Skipping The Puberty Blockers: American “Transgender Children” Doctors are Going Rogue

Dr. Johanna Olson from the LA Children's Hospital website. (yes they misspelled her name).
Dr. Johanna Olson from the LA Children’s Hospital website. (yes they misspelled her name).

We’ve all seen the television shows and news reports on “Transgender Children”. They all state that “Nothing permanent is being done to children before the age of consent! Oh gosh no!”
Here’s a typical example of this rhetoric from yesterday’s Irish Examiner:

 “Young children don’t need treatment yet,” explains Lacey. “They can make a social transition at home and at school. But older children may need hormone suppressors to delay puberty for a while. This gives them and their families breathing space to decide what’s best for the future.”

Hormone suppressors ((known as anti-androgens) delay the development of breasts, facial hair and other secondary sex characteristics. Males who identify as female take anti-androgens to block testosterone while females identifying as male take anti-androgens to block oestrogen.

“These suppressors are 100% reversible,” says Lacey. “Young people resume puberty if they stop taking them.”

 The article continues:

 “Prescribing cross-sex hormones is taken more seriously than hormone blockers. Teenagers must have socially transitioned and be aged over 16 to qualify.

“We have to be sure it’s the right thing to do,” explains Dr Brinkmann. “Cross-sex hormones have irreversible effects on fertility. There’s no going back.”

Guidelines from various pro-gender lobbying and medical groups back up this claim. The Endocrine Society states that no child under the age of sixteen should ever be administered cross-sex hormones by physicians under “parental consent” for the purpose of physically disguising the reproductive sex of the child to promote gender conformity. Even WPATH, the powerful pharmaceutical-industry funded transgender lobbying group acknowledges that decades of research show the majority of children who claim a “cross-sex identity” do not mature into transgender adults if left untreated, and in fact many grow up to be well-adjusted lesbian and gay adults. WPATH also states that children under sixteen should not be given cross-sex hormones which cause permanent changes (including sterilization). None of the “transgender children” clinics in the Netherlands, which pioneered the practice, have ever administered cross-sex hormones to children under sixteen. In the UK, parents who desire to have their children placed on puberty blockers (which paralyze the pituitary gland) must meet strict guidelines and be entered into a government research protocol. Cross-sex hormones are not administered prior to the age of sixteen. In Australia, a court order is required to provide “blockers” in an attempt to formalize oversight of these practices and protect children from abuse.
In the United States, however, it is coming to light that “transgender children” physicians, (that is, the doctors who have been championing and pioneering this practice without oversight), have been “going rogue” since the very start, ignoring all research and guidelines and pushing the limits of what the human bodies of these gender-nonconforming children are medically able to endure.
Last month, in a program specifically addressed to medical students, Dr. Johanna Olson, director of the LA Children’s Hospital transgender children clinic, admitted that she has been “skipping the blockers” and placing children as young as twelve directly on cross-sex hormones, starting with her very first patient.
Some are being started at an even younger age on the irreversible, lifetime treatments – which sterilize the children and introduce required ongoing medical monitoring, blood tests, etc. for the rest of their lives in a form of “elective” medical disability whose purpose, providers acknowledge, is essentially cosmetic.
Mina Kelemen of Hustonia Magazine authored a well-researched overview of the practice in an article this week which vividly depicts the home life of a boy named “Nicole”, who was placed on cross-sex hormones at the age of eleven by his physician, under his parents consent. From the piece, titled “What Do Transgender Children Need?”:

  “Over the past 15 years, doctors have grown progressively more comfortable prescribing hormone blockers to transgender children, and transgender teenagers and their families aren’t waiting until adulthood for cross-sex hormones and sex reassignment surgery. They’re embarking on medically assisted transformations earlier. Much earlier. These days, such teens often learn about these procedures through a simple Google search, and the amount and availability of information out there is increasingly forcing parents like Nicole’s to make difficult decisions about whether to allow their children to undergo medical treatment, including life-altering hormones.

Nicole was 11 when she decided she wanted hormone therapy to halt male puberty and promote the growth of feminine features. Her parents reluctantly agreed to support her decision, terrified by statistics showing that adolescents with gender dysphoria are at a higher risk for severe psychological distress, self-mutilation, and suicide. And so, for the past two years, Nicole has been taking pills twice a day—spironolactone, which blocks male hormones like testosterone, and estradiol, a synthetic form of estrogen often given as a hormone replacement to post-menopausal women, even though estradiol has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer.

It wasn’t an easy decision. “I was brought up in a religious family,” says Nicole’s father, Jim, a Houston native. “We were taught, ‘Live right, or you’re going to burn.’” That dogma, he said, crumbled under the task of raising Nicole. Nicolas wasn’t just a boy who liked to wear pink. By the time he was in preschool, he was lining up with girls, napping on his princess blanket, and carrying his lunch to school in a box stamped with Disney’s latest heroine.

There is no medical consensus on the best course of treatment for gender-dysphoric prepubescent children, mainly because it’s almost impossible to tell which kids will continue to experience the condition as adolescents and adults. Citing informal studies, Drescher and Meyer estimate that only about 20 percent of prepubescent children who exhibit cross-gender behavior continue that behavior into adolescence. “You’re in unknown territory, where the experts disagree,” says Dr. Jack Drescher, a New York–based psychiatrist who, along with Dr. Kenneth J. Zucker of the University of Toronto’s Gender Identity Service, helped write the entry for gender dysphoria in the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. “If most of these kids won’t grow up to be transgender,” says Drescher, “[socially transitioning] could be harmful,” never mind hormone therapy.

Jenn and Jim vividly remember the day the principal at Nicolas’s fundamentalist Christian preschool called them in for an emergency conference. Thrusting a copy of conservative psychologist James Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys at them, he instructed the couple to banish all of Nicolas’s girl stuff, including his beloved doll, Brenda, and stop the behavior before it progressed any further. Jim, an independent contractor who is happiest hammering nails, tried to interest Nicolas in baseball and skateboarding, but the only thing he ever wanted to do with his dad was play dolls.

In the days and weeks that followed, Nicolas grew increasingly anxious as catastrophe seemed to strike his favorite things. His parents, who had taught him the alphabet by assigning a letter and corresponding name to each of his 26 dolls, took them all away. They told him that his favorite blanket had been shredded in the washing machine, that his Disney lunch box was accidentally run over by his mother’s pickup truck. One day Jim found himself screaming and threatening to hit his son for refusing to wear boys’ shoes.”

Even some of the physicians who are driving the medicalization of “transgender children” expressed their discomfort in the Hustonia piece:

“Both Meyer and Drescher say they are most comfortable with waiting until age 16 to administer cross-sex hormones, as the Endocrine Society recommends. “That feels like the most do-no-harm approach,” Drescher says. And while Meyer prefers to get “as close to 16 as possible” in his own practice, he believes that the guidelines will soon be revised downward. “I think it’s in the process of changing to an age which is more appropriate for normal puberty,” he says. Meyer also notes that he sees more and more young children these days who have made the social transition from one gender to another. “That makes me really uneasy, but I don’t ever say to people, ‘I’m not going to take care of you,’” he tells me.”

One provider who feels no dis-ease with the practice is the above-mentioned Dr. Johanna Olson, who says in her address to medical students that when it comes to sex-roles the Hippocratic Oath simply doesn’t apply. When asked to discuss her first pediatric “transgender” client she responded:

“Just a general word about “First Do No Harm”. I think that idea is really subjective. And so I think what happens is, historically we come from a very paternalistic perspective in medicine. Where who… you know.. doctors are really given the purview of deciding what is going to be harmful and what isn’t. And that, in the world of gender, is really problematic. Because no one knows… no one knows an individual’s gender more than the individual. And so applying that paternalistic model to gender and gender-related care is intensely problematic. This was, so the young person that you were talking about was an assigned female who had a very strong male gender identity and had that identity – had been asserting that identity- for a long time, since early childhood. It was actually his mother who called me. And she called me (laughs) on Mother’s Day. And she said, ”You know, I…you… Please help me care of my child. Because the best Mother’s Day gift I can get is being able to bring my kid in for care because my kid ever since he start[ed] having a menstrual cycle has attempted suicide every month. And he’s twelve. And I don’t think I’m gonna have him here for next year’s Mother’s Day if somebody doesn’t do something for my kid”. And, um I had been doing, I had started doing trans work already but what this particular- [pauses, changes train of thought] so… immediately I said, so we should try to get your kid on blockers, so that we can halt this process, and then, and go from there. And I was not very adept at the time at being able to get blockers. I didn’t know how to do it, because I didn’t have a lot of experience with it, then I tried to get it and the insurance company said no, we’re not going to cover it.

 [med student interjects: “So wait, these are, I’m sorry, you’re blocking the development of the menstrual cycle, the..? ]

 Yes. The process of puberty that happens when you have ovaries. So, you can use these central blockers that are really effective at stopping that process. And, so I tried- but they’re incredibly expensive- and this was also very, very, new, this process of using these blockers for gender-nonconforming or trans youth was very new at the time. It had only been done in this country for about a year. And so I had tried to get it, couldn’t get it, and it was becoming more and more desperate with this family, and I went to my boss at the time and I said- I think we really need to employ a “harm reduction” model here, and I know this kid is only twelve, but I really think we need to put this kid on testosterone. And it was not really what people were doing. It was considered unheard-of to start a twelve year old on cross-sex hormones. And we just went for it and did it. And I really do think it saved his life, and he’s a thriving young college student now. Who’s done fantastic. But it really drove home the point of when we think about- we automatically assume as physicians, that doing nothing is a neutral option. But in the case of gender work it’s not. And so doing nothing is actually intensely damaging, and actually doing nothing causes harm, which is a different way to think about it.

 [med student : “It sounds almost like the kind of intervention you need to do in an emergency- any sort of medical emergency. I mean maybe if you do noting that’s not a great idea, you just cant watch.]

 That’s right. People, I mean, It comes form the fundamental assumption that people have: that your endogenous puberty and gender assignment is the correct one. Which, it’s- that’s not the case for people that are trans.

 [med student: what do we know about the general experience people have, who are, whose gender is fluid, or is, or where, they are confused about their gender or feel they have a different gender than they were born with? I mean, what-]

 Well I don’t think people are confused about their gender. I think the folks around them are confused around their gender. (laughs) You know we do have this- we name “gender confusion”- And I really think it’s a description of what the adults around the young person are going through: “gender confusion” (laughs).

 [med student: so really you think they know, people know what their gender is, even when it’s,…okay..]

 I think where it becomes complicated is that, if your gender is different from the one you were assigned, you don’t- you come to know that or recognize that not in a vacumn. You recognize that process happens with all of your external environment as a backboard? This gets very confusing and very hard to explain. If your gender identity is the same as your assigned gender, you don’t ever have to ask the question “is that my gender?” Right? You never have the occasion to ask that. But if it’s different, you are figuring it out in the context of your environmemt. It’s why three and four year olds who are gender non-conforming are so interesting. Because they actually are just doing what they do. Right? They don’t “come out”, they just are who they are. There is no process of “I have to overcome all these societal and cultural expectations in order to present my authentic self?” They just say “I like this. I’m doing this. I’m this”. It’s really great. And then you see them start to sort of get crushed at six and seven and eight years old where the society starts telling them, you know, “You’re a boy, you can’t wear a dress or “ your favorite color can’t be pink” or all of the other number of ways that we teach people how to be boys and girls.

 [Med student: So… I’m curious, speaking about this original patient you had several years ago when he was twelve, and then now looking at the fact that it seems that we are still very much in a culture where gender is very much a binary and it’s assumed: if somebody is pregnant, the first question people ask them, even strangers, is “are you having a boy or a girl?” As you’ve mentioned, you go into a Toys R Us and there are the pink aisles and the blue aisles. And even everyday material items are very much gendered. So, how in that environment do you feel that you’ve had this clinic, that has grown, and you’ve been able to sort of make yourself available and known for people in your community? In spite being in an environment where being transgender or gender fluid or gender non-binary is still very much, sort of, almost a taboo topic?”]

 Oh, no …I think it’s a great question. I mean first of all I’m in Los Angeles, so that helps very much. I think that there’s just a different kind of openness to other experiences. I do think that, you know, regardless of what we want to believe, you know, the trans experience has been happening since the beginning of humanity. And so regardless of how oppressive (laughs) our society is, people have still been having this experience, which speaks to the profound nature of having a gender that’s different than your assigned gender. And I think that… you know… I think that part of it is, as a medical provider, getting over “your own stuff”. I think that, you know, I don’t know why, I have no idea for what reason I never had “that stuff”, but I never had “that stuff”. I never had a problem mis-pronouning people. I never had, um, …I just didn’t have that whole “Oh my gosh, is this the right thing to do?”. Like, it’s just, I never had that experience, but I know that people who want to embark on this work do have that experience, and I think that getting over that and being a fierce advocate for getting people what they need and deserve, is going to… you know, I feel, really great about my work. I’m so, I love my work. I wake up every day excited to go to work. Not many people have that incredible privilege. I think that my enthusiasm and my complete belief in what I do, has gotten, um,- has led to me having increased numbers of patients. I feel very um, certain that this model of having strangers affirm peoples gender is ridiculous. It should be… it’s so outdated and so old, I think that providers that are responding and raising the bar for trans people are really necessary, and that’s what I hope to do and hope to continue to do.”

Dr. Olson on the future of the practice of transgendering children:

“I think, you know, “protocols” (laughs)… universally applied “protocols” to something as complex as gender are problematic. Just in theory they are. Because you know, having a cookie-cutter approach to something that is experienced differently for every individual becomes really difficult. So what we’ve, what, I think, what the medical community has tried to do through the Endocrine Society guidelines and through the WPATH, you know, standards of care, is put: I certainly know WPATH is really cognizant of this and they say these are meant to be guidelines and they obviously can, these are, you know, these are meant to be individualized for each person. I think that, we’ve tried to put together things that give medical providers specifically some sort of comfort. I think that medical providers are always more comfortable when there are things are written down and then labeled “guidelines” (laughs) [med student laughs] but I do think, then, what’s hard is when you are going to universally apply something to all these different experiences. And then it starts to become, then it starts to become, a barrier to care. Right? So guidelines are fantastic when they allow for increased access to care and they are bad when they diminish access to care. So what’s happened is that in 2009 the Endocrine Society put together guidelines that for the care of trans people including trans youth. And whenever medical guidelines are made: they’re made on the best available evidence. And the evidence available on trans youth is really scarce. So they had this very small body of literature primarily from the Netherlands that they used to make the guidelines. And what happened is that in the Netherlands the age of consent is sixteen which h drove some of their particular choices around research protocols. So now that got put into the Endocrine Society guidelines and is interpreted frequently as “cross-sex hormones shouldn’t be started until kids are sixteen” but that is actually not a protocol we should be following. I think that the care of trans youth needs to be individualized for each person and picking an arbitrary chronologic age is just …a big problem. And I think it’s being addressed right now because the Endocrine Society is actually revising those guidelines.”

You can listen to Dr. Olson’s entire address to medical students at the Short Coat Podcast website here [trigger warning: “uptalk”]:
Prior to her work transgendering children Dr. Olson specialized in working with children with HIV, and children whose medical conditions cause unmanageable, intractable pain. A long-time figure in the California Democratic Party, Olson was co-founder and chair of the Democratic Progressive Caucus. She survived an impeachment attempt by the Democratic Youth Caucus, who accused her of abusive tactics and no-platforming after Olson used her medical credentials to testify against a Dennis Kuchinek sponsored platform to lower the voting age. Dr. Olson testified that the brains of those under eighteen were not yet competent for the complex decision making involved in choosing a political candidate. She is also the owner of the RedStar comic book company, and serves on the board of TYFA (Trans Youth Family Allies).

Original TYFA (Trans Youth Family Allies) logo: Trans Kids Political Action Commite
Original TYFA (Trans Youth Family Allies) logo: Trans Kids Political Action Committee

136 thoughts on “Skipping The Puberty Blockers: American “Transgender Children” Doctors are Going Rogue

  1. Wow, there’s so much crap going on that I don’t even know where to start. I guess the first thing is that a case like Nicholas/Nicole doesn’t surprise me too much because we are always hearing about religious fundies who flip out of their boy liking dolls or their girl liking monster trucks.
    And as for that girl who kept attempting suicide, didn’t anyone consider cognitive behavior therapy, or maybe the possibility that she had some other medical issues? I used to be really depressed when I had my period and when I went through puberty, including the self-harm thing. Thank God my parents took my to shrink and a real doctor who determined I had endometriosis and depression instead of just throwing testosterone at me. It seems at that age that the best thing to do is try talk therapy at first.
    I also don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the sheer double standard of Dr. Olson testifying that people under the age of 18 shouldn’t vote because they’re brains haven’t developed enough, and yet she seems to think a 12-year-old can have a gender identity (something that only exists within our misogynistic system of male supremacy) and make the decision to be on dangerous hormones and be dependent on them for the rest of their lives.
    Also, you’d think a doctor would know the difference between sex and gender, but the medical establishment has gone really PC on that front, at the expense of reality.
    (BTW, hope you get this comment. I moved to another state and my internet connection sucks, but some of my comments have gone through.)

      1. Or she should lose her medical license. She thinks the Hippocratic oath should not apply to gender confused children? This makes her to be an enabler not a true doctor thinking about her young patients. And last, Dr. Olson, your young patients are not guinea pigs for young drug experiments!

  2. Pure and simply child abuse is being practiced on children too young to know who they are and what they want. It’s the parents and medico-pharma industrial complex that are giving off schedule medicines to helpless children. It’s criminal abuse, and must be stopped.

  3. A couple of random thoughts, and a question.
    1. M2t is correctly understood as a sexual fetish, specifically, autogynephilia. Even if we take Blanchard’s taxonomy into account, in those instances where the M2t is homosexual or bisexual, the M2t’s aim is sexual.
    2. 11-to, say, -15-year-old boys are just coming into what I will take the liberty of referring to as their horniness.
    So what are parents and physicians really enabling, here? That’s a rhetorical question.

  4. Oh, “he’s” doing fantastic now, is “he?” Where will you be, good Doctor, if this young woman finally snaps and offs herself somewhere down the line? Retired on the proceeds of your good works?

  5. Relevant:
    “This is where physician cranks (i.e., quacks) then become just like cranks of all scientific stripes, the sole exception being that their crankery endangers patients. They no longer try to falsify hypotheses or do trials to figure out if their remedies work. Why should they? They know to the very core of their being that they work! Instead, such physicians cherry pick studies that support their idea and, if they do any clinical studies or science at all, it is almost universally bad science. Over time, they come to believe that they are right “because I see the evidence in my patients,” as quacks like to say, a statement echoed in the statement of a nonphysician like Jenny McCarthy, who has been widely quoted as saying that her son Evan “is my science.” They forget utterly how easy it is to be fooled by a combination of the placebo effect, expectation, confirmation bias, and observation effect when one is a single physician treating patients. Whether it’s preexisting arrogance or a developed arrogance, these physicians will then often dismiss as “sheeple” the physicians who practice science- and evidence-based medicine as lacking the vision that they have, all the while making excuses for not doing rigorous clinical studies that would confirm or disprove the efficacy of their remedies over and above a placebo.”

    1. Wow, relevant indeed. Too bad I don’t do needlepoint, or I’d turn this paragraph into a nice throw pillow for “Doctor” Olson’s waiting room.

  6. Reblogged this on Burning Ax and commented:
    Wow. This is even worst than I thought.
    The part about Nicole/Nicola is very telling and a prime example of how The Typical Trans Story is harmful to gender non-conforming people, especially children.

  7. It is disturbing how eager parents are to latch on to this idea of having a “trans kid.” It’s very telling that there are tons of trans kids, trans infants even! But where are all of the parents proudly toting around their gay kids? Because there are plenty of children whose parents suspect they may grow up to be gay because they are non-conforming. Often this suspicion is never voiced out loud because it is something they pray will never happen. But still, it’s not uncommon for parents to tell their gay kids that they “knew” for a long time.
    Obviously I don’t see anything good in parents preemptively labeling their child’s sexuality; can you imagine someone walking around introducing their “gay” 2 year old son? But somehow there are tons of parents who see their two year old boy pick up a “girl” toy and are comfortable pumping their kid full of drugs for the rest of “her” life because surely he’s got a female brain!
    I mean, if these two things were unconnected, parents rejecting their gay children and parents transing their children then I suppose I would not feel so sick right now. But I know they are connected! We all know that many of those kids will grow up to be lesbian/gay/bisexual and thirty years ago, it would have been a lot harder for their parents to surgically/chemically “straighten” them if they wanted to. Now any parent who is freaked out by even the *prospect* of having a gay kid will be congratulated for their “open-mindedness” by medical professionals. It’s fucking terrifying. I mean, this quote:
    /It wasn’t an easy decision. “I was brought up in a religious family,” says Nicole’s father, Jim, a Houston native. “We were taught, ‘Live right, or you’re going to burn.’” That dogma, he said, crumbled under the task of raising Nicole. Nicolas wasn’t just a boy who liked to wear pink. By the time he was in preschool, he was lining up with girls, napping on his princess blanket, and carrying his lunch to school in a box stamped with Disney’s latest heroine./
    “It wasn’t an easy decision”? So the kid had female friends and a Merida lunch box. That any parent would assess this situation as a crisis is stunning, but then we have this wack-ass doctor backing them up, the Christian school saying he has to conform to James Dobson’s standards of manliness or else, and a journalist reporting on it all as if this is something other than an absurd right wing melodrama with a painfully simple solution: do nothing. leave the kid alone. And we’re not even supposed to call this out as homophobia. This is LGBTQETC activism!

    1. Bad as that was, the worst part of that story was her describing his parents lying to their child and destroying/getting rid of all his favorite possessions without any explanation. Is anyone supposed to read that paragraph and not be disturbed by the blatant child abuse? Jim “found himself” yelling at this child one day for not wearing “boy shoes?” …Ok
      Little wonder that he has gender-associated trauma, but where in that was the need to be subjected to medical experiments by an unethical doctor?

      1. …and of course we shouldn’t be surprised if the kid starts saying “I’m a girl” in response to this, either.
        Your parents destroy all your favorite things because “those are girl’s things” – solution is obvious then, just say “I’m a girl” (because I like those things, so I must be, right?) and wow, all your favorite toys and hobbies are permitted to you again!
        Also – James Dobson? This is the guy who thinks it’s appropriate to get into a battle of wills with a DOG, and ends up beating the dog for its “defiance.” Yeah. Great role model you got there.

    2. Thank you! I would also be against people preemptively deciding their infant or child is gay, but it is really telling that a two-year old can be trans nowadays and yet we don’t see hardly anyone saying their two-year old is gay.
      It is also baffling to me that parents would think their son having female friends and carrying a Merida lunchbox is a crisis. My little brother and I only have an age difference of a year and a half and so we often had the same friends when we were little. We also played with each other’s toys! I guess our parents should have put us both on experimental pharmaceutical treatments to prevent homosexuality! (Even though I’m the only one who turned out to be a homosexual.)
      And yes, you are right. The simple solution to all of this is for these people to leave their kids alone and to let their child be themselves. It’s such an obvious solution; too bad people have lost their brains.
      It pisses me off too that other than us and maybe a few radical gay men out there, no one is going to call this for the homophobia that it is. This is why we need to go back to having Lesbian and Gay Liberation, not this lazy, misogynistic, ironically homophobic, and child abuse advocacy that comes from the LGBTQWTF organizations. Though, how much we can say these organizations help or even include homosexuals is dubious at this point.
      I do wonder if gays and lesbians (the ones who still admit that despite being labeled an evil monosexual or transphobic) in general are unaware of this or if they haven’t thought of the implications. I guess it could also be that they are afraid to look like they are recruiting children, even though this phenomenon of trans children is autogynophiles recruiting kids for their sexual fetishes. I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that eugenics and medical experiments on children is wrong and that as adults we have a moral obligation to speak out against it.

      1. Imagine if gay men were pathologizing 2 year olds as gay in the 1980s (the whole recruitment propaganda as well), we still get accused of paedophillia by nutjobs but trans activism is everything how not to run a liberation movement (which of course it is not).
        I am sick of the jokes gays/lesbians receive when straights go on about trannies and lump us in or bring up the ever growing acronym, nobody ever asked us whether we agreed to this shit. Trans groups infiltrated GLB groups to add the T. Conflate drag queens with trannies when it suits them (in any other instance this would be “transphobia”) to somehow implicate Stonewall was started by them and we owe them an eternal gratitude… Just sick of them riding the coattails.
        Yes it is homophobic reparative therapy for young girls and boys who’d grow up perfectly fine as natural gays/lesbians. And the appropriative straights who claim that a man can become a lesbian and gay men can have vaginas.

        1. “Yes it is homophobic reparative therapy for young girls and boys who’d grow up perfectly fine as natural gays/lesbians. ” In a broader sense it can be seen as corrective action towards all non-conforming children. Word gets around, kids will pick up on the reality of this barbarism and be more careful about toeing various lines involving not just sexuality but all sorts of behaviors and presentations. All it will take is a few medical horror stories. I wonder what it’s like for kids in Iran, I’d like to hear from them.

      2. @Hants
        I agree. I doubt that lesbian and gay liberation would have gotten that far if in the 1980s we had been declaring infants and young children as gay because people would have thought we were recruiting. It doesn’t help that historically and in the present we’ve had to deal with NAMBLA as well as heterosexual pedophiles latching on to us. Now pedophiles are claiming that they are the new queers:
        These parents of “trans children” are at least in part motivated by the fear that their sex-role nonconfroming son or daughter will turn out to be a homosexual. I’ve seen documentaries about this were the parents were happy that their child’s romantic relationship was now “straight” because their kid did SRS. We also just have to look at Iran and see that they force this surgery on homosexuals and other people who don’t conform to the rigid sex roles and ask if we really want to be like them. Too bad that mainstream leftist politics are way more obsessed with appearing progressive than actually being progressive, or they’d realize that this is a form of punishment for child who don’t conform to sex roles.
        Oh, the acronym nonsense! I did not agree to include the T, especially when the T is primarily creepy heterosexual men who fetishize and hate lesbians and women in general. We do not need over 60 redundant labels for gender identity and sexual orientation. It’s just insanity and special snowflake behavior. I also have nothing against intersex people, but having an intersex condition does not have anything to do with being gay, unless you have an intersex condition and are a homosexual. (Also, I’m pretty sure that “intersex” is only included for appropriation purposes; ie. as a speshul gender identity for the men who claim to have lady-brains.) Similarly, I don’t think being trans has much to do with being gay, except for when self-hating gays and lesbians are encouraged to punish their bodies by transitioning. But seriously, we should start our own organization where the motto can be “now special snowflakes”.
        Yeah, I have my own issues with drag but that is ridiculous. I am aware though that apparently everyone involved in Stonewall was twanz because Stonewall had drag queens but at the same time drag is twanzphobic. Ridiculous.

    3. She says “problematic” way too much. She said it so much, it sounded like an intentional parody of modern feminism.
      “universally applied “protocols” to something as complex as gender are problematic”
      Sounds strikingly similar to what quacks say to justify their bogus treatments that accomplish little more than separating people from their money. Would she say, “universally applied “protocols” to something as complex as the brain are problematic”? The brain is indeed very complex and we barely understand it, and of course everyone’s brains are different from each other. Does that mean there shouldn’t be general protocols like “to treat epilepsy, start with these drugs that have proven more often effective than others, then go to second line drugs if the side effects are too much or they don’t work for that particular patient”? What about general guidelines that you should try to treat with medications before delving into brain surgery? All people are different, and some won’t get help from any available medication, and people know their bodies best, after all. So surely a doctor shouldn’t question the patient who comes in demanding brain surgery to treat their seizures without trying medications first? While brain surgery is riskier than hormone treatment, the scenarios are analagous in principle.
      I can agree with giving puberty blocking drugs as an adjunct to antidepressants in extreme cases like the girl who was attempting suicide every month, but instead of saying, “Wow, you must really be a boy to hate menstruation and girly stuff so much,” and handing out testosterone to reinforce the idea that she must be “really” male, it should be a stopgap measure while therapy progresses to help her come to terms with reality. That’s the proper use of antidepressants, anyway – to get you to a place where you can benefit more from therapy and learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings with CBT.
      With the little boy who loved princess stuff, I think the main reason the parents saw a crisis was because if they accepted that this was just normal behavior, that there is nothing wrong with a boy liking the “girl” stuff and that there is a higher chance that he will be gay, they would have to acknowledge that they were the ones causing the problem in their son by taking away his things and trying to make him conform, and they might have to reconcile the ideas of their (likely) gay son being okay as he is with the ideas of gay people being sinners.

  8. Dr. Olson is the doctor who is ‘treating’ Josie Romero, who, like Jazz Jennings, is a star in the trans kid community. There are easily accessible Youtube videos where Josie is clearly ambivalent about continuing to live as a girl. His mother is running this sad sick show – the kid is terrified of disappointing her by being a boy on the outside even though he states he’s a boy on the inside. Like Jazz, Joey, not Josie, is a victim of jacked up parenting.
    None of that excuses Dr. Olson, who prescribes puberty blockers and vows to start this boy on estrogen when he’s about thirteen. (She apparently has never heard of Youtube.) The sight of this kid’s mother holding him down as he screams in agony when the blockers are inserted into his arm is terrifying. This crazy bitch should be doing time.
    (One question – Olson, and the parents of the trans kids are all convinced that if they didn’t ruin these children with their junk medicine, they would all kill themselves. If that were true, wouldn’t trans kid suicide be common? Very few kids, thank God, have access to medical intervention at such young ages. But child suicide is very rare – where are all the supposed victims?)

    1. Supposedly they kill themselves as teenagers. That’s what Olson is convinced she’s preventing. Although why Lupron isn’t good enough is really beyond me.
      It’s also worth questioning how many supposedly trans teenagers are killing themselves because they’re uncomfortable with their bodies and how many are killing themselves because they’re being bullied by their peers or family. Medical and social transitioning isn’t necessarily going to help with the latter problem; it might even make things worse. It’s one thing to be the weird boy who likes wearing makeup; it’s another thing for the weird boy to hang out in the girl’s bathroom.
      Also, how do you separate kids who supposedly have body dysmorphic disorder and those kids who are just naturally uncomfortable with their growing and maturing bodies? Most girls fit in the latter group. Are they all actually men?

      1. Being uncomfortable going through puberty what happened to me and countless other girls. I had endometriosis, I got fat, and I had to deal with perverts hitting on me. My little brother got to be tall and didn’t have the medical problems or the pedophile problem, so I envied him and sometimes wished I was a guy too. However, I did not have a “man brain” and I am not a man. I just wanted to be treated like a person, instead of a the sex object the men older than my father have been treating me as since I was 12, and I wanted to not be sick all the time. (But according to nearly all MTTs, I’m such a bad feminist for not viewing this kind of street harassment as empowering and validating.) I also didn’t relate to the stereotypical macho man bs anyway.
        And yes, that is a good question. Many teenagers, especially females, since we’re programmed to never view our bodies as good enough, feel awkward going through puberty. It’s hard to tell who truly has a body dysmorphic disorder. (And there’s also the question as to why surgery and hormones are the first cure for “gender dysphoria” and yet they don’t recommend these surgeries for other body dysmorphic disorders.)

      2. Hello again, kesher. I read about that physician you mentioned elsewhere on this blog, who is at a certain Boston hospital. (You’re right about the use of Lupron, and everything else, by the way.) I didn’t know what else to do, as I felt so terrible for these children (that is what they are physiologically, especially boys, at age 12 and even at 16 years), so I edited his Wikipedia article a little. I hope I didn’t make it worse.
        Stray thought: I am heterosexual and female. I like looking at pictures of men. I like watching gay pornography sometimes (lots of happy men!) When I see photos of MtoF people online, fully or partially clothed, even when they are wearing cosmetics, I often think, “Wow, what a cute guy!” They still look male. I know, I know. My perceptions and attitude has no bearing or influence on their reality.

    2. supposedly they will try to kill themselves as teenagers, that’s what Olson thinks she’s preventing.
      OK, so, she proceeds with all this quakkery for one child because she actually is attempting suicide, with seemingly no investigation into other reasons she might be attemting to harm herself, but then Olson justifies going ahead with treatment in order to prevent possible, future suicidal behavior in younger children who might, maybe, possibly become suicidal, but havent yet, but who could, because they like pink when they’re supposed to like blue?
      Which is it? These drastic pharmacuetical interventions for kids who ARE suicidal, and thats the justification? Or drastic pharma. interventions for kids who MIGHT become suicidal, someday, maybe?
      The only consistency I see in her conflicting justifications to pursue use of these drug cocktails on kids is that she makes fucking money either way. I’m not suggesting parents wait for their kid to attempt suicide before they get them help, but when little Susie reaches for the Tonka truck, its hardly a cry for help.
      “Little Timmy grabbed the pink blanket, OMG, whats he trying to tell me?!!?”
      Uummm, well, maybe he likes pink? Oh the horror. Maybe Mom is a slave to gender bullshit and wears pink every day and somewhere along the line Little Timmy’s eyes developed the ability to perceive color, and he began to associate the color pink with being held and getting changed out of his cold peepee diaper and getting good yumyum bottles full of warm milk? Maybe?

      1. There is no objective data on transgender suicide rates (although a significant percentage of deaths due to auto-erotic asphyxiation involve men wearing women’s lingerie). But if the rates claimed by pro-gender activists were true, they would be the same as rates of suicidality expressed by other mental-health populations: individuals diagnosed with bulemia, bi-polar, schizophrenia, among others. None of these other groups use their suicide rates as a political hammer to insist that the general public pretend that ematiated people with eating disorders are actually fat, for example. And treatment for the suicidality of the other groups is not “treated” by supporting the delusions that characterize the conditions.

  9. Very sad. Very sickening. First, the utter stupidity that a boy is really a girl just because he likes pink or Dora or because he has made friends with some girls so he lines up with them so he can be with his friends. It is 100% wrong from a scientific standpoint. Even from a biblical standpoint, it is 100% wrong….I’ve read the Bible, nowhere in it does it say boys can’t have a lunch box with a princess on it, or that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, or that boys can’t be friends with girls. The closest is an OT admonition about men wearing female clothes & women wearing female clothes, but the context would seem to indicate that the purpose is to prevent deceit, ie men shouldn’t be pretending to be women, and women shouldn’t be pretending to be men…..which, for these assumedly Christian parents, they are completing ignoring what the Bible says, in order to enforce their man-made rules about princesses and pink and whatnot.
    Is the real fear that their child is gay? Probably, which is really stupid because Disney lunch boxes and boys being friends with girls or liking pink have absolutely nothing to do with being gay.
    Second, the irreversible physical harm being done to growing children. Of course, these children think its helpful, their parents & doctor are telling them its helpful! That doesn’t mean it really is, and it doesn’t mean that these children won’t grow up and greatly regret the choices their parents made. I have no problem with adults who want to take hormones or have cosmetic surgery (although they shouldn’t be expecting OTHER people to pay for all of this!), but none of this should be done on children.
    We are all born the way we are, and a healthy society would encourage all of its members regardless of their physical characteristics. Unless a physical characteristic is causing real physical problems (ie something like cleft palate), surgery should be avoided in children (as well as any drugs which interfere with a child’s natural development.)
    Sigh, I really feel transgenderism is a step back for society. Instead of realizing that societal defined roles are wrong, children are being coerced into surgery and drugs for not accepting those societal defined roles. (roles which aren’t even unanimously condoned by society!)

    1. Thank you… this brand of theology among conservative Christians is something I think is more bizarre than the homophobia. The OT text seems fairly clear about not wearing opposite sex clothing for the intention of deceit. Even if you ignore that, claiming that a child can be born in the wrong body is rather blatantly accusing God of making a mistake. If He creates these feelings of gender, then why don’t they have the associated genitalia to match, and why is the ONLY solution a medical alteration that wasn’t possible a century ago? I would think it would be a lot easier for them to accept that God could make gay/gender-nonconforming children than to make them wrong… but apparently not.
      Near as I can tell from research, the CC’s seem to be more accepting of transgenderism because of a change among Christian protestants(and very common among Americans) about the understanding of body/soul unity- this life is only temporary, and we are really souls, etc. The problem is, they take that to mean that bodies are unimportant, and can be altered to suit the perceptions of the soul(or mind), as that’s the part that’s “really” from God. Classical theology held that there was no split to between body and soul: Both were created by God, and are one and the same. Any unnecessary alterations to the body is a deviation of what God intended.
      None of which is to say that I think they’re wrong, theologically, it’s just something I find interesting that helps to understand why they can often justify transgenderism. (Also sorry to go on about religion.)

      1. I appreciate your response & discussion on religion. How you explain it helps me understand where they are coming from (although I do think that line of thinking is basically saying God makes mistakes.) I was brought up with the classical theology, that if there was something wrong with our body, it was a challenge/test for us from God (and possibly for other people.) And granted there are a thousand different strains of Christianity, but I’ve had a hard time making any sense of how someone could believe their body & soul were specially created by God, yet believe somehow God messed up and put the soul in the wrong gender body???
        But then again, nothing about trans makes any sense to me. It seems to go against religion, science, logic, metaphysics….no matter how one approaches it, it just don’t see how it makes any sense at all to me.

      2. Agreed, on everything you said. I understand why people want to believe in an innate masculinity/femininity, but if it existed, I’d think that God would manage to put it into the right bodies…
        Most people who support it, though, are being emotionally manipulated, so they don’t think it through logically.

  10. The whole thing is unethical. What they don’t tell you is that puberty blockers freeze the maturation of the brain, so even with puberty blockers, it’s still a 12 year old equivalent making the decision. Pretty much all kids who are put on puberty blockers go on to cross sex hormones, as it is the same 12 year old brain making the decisions.

  11. if somebody is pregnant, the first question people ask them, even strangers, is “are you having a boy or a girl?”…… the profound nature of having a gender that’s different than your assigned gender.
    I wonder what these idiots would propose, instead of acknowledging actual physical reality ? Do they pick one of the 57 varieties of gender that are there on facebook now ? Or wait until the child can somehow magically choose, or recognise (ha), that they are “queer flexi pan androgynous trans trans poly questioning two and a half spirit” for themselves ?

  12. Could we leave the L out of it? So many of us Dykes are so goddamned sick of the damn trans movement first shutting us up, Protesting ALL our born female/wbw spaces and moving into our Lesbian territory and insisting we allow them through our cotton panties, their penises intact. So they colonize us first and then because Butches arent feminine they shame Butches as “not female” so they can have their place and edge out Butches pressuring them into becomingFTMs: “I’m more woman than you cuz you’re not feminine”.. And I’ve seen it happen!!!
    Thats not enough, usurping or sabotaging our Lesbian community and convincing Butches they are “male” so now they go after our young tomboys who like myself would or could grow up to be Dyke Butches and coming to the defense of feminine boys who bought the whole gender line hook line and sinker, to get doctors involved to help them socially and physically “change sex”. Then forceclittle effeminate boys into girls’bathrooms and locker rooms..and I fear for the little tomboy girls ending up in a boys’ locker room or bathroom.
    So BECAUSE its STILL not ok for little girls like myself as kids to reject dolls, play sports, run around with their shirts off, be competitive, noisy, get dirty or fight and have adventures rejecting ALL domestic(feminine)roles like I did
    essentially untrainable into female domesticity,femininity and servitude…then THEY MUST BE BOYS!! NOTHING WRONG WITH THE ROLES.
    Or little boys who reject war mongering, violent or simulated violent games, primary colors, the company of overly competitive mocking boys to his gentle self, and prefers the feminine roles of caretaking and nurturing THEN THEY MUST BE GIRLS!!! Nothing at all wrong with keepimg the sex roles thoroughly intact. Change the bodies/minds/spirits of these kids to make them conform.
    It wasnt till about 7 I first rejected dolls then slowly all the other trappings of femininity once I found its limitations and that my brother who was younger would have more privileges than me and that my father had more autonomy and power than my mother..that I wanted to be like him and not like her…thank Goddess feminism came along at age 9 so I had a Path to believe in that I could follow in to gain my Female Power and autonomy!!!
    Yes the ultimate goal is to eliminate potential homosexuality and ambiguity in these kids…put them on the straight and narrow so to speak..even if it costs them their health or their sanity or even their lives if the parents and doctors get it wrong!!!! and make a whole lot of money off their misery!!

    1. I don’t understand how doctors can abrogate the Hippocratic Oath. I don’t understand how doctors can legally prescribe off-label. I don’t understand how a healthy child can be sterilized based on her parents and this doctor’s desires. Don’t children have any rights? I would think the right not to be sterilized without due process of law would be basic.

      1. Children don’t have too many rights. They don’t have the right to protest being physically or verbally assaulted, they don’t have the right to choose with whom to live. They can be taken away from loving homes for depraved reasons. They have no rights at all really unless adults stand up for them.

      2. Off label prescribing can actually be really helpful, as it takes a long time for the FDA to approve for a new indication, and if there is compelling evidence for efficacy in the new indication, that is often the best case. It is still much more difficult than it should be to punish doctors who blatantly abuse the practice, and there needs to be better accountability.

  13. I tried to comment on this last night but it was just one endless screed of profanity. Okay, look, I’m a mama and I’m a social worker, and everything inside me is looking at these people and wondering WTH is wrong with them. They say they’ve seen studies where GNC kids have all types of emotional problems. Well duh! Did it ever dawn on these people that emotional problems aren’t an inherent part of being GNC? That maybe, just maybe the kids have problems because the PARENTS have problems? I learned a long time ago that the first rule of parenting, and the toughest one, is accepting your kids as sentient human beings in their own right, not as representations of your own goddamned ego.
    Got a boy who lives for Double Dutch? A daughter who loves football? Awesome. The first toy my son ever asked for was a baby doll. He was about three years old. It was just a cheap doll in the sale bin at Walmart, so I bought it. I thought my husband might be upset, but he was like “How else is he supposed to practice being a daddy?” And that was the interesting thing, with no encouragement from us one way or another, he did play with the doll like a daddy. I mean, yes, there was cuddling and bandaging of “boo-boos” and lots of hugs and kisses (he gets that from both of us), but there was also rough-housing and the types of games my son generally plays with his daddy. I also found it interesting that in an entire bin of girl dolls, he picked one of the only boy dolls. Not sure what that means.
    He also had a tea set, because I loved playing with mine when I was a little girl, and we made cookies and had tea. My son loves nail polish and helping me pick out colors. When I was pregnant he would paint my toenails for me, and (Horrors!) he painted his toe nails once too. He even surprised the teacher one day by complimenting her color. He came home and told me how pretty it was and gave me the brand and color. (He was right, it was gorgeous, and I did buy it!) Does my son have emotional problems? Nope. He has traditional “boy toys” and probably some that people would call “girl toys” as well. I’m teaching him to bake and sew which he loves, at least the baking part because, well you get to eat what you make.
    More than once I’ve picked up my youngest son at daycare and they’ve been playing dress up. All the girls have on their little princess dresses and he has on one too. He’s never asked for a princess dress of his own, but I’d certainly buy (or make) him one if he did.
    I wonder what would have happened to him if we’d freaked out when he asked for that baby doll? Or when he painted his toenails? Is this how the whole “trans” kid thing starts? If it is it’s beyond scary as all hell. These people are signing their kids up for a lifetime of medical abuse and malpractice because they like the “wrong” things? I’m reluctant to give my kids any type of medication at all, and these people are putting their kids on hormones at ELEVEN! How in the world is this legal? Are they not thinking about the long-term consequences? You’ve got kids finding stuff on the internet and deciding this is who they are, and the parents are going along with it? Who does this kind of foolishness? As the parent it’s your job to guide your child. Not sign them up for every wackadoodle trend that comes along. Do they not understand that pushing boundaries, searching for an identity is a normal developmental stage? We pierced body parts, wore black and dyed our hair weird colors. Strange looking, but non-permanent. What they’re doing will have dire consequences: Sterility. Diabetes. High Blood Pressure. EARLY DEATH. What in the actual hell is going on here?

    1. It’s Munchausen’s by Proxy. There is no other medical condition where you can get this level of attention and extreme medical interventions without arousing suspicions. Used to be that MbP mothers had to fake results of diagnostic tests, dilute their kids urine, whatever, to get the medical attention they craved. No need for that with this diagnosis — it’s completely based on self-reports and it could not be easier to coach a kid into it.

      1. This blogger argues that at least one parent who’s been in the media for bravely raising a transgender child has Munchausen by Proxy. The mother has been telling inconsistent stories about her other kids’ health problems for years, giving them alternative medical treatments rather than the conventional treatments for serious illnesses (leaving one child mentally retarded from a disease that’s normally treatable), and asking for donations.

    2. Well, I agree with gg about the Munchhausen’s By Proxy thing. I think most of these cases involve that or some other form of attention whoring on the part of the parents. (Think of the “dance moms” or the “sports dads” or the other kinds of parents who live vicariously through their children.)
      I’m glad that at least you Roslyn, and your husband aren’t batshit. I do think that a lot of these cases happen because the parents flip out over their child playing with the “wrong” toys for their sex. Then they go online and since a lot of these right-wingers would rather mutilate their children than see them possibly turn out gay or lesbian, the adults make these kids take these dangerous drugs.
      I am someone who is dependent on pharmaceuticals, probably for the rest of my life because I have a lot of reproductive health issues, thyroid dysfunction, etc. That doesn’t mean I trust or like them that much and I think part of this is a cash grab. If these kids delay puberty and go on cross-sex hormones or just go straight to the hormones, if they don’t stop in time then they are dependent on these expensive drugs for the rest of their lives, even if they regret it later.
      And yeah, it’s disturbing that this is the trend. I shudder to think would would happen if my parents seriously agreed that every trend I did as a teenager was “the real me” and put me on TV to show how speshul I was. (Some of those trends include: vampire clique, goth clique, rockstar/punk clique, and my friend and I roleplaying our favorite characters from Sailor Moon.)
      If people just let their kids do that and play those things out instead of getting on the trans trend, then it would be better.

      1. Lizzy, I’d suggest that instead of calling these parents “attention whores,” a better term would be “child pimp.”

      2. Cant wait for someone to declare their child is transvampire, insist on having dental fangs screwed into their jaws and force feeding them human blood. “my son, Nosferatu, thats his new name, he likes drinking blood, really he does. All vampires vomit after they eat, he’s not malnurished, vamps just look like that”

  14. Dr. Thomas Keens is the chair of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Institutional Review Board, and is legally responsible for the safe conduct of research on vulnerable subjects at this institution. He can be emailed at tkeens at chla dot usc dot edu.
    This is my email to him today, and I’ll let you know if I hear back, probably nada:
    Dear Dr. Keens,
    With all due respect, I write today to inquire about the IRB oversight of treatment of vulnerable youth at your hospital based on recent publications of the work of one Dr. Johanna Olson. I worked in cancer clinical trials earlier inn my career. I was trained the the Protection for Human Subjects in medical research. I am a mom and former licensed foster mother, and out of my concerns for children am writing to you today.
    Are you aware that Dr. Johanna Olson is administering cross-sex hormones to children in her practice at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles? How can children as young as 12 give adequate informed consent for a cross sex hormone treatment that may make them permanently sterile? Are you aware of the prevalence of individuals that “de-transition” after a period on the cross sex hromones? There are long term health consequences to taking testosterone, and why are teen girls who “feel like a boy” being given this for a gender identity dysphoria, instead of cognitive mental health care? Are you aware that the suicide rate for post-transition transgenders are the same as non-transition?
    Out of compassion for these vulnerable youth, what is the CHLA IRB oversight of this experimental and rogue medical treatment being conducted there?

  15. I watched Anthony Bourdain’s show the other night. He traveled to a small town in Western Massachusetts in the throes of a devastating heroin epidemic. A doctor explained to Bourdain that it partly stemmed from Big Pharma promoting Oxycontin as safe and nonaddictive. Lots of people with chronic pain issues got hooked on Oxy, and after the government made it harder to get, many of them made the jump to heroin. The doctor admitted her complicity in over-prescribing the opiates Big Pharma handed out like candy.
    We’re apparently meant to believe that the same industry that created the painkiller clusterfuck is to be trusted dealing out hormones and puberty blockers to kids. The hell with children’s fragile bodies: the only thing that matters is what the trans movement wants. When doctors give them what they want, they’re incontestable. When they don’t, they’re evil gatekeepers.
    Amanda Ax: The Typical Trans Story is harmful to gender non-conforming people, especially children.
    When we see the results of this situation 10 or so years from now, it will reflect very badly upon the gay orgs and liberals who enabled it. It is especially shameful of gay orgs to enable the victimization of young gay children. They’re as untrustworthy at this point as Big Pharma.

    1. Well “Big Pharma” threw scads of money at attempts to market estrogen and testosterone to a wide berth of the general public as “youth extenders” and lifestyle enhancement. Their attempts to place most post-menopausal women on estrogen were dashed due to increased rates of cancer and death. Similarly, marketing testosterone to males as “vigor enhancement” was withdrawn due to increased rates of death.
      Now, rather than introducing estrogen and testosterone to consumers late in life, they are marketing it as a lifetime “lifestyle” product to pre-pubescent youth who, once dependence is achieved, will not have the option to stop consuming the product.

      1. Yep, as a 50 year old woman I’ve had this conversation with my doctor, and of course done my own research. Right now I’m doing well with yoga and natural progesterone cream.
        No way in hell would I put that shit in my body and I just cannot comprehend giving it to not only my own child but to anyone else’s. When my kids have a fever, I’m even leery about giving them Tylenol and try to go with the most natural remedies first. That’s what I don’t comprehend.

      2. I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before, but how does estrogen treatment work for late-transitioners? A 50-year-old woman would naturally have low estrogen levels in her body. What do doctors do with the Autumn Sandeens of the world? Just give them the same estrogen dose as a 20-year-old? If they are doing this, I presume no one’s bothered doing research on the inherent risks.

      3. Generally they put them on the highest dose of cross-sex hormone they can tolerate. Because the goal isn’t “hormone replacement”, it is cosmetic. They want to achieve the greatest cosmetic changes possible. Some trans even find ways to supplement or double their ordered prescription for this same reason: the goal of maximizing changes to their appearance.

  16. As yall might know, I was a Yippie. And sometimes, that ole crazy anarchist conspiracy-theory Yippie voice pops into my head … and today after reading this, it said:
    Do they realize this may be a stealth plan to sterilize them deliberately so they can’t reproduce any more? This may be the last generation of kids that is “gender-confused” since you have just successfully ferreted them out of the gene pool.
    Really, though. Andrea Dworkin wrote how gender-traits have been accentuated through social selection (i.e. women got “shorter” over time, since men actively selected shorter, delicate women and the x chromosome for shortness was therefore passed on more often over generations… otherwise women might not be smaller than men, as a group, but they INSURED we were.) This seems like a perfect example. If the Zoe Brain crowd is right and trans is a hereditary thing, it would seem they are insuring it GOES NO FURTHER.
    Now, if feminists said “sterilize them all!” they’d have a huge fit and call us genocidal, but since they are freely choosing to do it to themselves, it is instead good and praiseworthy This shows you how convoluted and messed up their entire movement is.
    But apparently, it won’t be going on much after this generation dies out. They are making sure of that.

    1. I’ve said this before, if this was adults making these choices I’d be like, whatev, kill yourself if you want to. But we’re talking about 11 and 12 year olds. I’ve got a 10 year old and if I were batshit crazy like these people I could easily have gone this route when he painted his toenails bright purple! Sterilizing kids who probably aren’t trans is just absolutely insane. WTF happened to the Hippocratic oath?

    2. I really doubt this is genetic though. If there’s a biological basis to transgenderism, I’m more inclined to think it happens in utero.

      1. Oh, I agree. I can just foresee a circumstance in which WE are somehow blamed for this once again… specifically moms this time. We are cussed out for not understanding they *need* hormones and later we will be cussed out for not *stopping them* from taking hormones after there are repercussions.
        Whatever they do and however they hurt themselves, it will always be some woman’s fault. You know: “Mom’s gonna fix it all soon. Mom’s comin round to put it back the way it ought to be” …
        They are never responsible for their own behavior, and I have noticed that “transitioning” doesn’t change this trait in the slightest.

  17. “Young children don’t need treatment yet,” explains Lacey. “They can make a social transition at home and at school. But older children may need hormone suppressors to delay puberty for a while. This gives them and their families breathing space to decide what’s best for the future.”
    Hormone suppressors ((known as anti-androgens) delay the development of breasts, facial hair and other secondary sex characteristics. Males who identify as female take anti-androgens to block testosterone while females identifying as male take anti-androgens to block oestrogen.
    “These suppressors are 100% reversible,” says Lacey. “Young people resume puberty if they stop taking them.”
    I don’t understand these paragraphs. What are they talking about? Are they talking about anti-androgens or GnRH blockers (puberty suppression). As I understand it, they are not one and the same and have a different mechanism of action.
    I could be wrong, but isn’t this the way it works:
    GnRH agonists (puberty suppression)
    Hypothalamus kicks out GnRH which stimulates the pituitary to release LH and FSH.
    They block the GnRH before it gets to the pituitary. It’s kind of like shutting things down where they initially start.
    GnRH agonists are used for advanced prostate cancer and endometriosis because they shut down the hormones that stimulate tumor growth and spur the formation of endometrial tissue.
    They are also used to treat precocious puberty (puberty when kids normally don’t start puberty). Precocious puberty is not the same as a psychological diagnosis.
    Anti-androgens bind to hormone receptors, but they don’t have anything to do with GnRH. It’s a different mechanism. Why would a FTM take an anti-androgen? I can see why MTFs would. Androgens ( testosterone and androstenedione.) masculinize the body. Females produce small amounts of androgens in their ovaries and adrenals.
    The anti-androgens are also used for prostate cancer and for women who have hirsutism (excess hair growth), low libido, and some other conditions.

  18. “Nicole was 11 when she decided she wanted hormone therapy to halt male puberty and promote the growth of feminine features. ”
    How in the hell can an 11 year old male child “decide” that he wants to take and anti-androgens estradiol to make him look “feminine”. This is being done to him, and his parents probably saw some transgender program on t.v., or read something online. Or, the parents just can’t stand the thought of having a little effeminate boy who, God forbid, might grow up to be an effeminate gay man.
    Why aren’t people allowed to question the family dynamics? Ideas don’t just pop into an 11 year old boys mind. The parents and everyone around this boy have a great influence on him.
    “And so, for the past two years, Nicole has been taking pills twice a day—spironolactone, which blocks male hormones like testosterone, and estradiol, a synthetic form of estrogen often given as a hormone replacement to post-menopausal women, even though estradiol has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer.”
    This boy will be infertile in addition to any other medical conditions he might develop.
    “We have to be sure it’s the right thing to do,” explains Dr Brinkmann. “Cross-sex hormones have irreversible effects on fertility. There’s no going back.”
    Not only does this smack of child abuse, it’s a human rights abuse. Sterilizing children is often viewed as a human rights abuse.
    Why would any doctor so cavalierly render perfectly healthy children infertile?

    1. What the hell is the rush? It’s only been fairly recently that kids hit puberty in their tweens. My mother didn’t start menstruating until she was 16 in the late ’50s. In comparison, more than 30 years later, I started when I was 11. Why is it so impossible to ask supposedly trans kids to start puberty when humans normally start, not on the earlier (possibly pollution caused) schedule?

  19. Turns out that Josie Romero and Jazz Jennings are “frenemies”. From their Twitter accounts:
    From Jazz – “Don’t follow @josie_trans she’s a bitch and doesn’t deserve the follows LOL”.
    From Josie – @Jazz_Trans okay miss barely 100 followers! Don’t kill me jazz you have always been jealous of me, and now our fans or my fans are seeing”.
    From Jazz – “@josie_trans you’re a brat!! stahpppp”
    They just LOVE the attention, and they’re too young and stupid to realize that if they take this sick game to the next step, with the cooperation of their effed up parents and the medical establishment, they will screw up their bodies forever. Are there no sane grown ups in their lives who can put a stop to this bullshit?
    (Check out Jazz’s heavy professional makeup and her provocative pose. Isn’t this boy like thirteen years old?)

    1. From Reddit. Not going to link to it:
      Hello all. I am a 19-year-old trans girl who started HRT when I was 15. Just so you know, I also have Asperger syndrome.
      For years, I have wanted nothing more than to advocate for the trans community, and I always figured that I would end up turning that into a career somehow. I know that sounds silly now, but I really thought that I was fully capable of becoming an author, a screenwriter, an actress, a model, something with high visibility that would better allow me to help the trans community. And ever since I was young, people have expected such great things from me. But now that’s impossible.
      To give some background, I’ve taught kids about trans issues and other forms of oppression before (and gotten paid for it). I’ve spoken at schools and film festivals about my experiences, and before all this happened, I saw myself as a fairly well-enlightened social justice-y type of person. The trouble started back in February. I had been a member of an online manga forum for almost two years at that point. I saw the forum as a mostly safe place, and I had met several other trans women there, who I considered my friends. I had never been on a forum before where there were so many out trans women, or where I could so freely talk about trans issues, and I had been permanently banned from nearly every other forum I had been a part of, so this manga forum was almost like a home for me. In February, I was voted queen of the forums, which was something I had hoped to achieve for a long time, something to prove that I was just as good as the best cis women on the site. I had been a bit scared that my friend Elaine, another trans woman who I had met on the site, would win. About a month prior, she had been “seniored” on the forum, something that she accomplished in less than a year when I had been unable to secure senior membership in a full two years of speaking out about trans issues. I knew that they liked her better, that she was becoming the “good tranny” on the site, but becoming queen allayed my fears for a bit.
      Around that time, I called out Jared Leto at the Virtuosos awards ceremony in my town, accompanied by two of my friends, and we spoke to him for a bit. I’m sure a lot of you already know about it. Anyway, we did manage to get a more accurate account of what happened published on Austostraddle, but I was still disappointed that I didn’t get to communicate the reasons why I was so upset about Leto’s performance in the first place. Of course, Parker Malloy did that for me, but therein lies the problem doesn’t it?
      Before I could really tell anyone on the forum about the whole Jared Leto thing, I got into a fight with some of the people on there. It started with me criticizing the Pope and other pseudo-liberal heroes, but nobody really understood what I was getting at, so I got more and more frustrated. I was also a bit paranoid, as always, and perceived personal attacks where there were none. In the end, I was permanently banned from the site. At the time, this didn’t bother me as much as it should have, because I was still elated about the Jared Leto thing and some of the opportunities that had cropped up as a result, so I didn’t dwell on it much back then. Besides, one of the other members of the forum started to show interest in me, and we started dating some time afterwards. But that day, February 28th 2014, was the beginning of the end for me.
      In the months that followed, I did do some cool trans-related things. I went to see Laverne Cox speak in San Francisco, and I got to go to the reception afterwards. I went down to LA to meet up with some folks from Trans Hollywood, who had invited me there. And I went to the Trans Leadership Conference at Northridge. Of course, I met Eli Erlick there (if you don’t know, she’s a young trans activist, younger even than me, who got surgery at 18, looks much better than I do, and is obviously a much better activist), which caused me to break down in tears. And I got the cold shoulder from a lot of the other trans folks, but I did meet a cute trans boy who kept me company (and more) over the weekend.
      After that, after the point at which I was actually doing things, did it all go downhill. It struck me that I had failed on AP forums. Elaine and Holy and Chelsea (some of the other trans women) had succeeded where I had failed, in successfully communicating with cis people. They could still advocate for trans rights where I could not, they had ALLIES where I did not, all because of my stupid mistake. Not only that, but one of the admins who I had had sex with back in November, now had a crush on Elaine! She was better than me, they were better than me. So I tried to fix it for a while, tried to get back on. My boyfriend “D” (his name will be kept anonymous), who is pretty much the only thing that has kept me alive all this time, convinced me that we could fix it. I was going to go to his house in Finland over the summer, he was going to help me apologize to the site. We had it all planned out, I already knew some of what I was going to say. And then came the day that I regret just as much as the day I was banned.
      I knew that I was going to flunk a course at school (I went to SB City College at the time). Knowing what I know now, I would have gladly flunked it if I could take back what I did. Realizing that I would flunk a course when I had already flunked all my courses the last two times I had attempted college, and knowing that P and the others had beaten me, I decided to kill myself by jumping in front of a train. Minutes before I thought the train was going to come, I posted a suicide note on AP and Facebook, explaining why I was doing it, and it was not entirely fair to some of the other members. It was deleted quickly, but of course a lot of people saw it. Even worse, because the train didn’t come at the time I thought it would, and because the Facebook group where I had posted my note was public when I had thought it was private, I didn’t actually die. Someone, or several people, managed to call the police, and they intercepted me a little while before the train actually came. At this time, I looked at the Internet on my phone, and people were already saying terrible things about me. I had a panic attack and frantically asked the police to take me to the hospital.
      That was the first of four times that I have stayed in the hospital this year.
      I never got to go to Finland. I never got to apologize for what I had done (although God knows I have punished myself for it many times over). There was a short time after my first attempt where we thought that I might still be able to get back on AP, but it all fell to pieces rather quickly for a number of different reasons, and even my boyfriend was de-seniored. What’s more, not only did I flunk the class I was going to flunk anyway, but I’m pretty sure I flunked the other two that I was actually doing well in. So now I’ve basically dropped out of school for good.
      My suicidal ideations took hold of me completely, and for a time, even D had to step back and keep communication with me to a minimum. Back then, I was an admin of a Facebook group called Cool Freaks’ Wikipedia Club. But that’s all gone now, all those people are gone. On one of the days when I was taken to the hospital, I lashed out at the other admins for confronting me about my suicide talk, and I was banned from the group. I used the hospital laptop when I shouldn’t have, I should have just gone to sleep, just like I should have just flunked the class, or held my tongue about the stupid Pope. So now, most of the people who I knew on AP have blocked me, most of the people who I knew from Cool Freaks have blocked me, and a lot of other trans women have blocked me too. And because of the (very) clumsy way in which I’ve communicated my self-hate, quite a few of them believe me to be transmisogynistic, even though I had devoted my life to advocating for trans rights, even though I had taught other kids about trans issues, even though I had called out Jared Leto, even though I was the only one who was brave enough to stick my neck out on AP for two damn years. Even though the only thing I wanted to be, was a hero. This is where bravery and ideals and errant dreams of success brought me, exiled from the trans community and branded as “toxic”, while Elaine enjoys the reverence of both the trans community and the cis “allies” who did away with me.
      I almost know for certain that I am going to die. Please do not call the cops, I don’t have a plan, I’m not planning to do anything tonight. What I mean is, there is nothing I can do with my life anymore. I have been blocked and ostracized by many notable trans women: Joanna Blackhart, Calliope Wong, Elizabeth Flannagan, Elaine herself. I know that I will never feel like a good person again, when so many people who are better than me, think I am bad. And I know that I will never succeed now that so many people are opposed to me, now that most of my pathways have been closed off. I have lost nearly everyone and everything because of this, my friends, my community, my education, my chance of having a career in the future, not to mention my sense of self. And it was all because of a series of stupid mistakes.
      Somehow, I knew it would end like this, ever since I watched that episode of L&O: SVU, “Fallacy”. I knew that I would make a single stupid mistake that snowballed out of control. I guess one thing I didn’t anticipate was that it was other trans women who would turn against me, rather than bigoted cis people like in the episode, and that I would be disgraced as a transmisogynist before the end, despite all my activist work. But I’m not sure if I would have survived in this world anyway. When I was young, I thought that the playing field would be more sparse than it is now. There are too many Lavernes, Eli Erlicks, and Elaines. The trans community never needed me, as evidenced by their willingness to get rid of me now. Compared to them, I am nothing. Elaine is performing later this month with Bethany Black and Avery Edison. I remember when I first saw a picture of Bethany Black on her Wikipedia article, and was more encouraged to transition.
      Now, I am no longer a person, merely a shadow of Elaine. She stands in the place where I would have stood, because she deserves it more than I do.
      I made this post partly so that some people would know what happened. A few days ago, when I was still in the hospital (for the fourth time), I was talking to D and other folks about writing a book that would document my life and experiences. At the time, I was feeling more hopeful than usual. But I’m not sure I’ll finish it now.
      Another reason I made this status is because one of my few remaining trans friends told me to leave the trans community entirely, to go into deep stealth, if I wanted a happy life. It’s true that I pass well enough, no-one would need to know, but I’m conflicted. Despite the way that the trans community has treated me the past few months, I still have that desire I had when I was a bit younger, to be an activist and do something great for the community. And I’d feel bad leaving them all behind. I don’t even know if I’d really have a better life that way, because I have no idea what I would actually DO with my life as a “cis woman”, besides live with D. The only future I ever saw for myself, since I came out, was rooted in my desire to be a hero. But now that’s impossible.
      If anyone has any comments, questions, or recommendations, feel free to post them. I don’t usually use this site, so tell me if I’ve crossed a line somehow.

      1. Solidarity!
        Good Dog that’s fucked up. Imagine being that confused and generally agonized and having some crazy fuck of a doctor thinking that what you really need is to have your adolescent hormones fucked around with.

        1. Roslyn: Interesting question as to whether trans is the least of this young man’s problems. The whole concept is predatory and enables predators. I’d say that at the moment trans is a deeply serious part of his problems, feeling betrayed as he is.
          Caveat emptor.

      2. “Back then, I was an admin of a Facebook group called Cool Freaks’ Wikipedia Club. But that’s all gone now, all those people are gone. ”
        In case you happen to meander on over here, kid – lesson #1 of the Internet is that shit happens, and it happens over and over again. You either have to grow a tougher skin or get off the Internet. Or keep falling into anguish, but I recommend the first two options. – Auntie Miep

      3. Transgender adolescent therapy: “You need help, kid? Fuck that, we got something better here. It’s called “High School Never Ends.”

      4. “… I am nothing … I am no longer a person … The only future I ever saw for myself, since I came out, was rooted in my desire to be a hero. But now that’s impossible.”
        This isn’t a narcissist decompensating! At all! He–sorry, she!!–just needs moar hormones!

      5. Good point Miep. I mean, some of this is typical teen histrionics. Every setback is a cataclysmic disaster the likes of whichnhas never been experienced by transkind. And that’s the problem. Just from reading tumblr I would guess something like half these kids are regular teens going through typical teen shit. Left to their own devices they would have found significantly less dangerous ways to express themselves and assert their independence. And here’s where the real tragedy lies; this so called movement is rife with grown ass men who are exploiting and taking advantage of these kids. Then you have batshit crazy parents who think their kid is the next Honey Boo Boo. The whole situation is too effed up for words, and if you dare question any of it you’re accused of being a transphobic bigot.

      6. Wow. Only 19 and s/he thinks his life is over because of, as everyone is pointing out, stupid high school kind of stuff. So many different issues that I, a non-psychological professional can see. I can only hope s/he is able to get a good psychologist who can get him to a health mental state, regardless of what s/he’s done to his physical body. When the goal and high point of one’s life is being elected “queen” of some internet forum that 99% of the population has never heard of……this is not adult thinking.

      7. I have an idea about the high co-occurrence of ASD and GID. Autistic people (I am one) tend to find routines, rules, and structures comforting, because relying on these can make everyday tasks achievable instead of insurmountable. We also tend to be oblivious to social judgments (for awhile). Then, at some point, we become aware of how much we aren’t conforming, when up to that point we weren’t noticing how others perceived us. Imagine living the first few years of your life as a normal happy-go-lucky kid (from an emotional standpoint) and then discovering that 99% of your peers think you’re a laughingstock. It’s a very rude awakening.
        Of course, things like preferring pink or blue or liking princesses or cars are stereotypes we learn through socializing. So many of us start out being almost completely blind to the stereotypes, then one day we “wake up” and realize how far outside of the norm we are, and usually start thinking, “What is WRONG with me?” and get anxious and depressed. But we have long learned that rigid rules and routines and classification systems bring us certainty where before we had none and help us function where before we would shut down. It can result in trying to make oneself conform to sex stereotypes almost to the point of caricature, and it can also result in adopting the illogical belief that mentally, somehow, we really ARE intrinsically more the opposite sex. Growing up hearing about finger ratios and “brain sex” reinforces it even more when you are suffering confirmation bias and searching for anything that confirms the idea that you really are the opposite sex – especially if you’re gay (as I am) and have been bombarded with messages that gay men aren’t quite men or that lesbians are more intrinsically male.

      8. I spent a year teaching kids with Aspergers who fell into this kid’s general age group (16-20), and so much of what he’s talking about are problems common to Aspergers kids and nothing to do with being trans. Many of our students had unrealistic dreams of being pop stars, star footballers etc., yet didn’t even have the self discipline to complete basic tasks like getting to class on time, let alone anything more challenging. In terms of their social interactions, many would develop these kinds of intense crushes and friendships with others which would then explode and turn into equally intense loathing over minor things, e.g. using a nickname the other person didn’t like or using a particular class computer the other person wanted or something like that.
        A lot of them spent huge amounts of time on the internet on various forums as this was a form of social interaction they found more manageable and less challenging, but they often ended up getting too attached to the people on there and would start behaving in ways that were threatening and inappropriate, and then get upset when those people stopped communicating with them, and blame the people on the forums for rejecting them instead of understanding it was their own bad behaviour that got them there.
        Of course we did try to find various community youth programs etc. our students could join, and this worked really well for some of them in improving their social skills and learning to interact better with others and develop real, actual more balanced friendships…For others, though, they kept repeating the same behaviours.
        It makes me wonder what sort of educational support this student has received considering he is special needs – why is he flunking all his classes? Who’s there supporting him at this college with all that, or checking up on him? Where on earth are his parents? Smart, compassionate, supportive parents can make a BIG difference for kids with Aspergers.

      9. Thanks *so much* to weirdward and Fountain of Gender, because I have tried to puzzle this out so many times. Your wisdom is very much appreciated; THANK YOU for your wisdom, perception and insight.

      10. The suicide threats make me wonder if this person has borderline personality disorder. Of course, no one can diagnose someone based on an internet post, but this problem seems extremely common in transgender people.
        I know of one transgender person with the most severe case of borderline personality I’ve ever seen and now he’s focusing (obsessing) on gender issues to the exclusion of all his other very severe and disturbing problems. The hormones he takes are amplifying his behavioral problems and he cannot have normal human relationships because he explodes in rage at people constantly and refuses to acknowledge that or get therapy for that specific problem. That’s not to mention the constant threats of suicide. And he threatens harm on people who would call the cops.
        Anyway, the young person who wrote the above needs to focus on dealing with the suicidal thoughts and learning the social skills needed to have successful relationships with others. Taking hormones doesn’t treat those issues.

    1. Yeah, the media is a huge problem. You can be a famous trans teen, you can be a famous school shooter. Because that’s how it’s done these days.

      1. This entire thread is really making me realize anew just how big of a “thing” this trans-kid fame is getting to be.
        The long screed from the 19 year old above really drives it home. He knows all these names of celebrity trans kids, they see each other at events, it’s like there’s a damn CIRCUIT they’re on. The infighting between “Jazz” and “Josie” too, the same thing, they don’t live near each other but they’re in this circle where they’re famous and competing over number of “fans.”
        I am getting creeped out in the extreme.
        I wonder how it will be for so many of these people in 25 years when the world has moved on to the next thing?

    2. I’ve got news for that mom. If some of the kid’s friends already know, it’s going to get out, regardless of how “empowered” the mom thinks her kid is. Six-year-olds are not exactly known for their ability to keep secrets.

    3. Reading Gender Mom’s blog is fascinating and horrifying in equal amounts. It’s a shame there is an actual child in the hands of this woman who writes well, but otherwise appears sadly delusional.
      Her ‘transgender’ son, that she’s trying so hard to turn into a girl, eagerly strips off and displays his penis to other children, both girls and boys, and he’s no toddler – he’s in first grade. The mother encouraged him to take off all his clothes and frolic in a water sprinkler at a backyard barbecue with guests present. She undressed him in a swimming pool changing room filled with little girls until he protested. Yet when another mother reports to his teacher that, while using the bathroom, he showed his penis to a female classmate, Mom is convinced the little girl is lying, even though the kid whips it out on the regular. (She also apparently sleeps in the same bed with him.)
      This little boy KNOWS he’s a boy. He’s humoring his batshit crazy mother, who’s already investigating hormone ‘therapy’ for him. Of course he wants to be a famous “trans girl”, like Jazz and Josie, who star in the videos she’s shown him. If he really believed he was a girl, he wouldn’t add the trans part. Mom can barely contain her disappointment when the kid starts asking for jeans and playing Pokemon with the other boys.
      The mother’s nuttiness is validated by the commenters who describe her as “inspirational”, “fantastic”, “awesome”, and her son as “brave”, “courageous”, and “authentic”. If she were a single mother raising a plain vanilla son or daughter – which is still pretty darn hard – she wouldn’t get this kind of fulsome praise. Until I discovered GM’s blog and fell down the trans rabbit hole, I simply would not have believed that parents like Gender Mom existed.
      (Speaking of Jazz Jennings, her Twitter page now features family pictures and photos of him with celebrities, and cute little drawings. A couple of days ago, it featured him in a low cut dress, with heavy makeup, in a seductive pose. Instead of a drawing of a mermaid, there was a drawing he made of a bed, with a message expressing his desire for someone to “cuddle” with, while watching movies, and “fucking”. Ah, these trans girls – they grow up so fast! I’d be willing to bet it was the publisher of his new book, explaining the wonders of a trans childhood, that made him tone down that page, not the parents who so eagerly parade their son in his pretty dresses.)

  20. “I think, you know, “protocols” (laughs)… universally applied “protocols” to something as complex as gender are problematic.”
    Protocols, they don’t need no stinking protocols….
    What makes “gender” more “complex” than anything else? Sorry, I forgot that it’s way more special than anything else. “Gender” and “gender identity” are not actual medical conditions. For all practical purposes, they are culturally defined terms.
    “So now that got put into the Endocrine Society guidelines and is interpreted frequently as “cross-sex hormones shouldn’t be started until kids are sixteen” but that is actually not a protocol we should be following. ”
    I thought endocrinologists were supposed to know more about hormones, GnRH, etc. According to Olson (do I have to call her a doctor like in Hippocratic oath), the use of cross gender hormones should be “individualized”. Never mind sterilizing the kid.
    Read what she says carefully…
    “I think that the care of trans youth needs to be individualized for each person and picking an arbitrary chronologic age is just …a big problem.”
    “Picking an arbitrary chronological age is just…a big problem”.
    In other words, just pick an age because it’s so “individualized”. Are they going to start cross gender hormones at age 10? Why not start them on cross gender hormones at age 8? “Diagnose” them with “gender dysphoria” because it’s so “complex” when they are two months old, and start them on cross gender hormones at age 7.
    History is littered with medical fads and trends that seemed so trendy and progressive at the time, but turned out to be ghastly human experiments. This experiment on children might give lobotomies a good name.

  21. I posted this before, but prefrontal cortex of the human brain, sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties. There is a reason why teenagers do really stupid things, but they think they know everything. These children might feel different, but this doesn’t mean they have the capacity to truly understand what is being done to them, nor are they mature enough to make informed decisions.
    We don’t let 11 year old kids vote, take out bank loans, join the military, or buy alcohol. However, they are supposedly mature enough to willingly give up their fertility and endanger their health.
    This is a human rights abuse.

  22. “By the time he was in preschool, he was lining up with girls, napping on his princess blanket, and carrying his lunch to school in a box stamped with Disney’s latest heroine.”
    THIS is what caused the parents to go to this extreme? OMG. I don’t even know what to say to this. I cannot even believe there are people that think that choosing things coded for the opposite gender matters. They are just toys! Pink is just a color!
    Speechless. This is child abuse.

    1. Hell, maybe the kid likes the princess blanket because it’s actually attractive. Have any of these people actually looked at the crap that’s out there for boys? Every time I go shopping for my sons I swear I’m going to start a clothing line for boys that’s actually, yanno, ATTRACTIVE. By the time the kid’s in pull-ups the clothes are all drab and muddy. Gone are the pretty blues and yellows from when they were babies. I hate that crap. Maybe this is simply a boy that likes pretty stuff. And all boy stuff is oriented toward sports, video games or it’s camouflage. I wound up making all the curtains and such for my boy’s rooms simply because you have a helluva time finding things that aren’t covered in footballs and stuff. Yeah, my kid is into sports, but that’s the center of his universe for crying out loud.
      I guess I need to look at more of these videos because I can’t imagine taking my son to the for any of this crap. I mean, what on earth do you say. “I’m concerned because my kid is watching Frozen on a continuous loop?” Kids watch ALL movies on a continuous loop. Why aren’t these doctors sending these people home with a bug in their ear? How can there be so many unscrupulous doctors, and why isn’t anyone calling this stuff in to CPS?

      1. TELL me about it, Roslyn – I’ve had to buy both boys’ and girls’ clothing, and the difference is remarkable. Most boys clothing is fugly. (So is a lot of girls clothing too, but not nearly as bad as boys.) So often the boys stuff is covered in ugly graphics of monster trucks and the like. I found that the simpler, cuter clothes were usually quite a bit more expensive.
        I can completely understand why a little boy might want to wear a fairy dress that’s all soft pastels, instead of a shirt that’s all hard browns and blues with some violent image on it. Doesn’t mean they want to be a girl, for Pete’s sake.

  23. “my kid ever since he start[ed] having a menstrual cycle has attempted suicide every month. And he’s twelve.”
    So did no-one even stop to consider that an extreme emotional reaction to monthly vaginal bleeding might be a sign that this girl has been/is being sexually abused and needs proper therapeutic treatment and support? Jesus Christ on a cracker.

    1. Seems odd that the story doesn’t mention any details about taking the girl for counseling or putting her on a suicide watch. Most parents consider it a pretty big deal the FIRST time their child(even adult children) attempts suicide, but they talk casually about this happening every month? What were they doing about it between attempts? Why wasn’t she hospitalized, if this was constantly going on? It reads like a justification for what they were doing to her medically, and as a way to elicit sympathy.

      1. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder would be my first thought too. She could be having very painful cramps on top of that.

  24. The mere fact that anyone still thinks there’s such as thing as “cross gender behavior” in 2014 is nuts.
    As for girls reacting badly to puberty — the fact that so many people are still in denial about the social consequences of puberty for girls is also nuts.

  25. Good post as always, GallusMag. To paraphrase another truism, puberty delayed is often puberty denied. Very rarely can you “stop the clock” on puberty, restart it, and regain all that was lost.
    An example of this is quite visible in elite women’s gymnastics, in which high-level competitors may eat only 800 calories a day, yet work out up to 48 hours a week. This results in the notorious 4’8 85-pound 19-year-old Olympian. Genetics alone won’t tend describe this abnormality–many of these gymnasts have sisters and mothers who are 5’8 and 155 pounds each. Unfortunately, when these elite gymnasts stop competing, they may grow a few inches, but are rarely anywhere near approaching the heights of their female family members, and they often retain high voices and other signs that puberty was not completely achieved.

    1. I’ve always thought it was sick that women’s gymnastics emphasizes physical feats that only a prepubescent body can perform. There’s no inherent reason the sport couldn’t be more about strength and less about hyperflexibility and lightness.

      1. Exactly! Just the way it is for the mens! There are some areas of female gymnastics that the adult women can compete it, but of course, they don’t get the media coverage as the “all-around” does.

      2. If it’s a subject that interests you, you should read the book LITTLE GIRLS IN PRETTY BOXES (if you haven’t already). It’s pretty shocking/horrifying, and I imagine it’s only gotten worse since the book came out.

    2. Hi Dorothy: I don’t believe the sport has gotten worse in the US since the book came out, but there is still an unsettling number of noticeably petite 19-year-olds who seem to defy family genetics.
      There are examples in other Olympic sports regarding the effects of tampering with puberty. Witness the young female East German swimmers from the 1970s who were fed male hormones. News stories abound regarding the medical problems they have had since then.
      To take this swimming comparison further, a US swimmer, Shirley Babashoff, was quite vocal back then about her suspicions of doping. She was mocked as “Surly Shirley,” similar to the ridicule that radfems have been taking lately over trans issues.

      1. I remember the East German swimmers. Some of them have since died and at least one transitioned. Interestingly enough, those coaches went to China after the wall came down.

      2. This has been on my mind, too. I saw some interviews about a year ago, and these poor women–then young girls–are really suffering the effects of what is, mostly, testosterone and testosterone-related substances. This is a paper I came across on a really simple search. I don’t understand why physicians aren’t paying a wee bit more attention to the long-term health of their “transgender” patients. It’s pretty scary.

  26. “my kid ever since he start[ed] having a menstrual cycle has attempted suicide every month. And he’s twelve.”
    People aren’t allowed to use common sense at all when it comes to trans*. Sometimes they slap labels of transgender or “gender dysphoria” on five and six year old girls. If a five year old female child is called “he” or “him” long enough, she is going to be very, very confused when she starts puberty. No wonder the 12 year old girl is confused and acting out emotionally. She must know that boys don’t menstruate. It’s not something that her brother does. So, why is she starting to menstruate when it’s a girl thing and she is a “boy”?
    When it comes to young children, parents are just projecting their on view of gender, or what society says is appropriate “feminine” and “masculine” behavior. onto their children.
    No one is allowed to question the family dynamics or cultural influences. The transgendering of children assumes all the following:
    (a.) The diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” is correct to being with, and there isn’t something else going on in the child’s life.
    (b.) The child is completely free from any parental, peer, or cultural influences. How much is “gender dysphoria” in a 12 year old child, and how do we separate this from everything the parents read on transgender websites and blogs? How much is actual “gender dysphoria” or GID and how much is parental discomfort at having a child that doesn’t fit neatly into sex based gender roles?
    (c.) Children have the mental capacity to decide or choose for themselves.
    It’s a scientific fact that the pre-frontal cortex of the human brain which is sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties.
    ”The prefrontal cortex, the part of the frontal lobes lying just behind the forehead, is often referred to as the “CEO of the brain.” This brain region is responsible for cognitive analysis and abstract thought, and the moderation of “correct” behavior in social situations. The prefrontal cortex takes in information from all of the senses and orchestrates thoughts and actions to achieve specific goals. This brain region gives an individual the capacity to exercise “good judgment” when presented with difficult life situations.

  27. “my kid ever since he start[ed] having a menstrual cycle has attempted suicide every month. And he’s twelve.”
    Lady, boys don’t menstruate. Teach your daughter to be proud of her female body, and it’s okay for girls to do things boys do (play with trucks, play baseball, build forts, etc.) It doesn’t mean she is a “boy”.
    Before they are even 12 years old, they are essentially telling these children that there is something wrong with their perfectly healthy bodies.
    This is my advice. Take her to a therapist (not a “gender therapist), and stop lying to her. Kids can pick up on when parents are lying to them. Boys really don’t menstruate.

  28. Another parallel that occurs to me: medical protocol for weight loss surgery. Most US clinics will require that the patient be over 18, have a BMI of 40 or higher (morbid obesity), undergo counseling with a licensed therapist, see a nutritionist, be on a non-surgical diet for a year and have lost some weight on said diet. These requirements are in place even with reversible weight loss surgeries such as the Lap Band.
    Moreover, losing obesity is not controversial in most circles. Changing one’s BMI from 45 to 25 is generally regarded as a good thing in our society.

    1. PS: While rapid and profound weight loss is a psychological adjustment for many, it doesn’t involve changing one’s name, pronoun and social titles, ID cards and bathroom. A number of weight loss surgery patients choose to keep quiet about the surgery with all or most of their social and professional circles.

  29. Dr. Olsen is a hero. I have seen her talk at conferences many times, read her articles in medical journals and most importantly she is my son’s doctor and prescribing him hormones saved his life. Are you aware that 47% of trans* people attempt suicide? Dr. Olsen works with each of her patients to meet their needs and I have seen many very depressed youth who felt terrible about their bodies because it did not match their gender identity. After having cross sex hormones this began to change as their bodies became more in line with who they are. I will always be so grateful for all compassionate, well thought out care Dr. Olsen provided my son. He may not even be here without her intervention.

    1. There is no objective data on transgender suicide rates (although a significant percentage of deaths due to auto-erotic asphyxiation involve men wearing women’s lingerie). But if the rates claimed by pro-gender activists were true, they would be the same as rates of suicidality expressed by other mental-health populations: individuals diagnosed with bulemia, bi-polar, schizophrenia, among others. None of these other groups use their suicide rates as a political hammer to insist that the general public pretend that ematiated people with eating disorders are actually fat, for example. And treatment for the suicidality of the other groups is not “treated” by supporting the delusions that characterize the conditions.
      There is no such thing as Gender Identity.
      Gender Identity is Sex Roles.
      Sorry you poisoned your daughter.
      Also, Dr. Olson is not an endocrinologist. FYI.

    2. Are you aware that the statistics on trans suicides are derived from “convenience samples” and so cannot be extrapolated to whole populations? Are you aware that repeated studies have shown that up to 80% of gender non-conforming children do not persist with it in adulthood? If you reject this statistic, why are you eager to embrace the one on suicide — when even the authors of the trans suicide studies caution that the sample may not apply to the population as a whole? Why are certain that your own child is permanently and irrevocably transgender? (See, I already know this about you — that stuff about puberty blockers being “reversible” doesn’t apply to your kid. You already know for sure that your kid is the real deal. Am I right?) This attitude unheard of with other conditions! In every other childhood disorder from asthma to autism, parents hope against hope that their kid’s condition will be mild and transient. They want the least drastic intervention. Why are you different? How many doctors told you your kid is normal and why did you keep doctor shopping after they told you you had nothing to worry about? How many doctors and mental health professionals did you fire before consulting Dr. Olson? That leads me to ask this: have you yourself been evaluated for Munchausen by Proxy? Don’t you think that it might be good to rule that out before permanently sterilizing your daughter?

      1. Clarification: when I say that “up to 80% of gender non-conforming children do not persist with it in adulthood” I meant that they do not persist with their gender dysphoria. They may or may not embrace stereotypical gender roles.

    3. So, not only are you buying into the homophobic tripe being peddled by the quacks poisoning children, but you also have been brainwashed into believing the numbers coming from a ‘study’ that lacks many of the controls required to be statistically significant.
      Those numbers so often trotted out come from a self-report study of those who bothered to respond. They would have had no way of including those who don’t run in the tranny circles and are not under the care of any of the quacks treating that community. Further, even if some of the tranny contingent WAS still ‘involved’ in the community but was generally content with their life, they also are not apt to respond to a survey. Oh and then there is also the segment who might have issues but didn’t care for their own annexation by the ‘umbrella’ types…almost every survey geared towards ANY element of the lesbian and gay community insists on using the term ‘transgender’ as the identifier for those in the tranny demographic. If they don’t claim that label, they are not apt to respond.
      So, the numbers instead represent a percentage of those few people who knew about the survey and bothered to respond. Those are the people who have basically become professional victims and want to whine on and on and on about how oppressed they are and how unfair society and life are.
      Sadly, I dare say that the quacks like Olsen are ensuring that there WILL be a statistically significant number of suicides amongst those juveniles being poisoned today. They will wake up and realize how miserable their life is by virtue of their parents consenting to their child being poisoned. I can only hope that more of the children’s protective agencies begin to wake up and charge quacks and parents with abuse for this nonsense…

  30. Normal bone density never achieved by adolescents who underwent transgender drug treatments:
    “Bone mass in young adulthood following gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue treatment and cross sex hormone treatment in adolescents with gender dysphoria.
    Daniel Klink1,2, Martine Caris2, Annemieke Heijboer3, Michael van Trotsenburg1,4, and Joost Rotteveel1,2
    Received: May 22, 2014
    Accepted: November 21, 2014
    Published Online: November 26, 2014
    sex steroids are important for bone mass accrual. Adolescents with gender dysphoria (GD) treated with gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue (GnRHa) therapy are temporarily sex steroid deprived until the addition of cross sex hormones (CSH). The effect of this treatment on bone mineral density (BMD) in later life is not known.
    to assess BMD development during GnRHa therapy and at age 22 in young adults with GD who started sex reassignment (SR) during adolescence.
    Design and setting:
    longitudinal observational study at a tertiary referral center.
    young adults diagnosed with gender identity disorder of adolescence (DSM IV-TR) who started SR in puberty and had undergone gonadectomy between June 1998 and August 2012 were included. In 34 subjects BMD development until the age of 22 years was analyzed.
    GnRHa monotherapy (median duration in natal boys with GD (transwomen) and natal girls with GD (transmen) 1.3 and 1.5 years, respectively) followed by CSH (median duration in transwomen and transmen 5.8 and 5.4 years, respectively) with discontinuation of GnRHa after gonadectomy.
    Major outcome measures:
    BMD development during SR until the age of 22.
    Results: and conclusion:
    between start of GnRHa and age 22 the lumbar areal BMD Z-score (for natal sex) in transwomen decreased significantly from −0.8 to −1.4 and in transmen there was a trend for decrease from 0.2 to −0.3. This indicates that the BMD was below their pre-treatment potential and either attainment of peak bone mass has been delayed or peak bone mass itself is attenuated.
    1Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria, VU University Medical Center, De Boelelaan 1118, 1081 HZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
    2Department of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology, VU University Medical Center, De Boelelaan 1117, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
    3Department of Clinical Chemistry, VU University Medical Center, De Boelelaan 1118, 1081 HZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
    4Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, VU University Medical Center, De Boelelaan 1117, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    1. Now THIS is important. Too bad it’ll be completely ignored and buried by the trans community.

    2. -1.4…that’s not good. We have to keep in mind that Osteoporosis is a bone mineral density of 2.5 standard deviations or more below the mean peak bone mass.
      And this study is about adolescents! So the results of people who had to take GnRHa blockers as children might be much worse.

  31. yes well to adress this issue i sure wish they had had this technooly way back in the 1950’s just because by now their would be far more females girl’s who used to be boys females girls born male but changed into girl’s i still want to be a girl!

    1. Sure you do sir. Sure you do. Wow you are tall. Six foot seven. My goodness. Enjoy your Dr. Who television show!
      eleventhdrJanuary 23, 2013
      where can i find dresses for myself like this i am male but am transgenered i wish to be female completly and totally i love dresses like this and have been researcher for ever to find dreses like this for all of us tg cd sissy lgs boys who wish they were litle girl’s!
      eleventhdrJanuary 23, 2013
      i am at pleases send email’s on this!
      eleventhdrJanuary 23, 2013
      i wish i were a real girl like that girl in this picture of her in this red dress!

  32. This woman is a criminal. The whole thing is criminal. Not till these kids come down with diseases from the drugs and hormones, committ suicide or other destructive behaviors when they figure out the surgeries and hormones don’t “cure” their problems or lead to greater societal acceptance and status. In other words they and their parents been sold a lie…
    Just like electroschock therapy, lobotomies, and other torturous therapies done to folks who don’t conform. Especially Lesbians and gays…
    It may be just a matter of time when people see these arent the answers…detransitioners come forward in droves, and lawsuits are instituted against the doctors and possibly even the parents.

  33. hello – in the article, there is a mention of WPATH being funded by the pharmaceutical industry. i’m curious to know if there is a link (or links) you may be able to point me to re: clear evidence of this funding ? i’m interested in citing this funding relationship but have not been able to locate a source to quote ? thanks.

  34. “And so, for the past two years, Nicole has been taking pills twice a day—spironolactone, which blocks male hormones like testosterone”
    Spironolactone is usually given to women who have excessive facial and body hair, or more commonly known as hirsutism, which is caused by out of wack hormones and to much androgens/testosterone. I know because I have pcos and many women with pcos are prescribed spironolactone. So spironolactone was never meant to be given to children but to adults with hormone issues.

  35. This is a sad and sick industry of mentally ill individuals with no morals. First of all, I understand that if you graduate from medical school that you may be desperate for a job and just “go along with” the program to justify your salary, same with plastic surgeons, pharmaceutical reps, etc. But these are actual human children, children from your species, that are being mutilated beyond repair. These are the children of mentally ill parents, that are so wrapped up in anxiety and overdosed on prescription meds that they can’t see the harm that they are doing to their own child’s future. These are people on the spectrum that blindly follow the advice of medical doctors who urge them into these horrifying prodecures with fear tactics, like, your child will commit suicide if they don’t transition. Bullshit, your child will commit suicide more likely if they do transition. All of these children and their parents are on the autism spectrum. These parents don’t have the proper discipline to raise a child on the spectrum. The parents need cogitive therapy and so do these children. They need in home therapy and support. They need to learn to love themselves and the body they were born in. If the medical community was able to profit off autism therapies — which the government does NOT provide — they wouldn’t be pushing these kids into these horrible medical procedures, which unfortunately, thanks to our president and the overly politically correct trans agenda, the government does pay for these horrifying genital mutilation procedures on our speical needs children. When will this idiocy stop? If this were done to me as a child I would not have three beautiful children, a family, and a successful career right now. I would be lamenting over the loss of my fertility, breasts, and living a sad life of trying to pretend I’m a man without a real penis. People wake up!!! Just because a person has an advanced degree, it does not give them common sense, morals. Even if you do not believe in god, you should have some sense of the idea of “mother nature” and “dna” and the fact that the human body was made by nature, the way nature intended. Some bogus theory of “traditional gender roles” does not define everyone. Just because your daughter prefers pants, that does not make her a boy. The ONLY difference between male and female IS our genitals. PERIOD. The rest is just sterotypes, social constructs, imagination, the frosting that we put on the cake. If a cake is chocolate on the inside, you can coat it in pink or blue frosting on the outside, that doesn’t change the flavor. There is no point in living an unauthentic life with pronouns and body parts that weren’t naturally assigned within your genetic code. It doensn’t matter what you feel like you are, you are what you are. Embrace it. Learn to accept it. And please quit diagnosing the autistic and asperger’s children as trans it is a disgrace and the medical community should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this national tragedy (which has already been disproven as a failure, and disregarded by top medical practitioners world wide). Do your research people, don’t let this new medical industrial complex fool you into taking our taxpayer dollars to mutilate your children. It is a profit driven industry and promoted by past victims. Past victims of gential mutilation always want to bring others into their misery to validate their own past mistakes, and they will do anything to hold onto the illusionary happiness that they feel by promoting their mistakes, so that they don’t have to deal with the grief and pain they feel at the loss of their erections, sex life, orgasms, right to reproduce, which is far more painful to face than blogging happy transisms.

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