198 thoughts on “Female Smith College Students rally in support of Men's Rights

  1. I don’t understand why this man wearing lipstick is so up in arms over Smith college. Last I checked, the vast majority of colleges were co-ed and would accept him (assuming he meets their GPA & other non-gender standards.) Lots of men wear lipstick, lots of women don’t wear lipstick (myself included), I’m not sure why this man thinks wearing lipstick somehow magically makes him a woman. I don’t think of myself as a man, just because I don’t wear lipstick (and I’m pretty sure my husband agrees I’m not a man…..)
    I’ve never thought of myself as a radfem, but it seems I have much more in common with radfem, then, then whatever it is this man wearing lipstick is trying to sell.

  2. Seeing a group of young women literally parroting what The Male Master shouted, filled me with such rage that I couldn’t bear watching more than a few seconds. When the rage subsides, sadness will replace it. Those young women might just as well give up their right to vote, since they prefer males telling them what to think and say.

    1. Apparently The New Feminism™ will be female-free! Yay, dudes with lipstick will set the agendas, in Iceland, dudes in suits will set the agenda.
      No actual women necessary!
      (I totally agree, it is really depressing to see those YW be led by a male, and participate in their own future oppression, and that of their daughters)

      1. I don’t even need to watch the video lol. That one still already tells you completely how violently male this guy is.

    2. Yes, gave me chills. Meet the latest cult leader. He’s the one who needs to be worshipped for getting up at 5 am and putting on clothes and riding a bus. FFS

      1. It’s strange, though. Cult leaders are usually charming and charismatic. This guy is obviously a whiny, entitled loser. I cannot figure out why these women are giving him the time of day, much less taking orders from him.

      2. This dipshit wouldn’t have any credibility if he didn’t drag these token “cis scum” to his dick rights protest.

    3. I actually managed to get through the entire 1:22 and want to invite every woman who does so over to my house for cake.

      1. haha, I admit, I gave up at around 00:45. Kudos to Gallus, you, and others who are willing put yourselves through watching this stuff, to keep the rest of us informed.

    4. You’re not a damn woman! Truly ridiculous. People – do whatever you need to do to be happy – but suddenly calling yourself a woman does NOT give you the right to barge in on actual womens’ spaces.
      More women just getting bullied into doing what an entitled boy wants them to – and all his supporters standing there shouting with him – just to be up on the latest trends in activism, no doubt… All the while ignoring far more serious actual womens’ issues – (besides, getting called a feminist is SO out this year.)

  3. What the fuck. That is a man with lipstick on. If he’s a “woman” then I am a man because I’m not wearing long blond tresses and a dress.
    I also love “I got up at FIVE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!” Yeah mate, I regularly get up at 4am. It’s called being working class and having to do unpleasant things for a living.

    1. Thanks for this, a cat. I used to always get up at 5 a.m. (now I get up at 3:30 a.m. though I am disabled because I have an old dog who can’t hold her pee). My husband works nights as a nurse, so at 5 a.m. he is taking care of people. Is there supposed to be something amazing about 5 a.m.?

      1. Dogtowner, give your dog a pat from me (despite being a cat, I am fond of dogs too!) Yeah, he’s a stupid fucker. When he gets into the real world, if indeed this ever occurs, he can start moaning about getting up at 5am. I’ve done split shift many times – 5pm to 4am, couple of hours sleep, 9am to 5pm, 1 day off, 5pm to 4am…I also didn’t complain about having to put clothes on, as it gets pretty cold doing split shift in December if you’re naked 😀 Some of these wee bastards don’t know they’re born.

      2. Think they’re still floating in the womb? Or sort of realize they’re not and they’re really, really angry? Split shifts, omigod. I used to work nights in NYC, but I could never work third shift (known as lobster shift in typeshops). We’ve got kitties as well, only two now, having lost two other beloveds in the past year-plus. Cats and dogs are the best antidote to the assholism displayed in the video; they are so sane and sensible.

      3. My job requires me to get up at 4:30. Where’s my statue? The thing is, for this basement dweller (most likely mom’s basement, where he plays World of Warcraft or the like for hours on end (his avatar is a buxom golden-haired elf princess, of course)) getting up, bathing and dressing before, say, 3 pm is not a normal thing. So affirmation for things the rest of the world does as a matter of course is not only necessary, it’s critical to his self esteem. You’re killing him otherwise! So trophies all around!

    2. Yes but that’s easy for “cissies”
      Don’t you realise how hard it is for these folks to actually get up after spending all night feeling oppressed?
      The poor delicate flower!

  4. “I got up at 5 in the morning and I put on clothes and got on a bus and they didn’t let me in!”
    Stop press! A man has been ignored! Human rights atrocity!
    You’ve got some serious anger issues dude. Not women’s fault you’re deluded. Not our job to take care of your male ego that tells you you’ve got the right to run rough-shod over women who disagree with you. And newsflash, you were probably excluded because you are male. Everything from your voice to your body to your extreme anger and attitude of entitlement is male.
    Getting out of bed and putting on clothes is hardly the achievement of a great political activist. That is the bare minimum most people do every single day.

    1. Also woah, what? The Board of Trustees didn’t let a student come in and talk at their meeting without officially being on the agenda first?
      Why, that NEVER happens! This must be some new form of transphobia!!1!1!

      1. Actually, they did let students come to the meeting, but only Smith students, which is totally reasonable, as it’s a private school and they pay to attend. Our poor little lipstick-wearing fool is upset because his trans status hasn’t granted him an all access pass to private meetings.

      1. Funnily enough, the lead singer of Kiss, Gene Simmons, is beloved by the MRA creeps. They love to quote him, which isn’t that surprising as Gene Simmons is a narcissistic, misogynistic d-bag.

    1. yep, because we all know that a women is defined by how much much make-up she has on and what clothes shes wearing.

      1. @hyena punk- Usually straight white men like yourself and the dude in the video try to gussie themselves up in laydee gear trying to pass as actual real women. Hence the whole “trans” prefix which means crossing over.

      2. Exactly, hyena punk. I’m not defined as “woman” by my makeup and clothing, but by the vagina I was born with.

  5. Well, I think it is a terrible injustice! I mean, he got up at 5 am! And, he even put on clothes!!!! And, then he traveled all the way to a meeting to which he wasn’t invited, but they wouldn’t let him in!!!!!!!!!! I’m crying right now!!!! Oh wait, no, that’s laughter

    1. I think I should call Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch right now to inform them of this horrifying situation. Getting up at 5 am? Oh, the humanity!
      I honestly cannot see him as anything other than an entitled dude. If he’s a woman, I’m an okapi. Standing there screaming about getting up in the morning and putting on clothes and acting like you’ve just undergone a major ordeal? Sounds like an incredibly spoiled asshole. Getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning to get to work is the norm for hundreds of millions of people.
      The little black dog the lady on the left was holding was pretty cute though.

      1. Yeah, I love the fact that PUTTING ON CLOTHES OMG THE HORROR. If he showed up at Smith with his knob hanging free, I have a suspicion it wouldn’t have helped his case.

  6. The part at the end where he whines about having to get up at five o’clock in the morning!! and having to get his ass on a bus!! just slays me. This spoiled rotten white boy in lipstick has no idea, NO IDEA, how hard how billions of women – millions in his own country alone – work. That part of his little tantrum was an insult to every woman on earth.
    Then he shrieks about being “shut out” of a meeting – as if he’d been invited in the first place. Was he invited in the first place? Or was the meeting open to the public? Based upon these guys’ track record, and pattern of lying by omission, something tells me that he went to crash the meeting, and those who actually belonged there said “no” to him – and we all know how these guys respond when someone says “no” to them.
    God, what a self-centered, spoiled, totally oblivious dickhead.

  7. I expect this garbage from M2T. They are men afterall. Why they can’t just be happy with the 99% of colleges where they are welcomed and privileged speaks to their manhood.
    But seeing those women made me angry. I know they just drank the kool aid but they are still traitors. Fighting for men to ruin a womens college. Disgusting. I want to shake them and tell them to stop, women only space is rare and beautiful, please don’t destroy all women have worked for. Tell them those are men, they don’t GAF for you.
    Men like this make me think these type of trans are actually worse then MRA, because at least we can keep MRA out. The men want into our skin.

  8. I can’t get the video to play correctly from your link. I’m on my phone so it may just be me. I watched it on YouTube, though. The women cheering him on, wasting their precious time on a man looking to *take away* from them, is sickening. And just sad.

    1. I always have trouble with youtube videos from my ipad, but the mobile site works fine as long as the video has a mobile version, which this does.

  9. I think this guy is protesting that Smith takes WBW, but will only take trans that have had all their paperwork changed because of SRS. Not sure, but I think so.
    I heard him say something about how it’s not fair that it has to be so expensive for trans to get in, which is generally their rallying cry for keeping their peens. This man thinks he should say he’s a woman and that’s all it ought to take.
    I think a school for WBW ought to deny all trans, why can’t they fight for their own spaces instead?

    1. Can you imagine? Just try and picture a bunch of trans”women” organizing their own college, getting accredited, finding benefactors, issuing scholarships, to say nothing of teaching. how the hell does a group accomplish that when you have pause for applause everytime a staffer manages to get themselves out of bed, or tie their own shoes (without putting a run in their pantyhose)? These dudes cant possibly organize for themselves because there wouldnt be enough room for everyone to be eeeexxtraaa speshuuuul. what a circus that would be. cant be done, gotta infiltrate some other group (oh oh oh!! pick one thats vulnerable) so that there is enough oxygen left in the room for one or two speshul laydees to take over without total asphixiation. too many trannies in a single space and nobody gets to breathe.
      how the hell would Summer, and Tiffany and Zoe1, Zoe2 Zoe’s3 thru 103 and all the Ambers and Angies (whose real name is Bob) stop primping in the mirror and showing off who has the bigger moobs long enough to found a college?
      Trying to picture it makes me lol

      1. Wow! What a concept. Perhaps they’d have a large department of “cis gender” studies and we could all get paid big bucks to work there. On second thought, nah!

      2. cisgender studies lol. first class offered on the curriculum would be Breaking the Cotton Ceiling 101

      3. I guess we won’t get those plum jobs with flexible schedules and summers off. We’ll have to settle for the early morning jobs that the non-privileged do.

      4. They do have their own institutions. They’re called dive bars where they blow guys for cocaine.

  10. A boy in lipstick demanding that women cater to his delusion that ‘woman’ is a thought any man or boy can have, and as a boy with a delusion, he is oppressed by the fact actual females exist.
    The ‘lipstick’ is what makes him female? #educationFail
    He is anti-education, why go to school at all? The non-sexist books will anger him because he is unstable and wants to penetrate the woman’s space to make it more sex-for- men friendly.
    It used to be a thing to encourage young people to be themselves, now there is a destructive movements that tells kids to be what they are not, and throw tantrums on to the world and against reality until a mommy or a female non-human comes over to cater to men and ‘boy-not-first’ tears.
    and nearly
    every one of these boys are white-privileged males that want that feeling of walking into a room of women and knowing that they will be put first for nearly everything the girls group does- cause the default human has penis, and if penis is around, they have no choice but to put him first, or they will be labeled rude bitches. it is a guy thing. Mentally ill narcissism, I would ask what kind of meds hes’ on.
    . He has a right to wear lipstick in the other college and is not in danger anymore than any openly gay guy.. Now females that go to the woman’s college to make good connections will be terrorized by boys in lipstick that police the halls for women’s conversations.
    They think a school for women should be open to boys that cant get into the regular college because of low grades?

    1. Smith is really competitive, as is Wellesley. Although it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the next step is to argue that judging trans applicants on their grades is “oppressive”. The trans brigade has a really hard time being held up to the same standards as anyone else.

      1. No doubt they’ll say “I was suicidally depressed because I was unable to express my genderp identitay, that’s why my grades were poor,” or “I was busy transitioning in high school and it prevented me from focusing on my studies,” or best of all, “my teachers were all cis scum and thry gave me bad grades cuz they’re bigots!!!1!!”

    2. “It used to be a thing to encourage young people to be themselves.”
      Whatever happened to this? It’s horrifying to think that young people today know even less about their actual selves than when I was young, but it seems to be the case with the eagerness to pretend you’re something you can never be. But living in a fantasy seems to be a popular pastime for adults — conservatives: oh, the wonderfulness of the past! liberals: oh, the wonderfulness of the future! — so young people can hardly remain immune to such stupidity.

  11. those women have more likely than not been coerced, harassed, threatened, and humiliated into supporting that piece of shit and his twanz cronies. look at how dead their eyes are, look at their passive body language, listen to their hollow cheering that they probably rehearsed behind his back so he wouldn’t attack them after his little rally. that idiot displays more passion in three seconds than they do the entire video. it makes me so, so, so sad to see women and girls being exploited in the name of “activism”, i.e men exploiting us for their own benefit. these women have all my love and support. i hope they realize what a pathetic, entitled douchebag he is and come over to woman-only politics.
    also, “i got up at 5 A.M, and put on CLOTHES, and got on the BUS” is one of the most eye-rollingly moronic things i’ve ever heard. you poor able-bodied, financially stable male; being forced to wake up early and take the bus like a common plebe (i.e like a woman). if this guy had to do even a 25th of the work one woman does in a day he would be inconsolable and probably never recover from ~teh traumaaaa~. lmfao

    1. concur…and really hope that their alumni begin speaking up against the bullshit. Alumni dollars used to carry some weight on university decision-making…even from those who were nowhere near a donor level that puts names on buildings.

  12. On a serious note, though – what’s this he was saying about Smith unofficially letting “trans women” in? Isn’t this the place that wouldn’t let Calliope Wong apply?
    Although now that I think about it perhaps if Wong had managed to get “female” on his FAFSA they would have let him in? Maybe that’s what it’s about…

    1. I’m pretty sure Smith admits trans women who have “female” on their official forms. Wong didn’t because his state requires SRS for an official gender change.
      Keeping peen out of a women’s college is really the least they could do, similar to the feds’ rule for prisons. Now that women’s colleges are buying into the genderfeels and trans newspeak, I fully expect the rape rate on campus to skyrocket, rape committed by ladypeens of course.
      I’m really not looking forward to the trans brigade calling all the victims liars since genderfeels make trans women incapable of committing sexual assault.

    2. Yes, there is one MtT at Smith. My belief is that Smith cannot exclude applicants if they are legally “female.” I would guess it would open them up for lawsuits, but I’m not sure.
      The transwoman who is attending Smith is a simpering bully and has a bunch of handmaidens. It’s very unfortunate. I happen to know that there are a lot of women at Smith who are opposed to admitting males, but it’s very risky to speak out about it right now. The trans activists there are vicious.

      1. There is a real cult of fear at other colleges and universities, too–I have a friend teaching women’s/gender studies on the west coast, and her fear of getting fired, denied tenure, etc. if there is even a *hint* of ‘transphobia’ in anything she says, writes, does–pushing up against fascism, as I see it.
        It is a really frightening phenomenon, and it makes no sense to me. It’s as if there is a whole slew of folks who are under some sort of spell, and really can not see what’s going on here, and what its foundations are. Then there are the rest of us, who may very well be crazy in other ways, but not crazy enough to be able to deny our own senses, never mind our politics.
        I think our side is gaining ground, though.
        Thanks, GM, and all of you, too. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Don’t be quiet.

  13. I had no idea how committed this man is to whatever he is for until I heard him utter those inspiring words: I got up at five o’clock in the morning and put on clothes and got on a bus. I stand in awe of this dedication. How many of us would be willing to make those sacrifices in order to reveal ourselves as completely self-involved and delusional?

  14. I get up at that time each week to go to work. I know actual women in real life who get up at 3:30 or 4:00 and get on a bus to take their kids to daycare so they can take another bus to go to work. They put on clothes, including their kids clothes. They also prepare meals for these kids. If they’re lucky, they have only one job. That’s what many, many, many actual women do.
    You do it once and omgoddess, it’s a huge deal. Then you blather on and on, and on, blah, blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.
    Get a damn job and stop yer bellyachin’. Or do something to help poor women. Why not picket local or national government offices to get minimum wage or stop welfare cuts for mothers and children? I don’t care if you go in lippy or not. And stop diverting those young women from women’s issues like poverty and healthcare.
    Really, look at yourself!

  15. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2014/10/smith_college_transgender_protest.html
    “Biology does not make a woman!” shouted Kilian. What does make a woman, you ask?
    “When I was little I wore dresses and walked on tiptoes, insisting I was a girl. Then I got a message that it was not OK, so I dropped it,” said Kilian, of West Hartford, Conn.
    She came out as gay some years later, but realized it didn’t go far enough in capturing how she truly felt she had been, misassigned at birth, so to speak.

    Walking on tippy toes? Well that settles it. At least he didn’t mention Madonna videos.

    1. Well yeah, walking on tippy toes because his feet were just biologically DESTINED for stiletto heels!!

    2. Walking on tiptoes is a manifestation of autism. So is the delusion you’re female when you’re not.

    3. Many, many kids walk on their toes and grow out of it, according to the Mayo clinic website. It can be associated with autism or nerve and muscle diseases, but not usually. Perfectly normal. Kids of both sexes do this. Not usually a sign of anything except learning how to walk.
      Silly, silly idea that females inherently like to walk on their toes. But adult M2t’s do mince about and also have to learn to balance on high heels, which sensible women don’t wear, the majority of women, that is.

      1. I’ve always spent a lot of time on my toes:
        *keeps your feet a bit cleaner when barefoot
        *make less noise (useful when you’re 3rd shift!) when moving about; people who heel strike on stairs are just so freaking loud.
        *when you’re moving fast, it’s biologically preferable. Sprinting shoes don’t even have heels.
        *be taller! (tall people do it too.)
        I’m guessing most people spend a bit more time on their toes than they realize but this guy seems to equate it with *en pointe* or something.
        Fuck high heels, he should be made to do that and see how much fun gender roles are. My first year of college, I met a few dance majors who showed off their foot injuries — or maybe just what they considered their averagely average weekly condition? — but I guess this guy isn’t interested in being part of the community at the school* he actually goes to or bothers listening to anyone else’s experience.
        *maybe if he wanted to do a more useful protest event, he could be pointing out that his own school is named after a genocidal maniac who used biological warfare? But it’d be difficult to make that all about himself.

      2. These dudes seize on all kinds of random shit as proof they’re women. It must be some weird variant of confirmation bias.

  16. I, for one, am very grateful that he put on clothes. As for the rest, he can go fuck himself.
    I actually feel for those young women who think they are doing the right thing and being oh so progressive. They see how women who do not center men are treated, and they don’t want to be treated that way. They don’t want to be called bigots or racists (?) or be blamed for the (literal) deaths of trans women, so they capitulate. Not particularly brave, but very human. It’s like the libfems on tumblr, who decry their “cis privilege”, and then one by one realize they are not actually cis but genderfluid or non-binary or some other trans identity, so that other people will care what they have to say. It’s like something out of The Crucible.

  17. What a disgusting female-hating little prick. We know they hate women, but why are the other women joining him. We know that too. These horrible men could be brought down if women said no to them.

  18. There’s two enormous fucking elephants in the room here, and one’s class.
    “Me? I have to get up at 5am? But people like me shouldn’t have to do that sort of thing! That’s for the other people, oh, you know who I mean…”
    Said up top I did split shift and I would love, love, to see that spoilt little rich twat do it. You sleep in your uniform for starters, saves time between shifts. Set multiple alarms because if you’re late on shift – well, let’s just say you don’t want to be late. You’ve only got a few hours sleep and you don’t want to be pulled off roster, so be careful. When you’re on shift, doesn’t matter that you only got three hours sleep. You have to be as alert and bright eyed as if you got 13.
    This is one of the things it means to be working class. That’s the sort of thing that stupid little fucker with lipstick on will never have to do.

    1. Once again, thanks to you. There was lots of sympathy for the young women supporting this dude above, and I thought to myself, “These are mostly very privileged young women! They have grown up in wealthy families and get to go to a very exclusive college. If they ‘scared’ of this idiot, why don’t they all just gang up on him?” I left home at 16, had no parental support, and can’t really cry for long over the delusions of the upper-middle classes.

      1. YES!!!!!
        I know it’s scary to speak up, but most of these Women are the most privileged of the privileged! They can afford the risk, where the lower classes cannot.
        But they won’t- they will leave it to the rest of us, who don’t have the safety and privilege to avoid these fuckers, or protect ourselves when they stalk/dox/get us fired/invade Dv and homeless shelters. I know it’s “oppression olympics”, but sometimes those that can, should, stick their necks out for those who cannot. and in this case, its the poor and non white at the most risk, from the trans AND from standing up to them!
        As for men in our spaces- if I notice I will tell them to GTFO straight up, so long as I don’t think I will get a ass kicking.

      2. Don’t blame the women…as a lower class woman I feel like gender wasn’t pounded into me nearly as hard as women in the classes above me. In working class families, strength in women is valued and encouraged a lot more. You have to be strong to survive working class life. Sure, economically they are advantaged, but that’s not the end all be all.

      3. Jen, I very much agree with AntagonisticThinker’s analysis below. I don’t blame these young women for being foolish — haven’t we all been foolish? — but neither am I filled with sympathy for them. I’ve known some very privileged women and haven’t found that growing up privileged helps people think clearly, but it does give them access to opportunities and resources many other women lack.

  19. Without the handmaidens, dickcheese, wouldn’t even be there but thanks to these moronic girls…there he is. Those girls don’t belong at a woman’s college either!! They’re parents shouldn’t waste the tuition.

  20. Since Mills College and Mount Holyoke crumpled on this topic (i.e. any male who says he’s a woman can be admitted, no other criteria required), it’s going to get harder and harder for the rest to hold the line.
    At some point the MRAs are going to say (with some justification): Hey! You let in everybody but cis males who identify as men! How come we can’t be admitted? That’s DISCRIMINATION! It’s just anti-male!
    And before you know it, women’s colleges will be history.
    They’ll have fraternities, and football teams, and drunken rapey parties like all the coed schools.Rape rates will go way, way up, and women will be harassed for reporting just like the coed schools. (Note that recent reports on rapes on college campuses did not list any women’s colleges among the offenders).
    Women will be shut out of leadership positions, women will shy away from the bullying that goes on in math and science majors.
    Also evidence that women’s colleges are a first choice for a disproportionately high number of low income, non-white, and first generation women college students because they tend to be more supportive. So we’ll eliminate all that too.
    Is it any wonder that in terms of overall MRA strategy, women’s colleges are on the hit list for elimination? Eliminate the women leaders of tomorrow!

    1. It’s sad, but that sounds about right. We can’t possibly have any women-only spaces, where women can safely go to school without having to deal with high rape rates and where women who are first-generation college students get more support, but men can have a men-only conference on gender-equality. Yeah, okay.
      I would just encourage people to speak out against it more, because these people are nothing but bullies and cowards.

  21. I wanna say something snarky but I just can’t, this is so unbelievably sad. I know Smithies who object to what is going on, but they are terrified to speak up. It’s like they’ve completely turned feminism on its head, and men have managed to colonize our thoughts in the places where we should be the safest.

    1. I think it’s a bit over-dramatic to say they’ve turned feminism on its head. They are just the latest cause celebre and as always well meaning people take a while to understand what these men are actually up to. But I mean it’s nothing that hasn’t been seen before in terms of men and women feeling baaad for men for no reason at all.

  22. What about all those women who are awake all night nursing babies, who STILL manage to go to work the next day. The majority of nurses are women: more night shifts. Prostitutes: night shifts. Many women simply don’t go to sleep at all and STILL have to be awake the next day to run errands, work etc.
    Easiest job I ever had–working in a shop– involved BEING AT work for 5am. Except I walked. In clothes, no less. I bet this guy’s mother laid his clothes out for him the night before,
    What an absolute fucking tosspot.
    And yes.. those young women!!!

  23. I think there are 2 major problems that have led these women supporting they guy in lipsticks delusions. The biggest one is education–these women have no clue about the history fighting for women’s rights, the amount and type of discrimination that women faced, and the abuse the women fighting for even the most minimal of rights (like the right to vote) went through. I know I didn’t at their age, and I was raised during the age of women really starting to come into their own and move/shake the world. The older I get, the more I learn about women’s history, the more I realize I don’t know. These women can’t make educated decisions in this matter, because they haven’t been educated in this matter.
    The other problem is the rotten core of liberalism in today’s culture–I’m not necessarily speaking against liberal ideals, but I am saying that liberal leaders of today, and liberals for many, many years, have not really supported liberal ideals. And it leads to this, supposedly educated women (and they have been educated to a point and they are smart, by virtue of their admission to Smith’s College), calling for the integration of a woman’s only college, because (I believe), they think they are hip & progressive and if they don’t support a “liberal” man’s anti-science delusional behavior, then they are “conservative” and repressive. So they squelch any inner doubts they have (I know I did in my young college days, when I thought I had to go along with whatever the liberal agenda said I should go along with, even when I thought the opposite.) And this is *exactly* what they have been taught, we see it in every election, Republicans are told they should vote for the Republican candidate that sucks, because the Democrat candidate sucks more, and Democrats are told they should vote for the Democrat candidate that sucks, because the Republican candidate sucks even more. Everyone is warned against voting for any 3rd party candidate, even if that candidate is far and away better than the Democrat/Republican candidate, because, well because we are supposed to ignore our inner conscience and just vote for who we are told to vote for. And that is exactly what these women are doing, ignoring their conscience & supporting the man who wants to go to the women’s only school, because that is what they have been told that caring, inclusionary people should do. I believe, in their heart of hearts, most of these women supporting him, really *do* know better, they just can’t say it because of their fear of “looking bad.”

    1. “looking bad” in this instance CAN translate to career problems later on – if they really took on the trans insanity, they might graduate and NOT be able to even HAVE any sort of academic career at ALL. Or in corporations falling over themselves to cater-to-trans. There really IS something on the line for young women. It’s absolutely outrageous. So the trans gets hired as proof of “inclusivity” for college/corporation – but not boring old “vanilla” woman who can think rationally about scientific concepts.

    2. Also, I wonder why it is “women’s history” is so BORING to so many people? I remember from high school learning about “crazy” Carrie Nation, taking axes to barrels of booze – obviously a harridan who doesn’t want anyone to have any fun – a SOURCE of oppression, rather than a fighter AGAINST oppression – then, oh, I cracked open a book about prohibition, and discovered one of the driving forces for prohibition was to protect women and children who were dependent on a male breadwinner who spent all his money on booze. Because of women’s oppression back then, as a CLASS, a woman married to a male alcoholic didn’t have a lot of options. Let us remember, women’s shelters didn’t exist until the 60s or 70s (I’m not when the first women’s domestic shelter opened in US).
      So anyway, I feel women’s herstory is so often presented in a way that is – BORING – emotionally disengaged – I don’t know. Men’s history I guess is more emotionally engaging because ???????? Is being the oppressor always more interesting than being the oppressed? I don’t like black history which is simply a catalog of achievements…I like reading about entire time periods, in which the achievements are just one part – I guess with women’s herstory I feel the same way – I prefer the “in the round “360-degree” view – but usually it seems like just a catalog of separate achievements and “firsts” strung together…
      I’m rambling, but maybe there’s something in there….have loved reading women’s history from the 1930s, for some reason that time period really fascinates me.

    3. Got it in one, Antagonistic Thinker; that was my exact thought, too. A huge part of the problem is the vicious name-calling by the media and general culture–it happens on both sides but I’m speaking specifically of the left-leaning side here. There’s a real attitude and tendency nowadays to treat and discuss people who lean conservative as if they’re hateful, racist morons with IQs that hover around 50. And there’s an idea that if you have some conservative beliefs you must automatically also be hateful, racist, and stupid, and believe in Creationism etc.
      So these girls, raised in an atmosphere like that, find themselves believing A) any belief held by anyone conservative is automatically hateful and stupid and based in fundamentalist religion; and B) that, given how many of their friends make a point of saying things online like, “If you disagree, gtfo and I’ll unfriend you and I have no interest in ever speaking to vile idiots like you ever again,” ANY disagreement with ANY cause or idea championed by even one person with the “correct” views means you are automatically racist ad hateful and you’ll be branded as such and lose all your friends.
      In their world–in much of the world as it is today, or at least as it’s presented to us today–holding ONE particular belief means you hold ALL of them. So when they feel that tingle of discomfort, when they think, “But he’s not really a girl,” they immediately clamp down on it and erase it from their minds, lest they be somehow “outed” as an evil dumb hater.
      Again, it happens on both sides; I’m using the side these girls are on because we’re discussing them, but the right attacks the left and engages in groupthink, too. I don’t mean to sound like I’m saying “The left can’t think for themselves whereas the right loves independent thought.”
      (An aside that amused me/illustrates this: Yahoo ran a story the other day about a male teacher who’s decided to play out his pervy fantasy in the classroom. There were SO MANY comments from people applauding him and saying (paraphrased) “If you don’t like it, maybe you should stop trying to force Jesus into the classroom and protesting the teaching of evolution.”
      Because in their minds not only is religious fundamentalism the only reason anyone would have a problem with this, but–I found this sadly hilarious–the only people who would have a problem believing that cosmetic surgery makes a man into a woman are people who don’t believe in SCIENTIFIC FACT.
      They didn’t like it much when I asked what genetic science had to say about the changing of physical sex, and whether that person’s DNA would show him to be male or female. A couple of people brought up intersex people (they called them “hermaphrodites,” of course) and, of all things, chimeras, as proof that “DNA lies.”
      That’s right, buddy. YOU think DNA is a lie and that a man can not only know what it feels like to be a woman but can magically become a woman simply by declaring such, but I’m the one who doesn’t understand science and prefers to huddle in my hut praying for Jesus to make the sun come up.
      (The story, if anyone is interested: https://www.yahoo.com/parenting/transgender-teachers-transition-announced-by-school-100841145042.html )
      The comments are hugely irritating (and I know for a fact that some comments speaking against this and explaining what trans really is were deleted), but a few people are in there trying to fight the good fight.

      1. Yes, you’ve explained it exactly! The media exists on hate & hype, and refuses the reality that people are complex and all individual. And “leaders” of both sides perpetuate this thinking-either someone is “for” them, which means accepting 100% whatever they say, or that person is “against” them. Reality is, the average person has a mixture of beliefs, some more “left” leaning, some more “right” leaning…..although people, and this probably goes triple for females in particular, tend to only express the beliefs that they expect the listener to agree with. Which perpetuates the myth that everyone things the same, because people take silence on a subject for agreement on that subject (when the person is just trying to fit in with what is “socially” acceptable for the group they are with.) And we see the ridiculous this leads to in this subject, where people who refuse to accept genetic males as being females, just because the male states they “feel” like a female, these people are accused to being misanthropes who hate everyone except rich while males (from the “left”) or someone who believes mixed-gender orgy’s should be held everywhere (from the “right”, because the person refuses to except rigidly defined gender roles)

      2. Good comment! That’s a good way to put it. Interestingly, I’ve also been accused of being a religious fundamentalist on the trans issue myself, even though I am not religious. And like you said, it is a religious belief to think that a male was really “a woman all a long” (or the other way around) or to believe that with the right hormones and/or cosmetic surgery (and lately not even that) you can change your sex. Pointing out that there are only two sexes on tumblr or in certain leftist circles will get you in trouble. One of my friends once said, “what religious fundamentalists do, queer activists do.”
        And yes, heaven forbid you have a position that’s vaguely conservative. I would say I’m against pornography prostitution and it has nothing to do with me thinking sex is a sin, but it’s because women are exploited and abused for the sake of those industries and it is not okay. But, the only reason why anyone could be against that is because they’re a prude and anti-sex.

      3. Yes, interestingly, Pat Robertson, religious guy extraordinaire or something, has come out in support of transgenders. Of course, he basically sees it as a cure for homosexuality (or is he tacitly admitting that he believes God makes mistakes? Since most religious folks believe the soul completely originates from God, unlike the physical body which is determined (at least mostly) by DNA.) Now religious people, even religious fundamentalists are mixed on the transgender issue, but your example shows the smearing that occurs when people voice a “different” opinion. Someone says they don’t believe that sex changes are the answer to someone’s trangender issues, so someone accuses them of being a religious fundamentalist (meaning it as an insult)….regardless of the fact that many religious fundamentalists support sex changes (which puts that insult back on the transgender activist who made it.)
        The older I get, the more I learn that some people can never be pleased (and some people don’t want to be pleased, they enjoy creating discord.) But I didn’t realize that when I was younger (as many people, especially younger people don’t), so a lot of toxic group think occurs, because everyone goes along with what they think is expected.

  24. Hi gallusmag,
    I feel I should speak up. I am a former libfem who was never comfortable with much of “third-wave feminism.” I wanted to say something because I am sure that I am not the only feminist who reads your blog but never comments. I have been reading this blog to close to a year now, as well as going through old entries.
    I am commenting now because I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to this infiltration of women’s spaces. How they truly do want to erase born-women as a sex class. How at the root this is about homophobia and misogyny.
    I am a white, straight female with children but that stuff about the cotton-ceiling really pissed me off. So I read more and more…. And what I found was not pretty.
    And because of your blog (and the excellent commenters here) I am reading more second-wave feminist writings and leaning towards radical feminism.
    I write this to you and all the women here because I don’t want you to lose hope. If I can wake up, so can other women. Keep the faith, sisters. I love you all!

    1. That infiltration of women’s spaces is happening more than many women know. I was speaking with a libfem recently and she said that she had a number of M2t friends who regularly used the women’s locker rooms at local gyms. She supported this idea. “No one knows they aren’t women because they are discreet” according to her, though they hadn’t had surgery. I disagreed with her strongly that they should be there, but she just gave me a blank look.
      If a women does know and doesn’t let on, does she just quietly leave and cancel her membership to the gym? Probable outcome is fewer women going to the gym. Cripes, it was bad enough with pervy men oogling women at the gym, but at least they weren’t in the locker room. I’ve seen these guys for years, but never expected they’d get into the locker rooms. Now there’s nothing to prevent that.

      1. Or they have to change their behavior by changing in a bathroom stall or at home. That would be what I would do. I don’t even have a particular personal aversion to an MTT in the locker room. Mofo will get a “what are you looking at?” from me (although now that I’m a crusty, angry 30-something, they probably wouldn’t target me, I fight back). It’s more that I wouldn’t want to give them the satisfaction and validation that my forced tolerance of their presence makes them laydees.

      2. kesher, I agree it’s good to fight back, but as you mention there are much older and younger women or other vulnerable groups, or women who have to go to the gym before work and do have to change there, after showering. It hurts women as a class is the main problem I see. And yeah, we should strongly resent being made to be a pawn in someone’s little drama. I love the women here refusing that narcissist ploy. Assuming they aren’t pedophiles/rapists, then it’s more than drama. And you never know, do you?

  25. Reblogged this on graceaware and commented:
    This is the kind of ‘woman’ I’m supposed to be letting into my bathrooms, locker rooms, female sacred space, etc… because he says so. fuck that shit

  26. The thing that is most upsetting about this is not the lipstick wearing fool, idiot though he is. It’s the fact that the young women of Smith and other women’s colleges are giving away the legacy of those institutions. Once these colleges flip the male free for all switch, what are the chances they’ll be able to go back to female only? Nill. This is not a decision the current students should be allowed to make, as it will effect the lives of females who aren’t even alive yet. Who speaks for the girls born into a society increasingly hostile to actual females? What hubris these current students have to think they know best and to dismantle a system that was built with sweat and tears, which has promoted safe spaces for intellectual thought, and has been a place for women to name the agent of their oppression, without fear of recourse. Shame on the faculty that are allowing this to happen. It’s disgusting to see such indoctrination in institutions founded on free thought and critical thinking.

    1. Yes. What’s the point of a women’s college where the older women refuse to lead and educate? They need to state firmly “You’re too inexperienced to see the long-term results of this.” If young women were qualified to dictate policies such as these, they wouldn’t need to spend 44K a year on an education at Smith.

    2. It seems like the old guard at Smith is sticking to some standards (unlike Mt. Holyoke which has already given away the whole store), but allowing trans in when they’ve actually committed to transition (unlike this dude who’s merely wearing some lipstick) is still not enough. Nothing women do is ever enough.

      1. Mt Holyoke has a culture of being super nice and welcoming. The atmosphere there is really sweet and low key. Frankly, they were a sitting duck for the trans activists. Smithies are not quite so nice, and Wellesley women are even less nice, lol, thank God! There will be a huge fight before they let in men who “feel like” women.

    3. This. 100x.
      They want to ruin the hard work of so many women, as well as a safe empowering experience for thousands of young women, and for what? To let a few bossy, rude, entitled, men, in????
      If they cannot appreciate an all women college, they can let me go in their place. I could never even dream of going to such a place and here they are throwing it away on a d00d.

  27. Bless! It’s the only time in history I’ve not been sorry to read the YouTube comments. Who knew YouTube had crested Peak Trans? Tangentially related, RIP America’s oldest college for women, you were so goddamn liberal and nurturing you shot yourself in the foot – http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/transgender-applicants-welcome-mount-holyoke-womens-college/. Mt. Holyoke recently hosted 40 something white dude in academia, Jennifer Finney Boylan, to talk about a parenting book he wrote. He’s an expert dontchaknow, because he’s been a father AND a mother.

  28. Hey everyone! Just wanted to bray about how I got up at five a.m. yesterday. I didn’t have to go to work outside the home that day (except for a business meeting later), but I did have a lot of cleaning I needed to get done before the babe woke up.
    Let the cheering begin.
    I said, LET THE CHEERING BEGIN!! I neeeeeed my ass kiiiissed! What, that’s not how this works? That’s not how any of this works?

    1. I got up at 4:59 a.m., therefore I am more oppresseded than you and I automatically inherit the cheering. NO cheering for you, hahaha

      1. Ha! Well played. I guess I’ll just have to go on living without a cheering section. You know, the way billions of women around the world do every damn day.

      2. I’ll cheer for you Ashland Ave, and cheers to Gallus, and the young women working 2 jobs to go to Smith on partial scholarship, or to Wellesley, or to some back water community college. Cheers to women who never go to college and get up everyday, get dressed and hop the bus to work without 20 Smith students cheering them on. Women are so amazing, and this dude in the lipstick is sooo… not.
        Maybe its just a youth thing, or a narcisistic male thing, but I gotta wonder; anyone who thinks whining about getting up early, putting on clothes and riding a bus is a cogent argument for inclusion into a meeting he wasn’t invited to, maybe not Smith material?? He could have picked up a phone. Maybe call an (lgb)T! org and try to arrange a real meeting, complete with invitation?

    2. *cheer cheer applaud*
      I can’t /believe/ you got up at FIVE!! OMG! I don’t even think Starbucks is /open/ yet! How did you survive that?!
      Lol. I used to wake up at five every morning when I was pregnant with my second, simply because I got so tired in the evenings I was going to bed at like nine. Plus, I liked having a couple of hours first thing before my husband and daughter woke up, to make breakfasts and pack lunches and shower and just sit around. I should have realized what a sacrifice I was making, and demanded applause and amazement from everyone I met.

  29. Not sure where to put this, but it fits in with the trans coercion of women discussed in this thread. Some interesting paranoid trans ravings at this link:
    One of the Block Bot using trannies, fretting about women coming up with a block bot of their own, reveals the inherent weakness of transactivism:
    How many perfidious women give us validation only because we’ve intimidated them into doing so?
    You have every reason to fear, tranny. When you terrorize people into capitulation and silence, you can never be sure if they’re telling you what they think. Your cultural power is built on enforcing lies, so you are never secure. Having no true consensus, your alliances are inherently weak. Be afraid, sir, be very afraid.

    1. This is white guy that calls himself a black woman, and stirs up racial hatred,[with white women-who are all rich according to him, being behind it all] with WOC that have no idea he makes it up at first because he gets a boner terrorizing women using the race-card. Usually racist white male MRA’s that think it is easier to control women if they fight -do this.
      Remember a year or so ago, he had many WOC that was in his band of attackers that were angry that radfems do not support women being bought & sold at the hands of men like things..?
      After he began telling black women that they are much more privileged over him for ‘sex work’ and every other way,
      and why?
      because when a white man has to suck cock to make a living, it is somehow worse then when a it is just a fish[actual woman] does it? , he lost all support from them because he is so sexist, racist and hateful of actual women, he starts attacking his ‘alleys’ when bored, and he don’t pretend long before he shows his real face.
      He has been trolling for new WOC replacements online [he does not know any POC in real life] to use them to attack white women together with him as a team- though, he really has a fetish for seeing women of different races argue & fight, and gets enjoyment from it -so -I would not play into it.
      He tries to friend women on twitter with sex ads and trys to get them involved in his fetish for catfights.
      The red flag for typical manipulative john-pimp behavior to get women to do free shit for them went up, I really wonder if he hit them up for money-and that alone can drive away women who work hard at paying their own bills. He is not the only suitcase pimp that trys to latch on to women that find themselves in that situation.

    2. Robert Anton Wilson was a sexist asshole, but he had a very good point in one of his books when talking about the transfer of information. He talks about the problem of transferring information in societies built on hierarchy, and how those at the bottom (which as we know is women, the poor, and darker skinned people) know things they are afraid to tell those in charge, because those in charge will get angry, shoot the messenger, and have the power to do so with impunity. Thus, they withhold information and their real intuition and feelings in order to preserve themselves. This creates a situation where those who hold the power over society do not obtain full and complete information to run society and cannot fully understand what is going on because no one is going to tell them.
      This happens in schools, prisons, societies with slavery, most large workplaces,etc. This is what said person above is describing. No woman who will talk to the transjacktivist crowd will ever say anything they don’t want to hear, because they become insta-violent. That’s not as good of a place to be as you might think.

  30. Justin Kilian couldn’t even be bothered to stick an “a” or an”e” at the end of his name, then he gets his jockstrap in a twist when sane people refer to him as male. Talk about no effort!
    I wonder, Justin, how was your last pelvic exam? Did the gynecologist warm the speculum? What method of birth control do you use to keep from getting pregnant? As a young woman on a big coed campus, what steps have you taken to protect yourself against date rape? How bad are your menstrual cramps? Pads or tampons? – inquiring minds want to know. I realize you think that this biology stuff is all yucky, but now that you ‘identify’ yourself as a woman, not a little girl, you need to think about these things. All those Smith women you’re so gung ho to lead have to.
    (If Justin had to take care of a couple of toddlers, any bets on how long he’d last before screaming, “I’m sick of this shit!”, burst into trans womanly tears and just run the hell away?)
    Justin, you’re not a woman. You’re a dude who likes other dudes, and that’s all right. (A spoiled, “entitled”, rude white boy with anger issues, but you can deal with those problems later.) Embrace your inner and outer maleness and lay off the dark lipstick – it’s not a good look on you.

    1. Are you sure he likes other dudes? He has “transbian” written all over him. A man wouldn’t get anywhere near a trans woman who’s that unattractive.

      1. I wonder why, if autogynephile “lesbian” trannies are “women, period!” they don’t date each other. You hardly ever see that happen. It’s because they know the other MtT is a dude.

      2. “A man wouldn’t get anywhere near a trans woman who’s that unattractive.”
        You give men way too much credit. Most of them would fuck a door stop!

      3. Well certainly men will stick their dicks in just about anything, but they definitely wouldn’t want to be seen in public with Justin.
        Still, he looks too much like a typically unattractive straight man for me to think he prefers men. I could certainly be wrong though.

      4. I have heard of transbians hooking up. That transbian who “identifies” as disabled, for example, is married to another transbian. Good for them. Too bad more of them don’t take their own advice.
        And, yes, when asked why transbians don’t like penis, they tend to find some justification for why lesbians are required to sleep with them but they themselves don’t have to “reexamine” their aversion to dick.

      1. $8,000? Laser hair removal doesn’t come cheap, but you can usually get a steep discount if you buy several treatments at once. Justin must be lasering his entire body.

      2. “Be the first to donate!” (No, thanks) “Created Oct 16, 2014”
        I call shenanigans. Dude sets up his gofundme two days before his 15 minutes of fame on youtube. Cynical much?

  31. Gallus, do you have any background on “female” game developer Brianna Wu?
    I’ve never seen ‘her’ admit to be trans but I’m about 99% convinced this person is formerly John Flynt. She or he is insinuating ‘her’self into the gamergate controversy, stirring up shit by insulting gamers, and claiming death threats (possibly faked) and getting caught in lies on video interviews (davidpakmanshow), probably to get publicity for ‘her’ crappy game.
    Brianna’s LinkedIn shows Ole Miss for journalism and this page discusses the creepy weirdo John Flynt being banned from the school paper’s offices, and other people :

      1. When he used to comment as Brianna in transgender forums he would replace everyone’s name with “spacekat”. As in: “thanks for posting this SpaceKat”, “Oh, spacekat, please don’t say that”, “I also like that brand of mascara, spacekat”. And on and on. Very strange affectation and Very annoying person.

    1. @lin- if you need confirmation just google “transgender forum” “brianna” “spacekat” and you’ll find the story of his life. I don’t have time to do it right now. Have fun!

      1. I’ll admit, I didn’t understand that comic. What IS it with the constant obsession with what everyone ELSE (supposedly) thinks of you. To the point of stopping what you enjoy so you can ‘present’ properly to everyone else. Now where have we come across THAT concept before……………….
        Plus she may have gone back to games but she is still obsessed with jenduh and doing it right.

      2. “What IS it with the constant obsession with what everyone ELSE (supposedly) thinks of you?”
        I’ve seen narcissism designed as the desire for everyone else to accept the image of yourself you want to present – even when you know it’s false. Narcissistic rage results when someone doesn’t play along.
        Part of what opened my eyes to the craziness of the trans movement was this constant whining that you’re infringing on MtFs’ rights when you don’t think of them as women – and the resulting threats and rage. Transsexualism is just narcissism in drag, full stop.

    2. Yep, he’s a man. I don’t like to link to this site because it’s very sexist and NSFW but they do have details on nutters like him.
      https: //encyclopediadramatica. se/index.php?title=Brianna_Wu&diff=680925&oldid=prev&printable=yes

      1. This makes me want to cry. Right now two thousand dollars would be a HUGE help to me!!!!! TWO THOUSAND! And this guy got $200,000????????????
        Dreamcrushers, women get their entrepreneurial dreams crushed every single day.

    1. He should try out for a football scholarship. His rage is Superbowl material. GRRR!

    1. In case anyone would like to see how truly entitled (and delusional) this guy is, do check out the unedited video that snowflakeespecial posted that Gallus linked to above. Best quote: “They misgender me. They call me a man. I will not stand for that! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT!” He shrieked this as his clueless handmaidens cheered him on. What a scene.

  32. It’s late. I’m tired…but wait a minute.
    Am I in the twilight zone?
    The girls supporting this Justin. Yes. I genuinely do feel badly for them but at the same time… go attend a Co ed school if you’re too stupid to see the giant gorilla clown screaming in your face is a god damn man. Moreover, go back to a Co ed elementary school if your sensibilities are so fucking corrupted that you think that screaming buffoon totes is a chick. Have our eyeballs suddenly stopped working? If he had a penis growing out the top of his head, we would all be expected to call him a unicorn. Also. Evidently, being a woman is suddenly a fucking prize to win. Yesterday it was a sentence to infinite abuse and dismissal. Now, these fucks want everything we have. the over stuffed white dood who ate the entire ass kissing, ego building, patriarchy comforting buffet wants our fucking two peas. If we don’t give it to him…he will throw his binky, spread peanut butter all over himself, scream and hurl himself to the floor where he will call you the meanest mommy in the world. Smith women…for once in this youth obsessed culture built on the erections of pedophile perverts, listen to the women who have been there and done that. You want screaming gorilla clown men in your school? Go somewhere else instead of destroying the institution. But I genuinely love you even though I’m mad, kinda.
    Now onto the villain from a bad 80s movie. Take your fucking 5am alarm clock and your clothes and your Eddie Munster lipstick, shove it all up your entitled rectum where the special fairies live that tell you Jesus was just playing hide and seek with your real gender…and go the fuck home and never come out until we have proper mental health services to take care of whatever deluded psychopathic narcissistic pathology with which you, my ugly ass friend are afflicted.
    Go rob a homeless vet with no legs. It’s the last course of action since the mean ladies didn’t open the doors and give you cookies for like…putting on socks. Early. Bus.
    Fuck off.
    You have the entire world, men. The entire damn thing! You control everything and everyone! The planet is in shambles, you’ve fucked everything! You’re killing animals, altering the plants we need to SURVIVE! You’ve built death machines and turned women and children into commodities. You’ve polluted the land, air, water and bodies of women. And you are still pissed off that we want to pee without your rage peen in our faces? CHRIST

    1. “What does inflict harm, however, is gross and invasive speculation about a person’s gender identity.”
      Let’s not speculate, it’s ALL illusory! Hence we are simply left with — he’s male, with ugly nail polish. Job done. Whatever internal illusions he may have about some imaginary gender identity, I couldn’t care less, and have no wish to speculate, and I won’t treat him any differently unless he INSISTS on trying to tell me about it. No invasion, no speculation, but somehow I don’t think THAT is what was meant……………..

    2. I’m simply horrified by what Jenner has done to himself. I remember him at the Montreal Olympics, he was such a handsome man. I can’t comprehend that he would allow a sexual fetish to overtake his life this way. Especially when you take into consideration his age and size. Men in general are too large to ever pass as women, and as a decathlete Jenner would be larger than most. I just don’t ever want to see him dressed as a woman, it would be tragic.

      1. Roslyn, what’s extra baffling to me about him is simply that he’ll never pass, so why is he trying so hard? I’m not just referring to the physical aspect – as you alluded to, that won’t happen – but rather, the fact that he’s very famous as a man. Famous for decades. His accomplishments are documented in film and uncounted books. No matter how much surgery he gets, his face, his story are all out there, and that’s how people will remember him. They’ll remember his transition, but his name and history will then immediately come up. No matter how much surgery he gets, when people look at him, they’ll think “Bruce Jenner”. Like you, I…can’t begin to understand how he thinks this will work.

      2. He doesn’t have to convince you; like the similarly uber-male Bob Tur, he just has to force you to play along. It’s all about obtaining non-consensual validation, primarily from women.
        Trans are a great loyalty test for what used to be the left. If you’ll pretend one of the world’s greatest decathletes is and always has been a woman, you’ll pretend anything.
        This brings The Gift of Fear to mind again. There’s no better example of forced teaming than forcing women to pretend that males are female.

      3. @Jane – ah yes, forgot about that for a moment. One great thing about reading GT is that I now know how not to respond to these guys: Do. Not. Validate.

      4. You’re right Jane, and that’s the main reason I won’t go along with this bullshit. For the most part, trans doesn’t impact me in my daily life, and are highly unlikely to ever do so. I’m a het married woman in an overwhelmingly red state with two sons. However, if they can make me say a man is a woman, what else can they get me to say? And at what point does reality lose any meaning at all? If a woman isn’t an adult human female possessing ova, vulva and vagina, then what is a woman. If a man doesn’t have penis and testes, what is a man? If sex has no meaning then what are we? No. Words mean things, and I won’t let this bunch of whiny entitled computer geeks change that.

      5. Oops, in my post above, I see I used a double negative there. What I meant to say was simply do not validate these guys. Ever. The knowledge I’ve gained from GT showed me the light. Thanks again, Gallus, and all who post here.

      6. The sad thing is, as this becomes more mainstream, it will be affecting us all. You mention living in a red state, but there are many conservatives that think a sex-change is the medical answer to the sin of homosexuality. I started looking into this, after a teenaged female relative decided she is actually a male & has started hormones. It’s sickening, but I see the family pressures–her parents always wanted a boy, and they believe that homosexuality is a sin….so since she apparently is a lesbian (which of course she denies, since she says she is really a male), her sex change fixes both problems. Her parents are thrilled to have a male child, and she can be in a “heterosexual” relationship with her girlfriend. For the most part, I don’t care what adults do concerning plastic surgery/hormones (but I reserve MY right to accept the science of DNA concerning their gender, and not whatever they are wake up “feeling” like they are that day), but I have a problems with vulnerable teenagers being encouraged in this sort of thing by their parents. Most teenagers are clueless about life, and should not be making decisions that will permanent change their lives.

      7. [quote]If a woman isn’t an adult human female possessing ova, vulva and vagina, then what is a woman. If a man doesn’t have penis and testes, what is a man? If sex has no meaning then what are we?[/quote]
        I would say that even without those sexual characteristics, its the XY or XX chromosome combination that makes us male or female. I don’t believe having cosmetic surgery changes whether one is a man or a woman–their genes remain unchanged. (of course, there are intersex chromosome combinations that are not that clear-cut, but that doesn’t change the fact that most people are XY or XX and from a scientific standpoint, that clear states if they are male or female.)

      8. With the ex-wife he has it’s only a matter of time before a sex tape will “leak,” and he’ll be on Dancing With the Stars with a multi-million dollar photo shoot in Playboy. Kris Jenner doesn’t sleep on exploitation of her own children, goodness only knows what she’ll do with an ex-husband.

    3. Oh, I know evangelicals are all aboard the trans train for GAY people, but I don’t see them feeling the same way about heterosexual men calling themselves lesbians. Sure, they’re far more comfortable with claiming their gay child is actually the opposite sex, but NEKKID het men sharing the same spaces with women? I don’t see that happening anytime soon, but I could be wrong.
      As for Jenner, I wonder if he’ll be relinquishing his Olympic gold medal, since, as a woman he couldn’t compete in the decathlon and thus the medal and all the accolades since then would be invalid. Unless, of course, he’ll claim he was actually a heptathlete instead.

      1. Good point, I think most people (evangelicals included) are not aware that a portion of the trans folk (and pretty much all their leaders) are, what most people would call, pervs.
        Excellent point about Jenenr relinquishing his Olympic medal, if he is really a woman, then he should admit he competed under false pretenses.

  33. Its not about the cocaine, its about the affirmation of laydee status derived from being penetrated in some way. And the fact that they have to go to dimly lit below ground dives filled with men who are completely wasted is not relevent to anything, least of all to some blurry-eyed piss drunk not realizing he is gettin a bj from a dude under the urinal blacklite *snark* No, really *snark*

    1. So true. This show and the film “Some Like It Hot” show that the male fantasy of invading women’s spaces is not at all new.

  34. I’m a current Smith student. I chose this school nearly three years ago because I wanted a space where I, as a woman, could be heard. Instead, I recognize people in this video who smiled at me first-year, but now spew hate speech, and will not look my way, because I do not want men in at my all-women’s college. This is systematically tearing Smith apart.

  35. How awful, SmithRadFem. And how sad that one man could could sow seeds of destruction in women’s relationships just by opening his ugly mouth and having a man tantrum.
    The women who are abusing and ostracizing you, of course they would justify themselves by saying they are defending a vulnerable trans “woman,” right? But, we know that isn’t true. We only have to look at and listen to him for a second or two to know that he’s a spoiled, violent, male child.
    The fear in women runs deep, sacrificing intelligence and common sense for a semblance of safety. I’m not making excuses for the women who reflexively rally behind a man, I’m just amazed at how this works. That, even in great female numbers, the collective power is so easily given up to one Very Important Penis. Of course he isn’t just one–so many powerful people are willing to back him up; even if they are not FOR him personally, they are AGAINST women having their own spaces.
    I’m sorry for what you’re going through.

  36. Oh, what a joy to read these comments! I ended up on this blog after googling a few things while reading about the Alcorn situation. I watched this Smith College video in the fall and I ROARED with laughter at the “5 o’clock in the morning!” part and had such profound sadness for those tragic young women in that throng of supporters. And then to read the comment from the Smith College student who confirmed my fears. And then with this Alcorn suicide situation…it’s so clear that people are brainwashed, acting as if in a cult. There’s rage and defensiveness and repetition of key terms and identical expressions of emotion and things that are very difficult to overcome when trying to communicate with people. Oh, my, I am babbling at myself…I knew there were blogs like this, but it’s great to read them.

  37. Smith has capitulated to the trans cult:
    The college’s president, Kathleen McCartney, and its board chair, Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard, announced the change on Saturday and said that since Smith’s founding, “concepts of female identity have evolved”.
    Membership in the female sex caste is not an identity.
    The advocacy group Glaad said it worked with Smith alumnae for the change.
    You mean the gay org that is now controlled by heterosexual men? What a joke.

    1. Here’s some Trans Logic 101 for college students who are confused:
      1. Some women have had hysterectomies, and don’t have a uterus.
      2. Therefore, a uterus isn’t a necessary condition of being a woman.
      3. Men don’t have a uterus.
      4. Therefore, men can be women.
      5. Further, a cardboard box does not have a uterus.
      6. Therefore a cardboard box can be a woman as well.
      1. Many women don’t menstruate because they are on birth control pills.
      2. Therefore, menstruation isn’t a necessary condition of being a woman.
      3. Men don’t menstruate.
      4. Therefore, men can be women.
      5. Further, a jar of strawberry jam doesn’t menstruate.
      6. Therefore a jar of strawberry jam can be a woman as well.
      Wow, I’m really liking my own riff I have going here. I’d love to do a 24-hour “Trans Deprogramming Marathon,” where women get up and do their own variation on this. It’d be like a 24-hour combination art installation (because women would bring cardboard boxes and jars of strawberry jam and Miley Cyrus foam fingers and old encyclopidia Brittanicas on stage with them, as props) and agitprop and deprogramming and a big finger to trans shit and a iteration of Vagina Monologues, all rolled into one big shitstorm of intellectual honesty!
      Well anyway, one can dream. Maybe YouTube?

      1. You are BRILLIANT. Let me try!
        1. Many women have had to have an oophorectomy.
        2. Therefore, having ovaries isn’t a necessary condition of being a woman.
        3. Men don’t have ovaries.
        4. Further, the stapler on my desk does not have ovaries. Poor stapler.
        5. Therefore a stapler can be a woman as well.

      2. 1. Many women have never explicitly identified as women, or requested to be referred to by female pronouns.
        2. Therefore, identifying as female and being referred to by female pronouns isn’t a necessary condition of being a woman.
        3. All of the last 44 presidents of the United States may have actually been women. I mean, we can’t PROVE they weren’t.
        4. Feminism is over!
        6. You’re a cissexist, diaf

      3. Thanks Ashland and dvrvnk. I laughed out loud. I needed that.

  38. Instead of making a jackass out of himself, why doesn’t he simply advocate to make Smith College co-educational, just like Vassar did, just like the Ivy League colleges did during the late 1960s through 1970s?

  39. I believe that coeducation will be the end result. There is really no way to fairly administer a college admissions process based on nothing but “identity.” Women’s colleges that openly go coed always face tremendous alumnae opposition, that’s why the process is virtually never transparent. This is a backdoor way to basically go coed in an incremental fashion, before the alums get wind of it. First you let in a few self-identified trans women. A few “change their mind” after some period of time. Is the administration really going to kick them out? Is the student going to respect the intention and leave? Not if it means leaving thousands of student loans and/or scholarships on the table. It’s hard to transfer and get the same amount of aid. A few more guys will then try to get in, going by nothing but an initial declaration that will quickly be abandoned.Then some male-identified male who likes some of the majors, the campus, the location, the perceived privilege of being fussed over by lots of women will sue, based on the fact that there are already all these other men there. He will win. Because the “identify as a woman” thing has become an unenforced and unenforceable travesty. So why not just be open and honest at that point and just admit male students? And that’s how women’s colleges will be lost.

    1. Interesting. Two of the Presidents of the women’s colleges that have recently adopted these policies under their leadership have announced in the last week that they are now stepping down.

      1. Common ploy of despots…burn the village after having pillaged it and taken away all things of value before leaving ahead of the flames.

  40. First of all I would like to congratulate this young man on getting up so early in the morning, and navigating the Massachusetts mass transit system. Kudos!
    I am Smith College Alumnae (and an Ada Comstock Scholar). While I was at Smith, I felt safe, intelligent, beautiful and supported. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that being in a community of women made this possible. I often think that my best self existed at Smith College. I hope that there are women at Smith that see that the vision of Sophia Smith is being destroyed by men like this.
    To my Smith sisters that are not handing their womanhood over to the penis parade of men in lipstick, I support you!

      1. Was thinking about going back to law school. Maybe go to school to
        become a plumber instead? My mustache is totally happening and I like the idea of making $200 just for knocking on the door! But seriously folks – sports, scholarships, seats at the damn PROVERBIAL TABLE that women fought for and deserve are going to men whose feelings trump all.

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