An Important GenderTrender Announcement

Everything has a season. A beginning and an end. To every page, turn, turn, turn.
The road taken, and the road passed by. The alpha and the omega. The yin and the yang. The sun rises, the sun sets. The humility and the hyperbole. The.. oh you get the picture.
In One week, unless you act now, you will miss the chance to own the most awesome fucking t-shirt ever made!
Announcing… the Incredible! Historical! Collectible! Washable! Limited edition! Never before offered! GenderTrender T-shirt:

Item not displayed at actual size
Item not displayed at actual size

Never again struggle, searching for that one garment that is appropriate for all occasions! Good in all weather! Matches your shoes! Compliments all accessories! Expresses all the complexity of your gender identities! Fits most otherkins! Vegan! Kosher!
It’s gone, gone, GONE in one week, so snag it now or cry later. But don’t cry to me. Because you had your chance.
Order by clicking here:
gallus mag t-shirt

103 thoughts on “An Important GenderTrender Announcement

  1. Gallus, as a slow reader, the first paragraph of this was terrifying. Pls tag ur triggers!!!! *logs back into jezebel to complain about real women making trannies jealous*

      1. You can follow up with “No, *she’s* Gallus Mag” and “I might have been Gallus Mag” and “I’m going to be Gallus Mag when I grow up.” Really, the possibilities are endless.

      1. I could see my initial impression was wrong before the end. It works as a very effective hook 🙂

      1. Oh yeah, this guy, the one who love Bratz dolls and who posts his cell phone number on his profile in the desperate hope someone will actually call him. Why, there’s nothing pathetic about that, not at all!

      1. Surprise, surprise. The tranny can’t tell a vulva from an ear. Probably thinks pee comes out the clitoris, too.

      2. He’s probably running around telling everyone he’s intersex because he was born with a penis and TWO vaginas!

      3. My dad has done stupid shit, but fuck dude,
        That is expressing some deep hate for women in particular by showing a severed female sexual organ,
        That says alot about his attitude toward actual women.
        I wonder if his son is able to bring home any friends.
        Is that suppose to make us think of FGM? Or does he have a shoebox full of them like Ed Gein?

      4. Ew, he took a picture of his franken-vag and photoshopped it on to a shirt.
        “He’s probably running around telling everyone he’s intersex because he was born with a penis and TWO vaginas!

    1. HAHAHAHA! You are so hurt by this.
      Poor poor dude sitting in his lonely house watching porn, and obsessing over women.
      You are so pathetic.
      Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Or are your sick perversions finally catching up with you?
      You see an ear and think vagina? Christ…when was the last time you actually saw one?
      Your children must be so disappointed in you. I can imagine the conversations. Son too embarrassed…probably tells his friends his dad is dead.
      “Cunt”? Jealous you’re stuck with your disgusting lady peen?
      Do you just look at it and weep to yourself?
      You sound jealous bro. U mad?

    2. Also, you call women “haggard old cunts”?
      Spoke that way of your mum did you?
      No wonder your siblings removed you from the will. Three siblings had you removed from your “rightful” inheritance?
      What the fuck did you do to your mother?
      All three of your siblings out to get you? More like they recognised you for the sick demented dick that you are.
      From your own words:
      “Communications with lawyers are usually considered “legally privileged”. One might also assume that my siblings privacy should be respected, however they have shown no respect what-so-ever for my privacy, or my legal communications. They abused their privilege to conceal fraud.
      What were you talking to your lawyer about that was so secret and privileged? The fact that they could use it as leverage against you is so telling.
      Your privacy and legal communications?
      More like your siblings woke up to the disgusting piece of shit you are.

      1. Dear misogynist: If everyone else wants nothing to do with you, it’s probably you, not them. I just don’t understand how, if these freaks have “been women all their lives,” they don’t understand the female perspective AT ALL. I mean, I know it’s because they are mentally ill fetishist pedophiles, but the fact that they use the “woman all my life” line and get away with it is preposterous. I think our movement will get BIG.

    3. Proud to be a Haggard Old Cunt!
      Angelica = a maggot-brained, pox-ridden, scum-sucking slime mold.
      Endless apologies to maggots, pox, and slime molds. Angelica has a long evolutionary road to travel before becoming a slime mold.

    4. Aaawww, somebody got confused. He went in for his neovag surgery and came out with a double lobotomy, aannd… it was no big loss

      1. But of course. His brain was between his legs, wasn’t it?
        (I’ve always found this being said of women most bizarre. Far more men seem to have their brain there than women.)

      2. @Dogtowner It’s the old joke, a woman’s brain cell pays a visit to a man’s head and finds the skull empty. She calls out, ‘hello? anybody here?’ looking for the man’s brain cells, and very faintly she hears ‘we’re down here!’

    1. Nah, don’t change it, it’s hilarious the way it is. I’m envisioning the initial joy of all your stalkers turning to dust…

  2. Holy shit we already met our goal. We are going to print! Damn that was fast. Now it rolls over in increments of twenty. Order now folks! “Winter is coming” 😉

      1. Why would I want anyone to think I’m you? I have enough trouble being me. Can you not see through your over-inflated ego long enough to see that this t-shirt would pose a danger to women? I like your blog and all, but if you’re looking for groupies to worship you, I’m not cut from that cloth.
        I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope you stay safe.
        — Luck

      2. I’m in danger. Mobs of deranged men- er, “transwomen” would like to beat me and my oversized ego to death. Thanks for stopping by to point that out to us. What an astute observation.
        Never, ever comment on this blog or attempt to speak to me again, ever, in any context. Goodbye.

    1. I think the message of women in solidarity has gone right over your head… which is the entire point of the shirt.
      My order has been placed. Standing with Gallus Mag!

  3. Nothing says “I live in ‘an amazing luxurious home'” like a black tee. I ordered mine a few sizes large to make a fashion statement.

  4. Love it, can’t wait to get mine.
    Can someone tell me about the ear keychain?
    I also thought there was going to be a bummer about the blog when I read the first line on radfemcentral. Great hook, I clicked right away!

    1. wow, I had no idea the shirts came in limited sizes. That sucks. I’ll see if I can fix it but I don’t think it lets you change anything once you start it. 🙁

  5. Mr. Perduta is yet another man who is terrified of the word “vulva” and doesn’t know the difference between “vagina” and “vulva,” but of course that’s because men are only interested in vaginas.
    Since vulvas scare these men so much, old, experienced vulvas who have enjoyed decades of wild Lesbian passion must terrify them almost to death, hence the hating. No matter how much they want a “vagina,” they will never get one. No matter how much they want access to a willing Lesbian vulva, they will never get that either.
    Wow, that was revealing about Lucky. Definitely serious. so aggressive with women, and so fearful of men it seems. I don’t think it’s Gallus Mag’s ego we need to worry about. I’m relieved we won’t see her continue to flip back and forth any longer.
    It’ll be interesting to see how many might recognize what the t-shirt means….
    Great idea, Gallus Mag!

    1. “I’m relieved we won’t see her continue to flip back and forth any longer.”
      Good riddance, IMO.

  6. I know you banned Lucky but I just gotta say: News Flash! Activism is dangerous! If you can’t take it, fine, but at least don’t piss in our cornflakes.

    1. Yes! Gallus puts herself on the line every day for the sake of women and lesbians in particular. The least we can do is have the courage to stand in solidarity with her publicly. How cowardly of Lucky. Can’t wait to wear the T shirt. Thank you, Gallus, for all that you do!

  7. Just curious. Is anyone really worried about being surrounded by MRAs in skirts? If they exist where I live, they’d be practically the only people in skirts, which would make them readily identifiable I guess.

    1. I admit, I do have a little bit of fear about M2T (aka MRA in a skirt) getting in my face over the shirt. I am getting it to wear specifically to women only and feminist events/groups. In this town, I am sure to run into a hater or two.
      But this will not stop me from wearing it.
      I am especially excited to have this shirt; I already have shirts that I made that say “FAB-ulous, little (female symbol) warrior in training.” for my 2.5yr old, and “WBW, strong and proud”, for both of us. We wear them to self defense classes.
      (reminds me- I saw a girl, about 9yrs old, wearing one of those trans pride shirts with the female symbol, with the male and trans also grafted on!)

    1. YES!!! As I was ordering my shirt, this is what I was reminded of! This is how to do it. 😉

  8. LOL, keep it on til Friday (payday) and I’ll get one. You are truly gallus, and I mean that as a compliment.

  9. Tried to buy a shirt, but the site kept saying my card number was wrong. :’c Now how will trannies know to boo me as I go about my evil TERF ways (i.e. daily life not revolving around them)? HOW, I ASK YOU!?

    1. K, Have you considered a tattoo? I hear they take cash.
      I would offer to assist but I already ordered one for me and a gift for another woman. So I’m maxed out on collectibles for now 🙁

  10. Last Call! Buy now or forever hold your peace.
    (As stated before, this is not a fundraiser or anything. I don’t care if you buy them or not! I thought it would be fun to offer them as a unique collectible for fans of the blog. To those who bought one: Enjoy!)

    1. Thanks Bob D for supporting GenderTrender’ and also all your good activist Internet presence otherwise. I trust you as a male ally.

  11. I got my shirt too! I think I should have ordered a smaller size, but that’s okay. It is still very cool.

  12. Received my shirt and it seems true to size. It shrunk slightly in the dryer, but not much, and I ordered it large anyway.

  13. My cat Charlotte has decided that my Gallus Mag t-shirt is the best thing in the world to sleep on. She is very smart and also evil so this is high praise.

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