Why am I irrationally angry/hateful towards women when I might be MTF?

Why am I irrationally angry/hateful towards women when I might be MTF? (self.asktransgender)
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Edit: please check out my post history for some background, TLDR of that is that I’ve had trans thoughts, on and off, since I was 4.
Hi everyone, I’m back. I’ve been bouncing between “accepted-that-I’m-trans” and “lift-swole-bro-cis-mode” for the last few months, and around June I was basically preparing to come out. A few weeks ago I got a girlfriend, and the trans thoughts flatlined a few weeks after.
They’re just gone right now, but my knowledge of them still exists, and I’m afraid they’re going to come back.
I’m not sure why, but it almost feels as if those thoughts are being suppressed.
Right now, I hate women, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s jealousy that I’ll never fit their clothes, maybe it’s because I’ve been rejected so much by them, maybe it’s the view that it’s “easier” on the other side as a cis woman or whatever.
Fuck, I was on /r/theredpill for a while to try and convince myself it was just weakness or not getting laid, and now that I am getting laid things are changing. Maybe if I manned up enough, these thoughts would go away, maybe if I had sex, they would go away. They did. But I can’t tell if the trans thoughts are dead or hibernating or just suppressed by this hate of women.
Right now, the main argument my brain spits out when trans thoughts come up is: “you might be happier in cute girly girl clothes, but what would people say? Would you even fit them with your broad shoulders and giant muscles? What would all those girls who rejected you say? Don’t you want to eventually be the one to reject them back, and get your revenge? Is the chance of happiness as a woman really worth denying yourself the chance to be a buff, eligible bachelor who fucks all the girls who once rejected you? Yeah, you’ll get to break their hearts and use them like they used you… You’re already 19, by the time you pass you’ll be ugly and old, plus you aren’t even into guys all that much…”
I don’t know – sometimes when I go shopping with my girlfriend I mentally imagine my female self wearing those clothes and saying this is what I’ve wanted since I was a kid. Then I start attacking that image, because she’s a betrayal of everything I’ve ever worked towards.
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  1. You hate women because you sometimes think you want to be one when you’re not hewing to hardcore misogynist male groups. Wouldn’t it be great if you could magically become a woman and then get to deal with hateful young men such as yourself! Oh teh freedomz that are being withheld from you!
    Get some help. And not the kind that comes with hormones and knives. That’ll just screw you up even worse.

  2. Dude, I can assure you that the women who rejected you, who by the way were either lesbians or put off by the jealous rage you exude or both, aren’t going to flock to you no matter how much you modify your body.

    1. Read the original comments–someone thinks ” ciswomen pass as female”. no shit Sherlock. These people hate women, and want to prove that they are better at being female. Too bad they fail as men, too.

      1. From one of the doods on there:
        “All that being said, hating/jealousy at cis women is a pretty common thing for transfeminine folk, don’t beat yourself up over it, just try and resolve it.”
        Pretty fucking common for them to hate us.
        Douglas Perry anyone?

  3. People like this just need to find a good hobby. Gardening, model railroading, and stamp collecting are good choices.

  4. Coming soon to a changing room near you. Get his mugshot now, so we can help i.d. him after the inevitable. Better yet, may vigilantes stop him before he rapes. Though given what he’s shown us already, he’s probably already offended.

  5. Yuck. These people need a therapist, not a gender swap. I’m constantly amazed by their ability to keep the fetishization and vitriol fresh.

  6. This dude needs some serious help. He is projecting his hate of himself on to women, since its easier for his mind to hate women instead of himself. The problem is, he hates himself. I hope he can get some real psychological help (although I know he probably won’t), for himself and for all the women who must deal with his hatred.

  7. Men in their own words. Always very telling. Young women should pay attention to what men say about themselves. Not the myths of their heroics, not the myths of how terrible women are, but the truth that outs when they’re talking about women in this way.
    See also mras, puas, nice guys and the rest. The misogyny and rape apologism is always there.

  8. What a whinging prat. I’d venture to suggest the reason he isn’t as lucky as he’d like to be is because most women aren’t enamoured of a man who stares constantly and fixedly at his own navel.

  9. ‘I’ve had trans thoughts. ..’ what does that even mean? You’ve had hateful thoughts – haven’t we all? – so maybe think about working thru those and finding a calm place in yourself? Instead of projecting.

    1. “While Aerannis may sound critical towards feminist ideals, Rollins says, “The game’s neutral/leaning towards feminism as a whole (and very much in support of respecting gender and sexual identities, etc).” Instead, ektomarch is trying to highlight “the divide between trans-exclusionary radical feminists and inclusionary feminists.”
      The world of Aerannis features the planet’s only surviving city, Plovdiv, which appears to be a thriving all-female utopian society, but as the Kickstarter details, things aren’t quite right in Plovdiv. During a series of seemingly routine assassinations, Farhi uncovers an organized revolt against the government that could throw the surviving world into chaos, which poses an interesting dilemma: “in a society where being a woman is a prerequisite for being human, does someone who’s often not considered a ‘whole woman’ have any duty to save those who hate her?”

      1. Here’s a clue fellas (and by fellas I mean fucking wankers) : Women do not need femulating male gendersexuals to “save” us from our own liberation movement. Kthx pigs.

      2. The article said: “You’ll be able to sneak through areas utilizing varied methods of stealth, only to sneak up on your potential aggressors or targets, and take them down with a clean execution.”
        So just to be clear, the “game” is about biological males assassinating (i.e., murdering; i.e, killing) feminists who don’t believe that biological males are women. Is that right? So in other words, this “game” is about males murdering females who disagree with them politically? Am I understanding this correctly?
        If so, it reminds me of the “game” I read about a couple of decades ago where the gamer was supposed to be a white person raping an American Indian.
        This is all disgusting, and of course standard propaganda inciting violence against women.

      3. Report their kickstarter page!
        Clearly violate Kickstarter’s rules: “Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, etc).”

        Make sure you also submit the link to the article at Escapist Magazine since they’ve scrubbed their KS page of the hate speech

    2. After the transwomen have saved us will we be allowed an extra flavor of crumb? I’m not about to let some dude save me if it’s a zero sum game y’know.

    3. Lol, that’s fucked up. Yes, like we need dudes to rescue us from our own liberation movement.
      I know no one will take this bet since we already know the answer, but what if we made a video game where the feminist heroine went around killing MTTs. The cries of “twanzphobia!!!” would never cease.

  10. “”They’re just gone right now, but my knowledge of them still exists, and I’m afraid they’re going to come back.
    I’m not sure why, but it almost feels as if those thoughts are being suppressed.””
    Haha, yeah right, they come back and go away cuz they are just their sex-drive fetish, and they want to say “suppressed” for sympathy.

  11. “plus you aren’t even into guys all that much…”
    Sorry, I know this is a whole smorgasbord of crazy but this was the kicker for me. Because obviously 1) You can’t be a manly man and gay and 2) All women are into men.

  12. Iam a transgender male becoming a female and i get so jealous of woman who got it so easy and the bitches still arent happy omg wtf is up with that

    1. OMFG Its never fucking easy to be a woman. If you live on this planet you should know that, no women has it “easy” and calling them bitches is misogynist too. Like, I’m sorry that you’ve had a hard time, its not easy being trans either, but instead of fucking hating on each other how bout we are nice to each other and unite instead?

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