones, and a committed medical team.
    I met with my own tick-borne diseases expert to consider a theory I had about what had happened. Protomyxzoa Rheumatica is a tick-borne protozoan infection in the malaria family. The Protomyxzoa is a biofilm that hides from the immune system in fatty tissue. protomyxzoa.org
    I had been diagnosed with this protozoan infection in spring 2013 and had benefitted dramatically from treatment. But my health declined so fast I couldn’t continue treatment.
    Was it possible that, when I’d lost virtually all body fat, the protozoan was pushed back?
    My doctor called Dr. Stephen Fry, the physician and microbiologist who discovered Protomyxzoa Rheumatica. Dr. Fry sent me a message that my experience was a clinical confirmation of the presence of the biofilm. “That was your diagnosis,” Dr. Fry reportedly told my doctor.
    With this new information, I am treating the infection—and I still have more diagnostic work to do.
    The seriousness of the vector-borne epidemic referred to as “Lyme” is about a lot more than one dangerous disease being denied by medical officialdom in the U.S.
    People who are sick and demand answers are too frequently labeled as having psychological problems, depression, eating disorders or seeking drugs/attention. When these “diagnoses” are made without medical methodology, they are not science.
    Evidence-based medicine requires scientific methodology. Those who leave the path of science have nowhere to walk but in the historical ruts of prejudice.
    As a lay scientist who is on the front lines of the Lyme+ wars, I’ll continue to write about my experiences as a way to bring suppressed information to those who need it. Please note carefully: Nothing written here is intended as medical advice.
    I attach below an interview with Dr. Fry on his findings about Protomyxzoa Rheumatica and attempts to treat it.
    Together, we are all making new health science that you and your loved ones may need.
    Excerpt from interview with Dr. Fry:
    Dr. Fry: “[If] we want to talk about MS and neurodegenerative disease … there are about 75 papers dating back to the 1880‘s where physicians and laboratorians have discovered a malaria-like organism in patients with MS.“
    Link to documentary film about Lyme+/
    “Under Our Skin”
    Link to my research notes on Lyme/+ medical politics:
    “Casualty of an Undeclared War”

  3. “I am female-bodied, I am a butch lesbian, a transgender lesbian — referring to me as she/her is appropriate, particularly in a non-trans setting in which referring to me as he would appear to resolve the social contradiction between my birth sex and gender expression and render my transgender expression invisible.” I wish the gender brigade had one tenth of her sense of nuance when it comes to perceptions of gender nonconforming women.

    1. Thanks for this comment, I was trying to figure out if Leslie had been born a man or a woman…transgenderism makes things that should be simple, very confusing.

  4. Despite Leslie being fine with female pronouns, the Advocate has in the past used male ones for her. They only used the right ones today because her widow, Minnie Bruce, wrote Leslie’s obituary.

    1. Leslie did use male pronouns for herself at one time, apparently she reverted back to using she, in the last few years.

      1. I never heard anyone who knew her call her anything but “she” when we ran in the same circles. This was on the order of 15 years ago.

    1. I’ve only read passages from that novel, but that’s enough to know she was a gifted writer.
      So, I went to my library to reserve a copy, and discovered that they catalogued Stone Butch Blues under three subject headings, all followed by “juvenile.” As in:
      “Transsexuals — Juvenile Fiction”
      What?! ? Can anyone explain this me? I’m not suggesting that it wouldn’t be suitable reading for a teen (I believe that teens should have access to all adult fiction), but that doesn’t MAKE it, technically, juvenile material. This means, of course, that the book wouldn’t be shelved/displayed in an adult browsing area, but in the kids’ section alongside the graphic novels and YA stuff.
      I doubt this was a mistake. I smell a trans-agenda rat.

  5. It is terrible how oppressed Leslie was by the medical system. Many of us have gone through terrible or cruel treatment by doctors, and have seen them kill those we love. I appreciate her for fighting out about that, but I can’t forget what she did to her own kind, women and Lesbians.
    I loved “Stone Butch Blues” when I first read it because it was important proof of some of the history of Butch oppression, as Butches were increasingly being reviled in both Lesbian Feminist and non-Feminist Lesbian communities.
    But then I saw it not as support for Butches, but as a propaganda piece for the trans cult. She supported men against Lesbians, including supporting the men at the camp by Michigan where they threatened Lesbians and patrolled with weapons (as Gallus Mag has documented so well.)
    I had believed her novel to be auto-biographical, but then I wondered. She was a year older than me, and clearly began to be in a Lesbian Feminist community, which her lover was so relieved to find (as I was, in 1970.) Instead her character betrays her lover and other Lesbians to choose to pass as a man, being with Lesbian-hating women who believes she’s a man while fucking them. And then of course in real life being in the hierarchy of the Workers’ World Party. How was this a better life than being with Lesbians in the exciting time of the beginning of our Lesbian Feminist community where Butches were finally acknowledged and respected as some of our best writers, theorists, songwriters, etc? How could she identify with men than other Lesbians?
    Leslie wrote so painfully of the men who perved on us in the bars, trying to rape as many Lesbians as they could, but she never recognized those same men in her beloved trans female impersonators who refuse to take no for answer and demand sexual access to Lesbians?
    It could not be clearer to me, that these men were the same, only thinly disguised. Her beloved “transwomen” pricks send us rape and death threats and want to destroy everything we have, as Gallus Mag continually and brilliantly documents.
    And then Leslie wrote that horrible, disgusting “Transgender Warriors,” which claims that famous Lesbians of the past were really men, “transmen.” She tried to hand our Lesbian history over to the men and trans cult. Appropriating us is one thing, appropriating our dead is evil.
    Of course many of us feel mixed. She betrayed us on so many levels.

  6. I feel sad to read this. That’s a young death. Can one die of Lyme disease which isn’t acute? There seems to be more to this than is reported.
    I didn’t know too much about her activism when it comes to gender and sexuality – I knew of her as a communist, WWP brand, and I think it’s fair to say the WWP are not uncontroversial 😉 Still and all, she seemed like an intriguing personality.

  7. One thing I haven’t seen any comments on anywhere is Feinberg’s participation in the Workers World party. Since I used to study the history of the American left, I find this an interesting omission. This group was NOT initially associated with the New Left of the 1960s at all. It’s background is totally Marxist-Leninist and pro-Stalinist (they FAVORED the Soviet invasion of Hungary).They explicitly REJECTED the democratic socialism espoused by Russian communists like Leon Trotsky in favor of the same-old communist authoritarianism. Way back in the 70s when I was working on South African divestment issues, you could count on the Workers World people to lock other activists out of the room, and generally run things in a high-handed, abusive, control-freak fashion. So this was not exactly a feminist-oriented or woman-centered version of “revolutionary communism.”

    1. I’ve wondered about that, too. It’s possible to have far left views, up to and including support for communism, and to be a serious activist for those causes, without joining an authoritarian group.
      I haven’t had any personal contact with the Workers World group, but I have with the Socialist Workers Party and similar. The demands they make on their members — for money, time, and ideological purity — are similar to those made by fundamentalist churches.

      1. I fell in with the ISO in college.
        At the time, they roped me in with opposition to a supposedly impending war in Iraq. (This was the late ’90s, so the invasion was delayed by a non-moron being in office.) I humored them for about a month, but was put off, not just by the politics, but also by the cult mentality.
        If you express even mild interest in these organizations, you’ll suddenly be inundated by dozens of new best friends. They want to hang out with you all the time. They want you to attend all their events. That experience was really eye-opening to me about the effectiveness of cults and how easily they get their claws into lonely people who lack direction and purpose in life. Unfortunately for them, while I was lonely and lacked purpose in life, I’m also an introvert who really hates people imposing themselves on my personal time.
        I can also see how the trans cult gets its hooks into young kids, and that’s something that worries me in regards to teens who are dealing with the same self-hatred, discomfort with their bodies, and confusions about their identities any kid experiences growing up. There are many people in this “movement” who seem highly invested in convincing these kids that they are actually trans. If they’re following this up with providing these kids with tons of new best friends and social support that will be cut off immediately and with no apology if these kids decide not to transition or to detransition, that’s going to be ugly.
        I genuinely fear that many of these kids will continue with transitioning, against their better judgment, because they fear being cast out of the group. Every cult relies on that fear to keep members from leaving.

      2. @kesher
        I am not to familiar with the ISO organization, so thanks for the commentary. That kind of behavior is always suspicious to me because I was never a popular kid. I had more friends in high school, but I know that no group really likes me enough for me to acquire several new best friends after briefly speaking to them about their organization.
        I do think the trans cult operates in a similar way. Heath Russell and her girlfriend (who runs the evilfeminist blog) pretty much got ran out of town after they admitted they were a lesbian couple and after Heath stopped taking testosterone. I am sure some of these teens who get sucked into these cults will eventually want to stop transitioning for a variety of reasons (and it doesn’t help that with the current definition of trans, 90% or more of the human population qualifies). Most likely, their friends will leave because cults work by emotional blackmail and fear.

      3. Kesher:
        “If you express even mild interest in these organizations, you’ll suddenly be inundated by dozens of new best friends. They want to hang out with you all the time. They want you to attend all their events. That experience was really eye-opening to me about the effectiveness of cults and how easily they get their claws into lonely people who lack direction and purpose in life. Unfortunately for them, while I was lonely and lacked purpose in life, I’m also an introvert who really hates people imposing themselves on my personal time.”
        Holy crap, this was my EXACT experience in my first year of uni with the Australian group Socialist Alternative. No one can stand them (socialists included).

      4. I have had a fair bit of contact with the SWP as well (UK version). The time and ideological purity thing, yes (expect to sell papers everywhere you go, there are Swappies who’d sell papers at their grandfather’s funeral) Money, not so much. All the Swappies I know aren’t much better off than I am and I’m fucking broke.
        I would say that they aren’t a cult but you have to know what you’re getting into. If you sign up to a party like the SWP, you will have to follow the line (democratic centralism) and you will have to work. It’s not like being in the Greens or having a Labour party card. You will do stalls, you will be expected to attend events in your SWP capacity (every Left event, basically) you will sell papers, and be expected to speak at events and give the line. If you are not prepared to do that don’t join the SWP. (PS: they won’t tell you this before you sign up).
        A strong concern for female activists is the way the SWP handled a rape allegation against one of their Central Committee. Too complicated to explain here but google Comrade Delta and you’ll get it.
        I’m not sure if this is a failing of party structure or a failing of society or a failing of the Left or if it’s another manifestation of the patriarchy or all of the above, but look before you leap.

  8. I just commented about Leslie being in the hierarchy of the Worker’s World Party, and when I heard her speak, it was at their event. Interestingly, one of the older Lesbians, Louise Merrill, who helped create our local Lesbian Feminist community in the Seventies, was said to have helped start the WWP. Yet, Louise supported us to keep men identifying as women or Lesbians out of our women’s space because she believed that the oppressed group had the rigth to self-determination. She died over ten years ago, I believe.

  9. Those of us who have been chronically ill for decades know about the many frauds, from regular MDs to “alternative healers,” But that doesn’t change the fact that Lyme disease is chronic. I personally do not believe it can be cured, but I would never take the antibiotics suggested. One of the Lyme experts with UC Berkeley, Dr. Lucia Hui, got it after we first talked, when she was doing research in the Sierras. When I talked with her a few years later, she was taking $1000 worth of antibiotics a month, yet was still sick. She had started immediately on the Lyme protocol most recommended at the time.
    I now know a lot of women with Lyme, as well as many women who might have it. No one I know is cured. The closest is a Lesbian who had no idea about Lyme or the ticks and camped in the Sierras and found her legs covered with black dots, which turned out to be Ixodes Pacificus, and so she had Lyme. She saw a traditional Chinese healer and is mostly healthy, but knows her blood would never be safe for transfusion.
    Those I know who have done the best have used herbs and eaten carefully. But there is no way that this is not a chronic illness. A rheumatoid arthritis specialist I saw last week believes that it is curable but that many cases shift to having chronic Fibromyalgia. I don’t believe they can be separated and the symptoms can be the same, and it’s still chronic illness.
    None of the doctors I’ve spoken with even consider the co-infections, which can also kill people as Lyme has done.
    Those who don’t believe it’s a chronic illness will feel differently when they get it, and sadly, that is seeming inevitable as vectors change and there is possible human transference.
    Under Our Skin
    http://www.underourskin.com/ – Similarto Under Our Skin
    Under Our Skin: The Acclaimed Documentary about the Untold Story of Lyme Disease.
    NonSpiral Borrelia Part 1 Explanation of Shape shifting and Form Metamorphosis of Spirochetes
    Part II Cystic Borrelia and Related Topics Including RoundBody Infections of the Brain
    Why the government won’t allow treatment for Chronic Lyme disease
    Dr Horowitz Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness
    [I’m not interested in hosting all those videos in my thread. Folks can google them if they want. I removed them. Also “Chinese Healers” as you say, or whatever the fuck cannot cure Lyme disease. -GM]

  10. Agree with Bev wholeheartedly. Feinberg could have chosen feminism and lesbianism, and didn’t. Instead, she helped kick start the entire trans movement.
    And that repulsive scene in the book when “Jessie” has sex via dildo with an unknowing straight woman–that is rape. Feinberg lost me forever right there.

    1. No one’s boundaries matter to trans people except their own. Trans people lost me forever because of that.

      1. I’ll never forget the Tumblr tranny who said that introverts violate his boundaries, because they don’t give him the emotional validation he “needs”. That’s right, his boundaries extend right into your head because he’s that fucking special.

      2. Identity politics really is entering thought crime territory these days.
        I hate to admit it when Republicans are right about something, but now I have to admit they were right about identity politics. They were right for the wrong reasons; they assumed gay people wanted to persecute thought crimes rather than be left alone to do their own thing, but the perversion of current trans identity politics absolutely is what conservatives have warned about.
        Although it’s not lost on me, the irony that the main thought crime police regarding this issue are straight white men who want everyone to pretend they’re lesbians.

    2. Thank you, Greta! All those eulogies should be mentioning that. So much female-hating and Lesbian-hating in Leslie’s life work, yet few are talking about that.

    3. I hated Stone Butch Blues from the very start exactly because it was story about hating females. That rape scene just infuriated me.
      And I really hated Feinberg appropriating everybody else’s history to support her interpretation of herself. Hint: I was a tomboy, tomboys aren’t “trans”.
      The amount of damage Feinberg has done to women and lesbians is probably incalculable. But, for a start, we can begin adding up the physical damage done to women from testosterone. And then we finish the calculation with the ongoing medical extermination of lesbians.
      The only person with equal responsibility for the current state of lesbiphobia is Pat Califia. Feinberg was the media-friendly face (for awhile) who appropriated everybody else and Califia was the “rebel” who made it all seem so anti-establishment.
      So, I don’t have a eulogy for Feinberg except that I hope she’s soon forgotten. Her and Califia.

  11. I mean no disrespect to the dead, but having seen quite a number of people die I can’t help but reflect on the reported “last words” of Leslie: “Remember me as a communist revolutionary”. When people die they do not say “Remember me as blah blah blah.”
    The only people who say “remember me as blah blah blah” are those whose deaths are a deliberate act: those who commit suicide. Controlling the memories of survivors is usually the last thing on the mind of people in the throes of dying, the ultimate lack of control.
    By all reports Leslie suffered for years from anorexia or what she called “failure to thrive” and agoraphobia. May she rest in peace now.
    What concerns me as an objective observer and a lesbian is that it seems like there may be a whole generation of lesbians and women like Leslie who started taking testosterone as “elders” to the whole female trans-trend who are now dying from suicide and/or suffering from chronic auto-immune like symptoms after long term testosterone use.
    Matt Kailey of F2T advice blog Tranifesto and author of “Just add Hormones” died suddenly “in his sleep” of “heart attack or heart failure” mere days after ending her long-running blog. Her death is rumored to be a suicide.
    Kyle Scanlon, Youth Coordinator of Trans Programs at Toronto’s community center was removed from her place on Lynn Conway’s “Transsexual Success Stories” after her suicide earlier this year.
    Patrick “Pat” Califia, author of BDSM “Coming To Power” is fundraising online for her various autoimmune and gynecological dysfunctions, apparently testosterone related.
    Buck Angel, former lesbian and survivor of childhood sex abuse, F2T porn careerist nearly died recently from complications caused by testosterone.
    There are many more examples which you can google.
    Is testosterone killing an entire generation of lesbians?
    Is transgender the lesbian plague?

    1. Those “last words” struck me as odd as well. They sound rather self-aggrandizing, which I think is also one of the last things on the mind of someone in the throes of dying. Unfortunately, I’ve seen people die too, and it’s oftentimes a slow process. The concept of uttering a grand statement, and then quickly expiring, is something out of the movies. I dunno….the whole thing sounds a little too pat to me.
      But to your more important point, Gallus: the testosterone. I think we’re only beginning to see the damage this will do.

      1. I suspect very strongly that people’s last words are usually reported by people who have an interest in those words sounding well.

    2. I think there’s a lot of wisdom in your comments. Matt was especially quick to tell teens that hormones! Surgery! were the only way to happiness ( if you liked Legos as a kid, you were male, no doubt about it.) She was a straight woman who then decided she was a gay man–what could go wrong with that scenario? HRT is scary stuff–for menopausal women, for anyone with a compromised autoimmune system–why make hormones that answer to everything?

    3. I hope some medical researcher outside the Gender Biz is paying attention and starting to collect data. A few feminist voices in the wilderness have been pointing out for years that there are no longitudinal studies of the effects of dosing a female body with male levels of testosterone for ten, fifteen, twenty years. Well, the results are starting to come in.
      If any parents are reading this who have daughters who want to transition or who have already started hormones, take a look at how this earlier generation of FTMs is faring.
      The women on that list all led very different lives. A couple of them, it’s true, have worked in the porn industry and/or had a high number of partners, including male ones, with all the attendant health risks. However, as far as I know, Matt Kailey steered clear of all that. What these women have in common is long-term testosterone use.
      What do some people find so terrible about having a gender-nonconforming daugher, or a lesbian daughter, that they think it’s preferable to let their child risk chronic health problems and an early grave?

    4. No disrespect, either, but yeah… people’s glorious last words are usually, “gasp, gasp, I’m so sorry, omigod, I love you, oh god, oh… gasp.” Then lots more gasping. Despite all their support for trans issues, which I wish had never happened, this is a horrible thing to go through. My heart goes out to Minnie Bruce – what she’s gone through living with Leslie’s severe pain and now death. But for the sake of all of us who are having to talk to loved ones about what testosterone does to the female body, I want to know what all happened medically and what winds up being listed as the actual cause of death.
      Lyme is horrible and can be terribly disabling (especially if not caught early). It can also cause severe mental symptoms. But I don’t believe all of us struggling with chronic illness have Lyme. The overuse and abuse of antibiotics for suspected Lyme is damaging more lesbians than it’s helping. I’ve seen many get even sicker on the antibiotics.
      If I believed I had Lyme, I’d take the antibiotics, at least short-term, the way they’ve been shown to help actual Lyme infections. But years of IV antibiotics when none of the tests show Lyme infection, and in the absence of a tick bite, or rash, or other sudden Lyme symptoms? No. Lesbians with chronic illness are exploited all the time, by both mainstream and alternative types. Leslie’s death is awful enough for what it is, we don’t need it being used as an incentive to put more of us on broad-spectrum antibiotics that will not make us healthy.

  12. Thank you, Gallus Mag, for bringing up the idea of suicide as well as the voluntary slow suicide of taking toxic testosterone.
    It’s important to separate the many Lesbians with chronic disease and immune problems (over- or under-active) from the Lesbians and other women (including the women choosing to be het or bisexual claiming to be male to get sexual access to gay men) who are deliberately destroying their health to get male privilege.
    It is horrific to think the effect that Lesbians like Leslie have had in promoting the trans cult, now disabling and killing Lesbians who admired and listened to her.
    And then there are other dangers for women attracted to the trans cult and gay male culture — like taking steroids and using trendy gay male drugs like poppers.
    Thank you too for the list of suicides of women from harmed by the trans cult. This needs to be as public as the promotions. I recently looked up a friend who was a talented young Lesbian singer/songwriter who I hadn’t heard from in a few years. At 22, she was a Dykey Fem starting her career. Now, about three years later, her fb page is about how she is now a man, showing her chest scars and already balding head. What a tragedy and travesty.
    You’re right. Between these women hurting themselves and betraying us for male privilege, and the destruction of our last spaces, with Lesbians turning against Lesbians to promote and support the men appropriating and fetishizing us, yes, “transgender is the Lesbian plague.”

    1. Thanks for this Bev Jo. I am glad there are older lesbians like you to illuminate the way for us younger lesbians and to show us that there was a true lesbian community at one point and maybe there can be one again. Thank you for criticizing testosterone poisoning too. I think this whole thing is a horrific punishment against lesbians for saying no to men and loving women instead. Before I moved, the genderqueer cult in the area where I lived was trying to convince me I should join up, because since I have a STEM degree, I must have a “man-brain”. Insanity. Not to mention, there are plenty of lesbians who start off as genderqueer but then move on to the testosterone. It’s like these special snowflake identities are a gate-way drug.
      If your friend or lover decides to transition, you are supposed to say, “good for you bro, you look super cool with your new beard.” I am not comfortable with enabling this sort of thing; I refuse.There were plenty of gays and lesbians who choose to be mutilated via “aversion therapy” by sadistic medical hacks in order to be “cured”. That didn’t make it right and just because women might choose to take testosterone doesn’t make it right. Every choice has a context, and I would argue that if we had a true woman-loving, lesbian-appreciating culture the number of lesbians doing this would drop off. It’s not a coincidence that most female transgenders are lesbians and most of the male transgenders are heterosexual.
      You know those off-label testosterone pills/gels they market to insecure middle-aged men? Well there are already lawsuits over these men dying, having heart-attacks, and strokes, and other health problems. If this male hormone does that to actually males, then females really shouldn’t take it.
      There is nothing wrong with lesbians, there is nothing wrong with any woman for her body. Sending ourselves to an early grave in what will probably be a failed effort to gain male privilege is not the solution. Destroying patriarchy is.

      1. Thanks, Lizzy. There’s no reason we can’t have what we once did as Lesbian Feminists. The problem is about money to have spaces and money for survival, since it was much easier to live cheaply in the Seventies, as well as to rent large group houses which was another way for lots of Lesbians to hang out.
        We had so many spaces, with much women only.
        The men could not have picked a better way to destroy us but I’m still in shock that any woman or Lesbian would fall for the con that men can be women or women be men. It’s so obvious and ridiculous. Especially the men who insist they are Lesbians and want sexual access to us. Leslie betrayed us in ways that will affect us for years.
        I wonder what she thought of the unsurgered pornographer Tobi Hill-Meyer being accepted as a Butch and having power on the board of Butch Voices to censor me and others?
        You’re right that the “special snowflake” identities are the gateway drug to the trans cult. And yes, it’s exactly on a continuum with the doctors who gave lobotomies and shock treatments to Lesbians and gay men. It’s all about money. I wonder if any are actually the same doctors or same clinics or hospitals?
        Yes, destroying patriarchy is the solution.

  13. Another aspect is that most women under forty or even fifty who I know have severe hormonal problems that were not as common in the past — from excruciating periods to polycystic ovaries to severe depression and mood swings, etc, which is from carcinogenic soy in almost everything, xenoestogens from food cooked and stored in plastic, eating low saturated fat and other mistakes doctors spread, and pollution in various forms.
    So add testosterone and hormone blockers to that and health would be more damaged. Natural progesterone, even more than estrogens, is essential for good health and sanity. Eliminating the beneficial female hormones can do a lot of harm, physically and mentally. So many parts to all this….

  14. My heart goes out to her partner, friends, and family. May she rest in peace.
    @Gallus Mag,
    Is testosterone killing an entire generation of lesbians?
    Is transgender the lesbian plague?
    Good questions….
    I don’t feel comfortable talking about the dead, but Joan of Arc wasn’t transgender. Apparently, any woman who rode horses and wore pants and shirts was transgender. I’m not buying it.
    “Transgender Warriors : Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman”
    Most of her books focused on transgender interests not feminism in general or lesbians.
    Transgender Liberation: A Movement Whose Time Has Come,
    Stone Butch Blues,
    Transgender Warriors: Making History ,
    Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue,
    Drag King Dreams
    @Bev Jo,
    “She tried to hand our Lesbian history over to the men and trans cult. Appropriating us is one thing, appropriating our dead is evil.”
    Yes, she jumped on the trans bandwagon and rode it for all its worth. She is usually referred to as a transgender activists.
    “Feinberg could have chosen feminism and lesbianism, and didn’t. Instead, she helped kick start the entire trans movement….And that repulsive scene in the book when “Jessie” has sex via dildo with an unknowing straight woman–that is rape. Feinberg lost me forever right there.”
    To me, Jessie in “Stone Butch Blues” sounds like a self-hating butch lesbian who is trapped in a nether land of sorts, not completely “male” despite “passing” at times, and all the while feeling uncomfortable about what it means to be a lesbian. She tries testosterone, then stops taking it. Passing as a “man” gives her some sense of relief and feeling that she is finally respected, but Jessie still struggles with her identity.
    I fail to see how “Stone Butch Blues” empowers lesbians.
    Feinberg might have been a “transgender warrior”, but I don’t see how she was any kind of warrior for lesbians or women.

    1. I am not buying that Joan of Arc was trans either. The reason why the trans movement thrives on appropriation is because they have got nothing going for them. SRS and synthetic hormones did not exist until the 20th century and the trans phenomenon can’t exist without it. Sure, people in the past may have had low self-esteem due to strict sex-roles, but it doesn’t mean that they were trans or “trapped in the wrong body.” (Although, last I checked, if you claim sex dysphoria is a requirement for being trans then you must be an evil truscum or an evil truscum-sympathizer.)
      But, the trans cult is big on appropriation because they know that the phenomenon of transitioning can’t happen without modern surgeries and hormones. That’s why even though I keep hearing about how twanzphobic drag is, all the drag queens who were at Stonewall are now retroactively trans. Anne Lister, an English woman who wrote a lot of diaries, including many entries about what a huge lesbian she was, is now “trans” and she should be called “Jack” and “he”.. Nevermind that “Gentleman Jack” was something the people in the town called her to insult her.
      Also, how is Dennis Rodman trans? He has said no such thing himself as far as I can tell. PC wikipedia uses male pronouns for him and I couldn’t find any mention of him declaring himself trans. Is it because he’s kind of weird and dyes his hair a lot? If I dye my hair, does that make me trans?
      What a load of appropriative bullshit and grasping at straws. It would be hilarious if so many people weren’t buying into it. It’s no coincidence that most of they people they appropriate are lesbians or gay. We already get ignored and erased by mainstream society, so we are easy targets. Male transgenders want to erase lesbians by making “lesbian” mean “attracted to feminine gender feelz” and make sleeping with MtTs a requirement to being a good lesbian; and if you look at the transgender harms women blog, some of these dudes have expressed the wish for butch lesbians to just “hurry up and transition already”.
      I wish more people would wake the hell up and recognize that this movement is bad news for lesbians and gays. The trans movement is made mostly up of creepy straight men!

      1. The transbians who are appropriating the trans movement for their own purposes wouldn’t have been caught dead at Stonewall. If any of those drag queens could have qualified as trans according to current pomo definitions, they still would be “straight” trans women, not the Laura Jane Graces of the “community”.

      2. Hi Lizzy: I recall that Dennis Rodman has worn stereotypically women’s clothes, including a bridal gown. That said, I have never heard him call himself a woman or trans.

      3. Yes, “transgender” is definitely mostly creepy pervy het men.
        This appropriating and stealing the memory of past Lesbians and other women, as well as our own history, as these men get into power positions and re-write Lesbian history is beyond insulting and cruel. NONE of those women were trans. As you said, it didn’t exist. It’s a recent invention that is a fantasy. Considering the link with sado-masochism, perhaps too many enacting out bizarre fantasies went to their heads for men to say they are Lesbians.
        I’m still in shock over the entitlement of men insisting they are Lesbians and then telling us what to do.
        This stealing the memory of our dead reminds me of Mormon appropriation with “baptisms” of dead people, including Holocaust victims, against their will. It’s beyond oppressive and cruel. How dare they? How dare women-hating and Lesbian-hating men claim Joan of Arc and other women/Lesbians as theirs, when it’s men like them who killed those women/Lesbians?
        They are likely to do it to us when we die.

      4. In much the same way their gender performance never seems to include anything useful or nurturing, like cooking and cleaning and changing shitty diapers, their appropriation of historical figures never seems to include anyone who was a total asshole. So I pose the question, was Ayn Rand trans?

      5. Yeah! You never see them claiming take-charge gals like Elizabeth Bathory or Karla Homolka, do you?

  15. Below is a link to a photograph with the caption that states,
    Minnie Bruce Pratt & Leslie Feinberg at Camp Trans, Michigan, 1995
    (top left side of webpage)
    Read about the attack on Mich Fest here,
    Michigan Women’s Music Festival was vandalized by transgender activists. They know it happened even though they deny it.
    This is from a New Yorker magazine article.
    “A few years ago, though, Vogel says, some protesters committed acts of vandalism—stealing electrical cables, cutting water pipes, keying cars in the parking lot, and spray-painting a six-foot penis, and the words “Real Women Have Dicks,” on the side of the main kitchen tent.”
    Supporting the attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival which is held once a year on privately owned land is a perfect example of how Feinberg sold out lesbians and women.

    1. I was at that Festival and attended Feinberg’s “workshop” on male inclusion at Fest. Feinberg gave a speech, didn’t take any questions or comments, and walked off the land leading a coterie of sycophants. It was ludicrous.

  16. Skylark, thanks for giving us that documentation since eulogies for Leslie are going on in other groups.
    In retrospect, Stone Butch Blues was horribly dangerous. At the time, it was good to see some acknowledgement of how Butches are hated and attacked just for refusing male rules to feminize. There STILL is no Butch portrayed in the mainstream media (except for Hilary Swank’s brilliant portrayal of Teena Brandon, showing a non-Butch can play a Butch with dignity and compassion, but the message was still that Butches are raped and killed.) And even the Lesbian media won’t portray Butches. So that’s how desperate it is.
    We can’t even do a female-identified Butch workshop at the Butch Voices conference because of how upset it might make the man on their board pretending to be a Butch.
    Yes, Leslie, like her character was self-hating. The irony is that many Lesbians don’t really realize that she had access to the best time in the Lesbian community, and gave it up to help the men to hate us.

  17. I was saddened to hear of Leslie Feinberg’s recent death at only 65. Also it’s horrifying all the medical ordeals she suffered and the lesbian hating she faced in trying to get treated. And I will also say that I have for many years been infuriated by her anti-lesbian, pro trans stances and all the misinformation she put out in her books, particularly Transgender Warriors. That’s a torrent of confused thinking that now has yo continually be addressed and clarified by radical feminists. Plus much of her work has been translated into numerous other languages. Had she been writing from the point of view of a strong and proud radical feminist Butch lesbian, I doubt that the publishing world would be rushing to send her words all over the world. When I read that after death, she had wanted the world to remember her as a revolutionary communist, my first thought was “Is this because that is the one perspective she can unequivocally still stand behind…100%?” In other words, perhaps by the end of her life she was regretting some of her staunch pro-trans politics of previous eras. I really don’t know and I won’t speculate. But I do know that there are many young and not so young lesbians today who are going through hell and making some lesbian hating, self-hating, and medically dangerous choices right now, and Feinbergs books created more confusion and strife and pain in our lesbian and feminist world. So overall, I believe this has to pointed out. No heroism awards, though her passing at only 65 is a shock.

  18. Just have to add about Lyme, that I see the opposite, with doctors denying anyone is sick. It’s hell to be told that the multiple disabling symptoms are not existing, even as they are increasing.
    The way to avoid the frauds is not pay them or see them. But that does not resolve the symptoms.
    I definitely do not recommend the longterm antibiotics, and am not sure I would do short term even if I saw proof of Lyme with the Erythema migrans.
    As a friend who later committed suicide because she could no longer deal with the pain of chronic illness told me, “You did less than anyone I know in terms of going to doctors and trying their various drugs and ‘treatments,’ and yet you are the most functional of my longterm chronically ill friends.”
    Most of those I know with Lyme are very poor and haven’t seen multiple doctors or alternative healers. The doctors I’ve seen for whatever it is, have always been free because I’m on state health insurance. Not much choice of doctors though. The Lesbian who I know who seems the most recovered says she still knows her blood would never be safe for transfusion. She saw a very cheap traditional Chinese healer who gave her herbs.
    There are lots of things that can help, but the problem with an organism that encysts and can’t be killed entirely, is that if the treatment is antibiotics, then when they are stopped, it increases again.

  19. What is up with transgenders who name themselves “Leslie”? This is the fifth transgender “Leslie” I know about. Is it because it’s a somewhat gender-neutral name? I’m reminded of this MTT self-published author, Leslie Regier, who wrote “Unchaining My Truth: Taking Flight on the Wings of a Dream,” a 323-page self-absorbed account of his genitals.

  20. And what about J. Edgar Hoover? He liked a frilly dress. Does the fact that he was a powerhungry imperialist asshole who collected blackmail files on everybody from MLK Jr. to the D.C. mayor override his love of ladypanties? If these shithead transjacktivists can come to defense of sick brutal murderers of women like Kosilek, surely J. Edgar can be in the club? Yanno just because Hoover was fond of subverting the Constitution doesn’t mean his speshul laydee-feels should be ignored. The fact that he was so apt to subvert and pervert U.S. law is the strongest evidence that he DOES belong in the club, IMO.

  21. Leslie Feinberg was NOT working class. I know radical feminist Jewish Lesbians in New York who knew Leslie and her lovers, before Leslie declared herself “trans,” and after. (This declaration devastated this tight-knit Lesbian community). Leslie Feinberg was a MIDDLE-CLASS Jewish woman who “identified” as working class as fictitiously as she “identified” as male. A bunch of fucking lies. I am disturbed by the well-wishers here. This woman made a career of betraying us. Thanks to Bev Jo for her comments. You were right Bev Jo, to wonder if Leslie Feinberg’s “working-class” schtick was for real.

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