Tonight LIVE: Elizabeth Hungerford, and Sheila Jeffreys on WORT

wort radio   Air Times: US: 7pm Central, 11pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern UK: 1am AU: 10am Perth, 1pm Canberra   From the Madison Isthmus:

“The Access Hour with Jeffreys is being hosted by Thistle Pettersen, a Madison musician and activist who applied for the slot. She said she first became aware of the schism in feminism two years ago, when she attempted to host a workshop at an anarchist book fair in the Twin Cities.

Her description of her workshop read in part: “This workshop is intended for womyn, or female-bodied people who grew up socialized female. If you don’t fit into that category, again, you are welcome to come as an ally, but the focus of our discussion will be specifically on the liberation of female folk and how our struggle relates to anarchy, general social organizing, and anarchist circles in the Midwest.”

Pettersen says her workshop description prompted numerous threats on her Facebook page, accusing her of being transphobic. “There was a man on the Facebook page who threatened to beat me up with a baseball bat and break my guitar.”

Since then, Pettersen says she feels the struggle for women’s rights has increasingly been “hijacked” by “men who transgender to women.”

“It’s really becoming increasingly difficult to have a rational discussion about how gender harms girls and women, because the conversation has shifted to how transwomen are hurt by feminism.”

  From the Event Page:

“Last spring, I invited Sheila Jeffreys to engage me and the Madison community (and beyond) in an hour-long discussion of women’s liberation and transgender politics. She accepted and I have been formulating questions for our radio show ever since.

 Jeffreys is Professor of Feminist Politics in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She recently released the book “Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism”

 We will also be speaking with Elizabeth Hungerford, Lesbian Feminist lawyer who co-penned the infamous “Letter to the UN on the Status of Women” in 2011. She will talk about changes to current laws that are pushing back women’s rights and protections.

 In addition, B. A. will join us with her perspective as a detransitioning woman. She was transgender until she realized the harms it was doing to her body and her mental health. She will tell some of her story and provide information for people who are considering transgendering.

 Tune-in on the internet LIVE the night of the show: Just click on the right-hand side at the top of the page to the orange bar that says “Listen Live”

 We will discuss the term “transphobic” and examine how it is used to shut-down and silence feminist discourse and organizing. In addition, we will talk about the harms of transgendering to those who do it and to their family and friends.

 Call the station the night of the show at 608 256 2001 or toll free at 866 899 9678 to let them know you support giving lesbian feminist women a platform to talk about feminism and that you would like future programming to include lesbian feminist perspectives.”

  Read about the attempts by Transgenderists to censor this Lesbian Feminist program HERE: wort radio

38 thoughts on “Tonight LIVE: Elizabeth Hungerford, and Sheila Jeffreys on WORT

  1. I just listened to Access Now on WORT. Great show. Thank you so much for letting me know about it. IO listened to it on my computer. Didn’t even know I could do that. Anyway, thank you. We need more communication, more information, and more knowledge. You are providing that.
    Stephie Smith

  2. I can scarcely believe it. She got to answer all the questions until she was done. And EH and the detransitioned woman, everyone got to SPEAK. I half expected there’d be dead air, a “technical problems” announcement and elevator music for the rest of the hour. Fantastic. I feel electrified.
    Thank you to everyone involved.

  3. The Facebook link was unavailable, I guess because the event is over, but I immediately thought the page was taken removed by Facebook censors. Shutting down women’s voices has become so pervasive that I automatically assume the worst! I look forward to an hour to hear this. I love listening to Jeffreys, even when I disagree with her. She expresses herself so clearly.

  4. Update: The resulting conversation on Thistle’s FB wall resulted in a predictable ban. Thistle got banned from Facebook. There was a respectful, lively conversation going, with particularly fine contributions from Elizabeth Hungerford and Charlotte Croson. All censored.

    1. Really illustrates what absolute Kryptonite lesbian feminism is to the transgender politic. Even a single lesbian’s facebook wall must be censored. Keep speaking up, folks! This is how we (and the trans!) know it will all come crashing down. You cannot build a sustainable political movement that requires totalitarian censorship.

      1. Update to the update: I was misinformed. The page was deactivated not banned. It’s back up now.

    1. Jesus. Must be the work of Kommander Kumslut, otherwise known as Brielle Harrison. He is the self-described transgender censor of lesbians and feminists on Facebook, apparently having been hired for that specific purpose.

    2. So, totally my bad. She’s not banned. Her account was deactivated b/c she was messing around w/the password. It’s back up. Still don’t know why all my chat msgs seem to be deleted. I’m a dope. Sorry to all for crying wolf!!

      1. Thank you for making the correction, but don’t feel bad. A lot of us are making these assumptions now. See my comment upthread. Censorship is happening so often and so blatantly and pervasively that it’s actually a reasonable assumption, even if not always true. We do need to stop and take a breath though, before we react.

  5. Thistle put together a good program. She asked hard questions and asked her guests to respond to charges transactivists make against them and other radfems. I don’t see why she should be given flack for this. Because the women on her show responded reasonably and intelligently?

  6. I listened to the interview, and did not hear anything related to Blake Abney’s medical problems related to transitioning. Everything I heard was related to the sociological experience. Has Abney commented specifically on medical issues? This is of interest to me, as the pharmaceutical industry has been marketing testosterone to born-women to address issues such as depression and lack of libido. Seems like a risky treatment, and of relevance to transgender issues.

    1. The amount of testosterone given to non-trans women would be a much, much smaller dose than what’s given to FtMs. That’s not to say that it’s not harmful, but it would be pretty futile to try and compare the two, especially given that we still know next to nothing about how the high dose of testosterone affects FtMs.

      1. You’re right, I did not consider dosage. I know that Rogaine for Women is at a lower dose than Rogaine for Men, because the latter may cause hair growth on the face, which women don’t tend to want. Men’s Rogaine contains 5% minoxidil versus the women’s 2%.

    2. That’s why I had asked Thistle to change the questions since I hadn’t been on hormones long enough to have much side effects (Other than the obvious, wanted changes)

  7. I grew up with the notion that one is not born but rather becomes a woman. You seem to disagree with that idea, and your opinion seems to me a rather deterministic notion of womanhood centred around biological essentialism. Am I wrong in this assessment?

    1. Lawd no, I don’t think anything like that. I should post a blog where questioning folks such as yourself can read my views. Oh wait I HAVE. AND YOU’RE COMMENTING ON IT.

    2. What horseshit. You did not “grow up” with that notion.You “grew up” with the same “notion” as everybody else: that women are adult human females. Go away, liar.

    3. I find it bizarre that what used to be known as biological essentialism — you are born female, therefore X [usually limited to being a wife and mother] is your lot in life — is now used to refer to biological REALITY. Yes, reality is rather deterministic: If I am born with XX chromosomes, I am female. If you are born with XY chromosomes, you are NOT female. However, societal determinism — you are born female, therefore X is your lot in life — is a mountain of bullshit: Because I am female does not mean I can’t climb your mountain of bullshit and blow it to kingdom come.

    4. Odraden, one “becomes” a woman because one is born a girl…
      Yes, that’s right…girls grow into women, not boys.

  8. Thank you for posting this! Here is an mp3 file of the radio show so in case anyone would like to hear it even a year from now, it should always be in this file.
    [audio src="" /]

  9. This ought to be amusing:
    Monday, February 23rd — a WORT Pledge Drive Program — Laura G hosts Mara Keisling on Transgender Issues
    In this program airing during the first week of the WORT Winter-Spring On-Air Pledge Drive, Laura Gutknecht, Technical Director at WSUM Radio and recent Chief Engineer at WORT, hosts a program responding to the October Access Hour program that featured Sheila Jeffreys on transgender issues in radical feminism. She hosts Mara Keisling, the Executive Director of the National Center on Transgender Equality, over the telephone for the show and opens the line to air and record some feelings of others in the transgender community about the effects of the Jeffreys Show. The controversy surrounding that Access Hour program fits well also into the current buzz about freedom of speech.
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