26 thoughts on “Testosterone: by AnythingButFemale

  1. That is a great video, though I worried about the losing weight part might interest some women who otherwise would not be interested in testosterone at all. You know, the ones who would damage their health in other ways to be skinny.
    And really they should know the voice is more likely to be cartoon chipmunk than deep.
    Gallus is our champion, for all girls and women!!!

    1. I agree, it is great. As for your criticism: I’m against dumbing things down for the stupid. At what point are those of us who “get it” allowed to do scathing hilarious satire? I’d say that point is now. Also I find the armchair critiques of technological video quirks mentioned in this thread to be poisonous, toxic and strange. DIY folks! Google it! Do it! Live it! And if you aren’t doing it, then shut the fuck up!

  2. Thanks for getting it, GM, and for your solid defense! She’s freaking brilliant and hilarious. I can’t believe it isn’t viral yet.

  3. Judging by the activity on the beach behind T’d up Sgt Shane during her interview it appears she cannot string more than a few words together before heavy editing is necessary. It makes you think what SS was really saying;

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