105 thoughts on “This is the TransAdvocate's Cristan Williams claiming he is stalking me at my home

  1. Cristan’s all up in the Google Maps stalking lesbians because they know he’s a dude. DISGUSTING. And they always think we are wealthy and well-educated…as if it requires social status or education to know that they are men.

  2. Cristan, you utterly disgusting fucking bastard. GM’s a working class woman running this website because she believes in it. You are a well off white tosser who gets published all over the web while pretending you are female and hard done by.
    GM has also said she’s a butch lesbian. Try identifying as that for one fucking day and see how enjoyable you find it and all the privileges which go with it.

  3. Eewwww, he’s doing That Smirk™ that men/transwomen love to do and draw on their female characters *shudders*.
    “This is Transactivism, Folks!”

    Oh, how I wish it would go away!

    1. Yeah, what is it with the smirk? Can some expert on body language enlighten us on exactly what’s behind it? The vibe I get is a feeling of smug superiority wildly out of proportion to their actual quality as a person.

      1. I think it’s the result of attempting a cute laydee selfie smile when one has both a hideous manface and an inflated male ego-inspired idea of one’s own attractiveness. It’s a kind of uncanny valley thing.

      2. I don’t know what’s up with That Smirk™ but I’ve noticed that male transgenders and MRA fedora types tend to have that same expression in photos…

      3. It’s my personal theory that you can even spot the ones who will wind up trans, by the smirk. It is sometimes preceded by the whole fedora thing, like a kind of unnatural progression.

      4. ThatSmirk! Today we spotted a bubblegum pink Nissan coupe, and the gigantic person driving the tiny car with a big smirk, and dang if he didn’t look like a guy in a pink car with matching lipstick.
        I think ThatSmirk is a mask based in inauthenticity and feigned superiority that also masks deep inferiority?.
        Dunno, ThatSmirk is indelible. Sad.

      5. Yes Jen. Sociopaths are unable to feel much genuine emotion, except for anger. However they do feel very satisfied, superior and smug when they think they can manage to upset someone or fuck things up, and then they get That Smirk™.
        I suspect they think they look cool and self-confident like that in photos or perhaps they aren’t aware of it at all, it’s just their standard expression, heh.

      6. I looked it up. Interesting. According to psychologists, smirking is often seen as smug, arrogant and condescending. It may have those qualities, but more often it is an effort to sugar coat and distract the viewer away from the narcissistic rage that is bubbling just below. Rather than passive-aggressive, it is more accurately suppressive-aggressive. A narcissist is trying to keep a lid on his hostilities and his rage when he smirks.

    2. Okay, I just saw a picture of that Clymer dude and he’s not smirking but his smile looks like he literally just cannibalized someone. Okay, permission to go back to the smirks psycho-dudes.

  4. White middle class liberal activists pointing out the putative white middle classness of other activists has got to be one of the most worn out tropes in SJW-land.
    Is Williams going to interrogate the affluent whiteness of prominent transactivists? LIke Stanford-employed biologist Julia Serano, who grew up the son of a stockbroker in the Philly Main Line? How is he qualified to lecture us on intersectionality? Or Parker Molloy, who admits he was “born into a loving, suburban, upper-middle class family”? Molloy only transitioned two years ago, and he’s already the Tim Wise of trans activists. Do you suppose his race and class background has something to do with that? There are dozens more just like them.
    For white trans activists like Williams, people of color are just a cudgel for him to beat up his enemies with. They don’t actually center or promote trans people of color, they just use them as props. They wave Trans Day of Remembrance lists around without acknowledging that maniac Voz Latina’s one true dictum: If you’re white and not selling it, you probably won’t wind up on the TDoR list. As I witnessed many times on Tumblr, they attack or erase the radfems of color who challenge them.
    This is a very old game for liberal white males (and unfortunately females). Williams thinks that if he shouts “white privilege” at radfems loud enough, that he will stop people from noticing exactly who dominates trans activism. Intersectionality my ass.

    1. All of this!
      I just get so angry when these white trans”women” play the race card. And indeed, when I correct them it seems to leave them so baffled that they either just ignore me or rattle on about more stuff that makes no sense.
      When I used to post on Tubmlr, I had a run in with Toni D’Orsay [this was before I knew how bad he was] and when I questioned him and a couple of other transwomen, all they could do was harp on my memes but not actually dismantle my questions/arguments that I presented to them. I found many to be hesitant in calling me a terf or other rude names, because they had never talked to a black radical feminist before and was probably afraid of crossing the racist line.
      Because I do wonder if the race card [me screaming out that they’re being racist] would trump their transmisogyny/transphobic card?
      Huh…Maybe I should test it and see what happens.

      1. FabFro, that would be fascinating to see. A woman of color calling them out on their racist appropriation and racist…tokenism? Is that the right word? (I’m alluding to what Jane mentioned, how they use people of color as mere props.) I’d pop some popcorn for that – watching them straining to keep from screaming at a WOC that their oppression trumps all. Heh.

      2. Oh yeah, I get the same thing. When I pointed out how Laverne Cox is literally a walking talking hate crime against black women and girls they could not respond. Though one did go into racial slur land, most just ignore my comments.

      3. The answer is no. I’ve known black women who were fired from their jobs due to the harassment of these white heterosexual male pieces of human dog shit in skirts who told black women to get over themselves, they were no longer oppressed, and claimed these black women were oppressing them. It worked too. The black women were fired.

      4. I was just talking to my partner tonight about how, in 10 years, there will be no words to describe racism or sexism (or classism, for that matter). These sick fucks will claim “transracism” cuz some white dude with dreadlocks got “misraced” by the media.
        Another thing, why do trans want to go to Mich Fest if they consider ciswomen and radfems oppressors who want them to die? You never heard of Jews sendind death threats cuz they couldn’t be Hitler youth, or black people hanging out outside of klan rallies pissed off at their “exclusivity.” Trans concoct some nice reversals, but that’s pretty typical sociopathic behavior, so its not surprising.

      5. “You never heard of Jews sendind death threats cuz they couldn’t be Hitler youth”
        Well, Jews aren’t interested in being validated as pure Aryans, and black people aren’t fighting to be seen as white. If either of these groups were so determined to deny who they actually are and become what they’re not, maybe they would demand membership in those groups.
        It also fundamentally comes down to this: White trans women are demanding access to their “oppressors” spaces because, as white men, they have no idea what oppression actually looks like and they don’t fear oppression in any way.

    2. Yep. We’re supposed to think our whiteness negates our oppression under patriarchy. Nope. Being a man, however, does.

    3. They do seem to have a particular hate boner for black women. Which is why I don’t understand why black feminists are so supportive of trans. I have to assume that it’s because they are mostly familiar with black male trans and don’t know the fuckery of these white het dudes. Because I know a well known black feminist actually supports the lunacy that is Sophia Banks. And asked me to stop following her on twitter because I dared question the crazy that is trans.

      1. I’m guessing you have more experience with black feminists than I do, but it’s struck me that most trans/gender critical feminists I’ve seen are women of color and gender non-conforming women. I feel like it speaks volumes about the privileges of gender-conforming white women, that most of us have the luxury of pretending that gender is fun and that there are no risks associated with allowing men in women’s spaces.

  5. “Intersectionality” is the academic re-write of our original Lesbian Feminism being for equality among women and against classism, racism, etc. Using the word “Intersectionality” is a giveaway that the person does not know or understand feminist history.
    A Cat, that’s great! It could not be more obvious that Gallus Mag is a class-oppressed Butch. And that’s part of why we love her so much!
    I was hearing recently that these extremely privileged men who pose as women and as Lesbians, who we know are mostly Euro-descent and very class-privileged are saying that the Lesbians and other feminsists saying no to them are class-privileged, when the reality is the opposite.
    Basically, if these men lie about being women and Lesbians, they lie about anything.

  6. I guarantee none of these people know ANY people of color, let alone a trans woman of color. I’d bet my next damned royalty check that you couldn’t find a non-white male amongst their inner circle if you tried.

    1. “I guarantee none of these people know ANY people of color, let alone a trans woman of color. I’d bet my next damned royalty check that you couldn’t find a non-white male amongst their inner circle if you tried.”

    2. They don’t know anyone in real life. They are autistic fedora d00dz who sit behind their keyboards all day in their moms’ basements.

      1. Jen, that’s the image I conjure up when I need to remember who I am and who these men are, just to keep things in perspective. The internets can really make the world go lopsided sometimes. These trolls and stalkers are just men in their makeup and wigs surrounded by beer cans and cigarette butts in their moms’ basements. It helps.
        Not to say we needn’t be vigilant, or that there is no real threat. But a recent discussion with a woman who has had more than her share of online abuse assured me that we can’t let them intimidate us unto silence, and we needn’t.
        Now I just wish I could see those photos of GM’s “amazing, luxurious home.” Wrong house, fella.

    3. Yes, I was just thinking about this last night. I thought about how if they were called out on being racist, would they play the TWOC card and say that they have it worse off than a woman of color, even though. like you said, they know not one person of color.
      But, again, that card wouldn’t fly because all while they were being identified as males they were never sexually harassed, nor did they even have to worry/think about it. Bullied, yes, but no catcalls and sexual groping while walking down the street or at their job. And I think this is why many of them panic and resort back to their very male raised instincts of fighting back, cursing, violence, etc, when they get sexually harassed, because that’s what they did when they identified as a male and that’s what they’re going to do as a transwoman when another male or a small group of males embarrasses him.
      A single/lone woman will not take on a group of males sexually harassing her, and if she does, she is in the tiniest group of minorities.
      So for him to make a fuss about being sexually harassed and being violent and whathaveyou shows his very maleness, even while of color.
      [We won’t even touch the ones that feel like sexual harassment is apart of womanhood and Yay Him for now experiencing it and now feeling like a woman…]

      1. OT to Fabfro (I hope this is okay, apologies if it isn’t):
        I saw your conversation in comments on Twanzphobic since forever, about the need for a word to describe how an issue is suddenly credible if men experience it, thus validating it.
        How about “malidation?” Or “manidation?”

        1. You know, when it comes time to making up words that describes a woman’s interaction with a man, I don’t think we can have enough of them.
          Because we can have a word describing men having that “By George! Eureka! I think I go it; there is a such thing as sexism/misogyny!! And women truly are human!!” moment.
          And we can even have a word that describes an experience of when a woman is talking to a group [largely made up of men] and she’s telling them of her or another woman’s run in with sexism. No one in that group believes her until one guy-that’s all it takes- manidates [or malidates] what she’s saying. So, one or several women can not validate what she’s saying; that crap doesn’t count. Only a man can confirm it to be true, even if he doesn’t believe in it what she’s saying.

      2. Sex-ism claims
        till they’re manspla-ained!
        (By George, I think he’s got it!)

  7. It’s out there, right or wrong. Someone will experience consequences for having their name and photo connected the name of GallusMag.

    1. Or, the trans movement will experience consequences for dragging people who have no knowledge of their movement into the quagmire of trans accusations, reversals, lies, and animosity. Some of the people you GoogleMapsHassle may have lawyers, and be happy to sue upper-middle class IT professionals and their organizations, and anyone else trans-connected they can think of, to make a statement about the utter idiocy and vindictiveness of Transocracy. I’d love to see THAT on the cover of Time.

  8. Hey boys, guess what! If women want to post under pseudonyms, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. Stalking and harassing every woman on earth won’t change that. How’s that working out for you?

    1. Oh, are you getting more whining about how we just “won’t use our real naaaaaames!”? About how it makes us cowardly or some such shit? Hey guys, you saying that just further cements your dudehood. If you don’t have a clue why, well, you’re even dudelier.

      1. Amen, Ashland. I have never heard an RW (real woman) say another woman was a coward for hiding from dudes. It’s typically used by violent male bullies since they obsess over power and stuff of that nature. They are so clueless. All their behavior reeks of male socialization.

    2. Sekrit report from Cristan Williams’s Peenfeelz HQ:
      Given our failure to locate GallusMag we move into plan B of Operation Save Mah Peen- assume every woman on earth IS GallusMag. Farmer in rural Kazakhstan? GallusMag. Maths teacher in Beijing? GallusMag. Christian stay-at-home mother of fifteen in Oklahoma? GallusMag. Be on your guard, laydees, she could be ANYWHERE.

      1. I swear I could get rich (not that I aint already, in my big swanky luxurious transfictional home) selling “Gallus Mag Must Die” t-shirts.

      2. “kill All TERFS” gear in every rainbow outlet everywhere! Million dollar idea, folks. We could fund a radical feminist archive with this shit.

      3. Smits, that was brilliant. I’m going to be laughing about that all day! All week! Forever!

      4. Gallus I bet Cristan has just ferreted out the fact that you IDENTIFY as rich, and therefore obviously live in a big swanky mansion just as he is a beautiful and delicate laydee.

      5. GallusMag, you deserve a pulitzer for coining transfictional and femulate (please tell me you did coin femulate, that word is aces).

  9. I see it with my own eyes, but I still find it beyond belief that there are MEN that are so angry about women that know/say gender is a social construct, that women have vaginas and men have penises. So MAD that they are willing to stalk and harm women they never even met, and doxx, ruin careers, censor, etc. I do not get how they don’t realize how very insane this is. Blows my mind to see such immense privilege in action.
    I know this has been said 1,000,000 times, but it bears repeating:
    *Women are not the people hurting trans of any type- MEN are!* Rad Fems, like myself, have never stalked, beat, raped, or killed ANY trans, for being trans (not for other reasons either!).
    Its not as if we are doing anything other than hurting their feelings by not validating their identity as a different sex. The worst we do is disagree on the concept of gender, and point out biological facts, with WORDS on OUR blogs and at OUR conferences/ meetings, in OUR space!
    We do not show up at trans groups, events, safe spaces, conferences, and push our beliefs on them (like they do us). We do not make it impossible for them to meet together, or work for their goals as a group, because we respect their space. But they cannot respect ours, we cannot have women only space without a ridiculous amount of hate from trans, (how very male)
    If they were *really* oh so upset by our words/ideas, it would be super easy for them to avoid triggering this *intense pain* (pro tip here) just don’t read our blogs! don’t come to rad fem events! Don’t invade the little space we have as a group! SO Simple!
    Maybe, trans could learn from us women, since they feel they are women. They could use the tools WE use when people say upsetting things- disagree, debate, or ignore.
    *Trans- FYI: NO woman would do this stuff, nor would they no-platform, harass, force cancellation, physically harass, harm, over feelings and refusal to see the world in the same way*
    As much as I loathe the men that hate and harass feminists, at least this makes some sense. Rad Fems also DO wish to destroy the very system that keeps men in power and control, and some of us even want separation from, or a world without, men. I get that this is threatening; no one in power wants to lose it.
    But Trans? There is ZERO reason we can’t just coexist; at best, ally on things affecting both groups, at worst, ignoring each other. Sure, our ideas clash, but mine clash with conservative Christians and I don’t feel the need to kill/rape/beat, or harass them in any way. I am happy to ignore them, right up until they try to take away my rights- then I take political action, write, raise consciousness, not threaten and hurt!
    I hope that woman is safe. This is MALE VIOLENCE at it most stark.

    1. The fact that the trans brigade won’t leave disagreeing women alone is one of the main reasons why I stopped supporting them. Even when I sympathized with trans people, because they supposedly have it so hard, I was seriously put off by the vitriol directed at radical feminists. These women have a right to their opinion, was my thought at the time. The fact that trans advocates refuse to live and let live made me realize that my stance, that trans people can do what they want as long as they don’t hurt others, was misguided. They won’t settle for living their lives free of outright discrimination. They won’t settle for anything less than total capitulation from those who disagree, particularly women.
      That’s a direct threat to women that I can no longer ignore.

      1. Hey, me, too. I have become radicalized by the intolerant actions taken by *trans persons. I bent over when our community became a safe haven for new transitioning persons. Funny, the community is also a lesbian haven, and perhaps that is why *trans selected this progressive community a stone’s throw away from a university city that is an arts and sustainable agriculture place. Lesbians paved the way and endured decades of public derision to have cultivated and helped nurture this community’s tolerance level, and now *trans bites the very source that succored their new nest.
        The behaviors and actions of some of the *trans who are violently allergic to logic and demand that I ignore my own need for safety (keep penis at distance) to collude with their fetishized delusions has been a major wake-up call. Having survived patriarchal male delusions and abuse – barely, at time – I am spitting and fighting mad about some penis person telling me he is a woman. The years of therapy and investment in self-help and the thousands of dollars invested in doing so (just to survive) makes me absolutely unwilling to be mentally fucked into silence or head tripped into denying my own two eyes, ears and gut. Penis is male. Penis with lipstick is still penis.
        Thank you GM, I start a new job tomorrow and promise to subsidize your brilliance with my green backs. Give me a paycheck or two, please!

      2. @Survivorthriver: Haven’t you heard? I’m a well-off woman with a swanky home! LOL.
        Seriously tho- THANK YOU I appreciate the support. Congrats on the new job! x

      3. Yep, that’s what happened to me too. I had absolutely zero interest in trans. I didn’t believe they were women, but hell, if they wanted to mince around in heels and enough pancake to open a IHOP, I thought, whatev. I guess somebody has to do it, I sure as hell won’t. Their attack on me for simply stating my disagreement with the term “cis” was so over the fucking top it made me look deeper. And what I saw there, well suffice to say, here there be dragons. Dudes were much, much better off when they flew under the radar, because seriously when you shine light on them, it’s scary indeed.

    2. “Rad Fems, like myself, have never stalked, beat, raped, or killed ANY trans, for being trans (not for other reasons either!).”
      Further, we don’t cause any of that violence to happen to trans with our words or actions. I’ve never seen a radical feminist put out a call to action to harm a trans person or destroy their life, as I have seen trans do toward women on a frequent basis.

      1. The homophobes who attack trans women (that’s, fundamentally, what drives these attacks, homophobia, not misogyny) aren’t exactly listening to what radical feminists have to say.
        I’ve heard a few cases where women attacked trans women, but the attacks were mostly verbal with relatively minor physical violence, as you would expect in most instances when a woman attacks a man who is, statistically, larger and stronger.

      2. The funniest part (or most disgusting, depending on your perspective) is that all this and some other radical feminist blogs do is post these guys own public statements and political actions for discussion by women and our allies. That’s all we do. Often I don’t even include any commentary. I don’t need to. The words and actions of these guys speak for themselves, and yes, readers are appalled. BECAUSE THEY ARE APPALLING.

      3. Imagine if these men did the same: simply posted the words and political actions of feminists for discussion. haha! There’s a reason they don’t. They can’t engage with the material. They have no rebuttal. Only violence, threats, and laydeebrains.

    3. Because they are not women, and of course they know this, they need others to reassure them that they are. When a person states the obvious – that they are not women – their fantasy comes crashing down and they become enraged. There is a role they need others to play. Not only do radfems and increasing numbers of other women refuse to play the role they’ve handed us, we are openly resistant. We even let others know that the emperor has no clothes. That’s why they are so unhinged about “terfs.” They don’t want to just coexist. In order for their fantasy to be complete, it is necessary that we openly cooperate and say “Yes, you are a woman just like me.” I consider them very dangerous for that reason. It makes twisted sense for them to want to eliminate us. Be careful, all.

    4. But Trans? There is ZERO reason we can’t just coexist; at best, ally on things affecting both groups, at worst, ignoring each other.
      Most women would be perfectly happy to let others just get on and do their thing, but as kesher says below “They won’t settle for anything less than total capitulation from those who disagree, particularly women.” That’s the problem, their demands are basically that women should only exist on their own, very destructive, terms. They come after us because our existence is an affront to their fetishistic, pathological narcissism.
      Men and their violent delusions and fantasies vs women’s actual lives, there’s no middle ground there.

    5. Very, very well said, FFSP. Yeah, despite the fact that I vehemently disagree with lots of folks out there over a variety of issues, it’s never crossed my mind to stalk and harass them. It’s not how I roll, and it’s not how any woman I know rolls either. And I’m including every woman I’ve ever known, after decades of living. Not ONE has ever behaved the ways these men do.

  10. Even if Gallus WAS a highly privileged, wealthy, white, woman, SO WHAT? It would not make this blog any less valid, or her views any less legitimate.
    I wish Gallus was wealthy. I wish all rad fems were. We could do so much more for our sisters if we had funds.

  11. OT, not sure where to put this. There’s some new Twitter drama that illustrates why this blog is such an essential space. Some idiot male feminist named Charles Clymer was the subject of the #stopclymer hashtag some months back for being rude to some libfems. He came out the other day as vaguely trans: “an openly non-cisgender person”.
    This isn’t significant in itself, but the reaction was. The same trans and handmaidens who tell us “A woman is anyone who identifies as one” greeted his announcement with hoots of derision. Several transwomen accused Clymer of appropriation:
    Basically, this Clymer guy just comes off as a guy who read some feminism and decided he couldn’t use the term man about himself anymore.
    In doing so, he’s claiming an identity that looks legitimate, but appropriates trans experience and masks his own deep misogyny #StopClymer

    Wait a minute, are you questioning a trans-identified person’s sacred gender identity? Oh, I get it. If rapists and murderers have jailhouse conversions to womanity, we mere females have no right to question their womanhood. But if someone commits the injustice of pissing you off on Twitter, you trans can dismiss him as a pretender. Also, “Looks legitimate” to who? I get that too. Your political enemies can be guilty of appropriating trans experience, but you can never appropriate female experience, because all that we have and are is up for grabs to males like you.
    Some libfem:
    The man is a prize tosspot. It’s depressing how many women hang on to his every word.
    It’s incredibly sad. Its also infuriating that he knows they don’t feel they can criticise gender ID, so is hiding within it.
    Why don’t these silly women feel they can criticize gender identity? Oh right, you’ve gaslighted them into never questioning males who claim to be women.
    And here’s the kicker:
    This Clymer guy is using “gender identity” to manipulate, control and silence women. Don’t tell me this never happens. #StopClymer
    Actually, Thingy, radfems have been calling you transactivists out for this for years, but you call us haters for it. What it comes down to is that only transwomen and other males get to define who is a woman and who isn’t. Nothing has changed.
    If these people had brains they wouldn’t be so blatantly inconsistent. If I were ever inclined to take them or their movement seriously, this would have killed it. There’s absolutely no justification for pronouncing Clymer’s bullshit gender identity any less legit than anybody else’s. They’re all based on feels and feels alone. On some level, they know this, which is why they want to shut him up. As for me, I say fly, obviously fake lesbian seagull! Fly!
    Finally, @StopBlaminWomen nailed it:
    LOL if u wanna #StopClymer yr gonna have to stop idiotic gender identity politics. You’re gonna have to start defining terms & drawing lines
    for instance, you question Clymer’s “identity” claims b/c of PAST TWEETS of which you disapprove? hm. how about men who rape & murder women?

    Defining terms? Drawing hard lines? In pomoqueer land? You gotta be kidding.
    People wonder why we’re always going on about the trannies, but nothing shows the liberal male contempt for women like their insistence on shoving World War T down our throats. They’re attempting to force women into codependent relationships with mentally ill males. That’s bad enough coming from nutty trans, but infuriating coming from supposedly sane progressive men.

      1. Here’s this gem:
        A girl [sic] could avoid pain all her life (aside from the obvious sex and pregnancy moments), and no one would think anything of it.
        Oh, if only. If only. I’m trying to think of a woman I know who has “avoided pain all her life,” …………. and then people not “thinking anything of it.” *crickets* When I think of a woman (OR man) who has avoided pain all their life…I can’t imagine any human on planet Earth whom that would describe.
        Here’s Come and Get It lyrics from Selema Gomez:
        This love, will be, the death of me
        But I know, I’ll die happily, I’ll know, I’ll know, I’ll know
        Because you love me so (Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh), Yeah-Eh-Eh!
        This video has 283,424,962 views on YouTube.

    1. @QueenThingy is a gender-critical MTF who’s long been a vocal critic of the “you’re a woman if you say so” belief in trans politics – he didn’t just adopt this position when it became convenient to attack Clymer.
      While I disagree with QT about some things – I don’t think transition is the right solution for anyone’s discomfort with their lives – his willingness to publicly say there’s more to being a woman than declaring yourself to be one shows that some of the most extreme trans ideology has gotten so crazy that even some MTF trans women are fed up with it.

      1. The men are very disturbed by other “transwomen” who fail to uphold the cult speak. Women themselves can be ignored but when another guy deviates from the transwoman brotherhood they really upset the bottom line.

      2. I think my point stands. There’s no way to draw a hard line between legit and non-legit personal gender identities. There is only biological sex, and actions that conform or do not conform to prescribed sex roles. Most trans claim that it is biological sex that is “assigned”, when it is sex roles that are assigned according to biological sex.

      3. Also, although I didn’t know QueenThingy was gender critical, his comments were very similar to those of non-gender critical libfems and trans. I’m not accusing bornfree of disagreeing with my general points, of course.

      4. Christin Milloy in the linked interview:
        In terms of “abolishment,” I believe that de-legislating gender, removing from all lawbooks and regulations any concept of individuals’ having a “legal gender” or sex, is a necessary and positive step forward for our society, one which we must work toward, that will pave the way for dramatically transformative improvements in gender equality and gender diversity in our culture.
        Aaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! How terrifying. How anyone thinks this leads to anything but full-spectrum male dominance in every space is beyond me.

      5. Despite having a million names for tranny whines, the only two phrases I can think of that PoMo queerland created to express different forms of misogyny are slut-shaming and whorephobia.
        Pretty much says it all.

    1. GM, your steady, unnerving, logical, loving-to-born-women support and tracking these unbelievably convoluted tranny gender farts is stellar. When monkey’s fling, just screen cap. It will be their un-doing. A lot of mainstream people are waking up and a ripple of sanity that leaks out from your writing is truly trickling down. I’ve gotten straight and lesbian friends to take the tranny pledge – to refuse to call a penile packing man a woman. Ever.

      1. All the shit-flinging in the world won’t put the genie back in the bottle. The old trans narratives are done. Kaput. Transwomen are men.

    2. And I thank you again for putting yourself out there and being so brave in doing so. Truly, you are an inspiration to me when in a time of doubt, I think to myself: “Surely if Gallus and other brave women can put themselves on the line and speak out, then so can I”.
      Again, thank you <3

  12. @Jane,
    I read “pomoqueerland” in your comment as “pornoqueerland”, and thought, huh, is there actually anything in pomo Trans politics that isn’t basically about porn?” When you can’t accept your body and your identity the way it is, aren’t you turning your life and history into fetish theatre?

  13. Gallus, when these M2T keep mentioning that they are doxxing you in ~*retaliation*~ for doxxing them, are they referring to you posting pictures and screen caps of things they themselves post publicly online? Could anyone be that dumb?

  14. This is chilling. I can’t see how anyone could take Transadvocate seriously after this (assuming anyone does). Stay safe Gallus!

  15. Survivorthriver, in regards to the pink Nissan coupe, are you by chance in the Seattle area? Because I think I know who that is… we have mutual friends and I haapened to see that dude’s transition tumblr. It was… eye-opening. Equal parts horror and hilarity. He’s a recent mtf getting divorced, I’ve thought of sharing some of his statements cause I love how you all dissect this pomo bullshit with insight and humor, but I’m worried about getting in trouble.
    Then again, it could be some other mtf in a pink coupe in Seattle, it’s pretty widespread in the NW!

    1. I’m in the Seattle area, and I saw a pepto bismol pink coupe over the weekend. I didn’t take note of the make of the car, or the appearance of the driver.

      1. I was just reading a tranny blog about buying a “girl’s car,” and the photo he displayed was a pink VW bug with eyelashes on the headlights.

  16. Gallus, you and others of us need class change operations. I’ve been saying that for decades. Government should pay.
    Love “transfictional!”

  17. Sorry you’re not fabulously wealthy. You deserve to be well-compensated for the work you do. My donation is on its way.

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